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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 26, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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breaking overnight on "world news now," the deadly standoff in southern california. and the deadly crashes being blamed on a sandstorm. at least 20 vehicles involved. there are multiple victims. and new monsoon storms drenching the southwest. at least two children swept away. a search under way right now. crowds gathered in florida, despite an alarming surge in covid cases. plus, a possible change in government guidance on masks for vaccinated people. happening overnight, at the olympics, as a typhoon closes in on japan, american katie ledecky in the pool. plus, what is next for usa men's basketball after a loss over the weekend. and a debate over this video of tom brady. is it real?
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it's monday, july 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." so -- >> tom brady again, setting social media world on fire. >> a storm. i saw that video. i didn't understand that it was a video. i thought it was a caption where he was like, can't wait to be throwing to real running backs. ooh, is he saying that the team has no good running backs? or the patriots -- >> he meant that training camp starts soon. he puts out this video. a lot of people think that the video is in reverse. that they shot it in reverse because -- we'll get to that more. >> oh, yeah. >> those receiver jugs are supposed to shoot out, from the back. so -- i don't know. we'll take a closer look at that a little later. it's probably fake. if it was -- if anybody can do this, it would be tom brady. he is 45? i don't know how old he is. >> you don't know his age. let that man live. deciding to break it down and
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see what it is. regardless, that man is going to start conversations. >> uh-huh. the nfl is almost back. first, we begin with the weather extremes being seen across the country and the rising death toll that those extremes are causing. >> dozens of wildfires are burning, mostly in the western u.s., and a potentially record-setting monsoon storm is happening in the southwest. we start with a deadly incident caused by a sandstorm along a remote stretch of highway in utah. this morning, deaths in multiple states being blamed on extreme weather. in central utah, police say high winds kicked up a sandstorm on interstate 15 causing this 20-car pileup. seven people were killed. several others were hospitalized overnight. in arizona, authorities are searching for two children, both swept away by floodwaters in separa authorities in cottonwood, identified the missing 16-year-old as faith moore, who
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is related to several first responders in the community. her grandfather is a retired fire chief. >> we're not giving up. we thank everyone for all of your support. >> we want our sweet girl home. we know she's coming home. >> reporter: faith called 911 saturday night, saying her vehicle was stranded in knee-high water. authorities say rushing water swept her off her car during the rescue attempt. >> the water was at her knees when she called for help. the water quickly rose to over eight feet in an hour. >> reporter: authorities are searching for a girl in the town of pima, where floodwaters overtook a family's car on this road. rescuers pulled five family members to safety. but the waters swept her away before they got to the little girl. >> it's a small community and it's heart breaking when >> reporter: the extroughts. is fueling 80 wildfis in 11 states. in northern cas weekend, the state's largest fire, the dixie fire, exploded in size, after merging with a
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smaller blaze. it's raging in two counties, burning at least a dozen homes but threatening as many as 10,000. and this fire in montana is so destructive, utah and california are sending resources, despite the major fires burning in their own states. the nation's largest wildfire, the bootleg fire in oregon, has scorched 640 square miles and is considered half contained. new overnight, a sheriff's deputy is dead, shot during a standoff in southern california. deputies responded to a shots fired call yesterday, at a home just outside of bakersfield. police say at some point the suspect fired. two deputies were hit. one died. the suspect was also shot. he's in the hospital. two other people were found wounded inside the home and no word on their conditions. the alarming surge in covid cases is triggering warnings from health officials across this country. that didn't stop tens of thousands of hip-hop fans from cramming into a massive three-day festival in miami, as florida faces some of the worst
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infection rates. walmart temporarily closed two of its stores to be thoroughly sanitized. and the case numbers are prompting officials to rethink their guidance on mask wearing. >> reporter: health officials are sounding the alarm over surging covid cases. the light at the end of the tunnel is getting dimmer. >> it's not going to be good. we're going in the wrong direction. >> reporter: since mid-june, the daily cases are skyrocketing, 314%. hospitalizations in the last week are up by nearly 40%. >> we're so frustrated. we're so upset. >> reporter: at cedar sinai in los angeles, nearly all of the covid patients are unvaccinated. many of them telling doctors they wish they had gotten the shot. dr. orrin friedman sharing what he saw with one patient. >> i could see unbelievable regret. he was nervous and anxious. i can tell you he is not expected to survive.
