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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 26, 2021 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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tonight, the first mandatory vaccinations for some city and state workers. and the first federal workers, v.a. health care workers. with new cases on the rise now in 49 states, fueled by the delta variant among the unvaccinated. the u.s. now averaging more than 47,000 new cases a day, up 314% since last month. florida alone recording 73,000 w cas inhe lt . tonight, new york city now orrs including teachers and first responders, to be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. california issuing a similar rule for state employees and hospital workers.
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and tonight, the v.a. now the first federal agency to require its health care workers to be vaccinated in the next eight weeks. and what we learned tonight about breakthrough cases among the vaccinated. overseas tonight, france now requiring vaccination passports for restaurants, bars, theaters. the president there saying to those who refuse to be vaccinated, "it's time you stay at home, not us." protesters clashing with police, with that country facing a new wave. back here at home, 85 fires burning in 13 states tonight, and the air quality alerts from the west all the way to the east coast. one just issued ins be on the. we're on the front lines tonight. the high stakes january 6th committee to hold its first hearing tomorrow on what led to the attack on the capitol. house speaker nancy pelosi now with two republicans on the panel. minority leader kevin mccarthy calling them "pelosi republicans." and what we've learned about what the american people will hear tomorrow morning. rachel scott on the hill. news involving american troops in iraq.
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president biden meeting with iraq's prime minister. what president biden announced. and a reality check tonight about what this means on the ground in iraq. martha raddatz standing by. team usa in tokyo tonight. the american swimmer tossing his gold medal to a teammate in the stands. heartbreak in the water for katie ledecky, losing gold by less than a second. a couple of rare missteps for gymnast simone biles and what she revealed. and the british diver winning gold and his message to children like him who have ever felt alone. james longman in tokyo tonight. back here at home, news tonight involving a deadly standoff involving deputies. one killed, three others wounded. several family members dead. and what was that in the sky over texas? there were reports coming in from several states. and our made in america is back tonight. something old is something new something old is something new again.
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good evenine aw week togethn tonight with the new covid surge across this country fueled by the highly transmissible delta variant. sweeping through the unvaccinated and tonight, the new mandates, from new york city workers to california state workers and health care workers in that state, to the v.a., the first federal workers, v.a. health care workers, given eight weeks to get vaccinated amid this surge. cases now up in 49 states. in fact, tonight, 56 major medical organizations including the american medical association and the american nurses association now calling for mandatory vaccinations for all health care workers, calling it, quote, an ethical commitment of their work. new york city requiring its 340,000 employees to be vaccinated by mid-september or to be tested weekly, including teachers and police. late today, california requiring the same of all of its state
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employees and its health care workers. in the state, again, vaccinations or weekly testing. the department of veterans affairs, the first federal agency to require all of its health care employees to be vaccinated, as well, now. all of them hoping to head off what so many states are now seeing. in florida alone tonight, nearly 1,000 people hospitalized for new covid cases every day now. in fact, miami just opening five new sites and this is not for vaccinations, they're now doing testing again, those long lines we saw months ago. abc's eva pilgrim leading us off tonight from here in new york. >> reporter: from coast to coast tonight, the first push to man date vaccines for millions of government employees. new york announcing it will require all city workers get vaccinated by mid-september or face weekly testing. >> it's quite clear the delta variant has changed the game. this is about keeping people safe. >> reporter: the mayor pointing to lagging vaccination rates among the city's 340,000 employees. police officers only 43% fully vaccinated. firefighters, 55%. and public school and health
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care workers at 60%. the city warning that workers who don't comply won't get paid. union says it's pro-vaccine, but is vowing to fight the new rule. >> we stand firm that a non-fda approved vaccination is a personal voice. >> reporter: just hours later, california mandating the vaccines or face weekly testing for 246,000 state employees and 2 million health care workers. the governor sounding off on people who won't get the shot. >> you don't have the choice to go out and drink and drive and put everybody else's lives at risk. that's the equivalent of this moment with the deadliness and efficiency of the delta virus. >> reporter: and president biden today announcing the v.a. will become the first federal agency to mandate vaccines for 115,000 front line workers. >> veterans affairs is going to in fact require that all docs working in facilities are going
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to have to be vaccinated. >> reporter: the v.a. revealing in recent weeks it lost four workers who were unvaccinated, three to the delta variant. the delta strain now stressing hospitals in hot zones. in florida, nearly 1,000 patients are streaming into hospitals every day. this as a music festival in miami over the weekend drawing tens of thousands of fans is fueling fears cases will spike. the city now opening five new vaccination and testing sites. our victor oquendo is there. this is for testing. >> reporter: kay cobbs in miami just got out of the hospital after a battle with covid. the 48-year-old mother avoided the vaccine because she was worried about side effects, but wound up with covid, fighting for her life. she's now pushing her whole family to get the shot. do you regret waiting? >> yeah, i do regret waiting. and i had several conversations
