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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 25, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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navigating a changing nightlife. or san francisco bars are requiring customers to prove they have been vaccinated. the free britney movement is coming to the bay area today. how you can support the popstar as she fights for her freedom. good morning. thank you for joining us on july 25. your watching abc7 live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. i'm liz kreutz. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. the marine layer, a little more extensive, not only is the fall get the coast but we have mist and drizzle pushing
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locally across the bay. with a stronger push of the low cloud deck, it's not going to be as warm and land because it was baking in spots yesterday. here is a look at the cloud cover where we have goodwe have quality to moderate from the coast and central bay into the santa clara valley. with a good on shore push, we are looking at good air quality through the next few days. 60, mountain view. 84, novato. we will call a partly cloudy today is high and mid-level clouds increase through the afternoon. it will be breezy 60s to mid- 70s through noon time. gray at the coast. partly cloudy skies and a chance for thunderstorms. an oakland grocery store is cleaning up after a car slammed through its storefront. it happened at 7:45 last night on the corner of webster and 17th. police said he heard a loud screech than a mercedes careened into the front of the
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store. >> we were fortunate no one was right there. he came so fast that he crushed these concrete te. no e wod rv for sure. >> nobody was hurt. the employee said it's a second crash in the same intersection and check two months. he said he would like to see speed bumps to slow cars down. some san francisco bar goers haven't caught off guard of more venues are requiring proof of vaccination to get inside. we could learn more details tomorrow about the new requirement. abc7 news reporter matt boone spoke to venue owners on how people happen responded to the vaccine policy. >> reporter: it's not just your i.d. you will need to get into the cabaret and nightclub in san francisco. for vaccinations required too.
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>> it makes the whole night what it is supposed to be. >> reporter: darcy is the owner. he said when they reopened in june, they were one of the first to require vaccination but got rid of the policy when things were looking good in early july. >> as soon as the delta variant was becoming more prevalent, we felt like for the safety of our patrons and our staff and performers, it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: drag performer said the comeback of their entire industry will rely on people feeling comfortable. >> i think there's trepidation about coming back to live venues. >> reporter: in addition to making patrons calmer, it could have another side effect. >> if you really want to see the show, it gives a little incentive to do the right thing for the community at large. >> reporter: at the cafc north beach, the policy has been in effect for a week, catching some off guard. >> i have it but i don't have
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it with me. >> reporter: she recently got vaccinated outside because she didn't have the proof with her. >> i won't come back year. >> reporter: for haley, she came because of the policy. >> it makes me feel safer. >> reporter: she hopes more will follow suit and it's possible they will. the sf bar owners alliance, 300 bars, plan to announce on monday whether they will make this a widespread policy among their locations. >> if you are vaccinated and went proof on the go, the state has a website where you can download an electronic version of the card you received when you first get your shot. some bars and restaurants are helping to point people to the site. the url is on your screen. we also have a link on our website. as covid cases surge, two counties are asking residents to get vaccinated before rise
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in hospitalization stress the medical system. abc7 reporter luz pena spoke to experts about how they plan to boost vaccination numbers. >> reporter: it is the tale of two highly vaccinated counties, marin and sonoma, both seeing an uptick in covid cases. >> we are seeing about 85% of our residents who are being affected with the delta variant. >> we noticed two weeks ago. >> reporter: sonoma county reporting 1000 active covid cases for the first time since march. and sonoma county, 20% of the population is unvaccinated. that's about 120,000 people. according to the latest projection, by august 21, there could be 50 people in the hospital with covid and 14 deaths. they say all of this is preventable. >> we have a mow the lawn the health fan that reaching out to places where some of the homeless paces are at to get
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vaccinated. and in hospitals across providence, we are providing the vaccinations for vet patients at the time of discharge. >> reporter: martin county has one of the highest vaccination rates with more than 85% of the population fully vaccinated. as the delta variant takes hold, what they anticipated happen. this week and unvaccinated resident died. the first covid death in two months. morgan county also reporting 258 covid cases in the last two weeks. >> the delta variant is good at finding people who are not vaccinated. >> reporter: revealing the surge is making him consider a vaccine mandate for workers in high-risk settings. >> we are seriously mandating vaccines in certain high-risk settings. for the population as a hold, but for people whose occupation who are in close contact with people very vulnerable. hospital workers, congregants, care settings, long-term
