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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 26, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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here. >> the california wildfires threatening thousands of homes, the largest now six times the size of san francisco. some residents sharing why they are staying put. the long-lost reunion that is definitely going to make your morning. this pop going through everything to get back to her owner. welcome to monday, july 6th, you are watching abc7 mornings. we are going to start with the forecast. >> active radar. some of that could be coming our way. here is a look at live doppler, seeing the greatest amount of showers in the south, some over the sea around rotating out. that moisture and energy gives us a chance, but for the morning commute, increasing low clouds, as you look at that, 32 mile-per-hour wind. a little mist and drizzle around the coast, san francisco, and the east bay
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hills. our most robust forecast model shows a little bit of wetness out there. we could use it without the lightning, but that is the issue. temperatures in the mid-60s to upper 80s. not quite as hot today. >> we are having a major issue right now on board, specifically on the san francisco line because of equipment problems. we have a colleague on the train, they are making an announcement about a power issue. you are going to have a major delay if you are traveling in the sfo daly city, and east bay direction, that is every direction the san francisco line goes, this will impact people that need to make their way into the city. give yourself extra time, at least 20 minutes. a new mask rules take effect in san mateo county. you will need to wear a mask in county buildings, even if you are vaccinated. >> officials are concerned
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about the spread of the dr. variant. >> reporter: health officials say 85% of the population here is vaccinated, they putting this requirement in place today. if you coincided county building, vaccinated or not, you need to have a math. that is because of the uptick in cases. that is what is causing this. a month ago, the test positivity rate was 0.4%, now it is 2.6%. they are attributing that to the delta variant now accounting for 83% of cases statewide. >> we have seen an uptick in our case is the last two weeks, they have nearly doubled, it is the first step, small step, then we will see what we can do moving forward, if we will take additional action. >> reporter: check out this tweet, this dr. says he is looking at a few data points
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and it is reinforcing to him, the case that of a combo of delta and relaxed behavior is leading to a powerful and worrisome surge that requires a change in approach, he says i knew things were bad, but it is even worse than i thought. marin county is also looking at the possibility of changing its rules, maybe announcing as early as this week about it, too, will start requiring masks indoors, look out for that announcement, but here in san mateo county, starting today, masks required in county buildings. dr. anthony fauci says top officials are discussing whether to require masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. he spoke on the state of the union yesterday. >> this is under active consideration, mi part of the discussion? yes, i am, part of the discussion, but what you are seeing, even as our conversation
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this moment, the cdc still says and recommends, if you are vaccinated fully, that you do not need to wear a mask indoors. >> los angeles county has already restored its indoor mask mandate and most bay area counties, wearing a mask is a recommendation, not a mandate. dr. fauci says the u.s. is in an unnecessary predicament of soaring cases. the governor will be in alameda county to talk about the new efforts to encourage more californians to get vaccinated. the state has administered more than 43 million doses, nearly 75% of those eligible have received at least one dose. you can watch the news conference at 10:30 this morning, streamed on his twitter, facebook, and youtube. in east bay, the mayor is expected to announce a new plan to get the youth off the street. the mayor will be announcing that he will start to enforce
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the city's public nuisance laws, which will require residence to keep property claim. police are looking for suspect in a shooting on highway 4 that left a person dead and another person injured. it happened saturday night when the victim's car crashed into a guard rail. according to california highway patrol, this is the fifth shooting on that highway since the start of april. tackling issues of race and social justice are important as we work to build a better bay area. there is debate on a story getting national attention. two men face vandalism charges after police say they damaged black lives matter mural. some are wondering if more serious charges like hate crime should apply. they got reports saturday morning of a car intentionally burning rubber the police chief says after the
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community responded with information and videos, the 19 and 20-year-old were arrested on felony vandalism and conspiracy charges. >> for those who seek to minimize the events that took place, to negate the responsibility, oh, they're just kids, shame on you. >> a hate crime charge has not been filed, but the chief says if they find additional evidence, he will make sure the dac said, firefighters are finally making gains on the turmeric fire south of lake tahoe and there is the bet with a complex fires still burning to the north. further west is the dixie fire. it is really taking a destructive tern. >> the dixie fire has emerged with a smaller fire and is moving east. in the last 12 days, it has grown to nearly 300 square miles and is 21% contained, claims have learned several
