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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 22, 2021 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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rains dominant. top local dr. naming three reasons why you should consider a face covering. the next tactic down on gun crimes. new strike teams being deployed in five major cities including san francisco. >> they have shown over and over again historically they can't do it right. >> equipment perhaps responsible for the largest wildfire in lake tahoe but now a new idea to prevent the risk of any again. good morning on this thursday, july 22nd. we will start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we are seeing gray conditions . the sunshine will be coming back. a little bit shallow here from our east bay hills camera at walnut creek and mt. diablo. you can't even see the cloud deck.
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let's talk about what will happen with our winds. they will pick up. they were breezy yesterday. they will spread across more neighborhoods as we head into the afternoon. that will bring us that summer spread from the mid-60s in san francisco with upper 60s to mid 70s around the bay. 80s and lynn until some 90s. it will be warmer tomorrow. will look at those numbers next. a major crackdown on gun violence across the country. the department of justice is focused on five areas including here in the bay area, new york, chicago, l.a. and dc. jobina will target a specific effort and this has been a growing problem. >> report: new teams. talk guns and produce gun violence. they are cracking down on ghost guns which are unregistered firearms without serial numbers. the strikeforce will work with state and local law enforcement
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and use data and evidence from crime scenes to find out how illegal guns are sold and passed around the country. oakland police chief has blamed part of the search and murders in his city on ghost guns. he met with president joe biden in april about ways to stop gun violence. earlier this month, san jose mayor visited the white house to talk about gun violence. he said president joe biden wanted to form partnerships with local communities to understand what's happening around the ground and here in san francisco. supervisors are considering legislation to ban ghost binds. now to the spike in covid- 19 cases in california and many parts of the country. the cdc says the u.s. is averaging 37,000 new cases a day and that number has tripled in the last month. in california our seven-day test positivity rate is rising to 4 1/2 %. hospitalizations in 2300. ate keep climbing
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mo among unvaccinated people. those numbers are causing experts to think we should be required to wear masks indoors in the bay area. >> nearly all bay area counties you masque up indoors regardless whether you're vaccinated. amy hollyfield live with what bay area doctors are saying. >> reporter: good morning. if you are vaccinated don't throw these masks await yet or order some more. we did talk to a doctor who thinks masque mandates indoors so when you back into the stores may be coming. that mandate may be coming even for those who are vaccinated. that's because of the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. since it is twice as infectious doctors say that makes your oppireeathcovi19 virus. th more and people that means there is more of this contagious virus in the
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air. >> when i go into a place like the supermarket and there are people not wearing masks i have no way of telling if they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. >> he says wearing masks could help stop transmission. as of right now it is recommended in the bay area for the vaccinated to wear masks indoors. it's not a requirement. he says it is safe to be unmasked indoors with a small group who you know is vaccinated but as far as going into the stores it's a recommendation right now and he thinks a mandate could be coming. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. you've heard a lot about the delta variant and now there's another variant on the radar. a hospital in houston has identified its first kate of the lambda variant. the u.s. has less than 700 cases. there are concerns it may
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become widespread like what happened with the delta variant. the world health organization has called the lambda variant interesting. if you have questions about coronavirus you can ask our team members. go to abc the list of candidates running to replace governor newsom in the election. there are 46 in total. larry elder is on the ballot. as is former san diego may go. he's listed as a businessman as opposed to a retired mayor. the recall election will be held on september 14th. the power lines above your homes could disappear. pg&e says it will bear 10,000 miles of line starting in areas prone to wildfires. that's about 10 % of the lines above ground. pg&e ceo says customers and stakeholders will be engaged at this plan is developed . >> we will partner with the best and brightest to find the
