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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> hello there, glad you're with us. our focus is on san francisco and a vehiclesing problem. how to make sure tourists and residents too are safe when they're in the city. the city's economy thrives on tourism, unfortunately so to criminals. tourists make easy targets for car break-ins and easy customers for people trying to make a buck. we're tackling both top sglieks and with phil will help us but let's here from luz pena. >> we heard at the beginning of press conference speaking about 9 high vaccination rates of san francisco. tourists can come to the city and know they are visiting one of the safest cities regarding covid. but are they safe with belongings? are they safe leaving bags in vehicles or even stepping away
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for a photo? that's the trust the may have is trying to regain today. >> we've become too familiar with the story, another tourist and another break-in. the latest incident happening to this family from missouri. right across from the park and they are coming back from alcatraz. >> we come back to the car and the back of it was shattered. >> wow! >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: after getting one of the bags stolen they made up their mind fast. >> this is our first experience and we probably won't come back. >> like copy and peas, jeff another tourist had the same reaction after getting his car broken into in san francisco. >> there's a t-shirt place and there was a police officer there and they told him what happened and he said he didn't have time. never been here and always wanted to come out this way, probably no need to come back. >> reporter: knowing that the word is out, san francisco crime is on the rise and videos are
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going viral. the mayor and the chief scott announced there will be more officers in high tourism areas. >> you will see more officers in chinatown and more officers at the palace of fine arts. >> reporter: 26 officers will be deployed on foot and bikes but is it enough? >> how many would you like to see? >> well, we're 400 officers short in terms of where we are supposed to be based on, staffing analysis that the city paid an independent contractor, consultant to do. let's start there and let's build that back up. it's not going to happen overnight. this budget at least gives us the ability not to shrink. >> reporter: right now san francisco has about 1,750 police officers and in the future there would be 400 added to the number. but what about now? where's the accountability when thieves get arrested? we asked the mayor. >> the question is how do we get to a point where, yes, there are consequences but how do we get that person to a better place so
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they never feel like they have to commit a crime like that in the first place. currently it is in the hands of the district attorney's office. >> as business owners wait for more police patrol they are left picking up the pieces and the bill. >> reporter: how much in damages. >> we estimated over $100,000 worth of damages. >> reporter: and i spoke to a san francisco police commander who said in many cases we know who the suspects are. something to keep in mind as well as one thing is petty crime and the other is organized crime and they are clabing with other cities as well. in the newsroom i'm luz pena abc 7 news. all right, thank you. there are concerns about a growing outdoor market at fisherman's wharf. vendors selling goods and in some cases alcohol without regulation. melanie has the story. >> reporter: bacon wrapped hot dogs stored in a cardboard box under a shrub.
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this is somewhat of what was seen around fisherman's wharf in san francisco. >> no refrigeration for thinking they are selling. alcohol is being served without id checks. >> he is ceo of pier 39. >> during the pandemic it kind of exploded. >> the problem is especially troubling for restaurant owners. simco has five restaurants, two carts and a coffee shop on the pier. >> we are paying all of our taxes and permit fees and licensing fees and we get inspected by the health department or local organizations. and these people come and set up shop and are able to sell without having any of the things that a business is supposed to have. >> reporter: rodney fong is president and ceo of the san francisco chamber of commerce. >> when a illegal vendors come out and pop up right next to the brick and mortar brisz, it is
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difficult. >> to create license to vending that can be regulated and fair and healthy and safe. >> reporter: in an e-mail statement the supervisor writes the vendor program brings us into compliance with state law while restoring the city's ability to ensure the highest standards for public health and safety. the supervisor says along with funding for culturally sensitive outreach they've created a model for the rest of the city to follow. abc 7 went to fisherman's wharf on sunday to try and speak to vendors who did not want to speak about. we also went the san francisco department of health. it is aware of the allegations and written more than one citation during the past few months and the department is investing complaints of sales to minors. >> the san francisco department of public health provided vendors on how to keep food safe and reply with current regulations and also given warnings to unpermitted vendors
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following enforcement operations. in san francisco i'm melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 insider phil is here as well. >> you covered san francisco for decades. today's announcement for putting more officers in high-tourist areas, do you see that making a difference? >> we're talking about public safety or public relations. let's look at the public safety as peblth. 26 officers on foot and it's not necessarily going to have a great impact. second of all they'll put ambassadors out there who are invested people and assisting people and giving a presence. what effect it might may make people feel safer for tourists and those thinking of coming. you might be safe walking up and
