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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 26, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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mildly. the case count is going to look really high because it's friday, saturday and sunday combined. that is why it is close to 22,000. divide that by three. the actual number is 700 covid cases per day, that is still very high. the 70 positivity rate edged up to 5.3%, close to 3000 people hospitalized. that number has been steadily rising as well. starting in august, state employees and healthcare workers will need to be vaccinated or tested for covid- 19 weekly. >> part of our vaccine team spoke with dr. galli about what led them to this decision about the consequences employees could face if they don't get vaccinated. and luz is joining us from the newsroom. >> reporter: californians will be impacted by this requirement. more than 20 million californians are fully vaccinated. they are 25% of the populathe pa who has not gotten the vaccine. the governor said, that is their focus moving forward. >> reporter: as covid deaths increase statewide, given her some is mandating for state workers and health group workers to be be be be be be be
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next 4 weeks. >> 246,000 californians or state employees, 246,000 californians should be vaccinated. >> reporter: 75% of californians have received at least one dose of the vaccine. california is now struggling to get the last 25% vaccinated. healthcare workers will need to be vaccinated no later than august 23rd. state workers are being notified and asked to comply by august 2nd. >> we are not stopping with state employees. today, we are announcing partnerships that includes kaiser, private sector now stepping up. organizations representing physicians, dentists. >> reporter: today, 65 people died in california from covid- 19. telephone yes health se says
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all covid cases, statewide is the biggest concern, urging them to act fast. >> the delta variant is a different beast. we were at 900 people in the hospital on june 15th when we had the reopening. today, we are just at 3000. >> reporter: california's largest set or union is rejecting the vaccine requirement. they represent nearly 100,000 state employees. >> i absolutely do not believe this is right. i can understand that by trying to get people to be vaccinated to help the greater good, i respect that. however, to those who do not want to be vaccinated, this is a violation of your medical privacy, i stand with those people. so for this current governor to do this is wrong. >> reporter: so we asked governor newsom. what are some of the consequences of refusing to get vaccinated? good state employees lose their jobs? >> we have an ou's and procedures as it relates to work lace rolls. this will be added >> reporter: i asked governor newsom if he is considering to reinstate the mask mandate as the rest of the population gets vaccinated.
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he said, the state is not planning to implement a statewide mandate yet in the bay area. six other area counties are urging people to wear face masks indoors. in the newsroom, abc7. >> there is a little bit of wiggle room. what are some of the extensions that the state is accepting for employees who don't want to get vaccinated? >> they are religious or health reasons, the employee would need to show proof from a medical professional explainiexl why they should not get vaccinated. employees who are not vaccinated will need to continue to wear the facemask at work. now, they will need to get tested once to twice a week depending on their job exposure. >> luz pena, reporting live. thank you. 50 medical organizations are calling for mandatory vaccinations for everyone in the healthcare industry. the group includes the american medical and the american nurses association's. coalition cites the rising case rate and the delta variant as reasons for their demand. they say, requiring the shots is, quote, illogical fulfillment of the ethical commitment to all patients. pati
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and a major request from the san francisco bar owners alliance, the group is calling on all bars in the city request they show proof of vaccination or a 72 hour negative covid test to get inside establishments as it takes 72 hours before you try to get in. effective on thursday, patrons without proof will be gone in outdoor spaces only. the alliance represents more than 300 bars in san francisco. meanwhile, pfizer and moderna are working to get preteens eligible for the covid- 19 shot. the new york times reports both vaccine makers are expanding the size of their trials in children ages 5 to 11. the report says this comes after a push from the fda to add more participants in an effort to detect some possible rare side effects in young people. as the delta variant continues to spread, there are some people asking if a school should consider planning for
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hybrid learning again. abc7 news education reporter leanne melendez found that some are saying about going back to school. >> reporter: school district like dublin unified are aware of concerns on the delta variant. but after months of preparing to reopen, they are confident school will reopen on august 16th for in person learning. >> we learned so much from the last 15 months that we can create layered mitigations to keep students and staff safe. >> reporter: dublin will allow students to tour the schools to make sure students are safe. students and staff must wear a mask when classes begin. san francisco unified says it is planning for a full return and said, we will continue to monitor updates and follow public health guidance. >> reporter: both the governor and legislature had made it clear there is no going back to distance learning the way we saw during the pandemic. in fact, that model will not be funded by the state. >> we want our kids back full- time for instruction.
