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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 29, 2021 3:30pm-3:58pm PDT

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than tonight, president bhiden issuing sweeping new vaccination and mask rules for all federal workers, urging americans to overcome what he calls the pandemic of the unvaccinated. the president before the cameras late today to announce that the white house will require more than 4 million federal employees to get their vaccination or get tested every week. plus, the question on masks that prompted this heated exchange. this, as the u.s. now averages nearly 62,000 new cases a day. the surge fueled by the delta variant. major companies issuing their own vaccine requirements lix.uding facebook, anthe nshousandsf y, fears poiblesuperspreader en >ls toni
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movi i northeast as we come on t toad wchesyld to new jersey. at least four confirmed tornadoes touching down in wisconsin. ginger zee tracking it all. overseas tonight,he remarkable moment at the summer olympics. america's suni lee nguyens gold in the women's all-around competition. in the pool, swimmer caeleb dressel winning by a fraction of a second. tonight, the american pole vaulter among two dozen new covid cases inside the olympic bubble. james longman in tokyo. billionaire trevor milton charged with fraud. the founder oaf an electric truck company that prosecutors say never produced a single electric truck. gave the false impression the truck was actually drivable. could mililddd m m mdd m mi e bus slamming into a bridge.wrk
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more than a dozen people more than a dozen people injured. good evening and it is great to have you with us on this thursday night. i'm cecilia vega, in for david. and we do begin with president biden using the power of his office, hoping to convince the unvaccinated to get those shots. the white house announcing today that more than 4 million federal employees will have to show proof of vaccination or follow strict testing protocols. the president calling it an american tragedy that people are dying who do not need to die. and he is hoping to convince private companies to follow suit. google, facebook, netflix and others asking their employees to be vaccinated. the surge in cases may already been convincing some who are reluctant to be vaccinated. the u.s. averaging over 600,000 shots a day189 million people he
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received at least one dose. nearly 67% of people 12 and older. and a b this weekend. the lollapalooza music festival in chicago expecting 100,000 people a day about booster shots. the president weighing in on that, as well, and abc's >> reporter: tonight, with the u.s nearing covid case numbers president biden putting the pressure on federal workers to get vaccinated. >> every federal government employee will be asked to attest to their vaccination status. anyone who does not attest or is not vaccinated will be required to mask no matter where they more than 4 million workers, including fram contractors and members of the military. the u.s government, the largest employer in the countrer in the.
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biden pushing the private sector hard to do more on mandates. >> reporter: we all want our lives to get back to normal. and fully vaccinated workplaces will -- wilma quilyorter:$100 vaccine incentives to each person who gets a shot. his announcement coming as the pace of vaccinations picks up, with over 2.7 million new shots administered just in the last week, up nearly 18% from the previous week. still, the u.s is now averaging nearly 62,000 new cases a day. major companies like facebook, google and netflix taking action. all announcing they will require most employees to be vaccinated. walt disney and disneyland reinstating their mask policies starting friday for everyone age 2 and up, regardless of vaccination status. disney is the parent company of abc. today, arkansas's governor reinstating its public health emergency, saying he will call a special session to overturn a
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ban on mask mandates for k through 12 public schools. the state also asking the white house to send a surge response . and in chicago, the four-day music festival lollapalooza kicking off just hours ago. about attending needing proof of a vaccine or a negative covid test to get in. >> i'm vaccinated. i'm going to have a mask with me. >> reporter: the delta variant spreading through the u.s. the number of hospitalizations nearly matching where they were last august, as over 33,000 receive treatment. 10,000 more than a week ago. our trevor ault was at florida's tampa general, where nearly all of the covid patients are unvaccinated and the average age is in the 40s. >> it feels like there's an incoming storm.
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>> reporter: and as we learn more about breakthrough infections, the cdc now recommending vaccinated people be tested if they come in contact with someone with covid, even if they have no symptoms. and pfizer making the case for booster shots revealing new data shows after six months, their vaccine's efficacy dropped from 96% to 86%. that data from march, before the delta variant became the dominant strain. but some health experts saying not so fast. >> i still think boosters may be needed for frail elderly and the immunocompromised. but i don't believe right now based on the data that the broad general population is going to need a booster shot. >> and alex perez is with us there in chicago. alex, health officials are saying they are taking precautions to ensure everyone's safety there, but there are still serious concerns about possible outbreaks. >> reporter: yeah, cecilia. authorities here taking this very, very carefully. they are very concerned, as you heard me say, to get into the festival here, attendees must provide proof at
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or a vaccine record. the biden administration stressing that right now, this appears to be a pandemic among the unvaccinated and that it is a very real concern. cecilia? >> very real concern indeed. alex, thank you. we want to go to the white house now and abc's rachel scott. we saw president biden today once again in a mask, but it was a question about a statement that he made earlier this year that anyone who got vaccinated would no longer have to wear a mask that really seemed to get under his skin. let's watch. >> in may, you made it sound like the vaccine was the ticket to losing the mask forever. >> that is true at the time, because i thought there were people who were going to understand that getting vaccinated made a gigantic difference. and what happened was, a new variant came along, they didn't get vaccinated, it was spread more rapidly and more people were getting sick. that's it. >> clearly not happy there.