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best solutions to make this audacious goal come to life. 10,000 miles of line is a trip half awake around the planet. >> be responsible for the dixie fire in the sierra. an employee found two blown fuses and a tree that had fallen on a powerline near where the fire started. the dixie fire is from paradise and butte county. new evacuations have been ordered near lake menorah as it explodes in size. it's burned 91,000 acres around 15 % contained. the fire has destroyed eight structures and it native american archaeological sites. there are nearly 4000 personnel fighting the flames. that includes newly dispatch strike teams from santa rosa and san jose. cruise with the u.s. forest service and cal fire are trying to contain the tamarack fire. the fire which is burning south
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of lake tahoe cross into the border of nevada. portions of highway 395 had to be shut down yesterdaydown yesty douglas county sheriff issued evacuation orders. other top stories this morning. the olympics in the hot seat. japan having to deal with something besides extreme covid concerns. chinatown shake down. local businesses now telling us how they are being wiped out by cheap chicago mafia style tactics. the best of the best in san francisco. see if you agree with trip advisers dining selections. and increasing clouds along the bay. temperatures 40s in the north bay and 50 two near 60 for the
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coming up on 6:10 on this thursday. here's our roof came. the flags are little still but they will pick up and it will be breezy from the golden gate bridge through the delta. the usual breeze small craft advisory if you're out. we've got the summer spread 60 to 90 close to inland. if you are exercising its right in that mountain. 3 % relative humidity on mt. diablo. that's not helping the fire situation. treat pollen, grass pollen all low to moderate. that's been consistent. so have our temperatures. today we will see faster sunshine. 50s, 60s and 70s by noon. 60s, 70s and 80s where we should be by 4:00. whole lot of sunshine. 57 at the kos. 67 around the bay and 75
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inland. we have a bump up in temperatures into the weekend and still tracking some humidity. i'll show you that coming up in the seven-day forecast. humidity? okay. thank you, mike we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. the chp did not say anything but you can tell the slowed down is starting. i'm willing to bet they will update us in the next few minutes bringing you an overall look. you can see we have a slowed down of tracy. the chp issued a wind advisory for the altamont pass. i wanted to get these drive times in. 39 minutes for the drivetime and a live look at the bridge where things are moving. especially for westbound commuters. the olympic training method could be the next big trend. in-n-out in-n-out in-n-out t so secret but somewhat took a video saying there's an item
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you haven't found. a -- let's look outside 6:11 as the sunshine is coming up here in
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a major shakeup ahead of the olympics. the head of the ceremony has been fired because of the comments he made about the holocaust. jobina fortson at the live desk with that. >> reporter: the opening ceremony is set for night. first lady joe biden aro she leading the u.s. delegation. first lady also met this morning with japan's minister and his wife. here comes the drama. the creative director of the ceremony has been fired for making fun of the holocaust and
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the comedy act in 1998. this comes after the composer for the opening ceremony quit and apologized for bowling people with mental health issues. also the head of the organizing committee raispossibit cancellation of the games if covid infections continue to rise. more than 90 people tied to the games have tested positive for covid-19. that number was 70 yesterday. speaking of the games, new at 6:00, tourniquets are part of the hot workout trend among olympic athletes. many at the least including other athletes have been wearing these during practice. tourniquets are bands that restrict let's look to certain muscles and when worn they can enhance a workout and stimulate recovery. you are looking for them. >> where are they? >> these are people working
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out. >> imagine a tourniquet on his leg. >> i want to see how tight they have it it on. san francisco supervisors pass the plant to create progra new video shows the risk that come with unpermitted vendors. a cart exploded and you can sec two visitors were trying to buy food. thankfully no one had any major injuries. fisherman's wharf community district shared this video. >> as soon as it exploded all the other food carts left. it's a big problem. >> on monday we spoke with the ceo of pier 39 about the illegal vendors and he raised concerns about unrefrigerated food and alcohol being served without i.d. checks. some chinatown business owners have received letters threatening lawsuits over americans wisalities act
