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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 22, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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calls it a variant of interest that they are looking at about 700 reported cases in the u.s., none in california so far. our test positivity rate increased to 4.9%, and that is the highest it's been since february . >> in the meantime, three bay area counties are giving a strong recommendation to employers, suggesting that they require their employees be vaccinated. laura? >> reporter: hi kristin, so far this is a strong recommendation from health officials in just three bay area counties that's, they are grappling with how to encourage more people to get vaccinated, and the idea is to reach out to them, where they work.
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>> the choice now is either to get the vaccine, or to get covid . >> with covid cases and hospitalizations rising among the unvaccinated, health officers and three bay area counties, say it's just the next logical step. a strong recommendation that employers require their employees to get vaccinated . >> nonvaccinated workers pose a risk not only to themselves but also to their coworkers members of the public they interact with . >> in contra costa county and unvaccinated person is now more than 20 times more likely to get covid then someone fully vaccinated . >> what we want to do is empower businesses with this recommendation and safe public health is fully behind these type of requirements. >> i think if people are fully vaccinated, and they feel safe and it's a safe environment, i think it's you know, it makes sense . >> but can businesses legally require their employees to get a vaccine that's not yet fully approved by the fda? >> there isn't any law from prevent a private air from any
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so long as the condition is not unlawful. >> several large employers like the university of california have already announced they will require students and employees to be fully vaccinated . >> there are many employers in the state and around the country who have begun to require vaccination for their workforce. and, these requirements have been upheld in the courts. >> at this point again, it's just the three counties, san francisco, santa clara and contra costa recommendations to employers. they did not rule out in the press event today that other bay area counties may follow, of course at this point it's a recommendation not a health order, but they again did not rule out that at some point, kristin and larry, this could become an order. >> it's interesting to see how this is going to evolve your but if it's legal, though, why
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haven't more employers simply said you are required to get vaccinated, at least up to this point they have not said that for the most part? >> not many, we've seen university of california, the city and county of san francisco, they are all going along that path. the employment attorney that we spoke with today said it's pretty simple, most employers did not want to go down this path, they are not comfortable with issues around their employees personal health , but at this point there required by the state to gather the vaccination information anyway so it would not be that much more difficult to mandate that their employees get vaccinated and of course, there would have to be exemptions for those who have strong religiou beliefs and of course those who have medical concerns that would prohibit them or make it a bad idea at least, to get a vaccine. >> thank you very much.
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starting monday, san mateo county will require everyone to wear a mask inside county buildings, regardless of vaccination status. supervisor site rising cases and hospitalizations and the need to slow the spread of the delta variant. on a 3:00 show getting answers, i asked the supervisor about the possibility of a countywide mask mandate. he said it could happen if numbers continue to increase at an astronomical rate. >> we've been following guidance from the state, we will continue to bunt if there is a need and our health officer as well as the board of supervisors and we have to do that, we will do that but we really have to recognize all impacts from taking such an action . >> the county does have a very high rate of vaccination, 88% of residents, 12 and older are fully vaccinated . >> impressive . the pandemic has caused the largest decline in u.s. life expectancy since world war ii, life expectancy
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for hispanics and african- americans proving that those groups were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. if you have questions about the coronavirus or the vaccine, you can asked abc 7 vaccine team, just go to our website. as more people started to return to work, bart decided to move up to its pre-pandemic service levels. 88,917, that's a lot of people, but really, it was just 21% of pre-pandemic levels, bart is still planning to ramp service backup on august 2, it started offering limited late-night trains thursdays, fridays and saturdays . dozens of wildfires are still working across west forcing evacuations and impacting our air quality. the latest on the battle to get these fires under control . >> right now at least 78 large fires are burning across 13 states, scorching more than 1 million acres. the dixie fire in northern california,
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acres doubling in size since monday, smoking conditions leaving the sky glowing red while firefighters are working to fill their trucks with water from this reservoir. the nevada national guard through overhead surveying the damage. the tamarac fire triggering road closures some to evacuate . smoke from the wildfires is carrying thousands of miles across the country, the air quality is poor as it's ever been in new york city, philadelphia and washington, d.c. and there are warnings that more wildfires could erupt, pacific gas and electric said there equipment could have been responsible for the dixie fire, they said they will bury 10,000 miles of power lines to prevent any more fires out west.
