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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 23, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and crocks on the attack, the company reporting record revenue brought in by comeback gen z and now they are going after. good morning, you are watching abc7 and w will start with your weather forecast. how's it looking, mike? >> it's looking hazy. it's not very cloudy and the haze isn't smoke, it is just the pollution that we normally produce squeezed into a smaller layer. there is not much cloud cover except in the coastal valleys. we are turning the wind machine down. it is only 13 in san francisco and 18 in fairfield. look what it does to the temperatures this afternoon, mid-to upper 90s in the east bay, low to upper 80s in the south bay. low 80s around the bay, 60s on
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the coast into san francisco. the weekend forecast is coming up. this morning stanford university is reporting seven break through covid-19 cases of vaccinated students. the university says each case was symptomatic and all tested positive in the last week. on campus the break through cases are causing concern. students we spoke to said yesterday's email alert left them with a lot of unanswered yegzs. >> is it graduate students, undergraduate students, freshman, i would like to know who it is because i want to know how prevalent it is within my circles. >> i think a lot of students after hearing the email will take it seriously. i think a lot of students are worried about the situation. >> the overall positivity rate is 0.07. three bay area counties are urging employers to require workers to be vaccinated. health officials from san francisco, santa clara, and
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contra costa county made the announcements. we are hearing from one business that has successfully done this. amy holyfield has more on this. >> reporter: good morning. county officials putting the pressure on employers saying they can play a role in fighting the virus. this is not a a recommendation. they are asking that employers consider forcing their employees to be vaccinated. we found one restaurant owner in san francisco who has already taken the step. she says all 65 of the employees, her employees at rosa's cafe are vaccinated and she will not hire anyone unless they have proof of vaccine. san francisco, santa clara, and contra costa counties would like to see all work places do this. they believe the choice is to get vaccinated or get covid-19. >> unvaccinated workers pose a risk to themselves and the members of the public they interact with.
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>> we want to empower businesses with the recommendation and say that public health is fully behind these types of requirements. >> reporter: santa clara county announced it will require all county workers to be vaccinated. we checked in with the director of biomedical ethics on this issue and he told us because the vaccine is now accessible to everyone in the united states over the age of 12, it is ethical to require it saying public health trumps individual liberty. here in contra costa county, those who are not vaccinated are 20 more times likely to fwet covid-19 than vaccinated people. amy hollyfield, abc7. the tokyo olympics begin today despite the surge. there is no longer a scenario in which the games would be canceled. tokyo is under a state of
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emergency with a 6 month high in new infections. about 100 people affiliated with the games have tested positive. simone biles is now in a hotel and not in the olympic village. cases of the delta variant are multiplying across the country. a new model predicts that the current spike will not peak until october. jobina is at the live disk with how city officials are responding. >> atlanta, chicago, and boston are just some of the big cities requiring masks in school, students, and staff regardless of vaccinated status. covid-19 cases in kids are on the rise this summer. in up state new york, an outbreak at a sleep away camp infected dozens of campers between 7 and 11 years old. kids under 12 are not eligible for the vaccine. the white house says three states with low vaccination rates account for 40% of new infections, texas, missouri, and
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florida. james scott owen is in the hospital and says he wishes he got vaccinated. >> im usually the big strong guy and everything, i thought i was. this virus doesn't care who you are. it will jump on you quickly. >> a cdc advisory panel suggests a booster shot could better protect americans with compromised immune system. however, the panel says more data is needed before the agency recommends another shot. help is on the way for africa where only 2% of the population has received the covid-19 vaccine. in cape town, a drug manufacturer will begin producing the pfizer vaccine, marking the first time the shot will be made in africa. the company will receive ingredients for the vaccine from europe. they will begin in 2022 with the goal of distributing 1 million
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doses. right now africa is 99% dependent on imports for the vaccine. now to the tamarac fire, now 4% contained. these images are from the uc davis strike team. you can see the embers around the rick as firefighters try to access a housing development to save homes. the fire is over 50,000 acres. >> the dixie fire in bute and plumas county has burned 100,000 acres. it is the second fire in the state this year to reach the megy fire mile stone. mandatory evacuations are in effect with 16,000 structures affected. the fire is just 18% contained. spotter planes used to fight fires are about to get an up grade. a $1.5 million grant will equip planes with detectors that will map the fires. they use wind speed and humidity