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violations. the district attorney calls it fraud and his office is opening a criminal investigation. >> they are exploiting and extorting small businesses. not to vindicate the rights for the disabled but rather to shake down and extort those who are already suffering. >> he says lawyers appear to targeting chinese owned businesses as they are reopening during the pandemic. the letters demand $75,000 under threat of a civil lawsuit. the cost of which will bankrupt the businesses. he is examining criminal charges against the lawyers who filed the suits. business owners are encouraged to file a report with the das office. in-n-out is debunking rumors they have a chicken sandwich on it's not so secret secret menu. >> you can see two people ordering the sandwich. tochicken sandwich in the in-n-out packaging. in-n-out says the videos were likely created as a prank or
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two attract online attention. the fast food chain says it has no plans for a chicken sandwich. san francisco restaurant is one of trip advisers best of the best for 2021. kokkari ranked 10th among 25 of the restaurants chosen from across the country. the restaurant at the corner of jackson and front street is known for its mediterranean style chicken. managing partner says it's because they focus on the guest experience over the bottom line. >> we get quite a few good reviews. our staff and our management staff are very good about making sure people are well taken care of. >> the food is delicious. other local restaurants recognizing one of my favorites. that when was ranked 17th. and the french laundry no suri
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>> it's rier fromkokkis. >> wtiophtime 11:30? >> i was looking up the menu. the few times i've been there the boss takes us to lunch. i think i had fried cheese. >> it's so good. >> other than the fries at in-n- out. i'm on a campaign. we can make this better. >> people are not complaining, are they? >> it's a well-known fact their fries are different. >> they are real different as they would say in esa. she's real different. >> we have more to talk about. maybe hot topics on midday live.
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>> enjoy your tee. i will do some weather for the next minute. here's sfo. you can see a broken a broken clouds. late arriving clouds that incrse tou me almosabsent except peninsula will be humid. storms will stay in the sierra. 73 in sunnyvale. 84 in morgan hill. our spread on the send law 77 in redwood city. 60 to 62 along the coast. sunshine and mid-60s for downtown, south san francisco. more sunshine north bay coast but the breezes will keep you around 60 to 62. you can see 75 in vallejo. low to upper 80s for the rest lleys, rirkey. d-s to 90
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to1 in the valleys. for tonight will be a caon thniwhthat. a drizzle possible coast. you can see the monsoon moisture come in is that will stay away but we will see increasing clouds on sunday as the moisture breaks off. here's a look at future radar. you can see the concentration of storms will mainly be in the sierra. if it goes 100 to 150 miles 150e the west then we are looking at some storms. we have humidity levels that are foreign to us. it may feel humid monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> it's strange to feel the humidity. good morning america is coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7. good morning. i was in san francisco briefly as we flew in and made our way to lake tahoe. certainly saw many of the
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wildfires burning. i will be talking about the flash flooding. coming up gma we have to start with a new surge in covid cases. cases tripled in the last month and concerns growing among the vaccinated and children. in tokyo less than 24 hours until the olympic opening ceremony and we will hear from the lace american athlete who has tested positive. they are speaking out overnight. a hotel booking alert. how to avoid those deals that could seem too good to be true. we are live from utah taking in so many of its incredible national and state parks with the beehive state buzzing again. i don't think what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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this guy here is busy working on our state's recovery. you see he lives in california and by vacationing in california he's supporting our businesses and communities. which means every fruity skewer is like another sweet nail in the rebuilding of our economy. hammer away craftsman. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
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latest drought monitor just came out and nothing has changed across the state. pretty much the entire stateente supposed to be dry this time of year. rainfall amounts are a few hundreds from drizzle to nothing. the two worst drought categories here.
