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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 25, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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outrage tonight in the santa cruz community because the black lives matter mural was vandalized. the mask mandate will go in effect infect infect infect n only for county buildings. will that be reinstated throughout the county? we will have the details. after a comfortable day tomorrow hot weather takes over for the week. ngforward in fin solutions, this is abc7 news. anger is righteous. this is not about just paint.
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>> a black lives matter mural was vandalized in santa cruz for the police to set that the crime should not be downplayed while investigating if it was a hate crime . thank you for watching abc7 news live on abc 7 wherever you stream . tackling issues of race and social justice is important as we build a better bay area. jr stone has more from a community meeting today. >> reporter: these are the tire marks left, the burned-out rubber left there friday night by vandals. >> as a community member and a woman of color this is very, very hard. >> reporter: sonja brenner is speaking out about the rare sunday press conference as the santa cruz police chief, andrew mills, said that
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been arrested and connected to the crime. >> it wasn't just a couple against foley around and doing a burnout on the street this was an intentional act of vandalism and something that our community holds dear. >> reporter: they hold charges of felony vandalism and conspiracy to commit a felony. several posts regarding the crime with more than 10,000 comments and some downplaying it and others echoing community members that spoke sunday. >> it was not a simple act of terrorism . >> suspects are white and some believe that hate crime chargess should apply, the police chief said that they are looking into that. >> determining whether it was an attack on the organization or the individuals who comprise the organization will be an important piece. >> reporter: i reach out to the two cells ask your online but as a right now i have not received a response from the th
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word two additional people may have been also involved. detectives are scouring social media which has played an important role here so far and we will work at bringing justice. >> for those that seek to minimize the events that took place, to negate the responsibility that they are just kids fooling around. shame on you. >> jr stone, abc7 news. when it comes to issues of race and social justice, abc 7 does take action. we have a full list of resources, head to action. developing news, california wildfires, firefighters are making gains on the tamarac fire south of lake tahoe, you there north is the dixie fire and it is the largest in the state taking a district of turn, the state's largest fire, dixie fire mergedi
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with the smaller fire is moving east . the flames have charged that charred several buildings . people are evacuating and others refuse to leave . >> i am okay. i'd love to me and i'm ready. if it comes down to that. take me . >> it was raining --, it was just a dark sky. everyone kind of had this and lonely feeling. you could tell that there was panic. >> i hope that there is a house to go back to . >> a nevada guard showed this photo of a water drop. this dixie fire has grown 298 square miles in 91% contained . the flames have destroyed 104 square miles and threatened 10 buildings in this area. the fire has claimed two dozen
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structures and containment is that 27% . the smoke is the impact air quality at the north shore area lake tahoe. affect the monday masks will be mandatory at all san mateo county buildings, health is one of the pillars of building a better bay area during the pandemic, abc7 news spoke to the san mateo county residents of the county's move is motivating them? >> reporter: even though 89% of the population is fully vaccinated, starting monday, they are taking a step back. >> at all county buildings we are requiring the vaccinated and unvaccinated to wear masks. >> reporter: the latest coronavirus data is causing this. >> one step forward and a half step backward, you could do it that way but in my mind it is better to be safe than sorry.
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>> reporter: we have seen an cro the the lasttwek accounting for 83% of the coronavirus cases statewide. >> i feel that even though i am vaccinated , i do not know who isn't. so i wear a mask . >> reporter: she is a nurse in the datig game killer resident. she has seen the impact of the the impact of the adults of area. >> reporter: san mateo county tony along with other counties urge residents face best indoors, l.a. county is requiring them to wear them indoors regardless of the vaccination status. >> i think we dropped the mask mandate to quickly .