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>> let's turn to our weather and spencer, it's amazing and it's something we've obviously experienced here in the bay area, seeing the smoke carry miles and miles and in this case, as we just saw, all across the country . >> it's amazing, it's reaching across the continental you as of course fortunately for the bay area the smoke is blowing away from us but there are so many aliens of people in its path and that's the unfortunate part. we are looking at a low pressure system to our north, that the primary factor that's guiding the onshore flow we have right now which is bringing a bit of a cooling or at least a moderating influence, it's also bringing a little more humidity into the bay area, so that means our fuel, our vegetation, won't be quite so dry. but over the next day or two we will see the high-pressure system to our south, east, sliding west, it's going to bring us a warm-up which of course will increase concerns about fire but, by sunday and monday, it'll also bring us more humidity and more clouds which will reduce concerns about fire so at the moment, we've got a pattern that looks pretty good for us
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course uses our concerns, for now, about fires . >> thank you. this happened disco fire department says inspectors shut down numerous illegal vendors at fisherman's wharf today following a safety scare yesterday. the move came after a report earlier this week about illegal vendors there. >> for some, san francisco's fisherman's wharf has become a wild west. illegal vendors line the wharf a popular destination selling food and drinks, sometimes alcohol and often without a permit. the unlicensed bending became a potentially even bigger safety issue wednesday afternoon. we show this video to the san francisco fire department, that confirms there appears to have been an explosion, fire department spokesperson said it was likely caused by a butane burner, that still under investigation . >> this vendor and the patrons that were coming into the booth are extremely lucky that there were no injuries . >> earlier this week officials
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and business owners share their concerns with abc 7 news . >> these people come and set up shop and are able to sell without having any of these things that a business is supposed to have . >> you have to have a level playing field in terms of health and safety . >> legislation authored by his office and unanimously approved by the board of supervisors this week better regulates unpermitted vending, he said it was designed to address exactly the types of concerns that resulted in yesterday's incident. in a statement, supervisor peskin wrote the legislation preserves opportunities for entrepreneurial straight street vendors while holding all parties to hire standards. >> for the wharf's executive director . >> we look forward to working with the vendors in a legal, permitted, safe fashion . >>
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department says even if they were to walk around the wharf looking for violations of the vendor mitigates the risk in front of them say by turning off a butane burner, they can't issue a citation. >> the easiest route for us is that we get a citizen or community member complained for a specific incident that gives us a little more fuel to go out and actually enforce these at this time . >> efforts to ensure the safety and vibrancy of fisherman's wharf as a destination a section of freeway into lotto county is named in honor of a fallen chp officer. family members and law enforcement personnel gathered for dedication ceremony today for officer kirk chris, he will be memorialized on of five, the officer, a 19 year veteran was hit and killed during a traffic stop in 2018. he left a wife and three children .
