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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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while covid cases climb now information about just how critical the second mrna vaccine dose really is where in the bay area people aren't getting fully vaccinated. the lights are on now at the coliseum, but we're less than 24 hours away from a city council meeting that could factor into the a's decision to possibly leave the area. heat eases the next few days. i'll show you how much cooler coming up. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions, this is abc7 news. for most people who get this delta variant it's going to be the most serious virus they get in their lifetime. >> tonight experts sound the alarm as covid cases are spiking. the delta variant is ripping through unvaccinated communities all across the country. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley.
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>> i'm ama daetz. as cases surge one bay area organization is facing a unique challenge. abc7 news reporter and vaccine team member kate larsen reports on the growing number of people skipping their second vaccine dose. >> we've had a lot of people pass away, a lot of people get ill, a lot of people still in hospital. >> reporter: nick lee with the rafiqqi coalition with health and wellness is working to reduce health inequities in san francisco's black community. mayor london breed says 28% of san franciscans hospitalized with covid last week were african american despite being only 5% of the city's population and now this week there's been a 40% increase in testing at the bayview site, but turnout is not the same for vaccines. >> getting you to come get tested is one step. getting you to get vaccinated is another. getting you to get your second dose has become its own barrier in itself whether it's because of the side effects from the first or a lot of individuals just feel like they're already
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vaccinated. they feel all they need is one shot and they're good to go. >> reporter: but that's not the case. in fact, a newly published study out of stanford quantifies just how important the second mrna vaccine dose is when it comes to fighting off covid. >> what we know about the second shot is that there is a 100-fold greater innate response compared to the response after the initial immunization. >> reporter: dr. bulendren, a stanford microbiology and immunology professor is one of the authors of the study. why does the immune response ramp up so much after the second shot. >> your immune cells have remembered when you get the second dose its previous encounter with that very same vaccine. as in anything, practice makes perfect. if you have a second piano lesson, you become a better piano player. so it's exactly like that. >> reporter: the rafiqqi coalition is hoping to share that message in community. >> we will be roaming the streets with nurses and rns
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offering vaccinations to people right where they are. >> reporter: nick expects that program to launch in the next two weeks. kate larsen, abc7 news. meantime two more counties in the greater bay area are now recommending that everyone wear masks indoors. napa and santa cruz counties joined nearly all of the bay area in encouraging masking inside regardless of vaccination status. only solano county has yet to weigh in on this issue. governor newsom was asked today whether he might impose a new statewide mask mandate. >> committed not to imposing new restrictions, but we are also committed to addressing this latest increase in the number of new cases here in the state of california. >> nearly 21 million californians over age 12 are fully vaccinated. the american academy of pediatrics says all children should wear masks in school this fall even if they're vaccinated. that's different from what the cdc says. many bay area school districts
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already made the decision earlier this month that everyone will mask in schools regardless of vaccination status. oakland's teachers union begins negotiations with the district tomorrow but doesn't foresee any changes that might delay the start of the school year. >> we're doing what we can to insure that our families, our staff, our students are all staying safe. >> classrooms in oakland are equipped with air filtration systems and testing will be done on a continuous basis. amid the alarming surge in covid cases the worst day for the dow this year losing more than 725 points, more than 2%. investors fear the delta variant could threaten the u.s. economic recovery. tonight the cdc and state department issued new warnings urging all americans to avoid all nonessential travel to the uk. each raising the alert levels for the region to their highest levels. the uk is seeing a surge in new cases, about 50,000 per day. we're just hours away from a pivotal vote that could
