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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 27, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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next at 5:00, the growing concern over a mask mandate maybe even a lockdown in the bay area, plus what looks like a covid outbreak at a concert in santa cruz county, the effort now to find the nearly 300 people who attended. cal state university new requirements for everyone on campus as it calls the current search alarming. the new worries about the safety of ridesharing and potential political trouble for governor newsom, 49 days before his recall election. from abc 7, live, breaking news . >> the breaking news is in san jose, residents near the coyote keep trail are being told to shelter in place because of a brush fire, sky 7 is live over the scene close to 880, you
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can see enormous amount of smoke coming off of the fire near 880, this is the mill river lane neighborhood that's there away, crews from san jose and milpitas are trying to get a handle on the flames, they have not issued, not issued an evacuation order yet, at least not yet but they're asking homeowners to stay inside, keep their doors and window shut and to keep the smoke out and of course, pay attention in case they are told to leave in a hurry. we will continue to follow this breaking news and bring you updates on air and on the abc 7 news app as well. you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, live here on abc 7, hulu live in wherever you stream. now let's get to our other top story. >> i think we will have a significant surge over the next couple of weeks , i thought if we could get to 70, 75% vaccinated we would be in good shape and that would have been true if we were dealing with the old virus but the new one is twice as good as its job . >> twice as good and twice as
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contagious, a grim outlook from dr. walker as cases and hospitalizations rise at a pace not since seen since our last surge. stephanie sierra spoke one-on- one with dr. walker to break down what we can expect over the next two weeks . >> the doctor made it clear that we should expect changes, he believes a mask mandate will be going back to the bay area any day now and i went latest surge could peak within the next month. the question is will we keep it under control and avoid another lockdown? the bay area's fourth wave is growing fast. how fast? in a mere three weeks on average, new covid infections have increased fivefold, and
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hospitalizations have more than doubled across all nine counties. so, what are our chances of another lockdown? >> not zero. >> we spoke to the expert, the department of medicine chair, dr. walker . >> you think it's possible the bay area could face another lockdown? >> it depends on what we do, and i think that we are catching this early enough and the percentage of vaccinated people is high enough likelihood that we are going to see a surge that threatens to overwhelm our hospitals is very low. >> while he is cautiously optimistic he's also not ruling out another lockdown. he said ucsf radical center went from zero hospitalization six weeks ago, to 25 today . >> if we get back to where we were at the worst parts of the pandemic with 100 people in the hospital, 150, i think we've got to do more than what we are doing . >> do you think every bay area county will go back to mandating masks? >> i the gets 100% likely. i think their fingers have to be close to the trigger on this one. i would be surprised if it's
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not. >> abc 7 stata analysis found the bay area reported 231 new daily covid cases on july 1, as a rolling average. three weeks later, on july 23, that figure is five times as more, around 1300. during the same timeframe, hospitalizations have more than doubled to 495. the last time we saw this figure was on november 17, during our biggest surge. >> even if a lot of people run out and get vaccinated today are going to have a tough month or two ahead of us . >> the doctor says certain groups will need to get booster shots within the next two months, he expects group 1 to include immunocompromised patients, people over 70, anyone who got their first shot in december or january. and possibly even those who received the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine. >> i think everybody needs to get vaccinated. delta will not be the end of it, new variants will come out . >> booster shots will of course be critical to fight off the delta variant. dr. walker explained the first
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dose is working well at preventing severe disease against the old virus but all three vaccines aren't as effective against the delta variant. which is why he thinks that those who got the johnson & johnson may be included in group 1 once a booster shot is authorized. let's do an example here, so let's say i got the pfizer shot, but then i get a moderna booster, could that be an issue? >> dr. walker said if you got pfizer like you mentioned, for example, it will be likely recommended that you get a pfizer booster although the evidence doctors have right now suggests it won't be an issue if you mix it up, and then get moderna but he did say for those who got the johnson & johnson vaccine, they should get either pfizer or moderna, due to the higher level of efficacy. a concert in santa cruz county is being linked to a covid outbreak among counts concert going staff even dad members.
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what the felton music hall is doing now because of this . >> after a year off due to the pandemic the felton music hall landed a long list of concerts further series but it's the griddle grateful shredded show on july 18 that's making headlines. >> we've been able to determine that for people tested positive for covid that were at the show on the 18th . >> the band released a statement on the instagram page thing that nearly their entire band and crew contacted the coronavirus as well despite being fully vaccinated. one felton music hall staff member is positive, too. >> we've only recently become aware of the situation so our disease unit is we are in the early stages of that investigation so we are
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still trying to understand the scope and source . >> the hall announced that shows are canceled until august 5 and there will be a policy change as a result of the outbreak anyone attending a future concert here will be required to wear a mask's . >> our first concern is to make sure that our communities safe, you know we were shut down from march 2020 until mid june, so opening up we were so excited about bringing music back, so this is devastating to hear that people getting these cases here at the hall . >> great and i support whatever they decide do to keep their staff and patrons safe but i think for me if it's really going to get that bad i'm going to stay
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outside . >> the county is recommending not requiring mask wearing while indoors. they say they will not be adding any new restrictions or warnings despite the outbreak . >> part of the reason there not being a requirement is because the solution to this kind of problem is right in front of seeing that are dry lagging in the vaccination rates tend to be the younger adults, the kind of groups that would go to a concert like this. cal state isn't waiting for the fda to fully approve vaccines, it's not requiring faculty and students get immunized. the chancellor calls the current search alarming, as it makes plans for half 1 million students to return to campus. >> for an empty campus that has yet to begin a new semester, a new electronic message tells the story. a mandate from the chancellor requiring covid vaccinations for anyone on a csu campus. >> i do like this decision . >> department here, one of 23 in the csu system with almost half 1 million students, they include san francisco state, follow the mandate . >> individual liberties don't allow you to do something that harms other folks .