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today university california regents approved a plan that includes raising tuition and fees at its 10 campuses, the first increase since 2017. the plan calls for a 2% plus renovation for new undergraduate starting in the 2223 academic year, that would put tuition and fees for in- state students at more than $13,000 a year but, the increase comes with a promise that raised anymore during a student's time at the university. officials say the increase is needed to maintain the quality of the system and allow for more financial aid to needy students. critics say lawmakers just gave the next $2 billion to the system but you see officials point out state funding has not kept pace with enrollment growth . the effort to get ghost guns off the streets. pharmacy desert, the plea to keep the last
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one e. bay neighborhood is fighting to try to keep its pharmacy open. residency if the walgreens closes on 81st and international, that only leaves to others that are too far for an elderly patient to get to. >> one look at the shelves of this open walgreens shows you why the store needs to close. it is losing inventory to fees. the fees these are the phases that will be impacted by the
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closure international boulevard, seniors, who need to get their medicine here . >> walgreens has been here to supply us with what we need. so, this is a heartbreak . >>, ferguson turned 90 tomorrow, she says she and most of the resident at the senior said center where she lives, don't have cars . >> if walgreens closes, most people here in east oakland would have to take two buses to get to the nearest pharmacy . . >> so we are hoping something can be done . >> this walgreens is located in the zip code right next to zip code 94603, an area identified by the abc 7 news team as a pharmacy desert, where there are no retail pharmacies in a four mile radius. . . council members are counting on the walgreens to stay open or at least give residents more time to adjust. the store is shut down next week. >> we cannot continue to strip east oakland of its critical
4:16 pm
resources services . >> city councilmember said that set pharmacies is hardly exclusive to oakland . >> there other stores that also have higher theft rates, and are still remaining open . >> walgreens told the city council members it asked for a rent and 82nd and international boulevard but was denied. the severe dealing with the high number of medicare and medicaid patients and not enough reimbursement from the state for this prescriptions. we reached out to walgreens for comment but have not heard back. >> pharmacy desert are growing problem across the country, go to to see how the bay area stands up, you consume into your zip code to see how many pharmacies are in your neighborhood. michael is here with
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look at today's consumer headlines, and another outage? >> this one is interesting, widespread internet outage that impacted dozens of major websites today, it has been restored. airbnb, fedex, mcdonald's, delta air lines, were among those that experienced trouble earlier this morning. cloud computing company, that was caused by software update which triggered a bug in the system. the disruption lasted about an hour and was not, we are told, was not the result of a cyber attack. the ftc has voted unanimously to step up its enforcement of consumers right to repair. that means repair manuals, parts and tools could be made more available to owners and repair technicians, not affiliated with the manufacturer. the government is also looking at how it can crackdown on manufacturers using complicated designs and adhesives to make repairs harder than needed. more news from the ftc, it voted to keep the ftc care
4:18 pm
labeling rule, that requires manufacturers to attach a label with care instructions to clothing and other products, the rule was created back in 1971, last of the ftc considered repealing the labeling rule but an overwhelming response from the public prompted the agency to back off. your letters actually matter when they say what you think and it's like well, i wanted and all of a sudden they backed off . >> i look at those labels and i appreciate them. thanks, michael . let's turn to the forecast and spencer is here, it feels, are we getting warmer, a little bit? >> are we? >> it was pretty warm in some areas today. not so bad near the coast and david is going to get warm over the next couple of days so get ready, here's a look at current conditions, breezy across the bay area, very predictable pattern, 24 mile-per-hour winds, 15 to 20 just about everywhere else, and temperature change shows actually at this hour right now, it's generally 2 to
4:19 pm
4 degrees cooler than yesterday but it still warm in our inland areas we will get to in a moment. it's only 59 degrees in the city right now, oakland, 65, 72 at mountain view, 57 at pacifica. look at the golden gate, you see an increase of clouds right now but they are still pretty high above the bridge itself. 83 in santa rosa, but low 90s in fairfield and concord, so pretty warm in our inland areas, livermore, 85 degrees. here's a view from our rooftop camera, breezy conditions and we will see patches of fog and low clouds developing over the coast and bay, tomorrow and saturday. then it'll get cloudier and a
4:20 pm
bit more humid on sunday and monday, you might even feel a bit muggy on monday. . so we can expect overnight, an increase of clouds and the passage of high clouds as well. the push of the marine layer won't be far tonight inland just across the bay may be locally inland but not very widespread then by midmorning tomorrow we will see mainly sunny skies across the entire region and will be warming up tomorrow afternoon especially in our inland areas. around the region tonight, overnight low temperatures will be generally in the low to mid 50s, heist tomorrow will range from 61 at half moon bay to 66 here in san francisco, only 89 at santa rosa, moving over to the east bay shoreline, oakland, 74, down in fremont, a high of 81. in the southbay, 82 degrees, the high and san jose, morgan hill, here's the 7-day forecast, notice pretty toasty inland the next couple of days, sunday and monday we have a slight dip in the temperatures as the clouds move in but even as the temperatures drop, the
4:21 pm
humidity increases so it may not feel any more comfortable friday and saturday, tuesday and thursday heat up again under more humidity, next week we can see highs in the upper 90s to near 100 then back down to the mid-90s inland on thursday. we will have a string of warm days coming our way but primarily inland, the coastal areas will be i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment,
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part of building a better bay area means fighting to protect our environment climate watch team gives you expert insight to understand and navigate the impact of a changing climate. >> abc 7 news anchor dan ashley joins us with how plans can help . >> the battle against climate change could hinge on how we control greenhouse gases of course and while the attention has been focused on the future use of fossil fuels, one group of bay area researchers believes we could also pull pollutants out of the air, if we change the way we look at plants. as greenhouse gases continue to pour into our atmosphere, researchers have struggled for solutions to harness dangerous pollutants like co2. but in a nursery at the university of california, dr. pennridge and her colleagues are gathering evidence for a solution that could be right under our feet .
