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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 24, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. summer surge. breaking overnight, a new report that the cdc is now considering booster shots for the vulnerable as covid cases rise at an alarming rate across the country. some experts saying this new wave may not even peak until late fall. >> we don't know how bad this is going to get. >> and now the nfl is laying down the law to unvaccinated players and teams, threatening loss of pay and forfeits for outbreaks. some players now pushing back. we hear from the vp of the players union live. raging wildfires. fire danger out west, more than 80 large fires burning across 13 states and more than a dozen new wildfires reported prompting new
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evacuations. look at this. one of california's largest fires crossing the border to nevada creating this fire whirl. the dry weather and heat hampering the battle against the blaze. historic change. congress considering a bill that would require women to register for the draft. what's driving that proposed change? who is opposing it and how some women in the military are reacting. missing mother. new developments in the case of the california woman who disappeared more than six months ago. her family now speaking out as her husband is named a person of interest. >> for him to be named as a person of interest at this time is actually not a surprise for us. >> what authorities are saying this morning. let the games begin. after a very unique opening ceremony in an almost empty tokyo stadium, covid fears
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keeping some athletes like teame parade of nations as protesters outside the venue make their voices heard over the celebration. now the competition is under way with the first medals awarded. athletes draping their medals on their own shoulders. we're live on the ground in tokyo. good morning, america. dan is off, but we are happy to welcome matt barrie from espn. >> hi, guys. >> for the first time this morning. >> the hospitality at the palatial estate down here in times square is amazing. >> oh, yes, absolutely. >> whit welcomed me with coffee. i mean, it's been great. >> it's top notch quality. >> he didn't offer me coffee. >> you didn't drink it. only the new people drink that coffee. but it's great to have you on the desk. we're going to have a fun morning. we do have a busy morning and a lot to cover, so we do begin with that summer surge of covid-19 cases.
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nationwide the daily case average is now up 251% since mid-june. >> and the rising cases leading some school districts to tighten protocols. public schools in chicago and atlanta are requiring masks for all students this fall. >> as the highly transmissible delta variant spreads across the country, the push to get more people vaccinated is growing in urgency. so far more than 162 million americans are fully vaccinated. that's nearly half of the total population. abc's trevor ault is in times square with the latest. good morning to you, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, eva. here in new york city the mayor says they're considering mandatory vaccine passports for most social activities, really anything to try to entice more people to get the shot because with cases and hospitalizations rising nationally at a troubling rate, one new projection says unless the vaccination rates really pick up, the daily death toll nationwide could possibly triple. overnight a potential major change for fully vaccinated americans. "the new york times" reporting senior health officials in the biden administration now believe
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a third shot may be necessary for recipients of the pfizer or moderna vaccines who are 65 and older or who have compromised immune systems. this possible booster shot comes amid a grim pandemic outlook heading into the fall. a new model predicting the summer surge we're seeing now could keep rising until mid-october. >> others will say we're at the beginning of a surge, and that is true, but what we don't know is how bad this is going to get. >> reporter: st. louis is bringing back indoor mask mandates for everyone, but the missouri attorney general says he'll file a lawsuit monday to stop it. missouri is also sending ambulance strike teams to help out hospitals in springfield as the delta variant runs rampant through the state. >> there is a whole bunch of people who are unvaccinated in the heart of the midwest which is why i think we're the e epicenter of the outbreak of this delta variant. >> reporter: this is not just a midwestern problem. over the past two weeks, 38 states have seen their daily
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case averages double, triple or even quadruple with one in every five new cases coming out of florida. overnight a federal court lifting pandemic rules for florida-based cruise ships arguing the cdc regulations cannot be enforced but should be rather used as guidelines. in sacramento, mia ponte vinnard and her husband brad wanted to wait to get vaccinated, but brad became infected four weeks ago and died last weekend. one of his final facebook posts reading, if you haven't gotten the vaccination, please go get it. this is nothing nice. >> it's a real tragedy that this had to happen because we weren't on board by getting vaccinated. >> reporter: in the midst of this surge, the white house is touting a 14% increase in vaccinations this week. the states with the five highest case rates all seeing vaccination rates rise. >> we do have that increase in people getting vaccinated, because when that happens, you will see that case growth line
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start to come down. >> reporter: and the cdc has not yet responded to or commented on that report about the potential need for booster shots for the immunocompromised or people 65 and older. and, guy, notably among that rise in vaccinations this past week, shots given to 12 to 17-year-olds rose 20%. eva. >> trevor ault for us, thank you. and for months we have now been talking about the delta variant. janai is here with what you need to know this morning. good morning to you, janai. >> eva, good morning. delta is now the dominant strain in the u.s. making up an estimated 83% of cases. the most troubling variant by far, the fastest and the fittest. that's how some experts are describing the delta variant because of its high transmissibility factor. according to the world health organization, the delta variant is about 60% more transmissible than the uk variant, which has recently been renamed alpha. so to put that into perspective a completely mitigated/unmitigated environment where no one is vooks nad or wearing masks, it's estimated that the delta variant