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skilled nursing facilities. jails and other places, if any go up outbreak occurs, it's more dire. >> if you are interested in making a vaccine appointment, we have that information on our website along with answers to more of your questions, just head to bullets fly on highway 4. one person was killed. the chp set another person was shot and has moderate injuries. this happened last night around 6:30. after the shooting, officers say the black toyota crashed into a guard rail at the top of the porch chicago off-ramp. a suspect vehicle drove off, t officers not enfied a vehicle for potential suspects. witnesses are describing the moments they heard gunfire in downtown san rafael. two were killed in four others hurt. it happened outside a nightclub
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on third street and luton's place. abc7 reporter cornell barnard has more. >> i heard gunshots. i saw flashes from a barrel. >> reporter: he said they took cover when they saw a man firing a gun in downtown san rafael. >> at least 10 bullets were fired and in rapid succession. >> reporter: the windows of the salon shattered. the bullet holes left in the concrete pillars of a parking structure. a 62-year-old man, possibly homeless, was wounded. >> at first i do think it was gunshots, then i heard tires screeching. >> reporter: police say the violence unfolded friday night near a nightclub on fourth street ray concert was happening. it's unclear what prompted the shooting. >> somewhere in that area, there was gunfire exchanged from a power automatic rifle. >> reporter: what is assad dodge charger speeding from the scene. police stopped the car and found two 25-year-old man
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inside with gunshot wounds. one victim from fairfield and the other from pittsburgh. about the same time, police say 2 from stockton were involved in this crash. one was steady and the other wounded. >> then we got a call from a low local hospital that a vehicle driven up, door opened, victim dropped on the ground and the vehicle fled the scene. >> reporter: the victim later died. local officials condemning the night of gun violence and property damage. >> this is something you don't want to see in your town where a business has its windows completely shot out right in the middle of a busy downtown area. it is unacceptable. >> reporter: the bullet holes hard to miss. got a statement from san rafael police chief who said his staff is working tirelessly to bring the people who committed this crime to justice. his thoughts and prayers going out to the victims and their families. the department is asking for
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any information the public may have about this crime. this week next two year since the gilroy garlic festival mass shooting that left three dead and more than a dozen injured. in honor of all the lives impacted, the district attorney center is hosting a week of events focused on kindness. you can join in by prevent bike doing it act of kindness. today, a free britney rally in san francisco's castro district. the free britney army seeks to in the 13 year conservatorship of britney spears, raise awareness about conservatorship abuse, and advocate reform. earlier, a judge ruled she can hire her own attorney in the case. the rally starts at 1:00 this afternoon on the corner of castro and market. let's get a check outside. the deck of low clouds has been a pretty steady companion. emeryville, it is cloudy into
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the east bay. temperatures we will see around seven increasing high clouds and mid-level clouds. good that the two rain? we have a lot of heat to talk about for the week ahead. i will have that, next. fatigue and confusion that can last for months. we are talking about covid long haulers. bay area researchers have made a breakthrough when it comes to finding of the root cause of the symptoms. the bay area welcomes new i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato.
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do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ a convicted serial killer died at a hospital near cochran state prison. 77 year old rodney alcala was on death row since 2010. a jury convicted him for the murders of four women and a girl in the late 70s.
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investigators linked him to other deaths in four other states and say his true unt will never be known. he was known as the dating game killer because he because intestine on the show. present officials say he died yesterday of natural causes. santa cruz police say they arrested two people for vandalizing a black lives matter marrow. the police she shared a picture the show tire marks. the suspects are 18 years old and 19 years old. both face charges of vandalism and conspiracy to a felony. the mayor said the mural will be repaired. this morning, we are taking a look at the wildfires in california. the dixie fire is the largest in the state. tamarack fire in the southern sierra the tamarack fire is moving quickly and has scorched more than 66,000 acres. water drops are part of the assault on the fire burning on the california/nevada border.