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buildings, more than 10,000 others are threatened. some people are evacuating, but others refused to leave. >> i don't care, i am okay, god loves me, i am ready. when it comes down to that, take me. >> it was just dark skies, everyone kind of had this worried, ominous feeling. you could tell there was panic. >> i just hope there is a house to go back too. >> the turmeric fire is coming a growing threat, claims have destroyed 104 square miles and at least 10 buildings are at best. the fire has already claimed two dozen structures, containment is now at 27%. a smoke is impacting air quality in the north shore as well. >> you can see live updates on all the fires burning in california with our wildfire tracker. and to get updates on
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fire, just click on the icon. this o years since the mass shooting at the gilroy festival, and there is a week full of advanced devoted to kindness. >> the free clinic, vaccine today before your students go back in the fall. record flash flooding in arizona, new video shows a disastrous weekend in the southwest. on the opposite end, look at how quiet our you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores
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it runs from 10:00 until 5:00 at richmond high school and the district is offering required school vaccines as well as the fisa covid-19 vaccine. students can also get vaccinated at safeway pharmacies. checking on traffic, major problem with both right now, it is experiencing an equipment problem. it is running at least 20 minutes late, and this is going to be in the daly city and east bay directions, muni is providing mutual aid and need to get in between the broken arrow and berryessa line. this is just strictly in the daly city direction. it might be a good time to actually drive into work, because we have no metering lights on the plaza, this is odd, but it is such a so, hey, maybe this is the debris. and then a live look at the san mateo bridge, hazy, alecin with.
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love seeing that toll plaza. so empty. here is a look at the other end, pretty cloudy, low clouds. as you come across the bridge, drizzle and in the hills, a little more prevalent. it is going to be mild inland, if you are running errands, less sunshine, but sunglasses because it will still be bright, and out on the bay, we've got a small craft advisory from the golden gate ridge through the delta, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s, mostly cloudy, most of us in mid 50s to near 60 degrees. clouds are going to get sicker in the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere what is going to bring us a slight chance of some thunderstorms. not only today, but tomorrow. we will take a look at radar coming up.
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a meeting between the u.s. and china began with criticism. deputy secretary of state is in china for two days and today was the second meeting between the two countries since president biden took office. a top diplomat lane to thto tht for the country's strained relationship. china says it wants to work with the u.s. on the condition
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that leaders adhe any breakthroughs. this week marks two years since the gilroy mass shooting. in honor of the lives impacted, the d.a.'s gilroy strong center is hosting a week of events focused on kindness. the saint louise regional hospital staff who helped the victims will receive a festival themed lunch. tomorrow, there will be a special yoga class, there will be a remembrance of vigil wednesday, on thursday, a free trauma webinar for law enforcement, friday, a box making session, and saturday, a survivor will be there discussing the healing process. another sign of the reopening, fans returning to sonoma raceway this weekend to watch drag racers, and the nationals. for the first time in almost 2 years, the grandstands were at full capacity. dragracing stars, 15,000 fans
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typing speeds of 330 miles an hour. a lot of spectators were enjoying their first outing. >> finally get to go out after all the restrictions, you know, all the guys out of having fun. >> i love being out here, having fun with the people. have that spirit of life is coming back to normal. >> with sonoma county reporting a rise in the delta variant, health restrictions are still in place and masks are encouraged. tom training camp for his 22nd nfl season. a video he posted it had a lot of people wondering if his skills are too good to be true. the super bowl chip put this on twitter yesterday. you see the football firing for the football into the automatic ball throwing machine and having the ball get shot back to him. the internet going wild, trying to figure out if this is fake
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or if he really is that good. let's go, allright. >> just lets go. [ laughter ] what do you think? i trust your expertise. you think it is fake? >> yeah. >> why? >> the physics of that, for him to nail that so perfectly the ball would come right back out, the way it went in, i mean, if it was off by a millimeter. >> wouldn't it be automatically pushing it out before it even went in? >> you would think. >> it would balance out. >> unless it is slipping, but, yeah. >> i don't know how things work. >> i don't know how deep fake works, but i know one when i see one. [ laughter ] i am kidding. let's move onto weather before i get in more trouble. thank you. we all love tom brady, i could never say anything mean about him. >> does everyone love him? >> i don't know.
