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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 21, 2021 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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>> can't hear him snoring. >> i didn't label myself that. >> but you are wearing it and owning it. >> sure am. >> do it. good morning, america. as we start this wednesday morning together, the milwaukee bucks waking up nba champs. the bucks won't stop here. >> the long wait has ended after bucks are nba champions once again. >> milwaukee slam-dunking its way to its first nba title in 50 years, blocking out the suns in an incredible game six with a performance for the ages. sending 65,000 fans outside the arena into an absolute frenzy. the star affectionately known as the greek freak playing more like a greek god. >> milwaukee, we did it. new surge. new questions about how
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effective the johnson & johnson shot is against the delta variant. now responsible for more than 80% of new cases in the u.s. as we hear more about breakthrough cases and some kids head back to school today. dr. jha here for a reality check. and could tokyo be in trouble? amid a new surge in cases, the ceo of the olympics not ruling out cancelling the games last minute. what officials there are saying this morning. up in smoke. those devastating wildfires out west sending massive clouds of smoke all the way to new york city and the new severe weather threat headed for the northeast right now. mile-high mayhem. the latest plane confrontations turn violent. what the new report of unruly passengers reveals in the skies and on the ground. >> greatest day ever. >> what jeff bezos and his history-making crew told michael strahan right after their life-changing journey to the edge of space. who is next to take flight. ♪
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plus, we're one-on-one with the mvp and he's saying -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> good morning, america. ♪ [ speaking foreign language ] >> that was just for you. >> that was. >> just for you. he is larger than life. i mean, 50 points. >> wow. >> 50 points. it was worth staying up way past my bedtime, thank you, t.j. >> you're welcome. >> for the first time in half a century. >> yes. >> they are the champs again. >> and as you said, what a game. the game of his life for giannis antetokounmpo, 50 points, unstoppable, shots blocked. he earned that mvp title. >> get this, 17,000 people attended the game last night. 65,000 were outside. they flooded what they call the outside, be a part of the celebration last night, again, namef w alcithe franchise's r t
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>> bette >> i'm looking over at will reeve right now. he's there. he joins us live from milwaukee. good morning, will. >> the celebration is here. couple more numbers and figures for you. how about this? 31.9, how many points per game giannis averaged in these finals. the most ever. 50 points to match the 50-year drought now ended. how about infinity? that's amount of confetti that's on the floor here as milwaukee celebrates its well-deserved nba title. this morning, after a a-year nba title drought. >> reporter: the phoenix suns
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led by veteran chris paul chasing their and his first championship, coming up short in the final seconds. >> for me it just means back to work, back to work, you know, nothing more. nothing less. >> reporter: the bucks were ahead by just four with just one minute to play. khris middleton making this difficult jumper to give the bucks some breathing room. >> puts it in! >> it's been a long journey here but it's all been worth it to go through our struggles and never give up. >> reporter: bucks teammate jrue holiday was new to milwaukee this year and in game five made perhaps this series-defining play. how does the dream compare to the reality? >> it's not even close. i think just being able to imagine it and what it would be like is way different than actually feeling it and the crowd. >> reporter: the bucks winning 105-98 led by an other worldly 50-point, 14-rebound, 5-block performance from finals mvp giannis antetokounmpo. >> the spin move, the finish. giannis does it again. and
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more than 65,000 fans outside the bucks arena in downtown milwaukee erupting. you growing up in greece had to hustle. you had to grind for everything in your life. how far away does that part of the journey feel now? >> it doesn't feel far at all. it w jliesrday, eight years ago we were trying to figure out where we would get our next meal from. i wanted my kids to have a better life -- i was working every day and wanted to win a championship for the city of milwaukee and myself also. >> when the clock hit zero, the confetti comes down, the place is going nuts. what goes through your mind and you heart in that moment? >> i was thinking about my family. how much they wanted it. how much i wanted it. what we had to go through in order to do it. milwaukee, this is for you and we can't stop now. we got to keep getting better and do it again. >> 50 points in the clinching game to end a 50-year drought. explain to a mere human what that feels like. >> i wasn't even thinking about points. i was just thinking about winning this game.
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like, i didn't want to go back to phoenix. i didn't want to leave my family. >> you're a champion. you're a son. you're a brotheryoer. what was it like sharing this with your son? >> it's amazing. he doesn't know it. he's too young but he pushes me >> reporter: giannis chose to stay in milwaukee, signing a contract here as a free agent, so he won for this city that basically raised him after they drafted him as a 20-year-old, and i asked him how it felt to win here. he said there is nothing like it. he cannot wait to do it again. if he plays that the way he did these finals there's going to be more confetti on this floor in the future. >> just 26 years old, he's only getting started. hey, will, thank you so much. really sweet how he facetimed his brother after the game as well. one of the stars, brook lopez is going to join us in our next hour, our next half hour live.
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we want to turn now, one of the commentators last night seeing the crowds in milwaukee and said dr. fauci must be cringing. a reminder, we're still in a pandemic. maybe a lot of those folks are vaccined pandemic and gaining strength of this delta variant that's spreading and also concerns th because officials are not ruling out canceling the games as cases there surge. my friend, amy robach, has made her way to tokyo. robes, good morning to you, and this was kind of a shock to hear that possibly the games still could be canceled last minute. >> reporter: that's right. i think it's fair to say shock waves were rippling through the olympic village as the head of the tokyo organizing committee dropped that bombshell. so far there have been more than 70 had game-related covid cases and there's little sign that the situation will improve. the bigger concern is that things are actually going to get even worse. this morning, officials in tokyo revealing that covid cases have increased 155% in the past seven
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days. there are now 1,832 new positive cases of covid in the city as the olympics are set to begin. this as the ceo of the games refusing to rule out canceling them last minute as covid cases are on the rise. 79 accredited individuals including athletes now testing positive. and with just days to go until the games officially open, the head of the tokyo games now saying they could convene five-party talks to decide an action plan if there is a spike in cases. inside olympic village the stress of testing positive or being deemed ineligible due to close contact with infected individuals weighing on athletes. team usa's swim captain ryan murphy speaking to us about life inside the olympic village. >> we have been hearing talk about the games potentially being canceled. what are your thoughts on that possibility?
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>> that's -- i mean, that's kind of a doomsday scenario, so i'm really trying not to focus in on that. >> reporter: accredited officials undergoing a slew of mes, some olympic sponsors es.e like one of the biggest, toyota, says it's pulling olympic-reapan but will reptedlkeep u maetg planlace and so panasonic's ceo plan on skipping the opening ceremony altogether. with billions of dollars at stake if the olympics are canceled outright, the games soaring to 15.4 billion saying the actual cost could be more than 20 billion. there is a sign of hope for team usa. men's basketball player zach lavine coming off the sidelines, usa basketball clearing him to travel here to tokyo after clearing covid health and safety protocols but just moments ago, unfortunately, the u.s. women's national soccer team lost their first match to sweden, 3-0,
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sweden famously knocked the u.s. out of the olympics back in 2016 and this was seen by many as a chance at redemption for the americans. their next game will be on saturday against new zealand so they may be down, george, but they're not out. >> not yet, amy, thanks very much. here at home, as new covid hot spots pop up, many kids are heading back to school and there are questions about the effective of the johnson & johnson vaccine against the variant. kayna whitworth is live with more. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: george, good morning. so the staff here at conley elementary school has been working around the clock to mitigate the covid spread as they are first in the nation to head back in the classroom today with no mask mandate in place and this as covid cases in the united states are the highest they've been in two months. overnight, a new study raising questions about the efficacy of the johnson & johnson vaccine, suggesting that the one-shot vaccine could be less effective against the highly contagious delta variant.
