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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 25, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. delta disaster. variant more than 45% in the past week. >> please get vaccinated. >> now the new workplace dilemma. can your boss legally demand you get the shots? wicked weather. more than 80 fires now raging in the west. in northern california more than 8,300 people under evacuation orders and tornados rip through the midwest, leaving thousands without power as monsoon storms drench the southwest and four states swelter under heat alerts. is the end in sight? rob is tracking it all. one nation under fire. the epidemic of gun violence in our country. who is most affected? an abc news investigation.
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real trouble for real housewife jen shah. >> in this town i'm queen bee and mvp. >> the latest court documents alleging the reality star orchestrated a telemarketing scam to bilk seniors. what her lawyers are saying this morning. heroic rescue. a car spins out of control, slamming into a mother and baby, pinning the infant under the vehicle. we hear from the police officers who sprang into action. lifting the car and freeing them. it's an abc news exclusive. triumph in tokyo. the first gold medals for team usa. capturing gold in swimming and air rifle competitions. the u.s. women men's basketball team about to take the floor. tennis superstar naomi osaka back on the court after bowing out of the french open. we have the latest.
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good morning, america. dan is off. matt barrie from espn is at the desk with us. you came back for more. >> i did. happy sunday to both of you. always good when security escorts you in the building -- >> instead of out. >> instead of out. >> here we are spending sunday together. >> you brought your own coffee this morning. >> didn't drink the coffee upstairs. >> big moment in my life. we have a lot to talk about this morning. the pandemic is front and center as hospitalizations rise across the country and vaccinations lag. so far still under half the nation has been fully vaccinated. >> nationwide we're seeing a surge in new cases of the virus rising as they did last summer. now the seven-day average is above 40,000 cases per day. that's a jump of more than 46% from the previous week. >> one state facing a major jump in cases is arkansas. 2,000 cases reported yesterday. the first time the state reached that mark since the winter. we'll speak live with the
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state's top health officer in a moment. we begin with abc's trevor ault with the latest on the pandemic. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, matt. infections are really climbing alnce agai from crowded areas in the new york to rural areas in the midwest and south. this week almost a quarter of the country's cases were in florida. the governor said 95% of the people infected there are unvaccinated. experts say that percentage is even higher among the covid patients in the hospital. this morning with well over 100 million americans still unvaccinated exhausted health care workers fighting a new surge are pleading with the public. >> this is living proof that the patients we do have that if you can, please get vaccinated. >> reporter: 25,000 patients are being treated for covid in the hospital. up 36.5% in the past week. the patients almost exclusively unvaccinated. >> it's been a hard 11 days. >> reporter: this man has not got the shot and he's battling
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covid in a california icu. but even that hasn't changed his mind about getting the vaccine. >> we were waiting for the emergency authorization to work its way through. in retrospect, i don't know if it would have made a difference. >> reporter: louisiana, arkansas and florida seeing the highest case rates. florida's infections rising from 23,000 two weeks ago to 73,000 on friday. the threat is not deterring tens of thousands from flocking to miami for rolling loud, one of the largest hip-hop festivals in the world. >> i have been worried a little bit, but i'm not really worried because i trust everybody is straight. it's great vibes. >> i have my mask though. >> reporter: even for the vaccinated, breakthrough infections are a rare but growing problem. in provincetown, massachusetts an outbreak of cases, almost 70% of them involving fully vaccinated people. in atlanta fred blankenship a
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breakthrough case, even having trouble breathing. he says it could have been worse. >> i believe and my doctor believes having the vaccination kept me out of the hospital, allows me to go back on with my life. >> reporter: it's become a heart breaking lesson for this arizona father. he and his wife fernanda were both unvaccinated and both got infected. fernanda died in the hospital. >> from what i have experienced, i don't want to go through this again. i do not. i don't take anything for granted. life is precious. >> reporter: a new abc news/ipsos poll says six out of ten americans are worried they or someone they know will become infected with covid. the fears are higher among those partially vaccinated by more
