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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 25, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> it was my favorite show. that's it for abc7 news at 5:00, everybody. we'll see you right back here in about 30 minutes for abc7 tonight, the delta variant causes covid cases to climb in nearly every region across the country. dr. anthony fauci is sounding the alarm. the nation's top infectious disease expert warns, we're going in the wrong direction. the u.s. daily case average surging by 314% since mid-june. hospitalizations rising nearly 40% just in the past week. we hear from doctors on the front lines, sharing patients' "undeniable regret" of not getting vaccinated. florida is one of the hardest hit states. in miami, officials open five new mobile vaccination and testing sites. tonight, what dr. fauci is saying about booster shots, and the potential for new mask guidance, even for vaccinated americans. team usa's first gold. bouncing back from a rough day one in tokyo. american swimmers taking first
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and second in the 400 individual medley. and the women's gymnastics team, led by simone biles, advancing. will she make history? still, covid concerns continue to grow at the games. 137 cases, including athletes. james longman is in tokyo. out of control. more than 80 large fires, most of them uncontained, raging across the west. the dixie fire in california sparking evacuation orders for thousands. satellite images show thick smoke blanketing much of the region. and dramatic time lapse video reveals just how quickly the flames can spread. severe storms strike the midwest. four reported tornadoes touching down in michigan, tearing apart homes and uprooting trees. crews racing to restore power to more than 130,000 customers. and in europe, drenching rains triggering major flooding in london. water pouring into this underground station. what climate experts are saying. rob marciano standing by. miracle rescue. critical moments caught on
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camera. hero police officers rush in to save a mother and her baby, trapped beneath a wrecked car. what the officers are saying tonight. and still climbing. the young woman looking to reach new heights at the olympics. her inspiring story is our "america strong." good evening, everyone. thanks so much for joining us on this sunday. i'm linsey davis. we begin tonight with health officials once again sounding the alarm. just a few weeks ago, the pandemic seemed to be waning. but now cases are once again surging across the country. three states, arkansas, louisiana, and florida, which have the country's highest rates of cases are also seeing an increase in vaccinations. in miami, five new testing and vaccination sites opening up today. every region across the country is seeing an increase in
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hospitalizations. and today, dr. fauci made it clear, saying we're going in the wrong direction. the daily case numbers are up more than 54% from last week, skyrocketing 314% since mid-june. and dr. fauci also weighing in on masks for the vaccinated as well as booster shots. here's elwyn lopez from the cdc tonight. >> reporter: tonight, health officials are sounding the alarm over surging covid cases. and that light at the end of the tunnel is getting dimmer. >> it's not going to be good. we're going in the wrong direction. >> reporter: since mid-june, daily cases are skyrocketing 314%. hospitalizations in the last week are up by nearly 40%. >> we are so frustrated. we are so upset. >> reporter: at cedars sinai in los angeles, nearly all the covid patients are unvaccinated. many of them telling doctors they wish they had gotten the shot. dr. oren friedman sharing what he saw firsthand with one patient. >> i could see, you know, unbelievable regret.
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he was nervous, he's anxious. i can tell you he's not expected to survive, and i think -- all i can say to the public is you don't want to be in this situation. trust us, trust us, you don't want to be in the hospital saying, "i regret not getting a vaccine." just do it. >> reporter: the highest case rates are in arkansas, louisiana, and florida. tonight, officials in miami are opening five new mobile vaccination and testing sites. as the virus roars back, fueled by the delta variant, the administration is weighing a change in cdc mask guidance for those who are fully vaccinated, and signaling a booster may be needed for the immunocompromised, after early data suggests protection from the pfizer vaccine may wane over time. >> those are the kind of individuals that if there's going to be a third booster, which might likely happen, would be among first, the vulnerable. >> reporter: with cases soaring, health experts still scrambling to get those vaccine holdouts that first shot.
