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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 27, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. a break from the washington, d.c. heat saw severe storms rip through the nation's capital. rain, wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, and hail pelted the district last night. d.c. police say at least 100 trees were knocked down, along with debris from buildings. some areas saw as much as 2
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inches of rain in just an hour. >> incredible. we are hearing for the first time from an american teen who survived being attacked by a crocodile. it happened at one of the most well-known resorts in mexico. abc's megan tevrizian reports. >> reporter: this morning, a california teenager is recovering after a terrifying encounter with a 12-foot crocodile. quianna was traveling with friends to mexico. the 18-year-old was swimming outside of the marriott hotel when she was attacked. >> all of a sudden, it came up. i felt heaviness on my leg. and then, i look down. and i feel like i'm getting pulled. >> reporter: one witness remembers watching the croc grab her and pull her into the ocean. >> between 11:30 and midnight, they started screaming. so, me and my friends, we jumped up and we ran. >> reporter: the group watched her battling the crocodile. the teeth digging into her right shin and then left ankle. >> i was hitting him where i could. >> reporter: her mom learned
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about the attack over facetime. >> i see her crying and asking for help. you know, she multiple times asked for an glance. >> reporter: in a statement, marriott saying, we can confirm that appropriate signage as well as night patrolling and red flags are properly in place. but hummel said no one warned her about a possible crocodile attack. she said there was only a small warning sign, mostly in spanish, that was not lit up at night. this isn't the first crocodile attack in that area. another woman was reportedly attacked on that same beach in 2018. andrew? mona? >> megan, thank you. quick thinking helped a slow-moving mammal on florida's gulf coast. a sea turtle received a bunch of helping hands on sunday. a lifeguard noticed it was trapped by a fishing pole and hook line. good samaritans helped set the animal free. it swam safely off into the gulf of mexico. coming up, the surprise upset this morning in tokyo. how the 17-year-old now
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nicknamed the alaskan assassin just swam her way to a gold medal. and later, "wait, what?" the man caught on camera giving a bear a belly rub. you're watching "world news now." belly
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♪ and there it is. a live look at the olympic caldron. it's been a momentous tuesday at the summer games in tokyo. >> team usa has seen a surprise gold medal win. another world-famous athlete has been eliminated. will ganss is tracking it all and joins us now with more. hey, will. >> there's a lot to take in. it's all happening right now as we are live on the air. so much going on. let's start with good news on the covid front in tokyo. no new cases reported today among u.s. olympic delegates which means that all of our attention can be on the games themselves and the medals that
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team usa continues to rack up there in tokyo but first, some shocking upsets making news overnight. a stunning upset in tokyo this morning, naomi osaka is out of the summer games. just days after lighting the torch herself, osaka losing to world number 42-ranked marketa vondrousova, from the czech republic. and the surprises keep coming. despite there being only one olympic-sized swimming pool in all of alaska 17-year-old alaska native olivia jacoby just swam her way to an upset in tokyo, picking up the "gamedagamedag 100-meter breaststroke, the first from that state to medal in swimming. earning her the nickname the alaskan assassin. lilly king had been undefeated since 2015, and was the current world record holder. lilly getting bronze this morning. as a typhoon sweeps over tokyo,
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surfing is under way. the storm is expected to bring strong winds and nearly six inches of rain. surfing final scheduled for later today, weather permitting. also in the pool, british diver tom daly winning the first of his career. his son cheering him in from abroad. >> hi, papa. >> i hope that any young lgbt person out there can see, no matter how alone you feel right now, you are not alone. and you can achieve anything. >> reporter: and the german women's gymnastic team sporting these full-body euna tards instead of the usual bikini cut version. the gymnast saying, that every woman, every body, should decide what to wear. and pita taufatofua being the first athlete in nearly a century to compete in three consecutive olympic games. tae kwon do in the summer games and cross country skiing in the winter. >> and finishing out of first
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place for the first time since the 2010 world championships, the u.s. women's gymnastics team is looking to shake off a shaky performance in the qualifiers. they start with a clean slate this morning, just a couple hours from right now, in their attempt to keep team usa's women's gymnastics dynasty going, guys. >> speaking of dynasty, the women's softball team will be a jam-packed morning. they have a final against a surprise japan opponent in the final there. we're looking at women's soccer, as well. men's basketball. >> that's right. we're team usa all the way. but, will, we have to admit, there's something in the water in tonga. woo. >> something in the water and something with all that oil, too. water and oil, i like them both. >> listen, i might get some dual citizenship. >> i'll be behind you. >> i'll pick it up with the medal count. the its is neck and neck with china. and the u.s. now with eight gold
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medals. >> and in third place is russia, not really russia. it's a loophole they are allowed to compete after the doping scandal. those are the top three. >> there we go. ♪
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♪ ♪ time now for our "wait, what?" we could start every wait, what in florida. so let's do that now. >> let's go ahead. "wait, what?" >> sheriffs deputies were called to the scene when this washed up on a beach just north of daytona beach. it turned out to be an aquatic vehicle. the latest attempt by a runner to literally run across the surface of the water in what he calls a hydropod. >> he washed ashore when attempting to run from the florida coast to bermuda to raise money for cash-strapped agencies by police and fire departments. you might want to give someone a heads-up next time.
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>> uh-huh. next, to the world's most expensive french fries. >> "wait, what?" >> you want to know how much? >> i do. thousands? >> no, $200 a plat they are offeredneyo's serendipe frozen hot chocolate, that claims the record for most expensive burger, 300 bucks and ice cream sundae 1,000 bucks. >> now, i've spent $200 on dumber things. if you want to go, we'll split it. 100 bucks each. what makes the spuds so pricey, they're made from special potatoes, scatted in vinegar and champagne. they are twice-fried in goose fat, sprinkled with edible gold, seasoned with truffle oil and served with shaved truffles. >> i'm not going to lie, that sounds very delicious. and people spend $200 on steak, on wine, on things they like. i like french fries. and get this, even at $200 a plate there's up to a ten-week
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wait-list, not only in new york. i feel like restaurants do that, too, because it gets buzz, right? you take something that is conventional, like french fries, and you put an unconventional price tag on it. >> we're talking about it and thinking about it. next, to giving a bear a belly rub. >> "wait, what?" >> this is leo the bear. and this is leo, enjoying a brushdown by one of the workers at the wildlife rescue center in upstate new york. leo living his best life. >> wildlife rescue worker. trained professional. he couldn't get enough and turned over on his back to get all the treatment. and the wildlife center nurtures orphaned animals in the hopes they can be returned to the wild. do not try this in the wild. finally, to a dog riding a bicycle. >> "wait, what?" >> it happened in dublin, ireland. the pooch was riding on top of his buddy's shoulders. >> i love these videos, both the
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dog and his owner seem cool, calm a
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