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several homes have been lost. nevada's governor has declared a state of emergency for one county. a couple who was prepared to evacuate are members of the fire protection district. >> we would make sure we had our radios and the things we needed to respond to medical emergencies or fires. >> the tamarack fire started as a lightning strike july 4 and his 4% contained. crews expect to get full containment august 31. northwest of that fire, the largest wildfire in california continues to burn. new video says the dixie fire destroying homes and threatening thousands of others and businesses. most along like all men are westshore in plumas county. there are 14 mandatory evacuation zones at a 181,000 acres. the dixie fire is 20% contained. the national weather service said smoke from those fires are causing unhealthy air quality
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over much of the sierra this weekend. there is a sign of how bad the drought is in california. farmers could be the one to take the brunt. the state water resources control board put out an order to keep farmers from tapping into the rivers and streams. this would affect those in the sacramento and san joaquin river sheds. many farmers in the central valley have already seen their water allocations reduced. it's not final, but the board is set to order on this and not --. let's get a check of the forecast. the more we hear about the drought, the scarier it becomes. >> and we're not even into peak season with the offshore flow that happens in september and october. we have a chance of wanting rains. thunderstorms and the possibility of lightning, but with the storms, if we see any, they should be moist and provide a little rain. as we look at live doppler 7, the onshore flow and deck of
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low clouds and fog that has allowed for moisture to reach the redwoods, the coast, those areas that are used to at this time of year. it has been a little cool in the afternoon with a breeze for some of you, but for others, it has been hot and we will see change to that today. mid-and high-level list moisture is wrapping around an area of high pressure around phoenix and that will bring up some of the moisture we could see into monday and tuesday. 58, oakland. 50, santa rosa. 54, downtown. a strong wind through the delta up to 35 miles per hour. indication for cooling coming into play this afternoon along with the excess cloud cover. chance of thunderstorms monday and tuesday. a summer sizzle meaning temperatures comingday, wednesd friday in parts of the bay
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area. this morning, fog. it still with us at 9:30 across the bay. it is clear, but by the time it pushes back to the coast, high and mid-level clouds reaching the bay area and pushing to the north into monday night and tuesday. a little change as the system continues to ride the periphery of that area of high pressure. with a chance of a thunderstorm. tuesday, temperatures climbing into the upper 90s inland. it's a warm day on the edge of that system which is about to exit, bringing more sun and heat into wednesday. over 100. look for numbers near 80 near richmond. san francisco and half moon bay stating comfortable. thursday, the pinks gripped the valleys and numbers in the gi t lake. partly mostly th breezy winds.