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>> interesting statistic. trevor ault, thank you. joining us now is the chairman of the cdc's advisory committee on immunization dr. jose romero. he's also the secretary of health for the state of arkansas. thanks so much for being with us this morning, doctor. i want to start with the situation on the ground right now in arkansas. how does it look? >> well, thank you very much for having me. we're seeing an increasing number of cases. as you mentioned in your intro, we've crossed the 2,000 mark of new cases this weekend. it's the first time it's happened since november on the upswing of the number of cases and since february when we were starting to have less cases. it's clearly here. it continues. we expect to have several more days of 2,000 case days and hospitalizations are increasing. >> i'm curious to see and hear your take about the reports for the need for a booster shot. what are your thoughts? >> yes. you know, this was discussed during the acip meeting. it's clear that some populations don't do as well with two doses
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as the general population, the immunocompromised individuals. we're seeing some breakthroughs here. they tend to be in older patients. it's possible there will be a selective recommendation for use of boosters in the future, but as of right now we haven't heard anything at the acip for their use at this time. we continue to discuss them and look at the data and safety for their use. >> one of the other things we hear a lot of people discussing is the idea of masks in schools. what should the cdc do about the idea of masks in schools? >> well, i really can't advise the cdc. they have to look at the data. my recommendation within our state is that they be used in schools. we can't mandate the use of vaccines in the state of arkansas. what i can suggest and recommend to the general public is that
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children be masked. my concern is as school opens up we'll see significant numbers of children infected. i say that because we're seeing more cases of daycare centers with closures or outbreaks and summer camps closing this year than last year. that leaves me to believe when school starts, there will be a larger spread within the classroom and within the schools themselves. >> this is obviously something we'll all be watching as the summer progresses. dr. romero, thank you so much for being with us. whit, over to you. to the new vaccine debate on whether your employer can require you to get a vaccination. abc's deirdre bolton is here with more on that part of the story. deirdre, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. the delta variant throwing a wrench in many companies' back to the office plans. from hospitals to big banks and more than 400 colleges and universities, some are demanding employees get the vaccine. >> i urge every employer go to whatever form of mandate you're comfortable with. it will help us fight covid. >> reporter: this week, new york city mayor bill de blasio
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pleaded with private employers to require vaccine requirements. it's not the only city. san francisco is requiring all of its municipal employees get vaccinated once the vaccines receive full approval from the fda. >> it was important for me to make sure that we set an example with our workforce. >> reporter: the nfl sent a memo to players strongly urging players to get vaccinated saying teams will forfeit and be slapped with a loss if a game is canceled because of a covid-19 outbreak among unvaccinated players, and neither teams' players will be paid. morgan stanley and blackrock will bar unvaccinated eployees from their new york offices. goldman sachs and jp morgan
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making it mandatory to disclose vaccine status. >> many companies are so anxious to get back to work. i think they are imposing vaccine policies and employees do need to be aware of that. >> reporter: generally legal experts say employees can be fired for refusing the vaccine. there are exceptions for medical or religious reasons. to be sure the law community is going to have a very busy next few years. matt? >> deidre, thank you. the legal ramifications are something we're watching. joining us now is areva martin. good morning. thank you for joining us. can employers legally require employees to get a vaccine? >> the simple answer is yes, an employer can require its employees to be vaccinated. there's actually a supreme court case dating back to 1985 that case dating back to 1905 that upheld vaccine mandates for
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smallpox in the state of massachusetts. we've seen federal courts both in texas and indiana uphold mandates implemented, one by the hospital in texas and a university in indiana. >> i think a lot of people want to know too, what protections or options do workers have in this situation? >> there are some exceptions, matt. if you have a disability, if you have a medical condition that would allow you to opt out of a vaccine that may be applicable if your employer goes to a mandate. also if you have a religious belief that prevents you from getting a vaccine, you may be able to use that, but generally speaking, employers may impose rules, restrictions, regulations on its employees and courts have upheld them. an employer can tell you everyone has to wear green to work and that would be considered legitimate. employees have few options if they don't have a medical condition or religious exemption. >> sounds like there will be a number of court challenges, but they won't succeed? >> i think you're right, matt.