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>> reporter: inside this beauty salon the mask mandate was not lifted. >> i work here and everybody that works here asked everyone to wear a mask . >> reporter: she said that there are fouling the data closely before making any additional changes. >> it is the first step got the small stuff that we will see what we could do moving forward if we need to take additional action. >> .your fauci said today that they are the active consideration with this discussion, i am looking at part of this discussion about what you are saying even though with the conversations at this moment the cdc still says and recommends that if you are vaccinated foley that you do not need to wear a mask indoors. >> los angeles county has restored its indoor mask
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mandate and most bay area counties it is a recommendation by not on mandate. house speaker nancy pelosi said that she will leave it up to the capital physician to decide if masks should be required in the congressional chambers. >> if you're asking me i think that we should wear a mask but officially for the house floor that is up to the capital position. >> you may remember, last year, speaker policy implemented on mask mandate and when lawmakers refused she opposed a $500 fine for validator's. you can watch the full program at midnight with george stephanopoulos. you can see the full interview
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with nancy pelosi. another sign of the california reopening, the fans were back at the nhra sonoma nationals. abc7 news there and brings us the sights and sounds. >> reporter: you have to hear it to believe it. this is an hra drag raceway topping speed sad 333 miles per hour. it demands respect and a lot of your protection. >> it is fun but loud . >> reporter: he is thrilled to be ck ter twyenaru wthrough th road i enjoy seeing the fancy people get it back out. this is the first time in a long time . >> reporter: a full opacity crowd up to 50,000 fans.
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>> it is great to see the fans. health restrictions are in place. >> we encourage anyone that has not been vaccinated to wear a mask regardless. >> it is just amazing . >> reporter: the perez family is on their first outing in quite a while. >> we were finally able to with all the coronavirus restrictions. >> you have to have the swag to show your basic love. >> i have a t-shirt, the pants and the cruces and the stickers. >> reporter: buster robertson brought his refreshing lemonade run houston. he is happy to be back working again on the racing circuit bread >> i love being out d smiling and entertaining the people. i love the spirit of life can to normal.
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>> back to normal, hopefully, we will get back there. >> reporter: so many folks felt that they were comfortable coming here today because it was totally outdoors. next year if you can't do not forget your ear protection it is incredibly loud but a lot of fun. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, the oakland firefighters come to rescue a boy drowning in a hotel pool. the week starts off on a comfortable note before hotter weather is in . jeopardy fans have asked and the guest host that
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[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ in the east bay police are looking for those responsible
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for the shooting last night on highway four in concord that left one person that got it happened at 6:00 when the victim's car crashed into a guard rail according to the california highway patrol this is the fifth shooting on highway 4 since the beginning of april, in the north bay of shooting in san rafael thrafael comes today from police that the shooting happened friday night near nightclub near fourth street four people were wounded including a 62-year-old man . one of the men that died was from stock and and the other was left outside the hospital. bullets flew out the windows of the hair salon. they have been searching for runner that has been missing for two weeks. he told his wife he was going out for a run in the hills near
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the mueller branch staging area volunteers are looking for anything that the search teams may have missed so far search and rescue teams have canvassed the area and have and search dogs. they also made attempts to track him using his watch. paramedics fund is bay assigned to the dixie wildfire saved a boy's life at at at at hotel. they were at a hotel in reading when they heard the child's mother screaming paramedics rushed towards the screams and found the 10-year-old boy with no pulse and partially in the poll, they give him cpr and moments later he sat up and cried. >> it was a sign when kids cry that is good that means that they have in their way. >> i have kids, i have four kids. you know, it is hard not to look at the kid and say, hey, that can be my kid. >> that was an emotional moment
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. cal fire butte county posted this video on twitter. it is getting a lot of comments. that is what superheroes look like to me. no cape needed. >> fast and check out it was good to see . >> the dixie farms putting smoke in our area especially around lake tahoe, the air- quality map you see around like tahoe, moderate to unhealthy at this current hour due to the wildfires around like tahoe including the dixie fire putting smoke into the atmosphere. closer to home the onshore flow is keeping fresh air overhead. good air quality for all of us and it will continue to row. good news in the sera, showers develop. it is helping to suppress some of the smoke. the wind is not ship all that much. tomorrow afternoon, again, we have the smoke. it will happen
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again to row. if you are thickened about going to lake tahoe tomorrow, the air-quality moderate to unhealthy for another day. back here at home we have a light breeze here in san francisco. the air-quality to row we will keep the levels low in the atmosphere went it is below 50 that is good that is pressure that is where a lot of us will sit over the next 24 hours. right now, the numbers fell into the 50s, 56 in the city 58 oakland . 53 san jose. here is live doppler with the satellite we are tracking a lot of moisture around the four corners. some of this building into the of the california at this hour. tomorrow, southern california will experience scattered showers. wednesday some of this moisture will lift north into northern california bring us the threat of an isolated shower perhaps a
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thunderstorm in the cro. overnight tonight coastal cloud cover and result. temperatures will be slightly warmer to last night upper 50s tomorrow morning. cloud cover coastal drizzle and partly sunny skies. we will manage to some breaks for sunny skies but all eyes turned to tuesday morning as the moisture moves north. tuesday morning we have the chance and you can see what the future weather forecast we have a just for an isolated shower if not an isolated thunderstorm. the thunderstorm chance is low the better bet is in the crl. that is something we will watch early tuesday morning for you.