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would spread much more easily to and between people compared to previous variants. scientists found people infected with delta have far higher levels of the virus in their bodies compared to prior variants, which is one reason that this version of the virus is far more contagious. so one important question that so many people are wondering is whether the delta strain will make you sicker than the original virus. that is still being studied but what do we know right now? we know people who have not been fully vaccinated are most at risk. in fact, hospitals across the country are reporting that those who are hospitalized with the delta variant tend to be younger than in previous covid-19 waves that we've seen. doctors say the bottom line, what you need to know at home, the bottom line here is vaccinations are the best protection from the delta variant, guys. >> yeah, the delta variant really raising the stakes in all of this. janai, thank you. for more on all of this, we're joined by dr. john brownstein, chief innovation officer at boston children's hospital. dr. brownstein, good morning. always great to have you. want to jump right in here. that new model predicts the current surge in covid cases
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could continue until mid-october with daily deaths potentially tripling. how likely is that? and is there anything that can be done to stop it? >> yeah, good morning, whit. i mean, let's remember, models are a guide. they're not perfect and this model assumes that we're only going to get to 70% of eligible americans vaccinated by december, so we can change this, right? the model does tell us that if we pick up the pace of vaccination we can prevent an unnecessary surge. live this is true, as janai mentioned, delta is super transmissible. if you have pockets of spread you'll need more immediate options like social distancing and mask wearing. in places where you have good rollout you will see a decoupling between cases and deaths. we need that increase of vaccinations heading into the fall and starting to see that in certain states where people are seeing that connection to loved ones getting ill. slight hope for increase in vaccinations. that's what we need to stop the delta variant. >> there is a lot of hope that could be a new trend. you heard in that report earlier that the biden administration,
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health officials are considering booster shots for people with compromised immune systems. do you think it's now time to roll out booster shots at least for the most vulnerable populations? >> i think we're slowly getting there. but i want to make it clear that these vaccines that we have work incredibly well right now for what matters, hospitalizations and deaths. so let's make sure people recognize that, but, yes, there is some emerging data that shows it could be helpful in preventing illness among those vulnerable. the concern is immunocompromised people are more likely to get breakthrough infections, hospitalizations and deaths so the cdc has to weigh more data. others have taken it on, france and israel, for example, but while we wait for more data the pressure is on for unvaccinated people to get immunized because they will ultimately protect our vulnerable population as we head into this surge. >> in the meantime, some communities are bringing back mask mandates even if you're vaccinated and even though the cdc hasn't changed its recommendation yet. is that the right approach in these areas of high spread? >> yeah, i think so.
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you know, we have to be highly focused. the reality at this point is we have huge variation in how communities are dealing with this pandemic. some with low vaccination rates 46 you'll need mitigation efforts to slow the spread. these short-term measures will be helpful but a blanket guidance isn't. we don't need a national mask mandate now. we need nuanced geographic recommendations to target areas that are experiencing surges to really ramp down the transmission in those communities. >> dr. brownstein, as always, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. matt, over to you. >> now to the raging wildfires out west. more than 80 fires across 13 states fueled by dangerous heat and extremely dry conditions making them hard to fight. rob is in reddington, new jersey, with the latest. good morning, rob. >> good morning, matt. the excessive heat warnings are posted for the northwest and oregon and washing especially in california continue to burn. this is the tamarack fire south
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of lake tahoe that spreads across two states. it's in nevada now. you see that fire whirl that gives you an idea of how erratic that fire is. 60,000 acres burned. the dixie fire north of that in northern california, 18%. this thing really exploded to 167 acres in the last 24 hours and then the bootleg fire has been burning for quite some time, the largest fire in america, 400,000 acres burned. this has taken down over 70 homes and structures and the extreme drought not helping at all. 75 million americans are affected by moderate drought or worse and no significant rain is expected. eva, back over to you. >> rob, thank you for that. now to what could be a historic change to military policy. a new bill before congress would require young women for the first time to register for the draft just like young men. abc's maryalice parks is on capitol hill this morning with the latest on this legislation. ood morning, maryalice. >> reporter: good morning, eva. yeah, this is interesting and
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would be a first. now, it's been nearly 50 years since the government actually inducted someone into the military through the draft. but still young men have to register after they turn 18, and now congress is again talking about whether women should have to too. capitol hill poised to make history. the senate armed services committee advancing a bill that if signed into law would require young women for the first time to register for the draft at 18 just like ther dads and brothers. aislinn carroll, an rotc student from tulane telling us she welcomes the news. >> it caught me off guard. i think that it definitely levels the playing field and shows women are equal. >> reporter: the bill would increase parental leave for servicemen and women and establish a basic needs allowance which advocates say could help hunger and food insecurity among members of the military. today women serve at nearly every level of the military.