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we'll see a lot of litigation around this issues. employees are going to challenge these mandates. federal district courts have upheld these mandates. there's that supreme court case. i don't think employees will have many options. some will have to opt out and decide they want to work someplace else. employers have the upper hand. >> the ongoing legal battle will be fascinating to watch. areva, thank you. >> thanks, matt. wildfires are sweeping across 11 states this morning. abc's zohreen shah is in los angeles with the latest to get the wildfires under control. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, eva. one of the factors out here, these bone dry conditions fueling so many fires. there are over 80 large wildfires in the u.s. right now spanning across 11 states. the bootleg fire in oregon is so extreme it created a confirmed tornado. one couple nearly escaped. they said it was like driving through armageddon.
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the fires burning in oregon and california right now equal the size of rhode island. some fires are massive. the biggest in california is the dixie fire, exploding to over 180,000 acres. video released overnight shows rapidly moving fire over a home completely covered with flames. that fire forcing so many to evacuate. nasa just released these dramatic images. they show how smoke from wildfires has travelled over the united states. police say one fire in oregon was started by a 13-year-old playing with a lighter. it grew to 20 acres, destroyed two homes. police have now arrested that teen. matt? >> thank you. now to an amazing and heroic rescue caught on tape. two police officers saving two lives when an out of control car strikes a mother and baby. both are recovering. we want to caution you some viewers may find this difficult to watch.
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>> somebody has to pull the baby out. >> reporter: this morning, new footage showing the daring rescue of a baby trapped beneath a car. the horrifying moment caught on surveillance. the video released by police and now a part of the investigation. watch as this car is seen speeding around the street corner, losing control hitting multiple parked cars. the car slamming into a mother and her 8-month-old baby. as they crossed the street, the car barreling into a barber shop, pinning the mother and her baby. that's when officers and bystanders jumped into action freeing the mother and lifting the car off the baby. >> okay. >> yes. >> it's honestly a miracle both survived. very strong mom and an even stronger infant. >> reporter: police officer rocco fusco helping lift the car as police officer paul samoyedny, a 15-year veteran of the force, rescues the baby from beneath the vehicle. >> i got it.
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i got it. i got the baby. >> reporter: police arresting the driver who was alert at the scene. >> the driver got out and immediately went over to see if the woman was okay. >> reporter: the unlicensed man identified as 43-year-old david poncurak has been charged with driving while intoxicated. according to police, the 36-year-old mother suffered a compound fracture to one of her legs. her baby has a fractured skull. they tell us both will survive the accident. >> lucky they're both okay. >> absolutely, and those officers right there. matt, thank you to that. let's transition to the weather. rob marciano, we have everything going on. what's happening? >> good morning, guys. iinreing d terrifying at the same time.toae eastern frank of the bootleg fire which burned over 400,000 acres. these things can create their own weather. we saw that in the carr fire a few years ago. this is tornado damage that
7:16 am
developed over top of the spire, and it continues to burn with containment not where we would like to see it. here's the dixie fire. up to over 180,000 acres. evacuations in place here. we're seeing structures and vehicles burned out there. hot and dry conditions continue out here. excessive heat warnings for parts of eastern oregon and western parts of idaho. the air quality is so bad. we have the monsoon that continues to bring heavy rain in the phoenix area. this is north of phoenix. boy, see the flash flooding. this is scary. all of arizona is in flash flood watches. this is too much of a good thing. we're in a drought here, but you can't have this come down all at once. that's what's happening good morning. sunday morning with a gorgeous view from the east bay hills. the low cloud deck care. it will be cooler, mid-and high- level clouds increase as the brended chance of a
7:17 am
thunderstorm monday and tuesy. could include lightning, then the heat returns, especially inland by the middle of the week. 80, fremont. 81, san rafael. andy, livermore. haven't seen matt in over a year. haven't seen whit in over a week. he's grilling me about my daughter's birthday party. >> he wants good weather. >> it's her birthday party today and you're bringing bad weather. >> if it's a slide bouncy house, the more water the better. it will be fine. >> it's the lightning we're worried about. happy birthday to my wonderful daughter, summer. >> we hope the lightning holds off for her party. thanks, rob. to the olympics now. the tokyo summer games going strong after a year's wait due to the pandemic. not a great start for the u.s. abc's kenneth moton is in tokyo with the latest. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, eva. the delayed olympics have been
7:18 am
so weird, so strange, so unusual. we shouldn't have been surprised it was an historically bad day one for team usa. it appears our athletes are bouncing back. this morning one, two, three for team usa swimmers. gold and silver and simone manual and the relay team taking bronze. >> there is simone manual. >> reporter: this hug during the medal ceremony prompted the international olympic committee to warn athletes they're not exempt from strict covid rules and must wear masks. this after a shocking start for the first time since 1972, the u.s. did not medal on day one of the summer games. today, olympic veteran lily king competing in her first swim of the week, hoping to repeat her gold medal performance after winning two in rio. >> i feel a lot more experienced going in, and i know a little bit more of what to expect.
