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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 26, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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a true goat. that's making news "america this morning."n "america this morning" masking up again? the battle on whether to impose new mask mandates as covid cases spike and new information on the vaccine and when protection may start to decline. plus, the talk show host who raised doubts about the vaccine changing his tune. a sand storm envelopes a highway, at least seven people are killed. the extreme conditions in the west triggering deadly floods. two girls swept away. wildfires emerge into a new threat in california. surprising results from the
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pool for u.s. swimming champ katie ledecky. the latest from tokyo. caught on camera, the deadly landslide. a boulder comes crashing through this bridge. why more americans are being hit by a fuel shortage. the new evidence that americans are finally learning how to unplug from work during summer vacation. good monday morning, ea everyone. we begin with the coronavirus. >> a spike in cases across the country is adding fuel to the political firefighter over vaccines and new restrictions. dr. anthony fauci says new mask mandates are being considered. there's a renewed push to get more americans vaccinated. a talk radio host is now
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urging americans to get the shot. phil valentine is fighting the virus. faith abubey begins with our coverage. >> reporter: as the delta variant fuels surging covid cases, there's new evidence the protection vaccines provide may be on the decline. new questions about how long vaccinated people are protected from covid-19. the ceo for a company that helped develop the pfizer vaccine tells "the wall street journal" that antibody levels are dropping seven months amongg some vacciwho have been vaccina. dr. anthony fauci is suggested a booster shot may be needed people with weaker immune conditions. thanks to the highly contagious
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delta variant daily infections in the u.s. are up 314% since june. the surge coming as summer music festivals occur. in california the state is averaging more than 10,000 cases per day. in massachusetts on cape cod approved an emergency indoor mask doctors are pleading with people to get the shot, saying nearly every new hospital patient is unvaccinated. >> all i can say to the public is you don't want to be in this situation. trust us. you don't want to be in the hospital saying i regret not getting a vaccine. just do it. >> reporter: it appears some people are taking the advice. according to the white house about 790,000 vaccine doses were
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given over a 24-hour period this weekend and the seven-day average of new vaccinations is up 28%. the former head of fda is providing optimism. he says current surge in covid cases could be over by the end of august. andrew? >> faith, thank you. the government of france is taking a new step to fight covid. it's requiring a health pass to enter any restaurant or travel domestically. that means proof of a vaccination or negative covid test. the french government is also requiring health care workers to get vaccinated. now, we have new images from flash floods, the wildfires and a sand storm. this morning deaths in multiple states being blamed on extreme weather. in central utah police say high
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winds kicked up high winds causing this 20-car pile up. at least seven people were killed. in arizona authorities are searching for two children, both swept away by flood waters in separate incidents. authorities identify the missing 16-year-old as faith moore. her grandfather is a retired fire chief. >> we're not giving up. we're thanking everyone for all your support. >> we want our sweet girl home. we know she's coming home. >> reporter: faith called 911 saturday night saying her vehicle was stranded in water. >> the water was only at her knees at the time she called for help. the water quickly rose to over eight feet. >> reporter: further south authorities are searching for a girl where police say flood waters overtook a car.