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no new day for don pedro wirth lake oroville. everyone else is 2 % to 5 % down from last week which means we are using a lot of water but a lot of water event breaks because of the strong sunshine and dry air.dry air.dry air.dry. 27 % of capacity. that is dangerous. she is a talkshow host, emmy award winner and an officer. kelly ripple announced her first book. books title, live wire is a collection of personal essays about her childhood, marriage, being a mom and her career. >> for the past year of my life i've been writing a book. for some reason i thought i could do this. i don't know why. no authority to do it. no proof i have this ability but i decided to it's a funny collection of essays and i thought that would be easier than -- >> have you said it's been
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challenging? we haven't heard anything about that. >> her publisher released a statement saying kelly always tells is as it is, takes no prisoners. the book will be released next year and you can watch live with kelly and brian weekdays at 9:00 a.m. here on abc 7. justin bieber is making history. he's the youngest solo artist to not 100 entries on the billboard hot 100 charts. he reached the milestone at 27 years old. drake previously hit that record at 28. it currently sits at number three on the billboard charts and he joins rare company is one of 10 artists with triple figure hot 100 hits in their careers. we are following a major meeting with the cdc. a panel of experts tackle the tough questions you've been
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asking. the price of trash. see san francisco's final look for the new trash cans our sidewalks you want to hear how much they cost. apple's iphone idea. the new features coming to iphones from now on. our
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building a better everywhere, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. how to hit herd immunity. the state top doctors sharing how close we may beat with the delta string. as a cdc meets today to solve the vaccine hesitancy. the vaccine is very strongly protective. >> going behind the breakthrough cases. the bay area dr. getting -- explaining your chances of
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getting covid after getting the vaccine. >> here's a live picture. mic is telling us about a warm- up ahead for our neighborhoods. good morning. happy th7 mornings. we will check in with mike. never too early to talk about the weekend. >> never, ever. on that one shot from our east bay hills camera looking at mt. diablo you see the lack of clouds. winds are starting to pick up. san francisco 10 to 15. little slow in fairfield. yesterday afternoon you may have noticed the wind picking up but if you didn't you will today. that's bringing in the dry air and that's why we are seeing so much sunshine. a very average day with the summer spread from 62 to nearly 90 in antioch.
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the cdc advises our meeting today to talk about booster advisers and the safety of that j&j vaccine. experts are tackling two question. how will doctors advise immunocompromised people if they need a booster shot. they will be talking about the reports of the j&j vaccine possibly being linked to an extremely rare nerve nerve nerv the panel is not expected to make any formal recommendation today. as a delta variant spreads, we are hearing about breakthrough covid-19 cases. what are the chances of getting infected even if you are fully vaccinated. amy hollyfield live in walnut creek with the new numbers from the state. amy? >> reporter: good morning. know vaccine is perfect. as we see the number of cases go up it makes sense we would w see some people who are not vaccinated getting the virus. according to the numbers from
6:32 am
the state, your chances of getting covid are low if you are vaccinated. in california of the 20.7 million people who are fully vaccinated 14,000 have contacted covid. a fraction of those, 843, have led to hospitalizations and even fewer 88 people have died. that number could be less as health officials say it's unclear if covid-19 has been the primary cause of death. even if you contract the virus and you are vaccinated you have a one in 235,000 chance dying. >> that's an important message. otherwise people may interpret cases saying the vaccine is effective. >> abc 7 news reached out to the bay area counties to learn more about their breakthrough cases. of the ones we've heard from san mateo, san francisco, napa and simona only sonoma county