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the last time the government actually drafted a nonvoluntary civilian into the armed services was back in 1973 during the vietnam war. last year then candidate joe biden saying a draft is not needed now but that he would, quote, ensure women are also-eligible to register for the selective service system so that men and women are treated equally in the event of future conflicts. on the national mall some worried faces but many women and men conceding the idea felt fair. >> we are living in the 21st century where men and women are to be considered equal then we should be considered equal on all front. >> if it was a draft that included young men and women, that seems appropriate and fair. >> i think that it's fair. i do. i think women are being included in everything and hopefully we don't end up in the situation where we ever need the draft again. >> reporter: but not everyone is on board with the idea of adding women to the draft. republican senator josh hawley writing, compelling women to fight our wars is wrong. now, some recent polls show that slightly more americans favor
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this idea, but it's close. and one more thing, this big defense spending bill would also include some changes to how serious crimes like sexual assault are prosecuted in the military. that's obviously another big topic of debate, whit. >> it sure is. all right. e move to haiti now and u.s. diplomats leaving the funeral of slain president jovenel moise early after reports of gunfire and tear gas in the area. the president's widow, the former first lady addressed the mourners with hopes that haiti would unite after the president's assassination. the funeral was held in the family compound. in south carolina, the 911 tapes released revealing the chilling moments when high-profile attorney alec murdoch said he found the bodies of his wife and son fatally shot at their home. the tapes released almost two months after the bodies of his 22-year-old son paul and 52-year-old wife maggie were found bloodied and wounded. >> i need the police and an ambulance immediately.
7:15 am
my wife and child have been shot badly. >> stay on the line with me. >> it's bad, please hurry. >> no suspects named in that case. at the time of his death paul murdoch was facing charges in a boating accident that left one person dead. we want to shift gears and go back to rob marciano checking the weather but also at a balloon festival in new jersey. we've been waiting for this for a long time. rob, what's going on? >> we got beautiful pictures to share with you as we get deeper into this show. the moons are beginning to fill and they're launching. spectacular day in the northeast. southwest, for starters we mentioned the drought and the heat and the fires in much of the west. the monsoon has kicked into full gear in the southwest and too much of a good thing. unfortunately, a lot of flash flooding and rescues were made in phoenix. they got over an inch of rain. as a matter of fact, that one day of rainfall is as much as they got during the entire monsoon last year, not just in arizona but in utah as well. central utah seeing three inches
7:16 am
of rainfall and this is pretty much where it will remain, utah and new mexico and in arizona, so not really getting up into the fire zone where we really need it and unfortunately more flash flooding expected. maybe debris flows. active already between flagstaff and phoenix this morning so another active day in the southwest. that's a check on what's happening. it is cool, it is calm, it is clear. just the way we like it when we
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launch some balloons and we're going to turn the camera around here in just a few minutes to show you what's happening in central new jersey. >> all right. >> back over to you. >> hey, rob, speaking of hot air, our friend matt barrie here tells us a story of how you first met and you thought he was your driver. >> this is true. this is a true story. >> it's not quite how it happened, but i will say this, he's a decent golfer but an excellent, excellent driver, matt. >> that's right. >> convinced he didn't think i was his uber. >> rob always needs a designated driver so thank you for taking the wheel, matt. >> i'm actually glad he's riding in balloons my first weekend here. >> exactly, exactly. >> rob, thank you. we'll catch up in just a bit. now to that big announcement from cleveland's baseball team known as the indians since 1915 the franchise has now dropped that nickname after years of pressure and protest from the native american community. alex presha has more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, matt.