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one missouri hospital coming up with new ways to reach the unvaccinated. offering a private setting for people who are afraid of being seen getting the vaccine. >> they've had several people come in to get vaccinated who have tried to sort of disguise their appearance and even went so far as to say, please, please, please don't let anybody know that i got this vaccine. i don't want my friends to know. >> reporter: in arkansas, christine and tate ezzi were unvaccinated when covid landed them both in the icu. >> we just thought we were young and pretty healthy and if we did get it, it wouldn't be too bad. so, it was. >> reporter: weeks later, christine lost their unborn child while struggling to survive herself. >> i'll tell you what, i've never been through anything like that where somebody that you care about that much is going through such a tough time, that they may not make it. that's pretty rough. >> so many feeling the weight of that regret. elwyn, the father says he's sharing the story so more people
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get vaccinated. it sounds like the pace of americans getting vaccinated is picking up, based on the new numbers. >> reporter: rates are going up. according to the cdc, about 790,000 within the last 24 hours. the administration is saying it might be the biggest day since early july. >> elwyn, thank you. day two of the olympics and team usa finally reaching the medal podium. america's first gold going to chase kalisz. embracing his teammate after they nabbed a medal. the warning tonight from olympic officials about this moment. japan's naomi osaka dominant, after withdrawing from the french open to focus on her mental health. but the u.s. women's gymnastics team and the men's u.s. basketball team stumbling. here's james longman tonight from tokyo. >> reporter: tonight, an
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unsettled start for team usa at the strangest of summer games. for the first time since 1972, the u.s. did not medal on day one. on day two, women's gymnastics losing some of their invincible aura, finishing second in the qualifying round. simone biles and sinisa lee finishing in first and second place. they now advance to compete in the all-around finals. despite some stumbles, biles has advanced to all finals, and the chance to win six gold medals. usa swimming, raking in the medals. simone manuel and the u.s. 4x100 freestyle relay team taking bronze. but it was chase kalisz taking home team usa's first gold in the 400 individual medley. >> if i can hope anything comes from that, it's that it motivates the rest of my teammates. >> reporter: kalisz, hugging his teammate jay litherland, who took silver, on the podium. the international olympic committee with a reminder, no hugging, and masks on, even for winners. inside the olympic bubble, 137 people have tested positive. at least 16 are athletes. star u.s. golfer bryson dechambeau, testing positive before leaving tokyo, knocking him out of the competition. today, team usa basketball facing an upset, losing to france, ending their 25-game
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olympic winning streak, going back to the 2004 games in athens. jrue holiday leading the team just days after winning the nba championship with the milwaukee bucks. >> we're smart players, great character, and we'll figure it out in the next two. >> reporter: the team still has a chance. they'll have to win games against iran and the czech republic to advance to the medal round. and for the first time, skateboarding and surfing seen at the olympics. the new sports also adding more women to the tokyo games than ever before. >> there is full gender equality across all of those new sports and new events, which really underlines our approach to providing gender equality. >> reporter: and u.s. fencer lee keifer making history. >> one touch for a gold medal. >> reporter: becoming the first american ever to win an olympic medal in individual foil. >> it's such an incredible feeling. i wish i could chop it up in little pieces and distribute it to everyone i love. >> reporter: linsey, this is one of the hottest olympics in history. it's more than 90 degrees here most days.
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80% humidity. one athlete actually passed out because of it. on top of that, there's a storm on the way. some events have had to be rescheduled. linsey? >> as if covid were not enough, the weather is another obstacle. james, thank you. now to the devastating wildfire season in the west. more than 80 large fires burning in 11 states, most of them uncontained. fueled by the increasingly extreme drought impacting most of the region. in northern california, more than 8,300 people under evacuation orders. the dixie fire destroying several homes. in just the past 48 hours, the blaze exploding in size. here's zohreen shah. >> reporter: tonight, wildfires across the west exploding in size. this time lapse of the fly fire in northern california shows it spreading out of control in just five minutes. in oregon, extreme conditions in the bootleg fire creating its own weather system, sending a fire tornado ripping through this forest. >> it makes me sick because the entire forest is burning now.
