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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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6:00 live here on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. now, that shooting happened on third street and lootens place in downtown san rafael just before 11:00 last night. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is there. you can see the bullets that hit the concrete pillar beside cornell. take us back through what happened. >> reporter: yeah, evidence from the shooting pretty much everywhere in this parking structure. as you mentioned, the bullet holes in these concrete pillars. this hair salon has been boarded up after its windows were shattered. police looking for suspects tonight in a shooting which left two dead and four wounded. >> i heard gunshots. i definitely saw some like flashes from a barrel. >> reporter: warren says he and his friends took cover when they saw a man firing a gun on lootens place in downtown san rafael. >> at least ten bullets were fired. and they were in rapid succession. >> reporter: the windows of this
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hair salon shattered by flying but ets. these bullet holes left in the concrete pillars of a park structure. a 62-year-old man, possibly homeless, was wounded in the gunfire. >> at first i did think it was gunshots, and then i heard some ti leein s the violence unfolded around 10:30 friday night near a nightclub on fourth street where a concert was happening, but it's unclear what prompted the shooting. >> somewhere in that area of third and lootens, there was gunfire exchanged from a high powered automatic rifle. >> reporter: witnesses saw a dodge charger speeding from the scene. police stopped the car and found two 25-year-old men inside with gunshot wounds. one victim from fairfield, the other from pittsburg. about the same time, police say two men from stockton were involved in this crash in san anselmo. one was dead, the other wounded. >> then concurrently while that was going on, we got a call from a local hospital that a vehicle had driven up to the local hospital, door opened, victim dropped on the ground and vehicle fled the scene prior to talking to anybody.
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>> reporter: that victim later died. local officials condemning the night of gun violence and property damage. >> this is something you don't want to see in your town, where a business here has its windows completely shot out right in the middle of a busy downtown area. it's unacceptable. >> reporter: back live with a shot of more bullet holes in the side of this building. we just got a statement from san rafael police chief david spiller who says his staff is working tirelessly to bring the people who committed this crime to justice. his thoughts and prayers going out to the victims and their families. the department is also asking for any information the public may have about this crime. we're live in san rafael tonight, i'm cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> a story we will continue to follow. cornell, thanks. to the east bay now, flames caused a small explosion as it tore through an abandoned warehouse in oakland. fire crews say the fire started
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overnight near a small encampment. that fire downed power lines and a number of transformers, causing power outages in the area. that fire burned in the area of 45th avenue and east 12th street, right next to a lot filled with tall stacks of wooden palettes. so far no word on a cause. now to the coronavirus. dozens of people showed up to get vaccinated in mountain view today. el camino health organized the mobile clinic specifically for young people who live in underserved communities. their hope is to get as many people 12 and over vaccinated before school starts. another clinic is scheduled in two weeks at columbia middle school in sunnyvale. no appointment is necessary. the effort to vaccinate was also happening in hayward where the group la familia organized a combined food giveaway and vaccination event. all was free and available to anyone just willing to show up. those over 12 who received the vaccine also got a $50 gift card. the kids got ice cream. >> we know that a lot of our
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essential workers are here. we know that families that have direct access to the public are here. and that maybe has some mistrust in the vaccine. part of our job is not just to provide these resources but also educate our community on the benefits of getting vaccinated. >> 40 to 50 people were vaccinated in just the first two hours of the event. la familia also confirmed that they can also bring the vaccine straight to people's homes. in the north bay, there are more signs of a new covid surge. yesterday sonoma county reported over 1,000 cases. they haven't topped that number since march. cases, along with the positivity rate, have been rising as more contagious variants have spread. the cdc says all the new cases in the united states are new variabilities with the delta accounting for 83% of them. growing concern tonight that the current covid surge may not peak until mid-october.