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down fisherman's wharf but if you come back and your car has been broken into, that's a different story. how do the police and merchants say the break-ins occur and gangs operate. >> breaking into a car can take 5 to 7 seconds. a witness said my car was broken in and that's the amount of time police officers have to respond, 5 to 7 seconds and you can can't have police officers in every corner in san francisco. even when they catch them, many officers know who the suspects are they have a list and tell me they go now the of jail, now the. so what's the solution here? >> yeah, that's the challenge. we heard and in the report the tourist thought she was in a nice area, didn't look dangerous but phil is there any such thing as a safe place in san francisco these days? >> that's a really, really good question and one i'm afraid the answer is no. i mean you have relatively safe but even in places like union
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square, fisherman's wharf, the financial district, all around the city, and dan, we're not necessarily talking about someone coming up and putting a gun in your face, that's not what we are talking b. but we are seeing people who feel victimized by someone let's say screaming at you or breaking into your car. san francisco spent $8 million last year promoting the city to the world. the question is what is the world seeing? luz, what do people feel and take home with them. >> every tourist technically becomes an ambassador of the city. they go back home and talk about the bridges and the fact they got their car broken into and the fact they are taken a photo and got camera stolen. i know so i want to point this out. today during the press conference, ceo of san francisco travel said pre-covid san francisco welcomed over 25 million visitors who spent over
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$10 billion. that's $10 billion san francisco is trying to not lose. >> good point. >> very good point. everyone is trying to hang on to dollars. a lot of people are struggling to get by in san francisco. phil, back to you. one might argue the vendors are just trying to make ends meet. what's the argument against that? >> sort of the question unintended consequences. the governor signed a law that basically decriminalized street vending. the idea was that these were mom and pop-often immigrants coming in and this was a way for them to start businesses and not step on anybody's toes. unintentionally it appears, what i've seen and larried it is a lot more organized and these are actually, organized operations, not mom and pop operations that have moved in and they're not just selling hot dogs, they're selling hats and other things that people are actually paying rent to do the same in stores. it will be a real interesting
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thing to see what happens on the wharf. they are very upset and can't outlaw and will make it permitted but, you know, the bottom line is they'll get a civil citation if they're found to be in violation and that is not even a slap on the wrist. it's a parking ticket. >> the city has a lot of complex problems to deal with. phil, and luz thank you. from one side of the bay to the other. it is a big day tomorrow when it comes to the future of the oakland as, will it stay the oakland as. the heat is easing and fire risk diminishing, i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in a moment. still ahead, meet the man robbed at gun point while washing his car. he's taking action to make sure it doesn't
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let's turn our attention to the wildfires burning across northern california. those fires include the dixie fire and beck worth complex to the north as well as the tamarac fire burning south of lake tahoe. the tamarac fire remains a major threat because of the winds and lightening. it burned more than 23,000 acres and no containment. new evacuations to the north and south of mark leeville as crews work to protect homes in the area. >> i was told don't worry about it, everything will be okay. and then that evening it was like you have 10 minutes, get the heck out of here. >> frustrating and frightening. some of the local firefighters
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were dispatched to the fires. these are members of an alameda fire strike team on the ground helping u.s. forest service fight flames. firefighters are pushing for full containment at the beck worth complex, burning north of lake tahoe accident. it's been burning for two weeks and crossed the nevada/california border. it stands at 105,000 acres and 82% contained. the residents are grateful for is that everyone in the community survived. . pg&e say some of the equipment may have contributed to the start of the dixie fire. a repair worker spotted blown fuses where a tree was leaning into a conductor pole. mandatory evacuations are in effect not far from the 2018 campfire which burned down the town of paradise, a devastating catastrophe. the dixie fire has grown to
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30,000 acres and 15% contained. remember, you can see live updates on all fires burning in california with wildfire tracker on the eye con on our website abc 7 and in theeather,east wind s died dn some. >> let's get over to spencer christian for what is happening today. it is not quite so warm today as it was the last couple of days. dangerously dry as it has been for so long. it doesn't take much to start a fire. fire risk in terms of lightening strikes has diminished and smoke from the fires burning to the north is being carried by the wind circulation away from the bay area, being carried to the east. that is obviously not good news for people who reside in the path of the smoke but blowing away from the bay area and that is the forecast through tomorrow at least. so on we go to current conditions here in the bay area. breezy but not so windy as it has been of late.
