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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 21, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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at the governor's plan, leon? >> this bill addressing the problem of organized retail theft came back in governor haswith several amendm greater collaboration between chp and local police. the governor, along with 13 california mayors and a handful of assembly man, addressed the issue of crime and organized retail theft in their cities. some have witnessed it themselves. >> ran into the macy's and grab as much as they could, ran out of macy's, loaded into a car and took off . >> and prs on the ground . >> what you want to do is establish trust with the community . >> the governor said a number of shoplifting videos have exposed the problem, in
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response today the governor signed 83 31 which targets organized >> we need to hold folks to account but we will do it in a thoughtful way we are not going back to the way things were in the 80s and 90s at least not while i'm here . >> the assemblyman who offered the bill said the focus will be on reaching those engaged in this activity who may be homeless or on drugs . >> to make sure those individuals can move into services, drug rehab, education, employment, so that they can permanently, permanently, get out of organized retail theft . >> since 2019 the california highway patrol has made 252 arrests theft, and has recovered 16 million in stolen goods. the bill also give chp extra funds to collaborate more with local police and retailers. there will be a chp task force in three regions of the state,
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dedicated to cracking down on this kind of crime. one in the bay area, the other two in southern california . >> to really identify areas and locations where we see these things happening, then we kind of push all the resources into those locations combat this . >> the police chief william scott was invited to the meeting and said the viral videos like this one exclusive to abc 7 have given people the perception of lawlessness in some cities. >> people fear crime when they see the way we are seeing it go viral, so we have to noonly deal with the people who are doing it and hold them to account , but we also have to balance the message that we are doing something about it . unre >> we report earlier this week that about 26 uniformed police officers in san francisco will be positioned in spots where towards gather, also they've added more foot patrol in union square, while doing this, i have to say, there is some concern among san
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franciscans, that you will see fewer police officers patrolling local neighborhoods i can tell you, it is a concern. as part of our effort to help held a better bay area, we are holding authorities accountable, the san francisco police department tells us hundreds of repeat offenders are responsible for much of the shoplifting in the city. >> videos like these are just one of the ways francisco police department investigates retail theft where these images help investigators, they heard the people who were there in real- time . >> it causes stress for the employees, it causes stress for the people who are shopping . >> san francisco supervisor recently requested the police department nda provided information on organized retail theft, the police chief and district attorney responded with letters, according to chief
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scott, sf pd keeps records of repeat offenders, in 20 18/238 repeat offenders, 20% of them were rearrested, in 2019, twitter 19 repeat offenders, 29 rearrested and 2020, 116 repeat arrested >> that had everything to do with businesses being closed. 2020 was more of an aberration, if we look at 2021 is back . >> the supervisor points to this video abc 7 news reporter leanne melendez took of an alleged shoplifter on bicycle . >> he had a series of prior arrests and prior offenses for the exact same type of crime . >> lieutenant of the san francisco police officers association. >> that's when we are able to catch them in the act . we have
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to go through other steps of the investigation. it may take a while . >> a spokesperson for the das office said the da was not available for an interview, in his response to the supervisors, he writes the standard for prosecution is much higher than the standard for arrest, he also writes the wide variety of violations that can result in a retail theft arrest and prosecution makes it difficult to provide exact statistics for these cases . >> i had a good conversation with the da before he submitted his letter and i said to him, we are all responsible for this current environment we are all accountable. developing news and the continued increase in covid-19 cases here in california, and many parts of the country, the cdc says the u.s. has averaged just over 37,000 new cases a day in the past week which is a 54% increase, entire than the prior week. california, our 7-day test positivity rate has risen to 4 1/2%, hospitalizations
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continuing to rise, now totaling more than 23. tamap in the u.s., the red shows areas with high transmission, you see a lot in the south, that's home to more than 91 million americans, the red area according to the cdc. account he has high transmission if it has 100 or more positive cases per 100,000 residents, orange shows substantial transmission, yellow, moderate, and blue is low. the u.s. has extended nonessential travel restrictions for the northern and southern borders, this is through august 21 canada announced borders would reopen to vaccinated u.s. citizens as well as their permanent residence august 9. it plans to allow vaccinated travelers from any country in september. hundreds of san francisco bars are considering requiring patrons to show proof of vaccination before being implemented e li down with breakthrough cases. >> in addition to your id,
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patient here in north beach are rated by this sign them to bring a copy of the vaccine card in order to get inside. >> frankly, most people are relieved we are doing this . >> to janet klein is one of the owners of the cafc they made the decision after two of their employees got covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated. >> in order to protect our staff, knowing that unvaccinated people are riskier and a risk to our people, we you know, decided to make the call and require proof of vaccination. >> the latin american club in the mission has also implemented that policy . >> we want to keep everyone as safe as possible . >> this bartender said he hopes it may motivate people to get the shot, knowing they need one to get inside . >> we want to encourage people that aren't getting vaccinated to go get one .
