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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 25, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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6:00 live here on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. well, it's oca's reopening. fans are back at sonoma raceway this weekend watching drag racers duel it out at the nhra sonoma nationals. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard is live for us at the raceway with details. cornell, i'm really glad you got ahold of some earplugs. >> reporter: this was a a a a investment, a very big weekend at sonoma raceway, this grandstand back at full capacity the first time in a very long time with few covid restrictions. those powerful drag racers made a lot of noise today on the track. you've got to hear it to believe it. this is nhra drag racing at sonoma raceway, 11,000- horsepower engines topping speeds of 330 miles per hour.
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it demands respect and lots of ear protection. >> it's fun, but it's loud. >> reporter: tyrone reed thrilled to be back at the raceway for dr cidela >> wheyou come through those gates, it's a fferent world. i just enjoy the event, people getting back out the first time in a long time. >> reporter: a full capacity crowd in the grandstands up to 15,000 fans. show it's exciting to see all the fans back, to see the biggest stars in drag racing here. >> reporter: with sonoma county reporting a riririri covid-19 delta variant, nsin amazing. f t ein >> reporter: the perez family from san leandro on their first outing in quite a while. >> finally got to go out after all the covid restrictions. all the guys are all having fun. >> reporter: you got to have the swag to shshshshsh
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love. >> t-shirts, hats, stickers. >> ice cold lemonade! >> reporter: buster robinson brought his refreshing lemonade from houston. >> don't be shy. just give it a try. >> reporter: he's happy ckaion rang circuit. >> i love being out here smiling and having fun with the people, have that spirit of life is coming back to normal. >> reporter: now all of this racetrack facility is outdoors, of course, so many families said that they felt safe and comfortable coming here today. chris alvarez will have highlights including all of the winners of today's race later in sports, but for now we're live at sonoma raceway, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> many thanks to you. on the peninsula masks will be mandatory starting tomorrow at all san mateo county county facilities regardless of a person's vaccination status. that mandate applies to employees and visitors. the county says it's due to the
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recent rise in coronavirus cases and the aggressive delta variant. in san mateo county the latest test positivity rate is 2.6%. it was about 0.4% a month ago. both renters and landlords can begin applying for financial help starting tomorrow in napa county. the program allows landlords with low income tenants to be reimbursed by the state for 100% of back rent and three months of rent going forward. the program is being run by fair housing napa valley. evictions will be allowed to resume october 1st. dr. anthony fauci says he is frustrated about the unnecessary predicament of soaring covid cases. he says new national mask guidelines even for unvaccinated people are under consideration. abc news reporter maryalice parks explains. >> reporter: across the country more than 25,000 patients are being treated for covid-19 in the hospital, up 36.5% in the past week. the vast majority of those patients are unvaccinated. >> it's really an outbreak
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among the unvaccinated. so this is an issue predominantly among the unvaccinated, which is the reason why we're out there practically pleading with the unvaccinate people to go out and get vaccinated. >> reporter: dr. fauci acknowledging revising the mask guidance for vaccinated individuals is under active consideration by the biden administration. well over 100 million americans eligible for the vaccine still have not rolled up their sleeves. brian perisi is among them. he's now battling covid in a california icu but has not changed his mind about getting the vaccine. >> we're waiting for the emergency authorization to work its way through. in retrospect i honestly don't know if it would have made a difference. >> reporter: louisiana, arkansas and florida are now seeing the highest case rates. florida's infections rose from 23,000 two weeks ago to 73,000 on friday. new york city's mayor encouraging the previous employers to impose vaccination
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requirements. >> if people want freedom, if people want jobs, if people want to live again, we have got to get more people vaccinated. >> reporter: there have been some breakthrough infections among the vaccinations. >> they tend to be in the older patients. it's very possible that there will be a selective recommendation for use of boosters in the future. >> reporter: the cdc has not yet said whether it is moving towards recommending booster shot for seniors or the immunocompromised but says it's exploring multiple options and notes more evidence is needed. maryalice parks, abc news, washington. santa cruz police reveal new details on the two men accused of vandalizing a black lives matter street mural. saturday morning police started receiving reports that a car had intentionally burned rubber over the mural in front of city hall. the police chief says the community responded with information, videos, some even doing some detective work. two local men ages 19 and 20
