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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 29, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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right now on "america this morning." covid hospitalizations on the rise and 45 states. president biden said to announce a new vaccine policy today. for federal workers. as more private companies tell their employees get vaccinated or get a new job. now, major league baseball hit with a new out break. >> new data on whether booster shots will be necessary. experts weigh in. >> breaking news from the olympics. another american athlete testing positive for covid. one country's entire track and field team is sidelined. a new statement from simone biles over night. >> safety concerns at one of the busiest airports in the country. has jet pack guy returned to the sky over lax.
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>> inflation nation. it seems the price of everything is going up. what the federal reserve chairman is saying about how long it could last. >> protecting your phone. the simple thing you can do to stop even the most sophisticated hackers. >> the big surprise lurking in the parking lot. >> this is "america this morning." good thursday morning. >> we begin with the new headline raising serious concern about our fight against the coronavirus. >> the u.s. reported more new infection in the last week than any country in the world president biden returning to the white house last night seen once again wearing a mask. he's expected to announce a new policy today requiring federal workers to get vatd or submit to regular testing. >> many private companies are taking a strict approach. first, the delta variant
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marching across the u.s. >> this morning, major league baseball now dealing with several breakthrough covid infections. league postponing phillies nationals game after four national players and eight staffers tested positive. the team manager says all but one of them were vaccinated. >> some of the guys are a symptomatic. worried about the guys. >> the u.s. is averaging 57,000 new cases a day. that's up nearly 55% in the last week. experts blame the surge oj delta variant. and the number of people unvaccinated. it comes as pfizer pushing for a third dose. revealing data showing the vaccine drops from 96% months. >> in the end it's likely that those who at high risk from severe out comes require a booster. i think there's a chance there
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will be a recommendation for all of us to get a booster. >> battles over mask mandates brewing again. in missouri the attorney general is suing st. louis and kansas city after city officials reimpose mask orders. the health department director in st. louis expressing frustration over the resis tense to mask and vaccine. >> get over yourself. do the responsible common sense thing. get a shot. get over your ignorance. do not listen to politicians who try to mislead you by scoring cheap political points. >> seven states. house minority leader slamming a new mask rule in the house of representatives. tweeting the threat of bringing masks back is not a decision based on science. >> speaker nancy pelosi saying this about mccarthy's comment. >> now more players are pushing back at the leagues policy. which says out breaks among
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unvaccinated players could lead to forfeited games and players not getting paid. refusing to get shot. >> i want to start saying i'm not antior provax. i'm pro-choice. >> authorities in new york city are worried about the number of unvaccinated residence. they are offering to pay $100 cash to get the shot. >> more companies issuing vaccine mandates. google sp facebook announced plans to make vaccines mandatory for workers returning to the office. netflix requiring vaccinations. the new policy applies to all cast and crew. >> beginning tomorrow visitors at disney world and land will be required to wear a mask or face covering inside regardless of vaccination. >> the other big story a bipartisan deal on capitol hill. lawmakers from both side came together to announce an agreement on $1 trillion in infrastructure spendin. to improve the nations roads and
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bridges. in washington with the latest. >> good morning. law make es still a long way from the finish line. this morning republicans and democrats are making progress on a bipartisan landmark infrastructure bill. >> this morning lawmakers on capitol hill celebrating a rare bipartisan breakthrough. >> we have shown america tonight. that we can work together. that we can put aside ideology differences. >> 17 republicans voting with every democrat in the senate to advance a $1 trillion infrastructure package. that includes $110 billion for highway. 65 billion to expand internet and 73 billion to modernize the electric grid. >> that pothole doesn't have a democrat or republican name on it. it will bust your tire. this is bringing america together. >> the bill would create 500,000 manufacturing jobs by 2024.
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and a deal on the biggest sticking point. how to pay for it. democrats rejected a plan to increase the gas tax. and republicans refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy. the white house so far being vague about the potential deal. saying the funds will come from the left over covid relief money. and strengthening tax enforcement. on bipartisan measures. negotiations are still under way. the senate vote only pushing the bill to a formal debate. and a vote. the lawmakers on both sides sounding optimistic. >> washington seems broken. this group of members came together. along with others. and decided we were going to do something great for the country. >> this bipartisan bill passes the senate is has a long way to go. and faces big hurdles in the house. progressive democrats like alexandria ocasio-cortez want more spending. >> thank you. >> we turn to the developing story from mississippi. a deadly accident out of u.s.