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reported any deaths from vaccinated individuals. the county says two people have died. both over the age of 90 with underlying health conditions. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. covid case rates ontoble to t heard immunity. dr. -- the delta variant has changed what it will take to reach herd immunity. ucsf doctor says the delta variant has pushed back the state school of reaching herd immunity by several months and that's considered to be a safe estimate. >> herd immunity is a function how transmissible the virus is. i'm guessing we are talking somewhere in the mid-80 %. that's not people eligiblpeoplee
6:34 am
vaccine. that's everyone including children. >> according to abc seven vaccine tucker 53 %53 %53 %53 %% state speculation is vaccinated. san francisco county is at 69 %. one of the highest rates in the country. as vaccination effort stall, president joe biden's spoke in ohio yesterday and jobina is in the live desk with his message. >> reporter: what is the path forward from this pandemic as vaccination efforts stall in the delta very is on the rise. president joe biden saw to downplay the latest surge unless i town hall in cincinnati. only unvaccinated people need to worry about the delta variant and urged them to get the shot. kids under 12 still are not eligible for the vaccine. the president has his prediction way it may be authorized for them. >> soon in the sensethe sensethe
6:35 am
don't tell any scientists what they should do. >> he expects the cdc issued new guidance encouraging unvaccinated kids to wear masks in the classroom. california is already going against cdc guidelines and making masks mandatory. governor newsom is working to fight nice theft rings. that's crying like this. a group running out of neiman marcus with designer pursedesige is happened earlier this month. new legislation extends and adds funding to a crime task force involving the chp and law enforcement partners. >> we want to go after those rings. we want to go after those organized teams of folks that are connected not just within communities but all across the hee lem is vil vioshavepeople t perception of lawlessness and that has to be overcome. >> is part of our effort to
6:36 am
build a better bay area, hundreds of repeat offenders are responsible for much of the shoplifting in the city. the supervisor requested the police department and da provide him information on organized retail theft. the police chief and da responded with letters. there are records of repeat shoplift offenders. in 2019, 219 up repeat offenders. in 2020 119 repeat offenders. >> that had everything with businesses being close. 2020 was more of an aberration. if we look back at 2021 is more at an increase. >> unless officers catch offenders in the police have to go through other steps of the investigation and that sometimes takes a while.
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>> did you think i wasn't going to say something? did you think i was going to sit back and not ask you a reason why? a retired oaklandretired oad sharing something suspicious happening with her home. exclusively with abc 7 news. it's out alerted the federal government. here's live at the big board. we are down 100 points and check in again in a few minutes. the bears are back and they need a tan to or atto or atto cool down. this bear family spending it's summer vacation at the same man's california pool. they own it now. it's theirs. here's our smoke forecast. you seen the pictures out of new york and philly you will be seen hazy pictures out of atlanta and memphis. for as you can see the smoke
6:38 am
from fires will push to the east the next few days. i'm worried with that four corners high that some of the smoke they wrapped around it and with it clockwise flow we may see upper-level smoke as we head to the weekend and into next week. no level smoke. we've got some haze haze the marine layer haze than anything else. we've got the breezes which are back from the golden gate through the delta. it will be a little choppy and breezy for your evening bay commune. here's the cloud cover. you can see how limited it is. hardly any sign of drizzle. be near the coast if you are lucky. these west winds bring in healthy air through saturday. tomorrow and saturday will be the hottest dayhottest dayhottey good air quality of us in the 5 upper 40s. watch how quicklyhow quicklyhowy
6:39 am
clouds are out there return to the coast and even there they will break up for sunshine across the north bay. at 4:00 we are looking at 60s. 80s, inland. by 7:00 mainly 60s and 70s. weekend forecast next. we are going to start off with an update on a crash in bay point. it doesn't look like injuries are involved which is good news but it is causing a slowdown on westbound for before bailey road. 11 miles per hour. tracy to dublin is 38 minutes. no lights at that bay bridge toll plaza which is interesting. lookout light it is. where is everyone this morning? where is everyone this morning? i need to know what's going featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese.