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the water swept the vehicle away before they got 0 the little girl. >> it's a small community. it's heart breaking. >> reporter: the extreme drought is fueling at least 80 wildfires in 11 states. in northern california this weekend the state's largest fire, the dixie fire, exploded in size. it's now raging in two counties burning at least a dozen homes, but threatening as many as 1,000. >> yet another heat wave is in the forecast for parts of the west. breaking overnight four people are arrest in connection with a drive by shooting near charlotte, north carolina. the victim was shot when sitting with her friends at a picnic
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table. republican congressman adam kinzinger is vowing to seek the truth about the january 6th attack on the capitol. kinzinger and liz cheney will sit on the panel democrats. kinzinger was named by house speaker nancy pelosi after she rejected two trump supporters chosen by kevin mccarthy. >> our select committee will seek the truth. we do not come into our work worried about what the other side, who has been afraid of this -- maybe the republicans can't handle the truth. >> mccarthy says pelosi chose committee members who share her preconceived narrative. republicans want mccarthy to punish kinsizinger and cheney f
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joining the committee. now to the olympics and tokyo. a tropical storm could hit later today. organizers are relaxing the mask policy for winners. athletes can remove their mask for 30 seconds for their photo-op. the policy banning fans could be changi changing. organizers are considering allowing fans at outdoor events. katie ledecky won silver after losing to her australian rival. the u.s. men's swimming team is taking home gold and three teenagers shared the podium in the first women's skate boarding final. the 13-year-old girl who won the title is japan's youngest gold medal winner. china, usa and japan are currently holding the top medal
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winning spots. time for a look at your weather. flash flooding is possible from tennessee to florida. mormon so more monsoon storms could trigger flooding there. in the midwest temperatures in the 90s. checking today's other temperatures slightly cooler in the northeast and 87 in miami. coming up, the bizarre crash their boston. were two dogs to blame? first the deadly rock slide caught on camera. massive boulders crashing through a bridge. through a bridge. and the mystery of a
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terrifying video of the a deadly rock slide in india. one of the boulders slamming into a bridge destroying the crossing. nine people were killed. many areas have been hit by landslides and flooding caused by heavy rain. the nation is under the second highest weather alert level. >> more rain expected in belgium. that country continues to battle historic floods. downpours washed away more cars over the weekend after a two hour thunderstorm. turned streets into raging rivers. severe storms caused flooding shutting down london's subway. some areas got three inches per hour. >> mystery surrounding the death of a texas firefighter in mexico. authorities say his death was an accident. but the family doesn't adpree.
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agree. >> this morning, questions about a wedding anniversary that ended in tragedy. 35 year-old snow. a father of two and firefighter from texas. his tenth wedding anniversary n- with his wife. >> it's a shock to everybody in the department. we're beyond heartbroken. >> his body returning home with a heros welcome. water cannons honoring the arifle. a week ago, snow's wife called authorities when he failed to return from the bar. the local attorney general in mexico says his body was found inside a bathroom window at a nearby hotel. not the hotel he and his wife were staying. snow's family told dallas station they believe he was
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kidnapped and murdered. saying they hired a local attorney when obtained photographs that appear to show his body was beaten. >> the fbi does have international -- they have offices throughout mexico. if they are invited by the authorities to help with the investigation they can do that. >> there's no word on what steps the family might take next. the state department has a posted to reconsider traveling to mexico. due to high levels of covid-19 sp violent crime. >> the investigation continues. coming up the gas shortage and how it affects americans. >> the police officer seen on this video lifting a car off a baby. who was trapped after a wild crash. crash. what if i told you... the best place to begin is within.
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detoxifies below the gumline... and restores by helping heal gums in as little as 7 days. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. investigation into this crash near boston. a tractor trailer slamming into a home. when neighbors ran to the truck, there was no driver, just two dogs inside. the dogs weren't hurt. the driver came running to the truck. it's unclear if he was ever inside or the truck started moving on its on. a fuel shortage are causing serious problems at airports across the western u.s. officials in nevada say the
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shortage could affect cargo shipments in the coming days. the lack of fuel is being blamed for flight delays as well. the world's top grossing tobacco company is planning to take its cigarettes off the shelves. the ceo of phillip morris said the goal is to be smoke free. the sale wouldn't affect the products in the u.s. we turn to the hero police officers who rescued a baby trapped under a car after a terrifying crash at a new york barber shop. all of it caught on camera. here's trevor ault. >> reporter: a heroic rescue caught on video. a pair of new york police officers lifting a car to save a baby trapped underneath. i don't kn police examining this
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surveillance video showing the the out of control vehicle slamming into a mother carrying her child. >> somebody said there's a baby. rocco asked the woman if she was pregnant. somebody said no there's a baby under the car. >> reporter: officers rocco fusco and paul samoyedy springing into action from a shop nearby. >> mom was pretty much in a state of shock. she actually let me know where her mother was. >> reporter: after pulling the mother from the wreckage, officer rocco fusco joining people to lift the car. officer paul samoyedy freeing the baby. >> it was almost like slow motion. it was probably less than 30 seconds to a minute. >> reporter: police say the mother has a compound fracture in one of her legs and her baby has a fractured skull. both expected the survive. >> it's honestly a miracle that
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both survived. very strong mom and stronger infant. they have a long road to recovery, but life is precious. thank god they got out. >> reporter: officials say the driver is unlicensed and he's been charged with driving while intoxicated. coming up, evidence that americans are finally learning how to relax. we'll explain. we'll explain. also ahead, after my dvt blood clot... i was uncertain... was another around the corner? or could things take a different turn? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot. almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda-approved and has both.