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>> reporter: to the south, evacuation orders for the almost 200,000-acre dixie fire, sending residents fleeing from their homes. flames engulfing this one overnight. near lake tahoe, firefighters urgently trying to save any structures they can. jumbo jets dropping retardant on thetamarack fire. that fire still just 27% contained. a new satellite image showing thick smoke encasing the west. from the dozens of large wildfires. air quality alerts in effect from washington state to denver, colorado. and oregon deputies have arrested a 13-year-old for starting the green district fire. that fire destroying two homes and multiple vehicles. linsey? >> zohreen, thank you. in the midwest, severe thunderstorms spawning tornadoes as well as flash flooding. this tornado spotted near lake
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huron, one of four reported in that state. storms knocking out power to more than 130,000 customers. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: tornado sirens blaring in port austin, michigan, saturday right before one of four tornadoes touched down in the state. residents just north of detroit woke up to destruction after an ef-1 tornado ripped through armada, michigan, with winds of up to 105 miles an hour. uprooting dozens of trees, sending some crashing through homes. >> we were sitting in the living room, girlfriend got an alert on the phone that we were having a tornado warning. immediately had her and her daughter go into the bathroom. before you know it, we were starting to hear some loud booms. >> reporter: radar just before 8:00 p.m. lit up with dangerous storms. the owner of this home saying he was shocked to see his garage reduced to a pile of lumber and bricks. and all that remained of this house was its facade. armies of electrical crews doing their best today to restore service to the more than 130,000 customers left without power. >> so many still in the dark. let's get right to rob. sounds like behind the storms, temperatures are heating up.
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>> reporter: yeah. it wasn't a cold front bringing in a lot of cool air. it's very warm behind the storms. a big chunk of the country will feel like it's well up and over 100 degrees. tulsa, memphis, monroe, dallas, houston, feeling like 104 or better. dangerous heat. in the west, heat advisories in oregon, idaho, and montana. air quality alerts downwind of all the fires. flash flood watches for the monsoon have been expanded up towards las vegas. but arizona is being hit the hardest. tucson, putting a bit of a dent in the drought there. unfortunately, all the rain is coming way too fast. >> rob, thank you. extreme weather is reaching around the globe. these images from london, where severe thunderstorms are bringing gushing water. police warning people not to travel. in belgium, already hit hard by recent flooding, relentless downpours, creating the worst flooding in decades. in central china, at least 63
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killed with a river overflowing, with entire neighborhoods under water. climate experts say events like these could become more common as the planet warms. back here at home, it was another violent weekend in this country. 55 shot in chicago, 7 dead. the police chief in seattle pleading to get guns off the streets. alex presha teaming up with abc stations across the country to investigate what is driving this rise in violence. >> reporter: tonight, the country dealing with an epidemic of gun violence, from houston to pittsburgh. >> it's been worse since the pandemic lifted, since we lifted the restrictions. >> reporter: in chicago, a total of 51 people have been shot this weekend, 7 of them fatally. among the dead, a 15-year-old and 16-year-old. over 200 children have been shot in chicago this year alone. and last night in seattle, at least three people killed and five were injured. police investigating the scene of one deadly shooting, when they received calls of gunshots about a mile away.
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>> shots were fired and everyone scattered. >> there were a bunch, maybe seven shots fired consecutively. >> reporter the seattle police chief pleading for peace on twitter. >> we've got to figure out a way to get the guns off the streets. >> reporter: the latest weekend wave, part of a troubling trend in recent months. abc news, along with its owned stations, affiliates, and the gun violence archive, attempting to document every shooting this past week. look at this map. more than 1,000 incidents. over 430 dead. 1,000 wounded. many of these attacks brazen, playing out in broad daylight. pierre thomas on the ground in new york city. >> reporter: who are the victims? >> when you look at who's getting shot in this city right now, it's about 97% people of color. it's way off the charts. >> reporter: 2020 was the deadliest year for shootings in the u.s. in at least two decades, and 2021 is on pace to surpass these numbers. doj strike forces in five cities including chicago and d.c. to crack down on illegal guns.