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the authors concluding that 13 million americans who received johnson & johnson might need a booster shot. but experts point out the findings contradict prior studies indicating the vaccine likely works well against delta and say this study, which is not yet peer reviewed, looked at blood samples from just ten in a, johnson & johnson saying these results do not speak to the full nature of immune protection. the company also saying earlier peer-reviewed studies conducted over an eight-month period show the vaccine generated strong persistent activity against the rapidly spreading delta variant. for now the fda and cdc saying none of our currently authorized vaccines need to be boosted with an additional dose. the delta variant now estimated to account for 83% of all new cases. meanwhile, public health experts monitoring breakthrough cases among the vaccinated, including house speaker nancy pelosi's aide and a white house staffer.
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dr. fauci saying vaccines can protect from hospitalization or death and breakthrough cases are to be expected. >> when you hear about a breakthrough infection, that doesn't necessarily mean the vaccine is failing. >> reporter: this as some kids are already heading back to the classroom today. lawmakers in eight states including arizona have enacted legislation banning school districts from implementing mask mandates and while kids are less vulnerable a sobering reminder from the cdc director more than 400 children have died. >> children are not supposed to die and so 400 is a huge amount. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics recommends universal masking in schools but, george, some parents say they appreciate the freedom to make the decision for their family. >> okay, kayna, thanks very much. let's bring in dr. ashish jha, dean of the brown
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university school of public health. thanks for joining us again, dr. jha. let's start with that new study on the johnson & johnson vaccine. it doesn't really track what the other studies out there. what's your big takeaway? >> my big takeaway is, when i put all the data together i i think the j&j vaccine is holding. just fine. we're not seeing large numbers of breakthrough infections or hospitalization in people who have gotten it. i think we need more data. i would not act or worry it isn't going to work for you. >> even though there are breakthrough cases we still know that these vaccines prevent largely serious illness and death. >> yeah, absolutely, and we're going to see breakthrough infections when there are large outbreaks happening overall. when you have lots of people infected and large numbers of virus circulating in the communities, we'll see a few breakthroughs but the good news is people are not getting hospitalized and not dying if they've been vaccinated and that's the key. >> we're getting all the different guidance. what is your advice to parents? >> my advice is first of all if your kid is 12 or over get them vaccinated.
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the best way to keep them safe and prevent transmission in schools. if your kid is under 12, if you're in a hot spot, it's pretty reasonable to wear a mask indoors, if you're in a place with very few infections, i don't think masks are necessary. >> dr. jha, thanks for your time and information this morning. robin. >> as always, george, thank you. now to those devastating wildfires out west sending smoke across the country all the way here to the east coast. ginger, i know you're tracking it for us. good morning. >> robin, i don't know if you walked outside yesterday. on the left from lyndhurst, new jersey, looking at new york city. usually you can see it crystal clear. yesterday you couldn't see anything and that's that hazy sunshine you've seen, the sunsets, and look, it's all coming from smoke. this video is an image from noaa that was made by "the new york times" to showcase who has the worst air quality and smoke. look at northern minnesota. they actually had the worst air quality in the entire united states and, yes, it reached wn 'rgog to clear it out here
7:15 am
in the northeast but it will come with severe storms. damaging wind is the main threat if you are in delaware up to new jersey, even boston later this afternoon. >> appreciate that, ginger. george. we'll turn now to a new arrest from donald trump's inner circle. thomas barrack, a longtime friend of the former president who chaired his inaugural committee, is facing multiple charges including improperly acting as a foreign government agent. senior national correspondent terry moran has the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. tom barrack is a billionaire businessman and one of donald trump's closest friends and have known each other for 40 years, and a top fund-raiser, and he now stands accused of using his connections to trump to illegally advance the interests of a foreign government, the united arab emirates. barrack and two co-defendants violated a lobbying law designed to protect the country from foreign corrupt influence and seeking to influence trump and other high officials and lying about it. so he's been arrested and now stands charged with failing to register as a foreign agent, obstruction of justice and lying to investigators. in a statement his lawyer declaring he is not guilty and
7:16 am
will be pleading not guilty. barrack is now the seventh person associated with the 2016 trump campaign to have been indicted. many were pardoned and his indictment comes just weeks after the chief financial officer of the trump organization was indicted on a tax fraud charge in an unrelated investigation. but it is important to note that in this case, prosecutors say donald trump himself knew nothing of barrack's work on behalf of the united arab emirates, that he was in the dark, a victim betrayed by his old friend, george. >> terry moran. thanks. we turn now to more cases of airline passengers behaving badly. faa sharing new numbers about the uptick in attacks on planes and on the ground. our victor oquendo has more. >> reporter: this morning, turbulence in the friendly skies. this cell phone video capturing a heated argument between two men turning violent as passengers were de-boarding a frontier airlines flight in miami. >> get out. get out. >> reporter: the number of
7:17 am
disruptive passengers across the country skyrocketing. the federal aviation administration announcing nearly 100 more incidents with unruly passengers in just the last week. this year alone airlines reporting more than 3,000 incidents of bad behavior on board flights, more than 2,000 of those incidents involving passengers refusing to comply with federal mask mandates and before takeoff, tsa officers at security lines also seeing an alarming uptick in assaults. the number of attacks up by 40% since may. 85 attacks happening this year including reports of passengers pushing and even biting officers. >> with anything, you know, when everybody is forced into one small area and short-staffed, it's going to cause chaos everywhere. >> reporter: and the faa continues to enforce its zero tolerance policy on unruly passengers imposing fines as high as $52,000 per incident. guys. >> all right, victor, thank you
7:18 am
as always. >> so much going on. >> there sure is. following a lot of other headlines including what jeff b about their life-changing journey to space. and an abc news exclusive with the parents whose child they say was seriously injured by a peloton treadmill and filed a lawsuit against the company. but first, back to ginger. >> i got to check in on the dixie fire, this one exploded just north of sacramento. more than 61,000 acres burning and they've got it 15% contained. we do have a lot of these fires recently that have started by lightning. that dry lightning i talked about yesterday is a possibility again today. very low relative humidity and winds up to 35 miles per hour and remember anywhere from northern california through most of montana. your local weather in 30 seconds, first the sunny cities sponsored by consumer cellular.