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, kland. 91, antioch. upper 70s in santa rosa and napa. 73, san mateo. the accuweather seven-day forecast. slightly cooler today with the clouds. looking at a cooler day tomorrow with a chance of a thunderstorm. chance of lightning and into tuesday. the hottest day of the week should be wednesday into thursday inland with highs near 100. 80s around the bay. the warmest at the coast should be 70 degrees, so that sounds perfect. covid-19 continues to impact the olympics. second full day of the games gets underway and last night an american golfer dropped out of the olympics after testing positive for covid. covid cases are up in the olympics to 137 this morning. new cases are up
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biggest medical mysteries about covid is how some patients develop symptoms including fatigue and confusion that can last for months. a virologist appears to discover the root cause which is leading to better treatment. david louie show us the breakthrough that you will see only here on abc7. caroline has been a nurse for 37 years. never has she run into so many skeptics dose of long haulers. >> you will have to see a psychiatrist. you believe you had covid, you didn't. you believed you had long haulers, and you don't. i won't see you unless you see a psychiatrist. >> reporter: she tested negative multiple times until the bay area researcher verified markers in her blood through advanced analysis. >> they are not in anybody's heads. they are real. abnormalities and now we have ways of treating them. >> reporter: dr. patterson used machine learning to zero in on a white blood cell called
5:21 am
monocytes. >> the cells were acting like a garbage can and they were going around and scavenging dying cells that contain the covid proteins. and it was reprocessing them so the immune system could see them. >> reporter: the cells trigger an end inflammatory response, chronic fatigue and rain fog among other symptoms. >> my brain fog was so severe, i would have to get up and make a list that i eight, that i took a shower. >> reporter: dr. patterson's work on the root causes helping long-suffering patients to be treated. labs specialized in the analysis. caroline acknowledges and pulled her back from a dark place. >> the misery and that no one believes you and there is no help makes you feel like why live? it's pretty dark. >> reporter: patterson projects one and three covid cases will develop into long haulers. treatment can lead to
5:22 am
improvement in 2 to 4 weeks. more people join the ranks of front-line workers in the bay area. yesterday, mission college held a graduation ceremony for this year's and last year's registered nursing classes. due to the pandemic, the 2020 class didn't get a pinning ceremony and was included in this year's ceremony. new nurses talked of the pandemic change the way they learned in the way they will work. >> we have to go to the hospital , with determination, we were able to do it. >> continue to educate the population and try to get everybody safe. >> 58 were honored in the ceremony. congratulations to all of them. coming up. >> ♪ >> fighting climate change with beautiful music.
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this week, the gilroy little league is hosting the 10 for the first time in its history. yesterday, the first round games were play at the complex. three teams from the bay area are among the seven sectional champions including sonoma, canyon creek, and san ramon and union little league. all three won yesterday and the double elimination tournament. gilroy little league was scheduled to host the de facto world series for the north l 10 and under players. the past two years, but both were canceled. in 2019, the tragic gilroy garlic festival shooting canceled the event and last year covid shut down this season. it is nice to see it can happen. some south bay artists are showing ages a number when it comes to making a difference.
5:26 am
abc7 reporter shows us how they are preparing for a charity concert and how you can get involved. >> reporter: inside the south bay home, the work is underway to help make our world a better place. >> ♪ >>ep this group of talented young artists are using their sound to raise money to fight the climate crisis in our state and beyond. >> i think music can express what you want, what you need, and what you love. there has been a lot of climate change, and i want to help make the world better. >> with this concert, all of our music and what we are plaguing is tied to climate theme the weather theme. that plays a big part in allowing people to understand how important this issue is and how we need to take action. >> reporter: the students have been preparing for weeks ahead of their upcoming charity concert aptly titled troubled
5:27 am
earth. for nearly 20 years, jamie has offered students the choice of what they would like to raise money and awareness for. away to take their gift and turn it into something good. >> they have the chance to learn a beautiful thing, and they should bring this beautiful thing to the community. an our music, to touch some people. >> reporter: these students recognize the role they play in society and encourage others to be the change they want to see in the world. >> kids are teenagers feel they don't have the resources to create change, but even a small step is important. i think the first step is to become more educated and aware of the issues in the world and try to find steps to work for the change you want to see. >> reporter: tickets are on sale july 31. visit for more information . still to come. a crackdown on cell phone use behind the wheel.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on abc7 news live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we will start this half hour with another look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. it has been covid a heat wave is coming. >> it has been warm inland. we have a surge of cooler, oyster marine air that will make its way through the delta. the car key to straight reporting winds of over 35 miles per hour. we are seeing the push. as we look at temperatures, it is 55 in berkeley with 54 in richmond.
