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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 22, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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that place? >> something is burning good morning, america. as we start this thursday the new covid surge taking hold across the country. new cases triple in the past month. the delta variant causing more than 80% of new infections. health officials call this the pandemic of the unvaccinated. why florida is particularly vulnerable. and the new concern about unvaccinated kids. more than 20,000 new pediatric cases in the last week. is a new mask mandate on the way? and as cases tick up in tokyo, the latest american athlete testing positive speaking out this morning. new details about the opening ceremony. how it will look different as the new controversy erupting overnight with less than 24 hours to go. insurrection showdown. the newest twist in the push to investigate the january 6th
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siege on capitol hill. house speaker nancy pelosi's unprecedented move. the new fallout this morning. wicked weather. dozens of wildfires in the west growing overnight as the california couple whose gender reveal party allegedly sparked the deadly fire faces 20 years behind bars. and the deadly monsoon rocking colorado destroying homes and leaving a path of destruction. the new threats on the move right now. apocalyptic flooding. the frantic search and rescue as deadly rains slams one of china's biggest cities trapping hundreds in the subway. forcing hundreds of thousands to evacuate. amusement park tragedy. >> there is a 14-year-old girl that went under without water a life jacket. sand she never came back up. >> a 14-year-old dies at an ohio water park. what happened and how regulated are local parks like this. too good to be true? as summer travel heats up why those third-party hotel deals
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might not be what they seem. the new warning this morning. ♪ and is the deep sea debate making waves? >> you're gonna need a bigger boat. >> with shark bites on the rise why some wildlife experts want to rebrand those encounters. good morning, america. we hope your thursday is off to a good start. great to be here with cecilia and michael. >> it's great to be here, and it's a busy thursday morning already. we have a lot of news to get to including this breaking news out of tokyo, the director of the opening ceremony fired overnight as the number of covid cases there is growing. we'll talk about that and more coming up. here at home the delta variant is taking hold across america. 47 states reporting an increase in cases. the daily average tripled in the last month. >> health officials are going into overdrive to encourage people to get vaccinated.
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right now nearly 162 million americans are fully vaccinated. that's 57% of the eligible population. but the rise in pediatric cases is sparking growing concern about unvaccinated children. abc's whit johnson joins us with the latest this morning. good morning, whit. >> reporter: michael, good morning. with the numbers moving in the wrong direction, new york city will soon require health care workers, city health care workers to either get vaccinated or get tested on a weekly basis. all of this happening amid new concerns about the delta variant and a rise in cases across the country. this morning, the u.s. facing a covid resurgence. new cases tripling in the last month driven in part by the delta variant now estimated to make up 83% of new infections. hospital admissions on the rise in 36 states. >> this group that we're seeing now absolutely could and should have been prevented. this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> reporter: on tuesday, california reporting more than 5,000 new cases, numbers not seen since the winter surge five months ago.
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and now growing concern about unvaccinated children. more than 23,000 new pediatric cases in the last week. twice as many as the end of june. in georgia, the family of wyatt gibson says he was a healthy 5-year-old before passing away on friday. they say he contracted several infections including covid, strep and staph days before. the virus spreading rapidly throughout the south. in alabama, dr. brittany cobia says she's seeing healthy young people with serious covid infections, writing on facebook, one of the last things they do before they're intubated is beg me for the vaccine. i hold their hand and tell them that i'm sorry, but it's too late. health experts warn that florida where the full vaccination rate is below 50% is most vulnerable. james scott owen is not vaccinated and currently battling covid-19 in a florida
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hospital. >> i had to relearn to breathe. but now that i have had the full cycle of symptoms, i would definitely have opted to get it. >> reporter: overnight, the state's attorney general announcing that she has tested positive despite being vaccinated earlier this year tweeting, thankfully i am only experiencing mild symptoms and my family is in good health. as i continue to self-quarantine, i want to encourage floridians to be vigilant about their health. the latest surge raising questions about breakthrough infections. overnight, an outbreak in provincetown, massachusetts, growing to at least 256 cases. officials saying more than two-thirds of those testing positive are fully vaccinated. and this morning, "the washington post" is reporting that top white house officials are currently debating whether to urge vaccinated americans to once again wear masks in more settings.
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overnight, president biden during a town hall suggested that the cdc may also update its mask guidance on children in schools, michael. >> and whit, the cdc advisory panel is meeting again today on vaccines. what's on their agenda? >> reporter: michael, that cdc advisory panel is expected to address the issue of booster shots, and specifically whether americans with compromised immune systems should get one and how soon. that same panel also expected to discuss reports of rare side effects, possibly linked to the johnson & johnson vaccine. michael. >> all right, whit johnson, thank you. cecilia. we're going to turn to tokyo now with less than 24 hours until the olympics opening ceremony. at least 91 people have tested positive for covid so far and this morning we're learning more about just how different these games are going to look this year. amy is right there in tokyo with the very latest. hey, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, cecilia. yes, the olympics opening ceremonies are certainly something of a spectacle.
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it's about celebration, huge dance routines, light shows, tons of performers but, yes, this year is going to look very, very different. this morning, as covid cases are ticking up in tokyo, more olympic athletes benched. at least 91 people testing positive in the olympic bubble. precaution driving usa gymnastics to a bold move. overnight confirming to abc news that team usa gymnasts will not be staying in olympic village for the duration of the games. the coach to simone biles saying on twitter, the move was made together adding that they feel like we can control the athletes and our safety better in a hotel setting. this as on wednesday team usa beach volleyball player taylor crabb was forced to drop out of the games following a positive test writing on instagram, after taking every precaution, getting vaccinated and following protocols, i have tested positive for covid-19.
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i'm symptom-free, thankfully, but deeply disappointed. now isolating at a hotel in japan, joins a growing list of those forced to withdraw including tennis great coco gauff and katie lou samuelson. and an alternte on the women's gymnastics team. they contracted covid before traveling to games including traveling to games including uk athlete amber hill, the number one ranked skeet shooter in the world and reality setting in for the opening ceremony. one producer telling reuters the ceremony which is usually a celebratory spectacle will be much more sobering ceremony but incorporate beautiful japanese aesthetics. the stadium will be mostly empty with no family or spectators in the stadium chairs. no mass choreography and not all athletes will be present for the parade of nations. now just 24 hours away, more controversy casting a cloud over the event.
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the show director, kentaro kobayashi, was fired for resurfaced anti-semitic jokes he made about the holocaust in 1998. this just days after the ceremony's composer resigned following resurfaced incidents of bullying people with disabilities, but for athletes who have trained their entire lives for this, the games already in full swing. usa women's softball 2-0 dominating against canada in a stunning upset not allowing a single point on the board. a golden performance from three-time world champion monica abbott going seven scoreless innings. overnight, first lady jill biden touched down here in tokyo. she stepped out of the plane and was greeted by japanese officials without any handshakes and is now meeting with the japanese prime minister just hours ahead of her participation in the games' opening ceremonies. cecilia. >> you can see her there following protocols.