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linsey? >> alex, thank you. next tonight, the quick actions of two heroic police officers and several passersby. an out of control car plowing into a mother and baby. rescuers jumping into action. mother and child seriously hurt, but expected to survive. here's trevor ault. and a warning, some of these images may be disturbing. >> reporter: tonight, a heroic rescue caught on video. a pair of new york police officers lifting a car to save a baby trapped underneath. yonkers police investigating the incident looking at this surveillance video from friday morning, showing that out-of-control vehicle slamming into a mother carrying her 8-month-old child. >> we got a baby under the vehicle. >> reporter: officers rocco fusco and paul samoyedny, springing into action from a shop nearby. >> come on, come on, kid, come on. >> reporter: after pulling the mother from the wreckage, seen here in green, officer fusco
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joining bystanders to lift the car. officer samoyedny freeing the baby. >> i got -- i got it, i got the baby. it was almost like slow motion. >> reporter: police say the mother has a compound fracture in one of her legs and her baby has a fractured skull, but both are expected to survive. >> it's honestly a miracle that both of them survived. very strong mom and an even stronger little infant. >> reporter: officials say the driver is unlicensed. he's been arraigned, charged with driving while intoxicated. linsey? >> trevor, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, video just in that shows crews rushing to rescue teens stuck on a roller coaster. ugh, there's that cute guy from 12c. -go talk to him. -yeah, no. plus it's not even like he'd be into me or whatever. ♪ ♪ this could be ♪
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investigators are now looking into how the ride became stuck. new troubling details tonight in the sex trafficking cse against r. kelly. prosecutors now allege he had sexual conduct with an underage boy in 2006. inviting him to a studio in chicago after meeting him in a mcdonald's. r. kelly is charged with running a criminal enterprise. recruiting underage girls for sex. he's pleaded not guilty. jury selection is scheduled to begin next month. when we come back, one of america's most notorious serial killers dying before he can be executed. age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss. so the national eye institute did 20 years of clinical studies on a formula only found in preservision. if it were my vision, i'd ask my doctor about preservision. it's the most studied eye vitamin brand. if it were my vision, i'd look into preservision. only preservision areds2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the nei to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression.
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finally tonight, an inspiring young olympian reaching for her dreams. undeterred by doctors who once told her she would never climb again. spider-man doesn't have anything on kyra condie. she climbs faster than most walk. something she started doing as soon as she could crawl. >> is she climbing all by herself? >> go, kyra! go, kyra! >> whether it was climbing on top of the fridge or climbing on top of the play structures, she just wanted to do it and you couldn't stop her. >> reporter: and now the 25-year-old from minnesota is one of only 20 female athletes to qualify to compete in the new olympic sport of climbing. always catapulting herself forward despite a major setback along the way. >> there you go. >> reporter: at 11, she started to develop serious back pain which she later learned was due to an "s"-shaped curve in her spine. eventually becoming a life-threatening condition if she didn't correct it. >> i got diagnosed with severe
5:58 pm
idiopathic scoliosis. i had to get ten vertebrae fused. vertebrae t2 through t12 are one bone now. the first doctor i went to told me that i would never climb again. i was pretty devastated. >> reporter: her scoliosis so severe, after the surgery, she was three inches taller. it took months to recover. but kyra was determined. >> kyra did not want to stop climbing. and the surgery was not going to stop her from climbing. >> come on, kyra. >> reporter: she had to learn a new technique where she no longer arches her back. but undeterred, she climbs. onward and upward. >> i always like to say that climbing is 99% failure. learning to deal with that failure and learn from it is one of the biggest challenges of climbing. you have to be able to not let those failures renew and instead have them make you stronger. >> climbing is a lot like life in that way. cheering you on, kyra. thanks so much for watching. david muir is right back here tomorrow. i'm linsey davis. good night.
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next onnews at 6:00 wine countries roars to life with the packed sonoma raceway. plus california's largest wildfire is taking a destructive turn this weekend. hear from those who escaped the flames. and residents of santa cruz sound off after two arrested for vandalizing a black lives matter mural. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions, this is abc7 news. there they go, roaring engines and packed stands, the raceway at sonoma runs at full capacity the first time in the pandemic, but it comes during a surge in covid cases. good evening and thank you for
6:00 pm
joining us. i'm dion lim. you're watching abc7 news at 6:00 live here on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. well, it's oca's reopening. fans are back at sonoma raceway this weekend watching drag racers duel it out at the nhra sonoma nationals. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard is live for us at the raceway with details. cornell, i'm really glad you got ahold of some earplugs. >> reporter: this was a a a a investment, a very big weekend at sonoma raceway, this grandstand back at full capacity the first time in a very long time with few covid restrictions. those powerful drag racers made a lot of noise today on the track. you've got to hear it to believe it. this is nhra drag racing at
6:01 pm
sonoma raceway, 11,000- horsepower engines topping


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