5:31 am
57, alameda. 50, novato. with the low clouds, pretty extensive this morning and throughout the afternoon. we will curb some of the warming inland. 2:00, mid to upper 80s. partly cloudy. that's inland. by 3:00, 90 in antioch but you will notice the cooling. 74, hayward with mid-70s in mountain view and upper 70s santa rosa. temperatures coming down with a higher clouds and looking at the mostly cloudy evening, it will lead to a chance of thunderstorms and perhaps dry lightning as we get through the early part of the week then we will talk about the heat. the u.s. is recording more than -- up 51% in the past week. more than three times the number in lake june. states where vaccination rates are the lowest are getting hits the hardest. abc7 news reporter tai hernandez has the latest. >> reporter: hospitals across the country are once again filling up with covid patients,
5:32 am
admissions jumping nearly 36% this week. 306,000 americans in infected. the highest weekly total in months. florida sing more than 10,000 cases a day. concerns that miami's music festival this weekend could become a super spreader event. nurses on the front lines say but the delta variant, the latest surge is different. >> i have not taken care of one patient that i have gotten to remove the ventilator from and they succeed and get to move out of our unit. >> reporter: nationwide, 66% of the eligible population 12 and older have received one dose. more than 57% are fully vaccinated. many are hesitant, but doctors say they are starting to see attitudes towards vaccines change. >> the patients who were hospitalized, upon recovery have changed their mind to get
5:33 am
vaccinated. >> reporter: arkansas, he and his pregnant wife are unvaccinated and they both ended up hospitalized with covid. she lost the baby. >> i want to tell my story because if it happened to me it could happen to anybody. >> reporter: possibility of vaccine booster shots. "the new york times" reporting senior health officials believe a third shot may be necessary for the immunocompromised or those over 65 who received pfizer or moderna vaccines. the cdc is exploring multiple options, but notes more evidence is needed. in hayward, the phil matier combined to give up and vaccination event. it was free and available to anyone for showing up. those over 12 oversee the vaccine got a $50 gift card. the kids got a screen. several dozen people got vaccinated. >> we know a lot of workers were here.
5:34 am
families that have access with the public are here. may be mistrust in the vaccine. our job is to provide resources and educate the community on the benefits of getting vaccinated. they also confirm they can bring the vaccine straight to people's homes. if you are interested in vaccine appointment, we have that information on our website. . new developments. the california republican party has cleared the way for possible endorsement in the september recall election. the party decided august 7, gop delegates will vote on which candidate to endorse out of the 24 republicans with qualified. the candidate will require at least 60% of the vote. it is possible there will not be an endorsement if no candidate gets that. helpful campaign cash in the weeks before the recall. california voters last recalled the governor in 2003. we put together ingo originals documentary about that wild election. you can find it on the abc7 bay
5:35 am
area map. focusing on the issue of housing. the idea of quadrupling single- family homes is gaining momentum. the san francisco reportedly introduce legislation and tuesday allowing the conversion of any single-family home lot in to a four plex. two other supervisors are working on similar measures. san francisco pro has a group is working on getting a four plex measure on the ballot. to the north bay and the effort to crack down on people using cell phones behind the wheel. the crackdown isn't new but the penalties are. $150 for a first violation and $250 for a second. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has the details. >> reporter: there's one in almost every car crowded intersection. the minute the driver gets involved, he or she could become
5:36 am
the business of santa rosa police officers. >> are you always looking? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: especially since july 1 when california toughened laws against distracted driving with the mobile device. get cost twice and 36 months, it's as bad as a speeding ticket. the state is spinning police agencies to form special units to hasten enforcement. >> it looked like you were looking down. where you were on your phone? >> no. >> what were you looking at? >> reporter: she didn't mind being stopped because these devices have made more than a small dent in fatalities. 2019, cell phones played a role in 50% of injury crashes and 9% of fatal once nationally. >> i think getting stopped makes a difference. me being here makes a difference. i think getting a citation makes a difference. >> reporter: he does have discretion. >> do you have your cell phone?
5:37 am
>> i don't think anybody likes writing tickets. you don't want to be somebody's bad day. sometimes it's necessary. >> reporter: the 16-year-old admitted his mistake. when dealing with the officer, honesty can be a better policy. he got off with a warning. >> i am assuming this is his first traffic stop. i feel give him a break and hopefully next time you will be using his cell phone. >> reporter: the rest of us are reminded. coming up on this week, an exclusive interview with house speaker nancy pelosi after rejecting two gop members with strong ties to former president trump from the january 6 commission, she will talk about the future of the investigation. you can watch the full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos right here on abc7. still ahead. sidewalks are turning into canvases filled with beautiful art in the south bay.