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what is it we're hearing about a bear spotted inside the softball venue? >> reporter: that's right. a brown bear spotted at the olympic softball venue, not once but twice this week including yesterday when it just wandered into the park hours before a scheduled game between japan and australia. the bear then apparently went missing and the games went on as scheduled. cecilia, we can only hope that bear stays missing. >> we certainly hope that. okay, amy, thanks so much. we go to washington and the drama over attempts to investigate the january 6th siege of the capitol. house speaker nancy pelosi has barred two republicans from the bipartisan committee calling them compromised prompting the republican leadership to abandon the panel. congressional correspondent rachel scott is on capitol hill with the latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. house speaker nancy pelosi says those two republicans threaten the integrity of the investigation and wanted them out. her decision only deepening the partisan divide just days before that first hearing gets under way. this morning, republican leader kevin mccarthy threatening to boycott the january 6th select committee after house speaker nancy pelosi blocked two
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republicans from the panel. >> unless speaker pelosi reverses course and seats all five republicans, we will not participate. >> reporter: mccarthy calling it an egregious abuse of power. >> why not appoint two new republicans? >> reporter: pelosi saying the unprecedented decision was necessary rejecting representatives jim banks of indiana and jim jordan of ohio, two out of the five representatives mccarthy picked. pelosi pointing to their past actions and statements, both voted to overturn the results of the election. >> they just want to continue to attack the former president and they want to play their political games. >> reporter: in may, republicans chose to block an independent bipartisan commission to investigate the capitol siege. overnight president biden slamming gop lawmakers who have tried to downplay the insurrection. >> i don't care if you think i'm satan reincarnated, the fact is, you can't look at that television and say, nothing happened on the 6th. >> reporter: democrats say the investigation will go on.
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moving forward with a select committee. >> we have a bipartisan quorum. >> reporter: one republican who is determined to stay on the panel, congresswoman liz cheney. she voted to impeach the former president. >> at every opportunity, the minority leader has attempted to prevent the american people from understanding what happened to block this investigation. >> reporter: the committee will still hold its first hearing next week starting with the testimony of four officers who defended the capitol on january 6th. leader mccarthy says republicans will launch their own investigation but refuse to provide any other details. george. >> of course criminal investigations going on as well. thanks very much. now to those wildfires in the west growing overnight as one couple faces 20 years behind bars after their gender revel allegedly sparked a fire that killed a firefighter. kaylee hartung has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, wildfires raging in the west. the dixie fire growing to over
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90,000 acres, doubling in size since monday. smoky conditions leaving the sky glowing red. firefighters work tirelessly to fill their trucks with water from this reservoir. the nevada national guard flying overhead surveying the damage. the tamarack fire spreading further into nevada, triggering road closures and prompting some to evacuate. >> i was born and raised in that house, don't want to lose it. >> reporter: smoke from those wildfires carrying thousands of miles across the country. as the sprawling wildfire emergency rages, news about the eldorado fire that ignited 22,000 acres in southern california last year. refugio manuel jimenez and angela renee jimenez after allegedly accidentally ignited the fire during their so-called gender reveal party. >> people were really concerned about the impact that something that started off that seemed so innocent ended up having such an amazing impact on people in the community, their homes, in this
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case a life was lost. >> reporter: one u.s. forest service firefighter was killed and two others were injured, along with the destruction of millions of dollars in property. and pacific gas & electric say their equipment may have started the dixie fire that's burning in northern california right now. pg&e saying they're going to bury 10,000 miles of power lines to prevent them from sparking any more wildfires in these drought-stricken areas out west. >> thanks. we stay in the west, deadly monsoon storms slamming colorado destroying homes and wreaking havoc with more flooding threats on the way. ginger tracking the very latest on all of this. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: cecilia, one inch of rain in 30 minutes and you have a deadly situation. and in laramie county, colorado, five structures were taken out. the power of that water especially after it hits burn
7:15 am
scars, last year top three biggest fires in is the state of colorado, any monsoon flow is going to cause issues. you can see the debris there. a mudslide taking over a road. more of these road closures. part of i-07 warning, going to see road closures through the summer because of this. today, rio grande valley and back through to tucson. more deadly flooding overseas in central china, the floods have forced hundreds of thousands to leave their homes, stranded hundreds in the subways. ian pannell has the latest on the rescue efforts under way right now. >> reporter: this morning, the frantic search and rescue mission as devastating floods swamp one of china's biggest cities.
7:16 am
unprecedented rainfall in central henan province, leaving at least 25 dead, hundreds of thousands forced from their homes. terrifying scenes below ground. floodwater gushing through the subway system, passengers trapped as water rises beyond their chest, some forced to stand on seats just to stay alive. at least a dozen died here. more than 500 eventually rescued but some still missing with growing fears the death toll is going to rise. above ground an apocalyptic vision like some disaster movie. on wednesday, this shocking video released showing a kindergarten underwater. rescuers forced to use plastic tubs to float the toddlers to safety. repairs to this dam under way. as this morning, forecasters warning more rain is on the way. well, with intensive heat waves and wildfires now from the united states to siberia and devastating flooding that we saw last week in germany and now in
7:17 am
china, scientists saying that this latest rainfall in henan province was almost certainly linked to global warning. -- warming. george. >> we are seeing the consequences everywhere. okay, ian, thanks very much. michael. now to the newly crowned nba champions, the milwaukee bucks set to parade through downtown milwaukee this morning, ending with a champion celebration in the deer district, the area outside the arena with 65,000 adoring fans watched them beat the phoenix suns in game six tuesday night. and i got to say, there's no rest for stars. khris middleton and jrue holiday, they fly to tokyo on friday to join team usa where they'll go for the gold at the olympics where jrue holiday's wife is a two-time gold medalist with the u.s. natiwomen's natio song kerr team. very talented family and mvp giannis is out and about. you'll never guess where. that's our "play of the day." >> nice tease there, michael. >> you know, i do my best, george. >> we are following a lot of other headlines this morning including the urgent
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investigation after a teenager drowned in an ohio water park. and before you book your next summer vacation, what you need to know about hotel deals that seem too good to be true. first let's go back to ginger. >> cecilia, there were some tens of thousands of customers without power thanks to the severe storms. both new jersey and pennsylvania dealing with the damage this morning, from the trees down, the power lines of course and even roofs ripped apart. we're going to see clearing skies. all right, stormy cities now sponsored by capital one.