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air force base. airman killed. three injured. it's unclear what accident this was. and the name of the victim hasn't been released. >> we turn to the tokyo olympics. several breaking headlines. american dressel won gold in the 100 meter free style. the first individual gold of his olympic career. surprise gold medal for american the first ever men's 800 meter free style. saying quote i had no idea i was going to do that. the u.s. women four by 200 meter relay team to silver. >> also breaking over night. u.s. pole vaulter tested positive for covid-19. he's in isolation. and will not compete at the games. his case brief lif forced the entire australian team into isolation. and since been clearance to
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resume. >> simone biles. still unclear whether she will compete in the four individual events beginning sunday. she tweeted saying the out pouring love and support has made me realize i'm more than my accomplishments in gymnastics. when i never believed before. she's focusing on mental health after withdrawing from the individual all around competition. and being evaluated every day. she's replaced in the all around by jade carry. >> extreme returning to the pacific northwest. presenting a big challenge to firefighters. dry lightning. a red flag warning is issued. it's been so hot in washington, salmon are being cooked to death as they swim in the river. >> the body of a teenager washed away during floods in arizona has been found. 16 year-old faith more found near the river. she called 911 saturday saying she was stuck in water.
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the flood waters were rising around her car. across the country in south carolina, rain collapsed a section of highway 17. a car carrying two people fell into the debris. both are okay. >> let's look at the thursday forecast. severe storms expected across the northeast. including thunderstorms, hail. winds and tornados. stretching from d.c. to new york. excessive heat expected to scorch the heart land. stretching across 20 states. it will feel like over 100 degrees in many locations. 70s new york and boston. 90s for most of the south. triple digits in kansas city and phoenix. >> coming up. the moose that took a detour into a parking garage. >> the mystery surrounding a
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deadly shooting at california movie theater. the victims include 18 year-old and a teen with a million followers on social from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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♪ give me all your loving all your hugs and kisses too ♪ this morning fans are remembering dusty hill, the bearded bassist for zz top. he laid down the band's bottom line for more than 50 years and was inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame in 2004. he passed away in his sleep. he was 72. a suspect in custody in southern california facing murder charges in connection with a shooting at a movie theater. police say 20-year-old joseph jiminez opened fired
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during a showing of "the forever purge." 18-year-old rylee goodrich was killed and 19-year-old anthony barajas is now on life support. authorities say that a motive remains unclear. it appears to have been an unprovoked attack. the family of a texas firefighter found dead in can soviet union says they're not satisfied with what mexican officials are saying about his mysterious death. elijah snow was celebrating his 10th anniversary with his wife jamie when his body was found stuck inside a window. mexican authorities insist his death was an accident. but during an exclusive interview with abc news, snow's stepfather says he isn't buying that. >> it's just so out of character for him to try and get into a room he shouldn't be in. he just wouldn't do that. the only way he would do that is if he was in fear for his life, and he knew that was his last resort to try to get through there. >> reporter: snow's stepfather claims the bruises on his body aren't consistent with the
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police explanation. he'll go into more detail about what happened that night later on "good morning america." air traffic controller at l.a.x. is warning pilots to be on the look ute for a possible new sighting of the so-called jetpac-man. a pilot saw an object at 5,000 feet. similar sightings happened last week. it prompted a federal investigation. one theory here is that the object is a drone made to look like a man with a jetpack. another major company is warning about rising prices. tay maker mattel which makes everything from barbies to hot wheels says it will raise prices for the holiday shopping season. it blames higher production and shipping costs due to the pandemic and other factors. the chairman of the federal reserve spoke about rising prices yesterday. he warned that inflation could be higher and more persistent than expected but suggested prices should start coming down once we put the pandemic behind us. now to a surprise visit at a parking garage in vail, colorado. take a look.
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a 750-pound bull moose just hanging out there among the cars and he didn't want to leave, so wildlife officers had to tranquilize him and then bring him back to the woods. >> he couldn't find his car. >> right. coming up remembering the man known as the infomercial king. and later the new off-season record for nfl superstar patrick mahomes. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for peopl
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it and forget it. that's if you -- >> that's legendary pitchman ron popeil in one of the many infomercials that propelled him to fame and fortune. over his 60-year career he became known for his late night infomercials where he sold the chop-o-matic to the bedazzler. he passed away wednesday. he was 86. actor bob odenkirk is in stable condition after collapsing on the set of his tv show "better call saul." a spokesperson said the actor suffered a heart-related incident and is recovering. we turn now to a family vacation that took a strange turn in california. they visited the same area where a missing woman was last seen. abc's andrea fujii picks up the story from there. >> reporter: this morning a california family's ghostly encounter could help solve a mystery. when the gorba family went on a four-wheeling trip in the sierra national forest, their 3-year-old son caden started talking to someone who
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wasn't there. >> he was just in our car and he was pointing out to a certain spot in the meadow. >> reporter: the family was at shuteye peak 70 miles outside fresno when they stopped for lunch. kaiden told them there was a woman close by. >> i got goose bumps. he says, she needs our help but she's dead and she -- she's laying face down with her legs up and she can't talk to me but she's over there. we need to go help her. >> kaiden's parents checked out the meadow but saw nothing. >> he said trust me, trust me, i trust you, bud. i believe you 100%. >> reporter: creeped out the gorbas said they headed back home. kaiden's mom posted their experience on social media and that's when the madera county sheriff's department reached out for more information. turns out a woman went missing just over a year ago within five miles of where they were. a woman with a black shirt and blue hair.