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and as abc news reporter trevor ault tells us, a third shot could be recommended for some. >> reporter: the daily average of new cases of covid-19 is up 251% since mid-june. 38 states and new york city are seeing daily case averages double, triple or quadruple over just the last two weeks, and hospitals in springfield, missouri, are overwhelmed. >> there's a whole bunch of people unvaccinated in the heart of the midwest, which is why i think we're the epicenter of this outbreak with the delta virus. >> reporter: a new national model predict this is latest surge may not peak until mid-october. daily deaths could triple from what they are now. >> the model does tell us if we pick up pace of vaccination, we can prevent an unnecessary surge. >> reporter: in alabama, the state with the lowest rate of vaccinations, the governor is not hiding her frustrations. >> it's time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. it's the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down. >> reporter: the white house the touting a 14% increase in vaccinations this past week. they were asked if a tougher approach should be taken toward the unvaccinated. >> i don't think our role is to
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place blame, but what we can do is provide accurate information to people who are not yet vaccinated about the risks they are incurring on themselves and the people around them. >> reporter: there could be a major change for those who are already vaccinated. "the new york times" reporting senior health officials in the biden administration now believe a third shot may be necessary for recipients of the pfizer or moderna vaccines who are 65 and older or who have compromised immune systems. the cdc says it's exploring multiple options for making a third dose available to the immunocompromised but more evidence is needed. trevor ault, abc news, new york. moving on to the major wildfires in california. the dixie fire in butte and plumas counties is now the large nest the state. the tamarack fire in the southern sierra remains out of control. crews say the tamarack fire is moving quickly and has scorched so far more than 101 square miles. water drops like this one are
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part of the assault on the fire burning on the california/nevada border. several homes have been lost to the flames. nevada's governor has declared a state of emergency for one county in the fire's path. a couple who is prepared to evacuate are also members of the fire protection district. >> so once we got our own family settled, we would make sure that we had our radios and all the thing that is we needed to respond to any medical emergencies or fires in our community. >> the tamarack fire started as a lightning strike on july 4th and is just 4% contained. crews expect to get full containment august 31st. now to the northwest of that fire, the largest wildfire in the state continues its burn. the dixie fire now threatens thousands of homes and businesses, mostly along lake almanor's west shore in plumas county. there are 14 mandatory evacuation zones, and at 283 square miles, the dixie fire is just 19% contained. the national weather service says smoke from the dixie and
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tamarack fires is causing unhealthy air quality over much of the sierra this weekend. a convicted serial killer known as the dating game killer died today at a hospital near the prison. 77-year-old rodney alcala was on death row since 2010. a jury in orange county convicted him for murders of four women and a girl in the late '70s. investigators linked alcala to other deaths in four other states and say his true victim count will never be known. he was known as the dating game killer because he was a contestant on the show back in 1978. prison officials say alcala died of natural causes. coming up, a soaring celebration today for an aviation pioneer. we'll head to a local event that celebrates the achievements of amelia earhart today on her birthday. how the bay area played a role in her historic flights. and another sign of just how dire things are becoming for california's drought. the move by the state that could
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impact thousands of farmers. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma, we are keeping an eye on the smoke from wildfires across the state as it moves through portions of california. we're also tracking some cooler weather coming our way the
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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there is another sign of just how bad the drought is in california, and farmers could be the ones who take the brunt of it. the state water resources control board put out an order that would essentially keep farmers from tapping into the state's rivers and streams. this would then affect those in sacramento and the san joaquin river watersheds. many farmers in the central valley have already seen their water allocations reduced. keep in mind, it is not final, but the board is set to vote on the order on august 3rd. the gilroy garlic festival is back after two difficult years. this was the first since a mass shooting in 2019, and last year it was canceled because of the pandemic. that force t reimagine the festival as a drive-thru event. things may have changed, but the flavors and aromas are still the same. this was the second soldout day in a row. >> we had a hard couple years, so we're here to support them. >> this is tradition with our
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family. we come every year. we missed it last year, and we said we're not going to miss it this year. >> the festival is already sold out for tomorrow, but at last check, tickets were still available for next weekend. keep in mind if you do plan on attending, drivers must pre-order garlic festival favorites in advance. no walk-up orders are accepted. the oakland aviation museum honored amelia earhart today on her birthday. earhart will forever be tied to oakland where, back in 1937, she and a navigator took off in an attempt to fly around the world. with just 7,000 miles to go, though, her plane disappeared over the central pacific ocean. dana timmer led a million dollar deep sea search for earhart's plane in 1999. >> here we are generation after generation over 80 years on from her disappearance, and she still
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continues to inspire. >> the group unveiled a new bronze plaque at the museum this afternoon to commemorate her achievements not far from her old oakland airport runway where she took off on that flight. the full buck moon this weekend may have a little bit of a different look. what's causing it to suddenly change colors and appear orange or even red in some places. plus, get ready for the return of the summer sizzle. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with your accuweather forecast. and coming up in sports, draymond green speaks ahead of team usa's first game in the olympics. and his teammate damian lee with the best video you're going when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at
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even over breakfast. and with fast, free delivery there's more time for the good stuff. shop america's #1 pet pharmacy. visit today. oh, check out this time lapse of the moon over washington, d.c., last night. suddenly it just becomes orange tinted. now, the reason for the color change is the smoke from the western wildfires has drifted all the way across the country. earlier this week, we saw pictures of thick blankets of haze over new york city and philadelphia as well. all of that caused by the smoke. you know, i mentioned we saw this last summer where we had that haze in the air and the wind certainly not helping. >> yeah, no one will forget last