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data to see how far and how fast a fire will spread within 20 minutes of an outbreak. a physicist will help lead the project and he says it will help save money and lives. the environmental protection agency may study the health effects of fire. a bill would establish four centers at universities to ensure the study focuses on people at risk of smoke inhalation. you can follow along with all of the wildfires burning in california with our tracker. you can find it on our website, abc7 police this morning, now saying someone tried to set fire -- or set fire to beyonce's home. one witness sharing what he saw when he walked by. look up tonight to see the show. the full moon is going to be putting on this weekend. we will have clear conditions for that unless you are right near the coast. we have hazy conditions as you
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can see from the east bay hill cameras. even though the air is stagnating and getting hotter, right now the
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happening today, a real treat, a full buck moon. it is called a full buck moon because the ant lers of grown male deer are in full growth this time of year. it will appear orange in some parts of the u.s. because of the wildfires. the buck moon will be visible until sunday. tonight is when you want to check it out at peak alumination. >> i'm loving the light show behind me right now. so i can't wait for tonight. yeah, today will be the clearest day as we see increasing low and high clouds throughout the weekend.
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good morning, coming up at 6:11. here's a look at 880. there will be more sunshine today because of the lack of clouds. even this morning, it will be a little breezy from the golden gate breeze through the delta out on the water. for temperatures, around 52 to 55 degrees with partly cloudy conditions. more clouds on the coast than on the bay side of san francisco. you stretch from 49 to 60 in pittsburgh and tracey. most of us in the 50s again. we have a west wind at 13 and a little fog. that's going to be short lives. at least the eastward push as you can see plenty of sunshine today. mid-60s at the coast. 69 to 76. 83 to 93 inland. then we are back near 60, 70, mid-80s inland, pretty decent evening on the way. we will look at the rest coming up. i have been following a number of crashes. we will start in hayward where you will run into a slowdown.
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this will impact people on the san mateo bridge. you can see speeds down to 25 miles per hour. moving up to fairfield, we have a car fire for over an hour that is causing a slowdown on westbound 80 at aber nathy road. the newest crash is in brisbane. injuries are reported with an overturned car on southbound 101 before sierra point. a live look at the toll plaza. metering lights are not on. a live look at the san mateo bridge, there is a wind advisory and it is hazy out there too. >> thank you. new video this morning, showing that the apocalypse may be happening now in arizona. >> if you haven't seen it yet, you have to see a new jersey girl 's encounter with a sea gull on a ride. there will be a lot of people who say he is only sitting down to clean up his image. it's all a performance. what do you say to that?
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>> new this morning, morgan wailen speaking for the first time since being caught on camera using a racial s
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a former coach with the 49ers and raiders has passed away following a bicycle accident. greg knap was critically injured when he was hit. police do not believe the 22-year-old who hit him was under the influence of drugs or alcohol but they have not said what went wrong. close friends of combap like michael linenburger are heart broken. >> he knew how to treat people, he knew how to be a coach and a leader. i learned so much from him. i will never forget. >> knap's family released a
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statement writing in part, those of us who were blessed to have known him know he would have wanted this moment to be a teachable one so this is it. live every day as if it is your last and love those around you like it won't last. there is no choose quite like crocs. they have filed lawsuits against 20 companies accusing them of selling knock off foam clogs. walmart sells them under different names such as time, true, and george. hobby lobby calls their version, white foam clogs. crocs say the products cause confusion and deceive customers. self driving cars will be in miami by the end of the year. the ride sharing app plans to expand to austin. they expect to roll out 1,000
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autonomous vehicles next year. ford says the vehicles will have safety drivers. if you have not seen this video right now, you need to stop what you areoing. even if you have seen it, it doesn't hurt to see it again. teenager at a jersey shore amusement park got hit in a face by a sea gull. so you just have to look. she is riding the sling shot ride. this is earlier this month. >> stop. >> the sea gull hit her a few minutes after they were lunched in the air at 75 miles per hour. poor girl. >> when i got shot up, then i saw it and it was going the opposite way and it came back and hit me right in the face. it felt really light and only
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left the tiniest scratch. >> oh, gosh. they slow it down. >> that's rude. >> you can see she moved the sea gull out of the way and it flew off minding its business. and oddly enough, the girl says it is a dream come true because show loves animals and she is glad the bird is okay. she says she has always wanted to catch a sea gull. dreams come true. don't think. >> that's the part i can't get over. >> what? >> the always wanted to catch a sea gull part. what is she talking about that? >> that. >> the sea gull said, i heard you had a dream. >> catch me. >> some people chase rainbows. some people chase sea gulls. >> did you see the friend next to her? they finish with the whole thing, did you see that?