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>> reporter: if they are not, the district will not collect the daily attendance money known as a.d.a. >> we are back to the traditional collection, so students need to be in school to collect the a.d.a. >> reporter: dublin will offer what is called independent study for those with health issues that would put them at risk if they were to return in person. but so far, only 200 out of 13,000 students there have signed up. west contra costa unified says it will do the same. >> we really don't want this to be a covid strategy where parents are looking at this because they are afraid of covid. what we are sharing with everyone, is we want everyone to come back in person. >> reporter: in the meantime, west contra costa unified wants to be sure that all eligible students are vaccinated. today, they offered a vaccination drive ahead of the school year. leanne melendez, abc7 news. >> joining me now is the infectious disease in
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specialist. we want to talk about schools, but dr., let's talk about the announcement that healthcare workers need to be vaccinated or they will have to test regularly. this is certainly a dramatic move. tell us what is driving that. what is he looking at? >> what we are looking at is really an unexpected terrible surge from delta. i think we couldn't have imagined this mayhem that delta is causing a few weeks ago when we reopened. i think unvaccinated folks getting some infections, although mild as well, you know, we are not making progress in vaccinations. >> but 75%, correct me if i'm wrong, of eligible californians have had at least one shot. and more will complete their series. is that not enough? >> one shot is definitely not enough for delta as we have seen from the uk data.
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it provides about 30% protection. so you really need to get the second shot. when we look at vaccination rates, right now with delta, you have to look at fully vaccinated. so that rubric of at least one shot. >> is this really going to make a dent, the state requiring a quarter million employees as well as healthcare workers be vaccinated? >> it is not going to make the hugest dent, but i think people are looking at a variety of measures. i think when schools reopen and having vaccine requirements, you know, i think the bar association has an interesting measure, tried in france, it led to at least 2 million additional people getting vaccinated in hawaii. they used -- for them to have unlimited capacity, you show the vaccination card at the entrance, and you get in.
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so i think people are hoping that that will continue to have business proceed as normal despite decisions we are seeing. >> do you expect to see vaccine requirements for school entry like public schools k-12 in california? >> yes. as long as we get the emergency use authorization followed by fda clearance, you are going to see school vaccination requirements. it is actually very old hat for k to 12. they required many vaccines in the past. it's probably just going to be added on. what you are seeing overall from all the fervor is increasing urgency on the part of politicians, on the part of public health officials to keep households well preserved, you know, and the part of our leaders to keep the economy growing as much as possible. we can't afford to shut down things anymore. we need vaccinations. not lockdowns. >> we have 10 seconds.
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this is a yes or no. do we get out of this without widespread mask vaccine mandates, do we get out of this? >> yes. we get out of this because once you are vaccinated, you have a 96% chance of preventing hospitalization still. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. the white house is leaving current travel restrictions in place due to the spike in covid cases. this decision comes despite growing pressure from the travel industry and u.s. allies and the biden administration to lift pandemic restrictions. foreign tourism in the united states has been halted because of the restrictions also bar migrants from seeking asylum and prevents foreigners from visiting family members. in the east bay, one person was robbed. she was on broad bay near the
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verizon store when she was pushed and had her cell phone stolen. the suspect jumped into a waiting car and escaped. police managed to track the phone to san francisco. officers searched the area of bush and kearney streets. it was a $2000 reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest in this case. crime crackdown, what police say they are doing to keep you safe from rising crime in east bay city. extreme weather from wildfires to flooding, worsening conditions across the u.s., and flower power. steph curry learns from the best. we have his visit people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx.
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wildfires are not the only problem due to the extreme weather we are seeing in the west. flash flood, sandstorms are turning deadly. morgan norwood has the latest on worsening conditions. >> reporter: from fires to flooding, the weather emergency out west is worseningorseningorg central utah, high winds kicked up a stand storm causing a 20 car pileup, killing at least seven people.