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rachel, he says the recommendations are changing as the science evolves, but the white house realizes they have a messaging problem here. >> reporter: yeah, cecilia, and you can see it from his response. the president is frustrated by this, but there is no way around this. this is a clear reversal. you already have republicans today calling it an overreach. and the president knows that the success of his administration will be judged in large part by his response to this virus. he told me tonight that if he could wave a wand and have every single american vaccinated and we would be out of the woods, but the reality is, there is more work to do. >> rachel scott, thank you. next tonight, the tornado watch at this hour and the severe weather threat across the midwest and the northeast. 65 million americans on alert, including d.c., philadelphia and right here in new york city. a state of emergency in wisconsin after powerful storms inko a leastrird tornadn ef-1 ripping apart buildings in jefferson county. ginger eraing all. hi, ginger.
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>> reporter: hi, cecilia. a particularly dangerous situation tornado warning, something we reserve often for the plains or southeast, happening in central new jersey tonight. just over trenton. that's just one of the cremes that looks super nasty in this tornado watch that includes much of pennsylvania, delaware and southern new jersey, as well. that severe thunderstorm watch goes all the way back through ohio, where we've already seen a reported tornado earlier today. and ugly-looking line headed into northern kentucky and parts of west virginia. that's all along this cold front that, yes, will bring cool, especially for late july, temperatures for the northeast and great lakes. but we are going to sandwich and squeeze that super heat, excessive heat warnings all t o t memphis, cecilia, tomorrow will feel like 110. >> hot out there. i know you'll be tracking it for "gma" tomorrow. ginger, thank you. we're going to turn now to team usa. the surprising victory for gymnast suni lee, stepping in for simone biles. and in the pool, swimmer calele dressel winning by a fraction of a section, setting a new olympic
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record. but those covid dangers still loom. an american pole vaulter, the latest now to test positive. abc's james longman has the latest from tokyo. >> reporter: tonight, a stunning triumph in tokyo, as 18-year-old minnesota native suni lee takes home the gold medal in the women's gymnastics all-around competition. she is now the fifth american in a row to win gold inoo >> this medal definitely means a lot to me, because there was a point in time where i wanted to quit and i just didn't think i would ever get here. >> reporter: lee vaulted to victory with simone biles cheering her on from the stands after she left the event to focus on her mental health. biles tweeting overnight, "the outpouring love and support i've received has made me realize i'm more than my accomplishments and gymnastics, which i never truly believed before." >> get that control back. >> wow. >> reporter: biles' abosence opened the door for lee. lee is the youngest member of the gymnastics team and the first ever hmong-american
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olympian and with her victory is now not only the face of her community, but the new face of u.s. women's gymnastics. >> i can't find the words that express it, how happy we are, how important that was to me and my family and to the whole hmong community throughout the world. >> reporter: today, lee tweeting, "the people i do it all for, i love you all." and the pool, a new olympic record set by florida native caeleb dressel. >> dressel trying to hang on epy .06 in the 100-meter free. afterwards, dressel emotional, celebrating his victory with his family watching thousands of miles away. >> love you too. thank you guys. >> reporter: but among all the medals and celebrations, covid still looms. 24 new cases have been reported from inside the olympic bubble, bringing the total to 198. u.s. pole vaulter sam kendricks is one of them. it's been an agonizing run for the world champion, who is now the seventh u.s. athlete to test positive. and he'll now miss competing in these olympic games. >> heartbreaking break. and james joining us now from tokyo. james, team usa now at 38 medals
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after that stunner from suni lee. the u.s. currently in the lead. who do you have your eye on now? >> reporter: well, cecilia, the u.s. has a few opportunities to increase the medal count in the pool, swimming finals today. track and field events begin today, as well, and the u.s. women's soccer team, they go up against the netherlands in the first of the knockout rounds. cecilia? >> james, thank you. we're going to turn now to the billionaire founder of an electric truck who promised to revolutionize the industry, pleading not guilty to fraud charges. but prosecutors say he lied about nearly every aspect of that business, incdihi att shows and prosecutors now say those lies cost investors moneys of millions of dollars. here's erielle reshef. >> reporter: he's the billionaire tycoon who promised to revolutionize the trucking industry with vehicles powered by hydrogen and electricity. >> this truck is by far the most state of the art truck ever built in history.