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no. she was ipher own screaming eyes clofd. >> this is reason number two you will not find me on the ride. reason number one is 78 miles per hour launching into the air. >> pass. >> it's mazing more didn't happen at that speed. i'm glad that everyone was okay and we had the video in slow smoegz to show you. this is a look from sutro tower in realtime. there is a little haze. the marine layer is compressed. none of this is smoke. the air qualitysurging sunshine and warmth. monsoon moisture will come back and drop the temperatures a little bit. humidity is coming with a slight chance of thunderstorms next week. you can see the high has backed its way towards us. the building high will bring us above average heat in our neighborhoods. if you want the free air
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conditioning, head to the coast this weekend. on the other side of the mountains, 90 in los gatos. 80 in red wood city, low to mid-60s on thentn san francisco. same for the sols lido. and hurrialies around # 8, 80s around castro valley. the hottest temperatures overall will be low to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. you can see the hills in our neighborhood, 70s and the rest of us will be in the 50s with a few 60s in the delta. watching the moisture come up towards us, sunday, the best chance of thunderstorms will be in the sierra. there will also be a ton of smoke in the sierras. here is as close as we get to
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thunderstorms on tuesday morning. until then, today is one of the hottest days. you can see the temperatures tapering through the weekend except for at the coast where they will get a little warmer. you are still staying in the 60s. monday will be the coolest day. that is when the humidity rolls in. if we get any storms, it's tuesday. it gets hotter on wednesday and thursday. good morning america is coming up at 7:00. >> ginger zee has a look at what is ahead. >> great to be with you this morning. here in lake tahoe, where we did not smell the smoke but we are fortunate because the tamarac fire exploded to 55,000 acres, southeast of us. one of 80 plus wildfires burning in the west. dwrl talk about that and the monsoon flashing and the developing drought in the pacific northwest. and we have to as cas at se t month hig ty.
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keele do i sho hy are trying to protect athletes and everyone else so that the games can go on. amy is there and can bring us the story. and a new warning about the fast spreading delta variant. hospitals seeing a surge in patients cracking down on covid-19. they are trying some new steps to get more players vaccinated. today we have to rise and shine from indiana. that's where i went to college. i will be watching the speedway
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home of beyonce is being investigated as arson.ks inse o. they saw a man running from the mansion when the fire broke out. >> i was walking around the koorner with zigy smalls and all of the smoke was coming out. my neighbor, right around the corner, she had witnessed the dude, he like jumped over the fence, right on the back side of harmony on 8th. >> authorities have not said how much damage the home sustained but it took 20 firefighters to put out the fire. the home has been vacant for a while. country music star morgan wailen is speaking for the first time about using a racial slur. within hours after the video was released, he was suspended by his label. michael strahan sat down with
6:26 am
him forsince the incident. >> that sound i and 'srong. >> you can hear the full interview about how the incident has changed him coming up on gma at 7 a.m. you can see billie eilish in concert from home. >> she is celebrating with a tribute to her home town. >> a love letter to los angeles was filmed at the hollywood bowl and accompanied by the philharmonic. there are elements that will take viewers through l.a..