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were arrested on felony vandalism and conspiracy charges. >> for those who seek to minimize the events that took place, to negate the responsibility of oh, they're just kids fooling around, shame on you. >> a hate crime charge has not been filed, but chief says if they find additional evidence, he will make sure the d.a. sees it. both suspects have been released on bail. to the east bay where police are looking for those responsible for shooting last night on highway 4 in concord that left one person dead and another injured. we're told it happened at 6:30 p.m. when the victim's car crashed into a guardrail at the top of the port chicago off ramp. according to california highway patrol, this is the fifth shooting on highway 4 since the beginning of april. in the north bay a shooting in downtown san rafael that killed two people appears to be gang-related. that is the word today from police. the shooting happened friday
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night near a nightclub on third street and looten's place. four people were wounded including a 62-year-old man. one of the men who died was frckton, the second left outside a hospital. bullets blew out the window of a downtown hair salon. police have not made any arrests. developing news with california's wildfires, firefighters are finally making gains on the tamarac fire south of lake tahoe. further north in butte and plumas counties is the dixie fire, the largest in the state and has taken a destructive turn. the state's largest wildfire, the dixie fire, butte and plumas counties, merged with the smaller fire and is moving east. flames have charred several buildings and more than 10,000 others are at risk. some people are evacuating while others refuse to leave. >> i'm old i'm okay. god loves me and i'm ready. if it comes down to that, take
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me. >> it was raining ash. it was just dark skies. everyone kind of had this worried ominous feeling, you know. you could tell there was panic. >> i just hope there's a house to go back to. >> the nevada guard posted this video of a water drop on the dixie fire which has been burning now for 11 that fire has grown to 298 square miles and is 21% contained. the tamarac fire has destroyed 24 square miles and threatened ten buildings and claimed two dozen structures with containment at 27%. smoke is impacting air quality in the north shore area of lake tahoe. talk about the right place at the right time, paramedics from the east bay assigned to the dixie wildfire saved a boy's life at their hotel. they were at a hotel in redding when they heard the child's
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mother scream. paramedics rushed towards the screams and found a 10-year-old boy who had no pulse and was still partially in the pool. they gave him cpr and moments later he sat up and cried. >> sigh of relief, sigh of relief. it's funny as paramedics when kids cry, that's good. it means they have an airway. >> i have four kids. you know, like it's hard not to look at a kid and go hey, you know, could be my kid. >> cal fire of butte county posted this fire on twitter with one person posting, "that's what superheroes look like to me, no cape needed." just stand wi bry, thevebain end her coertas overfrancisco streets. you to t rally. plus "jeopardy" fans asked and their wish was granted. we'll tell you who will guest host this week.
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i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're tracking a comfortable day tomorrow before hot weather takes over much of the week
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a free britney rally in san francisco's castro neighborhood today featured music by the pop icon and as you can see, plenty of dancing. britney spears is asking a d thisrally. ace her r nathgrp they seek to end spears' 13 year conservatorship, raise awareness about conservatorship abuse and advocate for reform. volunteers were back in pleasanton today searching for a runner missing more than two weeks. philip kreycik vanished july 10th after telling his wife he was going for a run in the hills near the moller ranch staging area. volunteers are looking for anything search teams may have missed. search and rescue teams have canvassed the area and used drones and search dogs and made attempts to track him using his watch. move over, full buck moon. we have a light show from last night that caused a rumble literally, what was responsible
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for lighting up the night. and the heat is going to return this week. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with your accuweather forecast. coming up in sports team usa basketball begins olympic play while the a's and mariners play another close game. play another close game. plus put the brooms play ano♪ windows open,. pli'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪ ♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪
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first it was the full buck moon and now this, how cool. a meteor streaked across norway last night and it was bright. surveillance video shows it light up as it passes over. people actually reported hearing a rumbling sound. part of the meteor may have broken off and landed near the capital city of oslo. i can imagine a lot of people being freaked out not quite sure what that was. rest assured, everything is okay. >> totally. let's talk heir quality. we have some issues in part of california because of smoke coming from numerous fires especially around tahoe. currently unhealthy air quality across a large portion of tahoe. it was very unhealthy just a few hours ago. contrast that to the bay area where we've got that onshore fresh breeze keeping our air quality in that good category.