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and what i can say to the public is, you don't want to be in this situation. trust us. you don't want to be in the hospital saying i regret not getting a vaccine. just do it. >> reporter: the highest case rates are in arkansas, louisiana, and florida. officials in miami are opening five new mobile vaccination and testing sites. as the virus roars back, fueled by the delta variant, the administration is weighing a change in the cdc mask guidance for those vaccinated. and signaling a booster may be needed for those immuno-compromised. and protection from the pfizer vaccine may wane over time. >> if there is a third boost which might likely happen, it will be first among the vulnerable. >> reporter: with cases soaring, health experts are trying to get the vaccine holdouts the first shot. one missouri hospital offering new ways to reach the unvaccinated. offering a private setting for people that are afraid to be
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seen getting the vaccine. >> we have people that came in to get vaccinated, who tried to disguise their appearance. and saying, don't let anybody know i got the vaccine. i don't want my friends to know. >> reporter: the cdc is reporting the vaccinations are rising. about 790,000 in the last 24 hours. the administration is saying it might be the biggest spike since early july. elwyn lopez, abc news, atlanta. and the virus is spreading at the tokyo olympics, raising fears that the games could be canceled. as of today, there are more than 150 confirmed cases linked to the olympics, 16 more than they had on sunday. among them, three more athletes have tested positive. we'll have more from tokyo ahead in this half hour. republican congressman adam kinzinger is vowing to get to the truth after he was appointed to the special committee investigating the attack on the capitol. kinzinger and gop representative liz cheney, trump critics, will sit on the panel alongside seven democrats.
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he was named by house speaker nancy pelosi after she rejected two of the five republicans chosen by house minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> i wanted to appoint a three -- three of the members that leader mccarthy suggested. but he withdrew their names. the two i would not appoint are people who would jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. and there's no way i would tolerate their antics as we seek the truth. >> republicans claim that pelosi only picked members that would stick with her narrative and talking points. we'll have live coverage as the select committee gets under way tomorrow morning. featuring testimony from the officers who battled the rioters on january 6th. that's tomorrow, at 9:30 eastern. he inspired generations of young people looking to make a difference. that's how former president barack obama described civil rights leader bob moses. moses died yesterday, at his
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home in florida. the harlem-born educator battled racial violence to register black voters in mississippi in the 1960s. he later founded the algebra project that used math to serve underserved communities toward economic equality. he was 86. watch the train on the right of your picture. you see it there slowly moving through a small city in central kentucky. a security camera at a funeral home captured the moment that several of its cars derailed and sell over. there were no reports of injuries. we teased this story at the top of the show. it is causing a lot of conversation. tom brady making the news with a fake video. >> the tampa bay quarterback used twitter to demonstrate his off-season accuracy, sending passes toward a football throwing machine that sent them right back. this is the product of an l.a. studio and brady's production company. i think his social media team needs a raise asap. as soon as the video went out,
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the comments were just flooding social media. a lot of people saying, is is real? a lot of people pointing out that you have to have somebody behind -- it's called a jug machine. you have to have somebody behind it and load the football in to shoot the football out, the way it's shooting into his hands. some people speculating that parts of the video are in reverse. that's how they were able to shoot it. if anybody is going to throw three dimes like this, it's going to be tom brady. all right. >> i still don't understand what is happening. >> he is throwing the football. it's hard. what he did is very difficult, if he did that. some people pointing out it is fake. here's what's not fake. coming up, the latest olympic results just in. plus, the mother in oklahoma who gave birth to a set of rare, identical triplets. first, the texas firefighter and father of two who was found dead in mexico. you're watching "world news now."
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highways until visibility improved. officials in mexico are trying to figure out who killed a texas firefighter. today marks a week since elijah snow was found dead in cancun. officials are still trying to figure out how a trip that was supposed to be a celebration ended in tragedy. here's megan tevrizian. >> reporter: this morning, questions about a wedding anniversary that ended in tragedy. 35-year-old elijah snow, a father of two and firefighter from arlington, texas, was found dead while celebrating his tenth wedding anniversary with his wife in cancun. >> it's a shock to everybody in the fire department. and we're just -- we're absolutely beyond heartbroken. >> reporter: snow's body returning home with a hero's welcome. water cannons from fire trucks honoring the arrival. a week ago, just as the vacation was getting started, snow's wife called authorities when he failed to return from a local bar. the attorney general in mexico says snow's body was found inside a bathroom window at a nearby hotel, not the hotel
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where he and his wife were staying. mexican authorities say he died due to mechanical asphyxia due to thoracic abdominal compression. but snow's family said they believe he was kidnapped and murdered, saying they hired a local attorney that obtained photos that appeared to show snow was beaten. abc news has not obtained the photos. >> the fbi has international attaches. they have offices throughout mexico. if they are invited by the mexican authorities to help with an investigation, they can do that. >> reporter: there's no word on what steps the family might take next. meanwhile, the state department has an advisory posted to reconsider traveling to mexico, due to high levels of covid-19 and violent crime. andrew? mona? >> thank you. there's news from nasa overnight. a massive asteroid has narrowly missed earth. nasa was tracking the space rock
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that squeaked by earth at a distance as close as 2.8 million miles. it was as big as the taj mahal. and one of the pyramids in egypt. where is bruce willis when you need him? i guess we didn't need him this time. that was armageddon. >> we didn't need him. that scene when he sacrifices himself in place of ben affleck. don't want to close my eyes. not the aerosmith. >> we didn't need them this time. >> we didn't. coming up, team usa collecting a slew of medals in tokyo. and later, the "star wars" fan who turned an entire floor of his home into a galaxy far, far away. you're watching "world news now." of
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♪ ♪ a live look at tokyo, where team usa is busy racking up the medals. >> our own will ganss is here with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, andrew and mona. women's skateboarding getting under way for the first time. two 13-year-olds from japan and brazil winning gold and silver in the streetstyle competition. just 13 years old. that's a sliver of the history being made at the summer games right now. call it a gold rush.