7:18 am
so after 106 years, cleveland's baseball team is getting a new identity, the indians will t g history. >> we sought a name that strongly reflects the pride, resiliency and loyalty of clevelanders. guardians embodies those defining attributes while drawing upon the iconic guardians of traffic proudly standing just outside progressive field on the hope memorial bridge. >> reporter: the announcement coming on twitter friday in this video narrated by tom hanks, the team saying this is more than about just the game as it moves forward with change. now, the process of finding a new name took several months. the organization surveyed 40,000 fans and whittled down from a list of nearly 1,200 suggestions about a month ago. cleveland's baseball team has been known as the indians since 1915. it used the chief wahoo logo which many found offensive for decades up to 2018, but the move picked up after the
7:19 am
death of george floyd, another tipping point was when the washington redskins rebranded as after pressure from lawmakers the washington football team and cleveland's team owner paul dolan acknowledges there is a portion of his team -- portion of his fan base that will never accept the team change but others are hoping that sports teams like the atlanta braves, chicago blackhawks and kansas city chiefs will take note. to answer a couple questions we know that they're also going to keep a similar logo, the same team colors and also that trademark "c" on their ball cap. by, guys, you will have to get used to saying the cleveland guardians next season. eva. >> we'll all have to get used to saying that. alex presha, thank you. now to the olympics which are under way after an opening ceremony unlike any we have ever seen before. these summer games taking place in japan which is now facing a surge in covid cases, rising 20% in just the past week. abc's kenneth moton has the highlights in tokyo from
7:20 am
the first day. good morning to you, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, eva. busy first saturday for the olympic games. two dozen sports athletes walking into pretty much empty venues, no fans because of the state of emergency here in tokyo. even with the concern over covid, there was a shortage of tests at the olympic village this week, but officials say no athlete missed a covid test, and a large number of test kits were delivered today as athletes get to work in that search for gold. this morning, the first full day of olympic competition in tokyo. the opening ceremony, nothing like we've ever seen. spectators banned from the nearly 70,000-seat stadium. the less than 5,000 people in the stands global leaders, vips, foreign dignitaries like first lady dr. jill biden. and members of the media from around the world. tennis superstar naomi osaka competing for japan lighting the cauldron. about 100 of the 600 team usa athletes in the parade of nations.
7:21 am
usa gymnastics skipping the ceremony but having some fun holding a much more low-key and informal opening ceremony on the street outside their hotel. simone biles telling fans, one of the reasons, covid. [ crowd chanting ] meanwhile, protesters line the streets demanding the games be canceled due to the pandemic. the chants so loud they could be heard inside the nearly empty stadium during the ceremony. but now most of the attention is on the athletes. sports like soccer kicking off. olympic veteran christen press says tokyo 2020 being delayed a year was jarring. >> the motivation to get up and try to stay fit when you don't really know what the next time you'll be playing a competitive match is was really, really hard for me. >> reporter: gymnastics, another day one highlight. seven-time ncaa champion and first-time olympian brody malone says the postponement gave him more time to prepare. >> it definitely helped me, for
7:22 am
sure. having the year off just really gave me the time to get more numbers under my belt and get more confident. >> reporter: tomorrow men's swimming team captain ryan murphy competing in the 100-meter backstroke. >> i think this year has been a really solid year of training and so it's really just a lot of excitement to see how it comes together. >> reporter: all in hopes of bringing home the gold. and, guys, we've got our first gold medal of these olympic games. we'll tell you about it in our next hour. back to you. >> all right. looking forward to it, kenneth. we'll be right back. "good morning america" is sponsored by home instead. to us, it's personal. meet jeff. in his life, he's been to the bottom of the ocean. the tops of mountains. the er... twice. and all the places this guy runs off to. like jeff's, a life well lived should continue at home. home instead offers customized services from personal care to memory care, so older adults can stay home, stay safe, and stay happy.