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>> the signs went up on the campus, a few students and staff wandered around why they expressed surprise they agree with that measure . >> from my point of you how can you think it's over, it's a virus, the virus is here. viruses are here all the time . >> nor did we hear an objection from the statewide union representing 16,000 university employees . >> bottom line we want everyone to get back to a healthy and safe environment. >> critics of issues, they might even say it's flawed. the problem, classes here begin in mid august, the mandate doesn't take effect until mid- september, that is one month in between. >> if i'm in the classroom wearing my mask all the time if the department has the mask on all the time it sets a social norm that until mid-september, this is what it's going to be like . >> as it was and apparently as it will be again.
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abc news has confirmed that president biden will likely announce thursday that federal employees will be required to be the wh have d-ngt otollikeing anlar te it would single employer of the pandemic, more than 172,000 federal employees california, more than any other state outside of course the capital area in and around washington. a sudden reversal by the cdc now recommending everyone should wear masks again indoors in areas with high covid transmission rates. that includes people who are fully vaccinated. two months ago the cdc said most people who are fully vaccinated could go without masks but new science made health officials change course. >> some vaccinated people infected with the delta variant after vaccination, may be contagious and spread the virus to others.
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this new science is worrisome and unfortunately, warrants an update to our recommendation. >> the cdc also recommends everyone in k-12 schools wear a mask indoors, that's a reverse of the guidance it issued earlier this month . a new poll shows the race to replace governor newsom in the recall election the september is tightening. it comes as candidates looking to replace him campaign across the state. with 7 weeks to go until the recall election, the race to oust governor newsom appears to be tightening. a new poll from the berkeley institute of governmental study shows that among those most likely to vote in the recall it's a most evenly split. support is at 47%, opposition, at 50%. just a three point difference . >> when we look at those numbers, california is saying we need a
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change at the top . >> former mayor kevin falconer is one of the 24 republicans looking to replace newsom, he campaigned in san francisco today outside a now closed walgreens where he promised to address rising crime . >> californians, they know they want to governor who's going to stand up for them . >> can you talk specifically about what you will do to curb crime? >> first and foremost not defunding police . >> you said he wants to and 47 which reduced penalties for for certain low-level crimes . >> folks can still $950 worth of merchandise with virtually no consequences . >> as videos of thefts go viral the issue of crime is becoming a defining issue. last week newsom held his own press conference to address it. >> the bottom line at the end of the day as members of the public, you expect us to resolve to address these issues. >> more than 50% of voters need to vote no on the recall for newsom to stay in office, if not the top performing alternative candidate wins, according to the poll, conservative talk show host larry elder leads the pack with 34%, followed by john cox at 28%, katelyn jenner is
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if you've traveled recently you may have noticed the hefty surge the airport now airport officials say some people are unfairly taking advantage of the surge, melanie woodrow explains how. >> monday night at san francisco international airport, rideshare prices were surging, close to $70 at a minimum. as passengers exited the airport to the designated area for rideshare pickup, a driver
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whose face we board was offering passengers a ride for last. his vehicle had a rideshare sticker in the willed window but >> tells abc 7 news the license plate on the vehicle is not an individual associated with the uber platform. abc 7 news not associated with the lyft app either. >> we are certainly aware this type of solicitation activity is happening and this type of solicitation actually predates uber and lyft. >> it's happening within the confines of the rules and regulations. >> a second driver was offering passengers rides for prices below surge pricing monday night. uber tells us the license plate of the second vehicle the vehicle is not associated with uber or lyft either. if a driver violates airport rules -- >> we've got a mix of ground transportation staffing along with cameras, obviously our
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goal is to have visibility to every single trance transaction but we know it's not always possible . >> uber says for your safety you should only take trips through the uber platform. if you've ordered a rideshare to the applicable he recommends checking that make, model and driver photo, match what's in the app before getting in the vehicle. new information on the fatal plane crash near monterey airport two weeks ago today. investigators say the pilot made a fatal wrong turn that ended with the plane falling into a home. investigator said the monterey air traffic control tower issued instructions for the pilot to turn left after takeoff. the controller noticed the plane was turning in the wrong direction and issued an immediate right turn which was acknowledged by the pilot. he was given to alert about being too low to the ground but no further communication was received. the pilots, the passenger and a dog were killed. the states biggest wildfire