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>> soon, hundreds of bars across the city may follow suit . >> we feel if we do it en masse, it's a sign of solidarity, it'll show the general public the vaccines are important and also statement that we have the right to protect our staff . >> ben lyman is the founder of the san francisco bar alliance, he said he's got a lot of support from more than 300 bars to enact such a policy, though they are waiting until next week to decide if they want to roll it out . >> it's not going to damage business, for every person who isn't vaccinated, i guarantee there will be five who will fill comfortable because we are taking the precautions. >> whether it's about heading back to school for example or getting the vaccine, if you have questions you can ask the abc 7 news vaccine team, just go to . oakland a's officials are in las vegas one day after the city council approved a nonbinding term sheet, their
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own, for a new ballpark development project, the team president dave kaval spoke with abc 7 news from his hotel on the strip, he's of the team is studying oakland term street while the green and gold considers a move to the silver state . >> i'm here in las vegas for two days, we have our parallel path in southern nevada, we have a series of meetings with different resort operators, we have our architect here looking at different sites. >> i've been working with dave kaval for a long time and have wd negotiator. ect for him as a i respect their trying to keep the heat on. and what better place to go than vegas , for heat. >> a good joke by the mayor there, no question the franchise is pressuring to try to leverage the city of oakland, the mayor touted the oakland deal this morning from the project site sounding and
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optimistic and hopeful tone about keeping the oakland a's in oakland. for sports fans, the fear over the a's moving to las vegas, it's palpable, many are still reeling from the raiders moved to nevada and we heard it at the coliseum yesterday. >> i think it's already a done deal, from what i've heard, vegas is offering a lot more money, i would assume that they are going to go. >> not necessarily correct, that's very much in dispute as to what is being offered in vegas but the question is how does the a's ballpark quest differ from the raiders situation? the a's spent years talking about moving, they were talking about fremont, san jose, other locations within oakland, in 2018 they set their sights on howard terminal, the party spent $200 million working on what would be a $12 million project including the $1 billion stadium . for their part of the raiders sought help of others to try to get a stadium built in oakland, in 2013, then oakland mayor jean quan propose the so-called coliseum city project, a deal that fell apart, three years later ronnie lott ronnie lott rn
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that propose a $1.3 billion rater stadium at the coliseum, the oakland city council backed the effort in december of 2016, they committed $2 million to improvements but the nfl did and by that saying the plan was not a viable option. the raiders owner said he said his sights on vegas 11 months earlier taxpayer money for what turned out to be a nearly $2 billion domed stadium in vegas. another lockdown? as cases increase, so does the concern that we have to go back inside. a san francisco restaurant closes its doors, the reason, they say their workers need a break.
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how much which you dread the return of restrictions of infections continue to build? the input impact could affect your businesses, your job and your kids why children and working families have the most at stake? >> we saw quickly how california's lockdown brought the economy to a grinding halt.