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let's talk about what's happening in terms of that smoke. in the near term a couple showers are on live doppler 7 near tahoe will bring a little relief from the smoke in the next hour or so, but the longer picture showing you heading into tomorrow the near surface smoke again by 3 p.m. in the afternoon on our monday, it is pretty thick not only across tahoe, but much of northern nevada. unfortunately that wind pattern will continue where that smoke emanating from the dixie fire will continue to blow to the east into the southeast. we will have those issues around tahoe likely the next couple days. back at home a live picture, sutro tower, got the marine layer pushing in over twin peaks. heading downtown our air quality is good in the bay area. our pm2.5 levels, that particulate matter, below 50, which is good fresh air for a majority of the region, maybe moderate along the coast. right now temperatures that wide range very typical for this time of year, 50s to low
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60s along the coast, but our warmest inland spot slightly cooler compared to yesterday in the mid-80s to low 90s. here's live doppler 7 along with satellite and the story we are tracking. you see a lot of moisture to our south and east around the four corners. that monsoonal moisture pushing into california. tomorrow it really moves into southern california. then tuesday it will try and move into northern california to bring a chance of thunderstorms. overnight tonight we'll see coastal cloud cover, some high clouds streaming from the south of overall we'll see mid- to upper 50s overnight tonight. future weather hour by hour here's the cloud cover moving in first thing tomorrow morning. into the afternoon we'll get some breaks of sunshine here and there, but by tuesday we'll be on the lookout for any moisture moving in. on this particular model 3:30, 4:00 early in the morning tuesday it is trying to pop a shower even perhaps a thunderstorm. if we do see lightning, i think the chance is very low and i think that chance is greatest to our east around lake tahoe
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tuesday. it's something we'll watch very closely. highs tomorrow, it's a really comfortable day. it's the coolest day we have all week, 60s and 70s around the bay shoreline. our warmest spots inland mid- to upper 80s. cloudier and cooler tomorrow. there's the morning chance of thunder on tuesday. again, i think that chance is really low and the best chance is well east of the bay area. then here we go. warm to hot all week, thursday the hottest of the week even along the coast going into the 70s. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> after winning three of four in l.a. the giants dropped two to pittsburgh, san francisco looking to avoid the sweep in the final game before the dodgers roll into town tuesday. this is the definition of business casual. that's the look of the day right there. bottom one giants down one, lamonte wade jr. 415 feet leadoff dinger, game tied at 1.
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if one is good, two is better. another solo blast, 12 homers on the year. 2-1 san francisco. alex wood got into trouble in the sixth. tells manager gabe kapler he want to stay, in but jay jackson comes in relief and not a problem, 4-6-3 inning ending double play. wood can breathe a sigh of relief. jackson fired up five innings. bottom half wilmer flores solo shot down the line and fair, 3- 1 giants, part of a three-run inning and the offense rolling, 5-1. make it 6-1. they hit four more team home runs. giants win 6-1. next up a three- game series with the dodgers beginning tuesday at oracle. a's fans hoping for a series split in seattle top three, matt olson gets all of this one, holy toledo, 395, 27th of the year. kemp and olson got that handshake down in the dugout. bases loaded, two outs, kyle
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seager, two-run single to right. game tied at 2. next batter, r.b.i. knock, 3-2 seattle. nter ffall tom irviures, 4-2 e. four earned runs. top of the ninth, moreland base hit to left. chapman tries to go to third and is out at third. a's lose, 4-3. it's their third straight one-run loss. team usa basketball lost 83- 76 to france today. it's their first olympic loss since 2004. they had an eight-point lead with four minutes to go, but evan fournier scored a game high 28. nba finals champion jrue holiday scored a team high 18 for the u.s. and isn't pressing the panic button. >> there's teams we're up nine, up ten. at those points we just got to keep going, break that barrier. i'm very positive about
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tonight. france is a good team and i feel like we'll just get better every game. they both hazed the and it's leah pruitt. >> nhra nationals fan favorite brittany force goes down in top field round two. her dad john force lost in the funny car. pruitt made it to the finals where she loses to steve torrance by a nose and then pro stock motorcycle final karen stauffer calls sonoma her home track gets her first final win here as a pro by 0.005 of a second. we're just seven weeks until the 49er season opener in detroit. training camp starts wednesday. number three pick trey lance hasn't signed his rookie contract, but no indication that will be an issue. his last instagram activity showed him lounging by a pool somewhere in the mountains. a final break before the grind. the grind never stops for
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tom brady. the pride of san mateo posted this today, throwing darts into the jugs machine and the ball comes right back at him. now, is that real? dion, is this real? this is the debate on social media. whoever runs it, they are top notch editors. the machine finally gives up and tom says let's go because tom brady always wins. that's what he does. sports on abc7 sponsored by river rock casino. >> it has to be real. it's tom brady, right? he can do anything. >> 43 years old, seven super bowls and now he beats jugs machines. >> nothing surprises me with him anymore. thanks. to another kind of game, we are going to play a little "jeopardy!." the answer is he was a popular choice among fans online. the question, wh
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coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00 airports in the western u.s. are dealing with a shortage of jet fuel, how it could impact your trip to tahoe or up and down california. plus disney is celebrating the premier of its new jungle cruise movie. we get a red carpet sneak peek with some of the film's stars tonight and much more on the news at 11:00. finally ask and you shall
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