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of the season so far has now burned about 325 square miles. that's almost 4 times the size of fremont. we are talking about the dixie fire in plumas counties where thousands of buildings still threatened. containment of the fire has inched up to 23%, some progress, 5000 people are working to fight the flames. winds are scheduled to pick up in certain areas and that of course could create more problems. still ahead, we will update our breaking news, a brush fire in san jose, plus a look at
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let's get back to the breaking news we are following out of san jose, look at that smoke. a brush fire burning near 880 has prompted a shelter in place. this is the mill river lane neighborhood near coyote creek trail. crews told us
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injuries to report so far, that is the good news. they are asking homeowners to stay inside and keep their doors and windows shot and keep the smoke out and they do expect to be out there for several more hours, continue to follow this breaking news and bring you updates on air and on the abc 7 news app and of course the weather is always are watching, although dan i think there were a few sprinkles this morning maybe in some places? >> i felt them at my house in the east bay, sandhya, to say the least . >> in the middle of summer we don't get a lot of rain typically, let me show you live doppler 7, near the fire, the winds are about 60 miles an hour, gus that is, so hopefully not too strong and they can get the fire out. live doppler 7 tracking fog along the coast but here are the showers and sprinkles that came through in the last 12 hours, it amounted to trace to a few hundred 7 inch. it was nice to see but unfortunately, our fuels are so dry it didn't do a whole lot.
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from our golden gate bridge camera we are seeing the fog and higher clouds, 65 in the city, low 70s in oakland, san jose, 82 degrees and a lovely view from the emeryville camera, you can see clouds on multiple layers. are hotspots, in the upper 90s today, so it got hot just as we expected, exploratory san francisco, fog along the coast, hot summer weather inland through friday and cooler weather over the weekend. hour by hour we go, the monsoon moisture pushing out of here, it's going to remain concentrated over the sierra nevada will they will see scattered showers and thunderstorms. for us, just a few high clouds coming in as we head towards tomorrow, and look at this view, it's just gorgeous from tahoe, still hazy but at least they are seeing a more blue sky then yesterday, that's because of the wind direction pushing some of the smoke out of there. here in the bay area, good
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moderate air quality, wednesday through saturday. air-quality right around tahoe surrounding areas in green, to yellow, and here locally we have a nice seabreeze, keeping us all in the green. near the surface, want to see what's happening with the smoke. it remains around the northeastern portion of the state, and parts of tahoe going into tomorrow. in the upper parts of the atmosphere, still going to be smokey and hazy there in pink as you will notice. here in the bay area you mike it hazy tomorrow morning and then we will see a little bit of an improvement but the heat is going to continue the next couple of days, so it is going to be definitely on the hot side inland. tomorrow morning, 50s and 60s, watch out for the fog near the coast. it'll be cooking again, inland areas in the upper 90s, antioch, livermore, 69 in the city, 87 in san jose, santa rosa, 99. accuweather 7-day forecast, upper 90s to low 100s the next couple of days in our inland valleys, mid s t inanaround
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tonight a simple idea that may make a big difference, faculty at danza high school in richmond wanted to ease kids back in the school after being in lockdown for so long. it came down to letting them practice socializing . >> before they walked these hallways next month as freshmen and sophomores, they are meeting on campus this week to reconnect and remember what it is like to be with teachers and peers in person . >> some of them haven't seen each other, so we want them to just remember that they have friends message, we want them to take away, it's that the staff here is real, we are not boxes in a computer and we are here for them . >> principal summer points out this year's freshman were seventh graders when the world shut down. the staff wanted to give them along with 10th-graders, a week to get familiar with the campus
5:27 pm
and before starting high school. parents say soon after getting the email about this idea, it was clear, this program is going to be different than just an orientation. >> i got a call from the teacher that was going to do it, which was amazing how they called me and spoke to me and told me all the things they will be doing this weekend was a really nice thing to have the connection with the school . >> she thinks this will be a great boost for incoming freshmen after being locked down because of covid. >> so this is really going to help them especially learning how to socialize again, in a social setting and not just being on his like video games and talking to his friends, actually face to face . >> what we are hoping is the kids were here this week when we start the regular school year, that they will just be confident and pull their peers into the confidence and kind of be ambassadors. it's a whole new world going back to school, dan.
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tonight, breaking news from the cdc. the new guidance tonight for vaccinated americans when it comes to wearing masks again. the cdc director dr. rochelle walensky with updated guidance late today, saying new and worrisome data on the delta variant, spreading quickly in the u.s., tonight saying new data shows that vaccinated people with those rare breakthrough cases may be contagious and able to spread the virus to others. so, the cdc is now recommending vaccinated americans wear masks indoors again in areas with high transmission of covid cases. to protect themselves from breakthrough cases and to keep from transmitting the virus to others. also tonight, the cdc saying with millions of children heading back to school, all students, teachers and staff


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