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in arizona, a search is underway for a teenager who was swept away by flash flooding as first responders tried to rescue her, the team was swept out from her car. her grandfather, a retired fire chief is determined to bring her home. >> we are not giving up. and we thank everyone for all your support. >> reporter: authorities recovered the body of a 4-year- old girl who was swept by floodwaters late thursday in the town of pima. rescuers pulled five family members to safety from their car, but the water pulled the vehicle away before they got to the little girl. >> is heartbreaking when something like this happens. >> reporter: the flooding comes as the drought fueled 90 fires in 11 states. in northern california, the state's largest fire exploded in size after merging with a smaller blaze. it is not burning in two counties, torching at least a dozen homes, threatening as many as 10,000. and this fire in montana, so destructive utah and california are sending resources despite the major fires burning in their own states. meanwhile, a jet fuel shortage in the west could put a strain
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on firefighters as they deploy aircraft over to fire emergencies. >> reporter: officials are worried lightning strikes could generate more fires. all of this as they struggle to contain problem areas. morgan norwood, abc7 news, los angeles. >> you can see live updates on all the fires with the wildfire tracker. it is on our website. go there to get updates on each fire. you have to click the individual icon. pg&e is launching a cleanup effort in the north bay. the utility will remove trees workers cut down for safety after the glass fire. cruise left the wood behind because anything left behind is the property of the landowner. after a request, pg&e will now take care of it. the jet fuel demand from firefighters and supply chain issues causing major issues across the nation, american airlines said it might have to add stops to some of its flights. they have asked flights to conserve fuel as much as possible. nevada lawmakers are investigating a shortage that
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is affecting flights out of fresno because of a lack of a fuel deliveries by tanker trucks. >> that is crazy. all right. we want to check out today's weather forecast. it looks like another cool day -- spencer? i'm looking at sandy and sang spencer. sorry. >> it's quite all right. larry, kristen, we have moisture in the air. it is moist for the bay area. let me show you the moisture moving into our region adding more cloud cover. there's a decrease in temperatures. as we get you down to street level, a few spindles are showing up on highway 101 between hartland and cloverdale. not all this moisture is hitting the ground, but it certainly is down to the south and in the sierra nevada. unfortunately, those storms are being accompanied by rain. it is pouring over parts of the
4:18 pm
tamarack fire right now, so the scarred area is obviously a concern of flash flooding. he was a live look. you can see hazy conditions. 69 in oakland, san jose, 77 and 84 in morgan hill. let's see this part of the atmosphere. the golden gate bridge, this is what we expect, 69 in santa rosa, 77 in fairfield, not so cool in concorde, livermore is 87 degrees. here is the emeryville camera, a chance of showers and isolated thunderstorm tomorrow, dryer air in the midland week, and we are cooling back to average for the weekend. air quality is not so great because of all the smoke from the wildfires in the mountains and in the northern california and south of tahoe, we are basically looking at poor to unhealthy air quality right around the tahoe area. locally, we have good to moderate air quality. if you look at the smoke forecast, the dixie and tamarack fires are burning ferociously. the smoke and haze will remain in the general vicinity
4:19 pm
through tomorrow night. of course, with the thunderstorms in the mountains, typically, we do see some improvement with the air quality, but it will be brief and short-lived. hour by hour forecast, don't rule out the possibility of a sprinkle tomorrow morning. there is potential for a few showers. this is just one of the models. not all models are aggressive as this. i want to show it to you so that tomorrow morning prepared if we see this materializing. it's a chance of showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it's going to be a mild start with a cloud cover and tomorrow afternoon heating into the midland and mid-90s, concorde, livermore, 73 in the city, 79 in oakland, 86 san rafael, napa, 86 san jose, palo alto and 83 in separate cisco. more today, the seven-day forecast, possibility of thunder and showers sizzling inland, we are looking at 100
4:20 pm
inland, mid to upper 60s coast side, and still hot on friday, but the heat eases just in time for the weekend plans and the cooling continues as we head towards monday. but really overall, the humid air sticks around through tomorrow. we lose some of the humidity and add more heat to the forecast midweek. >> we don't normally talk about thunderstorms this time of year. >> occasionally, we get the summer monsoon moving in. it is the potential. it is usually accompanied by some sort of tropical moisture from a former hurricane this time around, we are looking at a summer monsoon. >> india, thank you. ask and you shall receive. levar burton is going to be the guest host on "jeopardy!" starting tonight. 200,050 people signed to get him to host. he talked about it this morning on gma. >> i am the beneficiary of amazing grace.