4:25 pm
>> what you are looking at here is roots from the switchgrass and surrounding plants . >> the doctor splits time between berkeley and the lawrence livermore lab searching for ways to sequester pollutants ground with a use of specific plans, in this case, switchgrass. >> the root system can go down 50 feet. we've measured it to 12 or 15, and i got sick of digging at that point . >> and deepest good, especially if you understand the plans including switchgrass the carbon that's co2 as part of photosynthesis pushing it down to the root system weren't interacts with nutrients in the ground. at death of several feet, researchers say co2 is essentially sequestered from the atmosphere . >> if we are putting carbon that even the ground were never going to plow that deep. it is a way of literally locking away carbon . >> researchers say metric tons of carbon have already been lost over the last century,
4:26 pm
when the paper released this summer shows that native grasslands could be more efficient at storing carbon underground than even healthy forests, and in parts of california, certainly, more practical . >> katerina is a project manager and soil microbiologist he's helping to keep plant species prime for research. she maintains specially designed plant growth chambers that measure how the plants are processing co2. >> it helps regulate which type of carbon goes in . >> learning about where natural carbon catchers like switchgrass can have the most impact could be critical in the future well for us to hold onto carbon above ground they are increasingly vulnerable to wildfires and with worsening drought conditions, she says
4:27 pm
replacing trees and crops in drought challenged areas could offer long-term advantages . >> there are a lot of landscapes in the country that we have calculated, could be amenable to these deep-rooted, perennial crops, where we are not just growing something above ground. we are cropping, farming, as it were, carter . >> and perhaps going a more sustainable future in the fight against climate change. and researchers say adding more perennial grassland would be a long-term contribution since carbons can remain in deep soils for literally centuries, so powerful possibility for our future . >> certainly very promising solution. thank you. you can see more of abc 7 climate watch coverage, just go to see videos on how to prepare for climate ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. . >> now to the fight against ghost guns, it's making news in three bay area city statement first there's a new bill that aims to make san francisco the first california city to ban the sale of those ghost guns and it's past its first hurdle. the seizure of these illegal weapons are reaching highs across the city and she's here now with the latest data for us . >> the numbers are pretty alarming, ghost gun seizures in san francisco are up 350 percent so far this year compared to last couple of years, and if passed in
4:31 pm
september, this legislation would not only prohibit the sale of these illegal weapons but help law enforcement crackdown on the manufacturers. when you hear a 10-year-old is able to build a ghost gun describing it as easy as building legos, you know there's a problem. just ask steve lemley the former firearms chief . >> this is the kid that you can buy, sent to your house without regulation . >> so right now california law allows these ghost gun kids to be sold anywhere in california and all that one has to do is after assembling the ghost gun whether it's an ar 15, or whatever type of gun it is, they have to apply for a serial number 2 department of justice 10 days after settling. you can imagine, nobody's doing that . >> commander farley who oversees crime guns investigation center explained most gun vendors don't inform purchases of this requirement resulting in no oversight, no background check no waiting. no sales records and no age
4:32 pm