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okay. >> what is the weather like? >> hot topic coming up tonight, where am i? let me step out, walk back in. okay. still not there, allright. walk out one more time. i was going to do a 360, but no. here is a look at what is going on in sfo, low out there, they are not making it past most of these hills, you can see already the mid and upper level clouds coming in and that is where we are getting our chance of thunderstorms. heat wave starts tomorrow through friday, but it will ease as we head into the weekend. here's a look at the water vapor, we are looking from the satellite, taking a look at where the water is. because of that, that is why we have limited sunshine, not quite as warm temperatures. a lot of upper 80s, excuse me, upper 70s to mid 80s in the south bay. mainly 70s on the peninsula,
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how about mid-60s? head up through the north bay valleys, breeze coming off the san pablo and san francisco- based, mid to upper 70s for most of you. for the east bay, temperatures around 67 in berkeley, fremont, union city 78, no more 90s inland. a lot of mid to upper 80s. here is a look at tonight. mild temperatures, a lot of upper 50s to mid 60s due to the increase in humidity. another chance of thunderstorms, then look at the triple digits inland. even some 70s at the coast. we are going to turn to ginger with a look at what is coming up. >> reporter: great to see you. it is so great to be here on a monday addition of good morning america, we are starting in tokyo. the u.s. adding to its metal
6:21 am
collection and the dual in the pool, we are there lives. talking to one of the young women who is already making history. i know you have been reporting on this, the delta variant is a surgeon, the number of new cases on the rise, so dr. fauci is now saying the administration is considering revising its mask guidance. levar burton baton as guest host of jeopardy this week, and hundreds of thousands of fans are saying that is not enough. he needs to be there permanently. he will join us to talk if that is a possibility this morning. we are saying good morning from the ocean state. matt damon, also live here in times square to talk about his new movie. matt damon gave a double wave and he called it a double jazz hands. it is one of my favorite, but i have that conversation, i said, when i do that, usually i am not in a great mood, get people
6:22 am
excited. you will see that energy here. >> i like it. >> i do need something else about levar burton. we had a discussion about this earlier. i assume you watched the show growing up, do you remember the phrase, but you don't have to take my word for it? >> reporter: of course! that is all i remember. come on. >> i remember the theme song. >> that is all you remember? i feel like it is all i watched. then there was something called imagination station where you learned to draw, that was it for me. that is all we had. >> imagination station! i am having a full moment! i forgot about that show. draw, draw, draw. >> reporter: shade, shade, shade. >> yes! i need to take this all in.
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monsoons continue to ravage parts of arizona. rainfall yesterday in tucson, that is one of the wettest days they have had as rescuers continue the search for a 16- year-old girl they believe was swept away by the waters. helicopter came to rescue two men stranded on top of the food delivery truck after it was overcome by water. thankfully they were saved. i think they did find the girl later in the evening, unfortunately. let's look at what is going on at home, all of that has shifted into southern california. it will make it turned to the north, let's take a look at future radar. looking at pretty much cloudy conditions as we head towards noon. it is the north bay that has the better chance of anything
6:26 am
that develops to hit there, but it is not going to be happy. just not a great chance. just a slight chance, even overnight, there is another slight chance as we head into the afternoon. that chance is gone, and we opened the door to a heatwave. a heartwarming reunion in san francisco. this dog reunited with its owner after a week's long ordeal. his eight-year-old terrier nieve, escaped earlier this month while her owner was at work. animal control spent four hours trying to corral her before capturing her and sending her to muttville senior dog rescue. the day the clinic posted her for adoption, an employee noticed she looked like a lost dog posted on facebook and next door. they reached out to the owner and this is what happened. everybody is happy. >> what a journey.