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>> he described down to blue hair. he said she has a black shirt, blue jeans and blue hair, mom. >> reporter: detectives say kaiden's description matched that of 53-year-old sandra hughes who went missing in june 2020 after going camping alone. kaiden was able to identify three out of four pictures of her. detectives went back to the meadow with the gorba family and so far found nothing but the case remains open. >> she was possibly a ghost looking for some help. i hope that he could have at least helped and maybe helped the family find her. >> reporter: that four-wheeler the family used to drive up to the meadow is now for sale. they say they're too spooked to use it again. mona, victor. >> andrea, thank you. and now we both have the chills. >> yeah. coming up, how to beat hackers at their own game. the simple way to protect your phone. also ahead, a real buzz. what happens when you give bees caffeine and why scientists are doing it. my nunormal? fewer asthma attacks with nucala.
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time to check the pulse. we begin with the easy way to protect your phone from hackers. >> sometimes the simple solutions are the best. a cyber security expert is urging people to reboot their phones once a week. that's it. turn it off and on. >> nice. sophisticated hackers have developed zero click attacks that can invade our phones and steal data. simple reboot can help stop that. or make them harder to pull off. next the growing backlash over arthur ending. >> it has been airing for 25 years. making it the longest running children's cartoon in u.s. tv history. it focuses on lessons learned.
4:24 am
they say the final episode will air next year. >> one fan posted quote rip arture a true legend. another fan wrote arthur cancelled after 25 seasons please respect my privacy. >> most working during the years rely on caffeine to stay away. >> if it works for us it could work for bees and bees that consume caffeine perform their jobs more efficiently. >> scientists believe eventually caffeinated bees could be trained to pollinate specific crops and boost farm production. >> finally, a new record in the nfl a mahomes rookie card sold for $4.3 million. >> autographed national treasure card from 2017. it broke the previous record set by tom brady rookie card. had reacted saying my goodness. had reacted saying my goodness. >> indeed.
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checking the top stories, president biden's expected to announce a policy today requiring federal workers to get the covid vaccine or get tested on a regular basis. the u.s. has reported the most new covid cases of any country in the world. the cdc says fully vaccinated people exposed to the virus should get tested even if they don't show symptoms. the senate has reached a bipartisan deal to start debating a $1 trillion infrastructure package. covid relief money would pay for some of it. school districts across the country are facing a shortage of bus drivers. many drivers quit during the pandemic. some districts are now offering bonuses to new recruits. and at the olympics overnight, u.s. swimmers including caeleb dressel and katie ledecky helped team usa win five more medals. today's big event is the women's gymnastics individual all-around competition, and that's without simone biles. today's weather, severe
4:28 am
storms from the midwest and to the northeast. monsoon storms in the southwest. rain in the rockies and hot across the plains. and finally, three siblings have been reunited after they were separated for nearly 70 years. >> will ganss has their story. >> whoo. whoo. >> reporter: it's the family reunion nearly seven decades in the making. >> oh, good, you're here. oh, my goodness. >> reporter: mae zamachek and her brother simon turner meeting their half-sister demiana mcquig for the very first time. >> i waited for this for 68 years. >> reporter: the story beginning in war torn europe. the siblings' father vili fleeing the atrocities of world war ii ending up in trinidad where demiana was born. vili's childhood sweetheart, mae and simon's mother clara, seeking refuge in york. vili would eventually follow clara to new york where mae and simon were born, but it wasn't until last year that the two found out they had another sibling thanks to
4:29 am
the trio and their families connecting virtually at first until at long last travel restrictions relaxed. demiana making the trip from canada where she now lives to new york. >> a miracle has happened. believe me, it has happened. >> reporter: two sisters finding each other later in life maybe but absolutely certain that later is better than never. >> it's like i've always known her. i have spoke to her. we have talked about things that i never told anybody. >> reporter: together for the first time in their lives. >> i don't know if i want to go home. >> in some ways you are home, you know, in some ways. >> yes, you know, i wanted to say that, i do feel at home. i'm going to be 80 in december. i don't know how long my life is, so i'm going to enjoy every day, and i'm going to tell my brother and sister that i love them every day. >> reporter: will ganss, abc news, new york. >> incredible reunion there,
4:30 am
will, thank you so much, and right now on "amerer " "ama morning." covid hospitalizations on the presidenent biden said to annoue a new vaccine policy today. for federal workers. as more private companies tell their employees get vaccinated or get a new jobob j jobobob j b with a new out break. >> the new data on whether booster shots will be necessary. experts weigh in. >> breaking news from the g positive for covid. oneee onononeee onononee ononeeeee a and field team is a new statement from simone biles over night. >> safety concerns at one of the busiest airports in the country. has jet pack guy returned sky over lax. >>la


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