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you know, i have been asked over the past couple weeks, you know, what is this about? i think it has something to do with the fact, you know, this generation of adults who grew up on reading rainbow feel like i have made an investment in them, and they are returning the favor. >> how cool. burton is raising money for a literacy group that provides free books to children. "jeopardy!" is making donations to every host charity of choice. >> you can watch levar burton every night at 7:00 on abc7. a permanent host is expected to be announced later this summer. the future is now, using robot employees to develop new and helpful drugs, plus --plus - she is in her 90s and got a surprise visit from a warriors things may be different, but at denny's, one thing will always remain the same... our dedication to safely serving guests
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we sometimes worry that robots are going to replace us. so far, they made strides in doing repetitive chores on auto assembly lines and doing dangerous tasks like bomb disposal. now, they are seen as a tool to speed up development of new drugs. david lee shows us how robots help to advance medicine.dicine. >> reporter: it can be one of the most tedious tasks scientists and lab technicians do, filling test tubes with compounds to run experiments. >> if they have a phd in immunology, we want them to worry about the experience they want to run rather than
4:25 pm
standing under a hood and moving liquids around. >> reporter: now as the work of robots works around the clock with precision and without place of boredom for doing the same procedures endless times. it's the repetition that can lead to human error. they have six of the labs operating on one side of the silicon valley and a larger site in san diego. the defense department's research agency and two dozen academic centers have outsourced their projects. new drug development could see the greatest benefit. this requires a test to be done 60 times up to 3 months for going to the next step of development. robots can repeat the process on a 24-hour ba24-hour ba24-houu >> it has a chance to completely change how people think about drug discovery that today, takes $2.5 billion in 15 years to get a drug to market. >> reporter: with software, they will review the battery tests to make sure there won't be any mishaps due to coding errors. a wide range of research can be done. >> this ranges from early-stage drug discovery to the creation
4:26 pm
of new organisms that can make new materials the way yeast makes your. -- beer. >> reporter: david louis, abc7 news. oakland mayor, libby libby joined a coalition of 84 u.s. mayors calling on president biden and congress to act on prioritizing a path to citizenship for daca recipients. the call for weeks after democrats in the senate introduced a reconciliation package that includes immigration reform with a path to citizenship for these communities. >> these people are showing up and making incredible contributions to our community. it is time to recognize that, to remove the fear and uncertainty, and frankly, the impediment to true economic growth and recovery that america was founded upon. >> the mayor says a recent decision by a texasa texasa texe
4:27 pm
blocking immigrants from filing daca applications makes the need for action more urgent. tackling growing crime in the east bay, from robberies the east bay, from robberies like this to carjacking, crime you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business. and get cybersecurity solutions that let you see everything on your network. plus an expert team looking ahead 24/7 to help prevent threats. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 >> we know clearly in the city of oakland we have seen a tremendous increase of robberies over the past three months. we know we have seen a significant increase in carjackings. we see our community is suffering as a result of these crimes, so we are responding.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: police are responding to the area where a man was attacked and robbed in a chinatown neighborhood, a brazen robbery on an elderly asian man sparked outrage. it is one of many violent crimes reported in the bay area as crime continues to rise. today, law enforcement in the east bay is saying, enough is enough. the numbers are alarming. police say robberies are up 15%, carjackings are up 95% the same time. in chinatown, local law enforcement is committed to doing more to getting dangerous people and weapons off the street. that is where phil matier was asking the tough questions, and the answers are not easy. >> they aren't. and it wasn't easy getting them. no doubt, there has been an increase of attacks of people in the asian-american community, but there's also been hate crimes against other ethnic groups and -- the oakland police department and the alameda department district said they would get together
4:31 pm
and do more to stop the violence. this is going on.on.on.on.on.onn they said they would try harder to go after the people who commit crimes. it's a lot of talk. the question is, what are they really doing starting with police staffing right there in chinatown? >> reporter: you say you will have three cups more on chinatown. how many do you think you should have on the streets? >> i don't know what the number is. i don't know what the number would be. >> reporter: ballpark the number. >> i want a police presence on a daily basis. we are seeing far too many people being arrested by our officers, going to jail and coming right back out and committing those same crimes in our community. there has to be some level of accountability. i think we all have to acknowledge that when you have a city like oakland that has 75 homicides and over 15 -- 1500
4:32 pm
robberies already in july, we have a problem here. >> reporter: what assurances can you give the public? the criminals we saw on video with guns, if they are arrested, they are actually going to be off the streets? >> if they are arrested and charged with crime, they will be with jail unless they can afford bail. everyone has a right to bail. the california supreme court just came down with a ruling that said, you can't hold someone in jail just because they can't afford bail. but the caveat to that policy is, if somebody is a danger to the community, or they are a danger to the victim of crime -- who was a victim of their crime, the court doesn't have to set a bail. we are seeing the particular judge overseeing these bail hearings holding people in custody because they are a danger to the community. >> if someone uses a gun in alameda county on a crime, are they going to face the maximum charge? >> we will file maximum charges