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here at abc 7 striving toward racial and social justice is a main goal and our building a better area. one we've closely been following his possible discrimination in the home appraisal process. many instances happening this year and this morning jobina is live drawing attention from the federal government. >> reporter: cora lives in a duplex that's been in her family for decades. will planning for retirement she wanted to refinance the adjustable rate luggage on her home. she started working with the lender which ordered an appraisal in august last year. the appraised value was $500,000 less than thethan thete estimated worth on the low. she believes her home was undervalued because of racial discrimination. she told abc 7 news reporter julian glover she probably displayed photo and the black lives matter flag in her home. >> out of the blue the appraiser comes and returns the
6:43 am
value of $800,000. >> what was your initial reaction when you got that appraisal? >> it confused the loan agent. that was the red flag. >> i can't think of another reason why they would refuse to choose representation of the homes closer to the home being appraised. >> i don't think he would have done that had he not known her brace. >> half of the comparable homes the appraiser had used in his report were located more than a mile from robinson's property. robinson filed a complaint with hud and saw out a new role with a lender that use the name appraisal management company. the second appraiser never filed his report that the original appraiser was reassigned to robinson's case and raise the value by $25,000. after a third try with a
6:44 am
different lender in february robinson's home is now valued at $1.2 million. the last appraisal home instead more than a mile away. hud is investigating the lending institution, appraiseri, and appraisal management company used in the first two appraisals. very interesting. you can contact julia through social al al al al al a weekly unemployment claims are on the rise after hitting a new post pandemic low. the u.s. labor department says 419,000 new jobless claims were filed last week. that's an increase of 51,000 from revised numbers from the prior week economist have projected 350,000 new claims. continuing claims drop slightly to 3.2 million. a new study findsstudy findi
6:45 am
four bay area families don't make enough money to live in the bay area. that's before the pandemic had. the advocacy group, united ways of california conducted a study that says 600,000 families in the bay area don't have the income to cover housing, food, medical and childcare. the discrepancy between the actual cost of living in the federal poverty level. while 25 % of people can't afford to live here only 6 % are considered below the federal poverty line. here's a live look at the stock exchange. we have made up some brown. we were down 100 points but down 10 points. apple has big plans with 5g according to the tech blog. all iphones released next year will have 5g instead of 4g. no more 4g phones. apple has updated its budget phone within lcd display. twitter is testing up in
6:46 am
down reactions on tweets. twitter supports that a small number of ios users may see different options to up or vote replies. it says down boats are not public. up votes will show as lakes. twitter says the down vote is not a dislike button and won't change the order of replies. it's an experiment to understand the types of replies users find relevant in a conversation. you may want to check your flight before you go to airport. jet fuel supply issues will affect some airports in the western united states including the reno tahoe airport. this is a result of the pandemic. officials blame a fragile supply change combined with a shortage of truck drivers and they don't know how long this jet fuel shortage will last. some hotel deals are too good to be true? >> yes. they have a warning.
6:47 am
the agency is sounding the alarm about third party discount travel website. the bbb gives it a capital rating. >> consumers intended or felt they were booking directly with the hotel when in fact they were booking with the company. floors attorney general has received complaints about coming up on gma at 7:00 find out the two tips you can put into use the next time you book. how much would you pay for a trip around a ve montcrseyou $73,000. the world cruise tickets went on sale last week. the price can go up to $200,000 per person. it doesn't seem to stop travel lovers.
6:48 am
this thing sold out in three hours and set sail from miami in january of 2024. it will go to central america, hawaii, south pacific, australia, southeast asia and the mediterranean. >> that is a trip. is that too long to be on a cruise? >> i would like it. make sure you hit the gym because you are hitting the buffet hard. >> and you are hitting the pool. >> i'm assuming there's an all you can drink package. you will pay so get on the bike. >> five months. >> that is a trip. >> okay. congratulations to those who have been doing it. here's a look at all the sunshine.