5:38 am
you can show off your skills. here's a live look outside. just gorgeous as we look at the skyline of san francisco. you can see that building lit up. we will check in with
5:39 am
what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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a ban excuse me, a ban on hosing sidewalks and driveways is steps being taken. maybe it's a good thing because it's helping to create creative cart were.d shows us. >> reporter: they are encouraging residents to express how parks make life better, using chalk and sidewalks as their canvas. artwork is popping up and done by kids and adults who will be competing in a contest divided into age categories. >> they can find a piece of
5:41 am
sidewalk anywhere and create something that is beautiful. when others walk by, it brings joy to them. >> reporter: 21 entries so far for the second annual contest. these are photos of some of last year's 40 entries. photos of chalk art are posted online and residents vote for their favorites. 1600 ballots were cast last year. >> they have created three- dimensional art, practice blending. we saw the rudimentary stick figures and messages. we have seen some really creative masterpieces. >> reporter: while some consider a child's play, chalk drawings is becoming a serious art form. sacramento has a chalk it up festival in its 31st year and known to draw tens of thousands of spectators. they do it for fun, but it doesn't last long. >> it fades with the sun. the wind blows it away. delivery people walk across it.
5:42 am
we see a few cat footprints every now and again. >> reporter: chalk art gives people a reason to look down. im ar chalk art contest. sing down your sidewalk. it doesn't need our water. >> and you can't do it anyway. it's restricted to water out there. good morning. it's 59 and some of the cities around walnut creek. 60 with a clear sky. numbers coming down this afternoon out of the 90s. we are adding to the cloud cover, but the heat returns. i will tell you when, next. take a look at this effort by a's outfielder. he tries to rob the mariners of a home run. could oakland get a
5:43 am
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in sports, both the a's and giants will try to rebound from losses. san francisco will try to avoid big swept by the pirates. alex wood is slated to start for the giants. pitch, 1:05. the a's tried to earn a split of their series at t-mobile park. cole irvin is scheduled to take the mound. first pitch 1:10. dropped their second straight game to the pirates. here is chris alvarez with more. barry bonds turned 57 yesterday. the all-time home run leader played seven years in pittsburgh for the final 15 in san francisco. his two teams took the field last night. kevin hadn't given up more than three runs in the first 16
5:46 am
starts. gregory polanco, meder date 4-1 game. allowed two more runners before being pulled. this to run single closes out his day. the season-high six earned runs in the giants in trouble. they struggle against the starter. down goes stephen dugger. bottom of the sixth, lamont waited jr. and that's out of here. 10th homer since being called up from may 31. trying to rally, two on in the seventh. he strikes him out to end the frame. 12 strikeouts for the giants in this game. giants lose 10-2. mariners. these fans getting close with the action. that a's was up but mitch haniger takes him deep de thtc
5:47 am
talk about great seats right there. oh, so close to catching the ball. top of the seven, a's down. garcia to write. it stays fair and it's gone for a home run. so nice we show it twice. we are tied at four. oakland had a franchise five wild pitches. bases-loaded. two upper seattle. he uncork say wild pitch. mariners win 5-4. the quakes back at home. san jose, a great scoring chance. the shot is wide.houstoon the cl stoppage time of the free kick.
5:48 am
he sends it in. he next said in. tied at one. goal. the celebration stops. he was called offsides. this finish, four straight ties for san jose as the winless match streak continues to 11. today, it's the folsom street market. it's taking place of the it opens at 11:00 this morning and you can find it on folsom street. meteorologist lisa argen is joining us to tell us how it will shape up for people who have been out there. you can count on the sea breeze this afternoon. the breeze is blowing all the way to the delta this morning. gusts over 35 miles per hour.