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determine whether the a's stay in oakland. the team wants a new waterfront ballpark, but as abc7 news reporter j.r. stone explains, it's been unable to come to an agreement with the city on funding. >> i would be really sad if they go. >> reporter: all eyes are on the oakland a's and come tuesday all eyes will be on the oakland city council as council members will pass nonbinding votes for a proposed $12 billion development and ballpark plan, but some believe there is still a long way to go. >> to use a baseball analogy, i think we're at the seventh inning stretch. >> reporter: a's president dave kaval has said the team is not interested in the current coliseum soothe and would like to build on the water at howard terminal. >> i'm hopeful they would vote on our proposal or a slightly modified version. it's a really critical moment for the franchise and baseball in oakland. >> reporter: former a's player and okayland native bip roberts said the council and team need to come to an agreement here
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for the city's sake. >> we just can't afford to lose another franchise, you know, be the laughing stock of the nation basically. you had the a's. you had the raiders. you had the warriors. now you have nothing. >> reporter: former a's executive andy dolage says he does not like what he's recently heard from current athletics high-ups about the possibility of the team moving to las vegas. >> and when you say that there are 20 spectacular locations in southern nevada, not to take anything away from southern nevada, and there's no other location, there's zero plan b other than howard terminal, that's just 100% illogical and not factual. >> reporter: fans we spoke with at monday night's ballgame say it's painful to see this back and forth. >> it hurts my heart deeply envisioning oakland without a sports team, something i can't even imagine. >> reporter: tuesday's oakland city council meeting on this a's issue will start at 9 a.m. it's unclear how long it will last, but there will be a time
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for public comment. in oakland, j.r. stone, abc7 news. and developing news out of the sierra where evuabeordered because of the tamarac fire, late this afternoon residents were ordered to leave the mesa vista area of alpine county. the fire remains out of control burning more than 23,000 acres. some of those who have already been forced to leave their homes say they literally had just a few minutes to grab their things. >> they gave us about 20 minutes notice that it looked like they said the fire was like five, six miles away and about an hour later it was right on us. they didn't give us any time at all. >> the tamarac fire was sparked by lightning on july 4th. there is concern that rain could cause debris flows. the tamarac fire is in the southern sierra. the beckwourth complex is north of lake tahoe in plumas county and has burned more than 105,000 acres and is 88%
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contained. the dixie fire is in butte county ballooned in size tonight to more than 40,000 acres. you can see the massive plume from the dixie fire in this time lapse. pg&e says its equipment might have sparked the wildfire. a worker reported seeing blown fuses atop a pole and a tree leaning in and a fire at the base of the tree. no buildings have been lost so far and no one has been hurt in the fire. you can see updates on all the wildfires burning in california with our wildfire tracker. you can find the icon on our website, apple is delaying the return of its workers to the office. bloomberg is reporting instead of september the earliest employees will return is october. the delay is due to the rise in coronavirus cases fueled by variants, specifically the delta variant. the original plan was to have workers come in for at least three days a week. apple will warn employees when it plans to require them to return to the office.
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only on abc7 meet the man who was robbed at gunpoint while washing his car, what he's doing to make sure it doesn't happen to any of his neighbors. talking 26 cops going to about 10 different locations, so it's not like sending in the marines. >> plus keeping tourists safe in san francisco, the city's new safety plan. what has people camping out overnight outside a bay area best bye? i'm meteorologist sandhya patel, temperatures on their way down coming up. all that's ahead, but first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live with guest host arsenio hall. arsenio? >> thanks, dan and ama. i saved you room in the dog pound. oh, that was so close, unbelievable.
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new at 11:00 a former state official is suing state treasurer fiona ma for sexual harassment. judith blackwell was the state's executive director of the california tax credit allocation committee. blackwell's attorney claims she was fired in january after resisting unwanted sexual advances from ma. fiona ma spokesperson released a statement saying in part, "i am saddened and disappointed by these baseless claims and we look forward to bringing the truth to light in court."