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good morning. i am abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco . sizzlesizzle and monsoon clouds will increase this weekend and some moisture will make it to the ground in the form of humidity. it will be humid today but thunderstorms do not look promising. 60s at the coast. 70s for the rest of the bay. 80s inland. tonight we fall back ma coming up, we have the new pr push over what to call shark encounters. can't wait to hear that. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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what we value most, shouldn't cost more. building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news.. good morning. i am beckwourth complex fire . go scans and five regions including the bay area. strike forces will stop illegal gun trafficking and intern hopefully reduce gun violence. the oakland police chief has blamed a part of the surge and murders in the city to go scans and met with president biden about ways to stop gun violence. the senate is a marrow mayor met with biden to talk about the issue. let's take a look at traffic. >> we have a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on later than usual. 6:42 am. we wonder if the backup will
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clear later this morning because of that. richmond san rafael bridge packed in the last for people going westbound towards the north bay. bringing back drive times
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all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. we are back and looking at temperatures first in the 50s. 49 santa rosa. 62 concord. more sunshine at the this morning then there has been the last few mornings. there breezes are back from the golden gate bridge through the delta during the evening commute. the ferry ride will be choppy. dry air saturday but increasing humidity and that is storm threat lacking so far next week. coming up on gma, why some experts want to start calling a
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coated in delicious peanut butter-flavored yum. dog life's more fun with new milk-bone dipped. ♪ ♪ welcome back to "gma." what an awesome look at the great state of utah. we're there live this morning as the state bounces back and we have your insider guide to all of utah's breathtaking national parks and more coming up later in our show. >> the series has been so much fun to see the whole country. right now, we're also following a lot of headlines, including new covid cases tripling in the last month driven largely by the delta variant. now making up 80% of new infections. hospital admissions on the rise in 36 states. a new report out in "the washington post" says the white house is considering tightening mask guidance. also right now, victims and families of the surfside condo collapse will get a minimum of $150 million in compensation a judge said wednesday.
7:31 am
that amount does not include any proceeds from the multiple lawsuits filed since the june 24th collapse which killed at least 97 people. and a new warning from the irs about potential child tax credit scams. some thiefs are trying to take advantage, how to protect your money coming up in our next hour. we've got a dust devil there, not a tornado, also known as a small whirlwind, interrupting a soccer game in bolivia ripping across the field. what a sight there. thankfully no one was hurt. also, we got a lot more ahead including what wildfire experts -- wildlife experts are saying we should call shark encounters in the water. they don't like shark attacks. also coming up, why you may need to be more careful than ever booking a hotel online. we'll tell you all about that. michael. the urgent investigation into ohio water park tragedy that left a 14-year-old girl dead. sparking new questions about what kind of regulations are in place for local amusement parks. trevor ault joins us now with the latest. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. witnesses tell us this young
7:32 am
girl was playing at that ohio water park when she accidentally fell into the water without a life jacket and nobody could find her to pull her out for half an hour. now, authorities are trying to figure out who is responsible. this morning, authorities are investigating the tragic death of 14-year-old mykiara jones after she was pulled from the water at an ohio amusement park. >> there is a 14-year-old girl went underwater without a life jacket and she never came back up. >> reporter: officials say mykiara was found in open water, eight feet deep, at land of illusion near dayton, she was not wearing a life vest even though the park's website says they're required due to the deep waters. witnesses say friends, family and lifeguards were unable to spot her. >> it was pure chaos when the lifeguard did come over. he was yelling, trying to get other lifeguards and it took time for him to get people's attention. >> how long has she been down
7:33 am
there? >> we've been looking for like 12 minutes now. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says the park is fully cooperating. >> we assume they had lifeguards. don't know. she definitely did not have a life jacket on at the time. >> reporter: fatal drownings can happen in as little as 20 seconds and authorities say mykiara was under water for about 30 minutes before she was pulled out. rescue workers immediately performing cpr but she did not survive. there is next to no federal regulation of small amusement parks. oversight instead happening in a patchwork system that varies from state to state and this is not the first amusement park tragedy in recent weeks. earlier this month, 11-year-old michael jaramilla killed. when a raft he was riding overturned at an iowa amusement park. the park has not yet responded to our request for comment and
7:34 am
remain closed in the wake of this incident. some states do not allow them to investigate amusement parks but ohio does. an investigation under way. michael. >> thanks so much, trevor. cecilia. we turn to the deep sea debate over what to call shark encounters in the water. wildlife experts say they're not always attacks. critics however are saying that could downplay the danger, and abc's will reeve is on the jersey shore with more. hey, will. >> reporter: hey, cecilia, good morning. i guess sharks need a rebrand. scientists are trying to change public perception of sharks whose population has shrunk 70% in the last 50 years and they say they're trying to be as precise as possible with their language because sometimes what we think of as an attack isn't an attack. this morning, a deep sea debate is brewing. should shark bites be called attacks or just encounters? as beachgoers witness scenes like these of survivors getting rushed to hospital and caught on
7:35 am
camera incidents rise, including this viral video posted just this weekend showing a hammerhead shark in panama city beach getting a little too close to swimmers. some wildlife experts are pushing to rebrand interactions with the ocean's apex predator calling them bites, negative encounters or incidents instead of attacks. >> i would say, any time we're painting any wildlife as interested in harming humans, we're reducing people's positive feelings about them, people's desire to see them conserved and protected and increasing the likelihood that people see them as villains or antagonists. >> reporter: for years they've been the bad guys in movies like "jaws." >> you're gonna need a bigger boat. >> reporter: and "the meg," about a large megalodon shark. but experts say in reality shark bites are rare. and that using language like
7:36 am
attack gives a false impression of intent. paige winter who was bitten by a shark in 2019 told our robin roberts she didn't see her encounter as the shark's fault. >> but this situation has urged me to learn more about sharks. i didn't do something directly to the shark, but i was in his water, you know. that's his house. >> reporter: but dave pearson who survived a shark attack in australia and now runs a support group bite club says avoiding the word bite avoids the real danger. >> we can't keep sanitizing things to the point where when you're the person involved it feels like someone is dismissing your experience or your trauma. you need to be aware of the element of danger out there and call them apex predators for a reason. >> reporter: even stephen colbert weighing in. >> i'm sorry, ma'am, a shark interacted with your husband's
7:37 am
torso. he's experiencing a not being alive incident. >> reporter: whatever they're called officials are taking these encounters seriously. in cape cod, where at least 50 confirmed great white shark sightings have been reported this past month, researchers deployed acoustic receivers to track them to keep people safe. >> it's a valuable way to find out more about the movement of great white sharks, and that's important information for the public to know when they're going to the beach, you know, where they might be more likely to encounter a white shark. >> reporter: when you're at the beach look for signs of sharks. if there are seals in the water, there might be sharks nearby because they eat seals. if there are birds flying in the air that means they're looking for fish that sharks are also probably looking for so, if you do go swimming try to go in pair, in groups, just be smart generally and also remember that unprovoked shark bites are exceedingly rare. there were fewer than 100 globally just last year. guys.
7:38 am
>> good point, will. thank you so much. >> thank you, will. up next, before you book your next vacation, what you need to know about hotel booking sites that promise a good deal. it's the most comfortable, body-sensing, automatically-responding, energy-building, dually-adjustable, dad-powering, wellness-boosting, foot-warming, temperature-balancing, recovery-assisting, effortlessly life-changing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. and now, save up to $1,000 on select sleep number 360 smart beds and adjustable bases. plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time. ♪ ♪ free to feel ♪ experience the perfectly balanced rich flavors of lindt excellence. by the lindt master chocolatier. ♪
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that means freshly baked new artisan italian and hearty multigrain. hmm, that would go good with... seriously? i didn't even get to finish. ugh, see you next commerc... [baby crying] i got it. i got it. ♪ ♪ give grandma kisses. mwah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ getting some help with the little one, from her biggest fan. some real face time. just an amtrak away. back now with a consumer alert. as summer travel picks up some hotel deals seem too good to be true. gio benitez has more on what you need to know before your next trip. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning.