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stores and restaurants close, jobs were wiped out, could a repeat be in the works if the looming wave of delta variant infections continues to build? >> this would be the nail on the coffin for many of them . >> another economic slowdown is threatening millions of struggling families. a new study three are unable to meet basic needs, that includes 1.7 million latino household and 1 million wide wholesales . the percentage of 58% in san jose, when we look at an equity lens, when we look at those most on the margins, i fear they will the most impacted by an economic downturn from any sort of you know, further how we operate . >> even well off families could struggle to find the paper and other goods if hoarding re- services or supply chains are disrupted . >> are people in charge have to
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talk to the community, they can make the decisions without going to the people. so i think, communication is a bill big missing piece . >> jamie kearns is in eighth grade math teacher and mother of three, she's worried about restrictions reappearing that could leave some students behind . >> we all have good heads on our shoulders, it does not take all of us to think outside the box . >> there's dread looming on the horizon. >> in short we want to stay open. a popular san francisco restaurant is taking a break for a few days outside the morris, is a sign on the building saying they are close to give staff a desperately needed mental health break and they are not alone, restaurants around the country are short staffed and they are very busy. joining me now is the owner of the morris, paul, thank you for taking time out of your schedule, what is the reason
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behind the temporary closure and is it four days that you are looking at? >> thanks for having me on. yeah, we were open six days a week, we went a week, and we are just getting pummeled over here because we don't have enough hands on deck, people want to be in the restaurant more than ever before. there's a line outside, it's wonderful, except we can't handle them and give the quality of service we want. everybody is beating themselves up trying to work as hard as they can. i decided enough is enough . we, as a team, decided we needed a little break, so we took a four day weekend. >> you normally have four cooks, and now you are down to one? so how do you do that, are you the one? >> no, i wouldn't survive in the kitchen, gavin schmidt is my chef and partner and he's an animal, and right now, we've got friends and family filling in, and we we we really shouldn't be working who is pregnant and needs to not be
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working and she comes in gavin does the heavy lifting for her, she leaves as early as possible but she shouldn't be working at all, she needs to go home and rest and have a baby and we need to find a solution to this . >> what is the solution? i had a buddy that owned a restaurant in danville and this was pre-pandemic and had the same problem you're talking about right now in fact he said at one point, he kept $17 now, $20 an hour, $25 an hour and finally had to close the restaurant because he could not get staff especially in the kitchen, so how do you fix this? >> there's been a labor shortage for a long time but not like this. i've been in this industry for 32 years, and never seen anything like this. nobody wants to work. and i think that it will turn around, i think people will start coming back to work at some point, but in the
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meantime, we are going to have to come up with low labor models, we are going to look at pivoting and we are probably going to pivot soon here at the morris, to a model that will allow to cooks in the kitchen to not hate their lives and to execute a really amazing meal. it's not going to be the same concept that we've always done, that has been acclaimed and that our regulars are coming in for on a regular basis but hopefully, it will solution, it'll get us through and i think you will be seeing a lot more of that . >> probably a lot of restaurants are in the same situation. what is the reaction from your customers, how have they handled this because obviously, they have to wait longer for their meals, i'm sure everybody once to go out and eat after being locked in for so long so you've got a crush of people and not enough staff to deal with it . >> yeah, i think that we are very fortunate to be in san francisco, which is a bubble, and the morris is this incredible double within a bubble, where our regulars are so incredibly wonderful, and generous, i've had multiple regulars
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investors to give us cash to help us out through the pandemic. but right now, we are seeing very nice people, we are seeing almost entirely people who understand what's happening, understand how shortstaffed everybody is, and they accept that the service is not the way it should be and it certainly not the way we wanted to be. but that's because we are in a bubble, you hear the stories of of the restaurants where the service staff is getting yelled at, thank god that is not us. and again, great to live in san francisco . >> paul you need to talk to those investor types and see if they want to be in the kitchen for maybe a six hour or eight hour shift, i don't know how that will go over, but it doesn't hurt to ask. anyway, i appreciate the time, o m working . body's got soon thank you, paul.