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a san francisco man held up at gunpoint while washing his car, then robbed and held captive in a bathroom with his family is doing more than just sharing his story tonight. abc7 news anchor dion lim tells us how the entire family took matters into their own hands so this doesn't happen again in their neighborhood, a story you'll only see on abc7 news. >> a car pulled up towards my house. five seconds later i was ambushed at gunpoint. >> reporter: it was a typical friday evening for this man who requested we not use his name washing his car at his home near mclaren park being ambushed and held at gunpoint just the beginning of his family's nightmare. >> they took me up to the house where my family was, put us all into the bathroom. >> reporter: as two suspects made their demands. >> where's the money? where's the money? >> reporter: and stole jewelry valued at thousands of dollars. the man's wife and two daughters including his 11-year- old endured what they thought would surely be a grim ending. >> i was thinking either someone is going to get shot or someone is going to call the
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police like one of our neighbors and then it's going to be like a hostage situation. >> reporter: while the man suffered facial injuries. >> they just pushed my face to the wall kind of just to, you know, make me realize this is a real situation. >> reporter: the of e family was physically unharmed, though this husband and father is fully aware the emotional toll is much greater. the trauma can last for a long time. >> yes. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: but in some ways this family did know what to do. the very next day father and daughter met with every single neighbor and left letters like this describing what happened. >> when they see their neighbor and a child telling them what happened i think they take to heart right away. >> reporter: their tough lesson to whoever is watching their story? >> if they want your possessions, let them have your possessions. just don't let them hurt you or your family. >> reporter: truth by how speaking out is a warning and
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by sharing surveillance video can help. >> i love the city and the city is changing. be careful. be vigilant. if you have to, wash your cars, please do it with a neighbor. >> reporter: sfpd continues to search for the suspects. in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news. san francisco has announced a plan to crack down on crime as tourists return to the city. sfpd will deploy 26 additional officers to iconic destinations. >> you will see more officers in chinatown. you will see more officers at the palace of fine arts. >> more than 15 million tourists are projected to visit san francisco by year's end. these officers will patrol on foot and by bicycle. the city is also adding ambassadors who will wear vests and walk in high traffic areas to see and be seen, but abc7 news insider phil matier isn't convinced it's going to be enough. >> reporter: the fact is the homeless are still out there. the mentally ill are still out there. the criminal element is still
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out there. all of that is very real. >> sfpd chief bill scott says the 26 extra officers is a good start, but it's a far cry from the additional 400 he'd like to see on the streets. happening now, it looks like black friday in july outside the best buy store on harrison street in san francisco. people are lining up camping out to get their hands on a highly coveted piece of technology. the store's getting some graphics cards featuring the rtx-30 chip made by invidia. there's a global shortage. stores like best buy have made video cards available for in- store purchase only to cut down on scalpers. >> this is a very hot commodity. every gamer out there wants one of these and unfortunately to get one of these we all have to wait in line now just to get one. >> these cards aren't cheap. the retail price is around $1,200. i wish i really knew what i was
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talking about here. this chip that everybody is waiting in line for. >> i'm not a gamer either, $1,200, can you imagine? the line is crazy. let's turn our attention to what looks like to be a pretty nice week ahead. >> yeah. let's get to sandhya patel for the latest. >> it's going to be absolutely beautiful this week. what we're going to do is shave off a few degrees from our temperatures for today and you've got yourself a nice looking tuesday. let me show you what is going to bring about the change as you look from our sutro tower camera earlier tonight just before the sun was going down. we saw the marine layer making push over san francisco. tonight it's deepened to 1,600 feet and is making its route across the coast, a nice breeze blowing, cooler day tomorrow. santa rosa going from 86 to 84, biggest drop around concord, livermore, 8 to 10 degrees cooler. san jose, you're going from 83 to 79, so a 4-degree drop
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compared to today. here's what's setting about the changes, an area of low pressure coming in towards the pacific northwest. it is ushering in an onshore flow, the cooler onshore flow that will continue to deepen our marine layer through midweek. live doppler 7 showing you fog near the coastline tonight. it hasn't advanced very far as it's not super deep yet, but that's going to be changing in the coming days. 50s to 70s on your temperatures right at this hour. from our sfo camera you can see the marine layer right now. morning fog along the coast, patchy drizzle possibly. we will see minor temperature changes through the weekend. we are going to notice the smoke over the northern california and sierra nevada will be concentrated where some of the biggest fires are burning right now. luckily even though this is not good for them, we are not expecting that smoke in our area. as a matter of fact, we are compacting good air quality for most of the bay area the next three days, moderate for the