6:27 am
you can watch it on disney plus in september. top s 6:30,h leaders covering a majority of the population saying the vaccine should be required where you work. one s francisco owner showing you how much it started. >> and a woman saying what happened to her after leaving her driveway, the story she is sharing with abc7 news. and the big garlic fest kicking off today but there is one thing to know about this year. here's a live look before we head to break. 6:27,
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stop dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control while on dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ this is abc7 news. >> top stories right now at 6:30, a deadly hit and run
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developing in the south bay, a woman killed and the driver nowhere to be found. we have things to do, a real tragedy that this had to happen because we weren't on board by getting vaccinated. >> one of the top stories on, a california woman now a widow urging people to get the vaccine, her plea after just losing her husband to covid-19. and passport shutdown, the department freezing its website because of online hackers, the alert to know and what the scammers are going after. good morning, happy friday. it is july 23rd. you're watching abc7 mornings live on abc7, hulu live, wherever you stream. we are excited about friday and this weekend. we want to check in on the forecast. we will start with a lack of cloud cover. it is hazy out there but at least it is not smoke and it is not unhealthy according to the
6:31 am
air district but they will update the forecast during midday live. you can see the visibility, 8 in san jose, 9 in oakland. that's becse oaze. the marine layer has been squashed. the influence for bringing free air conditioning, you can see the windsn double digits. look what happens. our inland neighborhoods will surge. ukiah and lake port near 100. mid-to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. 80s for the south bay, north bay. low 70s to low 80s around the bay. comfortable 60s on the coast. weekend forecast is coming up. >> thank you. developing news in the south bay this morning. police are searching for the driver who hit and killed a woman in san jose and then took off. both directions of tully road are closed near cunoegen drive. police have not named the woman but it happened around 2 a.m. in the morning. this morning the bay area is racing to slow the surge of
6:32 am
covid-19 cases, mostly among the unvaccinated. >> san francisco, santa clara, and contra costa counties are urging employers to require employees to be vaccinated. >> reporter: good morning. health officials did not dpifb employers any guidance on how to enforce this. should they are not vaccinated. they are saying they they highly recommend requiring that employees are vaccinated. one business owner in san francisco is ahead of the recommendation and she has already done this at the business. the owner of rose's cafe says she is already requiring her employees to be vaccinated. she has 65 employees. by the end of april, they were all fully vaccinated. >> everyone is full y vaccinated and we will not hire unless we see proof of vaccine. nobody didn't want to work with us because of it and nobody was
6:33 am
fired because of it. we had some tearful conversations, some people who had mish perceptions. >> reporter: santa clara county will now follow her lead and require all county employees to be vaccinated. health offices are saying with this surge, the choice is either get vaccinated or get covid-19. here in contra costa county, officials are saying an unvaccinated person has 20 times more likely of a chance to get covid-19 than a vaccinated person. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7. starting monday, san mateo will require masks in all county buildings regardless of vaccination status. this applies to all employees, staff, and visitors. a rise in the contagious delta variant is to blame. officials could look into a county wide mask mandate if the
6:34 am
numbers don't improve. >> thoefshalist two weeks, we have almost doubled incases. hospitalizations are slightly up. if the numbers continue to increase at an astronomical rate, we will have to revisit that and other solutions. >> in san mateo county, 88% of people over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated. a reminder, nearly all bay area counties recommend you mask up indoors regardless of your vaccination status. only solano county has not changed the status. the health department told our media partner, no rules are being changed on whether people should wear a mask for indoor events, despite the number of cases doubling in solano county since july 4th. one of the most clicked on stories at, after losing her husband to covid-19, a sacramento woman is making it her mission to persuade people
6:35 am