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september. that was a wild time. we have issues with smoke across parts of northern california. here locally that nice marine layer behind us. live doppler 7 is quiet. outside, sutra tower, the marine layer coming in. a lot of us will wake up to fog first thing in the morning. but i want to go to lake tahoe. here's live look. the water looks beautiful, but look at the air. the smoke is just so thick right now from several wildfires, and the winds are just going to keep this smoke in place for the second half of the weekend. here's the smoke forecast. and there you can see overnight tonight, and this is tomorrow morning, you can see that thick smoke just settling over parts of the sierra, especially around lake tahoe right here in western nevada. so unfortunately, the wind direction right now is going to keep that smoke in place where it is currently. you look at the bay area, that onshore flow is keeping our air fresh and will remain pretty clean over the next two days. your air quality forecast here at home, pretty good. good to go across a majority of the region not only tomorrow but
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on monday as well thanks to that onshore flow. we're seeing inland. 92 in concord. 93 in brentwood. 91 in livermore. i got that breeze, though, keeping san francisco cooler at 60. 72 in hayward. 71 that current temperature in santa rosa. live doppler 7 along with satellite, the story we are tracking, you can see a lot of moisture in the four corners. we're going to see a little piece of this move into california again, especially monday and into tuesday. triggering the threat of more thunderstorms. i think that threat, again, is to the north and to the east of the bay area, but nonetheless, you do have a fire weather watch for interior mendocino county as well as lake county for that threat monday of an isolated thunderstorm. thankfully, it looks like if one does pop up on monday, it would include some rain as well. we're going keep our eyes on that. but just know, monday and tuesday, especially in the sierra, we will be tracking some thunderstorms. overnight tonight we'll see fog pushing in from the coast. turning mostly cloudy with
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coastal drizzle as well. san francisco at 54. 55 for oakland. 58 for san jose. that marine push first thing tomorrow morning. it will pull back to the coast in the morning, but we will see some high clouds move in into the afternoon. partly sunny to finish out the weekend here on sunday. 70 in oak land. 64 in the city. 81 in san jose. 79 in santa rosa. hit about 91, a warm spot, in antioch. the accuweather seven-day forecast. morning clouds, breezy afternoon tomorrow. cloudier and cooler on monday. a slight chance of thunder on tuesday. again, i think the best chance is north and east of the bay area. otherwise temperatures turn up by wednesday and thursday. it is a summer sizzle. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> the summer olympics are underway in tokyo. steve kerr, draymond green, kevin durant and the rest of usa basketball plays their first game tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. locally against france. three more players just showed up in japan, but they did have a
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good exkus. devin booker, chris middleton, drew holiday played n finals, which ended in milwaukee winning their first championship in 50 years. they met in seattle on frida a r those guys for not only committing to do this but actually keeping their word. you know, i have a tremendous amount of respect for those guys seeing it through, seeing their commitment through, and it's on us to make sure that we do our parts in making sure that they are rewarded with what they ultimately came here for, which is to help us compete and win a gold medal. the nhl draft finished up today, the sharks drafting eight more players. and last night they took swedish forward william. on the broadcast, he was described as a slippery winger. celebrating at home with his family last night in sweden, 18
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years old, stands 5'10", 176 pounds, look for his speed and acceleration on the ice. assistant gm doug winston jr. says he was ranked second on their draft board and they're over the moon to have him. last season he scored 11 goals with 12 assists in 40 games, earning the swedish hockey league rookie of the year. >> i always try myself as a two-way forward who just like to be an offensive threat with my passing game or beating defendants in the corners with my edge work. >> you'll see the maturity not only in how he plays the game but how he lives his life. he's a coach's dream, just how he plays the game. spend some time around him, you'll bet the same feeling we have. cool moment last night, giants pick will bednar made his first trip to oracle park. his older brother is a relief pitcher for the giants. got a little awkward when david took the mound the in the eighth. buster grounds out, and l remember, he's drafted by the
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giants, he's clapping. that's your teammate, get tos donovan solano to strike out. will's reaction much more subdued. history at sonoma raceway, matt smith setting a pro stock motorcycle record by going over 205 miles an hour in a quarter mile, actually 205.4, hard to read on that board, but that is true and that is fast. britney with an unintended fireworks display in her run. the super charger explodes, but she was the top qualifier at almost 330 miles an hour. check it out in slow motion. that is wild. who does this? very brave. racing continues today with the finals tomorrow afternoon. the warriors getting set to make two picks in the upcoming draft. damian lee made the selection that ended up being just perfect for mom. >> are you sure you like it? >> i do like it.
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i think it's great. stop lying. >> damian surprising mom with a brand new car, and mom obviously over the moon excited. on twitter damian said his mom never wants anything, and this was a token of appreciation for all those sacrifices she made for him. cool moment there. sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino. back to the racing real quick, the fire and the speed and -- >> so scary. >> very terrifying, but good stuff there at sonoma. one more day of racing. but man, the need for speed. i don't know, i've never been in a car like over 85. >> really? you've never? >> very careful. >> do you want to race? yeah, right, my little smart car. a whale of a tale for some lucky people. we will have much more of
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, several dozen new nurses graduated in san francisco today. how they feel heading into the medical profession as the pandemic continues on. and an olympics unlike any other is underway. in tokyo, we talked to an
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architect who designed the stadium for the games. the hidden elements that pay tribute to japan. that's all coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. well, finally now, a tour group in monterey has quite the tale to tell after a rare encounter on the water. take a look. so cool. it seems this whale is a real extrovert, spent a lot of time yesterday interacting with passengers on a whale watching tour. the whale let out a few mighty blows, did some spy hopping, that's when it's
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