4:33 pm
including enhancements for use of a gun. some have been convicted of a family. it's a high percentage percentan having a gun, being on probation. their bill is no bail. >> reporter: what does that say about the system? >> well, we are doing what we can. as you know, that california is really focusing on reform. and what we are arguing to the state and our legislators is that you cannot take reform to the place where the community is in danger, where public safety is impacted. >> reporter: it is interesting to note, at the press conference, which was located at the same place we saw the videos of the attack, just a couple minutes later, one of the organizers of the event was down on broadway a couple blocks away waiting for a bus, looked across the street, and a young woman pulled up, people jumped out and grabbed her cell phone to drive off. okay, a couple minutes later, former u.s. senator barbara
4:34 pm
boxer is down in jack london just a few blocks away where she has a condominium, a car pulls up, people jump out, push her down, grabbed her cell phone and make off. this is what oakland is dealing with, now. whether you think more cops are the answers or the underlying causes crop -- of crime are the answers, it's called accountability and we are lacking it. >> so the police chief wouldn't give you a precise number as to how many officers he wanted? it was suggested 3 or four -- >> three or four is not going to make a huge difference. they will have civilian ambassadors out there. the police chief is caught between a rock and a hard place. on one end, he knows he's way understaffed. needs more cops on the streets. at the same time, city hall says we want to redirect the funding from police to these other groups. he is between that. he works for the mayor and the city hall. that's how it works. that's the politics of policing. it's not just on the streets, it's at city hall as well. >> on the streets, they are trying to get guns out of the
4:35 pm
hands of criminals. you know, put it wherever you want to analyst -- >> it's tough. if you look at the number of homicides, they've taken 75 homicides in oakland, alone. they've taken 600 guns off the streets. okay. but now we are faced with a new problem. i was asking the alcohol and tobacco and firearms, you are looking for gun dealers. these days, larry, you can go on the internet and you can order a kit in your own home. they say, we are going after the traffickers. the traffickers are wherever you want to find them. order on the internet, go home, you make it and sell it. it is a proliferation that they have to change the rules on these guns with laws on these guns about ghost guns that can be manufactured, plastic, sent to your home, and you can modify and walk out -- >> they are some as cheap as 50 bucks. it is very difficult to try to
4:36 pm
stop that. so thanks very much for the q&a today. >> we have to keep an eye on them when asking the second and third questions. that's the only way we are going to get better at this. >> we appreciate it. thank you. it's the first day on the job for chief jamie knox. making the jump from the police department, holding a degree, and is a graduate of the fbi national academy and management institute for police. he replaces tom chaplin who retired last year. all right, don't call them astronauts. new rules for space travel, plus, a taste of chase center, new food you can get at warriors games next season, is this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill.
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and stay a sleep longer. great sleep comes naturally with sleep 3 only from nature's bounty all right, time for the four at 4:00 as sandy and chris alvarez joins us from the space center -- it turns out jeff bezos and richard branson are not astronauts. the faa changed their definition of who is eight real astronaut the same day that jeff bezos took his flight. it is part of a crew that contributes to public safety or spaceflight safety, which results and branson fell short of according to these rules. here's my take on that. you don't have to call them and astronaut if you don't want to, as long as you keep calling me billionaire, i am fine. >> that is you. those two desperately wanted to
4:40 pm
be astronauts. so many people said they earned astronaut weightings by reaching that height above the earth. nasa realizes that anyone who pays to go up there shouldn't be an astronaut. they should be doing for -- missions for human good. they are space tourists. i agree with that. >> i agree. i think they should have some sort of training and be able to keep everyone safe in a situation like that. but, i mean, they do have money and the ability to go up, so i mean, what can you do? >> i know, kristin, you are pretty strong on that. >> i was going to say, i barely heard what you guys can say. there is a huge wind tunnel coming at me. it's almost as if this place is full of fans, but yes, no strong opinion because i didn't hear exactly what was said. >> no worries, talk louder. it's your turn. amazon says, drivers are tired of ringing doorbells, so they are on a mission to get a
4:41 pm
key to your apartment building. >> that's a hard no. >> thank you, larry. the online shopping giant is encouraging landlords to get a service dubbed kiefer business. it allows drivers to unlock doors with a mobile device. amazon is pitching it as a way to cut down on stolen packages by making it easier to leave in lobbies rather than outside. some landlords say this raises privacy concerns. chris, if you can hear us, jump in. until then, i will ask sandy what she thinks. >> it is absolutely a no. i think it is invasion of privacy. i think, definitely, leave the package elsewhere. i don't want people to have access. yeah. >> larry? >> i was waiting for chris. >> i would say it is a no go as well. you may risk losing a package, that your whole house or apartment is completely exposed. what's the risk? i would rather lose my package than whatever is on my property.