6:49 am
we are pretty close to average. 60s to near 90s from the coast to inland. not much change from what we've dealt with the last few nice. it will restart to the weekend with increasing clouds as we see the monsoon moisture early next week. let's talk about today. the usual. mid to upper 70s in the south bay. temperature 72 in san mateo. around 60 to 62 with the greatest amount of car cover along the peninsula coast. mid-60s downtown san francisco. you can see with the breeze off sand pablo bay mid-70s in the napa valley. a lesser influencer for the north bay value. the breeze richmond, upper 60s. as you move inland will have 83 to 91 from san ramon to
6:50 am
brentwood. you can see the 50s tonigh50s any drizzle will be close to the coast. we are watching the monsoon moisture. we are very dry especially above 3000 feet. 3 % humidity on mt. diablo. increasing clouds sunday with mid-level moisture. the best chance of thunderstorms monday and tuesday will be in the sea area but we will tap into that moisture and it will be humid monday, tuesday and wednesday. enjoyed dry air today and dry warm air tomorrow and saturday. a new photograph of prince george for his birthday has been shown. this picture was taken in england where the family has a
6:51 am
country home. a former flight attendant will soon start his quest of pushing a beverage cost from logan international airport to 'soing toro in new ttks. ed airplanes. they showed unbelievable strength and courage under the worst conditions. >> i'm doing it to have them recognize for their heroics. they were heroes. >> for two months he worked on flight 175 with some of the victims. the horrors of that they led to a 15 year battle with opioid addiction that nearly took his life. he will be six years sober on this 9/11. he begins his cart pushing journey august 21st. there will be a big party in milwaukee, wisconsin. the city is celebrating the bucks nba championship. finals mvp giannis
6:52 am
antetokounmpo. he let the bucks to the nba title. the greek freak as he is called scored 50 points and ended the bucks 50 year championship drought. he's how he celebrated that key number. >> there are 50,000 people watching me right now. can i have a 50 piece minis. let me have a large drink. no ice. have sprite half lemonade. >> no ice. the victory parade will kick off at 9:00 our time. >> san francisco is looking to sell its trash problem by shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for new trash cans. there's photos of three trashcan prototypes to replace the current green beans. they are really expensive. the cost between $12,000 and
6:53 am
$20,000 each. the city will pay for them out of budget funds that were placed on reserve. san francisco tentatively plans to allow the prototypes in november and the public weight and on which ones they like this before a final decision is made. what is it made out of? gold or diamonds? >> maybe. they look good. >> $20,000? >> the group of young artists is proving age is a number when making a difference. they are helping build a better rate area with their talent. the students are preparing for the upcoming charity concert with acute title. troubled earth. studio has a 20 year tradition of letting its musicians choose what cause they would like to support this year's goal is fighting the climate crisis.
6:54 am
>> i think music can express what you want, what you need and what you love. of e an ai to help make the world better. >> that kid is great. the concert is set for july 31st. tickets are on sale you can find out more by going to we put together an abc 7 climate watch team to give you inside on the impact of our changing climate. you can see it on the climate section of our abc 7 news connected tv app which is available for apple tv, fire tv and roku. we love a good video. look at this one. this is in glendale. you can see eight mama bear and her cub cooling off in e s that he caught on video splashing around earlier this month. we decided when the bears like something they wick yoed toyou epedth rc ckwith see
6:55 am
happy and healthy. they seem to only arrive when no one is back there. they are considered a cast. >> except that one in the car yesterday. >> you are stuck on that. >> car bear has no respect. pool bears -- >> they just want to cool off. they may be hungry. the seven things you need to know today. a live look outside at 6:55.
6:56 am
california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave
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here the seven things you need to know. the doj is launching a team to down on ghost guns in five regions including the bay area. authorities say stopping illegal gun trafficking will reduce gun violence. bay area health say the return of a mask mandate is possible. right now it's a recommendation. the delta. has caused >> pg&e has announced plans to bury thousands of miles of power lines in fire prone areas. is an effort to prevent pg&e increment two sparking wildfires. >> today will be close to average but warmer temperatures on the way for friday and saturday and humid conditions coming our way next week >> the lights at the bay
6:59 am
plaza came out much later. >> san francisco kokkari restaurant has been named one of the best of the best restaurants for 2021. was ranked 10th. nked 10th. nke >> have only been to this one italian restaurant here in the square. >> let's take the morning show on the road. >> i'm into it. kokkari is two blocks that way. >> the last time i was there i was with you. >> they treat you is there


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