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only 14 to 18 mile-per-hour winds in most locations. down in san mateo, gust r gusts to 22 miles-per-hour and not excessive and an interesting 24-hour temperature change. it is cooler in most bay area towns than this time yesterday. 7 degrees cooler in san carl carl and livermore and 5 degrees in hayward and palo alto. cooling down and you can see the low clouds and fog pushing out from the bay. current temperature readings 58 in san francisco, 63 in oakland. 76 at san jose, mountain view at 83 and 55 at pacifica. the view at the golden gate looks dreary and breezy. temperature readings. 73 at santa rosa, nevada and 8 d at fairfield, concord, pretty warm at 89 and emeryville, lots of blue sky and low clouds are building near the coast and
6:17 pm
pushing out over san francisco. forecast features back to usual, fog and patchy morning drizzle during overnight and going into tomorrow. heat continues to ease up in the inland areas next few days and we'll have only minor temperature fluctuations going into the weekend. increasing low clouds and fog mainly near near the bay. 79 in san jose tomorrow in loscados and mainly mid to upper 70s on the coast and 60 in pacifica and 62 in half moon bay and downtown san francisco a high of 66 and 66 in south san francisco, 82 in petaluma and 82 over at napa. east bay highs oakland topping out at about 27 and 75 at castro valley. inland east bay highs mainly in the upper 80s to low 90s over at
6:18 pm
pittsburgh, antioch and brentwood. accuweather 7-day forecast and as you can see, the cooling -- gradual cooling continue through mid-week with thursday being -- expecting to be the coolest days with highs inland in the upper 80s and 70 around the bay shoreline and warms up a little bit on friday up to 90, maybe 92 on saturday. notice not much change from day-to-day getting into early next week. maybe a little more cooler with temperatures dropping off again. ama. >> thank you, spencer. right after abc 7 news at 6:00, you can catch the latest guest host of jeopardy, robin roberts is hosting all week. >> here is the guest host of jeopardy, robin roberts. >> alex made it look a lot easier. it is not easy. >> you can catch robin all week long on jeopardy, i'm sure she made it look easy as well. at 7:00 p.m. right here on abc
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7. >> she's the best. as we continue a place to call home. how a bay area motel is at model for governor newsom's $12 billion to solve homlessness statewide. tomorrow you can watch live as jeff bezos launch into space on blue origin. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet.