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good morning. welcome to wednesday. is on your date today with below tuner average high. we will bump down when we will have increasing clouds and possible return to the monsoon early next week. 59 in half moon bay. oakland is 69. 76 in san jose. 90 in the east bay how is that five-hour working for you? >> i needed an eight-hour. >> brook lopez going to join us live in our next half hour.
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scuff defense. i love our scuff-free life. behr ultra scuff defense. exclusively at the home depot. building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. good morning, i am reggie aqui. developing, san jose police investigated a crash that killed a pedestrian. this happened just after 11:00 last night. a green pickup truck is in that intersection. lease say the victim was a man and it is not clear what led up to the crash. the west contra costa school district says all students will be returning to in-person learning in the fall. kids will be required to wear masks. they will have informational meetings next week to help parents understand but the new year will look like. it has been pretty busy on the roads. i have an up date on the alert that we are following in freeman
7:24 am
. the off ramp will be closed until 9:00 a.m. the crash happened on the automall parkway just off of southbound 680 in fremont. speeds down to 12 miles per hour. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights came on at 5:49. we have a homeless encampment fire on westbound 80 and university avenue in berkeley.
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cheer on team usa with wifi speeds faster than a gig. or, get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. switch today. good morning. it is 7:26. temperatures in the 50s everywhere. what is 62. 62 in los gatos. it has been pretty clear. you kissing the clouds back from the have just arrived and will quickly go away. sunnier conditions today with temperatures a little bit below average today and tomorrow.
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back to average on friday. increasing clouds and cooler on sunday. so far, no some thunderstorms on monday or tuesday. coming up, the parents who alleged a
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get out there. and bring a friend. lipton green tea with antioxidant vitamin c keeps you feeling better, while making time together better. lipton. stop chuggin'. start sippin'. oh, do you believe in ghosts, ted? >> i do, but more importantly, i tink they need to believe in themselves. >> okay. >> now it's the hiring of their new manager -- >> back here on "good morning america," jason sudeikis as "ted lasso," the hit show snagged that 20 emmy nominations about an optimistic soccer coach who knows nothing, nothing about soccer but really believes in his players, now how some pro coaches are taking a page out of ted's supportive playbook. that is coming up. also, some headlines we're following right now. a new study raising questions about the efficacy of the johnson & johnson vaccine
7:31 am
suggesting the one-shot shot could be less effective against the highly contagious delta variant but experts point out they contradict prior studies. wildfires burning and sending smoke all the way to the east coast. there's haze hanging over new york city reducing air quality for millions of people. and take a look at this. dramatic rescue from a flood caught on camera in china. rescue workers are saving children stranded in a kindergarten bringing them to safety. the record-breaking floods have been devastating parts of china. the military there warns that one dam could, quote, burst at any time. good news out of tokyo. a win for the u.s. olympic softball team to secure their first win in this year's summer games. hopefully many more to come, but they shut out italy on the olympic diamond, 2-0. yes. yes. hese games c ot ahole lotahon they say their toddler was severely injured after being dragged under a peloton.
7:32 am
also, special guest this morning. milwaukee bucks brook lopez had the play of the night. he's live with us after that championship. look at that one more time. that might have been the play of the night. all that coming up. now to jeff bezos and his crew safely back on earth but still on cloud nine after that historic space launch. the astronauts are taking us inside that journey. gio benitez was there for it all. he is still there outside the launch site there in texas. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. we are now getting a look inside that capsule during the flight. this officially marks the beginning of commercial spaceflight for blue origin. this morning, blue origin preparing for two more flights after tuesday's successful launch. >> and touchdown. >> reporter: and demand for a seat soaring. sales for tickets nearing $100 million tuesday. >> we're going to build a road to space so that our kids and their kids can build the future. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: amazon founder jeff
7:33 am
bezos, 18-year-old oliver daemen, the youngest and first paying customer, 82-year-old wally funk, the oldest person to travel to space, and bezos' brother mark back on earth after a life-changing journey. funk who trained in the 1960s but never got the chance, triumphant. the crew of newly minted astronauts barely able to contain their excitement after a 66-mile journey above the earth's surface. >> command engine start, two, one. >> reporter: it started just after 9:00 a.m. eastern. blue origin's rocket blasting off for its first human flight. >> go, jeff, go, mark, go, wally, go, oliver. you are going to space. >> reporter: traveling at up to 2200 miles per hour. the crew of four experiencing zero gravity for four minutes. >> oh, wow. oh, wow. that's incredible. >> whoo! >> everything you thought it would be?
7:34 am
>> fantastic. >> reporter: a moment of awe as they saw the earth from above. >> oh, i love it. i love it. >> oh. >> reporter: then, the return. >> you have a very happy crew up here, i want you to know. >> reporter: the crew coasting to the ground at 16 miles per hour guided by parachutes and a blast of air to cushion their landing. the ten-minute, ten-second journey rocketing them into the history books. shortly after landing michael strahan right there with jeff bezos and his brother. >> how does it feel? >> greatest day ever. amazing. i mean, speechless in a way. i don't have the talent to put into words what we just experienced. >> it was really amazing. it was -- the views were breathtaking. i've never seen anything so beautiful. >> it almost sounds like it exceed e and mpeatnsgh. and it leapt over them. it was incredible. >> reporter: the crew receiving their pins and wally already wants to go back. >> i loved every minute of it. i just wish it had been longer.
7:35 am
i can hardly wait to go again. >> reporter: wally waiting 60 years for that moment and is such a star that i just want to show you what they're giving out here, fly, wally fly. these shirts are going around here. by the way, that anonymous $28 million auction winner, still anonymous, we're told that auction winner will go on one of those future flights. >> okay, we'll see that and it was wonderful to see wally at the press conference and all she had to say but there was a moment, you know this, gio, from that press conference that got a lot of attention. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, and bezos said this during the press conference, i also want to thank every amazon employee and every amazon customer because you guys paid for all of this. a lot of his critics said that was tone deaf and that he's just bragging about his vast wealth but he did tell abc back in 2017 that he sells off a billion dollars in amazon stock every year to fund blue origin and his
7:36 am
supporters say that this kind of innovation takes a lot of money and that research institutions are using blue origin's technology, robin. >> all right, gio, safe travel back. but there was a lot of debate on both sides. a lot of people happy about it, excited about it. there were others on the other side questioning. >> stirring up a lot of conversations. our exclusive with the parents who say their 4-year-old was seriously injured by a peloton treadmill. certain hpv-related cancers? you're not welcome here! get out of my face! hpv can cause certain cancers when your child grows up. get in its way. hpv can affect males and females. and there's no way to predict who will or won't clear the virus. the cdc recommends hpv vaccination at age 11 or 12 to help protect against certain cancers. hey... cancer! not... my... child. don't wait. talk to your child's doctor about hpv vaccination today.