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near east 12th street and 45th avenue, damaging power lines and transformers in the area, 150 customers are without power. the fire is under control. >>et af fo we have the fog here in the city and you can see it it it it distance. but a nice summertime pattern. cloudy here, look for mid 60s and breezy, to the mid 90s inland. thank you
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♪ all i'm asking is for a little respect ♪ good morning, america, on this saturday morning. that is jennifer hudson in the upcoming movie "respect." the oscar and grammy winner starring as aretha franklin. hudson sat down with oprah to talk about taking on the role of the queen of soul, and janai has the scoop on that and much more in "binge this" coming up in our next hour. that song is one of those where you always wish you could sing. >> yeah, then you realize you can't and you're like, oh, well, but jennifer hudson can. >> she can. >> that's going to be great to see. more on that coming up still ahead. first, though, some of the other big stories we're following happening right now, the heartbreaking search for victims of the deadly building collapse in surfside, florida, has come to an end one month
7:31 am
after champlain towers south came down, 97 victims were recovered, and at least one person is still missing. also right now, more than 100 people have died in india after monsoon rains caused flooding and landslides in the western part of the country. regions in the area saw up to 23 inches of rainfall in just 24 hours. guys, i want you to take a look at who decided to ride the waves just off pawleys island in south carolina. that is a big gator in the surf. which means matt is not. just enjoying a day at the beach. >> the view from the sand much better. >> i always thought alligators weren't supposed to be in the ocean. didn't know i had to account for alligators in the ocean. >> sharks. gators. >> that's why i only get in water where i can see my feet. >> good for you. we begin this half hour with the nfl announcing hardline policies about unvaccinated players. abc's zachary kiesch breaks down the new rules for us. good morning, zachary.
7:32 am
>> reporter: eva, good morning to you as well. the headline from the league is essentially you got to play if you want to get paid, but the fine print says that if you don't get vaccinated -- the commissioner of the nfl outlining what the season might look like in a memo to teams on thursday and in that memo saying, if a game can't be rescheduled and is canceled due to covid outbreak among nonvaccinated players on one of the competing teams, the team with the outbreak will forfeit. that means both teams lose game checks. it's a big deal for these players, but the commissioner also says that if there is a virus outbreak among vaccinated individuals, the league will, quote, attempt to minimize the competitive and economic burden on both participating teams. ushering a clear incentive for teams to set their own vaccine mandate. some players took to twitter to speak out. arizona cardinals wide receiver deandre hopkins in a
7:33 am
since deleted tweet, writing, never thought i would say this but being put in a position to hurt my team because i don't want to partake in the vaccine is making me question my future in the nfl. and tampa bay buccaneers running back leonard fournette tweeting, vaccine, i can't do it. but the players union reminded the players that the same basic writing, the only difference is the nfl's decision to impose additional penalties on clubs which are responsible for the outbreak and the availability of proven vaccines, so this touches on a couple different levels. of course, the safety of these players, the health of the league, but also the bottom line. matt. >> zachary, thank you. a polarizing topic around the league. benjamin watson, former nfl player, now the vice president of the nfl players association joins us now. benjamin, the nfl isn't mandating vaccines, but it's put out a stern message if teams spread the virus and you haven't gotten the shot, so what are the players saying about this? >> well, i think we've heard a
7:34 am
lot about what players are saying. you know, some players feel disrespected because of this new rule -- well, actually this new memo that has come out. other players have decided to get the vaccine. emanuel sanders is an example of that. he actually had to sit out a couple of games last year because of covid-19 and he decided to go ahead and get the vaccine even though it may have been reluctantly. i think the overarcing issue is the rules haven't necessarily changed too much from last year other than the penalties so there is a clear message that's being sent from the nfl to players that we want everybody to be vaccinated even though they will not mandate vaccines. >> we heard in that report from zachary leonard fournette came out and said, vaccine, i can't do it, so when a player comes to you, what is the union's position on players getting vaccinated? >> well, the union will always protect the health and safety of players. that's why we came together with the nfl last year, and that's why we created protocols such as masking, contact tracing, social
7:35 am
distancing, all those social things, and we didn't miss any games last year, no player lost a check and so, if a player does not want to get vaccinated, we will stand behind him 100%, look, players need to have agency when it comes to what they decide to put in their bodies. that being said, certain decisions always have consequences, and so players understand that, look, if you don't want to get vaccinated, that is totally fine. they will be subject to the same rules as last year when it comes to coming to the team facilities wearing masks, being social distanced. you're not going to have to get vaccinated, and it's important that players understand that they still have the right to decide what to do. >> one of the big stories games were postponed. this year the nfl said they would be forfeited, so what do you think should happen if there is an outbreak traced to an unvaccinated player? >> well, i think that the message or at least what we're hearing from the nfl is that revenue is number one. and so the reason why these things have changed is because the nfl has a vested interest in securing revenue. players have a vested interest
7:36 am
in securing revenue as well. if an unvaccinated player causes any sort of outbreak, look, it should be the same as a vaccinated player. the reason why we are pitting teams, club against club and talking about expenses is to force vaccinations and so the nflpa again is going to support and protect players, but we're also going to say, look, the science is there, we know that vaccinations have reduced infection rates, and so we feel good about this, but we still want you to make the choice for yourself. >> we will certainly keep an eye on this story as training camps approach. nflpa's benjamin watson with us this morning, thank you. whit. >> fascinating conversation. a lot of other sports and athletes as well looking to the nfl to see what they're doing. >> i believe this is just the start. >> no question. let's shift gears and go back to rob and the weather, also known as matt's passenger and driving companion, rob, what's going on? >> guys, good morning again, matt, great to have you with us.