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it's a huge step on the path towards sfwler emissions at the port of oakland. today the port showed off the fleet of 10 new peter built electric trucks which will hall car go within the water port's area. funding came from the grant program, it is short for zero and near zero emission freight facility program, a similar program is underway at the port of los angeles by the way. governor newsom was in the bay area today and went and shined a light on what used to be a hotel. it's an example of how the new homeless plan will work. we have a look at the plan which could help build a better bay area. >> reporter: what a difference a few months could make at this i know where tourists used to stay and now the place has a different vibe it is a community, close-knit. >> the kind that drew governor
6:23 pm
newsom here today and led two others to have a sit-down with him who has first-hand experiences. >> what do you have now that you didn't before. >> a chance to live a life. >> reporter: about a year ago when sonoma county considered buying the hotel. it was crow verse i can't go especially in the city of 8,000 people. how could they take on a crisis that chal thenninged much larger cities. today the governor used the i know as an example when signed a bill authorizing $12 billion to reverse a trend when governor reagan cut funding. >> we need to go back to 1967 when the state began the systemic dismantling of behavioral health housing. >> reporter: the i know supports social services and clean rooms and they pay no rent. next door kelly marr say they've
6:24 pm
been good neighbors but not paying ones. her business dropped 25% with the tourists replaced. >> they're not coming in here for breakfast let's put it that way, they get that served to them. >> we ask the sufrp visor about kelly's issues. >> we will do whatever we can to support them. >> reporter: one more cli indication from homeless crisis clogging the state. now a $12 billion partially federally funded solution. >> largest single investment in providing support for the most s vulnerable in american history. >> in center stage, i'm wayne freedman abc 7 news. moving next to the california recall effort. the secretary of state's office held a random drawing this morning to determine the order in which the ballots -- names will be listed on the ballot. the 76 letters of the alphabet were put in a hopper and then drawn one at a time.
6:25 pm
the secretary of state will officially announce the order to wednesday and it could vary from one part of the state to another. the recall election is set to happen on september 14. meantime republican candidate kevin faulkner announced he is suing the california secretary of state over the ballot designation. he was told he isn't allowed to use retired san diego mayor on the ballot. he took issue with the word of 'retired'. and you can get caught up on all coverage of the california recall, we have a shelf dedicated to it on abc 7 bay area connected tv app which you can download for roku and other devices. coming up next see how one man went from armed robbery victim to neighborhood advocate. a story you will only see on 7. my brain fog was so severe that i would have to get up in the morning and make a list that i ate, that i took a shower and i fed the dog.
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building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. a father robbed at gun point while he was washing his car. his family forced into a bathroom at gun point fearing this might be the end. and well, now they're taking matters into their own hands. they want to make sure that none of their neighbors has to go through the same terrifying experience. >> abc 7 news anchor has a story you will only see on 7. >> a car pulled up towards my house and 5 seconds later i was ambushed and got at gun point. >> reporter: it was a typical friday evening for this man who requested we not use his name washing his car at his home near mclaren park. being ambushed and held at gun point was just beginning of the nightmare. >> took me up to my house where my family was, put us all into the bathroom. >> as two suspects made their demands. >> where is the money, where is the money. >> reporter: and stole jewelry valued at thousands of dollars.
6:30 pm
the man's wife and two daughters including his 11-year-old endured what they thought would surely be a grim ending. >> i was thinking, either someone will get shot or someone will call the police like one of the neighbors and it will be a hostage situation. >> reporter: while the man suffered facial injuries. >> they pushed my face to the wall, kind of just to, you know, make me realize this is a real situation. >> reporter: the rest of the family was physically unharmed though his husband and father is fully aware the emotional toll is much greater. >> the trauma can last las long time. >> yes. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: in some ways the family did know what to do. the very next day father and daughter met with every single neighbor and left letters describing what happened. >> when they see a neighbor and also a child and telling them what happened they take it to heart right away. >> reporter: they're a tough lesson to whoever is watching
6:31 pm
your story. >> if they want possessions let them have possessions. don't let them hurt you or your family or anything i-replaceable. >> reporter: sharing surveillance video can also help. >> i love the city and the city is changing. be careful, be vigilant. if you have to, wash cars, please do it be a neighbor. >> reporter: sfpd continuance to search for the suspects. >> reporter: this is abc 7 news in san francisco. a florida man is going to prison for 8 months for his role in the capital insurrection. the 38-year-old pled guilty to obstructing an official proceeding. he admitted to wearing goggles and gloves while carrying a trump flag into the chambers on january 6. this is him leaving court after receiving the sentence. it is less than the 18 months the justice department asked for. the judge gave him some leniency because he pled guilty early in the process and was involved in
6:32 pm
any of the violence on january 6. the gilroy garlic festival returns this week for the first time since 2019. the pandemic cancelled the festival last week. there will be a drive through gourmet alley at a different venue and farm to table dinner and a golf tournament will also take place next week. the festival begins on friday and runs both this weekend and next weekend. we're working to build a better bay area but health is threatened by the coronavirus pandemic. today the state reported 14,000 new cases. that includes cases from the entire weekend. still the highest number we've seen in a while. the test positivity rate averages above 4%. less than 1% at the start of june. the number of hospitalized patients now tops 2,000. more than 500 patients are sick enough to be in the icu.