6:27 am
look at that. i am glad she is okay. there, there. >> there we go. >> we have been on a couple journeys in the past couple of minutes. is, geinyosystemwide delays right back
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breaking news at 6:30, the mask mandate, the delta variant
6:30 am
of forcing the cdc to reconsider guidance. one county changing where you need to wear your race. i do have a kids. i have four. it is hard not to look at a kid , hey, could be my kid. >> heroes, east bay paramedics fighting the dixie fire, stepping up to save a we's life. there is a tree that possesses unparalleled healing power. >> the jungle crew is taking on a ride you have never known before. sneak peek ahead of the blockbuster premier. it is monday, july 26th. before we get to that sneak k peek, let's talk about the forecast. >> pretty active. you can see the low clouds also mid and upper level clouds
6:31 am
that could develop vertically enough to have one or two of these over our neighborhood. easily the heaviest activity will be across socal. let's take a look at our afternoon and you will notice, inland, we were in the low to mid 90s, now made that is where we will see the biggest change due to the lack of sunshine as clouds increase. this system, this particular forecast model is pretty robust. there could be a lot out there today. that will help keep most of the heat away, especially later in the week with 80s, 90s, and 100s, even 70s at the coast. i just got new information from bart, trains may be delayed for up to 30 minutes because of a power supply problem in san francisco. they are experiencing a major systemwide delay, single tracking from west oakland said the 24th street station. muni is providing mutual aid.
6:32 am
one track at a time, so they are managing this process. they are limiting the number of trains, which requires riders to transfer. check on line, the schedule, because if you are coming out of richmond, you need to take a different line. a lot of changes. grab a mask if you are going to any county building today. vaccinated and unvaccinated people need to wear one. >> abc7 reporter amy hollyfield live outside of a county courthouse with more. >> reporter: county officials say it is the delta variant that is sweeping through, that is why they are changing the rule starting today. vaccinated or not, you need to wear a mask inside any county buildings in san mateo county.
6:33 am
a dr. is now saying the situation is worse than he , th of the delta variant and our relaxed restrictions is driving this. san mateo county's positivity rate was 0.4% a month ago, now it is 2.6%. officials say this is the first step, they will be watching to see if they need to do more. residents seemed understanding about the new rule. >> one step forward, half step back. in my mind, i would rather be safe than sorry. >> i feel even though i am vaccinated, i don't know who is . >> maybe we dropped it a little quickly. >> reporter: here is more from that doctor, in a tweet, he said what is particularly noteworthy about the experience right now is that it is in a city with
6:34 am
the highest vaccination rate, and cases are rising fast. marin county is also looking at making changes, possibly bringing back a mask mandate and requiring vaccination for workers like hospitals and jails. ry odnding ople who as the nation deals with that spike, there are new questions about just how long vaccinated people will be protect it. >> reporter: as the delta variant fuels this latest search, there is evidence the protection provided by the vaccine may be on the client. the ceo for a company that helped develop the pfizer vaccine tells the wall street journal antibody levels are dropping seven months after immunization. he added, quote, most of them will remain protected, and
6:35 am
mighyene a thd thy ucsayscdc may revise mask guidance. brown university talked to gma about whether or not this is a good idea. >> i think it will help, the issue at this point is whether americans are willing to tolerate and are they willing to mask up again. it can be a temper rising measure, we need a lot more people vaccinated. >> reporter: it appears people are taking that advice. the white house says 780,000 doses were given over a 24 hour period last weekend. the most in three weeks. the seven day average of new vaccinations is up 28%. the former head of the fda is providing optimism. he says the current spike could be over by the end of next month, much sooner than some models have predicted. we are expecting to learn more about actions to address the surge of violent robberies
6:36 am
in chinatown. two brazen daytime robberies earlier this month happened on the same lock. suspects have not been identified. the chamber of commerce, police chief, and alameda county d.a. will be at the news conference at 11:00 is morning. a downtown san rafael that killed two people appears to be gang-related. four people62 from stockton and a second man was left outside a hospital. bullets shattered the windows of a downtown hair salon and police have not made any arrests. an urgent search for an inmate who escaped from a correctional facility. 25-year-old edgar benitez was nowhere to be found at saturday's 11:00 p.m. headcount. it is near the community of georgetown. the camp houses inmate firefighters deployed to battle wildfires. he is serving a nine-year