7:42 am
hotel prices are up almost 17% from a year ago, so people are clearly looking for a good deal but this morning, a warning from the better business bureau. this morning, the better business bureau with a warning, be careful when booking a hotel room. >> sometimes you can be led into situations where you're asked to make a reservation or asked to give money to someone you might have no familiarity with. >> reporter: cam newhouse says that happened to him when he traveled from kansas to minnesota with his family for a surprise party in may. >> i was trying to save a little bit of money and so i went out to a discount travel website and thought i was booking at a day's inn and i ended up on >> reporter:, a third-party site, say they have the best features to help you find the best hotel but the newhouse family says after their eight-hour drive -- >> we got there in the evening, we were exhausted and the hotel did not have our reservation. >> reporter: newhouse says he
7:43 am
had to pay for another room at the same hotel. >> i paid double for this discount hotel. >> reporter: out almost $300 newhouse says refused to give him a refund at first but later paid back half the bill, then eventually the full amount right after we contacted the company. has an f rating with the better business bureau. consumers posting nearly 900 complaints in the last 12 months. >> consumers intended or felt they were booking directly with the hotel when in fact they were booking with a third party booking site. >> reporter: the florida attorney general reporting it has received more than three dozen complaints in the past year and a half. telling "gma," the travel industry as a whole has been hit with an unprecedented volume of requests. we are doing everything we can to address everyone's customer concerns as quickly as possible and that the company does not believe it was in the wrong but refunded the customer anyway.
7:44 am
>> verify what site that you're boking with. it sure would be nice if i was the last one that it happened to. >> reporter: now, there are legitimate third-party websites but, remember, they may have different cancellation and refund policies so just make sure you're comparing that directly with the hotel itself, george. >> good advice. okay, gio, thanks very much. michael. coming up, what "real housewives" erika jayne just said about her estranged husband and their money. could it help or hurt the reality star? and next, we have our thursday "play of the day." nsure so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars.
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♪ all you people can't you see ♪ ♪ can't you see ♪ back now with our "play of the day." we told you earlier about the bucks' big parade this morning. but that won't be the first time the championship trophy will hit the streets of milwaukee. after his unstoppable performance, leading the bucks to the title in game six finals, mvp giannis antetokounmpo held on to both trophies and he took them on a trip to chick-fil-a through the drive-through. take a look. >> i should be in vegas right now partying but i'm here ordering chick-fil-a. >> where's the two trophies? he had to bring the two trophies. >> these trophies are not leaving my sight.
7:49 am
what if all of a sudden i wake up and this is all a dream? these trophies are my security basically. i know this is real. >> well, it is not a dream. he played like a dream. he was amazing. he also ordered -- he had a special order, 50 chicken minis which is one for every point he scored in the game six win and it wasn't for long before the fans noticed it was giannis at the drive-through at chick-fil-a so, of course, they swarmed his car and as for the hardware he said he isn't keeping the trophies for himself. he is going to bring them back and, of course, somebody had to ask him why he went to chick-fil-a after winning a world championship, very simple answer, he said, i'm hungry. >> that's one answer. >> let's hope we don't do a story that he left the trophies at chick-fil-a. he deserves them. >> yes, he does. coming up, tory johnson has "deals & steals" to upgrade your kitchen. stay with us.
7:50 am
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welcome back to "good morning america." you know, i have to share this. we were just down in tampa a couple of weeks ago with elsa, driving these very bridges and you could see a really significant waterspout. thankfully it stayed over the water. that's always good when it happens as long as you're not in a boat right under it. but if you go back to the gulf coast where they've been so saturated, especially this summer, houston, images there from interstate 10, the frontage road flooding. i know they do get flooding there.
7:54 am
four inches above average. for the year. two inches above for july. so much of the gulf coast dealing with like the northeast way above average and then the heat. the heat for bismarck, 101. look at the black hills even feeling like close to 100. coming up here on "gma," so much to get to. live in utah exploring some of the state's incredible national wonders and hidden gems and then chef michael symon cooking up a summertime classic. you don't want to miss that. this segment is sponsored by marcus by goldman sachs.
7:55 am
>> announcer: "gma" tomorrow, we've got one word for you -- dierks. superstar dierks bentley kicking off performing for you tomorrow. ♪ i've been gone ♪ >> announcer: only on -- >> "good morning america." >> announcer: sponsored by caesars rewards. >> "good morning america." >> announcer: sponsored by caesars rewards.
7:56 am
building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news.. good morning. i am reggie agui. jobina has a look at the traffic. a crash now in san mateo slowing things down. you can see there that these are 17 miles per hour on the southbound 101 before hillsdale boulevard. injuries reported. there is are busy spots as the richmond san rafael bridge for westbound traffic. speeds won't pick up until you reach the north bay. enjoy some sunshine today. it is coming out sooner but the breezes will be back from the golden gate through the delta. small craft advisory. the air is dry and we will warm up to seasonal levels with tree pollen remaining moderate and uv index high.
7:57 am
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make more of what's yours. good mor good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the covid surge taking hold across the country. new cases triple in the past month. health officials call this the pandemic of the unvaccinated. why florida is particularly vulnerable and the new concern about unvaccinated kids with more than 20,000 new pediatric cases in the last week. is a new mask mandate on the way? urgent new warning. child tax credit scams. as millions of americans receive those payments, how thieves are using them to solicit personal information. the housewife and the hustler. erika jayne in the hot seat. >> if he stole the money i'd like to know where it is. >> what she said about her estranged husband in the latest episode. will her appearances on the show help or hurt the reality star? ♪ welcome to my house ♪ is it time to upgrade your kitchen?
8:01 am
tory johnson is cooking up some "deals & steals" all from small businesses and everything is 50% off. ♪ and im-peck-able timing. the seagull surprise you have to see to believe. plus, "rise & shine," america. and good morning from utah. the beehive state is the next stop on our cross-country tour from the majestic mountains to the greatest snow on earth and the other worldly arches, how the state is racing back as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. that was pretty amazing. want to thank you for joining us this thursday as we "rise & shine" and you can see in beautiful utah. >> very glad you guys didn't have me climb mountains in south dakota two days ago.