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now to our exclusive with the parents whose 4-year-old boy was seriously injured by a peloton treadmill, they are speaking out for the first time after filing a lawsuit against the company. peloton machines recalled in may after links to dozens of accidents and eva pilgrim has the story. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning, this family is sending a warning to others telling me their son wasn't even playing on the treadmill but next to it when he was sucked under the belt and we have to warn you, some of the images in this story are difficult to see. >> it's a death trap. >> reporter: this morning, parents of a 4-year-old boy who suffered third-degree burns after getting pinned underneath a peloton tread plus treadmill are speaking out. >> children should not be sucked under a conveyer belt that can kill them, period. >> reporter: ygal and sarah saadoun say they had dropped their son off for a sleepover. hours later their son was en
7:41 am
route to the hospital in extraordinary pain. >> when you saw your son in the hospital. >> we were shocked to see the extent of the burns. my son was covered in burns. we're shocked to hear that a treadmill can do that to somebody. >> reporter: nearly two dozen families like the ones seen in this video have had children reportedly hurt by the peloton tread. one child even dying of their injuries. >> the fact that the peloton has neither a safety guard or a sensor to me is extremely sad. >> reporter: the hugely popular wellness company surged during the pandemic as many turned to interactive fitness like the $4300 tread plus treadmill. in april, the consumer product safety commission issuing an urgent warning about the peloton tread plus urging users with small children in their home to stop using the product immediately saying they can become entrapped, pinned and pulled under the rear roller of the treadmill. peloton initially calling the
7:42 am
warning inaccurate and misleading. peloton later backtracking and issuing a recall. ceo and co-founder john foley later apologizing right here on "gma." >> we did make a mistake by not engaging with the consumer product safety commission in a more productive dialogue earlier in the process. >> reporter: for the saadoun family it was too little too late. >> i read a statement from the company after knowing that so many kids had been injured, that a child had died and still insisting that their product was safe and taking weeks to actually recall the product. that was when we decided we need to sue this company. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed against the fitness giant claims peloton knew or should have known that subject treadmill was extremely an unreasonably dangerous. >> part of what the saadoun family wants is to raise awareness about how dangerous it was. >> do you think it was preventable? >> yes, we think a better, more
7:43 am
safe, not defective product design would have avoided this child's injuries. >> reporter: and the lawyers for this family pointing out that most other at-home use treadmills have that safety guard on the back of them to prevent this type of accident. very seriously and say offering their customers a full refund through november 6th. guys. >> eva pilgrim, thanks. t.j. coming up here, our "play of the day" with the guy who made the play of the night. it's my 5:52 woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine.
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7:47 am
♪ all you people can't you see can't you see ♪ it's been a 50-year journey. wisconsin, we got a room at the top of the world tonight, the milwaukee bucks are nba champions. let the celebration begin. >> let it begin and it's probably not over yet. back with a very special "play of the day" here on "gma." that was the moment last night that the 50-year wait is over and now star center of the milwaukee bucks brook lopez will forever be introduced as nba champion brook lopez so let me say good morning to mvp champion brook lopez. congratulations. after you win an nba championship, what was your
7:48 am
night like? >> it was a blur, you know, i'm sure that's a common answer but i have family with me, friends with me, teammates with me and it was very surreal. very dreamlike. i still can't believe it all happened. >> and the moment that everybody is talking about, still talking about, how many times have you seen that play? or have you seen it gone back and watched it at all? that dunk that everybody is talking about absolutely the play of the night. >> yeah, i had multiple friends send it to me so i definitely got a chance to see it and still i can't believe it happened, honestly, i'm so blessed to be part of it. >> you know what, man, there have been two championship teams in milwaukee with the bucks and the star centers on both of those teams, one was kareem abdul-jabbar, the other was brook lopez, what is it like for you now? it's been a journey, 12 years in the league. you finally got that championship. i guess shaking of your head gives me the answer but put some
7:49 am
words to it as well. >> i mean, it's pretty indescribable so i'll try. but it's such an honor, you know, to be in that same category, same league as kareem, big "o," all those guys from that championship team from 50 years ago, it's incredible. you know, i'm just honored to be a part of that group. >> and you are also a part of that city. you've only been with this team a few years here, but you know what this team means to that city and now it's been 50 years. how does it feel or how has it been them embracing you and you embracing this city and give them something they so desperately wanted for so long. >> it's something that these fans of milwaukee completely deserved. they've supported us the entire time i've been here but even beyond that, these past 50 years they've been starving for a team like this, and so we're happy that we delivered and that we gave them something that they deserve. they've been supporting us through ththe way through these
7:50 am
finals. they've been absolutely incredible. >> okay, one last thing i want to ask about. you're a world class athlete. hydration is very important to you guys, so at your press pcon sipping on something i assume for your hydration, tell me what this was. what is that big bottle of what sitting there, brook? >> yeah, well, during the game i had a little water, a lot of pedialyte so i was just trying to kind of even it out. it was a bit of champagne. it's pretty typical nba player diet right there, right? >> it probably explains your first answer of the evening being a blur, brook. brook lopez, my man, we followed you a long time since those days at stanford. it has really been a pleasure to watch you all these years. you're still an old school center some would say in a lot of ways and just picked up an nba championship, so congratulations to you and the city, my man. >> thank you. thank you for having me here
7:51 am
today. >> congratulations. well deserved. well deserved. you had to bring up the press conference -- you couldn't let him off the hook. >> just a sip, t.j. we are live from new jersey as the garden state re-opens and says, "rise & shine." "gma's" summer concert series is sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play. series sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play. well you are. ♪ or how hard we work to find answers, partners, and hope. ♪ we make medicine. ♪ not just for some ♪ but for everyone. ♪ ♪ ♪ heading back b to school isne. more exciting than ever. and when kids have what they need to move forward together...
7:52 am
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. good morning. i am reggie aqui. here is jobina with a look at the traffic. good morning. going back to the alert on fremont. you're going to face a big up there. it is still shut down and will reopen at 9:00 a.m. southbound traffic in walnut creek beginning to pack up there. here is a live look at the toll plaza. hello. let's take a look at the tempe to w d the as 70for the rest of th mainly 80s inland. air quality healthy all the way through friday.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the milwaukee bucks are waking up nba champs. >> the long wait has ended after a half century, the milwaukee bucks are nba champs once again. >> milwaukee slam-dunking its way to a title blocking out the suns with a performance for the ages. the star affectionately known as the greek freak playing more like a greek god. what the finals mvp told our will reeve moments after winning. >> milwaukee, we did it! new surge. new questions about just how effective the johnson & johnson shot is against the delta variant. now responsible for more than 80% of new cases in the u.s. dr. jha here for a reality check.