6:33 pm
napa and santa cruz counties along with monterey and sanbenito is recommending everyone wear masks indoors. on our 3:00 p.m. show getting answers we spoke with a doctor. >> our case rate is doubled what it was a month ago. that being said if we come pair case rates to what we had over the winter it is still not at that level but definitely going in a direction that is concerning. >> napa and santa cruz join most bay area counties who health agencies recommend masks for everyone. locally only salono county has yet to weigh on in masks inch one of the biggest medical mystery is how some victims develop fatigue and confusion. bay area virologist may have discovered the root cause. david shows us the break through
6:34 pm
you will only see on 7. >> reporter: this nurse has been a nurse for 37 years and never had she run into so many skeptics that she had symptoms of long haulers. >> you will have to see a psychiatrist. you really believe you had covid and you didn't. you really believe you had long haulers and you don't and i will not see you unless you see a sigh terrorist. >> she tested negative multiple times doing antibody tests. >> that's until a bay researcher verified markers in the blood through advanced analysis. >> they're not in anybody's head, they are real and due to immunologic abnormalities and we have ways of treating them. >> they zeroed into on particular white cell. >> they were acting like a garbage can and going around and scavenging dying cells that contained the covid proteins and was reprocessing them so the immune system could see them.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: the cells then trigger an inflammatory response releasing fatigue and brain fog among many other symptoms. >> the brain fog was so severe i would have to get up and make a list that i ate and took a shower and fed the dogs. >> the root cause is helping long hauler patients to be treated. labs in los angeles and chicago specialize in the analysis. it is acknowledged it pulse them back from a dark place. >> the misery and no one believes you and there is no help, it makes you feel like why live, pretty dark. >> she projects one in three cases may develop into long haulers and so far treatment may lead to improvement in three to four weeks. this is abc 7 news. more than half of the inspire california population has been fully vaccinated. we're at 53% according to abc 7
6:36 pm
tracker and bay area is doing better. locally every county except salo #234 o is 60% vaccinated. on the map the darker the color the higher vaccination rate. in the south bay local leaders are urging everyone to get a vaccine to protect themselves and others. abc 7 dustin dustin dustin dustn on access. >> reporter: covid case numbers are up in the state of california. new cases are seeing a 90% increase from the week prior. >> if we want to end the pandemic once and for all and want to turn the page, we can get it done in a matter of weeks and not months. it's as simple as this, if you're not vaccinated, get vaccinated. >> same mess naming santa clara county, the planning commission president battled with covid in december and fears the latest variant can be far worse for people living in east san jose if not vaccinated. >> i am here because i am
6:37 pm
pleading with the community to please get vaccinated. >> i am convinced if i had gotten the delta variant i would not be here today. i am trying to make sure we don't lose any lives unnecessarily. >> it is not just on the residents to get vaccinated but local health officials to help them get vaccinated and that starts with reopening the vaccination site here at the mexican heritage plaza in east san jose. >> the county of santa clara must work harder to ensure that people are coming in through the doors and getting vaccinated. we can't say we care about vaccination and, yet close the largest vaccination site in east san jose. >> reporter: nearly 20,000 vaccinations at mexican heritage plaza but the site closed along with other mass sites in the county. county exec tether jeff smith believes in the work they are doing and will assess the reopening of the site if needed. >> right now the criteria is demand and we're into the range, recently where there were only 10 people a day showing up at
6:38 pm