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look we are in with spencer now is also working hard, to take wh paul w >> i hope paul enjoys the next four days because i think most of us will. here's a look at what's happening now, we've got another breezy afternoon, not gusty, just breezy. wind speeds, 23 miles an hour in san francisco, 21 at sfo. under mainly sunny skies, and it's a bit warmer by a few degrees in most locations and it was this time yesterday, the exception is napa which is one degree cooler, so don't let those cabernet grapes ripen too quickly. looking out over san francisco, mainly clear skies, mount view, 72, 87 in morgan hill. and the view from mount tan shows no marine layer to speak of, just
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a way be bit of low cloudiness there but will probably see more of that over the hours. 87 degrees in santa rosa, 90 at concord, cooler in napa, where it's only 74 degrees. and here's the view from emeryville looking back at san francisco, and these are the forecast features, patchy low clouds developing near the coast and bay overnight, only minor temperature changes by a few degrees here and there each day through the weekend and it may feel a bit muggy as we expect an increase in high clouds and humidity late sunday into monday. here's what we expect overnight, we will see some clear areas near the coast but 5:00 tomorrow morning, as the commute gets underway, patchy low clouds reaching locally across the bay but not far inland, and then we can expect another sunny day in the afternoon tomorrow over the bay
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and inland. overnight low temperatures will be generally in the low to mid 50s, a little cool in santa rosa where the low will drop to 49 degrees, and tomorrow's eyes, about 62 at half moon bay, san francisco, 69, 72 at santa cruz, concord, 85. north bay accuweather 7-day forecast. it'll warm up a bit especially inland friday, up to about 90s there, same range on saturday, temperatures drop off a little bit on sunday, a couple more degrees on monday as we got the how it high clouds an increase in moisture so it may feel a bit muggy on monday but fortunately won't be very warm, so it will be warm and sticky like some of that east coast humidity than tuesday and wednesday it starts to warm up again but generally, we will have temperatures in a seasonal range, that you expect this time of year . >> i like cool and muggy . >> cool and muggy? >> that of cool. cool, not mugg >> thanks, spencer .
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the bay area teenagers taking a
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now to with the faa is calling an uptick in violence and aggression at airports and flights. the summer travel takes off the faa is reporting nearly 100 incidents in the >>
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cell phone video capturing the throwdown between two men as they deported a frontier airlines flight in miami. the number of air rage incident skyrocketing last week was the worst since the summer began with 150 reports involving unruly passengers. this week, the federal aviation administration announcing nearly 100 more incidents . >> on most everything a person coming to the door of our airplane is a first-time flyer if they have flown regularly before, the procedures are different today. so flight attendants have a lot on erngleflight. >> this year ale rtmorethan 300 or th of them involving passengers refusing to comply with federal mask mandate. but the bad behavior begins often before boarding officials say. tsa officers also seeing
4:28 pm
alarming uptick in assault, the number of attacks up by 40% since may. 85 of them happening just this year. including reports of passengers pushing, and even biting tsa officers. >> we've had a passenger recently, who one of the pre- check lanes were closed due to shortstaffed, and he became irate and hit one of the officers in the >> the faa continues to oppose the zero tolerance policy on unruly passengers imposing fines as high as $52,000 per incident. for guns, the find start a $10,000. oakland homeowners persistence cultur
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news >> leave the charge and looking at possible discrimination in the home appraisal process. >> mountain exclusive story of how a retired oakland homeowner almost lost out on more than $400,000 in equity thanks to an appraisal she thought was too low. >> did you think i wasn't going to say something? did you think that i was just going to sit back and not ask you a reason why >> that was oakland native cora robinson and she asked the tough questions challenging the appraisal now the department of housing and urban development is investigating . >> she shared her story
4:32 pm