8:01 am
and with back to school around the corner an exclusive first look at air purification units. can they help slow the spread of droplets in classrooms? ♪ it's the "ted lasso" effect. >> tricky time and folks who don't believe in themselves. >> the feel good series that just scored an historic 20 emmy nominations. the real-life coaches using lasso lessons to inspire their players. "rise & shine," america. and good morning from new jersey. the garden state, the next stop on our tour around the country from the beaches to the boardwalks to the boss. ♪ how the state that was born to run is getting back on its feet. get ready to stomp. ♪ the worldwide phenomenon is back on stage and this morning they're celebrating with a special live performance right here in times square and they're saying -- ♪
8:02 am
[ crowd chanting "good morning, america" ] great to be with george and t.j. astart your wednesday with us and we appreciate you spending it with us. we are going to "rise & shine" from new jersey this morning. let's take a look 23 we can over at asbury park, the boardwalk home to the legendary stone pony made famous by the boss himself, mr. bruce springsteen. >> we were there and took the entire show there to see the boss perform. this was in 2006. it was so memorable and what i remember most our longtime beloved stage manager angie, may she rest in peace. i think she -- >> biggest bruce fan in the world. >> you remember that. she must have seen him, like, a
8:03 am
hundred times. so to see her face and have the boss there on "gma" that morning and we're going to have a lot more fun ahead from the garden state this morning. >> we sure are. they had a lot of fun in milwaukee. the milwaukee nba champions after that game six stunner. the franchise's firstin years, and will reeve was there for all of it. good morning, will. >> reporter: i was, george. good morning and there was a lot to celebrate inside and outside the arena. you see the confetti here and see in my hand this is a sound meter. it measures decibels. we went on a balcony eight stories up in that deer district where there were thousands outside and measured 117. that's like rock concert levels approaching jet engine. they were cheering for their champion bucks. >> the bucks have done it. >> reporter: this morning after a 50-year title drought -- >> the milwaukee bucks are nba champions once again. >> reporter: the bucks winning 105-98 led by an unprecedented other worldly 50-point, 14-rebound, 5-block performance from finals mvp giannis
8:04 am
giannis does it again. >> reporter: the fans inside and the more than 65,000 fans outside the bucks arena in wh theck milwaukee erupting. this pla is nuts. what goes through your mind and heart in that moment? >> i was thinking about my family like how much they wanted it. how much i wanted it. what we had to go through in order for us to be in this position. >> you're a champion. you're a son, you're a brother. you're a father. what was it like sharing this moment with your son? >> it's amazing. he doesn't know it. he's too young but he pushes me to be great. >> reporter: i asked giannis if the struggles made victory sweeter. he said absolutely. i'm enjoying the moment but i'm already thinking about doing it again. winning is addicting. robin? >> i know you enjoyed it as well, will. you know now you'll have to wear
8:05 am
dress shoes again on your next assignmes but i hope you had a good time. >> all right, fine. i had a great time. >> good. good for you, thanks, will. we have the latest on the pandemic. the effectiveness of the johnson & johnson vaccine against the delta variant causing concern as kids head back to the classroom. kayna whitworth is live from chandler, arizona. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning. the kids here are among the first in the nation to head back to school. so students here are among the first in the nation to head back into the classroom and they're doing it with no mask mandate. this as covid cases in the u.s. are the highest they've been in two months. overnight a new study raising questions about the efficacy of the johnson & johnson vaccine, suggesting that the one-shot vaccine could be less effective against the highly contagious delta variant. the authors concluding that 13 million americans who received johnson & johnson might need a booster shot. in a statement johnson & johnson saying these results do not speak to the full nature of immune protection. the company also saying earlier peer reviewed studies conducted over an eight-month period show
8:06 am
the vaccine generated strong persistent activity against the rapidly spreading delta variant. george speaking to dr. ashish jha earlier this morning about the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> i think the j&j vaccine is holding up just fine. we're not seeing large numbers of breakthrough infections or hospitalizations in people who have gotten the j&j vaccine. >> reporter: lawmakers in eight states including arizona enacted legislation banning school districts from implementing mask mandates. principal lisa shore working around the clock to mitigate the chances of covid spread at conley elementary school in chandler. >> it's been a long two years and we're here for the kids. >> reporter: clearly an emotional start to the year. now, the american academy of pediatrics does recommend universal masking in all schools but some parents i spoke with said they appreciate the freedom to make a decision based on what
8:07 am
is best for their family. >> all right, kayna. thank you very much. coming up, the "ted lasso" effect. how the hit show is changing the lives of real-life coaches. a "gma" exclusive. the experiment that could help kids healthier in the classroom. two big events ahead. we are stomping in times square and we are rising and shining in new jersey. stay with us on "gma," folks. we'll be right back. ♪ nt has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe.
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8:11 am
or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be a different game. ask your doctor about eliquis. ♪ it is summertime here new hampshire times square and all around the world. welcome back to "gma." tomorrow tory johnson is bringing some delicious "deals & steals" for your kitchen. >> that is coming up. time for "pop news" with lara. hey, lara.
8:12 am
>> hi, george. good morning to you all. we're going to begin with some movie news and we think you'll like these apples. yeah, the guys that brought you that line in "good will hunting" ben affleck and matt damon wrote a new script together and this morning we have your first look at the new trailer. the movie is called "the last duel" starring the pair set in 14th century france. jody cull mer's character has been assaulted leading to a duel and the perpetrator played by adam driver. take a look. >> i'm innocent. >> i request a duel to the death. >> if you lose, your wife will suffer dire consequences. >> one of us has lied. let us let god decide. >> you do not believe me. >> i am risking my life for you. >> you are risking my life so you can save your pride. >> the script is matt and ben's
8:13 am
first writing collaboration since 1997's "good will hunting." they wanted to tell the tale based on the true story of a heroic woman from history who most haven't heard of. we admired her bravery and resolute determination and thought it needed to be told directed by ridley scott hitting theaters october 15th. looking forward to that. also this morning, oscar winner viola davis is ready to share her life story. she confirms she's writing her memoir titled "finding me." that will delve into her childhood growing up in poverty in rhode island in an environment of family violence and her meteoric rise to stardom against all odds. in talking about the memoir the oscar, emmy and tony winner says she, quote, believes that our stories and the courage to share them is the most powerful,
8:14 am
empathetic tool we have announcing the wonderful news on instagram davis added she is both excited and terrified to share her sory which she will give us, quote, straight with no chaser. "finding me" set to be released april 2022. finally, guys, as 2020 reshaped our vocabulary as much as our lifestyles, is acknowledging some of the new words that are part of our lexicon. one of which might apply to two of our anchors. that word is zaddy. an attractive man who is also stylish, charming and self-confident. also in that vein comes the word snack. which doesn't go in your lunchbox. no. this snack also means and i quote from the dictionary an attractive sexy person, a hottie and you use this next word in a fit of excitement if you saw a snack perhaps, yeet is described
8:15 am
as an exscla -- exclamation off approval, excitement or pleasure. other words include oof, exclamation used to sympathize with someone else's pain or dismay. the editor said the latest update continues to mirror the world around us, perhaps these lighter slang gives us cautious optimism and brighter mood about the future ahead. to that, guys, i say yeet. back to you. >> who are the two anchors he referring to? one of us is out. thanks, lara. appreciate it. i'm not saying which one. our "gma" cover story and the so-called "ted lasso" effect. the 20-time emmy nominated comedy about an optimistic soccer coach is making its mark with the pros. it's a story we first saw in "the wall street journal." will reeve is back with that story for us. good morning, again, will. >> reporter: hello, again, robin. one of the most memorable scenes
8:16 am
in "ted lasso" has the coach tacking up a sign in the locker room that says believe and it might sound like a cheesy motivational gimmick but spoiler alert. it works, the team comes together and real-life coaches are incorporating lasso tactics of their own. it's called the "ted lasso" effect. named for the perpetually optimistic character from the jason sudeikis hit comedy "ted lasso." >> i want you to know that i value each of your opinions even when they're wrong. >> reporter: a soccer coach who knows little about soccer but a lot about life. >> wow. >> you know what the happiest animal on earth is? >> it's a goldfish. >> you know why? >> no. >> got a ten-second memory. be a goldfish, sam. >> that's the responsibility for all the coaches that are out there regardless of what age they're coaching and goes to the same for managers in the office. that should be our goal, how do we get the best out of the people around us.