7:37 am
it's a beautiful day here in north central new jersey where the sun is shining and low humidity and calm winds and they're launching the 30th -- 38th annual festival of ballooning here in new jersey. want to show you -- not so great ballooning weather in the midwest today. yesterday we had 63 reports of severe weather. chicago, detroit, as well as that front presses across the great lakes, so we could see some damaging winds, some big hail. we had golf ball size hail yesterday. so that will be pressing off toward the east. 50% chance of development, looking at the tropics off the coast of the carolinas, this thing could become our next tropical depression and maybe tropical storm. at this point it doesn't pose a big threat to the southeastern united states. we will track it. that's what's happening weatherwise. good morning.
7:38 am
clear inland. a warm day in the >> this weather report sponsored by u.p.s. the unicorn balloon just took off, and i think i owe, you know, since matt drove me to the airport, maybe i take him up in the old unicorn balloon, and we go for a ride here. that would be a dangerous thing but it would be -- it would be good tv. >> it'll be the new tandem sweater. >> festival of ballooning here. >> i'll cherish the thought. >> there you go. >> see you in a bit. >> all right. thanks, rob. coming up on "good morning america," the latest in the disappearance of that california mother of three, her husband now called a person of interest. her family speaking out. and summer road trip hacks, don't leave home without these $1 tricks for a smooth ride.
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back with a major new we're back now with a major new development in the case of a california missing mother of three. maya millette disappeared more than six months ago. now her husband has been named a person of interest in the investigation.
7:43 am
abc's zohreen shah joins us now with more on the story from los angeles. zohreen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. police are confirming they are looking at maya's husband very closely. i spoke to her family last night. they tell me they are hoping he was not involved in her disappearance. this morning, family and officials continuing their urgent search for missing san diego mom of three, maya millette, after police confirmed her husband larry is a person of interest. >> it's been seven months so for him to be named as a person of interest at this time, it's actually not a surprise for us. >> reporter: officials have not named anyone as a suspect, and maya's sister and her husband saying they hope larry is not responsible. >> if he does have anything to do with her disappearance and, you know, the kids are not going to have parents at all, you know, growing up. >> reporter: larry has not been charged and told us he prefers not to comment at this time. maya disappeared without any
7:44 am
warning january 7th, the same day her family says she filed paperwork to hire a divorce attorney to split from her husband of 21 years. ♪ but i can't help ♪ >> reporter: the mom seen singing on her youtube page vanishing just days before her oldest child's 11th birthday. ♪ falling in love with you ♪ >> they've been having some -- a really bad marital issues. >> reporter: police documents show larry millette owns 22 firearms including multiple ar-15s. according to the documents, 14 were not legally registered. >> i know he had some, but i didn't know he had that -- so much of collection. >> reporter: larry previously telling our san diego affiliate, all my firearms are registered, and all were purchased legally. some features over the years were probably considered banned in california. maya's family still holding on to hope they'll find her. traveling overnight to chula vista to search at her regular spots.
7:45 am
>> we're hoping we can get more volunteers to come and help us and continue to support us. >> reporter: maya's family tells me they are not giving up until they find her. they also tell me they haven't seen her kids since she went missing. they're hoping they can all be together soon. matt. >> zohreen, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," the summer road trip hacks that will keep your kids from driving you crazy. even better, it's all for a dollar or less. >> is that the official explanation? explanation? i order my groceries online now. shingles doesn't care. i keep my social distance. shingles doesn't care. i stay within my family bubble. shingles doesn't care. because if you've had chicken pox, you're already carrying the virus that causes shingles. in fact, about 1 in 3 people will develop shingles, and the risk only increases as you age.