7:19 am
the racing is still the same. the blocks are still the same. the competitors for the most part are still the same. definitely excited, but a little less nervous about the unexpected this time. >> reporter: minitolympic bronal.skatebome the >> when i was a kid, i grew up in a family where the olympics were always a possibility. it's a goal that i have had so long for my life. when you become obsessed with a goal, you give 100% to make that goal happen. >> reporter: some olympic hopes dashed. golfer bryson dechambeau testing positive for covid-19, no longer competing. and the one moment that has everyone talking, the japanese gymnast with this olympic ending fall from the high bar during a qualifying event. this morning all eyes on team usa women's gymnastics, qualifying rounds under way right now. superstar simone biles making her first run without family and fans in the stands.
7:20 am
>> i honestly have never done a competition without my parents there. i'm a little bit nervous. i know they'll be there in spirit. without the crowd, that's super weird. it'll kind of be like training. we've never done that as well either, but it's a different experience, but we're ready for whatever they throw at us. >> reporter: family and fans are watching back home. no spectators from the public in the stands, but the athletes have been supporting each other. usa women gymnasts showed up for the men last night. the men were there to cheer them on today. usa men's basketball kicks off today against france. can't wait for the highlights. speaking of highlights, i used to get my highlights from matt barrie like 15 years ago. >> kenneth moton, i'm here in new york. you're in tokyo. it's a long distance television relationship. >> i want to see the highlights. >> reporter: eva and matt both know me with hair.
7:21 am
>> hair highlights and sport highlights. kenneth, thank you so much. we'll talk soon. it's amazing to hear from the athletes talking about the experience of not having their families there to cheer them on. we'll be looking forward to watching the gymnasts tonight. coming up on "gma," our investigation into the gun violence in the country. will the biden administration's plan to curb illegal sales work? real housewife jen shah responding to accusations she orchestrated a telemarketing scam targeting seniors. the new allegations she's facing. plus, expert tips for many of us who are struggling with sleep during the pandemic. we'll be right back. "good morning america" is sponsored by ancestry. there's strength in every story. learn more about yours. it takes a certain kind of person to change the world. my great-great-grandmother, my great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather was that kind of person.
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good morning. happening today. a free britney rally will be held in the castro district. the free britney army seeks to end the 13 year conservatorship of britney spears.
7:28 am
raise awareness of conservatorship abuse and advocate reform. earlier, a judge ruled she could hire her own attorney in the case. the rally starts at 1:00 this afternoon at the corner of castro and market. let's get a check on the weather. already. san rafael, 55 downtown. east bay hills camera, the breeze that will cool you off today. 59, concord. nearly 90 in antioch. 80, fremont. a chance for thunderstorm monday and tuesday.
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some real face time. just an amtrak away. here we go. here we go. >> sometimes it needs a bit of a -- >> nobody touches my engine but me. what did i just -- >> there you go. >> good morning, america on this sunday morning. that's "jungle cruise" starring dwayne johnson and emily blunt. we're counting down to the movie's big opening on friday in theaters and disney plus. it looks like a blast. as is disney plus and espn the bundle. >> check's in the mail, matt. >> let's hope. let's look at some of the other big stories we're ll happening right now, we're seeing the first photographs of disgraced minneapolis police officer derek chauvin since he was sentenced to 22 1/2 years behind bars for the murder of
7:31 am
george floyd. he was convicted of second and third degree murder as well as second degree manslaughter in april. also, in hungary thousands took to the streets on saturday to celebrate budapest pride supporting the lgbtq community and the protest against a law in the country that limits teaching about homosexuality and transgender issues in schools. the european commission has launched legal action against the new law. that went into effect this month. the san diego fire rescue wasted no time when a horse and its rider slipped off a trail. they fell into a ravine. the helicopter lifted the two to safety. thankfully the rider and horse were not hurt. we begin with the gun violence epidemic sweeping across the country. stories of shootings and innocent victims dominating the headlines on a daily basis.