6:37 am
sentence for dui. the largest fire in the u.s. continues to defy efforts to contain it. bootleg fire has now grown to 639 square miles. firefighting crew from alameda recently returned from the fire and they posed this picture. they were there for 14 days working 12 hour shifts. the fire sounded like a freight train that could be heard from miles away. red smoke blanketing the skies above the dixie fire in butte and plumas counties, near feather river county. yesterday, the dixie fire merged with the fly fire and it continues to grow. more than 192,000 acres have burned. is a 21% containment. talk about right place, right time, paramedics assigned to the dixie fire saved a boy's life. >>
6:38 am
they heard the child's mom screen. paramedics discovered a 10-year- old boy who had no pulse and was partially in the pool. they gave him cpr and a few moments later, he sat up and cried. >> a sigh of relief. when kids cry, that is good, they have an airway. >> i do have kids, i have four. could be my kid. >> cal fire posted on twitter and it is getting a lot of comments with one person posting, quote, that is what superheroes look like. other top stories your way, let's make a deal. the bipartisan infrastructure plan entering a critical week. rental car craze, new warnings about shortages and price hikes, the things you need to know ahead of your final summer vacation. youtube's search secrets. the problematic videos it is accused of pointing your way. taking a look at the stock
6:39 am
exchange. i am going to do my best to ensure these talented contestants enjoyed their moment here as well. beloler rt g from "reading rainbow" to jeopardy. the one big wife said he did. >> he really does look at it. unfortunately, not. there is a power supply problem in san francisco that is causing up to 30 minute delays on bart, this is a systemwide issue. muni is providing aid. the headline for this is check the website, check because there are various changes depending on what line you are traveling on. if you are trying to make your way into san francisco and are
6:40 am
taking about the car, metering lights came on, so the toll plaza is now jammed up as well. give yourself extra time if you are making array, especially into san francisco. giving you a look at the golden gate bridge kristy hp has issued a fog advisory. what happened to the toll plaza? >> i know, it was so quick. >> oh my goodness! let's focus more on the golden gate bridge. i am going to show you, we have got at westwind at 13 that is why the mist and drizzle is most prevalent. a little up in the east bay hills for the morning commute, then from the golden gate bridge, accelerating through the delta, will be evening breezes. let's take a look at what to expect, air quality, heatwave coming, but right now, quality will stay unhealthy. mostly cloudy on the bayside to mainly cloudy on the coast, with a sprinkling of mist and drizzle around san francisco. 53 to 55 degrees.
6:41 am
60 in saratoga, tracy at 65, everybody in mid to upper 50s. you can see so some green dots, that is a slight chance of a thunderstorm as we had throughout the day. i 4:00, inland, especially east bay, not nearly as hot with low to mid 90s, north bay, 60s and 70s elsewhere. by the time we get to 7:00, mainly 60s and 70s. we will be watching another chance of thunderstorms coming in tomorrow. i will show you future rater coming up, but first, some other high temperatures. this is sponsored by jungle cruise. >> i get paid by the people i take out, not by the people i bring back. in the amazon, everything wants to kill you. boa constrictors, headhunters. >> who brings a submarine to the amazon?
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a final deal on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan is expected as early as this afternoon. there are a few outstanding issues before finalizing. >> a bipartisan group will try to finalize an agreement today, but sources say they are still at odds over how much money to spend on public transit. democrats have been pushing to move funding away from highways to increase federal funding for transit. bob portman says they are 90% of the way there and that he feels good about getting the deal done week. if you are looking to rent a car, chances are you are
6:45 am
seeing skyhigh prices. florida, hawaii, las vegas especially. industry experts are calling this the car apocalypse us. some people are paying $300 a day. services like get around anarou veil offer alternatives to traditional rental cars with peer to peer rental services. >> where the car-rental crunch is the worst, like hawaii, anchorage, we are finding our hosts are stepping in and sharing their idle cars. travelers are getting access. >> wait until you check out the prices. experts say if you are planning a trip for thanksgiving and the other holidays, a rental car now to even get one. and then you can think about getting a better deal. many wondering how bitcoin will perform this money, it has been a top google search after hitting its highest price in nearly 6 weeks.