restriction at the time of sale . >> technically, if a 10-year- old has their parents credit card they can go online and buy one of these guns easily. >> untraceable without serial numbers . >> there's an uptick in the use of ghost guns in san francisco and what can the police do when they get to a crime scene and there's an and serialized gun, it stopped the investigation right there . >> sf pd told i-team ghost guns are flourishing in san francisco . >> this year we are more than double . >> this graph more than doubled in 2020 to 164 and the rate reported this
4:33 pm
year's already on track to surpass that . >> we have strict gun laws in place in california for a reason, so that we can prohibit people who shouldn't have firearms from having them. >> to put this in perspective ghost guns made up of less than 1% of all firearms seized in san francisco in 2016 but by 2020, they made up 16%. >> so this is clearly a growing problem. what are you seeing from the manufacturers, the online sites that are selling these parts, what are they saying? >> which is one of the nation's largest manufacturers for further comment on this but we haven't heard back yet. but i will show you, what i saw on their website today. this is the page where they sell kids to build a are 15th and as you can see, they are completely sold out. every single page. it's scary on the one hand, law enforcement has found children describing how easy it is to put these kids together but also, the fact that these kids are so readily available online.
4:34 pm
>> judging from the prices, under $100 or affordable for a lot of people. thank you . the department of justice is a point strike forces in five major urban centers including the bay area to crackdown on ghost guns. the strike forces will work with state and local law enforcement agencies using data and evidence from crime scenes to find out how illegal guns are sold and passed around. oakland police chief armstrong has blamed part of the surge in murders in his city on ghost guns. he met with president biden in april about ways to stop gun violence. san jose mayor visited r visite white house this month to talk about the issue. he says, president biden wanted to form partnerships with local communities to understand what's happening on the ground. >> longtime nfl assistant coach greg knapp who worked with the 49ers and raiders has died while cycling in san ramon. sacramento state tweeted out this tribute to the coach,
4:35 pm
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4:38 pm
>> the design of the new cans looks more like an apple product then municipal waste been. they come with a premium price, too . >> there's something about the look, because we don't necessarily want as a bear trap, as the streets of samples go . >> the director of the public works department says the estimate to make each can is $12,000-$20,000, the budget of $300,000 for just 15 cans committee hearing wednesday supervisor haney was visibly confused as to why it would cost so much. though he voted to move forward with the plan not wanting to create further delays . >> $20,000 again can, it is a fox news headline waiting to happen there. i really need to understand why it's so expensive . >> people on the street had similar reactions. >> does that sound like a reasonable price for a trashcan? >> no, it sounds really bad . >> $20,000? using go to cosco, get up for
4:39 pm
five dollars . >> the city has more than three it thousand majority of agreements which have been around for 20 years. one of the problems is it's just too easy to tamper with, people can reach inside and pulled the trash out leaving it all over the street . >> the new designs all have slightly different features but will be made out of stainless steel and will have sensors that can tell how full they are . >> it's going to be able to notify and tell us to send someone out to empty the can . >> he says once to determine which one works best, the cost to produce the mass scale will be around $3000-$4000 each . >> that's the goal i have, is to have the most efficient trash cans in the world. the pilot is set to begin in san francisco this fall . >> all right, $20,000, i, who wants to go first here. >> we are all chomping at the day .