exclusively with race and culture reporter julian glover and julian joins us now, julian? >> good afternoon larry and kristin, yes, according to the complaint that the homeowner filed with hud department is now investigating, it all came down to the comparable homes selected for that appraisal report and where they are located, a different federal most cost homeowner $439,000. >> this oakland duplex has been in court robinson's family since 1959, that's what her grandmother and uncle purchased the property then passed it back to coors now it's hers. as cora planned to retire this may she wanted to prepare yourself to live on a fixed income, that included refinancing be adjustable rate mortgage she took out on the home in 2008 and the shouting shadow of the housing market crash, she started working with the lender which ordered an appraisal in august 2020 . >> out of the blue, the appraiser comes and returns the
4:33 pm
value of $800,000 . >> what was your initial reaction when you got that appraisal for $800,000 . >> it confused the loan agent, so that was really the red flag . >> the $800,000 appraised value was $500,000 less than the homes estimated worth on zillow of $1.3 million, cora a reconsideration of value, taking issue with the comparable homes selected in that report . >> all of the cops he used were within 10 blocks of each other. and they are all like 30 blocks from me . >> half of the six homes listed were more than a mile away from the property at 55 and mlk, so, the appraiser rejected her request for reconsideration, the loan denied and her loan agent suggested waiting three months and reapplying . >> that's a long time to wait because someone's opinion of value was so low . >> she waited until october and
4:34 pm
applied for a new loan with a different lender. according to the complaint she filed with hud th appraisal management company was used, she claims a different appraiser surveyor property but never submitted his report. after back and forth with the company, a new appraiser was assigned, the same person who appraised the home in august . >> i heart dropped. no! how does this happen? >> the odds of slim according to the hard complaint, he never came back out to survey the property and never contacted cora, i spoke to the appraiser by phone who said the appraisal management company only asked him to conduct a drive-by appraisal and said in part, i appraised property not people, i've been doing this a long time i don't have any ill feelings towards anyone, location, size, condition, that is what i've appraised. the second report shows he race the value by $25,000, for an $825,000 appraised value. it also shows six oue colemes h ed were more than a mile away from cora's home. three of them, a mile and a half or more away and south of macarthur boulevard and area of a history with redline that has
4:35 pm
more black residents at historic low home values . >> when we first saw all of the different, that were used for her property, something strange had been going on . >> carolyn is the director of the housing advocates of california, the nonprofit now providing cora legal assistance in the investigation . >> i can think of another reason why he would refuse to choose a fair representation of the homes that are closer to home as being appraised. i don't think he would have done that, by the way, had he not known course race . >> course that she was home for the appraisal, proudly displaying pictures and a black pride flag in her window, decided not to take the advice she read online to take a personal effects and essentially,
4:36 pm
but she said she also didn't do that for the third and final appraisal which he applied for a new loan with a different lender in february of this year, and was assigned a different appraiser. the appraised value, >> it was 1.239 million. >> $439,000 different. >> what is your reaction to that, that 50% of the original appraised value . >> i could just breathe, i was so relieved . >> the final appraisal pulled cops blocks away from her home and in each direction, hud is investigating the lender, appraiser and management company used in the first two contested appraisals for attentional violations of the 1968 civil rights act and the fair housing act of 1988. the regional spokesman for hud provided the statement saying, fair housing is not an option, it's the law and had take these and all allegations of unlawful discrimination seriously. >> cora thanks her late mother for the strength to fight will fruits of that labor . >> this is a legacy for her.
4:37 pm
i want to leave her something and make her proud of her family. >> with the refinance now complete, cora is saving almost $800 a month on her mortgage, she does point out because of the six-month delay in closing over the refinance she missed out on saving $4000 and many more thousands of dollars over the course of the loan. if you've been hit with an appraisal that you believe is too low, you do have rights. we have information on our website, along with a link to file the hide complaint and also a link to the organization willing and ready to help you file that complaint. all of that information on our website, reporting live, julian glover abc 7 news . >> great work there, and i'm glad she fought for herself and got the correct appraisal. on the road to the future, california now paving the way for what automakers will be doing over the i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community.
