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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 21, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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a young lou alcindor who changed his name to kareem abdul-jabbar after winning the title. and that's "nightline" for tonig tonight. watch all of our f episos on wel see you rightacrrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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eye new study indicates the johnson & johnson vaccine may be less effective against the delta variant. why some say the study isn't a adup. fear over the delta variant in the souay fuelling interest in a first vaccine dose. >> tuesday council members voted on the city's stadium plan but not the a's plan. >> a little cooler today. find out if this will continue for the rest of the week coming up. vaccines are widely available across the country. and this suffering and loss is simply an entirely preventible. >> a lot of new numbers as the delta variant is spreading furiously among the unvaccinated. >> the nation's top health official says the highly transmissible variant is now estimated to account for four
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out of every five new cases. >> the delta variant now represents 83% of cases. this is a dramatic increase of 50% from the week of july 3rd. >> reporter: the sta mes inclin a senior aid to nancy pelosi have come down with the virus despite being fully vaccinated. >> when you hear about a breakthrough infection, that doesn't necessarily mean the vaccine is failing. >> reporter: in a heated exchange, senator rand paul accused dr. fauci of lying to congress. >> senator paul you, do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. and i want to say that officially. >> reporter: dr. fauci flatly denying allegations the nih funded research in wuhan which
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includes experiments to make the virus more transmissible. >> all the evidence is pointing it came from the lab. and there will be responsibility from those who funded the lab. >> i totally disagree. i totally resent the lie that you are now propagating, senator. and you are imply implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals. i totally resent that. if anybody's lying here, senator, it is you. >> quite test eas you see, on capitol hill. the u.s. is now averaging more than 34,000 new infections every day, with cases surging in 44 states, incl ours. but again the vast majority of those cases are among unvaccinated people. a new study is raising questions about whether the johnson & johnson vaccine effective against the delta variant. >> reporter: a headline is fuelling concern about johnson &
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johnson's one-shot vaccine and whether it's less effective against the delta variant. experts point out the study has not been peer reviewed and based on blood samples from a few dozen people. >> this type of lab study isn't really what we're looking for. we're looking for more we'll world data of vaccines over time. >> reporter: dr. phillip grant is a principle investigator for an ongoing j&j trial. he says what matter snous not vaccine type but rather who ends up in the hospital. >> people who are getting sick are unvaccinated individuals. it's not people who have gotten either the moderna, pfizer or j&j. >> reporter: while 70% effective against moderate and severe disease, in trials, j&j's vaccine was less effective than the mraen vaccine. >> it's just a question of when and not if?
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>> absolutely. >> would you expect that the dose for j&j would be needed sooner? >> you'd have to expect that. >> reporter: but the cdc is not recommending any research yet. and the single-dose vaccine does work. she received the vaccine in november. >> the johnson & johnson vaccine gave me protection against covid. >> reporter: last month she separated for a kaiser trial. >> i had tested positive for antibodies. >> reporter: they are studying two doses versus one. santa clara county is seeing
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an increase of people getting their first doves vaccine. >> reporter: connecting the community to covid-19 vaccine. the goal for santa clara county's various straks mobile clinics. at times their outreach going beyond county borders. >> the county right now will vaccinate anybody. it doesn't have to be a resident of the county. >> reporter: tuesday san mateo county resident keanna val med got her first dose. >> i was, like, maybe it's time toid d-19 in deceer w hospita >> i was there for about seven, eight days. and then all the doctors came in. you better call
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your family because you're not gonna make it. >> reporter: his work schedule doesn't allow for him to get vaccinated in the months that followed. on tuesday, he overheard a radio addirecting him to the pod. >> i was using it for a month. and slowly, slowly. i can breathe. >> reporter: according to santa clara county, there have been 99 recorded cases of the delta variant so far. the majority of those getting sick are unvaccinated. and 83.1% of residents 12 and up have had at least one dose. in the last few days, the county says first-dose numbers have gone up. >> we have our fingers crossed that we're gonna continue to get more people vaccinated? >> reporter: it's unclear whether it is connected to the delta variant or if it could be a response to new indoor mask
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recommendations. snow >> honestlies of san francisco bars may require proof of vaccination. signs have been put up outside of participating bars. a formal decision won't be made until next week. but one alliance member has reportedly already begun requiring proof. the oakland city council approved its own nonbinding stadium agreement 6-1 for the a's at howard terminal. the team says they didn't agree to the terms. jr stone has reaction from fans and explains what comes next. >> reporter: oakland mayor, libby shaf, coming out swinging tuesday afternoon in support of the oakland city council approving a nonbinding term
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sheet of their own. >> we're very close. in full agreement with the a's. >> reporter: those thoughts did not seem to be echoed by the a's president. the proposal the a's brought to the council was not even voted of >> we the city did not actually vote on our proposal. >> reporter: the sign rooted in oakland still stands. the a's have previously said a yes vote on the city plan was a no vote on their plan. >> it was something we had never seen. that could be a good thing, a bad thing. we need to dig in and analyze all aspects of. that >> reporter: fans leaving tuesday's game frustrated. the mayor says the city assumed responsibility for the offsite approved city plan. but the primary difference is funding