4:40 pm
>> come on, we don't need to have the best and most efficient trash cans in the world, anyway, we just at to have trashcan that were, even at $3000 that's awful lot, i know we can't go to cosco and put them on the street, they have to be specially designed but to spend $12,000-$20,000 for a trashcan, we've got better uses for our money and my judgment, like the one supervisor said that's ridiculous . >> if it flew and emptied itself, then we've got something. now we are talking, kristen? >> i think they should offer $20,000 as a prize silicon valley engineer a college student engineering student who can design a better mousetrap for say, $1000 . >> you can certainly produce a tamperproof durable secure trashcan for under 10,000, $5000. the earlier first was right when he said it's a fox news headline waiting to happen. >> san francisco is going to
4:41 pm
require city employees be vaccinated, this is new, mayor breed tweeted this afternoon that san francisco is requiring city employees to be vaccinated in order to protect the public health, adding, i applaud the businesses that are stepping up to do the same with their employees. we need widespread vaccinations to end the pandemic. so san francisco, contra costa and santa clara also recommending businesses require that employees get vaccinated as well but san francisco is taking the steps and that doesn't mean drivers, police lie officers, everybody vaccinated, what do you think, spencer? >> well, i'm forgetting vaccinated and we've all been vaccinated, so i'm not against a mandate for being vaccinated at all. but there's a lot of resistance out there, and i don't want to make light of it . >> i would say i agree with spencer completely, i would say that you know,
4:42 pm
to create some exemptions for certain cases but certain cases not just i don't like it or i don't feel like getting one. but, listen, they've been proven fairly effective and proven very safe, there have been some incidents, but in the main they are quite safe and they are certainly effective at what we are seeing now with the rise of the delta variant. it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated. the vast majority, 95+ percent of those getting sick now are unvaccinated . >> the nfl is stepping up the pressure on players vaccinated, a memo issued today lays out strict protocols that will penalize teams including, possible forfeits if an outbreak among unvaccinated players puts the league's schedule in jeopardy. the fourth it's good happen if the league was unable to schedule a game involving a team experiencing an outbreak. the team would also be responsible for recovering lost revenue from the game. so, you could see the direction
4:43 pm
they are heading here, the nfl wants to get back to business as usual and they're going to use peer pressure, imagine, if you are in the playoff chase, and you are the unvaccinated guy and you get sick and now, you have to have 10 guys in quarantine and you either can't play or you are at a severe disadvantage but the pressure on all of the players to actually get vaccinated, spencer, it's going to be quite clear . >> it is. i think it's a good move by the nfl. the pressure on the team to put the pressure on the individuals who refuse to get vaccinated. no nfl player wants to forfeit a game, right? >> right. and you know, i think it's going to be effective, just because were not going to want to be that guy, or guys, that cost her team whether it's a game or whatever . >> i'm curious as to what the rate of vaccination is in the nfl . >> some teams are at 50%, some teams at 80% and they are a private business so the nfl can
4:44 pm
run it how they want. >> it's like our state, those figures . ever wish there was a dislike button on twitter? something like that could happen to, they are testing up and down votes between similar to what reddit users, twitter says the down but is not actually dislike and won't change the order of replies. the company said it's an experiment to understand the types of replies users find relevant in a conversation. >> dan, i don't know, i think it's going to cause more fights . >> how about a down vote of tweeting . >> a down vote on twitter, can we just do that? >> quickly express yourself but it is likely to cause no matter what the real meaning of it is, just seeing a thumbs down on something you said seems like it's going to take you off and start a fight. >> i mean spencer, would you scroll through to see who gave you a thumbs down?
4:45 pm
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4:48 pm
you see goal, now you don't. 13-year-old kylie holman celebrating her best friend george's birthday, on the boardwalk in wildwood, new jersey. >> she wanted to do the slingshot and i've done it previously so i wasn't that nervous . >> not nervous about being launched into the air at 75 miles per hour, but writer she and georgia took off, kylie new this ride would bring different thrill . >> when i got shot of, then i saw it, and it was going the opposite way and it came back and hit me right in the face. >> it felt really light and it only left a kind of scratch . >> siegel flying away seemingly unharmed as well, this happening right next to georgia, seemed to be having an even tougher time than kylie and the bird combined . >> did she have any idea what was going on? >> no, i was trying to tell her.