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this thing fully functions and works, which is really incredible. >> reporter: but prosecutors say the trucks built by trevor milton's company nikola didn't work at all, that milton lied about nearly every aspect of the business. >> milton tweeted a video where the truck appeared to be driving, but actually it was brought to the top of a hill and just allowed to roll down. >> reporter: prosecutors claiming the truck's door even had to be, quote, taped up for the video so it wouldn't fall off. in fact, the nikola prototype was allegedly "untested" and "missing critical parts" like gears, motors and a control system. 12i8 still, milton convinced investors he'd pulled off a breakthrough. >> for every doubter out there tat said there's no way this is true, how can that be possible? we've done it. >> reporter: milton allegedly the complaint charges some even lost their retirement >> we have a statement. check it out.
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>> reporter: cecilia, milton's attorneys say he is innocent, calling this federal case faulty and incomplete, adding that from the beginning, this was an investigation in search of a crime. milton has been released on $100 million bond. cecilia? >> erielle, thank you. we're going to turn now to the dire situation for millions of american families as a pandemic-era eviction moratorium ends on saturday. the supreme court has signaled it can't be extended without an act of congress, but with congress heading towards their summer break, that possibility appears to be slim. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: millions of americans, who because of the pandemic are having trouble paying the rent, are watching the clock run out tonight on rules that keep them from giovanni bh is la o says h the could get thrown out into the street. >> a lot of people that are facing eviction are very much in
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the process of not knowing what to do and trying to figure out where their kids will go to school in the next couple of months if they're going to be evicted. >> reporter: the trump administration put the eviction moratorium in place last summer, and public health officials at the cdc in atlanta have extended it three times, saying last month that this was their "final extension of the moratorium." adding insult to injury, money that congress has set aside to help renters in trouble isn't getting to these americans. of the $47 billion, only about $3 billion has made its way to renters through their states and cities. in new york state, for example, they've handed out almost none of this money. democratic lawmakers in congress are trying to rush together a plan that would extend the hold on evictions until the end of the year, but they're running out of time. the house goes on recess tomorrow and anything they come up with would have to pass through the senate by saturday. cecilia? >> clock is ticking. steve, thank you. and we have learned tonight that the first group of afghan interpreters and contractors,
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those crucial allies who helped america through the longest war, are on their way to the u.s. they will arrive in just a matter of hours. as many as 18,000 afghans could qualify for special immigrant visas. when we come back, the bus crash here in new york city. more than a dozen people in injured. and pilots warned to be aware of someone flying around in a possible jet pack. you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brai prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ve bck owner.
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and we've got a frightening bus crash to tell you about here in new yorcewi cars colliding in the bronx. one veers into the bus. the bus then slams into a bridge. at least 14 people injured, including the driver. the crash under investigation right now. take a look at this. pilots flying in los angeles have been warned to be on the lookout if someone in a jet pack. a pilot report, seeing the so-called jet pack man while approaching l.a.x. last night. he was flying at about 5,000 feet.
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showing at the movies. drew and kayla gottfried from pleasant hill, oregon, were college sweethearts. engaged in 2006, married a year later, it all went perfectly until they went to watch their wedding video. the newlyweds were told their whole ceremony had been accidentally erased. shocked and heartbroken, talking about it often over the years, and every year on their anniversary. telling their children they wish they could all watch it together. finally, 14 years later, drew got a call, saying a vhs tape had been found in their church's basement. it was their wedding video. so on their anniversary this month, drew had a surprise for kayla. he brought her to the movies. she didn't know he'd asked the theater to play their wedding video instead. she's about to see the video she thought was lost forever. as the lights go down, kayla recognizes the voices.
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>> oh, my gosh! >> overcome. kayla with a kiss for drew. her head on his shoulder. and tonight, that husband with this message. >> as much as you can be there and be with people, just enjoy your family. >> ladies and gentlemen, mr. and mrs. drew gottfried. >> for all of us who have lost our wedding videos, kayla and drew, thank you, you have given us, me, some hope. thank you for watching, everybody, i'm cecilia vega, we'll see you right back here tomorrow.
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building a better bay area, moving ws. isis an american tr. people are dying and will die who don't have to die. >> a passionate plea from president biden americans to get vaccinated. he is asking cities to help incentivize people as he requires federal workers to get the shot. good afternoon, thank you for joining us. i am dan ashley. >> and i am dion lim. you are watching abc news here live on abc7, who live or whatever you stream. >> we have team coverage as a part of our coverage as we build a better bay area. along with federal employees, many public and private sector employees are putting vaccine mandates in place. here is melody woodrow. >> reporter: president joe biden announced new incentives for americans to get to the 19 vaccination. the federal government will fully


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