5:49 am
for the coast, we had missed and drizzle. extensive deck of low clouds. not only does it have a stronger reach, but we will be looking at mid-level and high- level clouds coming from the south. that is due to a system that is on the move. usually we see what we call a monsoon this time of year with an extensive area of high pressure that is stagnant over the area. the circulation around it is clockwise. because of its movement, we will see moisture move up from southern california into the san joaquin valley. the mountains, the sierra nevada with they have had haze and hazardous conditions due to air quality could see thunderstorms and even into the bay area. always a good idea to be fire weather aware this time of year . here's a look at mt. tam with the scattered cloud deck.
5:50 am
the deck of low clouds, 1400 feet. we are looking at a pretty sunset tonight as mid-and high- level clouds continue to stream from the south. 50 k, san jose. 60, mountain view. 54 in the city. morgan hill, 55. a bit of a breeze out there right now and cloudy skies. 52, novato. with the fog, numbers of a little bit in the north bay. 56 by the delta with the breezy winds. 59, concord and livermore. you can notice it is staying darker a little longer now with the sun setting it 8:24. cooler and cloudier this afternoon. looking at a thunderstorm chance. tomorrow and tuesday the moisture column will ride to the north. north bay looking at best chance for not only a thunderstorm, but some could contain rain. not only the dry lightning where we are looking at that
5:51 am
spreading fires, but the moisture coming down from the base of the cloud and actually reaching the cloud. summer sizzle after that. it's getting hot out there. here's a look at the breeze that will continue. by the afternoon, 26 may be 29 miles per hour for oakland. 30 in the delta. san jose, 25 wind gusts. early on monday, looking at the breeze up to 20 miles per hour along the coast. throughout the day it continues through 5:00. it's a breezy afternoon with those clouds around the bay area through tuesday. here's a look at the inland east bay with numbers out of the upper 90s. low to mid 90s that will continue to monday. as the system exits the bay area, we are looking at upper 90s on tuesday. 101 on wednesday. 103 on thursday. south bay today, plenty of clouds.
5:52 am
partly sunny and 80, santa clara. back home, 64 downtown. 79 in santa rosa. 81, vallejo. 70, oakland. inland, it will be cooler but with the clouds feeling a bit muggy. 86, san ramon. the accuweather seven-day forecast. a little cooler with the clouds today. the sea breeze kicks up and that will continue. chance of a thunderstorm and lightning into monday. tuesday, the chance will diminish but we are looking at warmer weather into wednesday. especially inland. 5 to 10 degrees warmer all around the bay. the heat once to hang around until thursday. it's the moment many jeopardy fans have been waiting for. a familiar face is taking over the show. find out who it
5:53 am
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the oakland aviation museum honored amelia earhart on her birthday. she will forever be tied to oakland where she in 1937 navigated and a navigator took off in an attempt to fly around the world. with 7000 miles to go, her plane disappeared over the central pacific ocean. to merletti deep sea search for her plane in 1999. >> here we are generation after generation, over 80 years on from her disappearance, and she still continues to inspire. >> the group unveiled a new bronze plaque yesterday afternoon to commemorate her achievements. not far from the old oakland airport runway or she took off on that flight. the former host of reading rainbow is next in line to guest host jeopardy. levar burton will take the
5:56 am
reins of the show this week. thousands of fans petition to have him host. burton is thrilled to honor alex trebek's legacy. reading is fundamental is who he has chosen. you can watch jeopardy every week night at 7:00 p.m. right after abc7 news at 6:00 p.m.meries a car slams through an oakland grocery store. the worries, warnings over speeding drivers. adapting to a changing nightlife. san francisco bar is requiring proof of vaccination.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
navigating a changing nightlife. or san francisco bars requiring customers to prove they have been vaccinated. the free britney movement coming to the bay area today. how you can support the popstar as she fights for her freedom. good morning. thank you for joining us on july 25. you are watching abc7 news live on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. i'm liz kreutz. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. the low cloud deck has a little more vanco extensive reach. pushing across the bay but we have mist and drizzle and we are looking at the winds is a factor today. already br


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