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unfortunately, it does not look like widespread rainfall. we have a dry day tomorrow and peaks of sunshine. tomorrow is the coolest day and enjoyed before the temperatures take over. cloudy and cooler to row, to state there is a chance for thunder in the morning and again got the better bet of a thunderstorm is in the crl, around like tahoe. thursday is the hottest day of the week and you could see why, even along the grass looks great, zeus! hey could you maybe trim the hydrangea too? sure thing, kevin. do you want me to do the boxwoods as well? no. finding the right person for the job isn't always easy...
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ask and you shall receive, the guest host on jeopardy this week will be levar burton. >> here is levar burton. >> as a longtime viewer of the show i am thrilled to have the
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opportunity to guest host jeopardy. >> there was a huge online pushed by vance to get him to host, he will talk about his experience hosting the game shoved around morning on good morning america at 7:00. you can catch him out this week on abc7 news starting at 7:7:7: a permanent host will be announced sometime over the summer. we have racing in the 80s and the giants and action. and how the
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sports on abc7 news is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. the giants are in the middle the stretch where they played the giants seven times. oddly enough they were looking to be swept by the pirates. here is your definition of business casual at the ballpark, he hit a home run last night 415 feet tied 1-1. he was not done the first multi-homer, 2-1 . alex would got in trouble in those six. his day is done in incomes j jackson and his relief. jackson ferreted up and that preserves the winning of number 9. estrada his the home run the giants when 6-1. they will play the dodgers on tuesday at work all.
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the top three, matt olson the all-star, holy toledo that is gone. 2-0, oakland. they got that handshake down in the dugout. kyle seager, seattle had three straight hits with two outs, here is tom murphy. he cannot get there in seeger's scores, 2-0, a basic to the right field and matt chapman throat -- throughout. it is oakland's third straight one, run the loss. it is pruitt. nhra sonoma nationals at sonoma at 2:00. funny kurt round one. make it to the finals and loses
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it by steve torrence by a nose, the pro-stock vinyl here for the home track, she gets her first final when five 5000s of a second, the gold cup quarterfinal, wonder woman is in attendance, turner the left- handed glove save, still scoreless, christian now matthew is therefore the header, it international goal into your living room constanza eagle kendrick out of his trophy. the u.s. does when, 0- abc7 news sponsored by your local toyota dealers. airports in the western u.s. are dealing with the
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shortage of jet fuel how
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♪ building a better bay area moving forward and finding solutions to assist abc7 news. the effort to get more americans vaccinated appears to get the word across . the number of daily vaccinations rose to 800,001 24 hour period this weekend. here is the latest on that in the search of new cases. >> reporter: as cases of the coronavirus field by the delta. sechhe biden administtion
11:36 pm
is looking for a change on the cdc guidance of masks for the fully vaccinated. 31 4%, the highest case rates arkansas, louisiana and florida, topping 10,000 a day walmart announcing to the florida locations will be closed for enhance cleaning, arkansas governor is urging everyone to get a shot. he said that the delta very it will not be tamed until market vaccinated. at cedar sinai then los s s s s nearly all the coronavirus patients are vaccinated. many telling doctors that they wish they would've got the shot spread a new unvaccinated americans probably will not or definitely will not get the vaccine. the vaccinations appeared to be picking up. the white house said that 790 shots were administered over a 24 hour period
11:37 pm