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this is ge profile. open talenti and raise the jar. to gelato made from scratch. raise the jar to all five layers. raise the jar to the best gelato... you've ever tasted. talenti. raise the jar. [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. time to check the pulse. we begin with the americans finally relaxing and unplugging from the office. >> a survey finds the fall out
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from the pandemic has prompted more of us to finally use all or most of our vacation days. 79% of people plan to use more vacation days this year. >> more are shutting off phones and laptops. 82% say they plan to have less contact with the office this year than during past vacations. >> his chance to guess host jeopardy. >> it starts with today's episode. the reading rainbow star hosting jeopardy follows a month long petition drive online demanding he be included. what he hopes to bring@to the role. >> i hope to bring me. if i can do that, i think i will walk away a happy man. was i nervous? i was more than nervous. i was absolutely petrified. and i don't know that feeling ever went away. >> this is very cool.
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and much deserved. that petition was signed by 250,000 people. so congratulations to him. >> next, a new mom and dad in oklahoma are experiencing one, two, three times the fun. >> three times less sleep. they have all three of their identical triplets home from the hospital. the odds of having identical triplets can be one in 200 million. >> we wanted one more. we were hoping it was a girl. and then, we were surprised we got three girls. >> all three were two pounds at birth. sharing attention with their 2 year-old big brother. >> finally a teenager from australia cashed in on a very rare discovery. >> 13 year-old found a unique puffed up dor ri toe. and sparked a bidding war. with offers hitting $100,000. >> it was an experiment.
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checking the top stories. dr. fauci says we're going in the wrong direction as covid cases surge. officials are considering tougher federal guidance on masks. unvaccinated americans are urged to get the shot. there's concern protection from the vaccine may start to wane. >> sand storm in utah blamed for a series of crashes that killed seven people. several were taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> educator and civil rights leader has died. the harlem native battled racial violence to register black voters in mississippi in the 60s. he founded a project which used math to lift children out of the poverty. he was 86. >> rain for the southeast. sunny around the great lakes. hot in the plains and monsoon
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storms in southwest. lightning could spark fires in the west. >> finally after a slow start in tokyo the american athletes are picking up medals. >> call it a gold rush. team usa racking up major wins in tokyo. leading the americans to gold in the men's 4 by 100 relay in swimming. and 20 year-old picking up a gold in the ten meter air rifle. his score setting a new olympic record. and history made. the first american woman to win any olympic medal in individual foil. getting the gold. and 18 year-old the first american woman going gold in taekwondo. in the pool, scoring a silver medal in the 400 meter free style. u.s. medal count climbs a change in protocol. to the podium. after full completion of the
4:29 am
national anthem the athletes are invinted to take off their mask. for a photo op. for a max of 30 seconds. and next to no spectators allowed, first lady biden attending several events. proving to be quite the good luck charm. >> three on three basketball. did you watch it? it's incredible. we're up against france. and we won. >> for the first time since 2004, the same year cocogauff was born. the men's basketball team lost a game. to france. that stings a wee bit. u.s. women gymnastics stumbling. russia taking the lead. simone biles finishing with the highest score in the individual all around.
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>> simone biles slips, she still comes out on top. a true goat. that's making news "america this morning." right now on "amer morning" masking up again? the battle on whether to impose new mask mandates as covid cases spike and new information on the vaccine and when protection may start to decline. plus, the talk show host who raised doubts about the vaccine changing his tune. a sand storm envelopes a highway, at least seven people are killed. the extreme conditions in the west triggering deadly floods. two girls swept away. wildfires emerge into a new threat in california. surprising results from the
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