7:32 am
abc news chief justice correspondent pierre thomas, along with our abc stations, is doing an in-depth investigation series that explores the root causes of gun violence called "one nation under fire." he spoke with two officers in new york city about the victims. take a look. >> who are the victims? >> when you look at who is getting shot in the city, 97% people of color. it's way off the charts. >> reporter: for chief judith harrison the fight is personal. >> as an african-american obviously it was painful to hear that 90% of your victims are people of color. >> horrifying statistic. it's not just about statistics. it's not just about people of color. it's about everyone. >> it's about everyone. important reporting there. let's bring in abc news political director rick klein joining us from washington. good morning to you. it's good to have you. just want to pick up on pierre's reporting. president biden has talked about combatting gun violence in america. what concrete steps is the administration taking?
7:33 am
>> reporter: the president has called it an epidemic. he's made clear in his view it's tied to america's emergence from the pandemic. to that point he has made it possible for cities and states to use money that was earmarked for covid relief for criminal justice, hiring police officers, expanding programs, even things like summer jobs for youths in inner cities. those are the kind of partnerships this administration is touting right now in addition to steps like cracking down on rogue dealers of weapons, doj, atf to enforce laws. frankly this is a source of major frustration for the white house. they realize the biggest things you can do require congressional action, things like universal background checks and assault weapon bans. those are things that are not moving at all on capitol hill. >> i saw pierre thomas in the building the other day. the violence is unlike what we've seen in a very long time. i want to turn to another topic. our new abc news/ipsos poll out
7:34 am
this morning. it shows a significant drop in optimism about the direction of our country over the next year. take a look here. only 45% of those polled are optimistic. that's down 19 points from may when it was 64%. rick, what are the key factors behind all of this? >> reporter: really striking. crime and fears around gun violence are a piece of this as well as immigration, inflation and critically the pandemic. we saw in this poll, president biden's approval ratings on handling covid down 9 points. that's just since april. the country is in a much different place than it was a few months ago. president biden and the democrats should see that as glaring warning signs. these things are changing and changing fast in a whole lot of different directions. >> rick, thank you so much. a reminder, check out "this week" this morning for more of pierre's reporting, "one nation under fire." plus, george has an exclusive interview with house speaker nancy pelosi. matt, over to you.
7:35 am
let's go to rob now. a lot of severe weather taking place. a lot of agitation. >> the atmosphere is agitated. four tornados touched down yesterday in michigan. this is at the tip of the thumb in huron county. a thin tornado, but it did some damage. outside of the tornados 65 mile per hour winds that did damage as well. there was some wind damage. another tornado touched down in schwartz creek just east of flint. just north of detroit. this is scary stuff. damage done and turned the lives of people upside down. heat building across the south. heat advisories. with humidity it's going to feel like over 100. over 110 in tulsa. 107 in jackson. 105 in little rock. watching the tropics. we have a disturbance off the coast of florida. 50/50 chance of developing into a tropical cyclone. shouldn't be a big impact. we'll track it. that's what's happening weatherwise nationally. here now is your local forecast. good sunday morning.
7:36 am
the deck of low clouds extensive with the sea breeze kicking up especially through the afternoon. 60s and 70s around the bay. this weather report ay. this weather report sponsored by rybelsus. if you missed it yesterday, we discovered that matt went to arizona state university, the walter kronkite school of journalism. nice to have somebody qualified here. good to have you, matt. >> got to crank it up a bit. >> step it up. >> rob, thank you. >> well, since you ruined my daughter's birthday -- coming up on "good morning america," jen shah facing new allegations of scamming seniors in a telemarketing scheme. we have the latest court documents. and sleep tips for those struggling to get some rest, all the rest they need during the pandemic. more on that ahead here on "gma." the
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i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. asi do motivational speakingt about whooping cough vaccination in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. back now with es back now with escalating accusations against real housewife jen shah. the latest court documents reveal the salt lake city star is accused of orchestrating an alleged telemarketing scam.