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with several people and i was like, you know, i just need to see how this thing is going to turn out, like, you know, you guys going? s ttg >> reporter: in missouri, wheres county today putting a new indoor mask mandate in place. >> these numbers are too alarming to ignore. we as health care professionals and as elected officials can't stand idly by while this delta variant takes more and more victims. >> reporter: the missouri attorney general planning a lawsuit to block it. and tonight, growing questions about the true number of breakthrough cases in this country among those who are fully vaccinated. while authorities say they are rare and mostly mild, some health experts demand to know more. >> what the cdc really needs to do is to start giving us the answers to, what is the rate of breakthrough infections? is it 1 in 1,000 or is it 1 in 10 or is it 1 in 2? i mean, we really literally don't know, what is the rate of
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breakthrough infection and what is the likelihood of that breakthrough infection ending up in a chain of transmission to others? >> in addition to that question, eva, the question that so many have, how long will these vaccines last? will we need a booster at some point and tonight, the company that worked with pfizer on its vaccine, biontech, saying that they're seeing some immunity waning over time, but they say most people will still be protected from severe disease for quite some time? >> reporter: yes, david. they're not suggesting a third shot, a booster yet, but dr. fauci keeps being pressed on this and he said again that the early research may mean that there is a booster for those who are immunocompromised, like chemotherapy and transplant patients, they would be among the first to get a booster, the vulnerable. david? >> all right, eva pilgrim leading us off here on a monday night. eva, thank you. and overseas tonight, the frustration with those who are unvaccinated on full display. the clashes and protests in france. that country now requiring vaccination passports for restaurants, bars, museums,
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theaters and french president emmanuel macron saying to those who refuse to be vaccinated, it's time you stay at home, not us. here's our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell tonight. >> reporter: tonight, protests across europe as countries move to allow only vaccinated people and ose th nativvid s. ven france seeing the most violent clashes with riot police using tear gas against crowds protestingtesting negative gett to bars, restaurants, cinemas, museums and big events. french president emmanuel macron pleading for unity after the protests, saying, "what is your freedom worth if you say to me, i don't want to be vaccinated, but if tomorrow, you infect your father, your mother or myself?" in britain, clubs are only just reopening, but now prime minister johnson saying by fall, all customers wieepr
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they're lly vaccinated. and the same at sports stadiums. over 4 million people have rushed to get the vaccine in france since president macron made that announcement just 15 days ago. and here in britain, the authorities are hoping the same thing will happen. david? >> pnell withhe pic ope tonight. ian, thank you. back here at home, now to the extreme fire danger in the west. more than 85 major fires in 13 states now. and the air quality alerts all the way to the east coast. in fact, one just issued late today in boston. abc's will carr on the front lines, he's in plumas county, california, tonight. >> reporter: tonight, california's largest fire is now six times the size of san francisco. the dixie fire merging with the nearby fly fire, burning through steep, rugged terrain, forcing more than 8,000 to flee, threatening more than 10,000 structures. more than a dozen already destroyed. the fire at times creating its own weather patterns.
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that fire dwarfed by the massive bootleg fire in oregon, now scorching over 400,000 acres. burning so hot and so fast, officials confirming it created its own tornado over the weekend. this as at least 75 million americans are facing moderate to exceptional drought conditions and monsoon storms are turning deadly in the west. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: in millard county, utah, nearly two dozen vehicles crashing on i-15 sunday after winds spawned a sandstorm that blinivers. at lst people, including children, did not survive. and some 100 miles north of phoenix, authorities searching for a missing 16-year-old girl swept away in a flooded wash saturday. more than three inches of rain falling in a short amount of crossings can be even when it looks shallow.le disto css t >> reporter: david, tonight, the dixie fire is being fueled by bone dry brush. we're expecting temperatures to jump here this week and there's
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dry lightning in the forecast. the smt. david? >> will carr with us. will, thank you again. we turn next tonight here to the high stakes january 6th committee holding its first hearing tomorrow on what led to the attack on the capitol. and what we've learned tonight >>eporteht, thhouse can people select committee preparing to launch a full investigation into the capitol riot. what can the american people expect to learn that they haven't already learned yet? >> well, i think a great deal. they'll hear first-hand from these officers who were on the front lines that day. they'll hear what it was like to take on this vast crowd of insurrectionists. how they feared for their lives. >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi now adding a second republican to the panel. congressman adam kinzinger of illinois joining congresswoman liz cheney of wyoming.