8:17 am
>> reporter: the show's writers finding their own inspiration with greats like gregg popovich and phil jackson. >> i believe in hope. i believe in belief. >> reporter: phoenix suns star chris paul said he binged it between games, and monty williams and mike budenholzer bring a lasso ethos to the game. with scene stealers like this. >> for me success is not about the wins and losses. it's about helping these young fellas be the best versions of themselves on and off the field. >> reporter: it has life lessons that all of us can get behind. >> mvp, mvp. mvp. >> reporter: a few more lasso lessons from our coaching experts for coaching and in life, be curious and not judgmental. try to be caring and empathetic and be positive. you want to create an environment that people want to
8:18 am
be a part of on and off the field. guys. >> all of that makes a whole lot of sense. all right, will, get on home. thanks so much. appreciate it. doing a great job. welcome back. weove to as many parents w tlaroomhiscol ge rchers saw with droplets in the air. trevor ault has the story, good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, george. american educators have been working tirelessly to figure out the best way to protect students this coming school year, but we know america's largest school district in new york city is going to install two air purifiers in every single one of their 56,000 classrooms, but researchers want to make sure that will actually work and we were with them in the lab as they gathered the data. plexiglass and social distancing, they've become a common sight in the classroom but as more kids return to in-person learning this fall, researchers are taking a closer look at the air in schools. >> this is where the tubing for the simulator is.
8:19 am
>> reporter: "gma" got an exclusive look at testing by the mayo clinic and university of minnesota at the well living lab to examine portable air purification units and whether they can provide an added layer of protection to help control the spread of aerosol droplets in a classroom setting. what will these findings be able to do for schools as they prepare to safely bring their kids back? >> i think it just provides another layer of security for people. >> reporter: a team of more than 20 researchers built this experimental classroom breaking up a mannequin in the center to spray out neon colored solution like this in order to mimic how a sick student might spread particles as they breathe. they then pain stake -- painstakingly measured what collected on the surface all over the room, desks, chairs, even ipads to see how the droplets spread with and
8:20 am
without air purification. >> we were able to say, okay, at each point in the room how quickly are particles depositing on to different surfaces. >> reporter: this shows the classroom with three air purifiers. they surround the students, the colored area showing where air purification units were removing particles from the room. >> you see a reduction everywhere and the blue and green are much lower concentrations. >> more your proof of the effectiveness. >> yeah. >> reporter: researchers found using portable air purifiers to supplement a classroom's hvac system may end up five times lower particle concentration in the room. a cdc study from earlier found similar results. the agency now recommending schools should filter and/or clean the air in the school by improving the level of filtration as much as possible. should concerned parents be put somewhat at ease over the findings of this? >> i think so. i think they should be put at ease in the sense we have solutions available.
8:21 am
there is a lot of information now available to school administrators and they should be comfortable with the fact that they're looking into it and hopefully will be able to implement these solutions. >> reporter: and really any portable air purification system will help to some degree. the key, check the square footage to make sure you cover the room and the key is layers of protection, don't overlook the simple things like opening up all the windows in the room. george. >> makes a lot of sense, trevor, thanks very much. to ginger. george, you know, we are approaching our wettest july on record from new york city to boston. worcester, massachusetts, already did it. look, state of emergency, lockport, new york, in niagara county. they've lifted it now but more showers and storms here that will come with the possibility of damaging winds too. a check now closer to home. good morning. welcome to wednesday. is on your date today with below tuner average high.
8:22 am
we will bump down when we will have increasing clouds and possible return to the monsoon early next week. oakland is 69. 76 in san jose. 90 in the east bay boy, time for us to "rise & shine" now from the garden state, yes, new jersey, next stop in our tour around the country. eva pilgrim live for us from asbury park's boardwalk. good morning to you, eva. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. this assignment doesn't stink, right? standing right here on the board walk on the beach, and in the middle of so much cool american history. the asbury park boardwalk built in 1871. an eclectic mix of music and culture and there is so much to enjoy in new jersey from the amazing food to the boss. ♪
8:23 am
the sun is rising and shining over new jersey. where beaches and boardwalks meet east coast edge. ♪ home to hip-hop great naughty by nature, queen latifah and the fugees. ♪ not to mention rock 'n' roll giants bon jovi and bruce springsteen who performed on "gma" live from asbury park in 2006. ♪ get out the way ♪ >> reporter: also a guy named tony soprano. ♪ woke up this morning got yourself a gun ♪ >> reporter: the drive into jersey memorialized in "the sopranos" hbo award winning series about a troubled mobster. ♪ we headed to the scene of the
8:24 am
crime. holston's brookdale confectionary, and they happen to serve some of the tastiest homemade sundaes. 30 minutes west in morristown, 201 pride. >> welcome to just jersey. >> reporter: tina and paul sell products made by local artisans. >> the local people are tuned in to helping their small businesses get through the difficult period. >> one of the tough things for a lot of our makers, they make part of their living by doing craft shows, and events all of which were canceled. >> reporter: the garden state is known for its more than 700,000 acres of farmland producing nearly 57 million pounds of blueberries, the state fruit. greenwich lavender farm was a fresh start for mary gomez and debbie homan. [ speaking foreign language ]
8:25 am
>> reporter: w hi thewere unable to safely harvest the crop but the season they are back in full bloom launching lavin deer feels forever yoga. -- lavender fields forever yoga. >> restrictions have been we laxed. people are willing to come out. the bad times are really going away and there is life again. ♪ it's gonna be a good, good day ♪ >> reporter: grounds for sculptures says it became a safe haven. >> we saw people were choosing grounds for sculpture to be the place of the family reunion. there was a therapeutic role. >> reporter: last summer frontline workers mike and paige opened a new jersey outpost of cruise and tikis. >> first responders, doctors, teachers taking a day off. a way for them to kind of escape to almost like their own tropical island for a few hours. >> i work during covid so even
8:26 am
me being the owner of this business just having people coming out and they're just so excited to be out doing things was just a huge benefit to myself. > reporter: the small business flourished with what they dubbed tropical distancing. >> we are definitely a covid success story. who would have thought of floating tiki hut would be like one of the few things in town that you could do. >> reporter: one of the nation's smallest states, new jersey, is big on grit and gumption. and since you guys couldn't be here with us, we got goodies for you from just jersey and some lavender lemonade from greenwich lavender farm. i hope you enjoy. >> i only have one cookie. >> you ate the other two. >> incredible performance from stomp in times square. stay with us.