7:41 am
it targeted seniors. abc's elwyn lopez joins us with the story. good morning, elwyn. >> reporter: eva, good morning. this comes months after she plead not guilty to money laundering and mail fraud charges. the government now placing her at the top of the tier of defendants. >> in this town i'm queen bee and mvp. >> reporter: this morning a real housewife star is accused of being an alleged senior participant in a nearly decade-long telemarketing scam. in the new court documents jen shah and her assistant stewart smith are accused of being responsible for orchestrating the broader scheme. the government ranking defendants in order of culpability now adding a new tier designated for those allegedly most culpable in the scheme. shah and smith are both in that group. authorities claim shah sold lists of potential victims' information, allegedly
7:42 am
victimizing vulnerable often elderly working class people. in april shah and smith pled not guilty to the charges. the new court documents allege the pair obtained leads directly from sources and provided them to, among others, coaching sales floors operated in utah and nevada. >> it's like the chain of command. you're finding who is involved. you're always after the bigger and bigger fish. >> reporter: of the prosecutors breakdown, shah's attorney says the government lobs this absurd claim. this is their latest made up allegation, and like all others, totally unsupported by evidence. the reality is she's totally innocent. >> that hurt me. >> reporter: over the course of the show shah has flaunted her luxurious lifestyle. >> you might have a case of someone like her leveraging her fame and her wealth and her stardom and for a lot of people
7:43 am
in the world that's very influential. >> reporter: in that new tier of defendants two people have been handed down prison sentences, one serving 8 months, the other 60 months. shah's trial is scheduled for october. matt? >> elwyn, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," tips to cure your covid insomnia sleep issues. matt, this one is for you. taylor swift surprising fans revealing an alternate version of a song swifties love. ♪ issues. matt, this one is for you. taylor swift surprising fans revealing an alternate version of a song swifties love. ♪ overwhelmed by the ups and downs of frequent mood swings of bipolar i? ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms with just one pill, once a day.
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a recent survey by the american academy of sleep medicine found that more than half of americans have had a hard time sleeping since the pandemic began. a lot on our minds. i spoke with dr. shelby harris to get tips on how to get rest in these stressful times. dr. harris, good morning. great to have you. you and your fellow colleagues are seeing revenge bedtime procrastination. what exactly is that and why are you seeing more of it at a time like this? >> thank you for having me first. it's an idea that was actually age old, but daphne lee who is a journalist coined it on twitter last year and it's taken off like wildfire. the idea is when you're not having as much control over your day you try to do as much as you can at night to regain control and sleep gets sacrificed. we're seeing more now during covid because there's a lot of blurring between work, home, school life that people really feel like things are out of control. >> what are the key things we should know on how to handle it? how to do a better job of getting more sleep.
7:48 am
>> there's a few things i encourage. set aside time for yourself and plan it in just like you would for everyone else. cut out of your life what tends to not add to it. journal it down. write down why sleep is important in your life and how it will help you in other things you need to do. another thing, set up timers for yourself. just like you would in the morning, think about how you can set a timer that says it's time to wind down. it's time to put things down. think about what that wind down routine is. is it reading? is it relaxing without screens? the ideal is without screens. is it knitting? ve arankiscussion with e timer 's telling you to stop and puthgs down and make sleep th that dn necessary if yourself.
7:49 am
>> no screens, wind down, have a routine. really appreciate it. dr. harris, thank you for your time this morning. >> my pleasure. we'll be right back here with "pop news." harris, thank y time this morning. >> my pleasure. we'll be right back here with "pop news." you look a little lost. i can't find my hotel. oh. oh! ♪ this is not normal. no. ♪ so? ♪ right? go with us and find millions of flexible options, all in our app. expedia. it matters who you travel with. i didn't order a pizza. i know, but that “parker promo” saved me so much on my insurance, i brought you a little something special. parker, state farm offers everyone surprisingly great rates. you're the man, man. when you want the real a good neighbor, state farm is there.