6:46 am
a single bitcoin equaled just 39 thousand dollars. experts attribute the moves to a number of factors including comments latest last week from two ceos. concerns over china's regulatory crackdown on crypto currency also seemed to have worn off for now. live look at the stock exchange, you can see we are down about 50 points. generation x could be facing an unemployment crisis. a new report found the job applicants ages 45 to 60 are the most overlooked. are facing increased biases while many are reluctant to learn new skills. get this, 90% of hiring managers say jen x employees are still good, as good as or even better than younger employees. researchers say more training could be a solution. youtube's recommended
6:47 am
videos may be more harmful than helpful. a study reveals 71% of the videos recommended to users the algorithm were flagged as problematic by participants. topics of pseudoscience, 9/11 conspiracies, and white supremacy. youtube removed 200 videos and says it has launched 30 changes over the past year to address the issues. contra costa county will take a look at its ban on the sale of the vaping products. health officials are offering the board of supervisors four options. the first, which officials recommend, to keep the current ban on the sale and delivery of flavored cannabis devices and liquids. the second allows the sale of all smoking devices except flavored liquids. the third allows all devices and liquids and the fourth allows devices for medicinal use, but bans them for recreational use. the board will meet tomorrow morning. the ceo of phillip morris
6:48 am
international, says the company will stop selling cigarettes in the uk within the next 10 years. this is part of the goal to become smoke-free. phillip morris international is separate from phillip morris usa whh ed with our tree up. developing news in cancun, mexico, where a wedding anniversary ended with the mysterious death of a fire fighter. last week, elijah snow's wife called police after he failed to come back to their hotel room. mexico officials say his body was found inside a bathroom window at a different hotel, 10 miles away. they say he died of, quote, mechanical asphyxia, but his family says they hired an attorney who obtained photos that shows his body was beaten. >> it is a shock, and we are just, we are absolutely beyond heartbroken. >> there is no word yet on what
6:49 am
steps the family might take, but earlier this month, the state department issued a travel advisory for mexico because of violent crime and high levels of covid-19. a free britney rally francisco will feature music by the pup icon and dancing. britney spears is asking a judge to replace her father as conservator of her finances. group, free britney army, organized the riley. supporters are calling for the end to her 13 year conservatorship, raising awareness about conservatorship abuse, and advocating for reform. ask and you shall receive, levar burton will be the guest host this week. >> here is the guest host on jeopardy, levar burton! >> as a longtime viewer of the show, i am thrilled to have the opportunity to be guest host.
6:50 am
>> yes! so, petition pushed by fans to get him to host, more than 250,000 people ended up assigning. his wife is also his makeup artist and she was with him as he served as guest host. she was brutally honest with him about how he date. >> i said, how did i do? she said, it wasn't you. after i got the heads up, i just went out there and tried to bring as much of myself as i could. >> yes, you can see more of that interview coming up at 7:00 and you can watch him all week here at 7:00 p.m. monday. a permanent host is expected to be announced over the summer., talk about how his wife got him altogether with his makeup? looks really good. >> butterfly in the sky. you know what i am saying?
6:51 am
[ laughter ] >> it is. [ laughter ] i am sick cited see it. >> this is what fans have been waiting for. >> he has so many generations of fans. >> totally. >> from what you guys were talking about, to star trek, to even things well before that on broadway, wasn't he on broadway? >> got to look it up while you do this. >> if you do that, i will jump on weather. taking a look at what is going on, you can see the many layers out there, the sun due to those mid and upper level clouds, just as gorgeous from the east bay hills this morning. clouds will be increasing as our chance of thunderstorms will be on the increase, with that i did cloud layer and humidity, it will be a little mild the next couple of nights.