8:27 am
good morning, everyone. a look at our commute. hi jobina. >> we're going to start first in hayward, where we do have a pretty big slow down here, speeds are down to around 14 miles per hour, southbound 880 before 92. it's unclear if injuries are involved here. there are injuries reported in union city on northbound 880 before whiple road. we also have a sig alert until
8:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with
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security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. hey there bay area, live with kelly and ryan's coming up. >> we'll chat with emilia clarke, plus how to make the perfect tablescape. outside, temperatures are slowly rising. in the east bay, where we have sunshine for the better part of the morning. 72 in brentwood. walnut creek, it is sunny. it's pretty nice for your commute today. look for a little more of that as we head into the weekend. temperatures are going to bounce around seasonal levels. all seven days of the forecast
8:30 am
nday. ncreasing clstarti > anu, mike. l have another ab ws te in aboue late on our app, and at gma continues ♪ oh i wish something just like this ♪ we have been excited about this all morning long. the award winning international phenom that has been wowing audiences in new york city for 26 years is up and running once again off broadway. we're talking about stomp. >> they had their first ever american tv appearance on "gma." you know when that was? back in 1994. you see it right there. they used our kitchen to make again off broad way with luke e- cresswell and t.j. >> it's been a while. can you believe '94 was your first performance here. here you are 20 plus years
8:31 am
later. could you imagine you still had this thing going. >> no, it was a dream to first come to new york and it's been fantastic ever since. >> now that you're here, everybody had to shut down but you were one of the first off broadway shows to come back. how did it go. wath wngdible. thaudiceasfaasti weecseee twe desperate for entertainment. >> were you desperate to get back entertaining as well. >> yes. >> you evolved and did things in our kitchen last time. now you're going to wow us in a different way. you have performed in 50 something countries for millions of folks. now you'll do it for us. on the recommendation of a slow bounce to get this going. take it away, josh. ♪ ♪
8:32 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:33 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> whoa.
8:34 am
stom i i wanted to ask do they make those in my size ask fantastic. stomp re-opened in new york last night. it will kick off next month in utica, new york. thank you all so much for that. stomp is back and we are going back to asbury park, boardwalk in new jersey with some very special guests. stick with us on "gma." ♪ until her daddy kids love visiting kidifornia. but parents like it to, like a lot. they go bonkers. (wuaahh) totally boom it's an adventure. (sound of playing) you know ,you have to keep an eye on them. yogotom exple and figure things out for themselves.
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8:36 am
i don't think i could imagine a tea party quite like this but i'm loving it. you've broken so many different barrier. >> i would often get in trouble because i would speak my mind. >> nobody can put you in a box. vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. >> vulnerability is courage. >> i'm going to stop you. i would like to hear you answer that question. >> ooh. i can't believe i'm going to share this.
8:37 am
♪ she'll have fun, fun, fun till her daddy takes her t-bird away ♪ as we say good morning from new jersey, my daddy's birth state. i spent a lot of summers there. the boardwalk, oh, yeah, folding back the curtain on how the beloved surflight theater made sure the show went on over the last year. good morning again, eva. i know you're having a good time. >> reporter: oh, you can't have a bad time at the beach, right, robin? we're standing right here in front of this iconic venue, stone pony, they haven't had music here since september 2019 but weeks away from their summer stage re-opening. when the pandemic hit, music halls and theaters across the country were forced to shut down, but one venue here in new jersey found a way to stay open and to thrive. ♪ it's the hard knock life for us ♪ >> reporter: at the surflight theater the show must go on.
8:38 am
♪ actors, of all ages have come to dazzle the stage at this performing arts center since 1950. ♪ but last year the pandemic dimmed the lights on broadway and in theaters across the country. but surflight made the decision to remain open. all it took was a new venue. >> we decided to put the tent up in the park across the street. >> reporter: by going back to the good old days and performing their shows outside, they did their children's and main stage shows under a covid-friendly big top tent. >> nobody in our company and to our knowledge no one in our audience had any instance of covid at all. we were actually really proud that we were able to create an environment that allowed us to do that. ♪ >> reporter: actors were thrilled to have the work. >> you could see there was a lot
8:39 am
of emotion that went along with it from the cast as well as anyone who came because everyone knew how special doing something during that time actually was. >> performing theater, telling stories, that is just my world and to have the opportunity to come back to surflight especially during such a crazy time, it just really meant the world to me. >> reporter: it also meant the world to the locals. >> i can't overstate how important this theater is to the community. it brings people into town. those people support all the other businesses that are in town whether it's the restaurants or the take-out windows of the restaurant. >> if i was going to be in a show in my high school, we were two weeks before opening before we shut down. >> reporter: ellie who took part in the apprentice program spent spring of 2020 doing school
8:40 am
online. >> the first few months of the pandemic was a little rough for me, especially with school, i struggled but coming to surflight in the summer really helped me with my mental and physical health and gave me an outlet and something to do. >> reporter: during a time with so much uncertainty, a little entertainment wient a long way for the local community members. >> it was great for us as parents to have something for you are kids to do but was also great for us as community members to have a place to go. you felt safe. you could enjoy a theater performance and there was none of that going on at the time. ♪>> rr:nd t sto in b godfatrfhse ny an the manager of the stone pony caroline o'toole. you've been playing here since the '70s. >> that's correct. >> you even played with bruce
8:41 am
springsteen. what makes this so special? >> it has the great vibe of a rock 'n' roll club. it's a professional run joint. it's just perfect for playing music. >> it's an iconic place. caroline, i know you're about to kick off your summer stage. what does it mean to have live music back? >> live music what the stone pony does and william baysed on demand for our tickets, especially his, it really shows that the fans are ready to come back and we're ready to have them back. no cardboard cutouts for us. >> i got to tell you there is a crowd that's developed here and they're all here going, that's southside johnny. >> yeah. >> one said my name. thanks, mom. >> reporter: exciting to have live music back, no question, guys. >> oh, my goodness. that's priceless. thank you, eva. thank them both for us. both of them. thank them both for us. let's check in again with ginger. >> one said my name. i have to remember that. look at this image. it is a waterfall but looks like
8:42 am
it's grabbing some red stone and that sand pushing it over in utah. probably like when you turn the water on for the first time getting that some of that monsoon floe for the first time in utah in two years. the flash flood watches are up. catalina mountains all the way up through parts of colorado. you will be getting rain, good morning. i am now the classic show "turner and hooch," the new version is a disney plus series starring josh peck. erielle reshef caught up with good morningerll >>r: hey, good morning to you, george. josh lit up talking about his new role based on that 1989 classic movie. it follows the unlikely partnership between a u.s. marshal and a pup that starts
8:43 am
out a little rough and ends up just right. >> i see him. i'm in pursuit. >> the spin-off the iconic movie "turner and hooch." >> why is there a dog in the office? >> it's a long story, sir. >> it's a continuation of the 1989 film so not to worry, people. we're not messing with your memory. we're not doing a remake of your favorite '80s classic but we are sort of taking all the great elements of the original film and introducing them to a new audience. >> this is huge. >> reporter: in the new namesake disney plus series josh peck stars at scott turner jr. son of scott turner played by tomorrow hanks in the 1989 classic. >> the premiere was equally funny and emotional and touching. can you tell us about what viewers can expect. >> if you're into the who is the new bad guy of the week sort of action adventure aspect you're covered.