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♪ ♪ we are back now with "pop news." janai, look what you made me do. i wore my cardigan. >> what? >> taylor swift. i gave you two -- >> oh, i'm like what are you talking about, matt? you didn't even wear a cardigan. >> look what you made me do and cardigan. >> all right. i missed it. swifties, taylor swift gave her fans a present to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her grammy winning album, "folklore," what she's calling an alternate version of "the lakes." take a listen. ♪ take me to the lake where all the poets want to die ♪ ♪ i don't belong ♪
7:54 am
>> this version of the track features a grayer sound and, as you heard, not too bad. swift posting on instagram about dropping the surprise gift on her fans. saying it's been one year since we escaped the real world together and imagined a place simpler. thank you for all you've done for making this album what it was. i wanted to give you the matt, i was trying to make sense of it. >> i like that matt's getting a taste of what dan harris gets. janai is on the level. you will get vaporized. >> she went blank space. >> i did. >> also, we found out he's clearly into taylor swift. >> that's what we learned. you know when you're on instagram checking out celeb accounts and you come upon jennifer lopez and think my god. those amazing bikini shots of
7:55 am
the star posted on her birthday on saturday posting, 52, what it do? then you get to the last pick and it's steamy. bennifer, they're not waiting for tonight with that major lip lock. the couple ruled hollywood when they were engaged from 2002 to 2004. two marriages and a few break ups later bennifer is back. affleck doesn't have to ask j.lo if you have my love. this picture says it all. we said yesterday they haven't made it instagram official. >> she just did. >> she said "gma" i see you. >> there you go. who knew when justin bieber watched his wife hayley bieber on the runway he was thinking that should be me? the singer is the face of the balenciaga campaign. challenging his inner zoolander. he modelled thousand dollar speakers plus a bag and leather jacket. social media was split. some loved it. others couldn't tell it was bieber. one poster said he looks like his mom forced him to wear an
7:56 am
outfit he doesn't like. i've got a 3-year-old at home. i know what that's like. >> janai, great job. matt, it was excellent having you in here this weekend. >> so much fun. >> even though janai wasn't very friendly. >> at least i'm leaving and there's not any bad blood. dan harris, happy birthday. we miss you. we'll see you later. have a great morning, everyone. all right. see you later. have a great morning, everyone. good morning. i'm liz kreutz. an oakland grocery store is cleaning up after i car slept through it storefront. it happened last night at the corner of webster and 17th street.
7:57 am
an employee said he heard a loud screech then a few seconds later a mercedes careened into the front of the store. he said the driver crashed into concrete planters outside. nobody was hurt. that employee says it's a second crash in the same intersection in two months and he wants to see speed bumps to slow down cars. this week's mix two year since the gilroy garlic festival shooting that left three people dead and more than a dozen injured. and honor, the district attorney gilroy strong resiliency center is hosting a week of events focused on kindness. you can join by performing an active kindness and sharing in social media with a hashtag gilroy kind and kindness is strong. let's get a check in the forecast. you can see the extensive deck of low clouds. visible image showing fog over the bay. clear inland. we will see a stronger on shore push.
7:58 am
san rafael, partly cloudy. 55, downtown and pacifica. here's a lovely view. temperatures coming out of the mid-90s today and land. right now it's comfortable in the low 60s. sea breeze 20 to 25 miles per hour by the delta. high clouds increase today. mid-level clouds increase from the south. it will lead to a chance for thunderstorm late tonight into monday and tuesday. breezy today. 70, oakland. then we heat up in the middle attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month.
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. insurrection fallout. >> they made statements and have taken actions i think would impact the integrity of the committee. >> speaker nancy pelosi rejects two trump loyalists from the january 6th commission. >> unless speaker pelosi reverses course and seats all five republicans, we will not participate. >> senators race to reach a bipartisan infrastructure deal. we cover it all with house speaker nancy pelosi and republican senator rob portman. both "this week" exclusives. and -- >> are people more brazen? >> i don't think there's any doubt. >> as homicide rates spike to the highest level in


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