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coast and central bay. tomorrow morning watch out for that fog. we will have a little drizzle around possibly along the coast. for the afternoon the fog will hang around near the coastline keeping you on the cooler side. the rest of you will enjoy mild to warm weather hopefully. morning temperatures 40s, 50s. watch out for the fog. tomorrow afternoon you're looking at a warm day inland, low 90s there, 62 in half moon bay, 66 in the city, 72 oakland, 84 santa rosa, 78 degrees in san rafael, 79 in san jose. here's the accuweather seven- day forecast and it does feature a gradual cooling trend the next couple of days, bottoming out thursday in the upper 80s inland, upper 50s coastside, temperatures rebounding as we hit the weekend, but notice it's not a scorcher. i mean we're talking a couple of degrees, low 60s to low 90s. so we'll have a nice range of temperatures for the upcoming weekend. i know it's only monday. we're already talking about the
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weekend. >> thanks, sandhya. what could be the decisive game six of the nba finals is coming up tomorrow on abc7. coverage starts at 5:30. tip-off is at
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check this out. a solar car designed by uc berkeley students is hitting the road again the first time since the pandemic. this is the zephyr, the street legal single seater vehicle can reach speeds up to 80 miles an hour. it's extremely lightweight without many of the things we're used to in cars. >> it has no ac, no infotainment system, no power seats, no power steering. so that reduces the amount of power consumed by a massive amount. that's part of why it's able to be so efficient. >> efficient, just not very luxurious yet. zephyr will compete in the american solar challenge in kansas next week. it's first race in 2014 meaning it's vintage by solar car standards. tomorrow you can watch live as jeff bezos and others launch into space on blue origin at 5:40 a.m. right here on abc7. >> blows my mind. larry beil is here with sports. >> i'm wondering if i can get a
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zephyr with ac later. can we negotiate that? giants and dodgers make history as they battle for first place. plus vintage chappy, how ma
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sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> good evening. the john and dodgers made history tonight, first time ever in this long rivalry that both teams hit back to back homers in the first inning. giants and dodgers fans having fun pregame. cover that up right the.e rst w buster posey just off the injured list because of a
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thumb. next man up dodgers flashback, max muncy designated giants destroyer. just like that, 3-2 giants till the giants score four times in the seventh. estrada subbing for crawford doubles in the pair as giants take the series opener, the final 7-2. they lead l.a. by two full games. a's and angels, shohei ohtani, his first start against the a's, most against any team in his career, seeks scoreless, struck out eighth, tony kemp swing and a miss right there. in the seventh the outfield. steve cechek takes his place. ramon laureano three-run blast.
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matt olson adds a solo bomb. look at matt chapman. i am chappy, not sure how his ribs feel after that. i know that wall is padded milw wrap up their first nba title since kareem wore their uniform back in '71. game six of the finals tomorrow night right here on abc7. the bucks sealed the deal in game five on this play in the final seconds. giannis now focused on finishing the mission. >> it's hard enough to get ahead of yourself, but this is the time that you got to be the most disciplined, you know. that's what i'm going to try to do. i'm going to try to be as disciplined as possible, don't get too excited, don't get too pumped up for the game. none of. that. peyton manning is heading for monday night football but not the main booth. payton and brother eli will be part of an espn mega cast on espn 2. they will do this for ten monday night games during the upcoming season. espn has been trying really
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hard to get peyton in the booth for years and now he is one step away. you can kind of see where this
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all right. you can always find us on all these great apps, apple tv, android tv, abc7 bay area app, fire tv, roku. we are available everywhere. you cannot escape us, but you can for now because that is it for us for tonight. thank you so much for watching. i'm ama daetz. >> we'll give you this brief
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break. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time so much! right now on jimmy kimmel >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host arsenio hall! tonight, lebron james, richard e. grant, and music from tainy x yandel. and now, arsenio hall! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> arsenio: oh, yes! yes! [ audience woofs ] absolutely! hello. have a seat. cleto and the cletones


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