since early july. even for the vaccinated there are rising concerns with the breakthrough infectious got in provincetown, massachusetts an outbreak of 430 cases and 70% of them involving fully vaccinated people, the board of health is holding an emergency meeting on sunday and they are looking to implement mask mandates. a booster made be needed for the immuno compromise. >> early data suggests that protection from the vaccine the weight over time. with the effort to get people vaccinated intensifies, the new york mayor is calling for coronavirus vaccinations that work . goldman sachs and jp morgan chase are making it mandatory for all u.s. staff to
11:38 pm
disclose their vaccination status. various hospitals and private schools around the country including 400 colleges and universities are following suit. get ready to wait if you're trying to renew or get a passport, people lined up today outside the van nuys post office and southern california to reduce the backlog of applications. the department of state closed many of its offices during the pandemic that was they shut down its online passport system. scammers are looking them to resell appointments, it takes a two weeks to get a passport with expedited service taken 12 weeks. a jet fuel shortage may affect your next flight. the increase with air travel and firefighting aircraft is putting a strain on fuel supply. there is a need for tanker truck drivers. there were delays at bozeman
11:39 pm
yellowstone airport in montana. boeing is allowing truck drivers to work longer hours is they deliver fuel. we have this trucker on the abc7 news website. the recent stanford grad and katie:he did when silver, the australian swimmer beat her by two thirds of a second. here is more from japan . >> reporter: tonight, an unsettled start for team usa at the strangest the summer games, the first time since 1972 the u.s. did not receive a metal on day one, women's gymnastics lost some of their invisible aura. they advanced to compete in the all-around finals. despite stumbles they have advanced to all finals with a chance to win six schools.
11:40 pm
many well with the freestyle relay to take a browse. it was chased that took home the team usa award. >> if anything comes from that it will motivate the rest of my teammates. >> reporter: he took silver on the podium but the international olympic committee said masks on for winners and inside olympic bubble 137 people tested positive and 16 are athletes. today, perhaps, the biggest upset, the basketball lost two friends ending the 25 olympic game winning streak going back to 2004 in athens. jrue holiday led with the milwaukee bucks. >> we are smart players with character we will figure it out. >> they have a chance to win games against the czech republic and i run.
11:41 pm
surfing his skateboarding was seen at the lip export the first time. more women have been added to the olympic games than ever before. the fact that underlines our approach to gender equality. >> reporter: becoming the first american to ever win an olympic medal indent individual foil. >> it is an incredible feeling of which i could chop it up into little pieces and distributes everyone i love. >> reporter: this is the hottest of the vixen history it is 90 degrees most days with 80% humidity. one athlete lost consciousness because of it. there is a tropical storm on the way and some of us had to be rescheduled. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, disney is celebrating the premier of the jungle cruise movie. we get a red carpet snake with some of the film's stars.
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felt celebrated its role for mayor saturday night. you may be asking where and where else, but this the land. >> reporter: dwayne johnson and emily bring the disney movie taken a son of a dangerous venture down the amazon looking for a certain kind of treasure. >> reporter: the skipper of boat, >> when i read the script that's what left off the page it was so alive, silly, and
11:46 pm
whimsical and i loved it. >> it was all goal from the beginning creating a movie off of this disney ride that families around the world love. it was pointing fifemale hero. >> i do not got up . >> get off me, what are you doing? >> that is ridiculous. >> reporter: his character makes you smile with this punchlines. >> it is great being being bei slinger. >> they were able to create an environment that one was able to improvise and throw jokes out and have fun with it. >> he was the most loving. >> it is impossible.