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it's time now for the 4 at 4:00 we've got drew and spencer for the conversation let's begin with the effort to take a bite out of human interaction with sharks, to states in australia recently moved away from using the term shark attack, using terms like bites, incidents and encounters, biologists have strived for less , that's due to their plummeting
4:41 pm
population, down 71% since 1970. larry, you've got to weigh in on this . >> i want to know who the sharks pr firm is because they are doing a tremendous job to make the shark sound less menacing. he once told me don't have to worry about the big sharks, it's usually the baby sharks that attack when you're out there surfing, and it's like how do you know if it's a baby or a big shark, he said, you will find out. thanks, jeff. >> drew? >> i'm not scared of sharks, i find them fascinating but i'm not going to let go into the deep ocean and be surrounded by sharks but i do think it's cool when they tag them and yocan watcthting patterns and wh i k th'sn peonis working
4:42 pm
overtime to not call these shark attacks. >> shark lobby. >> it doesn't really matter which word you use. be careful when you're out there. stanford will be part of a collaboration to study the biology of elite athletes in the hopes that insides game will help the rest of us live long, healthy lives. one of the things researchers will do is to create models to focus on training and prevent injuries for people at all levels of physical ability. this is probably a good moment for me to donate my body to science or at least to the side family, to figure out how to get the most out of this, spencer has figured it out because he never ages . >> abc 7 has been trying to figure out how do get the most out of larry for a few years. >> they figured it out. >> but seriously, there's a lot
4:43 pm
to be said for conditioning and you know, trying to maintain optimum wellness and fitness and i'm trying to do that now, moving into my mid 70s, and it seems to be working . >> i will say the fountain of youth and longevity, that is kind of the new place for science. and i hope he adopts be. the founder of alabama, two . in and out is debunking rumors it has a chicken sandwich on it's not really secret secret menu. at least two tiktok video showing people ordering the sandwich, look at it, in and out says the videos were likely created as a prank to attract online attention, the chain said it has no plans for a chicken sandwich. of course it doesn't have a chicken sandwich, it's all about scale for the fast food places, do you think the three people who ask for it
4:44 pm
provide them a chicken sandwich? >> you look at their menu, it's so small but their food is so good. they are so good at what they do but they're not going to expand into chicken, they know what they are good at and asperger's and they do it on a big scale. >> that's right. >> who's going to go to in and out and order a drumstick? >> do you do the secret menu, larry? i do ask for the animal style, i don't think it's eager . >> i think larry uses a lettuce wrap . >> i don't eat a lot of -- >> it's fun . >> i have not been to a fast food restaurant. somebody's going to find some photo of me standing outside a mcdonald's or something. anyway, it's that time more than 300 new words and definitions have been added to among them are several pandemic related words, unfortunately like long color to describe people who have symptoms after being shut sick, oof meant yikes and yeet is excitement or approval, and
4:45 pm
refers to an attractive man when i say who is your >> larry is an anchor zati. >> i can use it in a sentence, larry aspires to be a zati, but -- >> aspirational . >> andrew we just end up saying oof . >> i use oof a lot. wendy yeet replace -- >> that was last year . >> i thought yeet is when you throw something . >> as soon as we learned, it's no longer -- >> that's definitely not the case . case . >> that's a good place grs zeus! do you want me to do the boxwoods as well? no. finding the right person for the job isn't always easy...