8:44 am
love triangle, rom-com, everyone in the family is covered. >> for peck no easy feat keeping a tight leash on his four-legged castmate. what was it like working with a mastiff as your co-star? >> well, not only was it one french mastiff but five different ones playing our hooch and he was good at bringing chaos to my character's life and my real life but you just easily fall in love with these dogs. >> reporter: peck says he drew real-life inspiration for his role riding along with u.s. marshal. >> we would show up for a case and there's ten sort of like of these really tough federal law enforcement people and josh peck. it felt weird. i'm sure i stuck out. i was like can i get a walkie-talkie or something. >> did you identify with your character. >> let me be honest. where else would i be honest but "gma." i don't like dust. when you meet me i'm scott turner jr. i have a very sort of linear
8:45 am
outlook on life. my apartment is obsessively clean. my best friend is a roomba and i'm a career man. >> reporter: and becoming a dad to his 2-year-old son max helped him lean into the fun and emotion of the series. >> it feels like all my emotions are right on the surface and it like deepened my humanity having a kid. >> dear scottie. >> reporter: i'm reading this letter in one of the scenes from my father who had passed away and it just felt so easy to be moved by the writing and the reality of the scene. >> reporter: and josh tells us this is his favorite role he's ever played. he says it's part tough guy, a little rom-com, some comedy and interact with the mischievous but adorable dogs. >> looked like he had a lot of fun. "turner and hooch" premieres tonight on disney plus. coming up, glass animals are live for ow summer concert series. ♪ late nights ♪
8:46 am
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♪ sometimes ♪ you know that song, you love it back with "gma's" summer concert series special performance from glass animals. recent album "dreamland" features the smash hit "heat waves." let's check in with the band's lead singer. this has been streamed, this song, 800 million times. put it in perspective for me. >> crazy. absolutely crazy. i mean it was such a weird start to releasing the song. it's very personal. feels like my little secret. it's grown and grown and now i hear it like -- had someone driving past my house playing it and, oh, bonkers. >> billboard nomination for top rock album, top rock song. all this unfolded really during the pandemic. what is it like to have that success at a time when iuess things are shutow wld i differe you'reod
8:49 am
>> yeah, normally you have touring to kind of support the record, give it context to the music but we didn't have that to lean on. we just had to make use of the internet. it's been quite a roller coaster, i feel like, this album is kind of like my baby and you always want your baby to come out in the best time possible and the pandemic felt like the worst time possible but we did the best that we could and all this success around it just means so much more because of that. >> well, that roller coaster ride is not over for you all yet, i'm sure. so off their album "dreamland" which is out now, glass animals with their global hit streamed 800 million times or as dave said it's his little baby, his little secret. "heat waves," take it away. ♪
8:50 am
♪ sometimes all i think about is you late nights in the middle of june ♪ ♪ heat waves been faking me out can't make you happier now ♪ ♪ sometimes all i think about is you late nights in the middle of june ♪ ♪ heat waves been faking me out can't make you happier now ♪ ♪ usually i put something on tv so we never think about you and me ♪ ♪ today i see our reflections clearly in hollywood laying on the screen ♪ ♪ you just need a better life than this ♪ ♪ you need something i can never give ♪ ♪ fake water all across the road it's gone now the night has come out ♪ ♪ sometimes all i think about is you late nights in the middle of june ♪ ♪ heat waves been faking me out ♪ ♪ can't make you happier now ♪ ♪ you can't fight it you can't breathe ♪ ♪ you say something so loving
8:51 am
but now i've got to let you go ♪ ♪ you'll be better off with someone new, i don't wanna be alone ♪ ♪ you know it hurts me too ♪ ♪ you look so broken when you cry one more and then i'll say good-bye ♪ ♪ sometimes all i think about is you late nights in the middle of june ♪ ♪ heat waves been faking me out can't make you happier now ♪ ♪ i just wanna hold your dream when you sleep and smile so comfortable ♪ ♪ i just wish that i could give you that, that look that's perfectly unsad ♪ ♪ sometimes all i think about is you late nights in the middle of june ♪ ♪ heat waves been faking me out heat waves been faking me out ♪ ♪ sometimes all i think about is
8:52 am
you late nights in the middle of june ♪ ♪ heat waves been faking me out can't make you happier now ♪ ♪ sometimes all i think about is you late nights in the middle of june ♪ ♪ heat waves been faking me out can't make you happier now ♪ "gma's" summer concert series is sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play.
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>> announcer: "gma" friday we've got one word for you, dierks. superstar dierks bentley kicking off your summer weekend performing for you, friday. ♪ i've been gone ♪ >> announcer: only on -- >> good morning, america. >> announcer: sponsored by caesars rewards. >> you're right about that, dierks, right. i love dierks bentley. you know i do. hey, thanks to our jersey crew for a great "rise & shine." >> have a good one. ♪ sometimes all i think about is you ♪
8:56 am
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moings. here's jobina to look traffic. >> i do want to get to this crash in union city right now that is causing a bit of a slow down on northbound 880 before whiple road, so this will impact people trying to make their way to the san mateo bridge. moving to the sig alert we were following in fremont, it has finally cleared on southbound 680. it has reopened. hi mike. hi everybody. let's take a look at what's going on with our temperatures. quite a summer spread. average to a little below average. 70s for the rest of the bay, 80s inland. we've got some clean air today through friday. now it's time for live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan. we'll be back at 11:00 for midday live, and we >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, actress and author, emilia clarke. plus, a performance from singer-songwriter alessia cara. also, creating the perfect table scape as we continue "live @ home week." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ryan: good morning, deja! good morning. >> kelly: good morning. >> ryan: that was quite a little -- >> kelly: sometimes we do a in.>> ryan: it is wednesday, ju. >> kelly: deja and i have a
9:01 am
separate dance. we have


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