4:42 pm
>> i don't need the keys to your house. just give me your social security number. that would be fine. >> this is so worrisome. >> no, you're in good hands. generation x could be facing and unemployment crisis. the unappointed generation found job applicants age 40 to 60 are the most overlooked. they are facing increased biases amongst hiring managers while many are reluctant to learn new skills in technology. i fear technology. but 90% of hiring managers say generation x employees are still as good or better than younger employees. i say that with emphasis. >> yeah, and sandy and i totally agree with you. you know what chris things about this. >> chris is too young to weigh in. he can't hear. >> i absolutely agree with you. first of all, i disagree with the statement of many of those
4:43 pm
in that age group are not willing to new tech -- learn new technology. we don't fall into that category. i feel like there is a young -- move them up because they are willing to absorb, not here, but in a job, might not be so willing to go with the flow. i don't think that's a true statement. >> kristin? >> i would argue most of us in the prime, golden age have the most to contribute. we have experience, institutional knowledge, maturity, we still have vigor and energy, we don't have to worry about the kids being super young so they are taking away attention. >> those are all good points. >> i'm all about hiring people in our age group. >> chris, no time. i have to do with the producers mandated, i spend more time listening. >> yeah, finally. >> go ahead, you have 10 seconds. go. >> no, i have nothing, larry. >> [ laughter ]
4:44 pm
>> i have to respect out here. >> respect for your elders, chris. california is dying to have your business. it is a ghostly treat inspired by disney's haunted mansion. the homeowner is a disney super fan. he converted his four-bedroom house into a replica of the famous attraction. look at that, everything from a never-ending hallway to the doors and the wallpaper makes this a disney fan dream come true. guests give it a five star review for accuracy compared to the real haunted mansion. disney is the parent company of abc7. what you think? are you impressed? >> yeah. i was wondering if the amazon keys were coming back to this property. i can't see what you are talking about, but i'm curious if that is the case. >> you have to pay to get in. sandy, your kids
4:45 pm
would they be up for something like this, or is it too scary? >> larry, they would jump right in and want to go explore. they are very adventurous. i think so. how about yours, kristin? >> you know what? i think they would enjoy it. especially that room that looks like it grows and stretches, i wonder if they replicated that to that degree? >> it sounds like it is authentic. >> i have to check that out. chris, i can hear the wind in your microphone. just stay warm. >> it is
4:46 pm
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the chase center is one of the premier destinations for sports, and more. a new culinary director has been aimed at the chase center. that's where we find chris alvarez braving the elements with the wind outside. you have the difficult job, a tough one, taste tester for nbc 7. >> reporter: yeah, i ca officially job application. i will be your taste tester. i know you will be upset with me. look at the wind. i didn't get any food to go because i basically ate everything inside as the official taste tester for abc7 with chad newman. >> reporter: did someone say food? the new collie director -- culinary director, we are meeting as a kind of stuff my face.
4:49 pm
>> right now, we have one of the items we will have in our new concept. it is a great flavor. here, we have stirfried noodles, pork, everything is traditionally in a walk. also, we have wok special. >> reporter: everything looks good. you can keep going. >> this is the tofu rice right there. it's a lot of flavor. you will feel ginger, garlic, and some of the acidity of the citrus. here, let's try this one. >> reporter: when is dessert? >> there we go, there is some of the desert. here, we have [ speaking ki foreign language ] that we will have in the seventh floor, [ speaking foreign language ]. and of course, we have the beer [ speaking foreign language ] fish tacos.