8:02 am
look at that sunrise. always gorgeous, nothing quite beats a sunrise in utah. the state is so famous for its breathtaking parks and hidden gems you'll want to hear about. that's coming up. we'll begin with the coronavirus pandemic. it's gaining new strength. driven mostly by the delta variant. health officials plead with those still unvaccinated to get the shot. abc's whit johnson has the latest. good morning, whit. >> reporter: george, good morning. during a town hall overnight president biden suggested that the cdc could soon update its mask guidance on children in schools. the debate over masks heating up once again amid new concerns about the delta variant and a rise in cases across the country. this morning, the u.s. facing a covid resurgence. new cases tripling in the last month driven in part by the delta variant now estimated to make up 83% of new infections. hospital admissions on the rise in 36 states. >> this group that we're seeing now absolutely could and should
8:03 am
have been prevented. this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> reporter: and now growing concern about unvaccinated children. more than 23,000 new pediatric cases in the last week. twice as many as the end of june. in georgia, the family of wyatt gibson says he was a healthy 5-year-old before passing away on friday. they say he contracted several infections including covid, strep and staph days before. the latest surge raising questions about breakthrough infections. overnight, an outbreak in provincetown, massachusetts, growing to at least 256 cases, officials saying more than two-thirds of those testing positive are fully vaccinated. today, a cdc advisory panel is expected to tackle the issue of booster shots, specifically whether americans with compromised immune systems should get them and how soon. cecilia. >> we'll be following that today. okay, whit, thank you so much. we turn to that new warning as so many look to receive child tax credits, the irs is saying thieves are trying to take
8:04 am
advantage by stealing personal and financial information. erielle reshef has more on what you need to be on the lookout for. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, cecilia. billions of dollars in those checks have already been direct deposited for millions of american families in just the last week but already the irs is warning that criminals may be looking to exploit this and steal your personal and financial information, so here are some of those red flags that you should look out for. if you are contacted via email, social media, phone or text asking for personal or financial information to help speed up this process or boost payments, also if you receive any prerecorded urgent or threatening messages warning of a potential lawsuit or an arrest. lastly, if you're asked to make a payment with a gift card, wire transfer or cryptocurrency, all of those major red flags and the irs will never contact taxpayers to ask for your personal or financial information via email,
8:05 am
phone, text or social media. >> get one of those, erielle, what is the tip on that? what do you do? >> reporter: so the best advice here is ignore it and you should report it. the irs has instructions on its website,, about how to do it. a reminder, if you are eligible for these child tax credits you should receive a direct deposit and shouldn't have to take any additional steps. >> good warning there, thanks so much. coming up, "real housewives" star erika jayne getting real honest about her estranged husband as he faces lawsuits alleging he stole millions. we are live from utah and wait until you see what all the buzz is about. tory johnson bringing simple kitchen solutions all from small businesses, all 50% off. we'll be right back. 50% off. we'll be right back.
8:06 am
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♪ i been gone ♪ welcome back to "gma." so tomorrow we'll send you into the weekend with a special performance by one of our favorites, dierks bentley. we are looking forward to that, and "pop news" right now with lara. hey, george, good morning to you. we're going to begin with the most magical night, one of them at least of the year, the kennedy center announcing its 44th class of honorees from lifetime achievements in the creative arts and they are actress, singer and everyone's favorite diva, bette midler, joni mitchell, "saturday night live" mastermind lorne michaels, the founder of motown records berry gordon, and justino diaz opera superstar and kennedy center president deborah rutter saying, this year's honorees represent the unifying power of the arts. they are equal parts genius, inspiration and entertainment, and fans can expect those wonderful tributes to the honorees to happen in person again along with performances
8:11 am
for each of them done by surprise guests as is the ritual. rutter confirmed this year the kennedy center is expected to be at full capacity. the celebration taking place on december 5th. also in "pop news" this morning, anyone looking for a very cool camper because our friend tom hanks is selling his home away from home. the 1992 airstream model 34 limited, he bought it back in 1993 to bring to his movie locations to use as his trailer for little films like "sleepless in seattle". it was also on the set in south carolina for "forrest gump," in philadelphia for "philadelphia" and new york city for "sully." hanks customized the interior keeping it functional and simple, but did add a full size sofa for afternoon naps and autographed one of the air conditioners and wrote, an airstream is gorgeous and cozy which is why everyone who visited mine went away wanting
8:12 am
one of their own. you can own tom's if you want. it goes on the auction block on august 13th, and an estimated price tag between 150,000 and $250,000. pretty cool piece of movie history. and finally this morning, what was supposed to be a fun amusement ride for two teenagers turned into feathers flying for three. here it is, kiley, 13 years old, her birthday about to go on the slingshot ride in wildwood, new jersey, for her 14th birthday. it catapults them up 75 miles an hour and just when it does, an eagle is accidentally -- yep, part of the fun. there it is. yeah, the eagle left quickly. the spinning went on for almost a full minute afterwards. the girls wondering what the heck just happened. the bird wanted no part of that, flew away unharmed. that video getting hundreds of thousands of views online. everybody okay and the very
8:13 am
special one of a kind birthday for kiley. >> i would have been screaming more about the seagull than the ride. >> yeah. >> me too. >> yeah. >> thank you, lara. we're going to move on now to our "gma" cover story. reality star erika jayne telling her side of the story in the latest episode of "real housewives" revealing what she knew about her he strange husband's business dealings. kaylee hartung is back with the details. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, george. as the court is trying to figure out the truth in this complicated legal drama of alleged embezzlement and fraud erika jayne's co-stars are their own judge and jury. >> if he stole the money i'd like to know where it is. >> reporter: just as tom girardi's assets are frozen his estranged wife erika jayne speaking out in latest episode of "the real housewives beverly
8:14 am
hills." >> my life drastically changed and i let go of my home, my marriage, everything. i had to. >> reporter: girardi faces multiple lawsuits claiming he stole millions of dollars from his clients. that money allegedly helping to fund the lavish lifestyle jayne flaunts on the bravo franchise. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: jayne filing for divorce last year. >> since i left i have not received one dime from tom girardi despite what everyone seems to think. >> reporter: 82-year-old girardi was diagnosed with dementia and alzheimer's's disease in march and put under a conservatorship by the court. >> being married to somebody for 20 years and know they're struggling and not in a good place, but i'm actually in some ways very relieved. his attorney said that she feels that he is not mentally well. >> i don't see how for either of them being in the public eye is beneficial, and when you're before the court, "real housewives" is on tv, it's a public forum. it's a public domain, so those things tend to come in and are admissible. >> reporter: and the show
8:15 am
releasing an explosive midseason trailer foreshadowing even more drama unfolding as jayne's co-stars question what to believe. >> have we been duped by the lies? >> you ever call me a liar again, i'm coming for you. >> reporter: some critics have called their divorce a sham, an effort to try to hide their assets. last night, jayne revealed good reason for the split saying she found evidence girardi had been cheating on her for years. guys. >> all right, thank you so much. we turn to the gorgeous state of utah. it is, of course, the latest stop on our cross-country tour and from the picture-perfect slopes to the magnificent mountains utah has something for everyone. "gma's" ashan singh is there now. how is it going? >> good morning, cecilia. thank you so much for having me. his whole trip has felt like a dream. we're in snow canyon state park right now and still waiting for some of the sun to shine on the red tops behind me but we've been driving the state for the past couple of days and i've never seen anything like this. it's absolutely beautiful.