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house republicans leadership is boycotting the investigation. after pelosi rejected two republicans gop leader kevin mccarthy chose to serve on the committee, mccarthy pulled all five of his picks. >> some republicans have been saying -- >> some republicans? >> -- the gop committee. >> really? who is that? adam and liz? >> well -- >> aren't they kind of like pelosi republicans? >> reporter: cheney brushing off the insult. >> we've got very serious business here. we have important work to do. and i think that's pretty childish. >> reporter: kinzinger pointing out republicans blocked an independent investigation in the mold of the 9/11 commission with each party picking five members. >> we had an opportunity for a five-five commission that didn't even include members of congress. then, at every junction, it kept getting blocked, despite that we negotiated the five-five. and so it's become obvious that there are some that just simply don't want answers and that to me is unacceptable. >> in the meantime, looking ahead to tomorrow morning, rachel, you spoke with one of the capitol hill police officers
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who will testify? >> reporter: david, i spoke to officer michael fanone. he was dragged down the capitol steps, beaten and tased on january 6th. he told me that he just wants the truth to come out. and he plans to testify tomorrow in uniform. david? >> all right, rachel, you'll be right there with me tomorrow. we will be carrying the hearing live with our political team first thing in the morning, 9:30 a.m., right here on abc. rachel, thank you. we turn now to the news involving american troops in iraq tonight. president biden meeting with iraq's prime minister. what president biden announced. so, let's get right to martha raddatz tonight with a bit of a reality check about what this might or might not mean for our troops on the ground in iraq. martha? >> reporter: david, the president says the combat mission will end in iraq at the end of the year, but the u.s. has not really been involved in combat in iraq for more than a year, because this was already largely a train and assist mission. so, this is really just semantics. what the white house announcement actually tells us
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is that unlike afghanistan, the u.s. is not pulling out of iraq entirely, with one senior official telling me that the number of u.s. forces in iraq ce the same by the end of the year. david? >> all right, martha raddatz live in washington tonight. martha, thank you. now, to team usa in tokyo. the american swimmer tossing his gold medal to a teammate in the stands. heartbreak for katie ledecky, but still a medal. gymnast simone biles and what she revealed. and the british diver tonight winning gold and his powerful message to children who have ever felt alone. james longman in tokyo tonight. >> reporter: tonight, team usa coming back after a rocky start. usa swimming with now 8 of america's 14 medals. on day three, caeleb dressel leading the u.s. men's relay team to first place. the florida native tossing his gold medal to a teammate in the stands. and heartbreak for reigning champ katie ledecky, fighting to defend her title in the 400 free. the record holder losing by less than a second, coming in after
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australia's ariarne titmus. >> i knew it was just going to be a battle until the end. it's just an honor to race someone like ariarne and for us to go two really, really fast times. you can't be disappointed with silver. >> reporter: but some of team usa not up to their usual level. upset in men's basketball. and women's gymnastics losing after finishing second in the qualifying round. even simone biles facing some stumbles. posting on instagram, "it wasn't an easy day or my best, but i got through it. shoulders at tes."ke i h but biles has advanced to all finals and the chance to win six golds. overall, japan is leading in the number of gold medals. the united states falling just 13-year-old shredder momiji nishiya of japan winning in the first ever street skateboarding competition. and emotions high for british diver tom daley, who won his first gold at this his fourth olympics. he's one of a record number of out lgbtq athletes at these games.
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>> i hope that any young lgbt person out there can see that no matter how alone you feel right now, you are not alone and that you can achieve anything. >> reporter: tom making a ig impact here, but covid still looming large. 153 cases inside the olympic bubble. david? >> covid looming large but a lot of great headlines coming out of the olympics. james, thank you for that. when we come back on the broadcast tonight, what we're learning about a deadly standoff. at least five people killed, including a deputy, several officers wounded. and the lifeguard possibly attacked by a shark here in new york.
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building a better bay area. our insider wants answers from the people trying to make the east bay safer. how many more cops can yoch? the mayor of antioch has a solution to drug activity. he wants to hire the dealers to work for the city. that is coming up. some students will be on campus for the first time in the last two years. we are weeks away from the start of school coronavirus activity for some force students home again?
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it is all great in theory questions when it comes to abc7 building ke so heard today. wetioned but short them ngan detail inthe camore square he stares out the window of a quick stop that his family has owned for 3 decades. it's not because he likes the view. >> there have been shootouts
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and bodies in the parking lot, drug


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