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for the community benefits funds. the mayor even taking aim atlas vegas. >> oakland offers something that no other city in the world can offer. the views from howard terminal are equal to none. and it is true it is 104 degrees in las vegas today. it is a nice 72 degrees here in oakland. >> reporter: as for what comes next, a finalize the environmental plan also is finalized. a binding development agreement is needed. the a's would like to see this done by the end of the year or the fall. a long way to go. >> we sent out a push alert about the oakland city council's vote. you'll be the first to
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know. developing news out county where firefighters ares are fighting the bixby fire. the tamarack fire in the sierra has burned more than 39,000 acres tonight. it is threatening about 700 people in alpine county. some of them have seen the devastation firsthand. >> so many things. where to begin? total losses. they have to walk away like they ask you to. >> this fire was spa lightning on july fourth. smoke from western
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washington to the east coast. a spectacular sunrise this morning in maine. new york city was shrouded in a blanket of smoke today. smoke drifting thousands of miles away. >> that's right. we are talking about the jet stream carrying that smoke from the western wildfires all the way to the east coast. i want to show it you from the satellite perspective. instrumented all the way to the northeast. that's yet residents there are still suffering. the midwest, even places like minneapolis, looking at unhealthy, good to moderate for parts of california right now. but of course that will
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change again. the smoke forecast, most of the heaviest concentration of the smoke will be across the northern tier states as we head into tomorrow. i'll be back with a closer look at our air quality. >> and you can see live updates on all the fires burning in california with our wildfire tracker. you'll find it on our website. new developments for a southern california couple whose gender reveal party parked a wildfire that killed a firefighter last year. they pleaded 98 to i manslaughter and 29 other charges. a dramatic rescue caught on police body camera. see an officer pull the man to safety. >> billions of dollars lost to unemployment fraud. california says it now has a plan to
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bezos soaring higher. past the 62-mile high carbon line. referred to as the altitude at which space begins. today is the first human step for bezos' space company, blue origin. which cease a world where millions are living and working in space. >> we need to build a road to space so future generations can take all heavy, polluting industry on earth and move it up into space, so we can keep this gem of a planet as it is.
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>> rachel crane reporting. today is not the day you want to fly into space. it was beautiful around here. >> absolutely. >> more of this. i want to show you a sunset from tonight. the sun went down at 8:27. and it was really absolutely beautiful. but there is one thing i do want you to notice. the oranges and a little bit of smoke layer right above there. that is all in the upper parts of the atmosphere from the wildfires that are burning. let's take a look at a look at the smoke forecast. smoke is expected to be in the upper layers of the atmosphere. we are expecting the blues there. regardless it will be a little bit on the hazy side. and our air quality will be good to moderate for the next four days. keep that in mind as we head out
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and about and make our plans. a little bit of fog swept away. not a whole lot there. by morning, you will see more. do be prepared for it. temperatures right now from the 50s to the 70s. a live look from our east bay camera. fog there in the background. fog and patchy drizzle at the coast in the morning. sunny for most areas by the afternoon. and we're looking at minor temperature changes through the weekend. hour-by-hour tomorrow morning, 6:00, you notice a little bit of green there. watch out. you may need your wipers briefly as the drizzle develops, some fog around. and later in the afternoon, most of that fog will get swept away from parts of the marin, san mateo county coast. temperatures will be in the 50s, 60s. in the afternoon, you're looking at 90 in ant i don't, 59 in half moon bay. breezy along the coastline. 69 in oakland.
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low to mid-80s from san rafael to santa rosa. 76 degrees in san jose, and 72 in palo alto. hour-by-hour, a little breezy tomorrow morning, winds picking up by evening. 25 to 35 miles an hour. that is actually good because as that wind continues to stir up the atmosphere trngs prevents us from really getting any sort of heavy smoke or bad air quality here. and we actually enjoy nicer weather. forget about the heat. we don't have any extreme heat here. upper 50s to the low 90s. a minor dip on thursday. and then we'll warm it back up into the summertime range of mid-90s inland, low 60s coast. the weekend will feature just subtle changes. you don't want to go anywhere.
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in the east bay, a heyward
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police officer's body camera got the dramatic moments as he saved a person from a burning car. >> get out the car. get out the car. the car's on fire. >> he found the person asleep in the driver's seat. and the vehicle was in flames. firefighters put out the flames. and fortunate driver made it out uninjured. >> stay with us. lb is here with sports. giannis leading the bucks to their first nba title in 50
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a long challenging covid and injury impacted nba season ended tonight with giannis, the greek god of basketball. leading the milwaukee bucks to the championship. estimated 65,000 people outside the arena in the deer district. fear the deer and fear the suns in the second quarter. chris paul, a jumper. phoenix by five at the half. giannis put the bucks on his broad shorts in the third quarter. scored 20 in the period on his way to 50 for the night. brook lopez, with authorityth. he is an nba championnn evening. fourth quarter, giannis. the buck the suns could not stop them attacking the rim. they're getting ready milwaukee and mikannos. >> i started playing basketball
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just to, you know, help my family. don't let nobody tell you what you can do, what you cannot do. giants and dodgers, love with the long-ball. alex dickerson deep to right and it is gone. solo blast gives the giants a 2-1 lead. the giants smacked four game. mike yastrzemski givings the giants a 2-run lead, which they would blow. will smith tonight's game over, drive home safely. es this afternoon. wrapping up a two-game mini-series at the coliseum. no score in the fourth. matt olson, home run for the second straight
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day. only toledo. makes it 1-0 athletic athletics. a's break it home late. lorian oh, 2-0 in the [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash]
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>> you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our area app. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. >> we appreciate your time.
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