to get the vaccine. her husband got coronavirus after going to a party. last saturday, the 68-year-old has died. she said the hardest part was not being able to be in the hospital room or able to talk to him. >> he was in icu. i watched him gradually slip away from me. one of his last posts on facebook was please get vaccinateded. this is nothing nice. and then he asked me, he said go tell our friends to get vaccinated. >> oh, goodness. maya says they didn't get vaccinated because they felt the issue was being politicized. she also got covid-19 and plans to get vaccinated when she is cleared to do so. lawmakers are looking to hold social media companies accountable for health misinformation. senate democrats have introduced a bill that would strip facebook and twitter of liability protection if their sites spread
6:36 am
inaccurate information. the bill has no s from republicans. many planning a trip are facing a major road block and this has nothing to do with covid-19. >> the state department has shut down the online booking system because of bots snatching up appointments. it is only taking application by phone. if you call, expect an hour wait before you reach a live person. travellers who are renewing their passport can likely do it by mail. it is trying to make sure that the limited appointments available go to people who really need them. the department does not work with any third party sites. a heads up, staffing issues are also leading to delays in getting a passport. routine services can take up to 1 weeks. more top stories coming with your way. the edd's pay now policy, giving
6:37 am
hundreds of thousands of jobless californias cash they need today. you will probably want to have extra cash saved up for back to school shopping. and one family is making serious bank on renting their pool out. and tips on how you can cash in. looking at the new york stock exchange, we are up about 200 points. we will check in again in about 20 minutes [ music ] okay, one of the greatest voices of all time being reimagined this morning, where you can buy tickets to see the legendary whitney houston. >>ish. >> this is a tease but we all know she is not with us. but you can see her music. let's look at what is going on in santa cruz. it is cloudy this morning but this will be one of the brighter areas on the coast today.
6:38 am
let's talk about the other activities . if you are exercising, the pavement will be hot, especially inland. try to keep your pets off that. if you will be running errands on either side of the bay, there will be a spread from 60s at the coast to 90s inland. we have a small craft advisory. through the evening hours, golden gate bridge all the way to the inland neighborhood. 55 there, west wind at 13. pollen and mold spores and uv index, the same as it has been all week. no change through the weekend. we are seeing a lot of sunshine, temperatures in the mid-50s to near 60. elsewhere, 40s, like 48 in santa rosa. everyone else in the low to mid-50s. let's look at what to expect. a little cloud cover lingering south of san francisco, on the coast into half moon bay. everyone else, full on sunshine
6:39 am
by noon, 70 around the bay. by 4:00, some of the hottest temperatures, mid-70s to upper 70s around the bay. 100's in clear lake and clover dale. we are falling quickly into the 50s. 70s to just a springling of 80s at 7:00 inland and that will be the last hour to deal with those. the complete weekend forecast is coming up. we have had a lot of issues on the roads this morning. brisbane, we have a signal alert in effect by chp. according to officers, there is a car that has overturned and blocking two lanes on southbound 101 before sierra point. speeds are down to 7-mile-per-hour. we have a three car crash in hayward. on southbound 880 before 92. that will impact people before they get to the san mateo
6:40 am
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a 71-year-old san francisco woman was terrorized in a violent attempted robbery. she says she may now leave the city. >> ramirez ruz targeted while unloading groceries from her car. two men came into her garage and one of them lifted her off the ground and carried her in a head lock around the garage. she called for help to her domestic partner up stairs. the suspect dropped her and kicked her and the other one ran off. they didn't take anything except her garage door openers. now the couple are fearing that the suspects may come back. >> i hope whoever did this to
6:43 am
me, don't anymore, my god. >> the san francisco police department's investigation is on going. her message to check your surroundings. a list of challengers to gavin newsom includes several republicans and kandz dts from other counties. ballots will be maimed to every registered voter in a few months. there will be two questions, should governor newsom be recalled and who should replace him. >> the person who receives the most votes, not a majority. it could be someone with 30%, would then become the governor. >> the recall election is set for tuesday, september 14th.