8:16 am
the thing that's impressed me the most is the people of utah and their commitment to community. the sun is rising over utah. and in this great state, the mountains are magnificent. the arches are towering and the powder is so fresh that the license plate boasts greatest snow on earth. but the pandemic forced an early end to 2020 skiing. leaving adam cole uncertain about the future. >> it was pure panic. there were just a lot of question marks. we didn't know what was next. >> reporter: but what came out of the pandemic was actually utah's biggest ski season to date. >> this winter was very different. it was one of our most drawn-out selling seasons, whole families were buying skis, boot, bindings, poles, helmets for their setup, so they could ski 30, 40 days rather than renting their gear for a week. >> reporter: look where i am
8:17 am
right now, here in park city mountain, it's the largest ski resort in the united states, but it's not just about skiing. in the summertime it becomes a literal playground. people come here for hiking, mountain biking and, of course, to take in the gorgeous views. and just a few peaks away, one of the sites for the 2002 winter olympics, and now a training ground for olympic hopefuls. we're at utah olympic park where people like you and me can get in on the ago. action. i'm about to try my hand at being an olympic bobsledder. let's go. let's rock. ooh. ooh! whoo! that was incredible. ♪ next up, let's talk honey.
8:18 am
peter somers from beez hives and honey, it became -- he brought more of them to homes than ever before. >> people were stuck at home so beehive is at home selling them bees and selling them a hive setup, giving classes. educating them. >> peter, utah is called the beehive state. it's in the seal and in the flag. what is it with the state and bees? >> all about community. it's about working together for a higher purpose. >> it's the real deal. >> reporter: and if you head south to the little purple store on highway 24, you'll find randy ramsley who said that utah community made all the difference. >> keep ahold. don't let it get away from you. >> i'm not doing it right at all. >> put this hand here. >> how are we doing? i know mesa farms actually relies a lot on tourists for business. how did the past year affect you.
8:19 am
>> the goats don't know anything about covid so they continued producing as they normally would so we had to find new outlets for our products and luckily the community pulled together and really stepped up and bought our product and we had a relationship with a really fine operation in salt lake city. they really stepped up and marketed our cheese nationally. now, we're coming out the other side and tourists are coming back. >> and that's why we're saying -- >> "rise & shine," utah. >> reporter: guys, that baby goat that we met at mesa farm, two weeks old, didn't even have a name yet so, of course, randy and the team was kind enough to let us name her good morning. >> love it. ashan, we want to say welcome. it's your first story on "gma." we're so glad to have you. >> talk about starting with a bang. >> started with a bang. >> really appreciate it. >> you sent us food.
8:20 am
you got the memo. >> had a ton of fun. >> yes, yes, we have fresh honey, fresh goat cheese from mesa farms and from peterz so, please, please enjoy. yes, if you're ever in the mesa farms area, you got to go check out good morning. >> we will, ashan, thank you so much. let's head over to ginger now. >> they not only came with the heavy rain but also hail. look at the images there from new jersey just bouncing off the deck, that's like pea-size hail or so. huntington, new york, hail mixing with some of those heftier storms. i have some good news, because so many folks are approaching or already reached their wettest julys on record, a lot of the weekends have been super rainy, but this weekend looking so pleasant, temperatures will be in the low to mid-80s, really, could you ask better sun shiny
8:21 am
good morning. i am abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco . sizzle highs today and monsoon clouds will increase this weekend and some moisture will make it to the ground in the form of humidity. it will be humid today but thunderstorms do not look promising. 60s at the coast. 70s for the rest of the bay. 80s inland. tonight we fall back mamamamamaa ♪onight we fall back mamamamamaa now it's time for delicious "deals & steals" with tory johnson bringing simple upgrades for your kitchen all from small businesses, just point your cell phone camera at that qr code on the screen to go right to the deals. good morning, tory, and let's get started because this is going to be a hot one today. we got a quick start grill we got.
8:22 am
>> we do, michael. this is from neuman's. as you said, it's a quick start electric portable grill so there is no need for lighter fluid, no gas, no struggle getting those charcoals to ignite. you simply plug it in, the charcoals self-ignites in about seven minutes and unplug it, grill and go. you're good to go there and it's half price so today it is $59.50. >> makes it easy. next, you have all the tools that make you feel like a real chef even if you're still learning to cook. what do we have? >> these are exquisite from they are modern design, precision quality. 10 or 12-piece knife block set that is going to elevate any kitchen instantly just by putting that knife block there. we have a grill set and their jumbo steak knives. can't go wrong with anything from this company, small business. everything is 50% off, prices start at $25. >> you hit it right. functional but beautiful. really beautiful. you got a lot more cook options
8:23 am
for us here as well. cookware. what do you got? >> we do. from jean-patrique, a big assortment of cookware all with a nonstick finish so that it's very easy to clean and have their big 15-piece collection so that if you want to replace or upgrade any of your pieces, this is a good collection for that. we also have two really fun pans, the whatever pan which does a whole lot. you can grill, fry, sear, bake, all in one pan, and we also have something called the lazy pan with three separate sectionness so in just one pan you can make your bacon, eggs and potatoes all in one without having to mess up three different dishes. lots of option plus choppers and chopping blocks go online at just $2.50. >> that's smart. i need that pan. everything in one pan. next up we have on the go drinkware. you got to stay hydrated in the summer heat, tory. >> swig life. these are fabulous.
8:24 am
so whether it is wine or water, coffee, cocktails, spiked soda, seltzer, whatever it is, they have something to carry your beverages to keep them hot or cold longer. triple insulated. we've got mugs, wine cups, tumblers, can coolers in dozens of patterns and colors, all today 50% off, they start at $12.50. >> tell us about these soft towels from fish kiss. >> these are beautiful. you can celebrate the people or places you love with a multiuse towel. you'll choose from 50 states or the map of america, and then you can add customized text, a name, a fun phrase, and then can you put a little icon on the place there that kind of matters most, a place of significance, the towels are all microfiber, soft, absorbent. this is a gift alert. plan ahead for this one for the holidays, at this price it is unbeatable. today's deal, $12. >> great deal there. once you mess up the kitchen, you got to clean it up. beautiful products to help keep
8:25 am
your kitchen clean and also colorful. >> yes, michel designs, all inspired by the beauty of art and nature. everything is gorgeous here. we have four products, four scents, multisurface wipes, dish soap, hand foaming soap. i can't pick a favorite. there's pink grapefruit, lemon basil, lavender rosemary and beach. go ahead and splurge, they start at $6.50. >> i know, tory, do you even have more deals for us? >> we do have more. we have our july box, 21 full-size products that you can get to either pamper yourself or to share, plus, in addition to that, we have 12 bonus deals from great brands giving us their best savings in kitchen, home, some beauty, clothing, accessories, you name it. you'll find all of that on line. >> only like you can do it. tore y thank you so much. we partnered with them on these amazing deals. get them by going to our website. coming up, insider's guide to utah's natural stunning wonders.
8:26 am
>> announcer: "gma" tomorrow -- we got one word for you, dierks. superstar dierks bentley kicking off your summer weekend performing for you. tomorrow. ♪ i been gone ♪ >> announcer: only on -- >> "good morning america." >> announcer: sponsored by caesars rewards.