mexican heritage. that tells us we need to actually be in the community walking door-to-door rather than waiting for people to show up on the front step. >> reporter: the county says efforts closed the began for the latin x community and have a higher vaccination percentage for white residents for people 50 and older in santa clara county. i'm dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. if you have questions about coronavirus vaccines, you can ask the abc 7 news vaccine team, go to abc 7 i'm laura anthony in oakland where it is getting down to the wire in oakland a's and their bid to build a new stadium at howard terminal. and what could be the decisive game 6 of the nba finals between the milwaukee bucs and phoenix
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the clock is particularing on a city council vote on the oakland a's effort to build a new waterfront stadium. the city and the team are far apart believe it or not but as laura anthony explains there is negotiating going on behind the scenes. >> i have nothing against the
6:42 pm
a's, i have something against where they will be at. >> reporter: on the eve on a crucial vote on whether the a's will be able to build a new stadium it is clear where one city council stands. noel is with those rallying against the project. he believes the team should build a new stadium where they are, at the coliseum. >> the a's said it is our terminal or they're out of here. >> i understand that and the raiders said the same thing and i heard the warriors said the same thing. it's a business. i recognize they're in it to make money. >> reporter: for opponents the big issue remain transportation, traffic and safety concerns around the port and existing rail line. they also want to make sure the team complies with local laws to provide affordable housing at the site. >> progress has been made over the last few days. >> reporter: council member lauren taylor says he has yet to make up his mind. >> we have our staff working with the a's and other community
6:43 pm
members trying to come up with solutions, recommendations on how we might be able to bridge the gaps that currently exist. >> reporter: a's president said the vote that comes p thward tl site, not on the much different term sheet the city released last friday. >> i don't personally know i'm hopeful they vote on our proposal or slightly modified version, which we've been trying to negotiate with them behind the scenes but that's not set yet and it's something we'll have to see how it place out between now and tomorrow. it's a really critical moment for the franchise and baseball in oakland. >> reporter: the a's said repeatedly, if the council vote doesn't go their way, they're next move will be out of town. in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. starting today the hugely popular 10-part document year last dance is streaming on espn plus.
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>> he mumbled something like, steve, steve, be ready. he knew the camera was always on him. you know, i'm like oblivious. >> i'll be ready. >> i'm like yelling back like i'll be ready, i'll be ready. >> they will double steamy and steve will be open. >> and it is michael jordan time. he did not have the shot -- [ t[ cheers and applause ]. >> tonight steve earned his wings and i'm happy for steve. >> man, incredible to see that the last dance is on espn plus right now. >> it is so good too. the #w4r is cooling down this week but expecting another warm weekend. warm weekend. spencer has grass looks great, zeus! hey could you maybe trim the hydrangea too? sure thing, kevin. do you want me to do the boxwoods as well? no.
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books. you could choose a really great series such as of course the 'harry potter' series, why not? and if you're a grownup you can dive into 'game of thrones' and get all of it through the song of ice and fire and do a little come pair and come tras between what you saw and what you read. >> i realize i'm the only person on the planet who has not seen 'game of thrones'. >> larry is growning he has a look on his face. okay. if your kid isn't old enough to read, here's a great idea, the libraries open, you can go and pick out a read and take them to story time. it is a great thing to do to keep the kids learning and having fun over summer break. >> great stuff you are bringing us ama and also teacher susan.