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download." many families are planning summer road trips but are hitting a speed bump before even pulling out of the driveway. genevieve shaw brown, award winning travel and lifestyle specialist and author of "the happiest mommy you know" brings us three road trip hacks. good morning, genevieve. first off, $1, seriously? >> $1. >> i want to know this -- show us how you have this first headache sparing hack down to a buck. >> okay, so the three tips i'm going to share with you are all readily available for a dollar. the first up is the pool noodle. this is fun by day, functional at night. it keeps your toddler from rolling out of bed. you don't have to transport a guardrail. all you have to do is use your pool noodle and tuck it under the fitted sheet and that alone will keep your kid who is new to a big boy bed or a big girl bed from rolling out. >> that is clever. okay, so the fuel of a road trip is obviously snack, right? how do you keep your kids and
7:50 am
the adults in the car from driving you crazy as they clamor for food while you're at the wheel? >> okay, so, this simple shower caddie is going to be how you keep everyone fed in the car. so let's see if we can see this. you've got a perfect spot here for a drink, i've got a big spot for the healthy snacks, and i've got a slightly smaller container for the treats, and i've got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight snacks in here plus a drink. that's going to be enough for a few hours on the road for sure. >> okay, but what happens to all those wrappers and the trash? because you know that gets left behind. so what do you do with that? >> i know, i know, even a parent, if your car is not filled with a bunch of trash, right, so this is a container again $1, typically used to store pasta or cereal, but the perfect trash can when you insert any plastic bag and this is the perfect opening to stick your wrappers in there, close it up, toss it out when you get to your destination. you're all set. your car is perfectly clean. no one will even know you have
7:51 am
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♪ i'm on the edge ♪ "good morning america" sponsored by geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> all right, back now with our "play of the day." you know the olympic opening ceremonies last night, they were quite something, but it definitely wasn't as cute as the one in the maternity ward of st. luke's health system in kansas city, missouri. take a look at this. nurses celebrated the summer games with a mini team usa. these tiny athletes wearing uniforms crocheted by the nurses. the pint size competitors, a weight lifter, a tennis player, a gymnast, parents gave her a perfect 10. the twins already scored gold medals and the nurses running around cared for babies. they did a torch relay as well. what an awesome, awesome thing
7:56 am
that they did for them out there. >> the stitching on those uniforms is actually pretty amazing. impressive, i love it. very cute. "gma," of course, two hours on saturdays. coming up here, the renewed race to vaccinate. new covid cases are on the rise as the delta variant spreads. kanye west throws a listen party in a stadium for his new album, "donda" with his ex, kim, in the audience. and then plot twist, doesn't drop the record. "deals & steals" has big bargains on summer beauty starting at just 5 bucks. >> announcer: "gma" monday, no zoom, no facetime. matt damon is right here live on "g good morning everyone. we are following developing newo tell you about. two people killed and four othen a shooting around 10:30 last night at 3rd street. one man was
7:57 am
found shot in a parking garage another car crashed near the scene, two people inside of that car had been shot one of them fatally. a second man died that hospital. many of the victims were at a cn cert at a downtown bar. let's get a check of the weather. it is cool and gray, and this is why 54 downtown and san jose, sunny and 59. looking at our hills camera, we are noticing the low clouds in the distance. half mile visibility and low 60s with a clear start in the inland valleys. air quality is good for the most part but the red in the mountain and alpine
7:58 am
county, a chance of dry lightning heading our way through the second half of the weekend but the on shore flow getting a good afternoon sea breeze. mid 60s and breezy downtown. 71 and sun in santa cruz and 1 00 in lake port. cloudier and cooler for your sunday and higher humidity through my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me.
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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good morning, america. good morning, america. it's our second hour. summer surge. new reports that the surge we're seeing could last into october and fueled by the delta variant. hospitals seeing a dramatic rise in patients, the latest this morning. going for gold. the tokyo olympics are officially under way as world class athletes face off. who has already won and the ongoing protests, our team is live from tokyo. also this morning, all eyes and ears on kanye west. the grammy winner teasing new music, fans still waiting to stream the highly anticipated album. plus, that epic listening party in atlanta. the rapper making a silent appearance. ex kim kardashian spotted in the crowd. fans filling mercedes-benz
8:01 am
stadium to get a listen.


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