8:27 am
good morning, everyone, i'm kumasi aaron from abc7. >> hi kumasi, thank you everyone. we're going to begin with a look at the richmond san rafael bridge, because this is really packed up right now. it really started to pick up around 6:45, and has not let up for anyone commuting. metering lights came on this morning at 6:42, cars are backed up through the
8:28 am
oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness
8:29 am
as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. hey there bay area, live with kelly and ryan's coming you want. >> we've got zach braff, plus michael consuelos. let's take a look if your about to step up. brentwood at 70. the sunshine for the rest of us is keeping us in the 50s and 60s, but we should talk off shortly. the air is super dry. that's why we have the sunshine. and the breezes are coming back during the delta commute.
8:30 am
humid next week. we'll have another abc7 news update in 30 minutes. you can always find the ♪ou can always find the welcome back to "gma." as we say good morning from the breathtaking state of utah, the beehive state's majestic scenery is unlike anything else in the world. our ashan singh is right in the middle of it at snow canyon state park. good morning again, ashan. >> good morning, again, michael. it is just gorgeous out here. we drove this state for the past couple of days and the terrain is so diverse, i swear you'd think you were on another planet. look at these glowing red rocks right behind me. everywhere you look, pure beauty. ♪ behold utah's breathtaking beauty.
8:31 am
filled with other worldly rock formations, the landscape so epic locals say mother nature played favorites, and now cooped up nature lovers flocking to the state's national parks, they call them the mighty five. starting with arches national park, a red rock paradise. and right around the corner, canyonlands, and the most photographed landmark, the mesa arch. number three, capitol reef, a geologic masterpiece, a wrinkle on earth nearly 100 miles long creating this natural beauty. next up, bryce canyon where the sunrise sets the red rock pillars aglow. and last, but definitely not least, zion. ♪ alleluia ♪ ♪ alleluia ♪ it can feel like a religious experience for devotees of our national parks. so, chris, i understand we're actually looking at zion
8:32 am
national park but we're in the greater zion area. >> we're on a private ranch in the greater zion area but that is zion national park. >> reporter: injoined utah adventure center for a hike of a lifetime. this is the most nervous i've been out here. i mean, how far up are we? >> we are about a thousand feet off the deck. >> i'm having a lot of fun but i'm scared right now. climbing of via ferrata meaning i was strapped up and hooked in. scaling some of utah's most magnificent canyons. >> there are thousands of hidden gems that are just out there waiting for people to discover. sometimes people crowd too much to a few areas but there are gems like in that are all over the place. >> reporter: in fact, there are over 40 state parks that will blow your mind. i can't even describe just how incredible it is to be able to paddleboard between these
8:33 am
structures. jaw-dropping landscapes that feel like a playground of the gods. this is goblin valley state park. why the name? these sandstone structures called hoodoos are said to resemble goblins and this is the perfect place to get lost in their maze and in sand mountain i got down and dirty with an atv and jeep adventure tours. >> you see that rainbow behind me? i feel like i'm in a dream where i explored some of the 17,000 acres of off-roading trails. ending at the spot they call the top of the world. >> this is the best spot in utah, though, right here because not only do you get a view of utah to the north, to the south we see arizona and to the west, the setting sun, nevada. it is pretty cool. >> reporter: guys, i mean, how gorgeous is that? i cannot believe that this was work for the past couple of
8:34 am
days. i'm still pinching myself that this is my job. i mean, i'll come back every day if you'll have me. >> well, ashan, we definitely want you every day but not there. you don't get that lucky on assignments all the time. you got to get to the airport. you're taking us to indiana tomorrow for "rise & shine" so get going. >> i bet it'll be just as lovely. >> reporter: that's right. as soon as i get off with y'all i'm booking it right to the airport and see you live from indianapolis. >> we'll see you tomorrow, ashan, thank you so much. as we said, welcome to the show. chef michael symon will bring back a twist to a
8:35 am
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we are back on "gma." . we are back on "gma." it smells good in here because we're grilling up a summertime classic with one of our very favorite chefs, the co-host of "barbecue brawl" joining us from his own backyard, michael symon. always good to have you with us, friend. >> good to see you. how are you doing? everyone good? >> we're doing well. loving your summertime backdrop there. you're going to do a traditional summertime dish, sausage and peppers, but you're not going to put the sausage directly on the grill.
8:38 am
>> we start it on the grill but then we move it to indirect heat and starts on direct heat on the grill. once it starts grilling i move it to the indirect heat. you can shut the lid down and then as the peppers and the sausage gets to cook you can add peppers. but the first thing you really need for sausage and peppers is the peppers so i have a pan over high heat right here and to that i'm going to add a little bit of olive oil. i'm going to add my chopped garlic, sliced garlic, and you can hear the sizzle, pinch of salt. want it spicy? >> they can have it spicy. but, yeah, spicy. [ laughter ] >> oh, stra, come on. suck it up. >> i'm not that spicy. >> peppers. a little bit more salt. chili flakes. some white wine and then this goes back right on the grill and we just start to let it cook. if you want it thicker, guys, you could put in some tomato
8:39 am
paste and that really kind of makes it a little more like full and thick. here i have some sliced garlic. >> michael -- >> i have broccoli rabe. >> you are using your grill like an oven, so what kind of tips do you have for people who want to do that? >> so, stra, really, the key is is as soon as you close the door on your grill, it turns into the oven. i'm using my smoker today but the exact same thing, the coals are underneath and have them hot on one side and nothing over here. when i want to turn my grill into an oven, all i do is shut the lid, and then you watch the temperature gauge, like this says 450, so we have a 450-degree oven. if you have a gas grill you can turn the gas down to cook it at any temperature you want. if i wanted to bake a cake in here, i could bake a cake in here. >> how about the broccoli rabe? >> we have the sliced garlic, i have the broccoli rabe which i blanched first. you could put in chili flakes if you like.
8:40 am
i like to finish them with a little splash of red wine vinegar for acidity. you could cook them in about a minute or two so i have some finished sausages here. what i do is, when the peppers get done, i add the sausage to the peppers and then i take a little bit of fresh basil. and we just tear it up in there. and so now you have the basil, the peppers, you could make it spicy or as nonspicy as you want. you take your broccoli rabe, and the broccoli rabe could go on the sandwich or on the side. remember, it's nice and garlicky, though. >> delicious. >> i take an italian roll. >> while you're finishing up there, i got to ask you about a minor celebrity in your life. your dog norman is -- we've seen him on instagram working out with you. so he likes to work out with you but he's not out there cooking with you. what's up?