6:44 am
voters last recalled dpreg davis and replaced him with arn schwartzenegger. we have a documentary about on our app. get ready to pay more for a multiyear increase for the 20202-2023 academic year. the plan calls for a 2% inflation increase putting tuition and fees for instate students at $13,000 a year. the increase also comes with a promise that tuition wouldn't be raised fort worther during a student's time at a university. >> it is kind of scary that i could be admitted into a school with one price and be priced out by the time i leave. >> i don't understand how they can increase prices without being very transparent about where our money is going. >> officials say the increase is needed to maintain the quality
6:45 am
of the system and to allow for more financial aid for students who need it. lawmakers just gave an extra billion dollars to the system. if your unemployment check has been frozen, check your account. the money could come as soon as today. some people made mistakes when filing edd paperwork and were blocked from receiving payments. there was a lawsuit filed and there is an agreement with edd so there is not an automatic stop when there is an eligibility issue. >> people who are in pending status but have received one payment already are concerned continued eligibility claimants, they will receive additional payments while edd continues to investigate. >> officials say edd is rolling out the payments in batches. the computer chip shortage that has been rippling around the world since the pandemic
6:46 am
shutdown could last until 2023. santa clara based intellposted it after posting earnings yesterday. you are seeing price rising on autos and electronics. interestingly, the cost of a car could drop very soon. a cox automotive report shows prices for what car dealers pay for what they sell dropped in the first two weeks of july. inventory also increased. analysts think overall, retail prices will start coming down in the coming weeks. looking at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway, we are up about 166 points. start looking for your back to school supplies now. it may take you longer to get everything together. some stores are having trouble stocking up. reuters says that supply chain issues means that some stores are already low on things like pens, folders. experts say because of limited
6:47 am
supplies, there likely will not be as many discounts. earlier this week, we told you about an oregon couple who made more than 100,000 in less than a year by renting out their swimming pool on an app. >> insurance agents say make sure you know the risks before you do something like this. the last thing you want is for someone to come to your pool, have an accident, and then you are on the hook for it. >> they want to make a profit. they have the pool but they are doing so at great odds. they can take a chance but i don't recommend it. >> experts say to check with your insurance agent. make sure you have personal liability insurance before you rent out your pool. more expert advice coming up at 7:00 on gma. now that california has reopened, so many events are coming back and others never had the chance to have them until now. >> and jobina has some ideas for
6:48 am
a better weekend and you can probably smell one from miles away. >> reporter: do you smell that? the gilroy garlic festival is back this weekend. the tradition will have a different look . it is drive through style. >> there are formay outings with the chefs in our barbecue area. pick up your food and out you go. >> the favorites will still be there, pepper steak shand wchs, scampi, garlic bread, and of course garlic fries. or how about taking a dive into the world of sharks at the california academy of sciences? the academy's newest exhibit is open daily. you can explore ancient fossils, life sized models of iconic species. and leave with a deeper understanding of how protecting sharks protects humans too. if you are in the mood to learn more, the san francisco public library relaunched in person services at a number of
6:49 am
locations this week. eureka valley, brunl heights, ocean view, park side, persidio and glen park, all open and ready to welcome you. >> all right friends, who is ready for some fun? right now on our website, we have a list of fun things to do in the bay area. you know the question, what are the plans this weekend? >> pool party. >> i feel like that is a plan. that is the plan every other weekend. you find the pool. >> yes. thank you, justin. i invited myself to my friend justin's pool. >> not just yourself. >> a posse. >> and now it is a party. >> i'm bringing provide the pool. >> just be aware when you are friends with reggie and you have
6:50 am
a pool. >> watch out. i will show up. >> i think i will have a low key weekend and look over your suggestions but just low key. >> that's nice. cool. >> mike? >> son's birthday today. >> happy birthday. >> he probably just went to bed. probably around 4:00 this morning. barbara is taking hula dance lessons tomorrow. so i'm thinking can i come and watch at least? >> watch? >> no, participate and have someone take the phone video. >> i'm not sure men are allowed. >> really? >> i know, i have to dig deeper. >> i think you should participate. just show up. with your hula. >> grass skirt on? and a coconut. let's take a look at what is going on outside. we are looking at about 6:51 on a friday. look at that from the
6:51 am