4:49 pm
she told me to stop talking because she thought she was going to throw up . >> the feathery the acts go happening the first few seconds of the right, the girls flipping and spinning in the air for almost a full minute afterwards but before they were even back on the ground, kylie new this story was too high flying to be believed, without evidence . >> nor could the internet, the video wrapping up thousands of views. oddly enough kylie says this is kind of a dream come true, she loves animals, and said she's always wanted to catch a siegel . >> i saw it over the internet, people trying to catch them and i thought it would just be cool . >> but usually people get close to them with bread and chips, not at 75 miles per hour, with their face. >> catching one with your face is probably not part of her dream. remember back in march 1999
4:50 pm
romance cover model audio got smacked in the face with a bird cummings riding a roller coaster coming there for the opening of apollo's chariot coaster, the goose did not survive, bobby did with a few minor cuts . >> i met him a year before that, he needed conditioner for his hair, split ends . >> the long, flowing locks? >> you can't tell from the book covers but conditioner . >> did you tell him? >> i'm a little more diplomatic than that . >> like in the last break. let's get to spencer, with some concern here? >> a look at the condition of our hair so we are going to do, with all the smoke from the wildfires, you can imagine there's a lot of smoke in the air so take a look at the wildfire smoke, you can see this mainly blowing across northern and north-central usn over to the east coast, and millions of people obviously in
4:51 pm
the path of this plume of smoke being guided away from california by the upper level winds but look at the smoke forecast, for tomorrow, for northern california, you can see the smoke will continue to be blowing generally to our east but a shift in the upper level winds could mean staying in california. sort air-quality forecast for the next four days, looking fairly good, we've got moderate to good air quality, and all regions of the bay area for the next four days with an improving air quality going into sunday and monday, so that's encouraging. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. mid to upper 90s for the next few days, a cool down on sunday and monday as the air quality improves, then another warm up in the middle of next week. >> thank you, spencer . going back in time and >> thank you, spencer . going back in time and behind the attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month.
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4:55 pm
a lot of exhibits and educational programs, what they often don't realize is that museums have large areas of collections that are hidden away from the public. in fact only about 5% of the museum collection is on display in our exhibits at one time. over 90% of our collection is in these collections storage areas. you will feel part of an exclusive party when you come to the behind the scenes store because not everybody gets to do this. when you come to the richmond museum you will see a variety of artifacts including a model a ford, a richmond peddler's wagon, native american baskets, and of course, the only victor mural in the entire east bay.
4:56 pm
we have great exhibits and programs open to the public here at the museum but we wanted to take it one step further and do something really unique and different. >> the inspiration for the behind-the-scenes collection tour was to provide more public access to our collections areas because we have so much material down here that we want to share. when you come to the richmond museum, you will discover over 1000 years of human history in the bay area. >> you will have a tour of the main collections area, the textile collection, the archaeology room, every time you look around you're going to see something new and interesting and it may even be an object you've never seen life before. there'll be some objects here that you haven't seen sent you've been in your grandmother's house . >> one of the things that you will expense while you are here at the richmond museum is a sense of nostalgia, and what is more nostalgic then barbie's dream house from 1962? we have an original early model of the barbie dream house here
4:57 pm
in our collection. >> and this gold dates to the mid century, and it was actually purchased in san francisco macy's . >> recently we've been trying to acquire more collections related to the african-american community and one of my favorite artifacts that i've taken in recently, is a sign from donald hamptons shoe repair shop, a vital african- american business in north richmond, collections area has a mystery that you can discover, and we do often pull out a few special artifacts, you will have to put on your gloves but you'll be able to interact with some of the artifacts as well. >> i want people to come here to find their inspiration, because there is something here, for everyone to get inspired by.
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watch me! get real relief with cosentyx. next at 5:00, a terrifying ordeal leaves one woman feeling like her home is no longer a safe haven. plus, can your employer require to you get vaccinated? some people say they should. and the masks are going back on for some in san mateo county why it may be a first step. >> new video showing the intensity of the fire near lake tahoe. the dixie fire reaches megafire status. plus, it will cost more for students at uc. how much they'll have to pay. and a new policy that could help honest of thousands of people.


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