6:52 am
heat wave will start tomorrow, but it will be over by the weekend. here is a look at high pressure, it has definitely moved from being over the four corners region to right in the heart of nevada. we will have less sunshine with that chance of thunderstorms, and it will also help in heat and dry air. as we head rocket the day, not a lot of radar until the afternoon. and this time tomorrow morning, there is another chunk of energy and moisture we tching r just not a lot out there. it is a chance, and if it was a great chance, we would be under some kind of fire watch or warning. very small chance. this is what lltake our temperatures down a little bit. peninsula, 72, the 80s are spread. mid-60s along the coast as we head up to the north bay valleys. a lot of mid to upper 80s. the rest of us in mid to upper 70s. upper 60s to upper 70s, quite a spread in the east bay, and
6:53 am
mainly 80s in the east bay valleys. those temperatures in the mid- 50s to even some mid-60s, that is the mild weather we will be dealing with. look at tomorrow, 70s, 80s, 90s, then wednesday and thursday, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s. then we are back to average for saturday and sunday. oh, sorry. we have an update, just came in, want to let you know, power has been restored. we have some good news out of san francisco. the trains are moving at 10, service restoration is in progress, but this means, because it was going on for about an hour, all of these issues you are going to face, major systemwide delays, up to 30 minutes. give yourself extra time. despite the historic spaceflights, it appears jeff bezos and richard branson are not official astronauts. the faa changed its destination
6:54 am
-- definition the same day as jeff bezos' flight. fourth grade students are receiving the gift of mother nature. the california state. adventure pass program was established last week. it gives fourth-graders and their families free admission to 19 state parks. the program is scheduled to start september 21st, similar to the federal government's every kid outdoors program that allows fourth-graders access to federal parks. jennifer lopez made her relationship with ben affleck official on instagrammed. >> she shared a picture of the two. here is the split the photo, it shows a couple the first time they dated and the second one sharing a kiss over the weekend. the couple enjoyed a romantic getaway. they originally began dating in 2000 two.
6:55 am
every time i see it. [ laughter ] they were in a in movie called goe, gagement in 2004, now they ir are back together again. good morning america will have a full report coming up at 7:00. >> she is living her very best life. >> she really is, i am happy for her. >> she said what it do at 52. >> she said i could revisit men if i like. >> and she died. >> why not? he was available, get it owing. up next, the seven things you need to know today. >> you can catch all of our news at the connected tv app available for apple tv, android
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6:57 am
here are the seven things to note this morning.
6:58 am
>> power has been restored on board, so you will still face major systemwide delays because of this outage that lasted for about an hour. trains are moving again on both tracts. starting today, facemasks will be required inside all san mateo county facilities. health officials say they are taking a step back and due to an uptick in cases and they are attributing that to the delta variant. more than 50 healthcare groups are calling for all health care and long-term care employers to mandate employees be vaccinated. in a joint statement, they say it is the ethical thing to do. alameda county to talk about new efforts to get more californians vaccinated. you can watch it at 10:30 this morning on our website, the areas that you see shaded today and tomorrow represent the most likely area of thunderstorms, but with the winds coming out of the southwest, a couple of those
6:59 am
could come our way. the dixie fire has burned nearly 300 square miles in butte and plumas counties. flames are threatening thousands of buildings. firefighters are making progress on the turmeric fire, it is 27% contained. number seven, if you booked a summer vacation, you are not alone. the wall street journal says time off requests are up more than 16% compared with last year, which was the middle of the pandemic. many workers are actually taking the vacation by turning off their phones and there is email file off. >> a real vacation! >> i think people learned in 2020. they were like, listen. [ laughter ] >> hit the reset button. >> i really need to take each. >> how much family matters when you can't see them. >> we are all going somewhere, too. >> i can't wait.
7:00 am
>> i've got a couple weeks. >> really. >> [ laughter ] good morning, america. as we start this new week together, team usa looking golden in tokyo. overnight, the u.s. men's swim team striking gold, and the duel in the pool. superstar swimmer katie ledecky scoring silver in a new rivalry as team usa collects some major firsts. we're one-on-one with the taekwondo titan as the women take center stage at the games. all this as the number of positive covid cases keeps climbing. amy robach live in tokyo. delta danger. the number of covid cases surging nationwide as crowds flock to this musical festival in florida, one of the hardest hit states.
7:01 am
could masks make a comeback and will this new wave change the upcoming school year? dr. jha joins us this morning.


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