11:47 pm
>> the snakes come out of your face and it is creepy. >> e llfreak out. she does not know. >> reporter: it brought blue disney and disney fans. >> i came here as a kid. i walked through the gate and the rest of the world would go away . it was so great of inspiring. >> jungle cruise is one of my favorite rides with disney did when it again . >> you the river cruise and he cannot swim? >> the price just went >> jungle cruise arrives into dinners with premier axis beginning july 30th. at disneyland for abc news. e company of abc 7. >> that looks like so much fun. we talked about whether tonight we have the fog rolling
11:48 pm
in temperatures in the middle 50s and not too bad when you step out the door tomorrow morning, we will see coastal drizzle before the sun gets up likely we will squeeze in some peaks of sun time throughout the day and we will see some cloud cover later in afternoon and then the cloud cover will fill back in tuesday morning watch for and i slid a chance to come through early in the morning keep your eye on that of virtually it does not look widespread but we will take anything that we can get as long as it does not come with lightning . that looks like those will see in this era, to row, the coolest and we can't enjoy it, 80 in san jose. 75 santa rosa and 85 and concorde, pretty nice for this time of year, cloudy and cooler throughout the morning chance of vendor and the chances low at this point keep your eye on that otherwise the bigger story gets much warmer tuesday and the thursday with the hot temperatures and we will keep the triple digits through friday before the cooldown
11:49 pm
against next weekend. >> as hot as that appears i'm thick and about tokyo and what they are going through. >> they have humidity. >> and just running around outside all day . chris oliver is have a preview for us? >> the countdown to kickoff continues, 49ers camp tom brady with an off-season deal
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sports on abc7 news is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. we are seven weeks for the the 49ers opening season, joe montana would not qualify but since 1+6 equals seven it is a special exception to get him
11:53 pm
several weeks, the biggest loss for the 49ers defense. things should be better just because hopefully fewer guys get injures, fred warner signing a deal this week he is confident that things will be fine as long as they start sharp and get better. >> i am honestly trying to build upon what we did last season everything that happened last season have been last season. i am focus on the present and being the best version of myself right now. the goal is to win the championship but it all startsts with winning training camp day one, you know? that is where our mindset is that. i will strive to be the best version of myself no matter what did i know that the whole team has that same mindset and we are going to go hard. with the offense of side
11:54 pm
the number three all over pick there is no indication that this will be an issue, it is because he has not flown into town the last instagram activity shows him lounging by opal somewhere in the mountains. the grind never stops. he shared this video on social media. you see him throwing darts then the bulk is fired back to them. there is some clever editing somewhere maybe right here? whoever runs's social media team is top notch. the machine gives up because tom brady always wins, that is why . he wanted to fufufufu fun this was made possible when he was asked if he would play a round of golf. >> his passion for golf is frequently on display.
11:55 pm
combined with the dream of a young student at howard university and you have the birth of a division i golf program. it was those words from ferguson that stopped him in his tracks. >> i attended the panel discussion he was having for the documentation screening and literally, at the end of the skin he came down to the station or with all the people that were attending . >> we had a quick conversation. the two kept in contact over email over several months and later that year the howard program was born. >> we are here announcing the first division i harvard university all because of this guy right here. give it up for this guy right here. is donation will fund the first six years of competition both the men's and women's golf team spirit $3 million was raised
11:56 pm
for the program at the bison at the beach golf classic at pebble beach. >> the view from their it felt like a dream, i was joking with when my teammates i said this is crazy. >> talking to him at the event shows what kind of person he is and how he looks out for the team and he wants to be very act of. i appreciate everything he has doing for us. >> having that role model investing his time, energy is observed to . >> as much as it may be about , you know, who started the movement or how it started, it is equally important that, like, the movement movement mov purpose. that is what it is doing and what it is on and it is really exciting. >> the howard program in general will give.just dumping kids coming through the ranks, a vision with they could be playing golf capacity indoors .
11:57 pm
>> it is truly amazing out what conversation could do. abc7 news sponsored by your local toyota dealdealdeal i have a surprise, by monday morning they'll about later. that is it for tonight . abc7 news continues to row morning at 5:00 [hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings]
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. insurrection fallout. >> they made statements and have taken actions i think would impact the integrity of the committee. >> speaker nancy pelosi rejects two trump loyalists from the january 6th commission. >> unless speaker pelosi


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