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team usa racking up major wins in tokyo. caleb dressel leading the americans to gold in the relay in swimming first thing this morning. and 20-year-old will shaner picking up a gold in the men's air rifle. his score setting a new olympic record. history made. leigh kiefer winning a medal in individual foil, getting gold. first american woman. and 18-year-oldance tasha, the first american woman going gold in tae kwon do. meanwhile, back in the pool, katie ledecky scoring a silver medal in the 400-meter freestyle. as the u.s. medal count climbs, a change in protocol to the podium. after full completion of the national anthem, the athletes are invited to take off their masks for a photo op, for a maximum of 30 seconds. the olympic committee hoping to capture the athletes', quote, faces and emotions during a unique moment of their sporting
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career, and celebrating the achievement of all of the medalists together. while there's next to no spectators allowed in tokyo, first lady dr. jill biden attending several events. proving to be the good luck charm for team usa. >> three-on-three basketball, did any it's pretty incredible. we're up against france and we won. >> reporter: and for the first time since 2004, the same year coco gauff was born, the u.s. men's basketball team lost a game to france. that one stings just a wee bit. and the u.s. gymnastics team stumbling in the qualifier, allowing russia's team to take the lead. simone biles stumbling off the mat at one point. but still finishing with the highest score to the individual all-around. and living up to that g.o.a.t. emoji that comes up when you hashtag her name. >> usa. usa.
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♪ ♪ time, now, for "the mix," starting with a newborn homecoming that's three times as nice. >> sugar, spice and everything nice. an oklahoma mom just gave birth to require identical triplets, the powder puff girls, if you will. now, all of the girls are home after the two youngest came home from the hospital. >> the norman girls were born at 29 weeks. barely over two pounds each. they are adorable. at first, this was quite the surprise for mom, stephanie, and dad, t.j. >> we're ready to start trying for one more. we wanted one more. we were hoping it would be a girl. and then, we were surprised. we got three girls. >> i was starting to joke about
3:56 am
it on the way there. >> yeah. on the way. >> we could hear more than one heartbeat. and there were three of them in there. >> reporter: they are rare identical triplets. how do you tell them apart? mom and dad have them wearing color-coded ankle bracelets with their initials on them. >> this sounds like the start of a movie like "cheaper by the dozen" or a family comedy. next, a galaxy far, far away that's taken over a floor of a home in texas. >> star wars super fan johnny parker has been collecting memorabilia for the past 35 years. the force is strong with this one. everything from action figures to cereal boxes and a singing toilet paper holder. where do you get one of those? >> he has about 10,000 action figures dating back to the '70s. about 70 space ships. he has so much stuff, he says, when he and his wife built their retirement home, she said he can have the entire upstairs. >> and he took it. parker says his collection is his passion.
3:57 am
and the fun isn't in the acquisition, but in the chase. and next to the world's biggest and brightest flashlight. >> i think a lot of men would say that. >> the canadian inventor has posted a video showing off his team's invention, a supersized flashlight to smash a record for brightness. the flashlight is called night bright. it shines 501,000 lumens. it contains 300 l.e.d. bulbs. and the world's commercially available flashlight, only contains 18 l.e.d.s. >> what in the world are you lighting? and finally, better late than never. >> the library in england is sharing this image of a book that arrived in the mail, with a note, apologizing for its late return. how late? >> 63 years late. the borrower took it out in november of 1958. >> and the library said the overdue fees would have been $4,700. they capped the fees at $20. >> honesty is the best policy.
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a true goat. that's making news "america this morning."n "america this morning" masking up again? the battle on whether to impose new mask mandates as covid cases spike and new information on the vaccine and when protection may start to decline. plus, the talk show host who raised doubts about the vaccine changing his tune. a sand storm envelopes a highway, at least seven people are killed. the extreme conditions in the west triggering deadly floods. two girls swept away. wildfires emerge into a new threat in california.


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