8:41 am
what a cutie. >> he was a little frisky today so he got his bully stick and he's hanging out on his bed inside. he lives the life. it's like he has a good life. you know, when i'm doing barbecue and dinners in the backyard norman's usually hanging out with me. stra knows this with his dog, he's in time-out. >> yes. >> how do you get him to stay on the treadmill? >> he does. i got -- he loves running on the treadmill, man. unlike me, he's very fit. [ laughter ] >> what a cutie. look at him there. >> yes, he is. >> i got to say, you know what, i'll be over next weekend for one of these things, i want to come to one of these barbecues in the backyard. i'm looking forward to it. >> stra, you are always invited and, you know, as you know, i like to cook you dinner because after i take all your money golfing, i feel feeding you is the right thing to do. >> oh, the rivalry just kicked
8:42 am
up. [ laughter ] >> looks delicious. we're going to dive in here, michael. thank you so much. you can see more of michael on season two of "barbecue brawl" mondays on food network. get this recipe on our website, and we'll head back over to ginger. >> cecilia, i love some fighting words. love it so much. anyway, got to tell you i went to maryland recently to the blackwater national wildlife refuge, and it's a place on this planet where you can visibly see sea level rise part of a segment i do on climate change and the environment on abc newslive. you got to stream with us, tonight at 7:00 p.m. you'll see me travel, see the sticks sticking out of the marsh. that's because the sea level has risen so much the very forest that harriet tubman herself took groups of slaves so she could help free them through are erasing. that history going and they're trying so hard to preserve it. deanna mitchell with the national park service, i spoke with her and so many others, can't wait for you to see it tonight at 7:00 p.m. called
8:43 am
"it's not too late." good morning. i am abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. expect faster sunshine but close to average temperatures now to your first look at the new trailer for "nine perfect strangers" about a group of strangers at a wellness retreat and the madness that follows. we're thrilled to have melissa mccarthy, nicole kidman and more of the cast join us next month and it premieres on hulu august 18th with the first three episodes. take a look. ♪ >> you here for the ten-day retreat us 2.0? >> i certainly am. >> welcome. >> i want you all now to close your eyes. >> you want to get well? you want to heal? surrender yourself to me.
8:44 am
i am going to fix you. >> so what is your story? >> what do you mean? >> everybody has a story. >> that's why she picked us. we complement each other's demons. >> this is a particularly volatile group. let's start the protocol. >> i've been feeling unlike myself. >> there's nothing to fear. because this is going to change everything. >> is she crazy or is she the real deal? ♪ this is all i need ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> announcer: "gma" tomorrow, we've got one word for you, dierks. superstar dierks bentley kick ing off your summer weekend performing for you. tomorrow. ♪ i been gone i been gone ♪ >> announcer: only on -- >> "good morning america." >> announcer: sponsored by caesars rewards.
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♪ >> we are back on "good morning america" with more "rise & shine" in beautiful utah. this segment is sponsored by expedia and shows us that not only does the state have natural beauty, it also has a lot of heart. "good housekeeping's" lori bergamotto is there to help "gma" bring us the story of a business owner who spent her own hard times focused on helping others. ♪ >> welcome to park city, utah. in the winter it's a skier's paradise. but during the warmer months this beautiful resort town attracts bikers, hikers and anyone who loves the great outdoors. its vibrant main street is lined with historic buildings built in the 19th century. back when this area was a booming silver mining town. it's also home to the sundance film festival. the largest film festival in the country which draws more than 100,000 people.
8:48 am
but head west over the wasatch mountains and you'll find utah's capital, salt lake city. and a quaint and delicious pastry shop. >> brownies, brownies, brownies, we do brownies and blondies and brownie ice cream. anything you can think of with brownies we'll do. this is my favorite, thick brownie with cookie dough on top and a chocolate drizzle. so good. >> reporter: molly kohrman is the owner, and like so many small business owners, she says the pandemic hit her hard. >> everything shut down. all the orders got canceled. our sales dropped about 70% in that first month and it's slowly been getting better. during the pandemic, i just saw there's so many people struggling with so many different things. and i just felt like there's got to be more that i can do. >> reporter: so she started organizing pop-up events in her
8:49 am
parking lot, spotlighting and raising money for causes close to her heart. black-owned businesses, lgbtq youth groups, refugees and this week, women-owned businesses. molly, this is amazing. >> so this whole event is to kind of show our community what kind of cool businesses women own in our area. >> she kind of got us through the beginning stages of the pandemic. >> what does molly mean to this community? >> if we're talking about allies she is like the definition of what an ally is. she's an example for young girls that are coming up that you can do, you can be whatever you want to be in this world. >> if you're able to lift people around you, everybody is just going to do a lot better. i really think that a little kindness can make a big difference in the world. and that is what i want my business to do. >> reporter: for turning her love of baking into love for her community, "gma's" sponsor expedia wants to honor this
8:50 am
small business owner with a sweet surprise she just won't believe. so i'm here in park city and it is just beautiful. it is amazing here and equally amazing is molly who you guys just met. whose friends and family are here to support her. so, molly, i know you think you're here to talk about your bakery, but i'm here to help "good morning america" with a big surprise. [ cheers and applause ] okay. so we heard you love to travel. she's crying. she doesn't even know what it is yet. we heard you love to travel, right? >> yeah. >> and so, "gma" is teaming up with the expedia rewards team who wants to honor those who could really use a break by, ready, here it is, a dream vacation. you will never believe where you're going. to the big apple to new york city. [ cheers and applause ]
8:51 am
this is for you. right? >> yes. >> and how do you feel? >> i'm so tired. i cannot wait. >> expedia and you guys know is your travel companion. they make booking hotels, activities, flights so easy. all in one place and they truly want you to enjoy this because you deserve it. >> thank you. oh. i'm so excited. >> it's going to be great, right? >> i'll do a bakery tour. >> obviously. every tasty place in new york. >> dream vacation, so well deserved, molly. aren't you excited? [ cheers ] were you surprised? >> yes. yeah, i did not expect that. >> so well deserved. well deserved.
8:52 am
thank you so much and back to you, lara. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, so well deserved. molly, come visit us at this studio when you're in new york city. that is just great. and "gma" will be right back. ♪ "gma's rise & shine" is sponsored by expedia. it matters who you travel with. ♪
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>> announcer: now as the country re-opens for a brighter summer it's time to -- >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: and we're celebrating traveling to all 50 states. >> let's do it. >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: celebrate this summer with abc's "good morning america's" "rise & shine" tour. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ thanks to our crew and everyone in utah. what a beautiful way to "rise & shine" this morning. great job, you guys. >> sure was. have a great day, everyone. ♪ i've been waiting ♪ eryone. ♪ i've been waiting ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc7 mornings. >> we're going start with a look at the maps here. the damage has been done. if you see the speeds there, they're down to about 12 miles per hour. moving over to sunol, we have a crash on 680. a live look at the san mateo bridge, the western span of the bridge is very slow. there was an earlier crash on the southbound 101 that's causing things to slow up. about a 30 degrees summer spread today. a lot of 60s and upper 70s around the bay, and 80s inlet. air quality is going to be good
9:00 am
all the way around the weekend, even though it's going to get a little >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, actor, writer, and director, zach braff. plus, from the hit series, "riverdale," michael consuelos. and create your own backyard movie theater as we wrap up "live @ home week." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: thank you for the excitement, deja vu. good morning. >> kelly: somebody at least as excited. somebody is enthusiastic around here. >> ryan: it's is thursday, july, double two. >> kelly: that is a bunch of b.s., isn't it? >>


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