exploratorium, look at the sunshine, absence of marine layer clouds, away from the coast, very noticeable. also from mount tam, the marine layer is compressed to about 1,000 feet. that's why it is hazy because we are pushing more pollution into a smaller stream. air quality will remain fineke.t inland today. it will be warmer in the hills for the next couple of nights. we will still be comfortable for us. the heat will taper this weekend as the clouds increase in the mid-and upper parts of the atmosphere. today we will hit 90 in the south bay. close around morgan hill and gilroy, 89 and 88 there. 72 and eventually sunshine in santa cruz. we will have mid-70s to upper 70s for most of the peninsula. red wood city is sticking out like a sore thumb. mid-60s in downtown san
6:52 am
francisco, same for the coast. 80s through the north bay valleys. on the east bay shore, some of the most comfortable conditions, 72 at ridge mnd, hayward 76, 80 in castro valley. and then into the east bay valleys, low to upper 90s. an air conditioner may be needed. you can see the surge in heat through the central valley. yosemite at 101. tonight looking night, temperatures in the 50s for most and some 70s in the hills. you can see the temperatures dropping as the low and high clouds increase through sunday. monday will be a cooler day but that is also when the humidity makes it down to where we live. it will be muggy on tuesday and if there is a chance of us getting any thunderstorms from a monsoon it will be tuesday. once it passes, it is hot on wednesday and thursday. in the north bay, the larkspur city council has decided to sell a controversial
6:53 am
sculpture depicting sir francis drake. the city removed for safety concerns after activists threatened to topple it. the group that commissioned the piece will have the first option to purchase it back for $100,000. if they refuse, it will likely be sold at a public auction. the iconic rainbow flag in castro's district could be replaced. >> some people think it is time for a more inclusive symbol. createdane 1978, the rainbow flag was meant to represent everyone in the lgbtq community. many transgender people today don't identify with that. >> the people who were spearheading the gay liberation movement in the early 70s were black and brown trans and queer people. in the of a few years, they were kicked out of the gay liberation movement and it was turned into a movement that was
6:54 am
very gay white people. >> this is a flag that many say represents everyone, called the progress pride flag. right now the city is split on the issue. they will post a survey on the facebook page monday. if you want to dance with someone or if you are wondering where broken hearts go, go to vegas. [ music ] . >> i will always love you. >> jerry:. >> jerry: an evening with whitney, the whitney houston hologram concert is coming to harris. it was planned for vegas last year but it was postponed. it will feature holograms of houston from all stages of her career. it will run from october the end of april. i love whitney. >> i love whitney houston. she is my number one singer of
6:55 am
all time. >> i might cry at that concert and i just want to enjoy the music. uh-huh, yh.m ind of want to leave whitney alone. and just enjoy her legacy. >> i like to watch her old concerts but i don't know about the hologram. >> i think i can play it on spotify and dance in my bathroom and that's good. up next, seven things you need to know. >> sorry for the visual, everyone. you can watch all of our newscasts live on our app, able for apple, amintraun, android, roku. download now to start streaming. let'
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featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak,
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sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. it is 6:57, here are seven
6:58 am
things to know this morning. number one, san francisco, contra costa and santa clara counties are urges employers to require vaccines for employees. it is only a recommendation. officials are not ruling out the possibility that it could become a public health order. faculties and students are being alerted of seven break through cases among vaccinated students. each case was symptomatic. all tested positive in the past week. number three, the state department has stopped taking online appointments for passports because of bots taking up slots. new applications if you need to make an appointment , you have to do it over the phone. you can renew a passport tou wds buhetate the fire has reached mega just 18% contained. >> i think inboot leg fire is now the third largest in oregon
6:59 am
history. the weekend forecast has the warmest and sunniest days, increasing clouds this weekend and tapering of temperatures. a major alert from caltrain, around 6:06 this morning, a train hit and killed someone trespassing on the tracks in burling game. all trains are stopped in the area. a dog owner has a life hack for pet grooming. megan von showed this video of her vacuuming her dog on youtube. i don't think she is the first to do that. you want to impress me? >> i'm pretty sure this was the dyson. >> that thing works. >> that pulls hard. >> you want to impress me, do that to a cat. >> no, i won't be. >> me neither. that's when the claws come out. you won't forget. >> if you thought the sea gull was a problem. >> she was just like -- i don't
7:00 am
know what i would have done. >> i would had a full panic attack.


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