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man 2: is it safe? woman: should i wait? narrator: it's smart to question. now get the facts at so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you. now to a special series california dreaming where we look at the issues that were threatening the california dream as well as the people working to keep the dream alive . >> for years has been plans to phase out gasoline powered cars
4:49 pm
governor newsom called for 100% of in-state sales of new cars to be zero emission by 2035. >> that order puts california at the forefront of an automotive revolution. >> california has always been a leader in electrified transportation. on top of that we see a lot of policy efforts happening so we are going to see more and more vehicle models and more and more choices for consumers and the amount of awareness will grow in the consumers mind . >> california is the place where ev technology is at the forefront, just look to tesla the company founded here, that's where they make the cars, we are one of the first ships, >> any automaker looking at being in the electric market is looking at california, what they do, where they are going obviously los angeles, san diego, all big markets for ev's and if you look at ev sales nationwide, california makes up over 40% of all of those vehicles sold. >> there are many startups trying to enter the space, business technology is so destructive,
4:50 pm
consumers can get into this type of vehicle. more competition is better for the consumer at the end of the day, the end of the day the consumere environment winds . >> california how some of the worst air pollution in the country back in the 60s and 70s, that's one of the reasons people adopted ev's, they are cleaner we also have good weather and sunshine for solar power, and it's a place you don't really have things like two foot deep snow in the winter, there really aren't a lot of downsides to driving electric car, maybe you can't as easily jump in your car and drive three states away on vacation but for most of the driving, electric cars just like the car you have now it just runs on electricity. the automakers who make electric cars and utility company's prefer everyone charge their cars at home however a lot of people can do that so the public charging infrastructure is going to be key and we are seeing these high-speed charges turning up everywhere . >> in the state of california there already over 73,000 charging stations, with an additional 123,000 planned by 2025. >>
4:51 pm
building out an ultrafast network of charging stations across the united states and canada. so far we have over 650 stations across the united states, almost 200 of those are in california. every time we install one, those are designers we are hiring, engineers we are hiring, construction workers and they all do the service and maintenance we need to help support that network. so all of those are jobs that are coming to the local communities, that's a big win for the industry as well . >> the end goal is to have all the transportation to be electrified, even the cabs and to be electrified, and freight and shipping and long-haul trucks which would really revolutionize the country, each year that goes by that ev's come out, they are better, the quality is better, the range is better and that's what
4:52 pm
consumers are looking for . >> there's not a car company out there from the luxury brands like bentley to ford and gm that are not working on electric cars, looking at everything that is going on from what the auto industry is doing, it's probably safe to say that electric cars are the future. >> you can stream all of our california dreaming stories including our 30 minute california dreaming special right now on our apps, roku, fire tv, and apple tv. just about everybody wants to make the world a better place . but southbay teenagers are doing more than just talking about. what they are doing to help improve the world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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climate change and help build a better bay area, dustin dorsey shows us how they are raising money on how you can get
4:56 pm
involved. >> inside the southbay home, the hard work is underway to help make our world a better place. ♪ ♪ young artists are using their sound to raise money to fight the climate crisis in our state and beyond. >> i think music and express what you want, what you need and what you love. there's been a lot of climate change and i want to help like make the world better. >> with this concert especially all of our music is, it's tied to climate theme or whether theme and i think that plays a big part in allowing people to understand how important this issue is and how we need to take action . >> the students have been preparing for weeks ahead of their upcoming charity concert aptly titled troubled earth, for neyears she's offered students a choice of what to raise money for .
4:57 pm
>> they have the chance to learn beautiful things and they should, they should bring this beautiful thing to the community. and then, we can use our music, to touch them people . >> these 8 to 16-year-old students recognize the role they play in society encourage others to be the change they want to see in the world . >> especially often kids are teenagers don't feel like they have the resources to create change but i think even a small step towards change is important so the first up is really to just become more educated about the issues in our world and trying to find steps to be able to work towards the change you want to see . >> tickets are on sale for this concert on july 31, visit for more information. >> the music is so relaxing.
4:58 pm
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could the delta variant change what it will take for the bay area to reach herd immunity? plus, the rare breakthrough covid cases that are causing alarm and confusion. public health experts break down the numbers. >> also ahead, the bars that want customers to show proof of vaccination to get in. plus, the governor's crackdown on organized retail theft like this. the plan he says will finally make a difference. and going underground. pg&e's new plan to move its power lines. fo joing >> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00. i think it's gonna get wse


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