4:50 pm
>> reporter: oh, my goodness. >> we will have them also. >> reporter: so you can come to the games, now we come to the games on the food. >> yes. bring all the flavor to the chase center. having all of this, different type of fans, the different culture, be part of the conversation. >> reporter: i can't complain. the food is great. >> enjoy. >> reporter: so a big big big b at chase center, nba draft thursday, they are having a huge party, larry, you and the guys will be inside after the draft show. i will tell you, i have been told there will probably be a food drop. making up for it in a couple days with the food drop on thursday i am being told. food is coming your way. >> in two days or three days? i guess that's the best we can do. >> reporter: [ laughter ] >> continuing to disappoint on bringing food back, but thank you, chris.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: you're welcome. >> i hope it's not too windy out there for you. anyway, warriors star steph curry might have a new career as a florist. he does everything else like perfectly. he paid a visit to a three generations old flower shop where one sassy senior showed him tricks of the trade. >> naomi lim caught up with the shop owner on how this all came to be. >> what's up, family? >> i was really surprised. i don't want everyone to know how old i am. >> reporter: having steph curry visit her family was pretty special. >> i am a warrior fan. i like him better than lebron james. >> reporter: the way this sassy senior came to be one of the stars of the latest commercial featuring three small local businesses -- >>, look at that, look at that. >> reporter: it started with a
4:52 pm
phone call. >> i wondered, is it truly happening, or someone playing a hoax on us? >> reporter: days later, she was showing the point guard how to make a splash with flower arrangements. >> i told him how to cut it. i said, well, i think you play basketball. i don't think you should use a knife. you will cut yourself and you will not be able to play again. >> reporter: the commercial is an ode to reopen businesses after a particularly challenging year. >> the way it is now, i hope it will be better next year. >> reporter: she is just appreciative after 50 years in the business to meet her favorite player, and that he seemed to have a good time, too. >> i got some flowers for the wife, let's go. >> he took time to come out and visit us. it is really important. >> reporter: for her and all the small businesses that make our bay area better, in san mateo, dion lim, abc7 news.
4:53 pm
>> she is adorable. >> i'm so glad she has had the opportunity. they have been an outstanding business in the community. this is terrific. >> and she likes stuff better than lebron. coming up, getting romantic with rashad jennings. >> on the guy in the locker room that talks about love my relationships, burning candles and frank sinatra. and frank sinatra. >> he will ♪ ♪ ♪ and frank sinatra. >> he will ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. [inflammation] let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops
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california! xiidra. all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. the celebrity dating game is back tonight at 10:00 on abc7. you can catch rashad jennings
4:56 pm
from dancing with the stars and now the dating game. sandy kenyon caught up with him recently after taping the show. >> i have a question for bachelorette number two. >> reporter: playing this game, rashad jennings is as smooth as he was in the nfl. >> a lot of touchdowns on the giants in new york -- >> reporter: the dating game originated more than half a century ago. but it's format has stood the test of time. >> it is different because you don't know who you are talking to. i kind of appreciate that you are just listening, all right? you are trying to see if you can connect with somebody based upon what you are hearing, not what you see. >> reporter: asking questions, rashad says, is the key to any great date. >> i verily -- very rarely do i do the things i am known for on
4:57 pm
any day or any casual meeting with the person. i don't talk about football. -- unless they ask. >> reporter: he urges potential dates to look beyond his fame to the person inside. >> i am a goof. i love people, i love life. >> reporter: it's no wonder he often calls himself a little -- romantic. >> i'm the type to talk about burning candles and frank sinatra. >> reporter: it is one reason he won dancing with the stars years ago. >> i was able to express the vulnerability inside of me as a man. >> reporter: he knew nothing about ballroom dancing before he started, and the show left him permanently changed. -- for the better. >> it teaches you how to connect with somebody. >> reporter: now one abc show has led to another. >> i feel like you are kind of a catch. >> i tell you what, he is pretty smooth. pretty smooth. you can catch the celebrity
4:58 pm
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i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. this is not your grandmother's covid anymore. this is a different beast. >> california is telling allstate workers to get vaccinated. what you need to know about the new requirement. plus why you may want to carry your vaccination card if you are eating or drinking in the bay area. an uptick in violence. one is promising more police and the other is putting more responsibility on businesses. plus, attacked by a crocodile. the teenager recounts the moments it attacked her legs and hands. this is abc7 news . california is now the first state to require proof of a coronavirus vaccine


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