6:49 pm
i don't know what to say about 'game of thrones'. we'll have to move on. >> you didn't see it insert. >> no, i saw it. >> you didn't either? >> thanks, spencer. shall we talk weather? >> yeah. >> let's do that. a look at weather highlights and sort of a preview of what's coming our way at downtown oakland from memory hill. patchy morning drizzle over overnight hours. heat eases inland over the next few days and minor fluctuations in the temperature range going into next weekend. tonight, a little bit of fog at the coast. locally out over the bay and overnight lows range from low to mid-50s for most locations and then tomorrow by mid-day, we'll see mainly sunny skies, just about everywhere. breezy at the coast and highs range from low 60s at the coast tomorrow to mainly mid-70s right around the bay shoreline to upper 80s inland. a few locations topping out at 90, 91, 92 degrees. a 7-day forecast, gradual drop-off in temperatures at
6:50 pm
least 2 degrees each day at least in the inland areas going into thursday, which is the coolest day of the week. and temperatures increase again intoing into the weekend. saturday might see a couple of inland locations topping out in the low 90s but no heatwave on the way just a slight increase of warmth, ama. >> all right. thank you so much spencer. >> a slight increase. a doctor was in the house today and he brought with him a special guest for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> i'm looking at you and pretty sure she's looking at camera and now checking out both of you. officially the best improvised tv segment i've done. >> she's tall right. it looks like -- common, we're getting to know you. laura you have been so well behaved. i thank you so much. >> and laura is smiling on camera. >> you are not bad either. >> her agent is about to yell at me. >> that's mom. >> so sweet and nice to hold the
6:51 pm
baby. that's fun. >> people were so surprised, thinking like what -- am i going to drop the baby? >> no, no, no, the father of two girls. >> we thought you might terrify it. >> she was looking away from me, dan, i think that is what saved us. some sports giants get two all-stars back as another windy parts heading into the big series with the dodgers in la. first place on my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way.
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river raqqa signee. all stars buster and kevin return for the giants tonight, another all-star heads for the 10-day injured list. brandon crawford out while giants open a huge series. the teams will play 7 of the next 10 days but strangely this is the last time this year they will meet at dodger stadium an odd scheduling quirk. the giants left 18 men on base in two losses in st. louis over the weekend. the manager are certain the offensive wwoes will fix themselves. >> i don't think this is the best offensive performance over the last couple of days. we need to do a better job on cashing in on big situations. and at the same time i can see i believe in these guys to do that often going forward.
6:55 pm
this is a group capable of putting up crook yesterday numbers and having egyptian and beating themselves when we are supposed it in then. game 6 of the finals tomorrow night right here on abc 7. tip-off at 6:00 p.m. the key play here the steel by drew holiday in the final seconds. and great interviews were done noting they do not focus on the past like the alley oop or giant parade in milwaukee. the greek philosopher says it's about being in the moment. >> it's hard not to get ahead of yourself this is the time you got to be the most disciplined, you know, and that's what i'm going to be, i'm going to be as disciplined as possible. don't get too excited and too pumped up for the game, none of that. >> figuring out a way to win the
6:56 pm
next game, you know that's our mindset coming in here and that's our mindset since we, obviously frustrated after the loss but wake up the next day and now it is, you know, the loss is behind us. what can we do next? >> pray ton manning is heading to the monday night football broadcast booth but not the main booth. and he his brother will be part of espn mega cast on espn 2 for ten monday night games. espn has been trying to coax payton into the booth for years and now he is just one step away. sports on abc 7 sponsored by river raqqa signee. he is really funny. he does a sglilon commercials and a lot of tv now. we will see. you can see where this is heading. >> he is smart and charming and all the right things. >> yes. >> thank you very much. coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, "the bachelorette" followed by the celebrity dating game and the 10:00 and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. you can watch all news casts live and on demand through the
6:57 pm
abc 7 bay area connected tv app, it's available for apple tv, android tv, as well as roku. download the app so you can start streaming. thank you for joining us i'm ama daetz. >> and we all appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 11:00. bye for now.
6:58 pm
i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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of course, i'm honored to be here... [sighs] ...guest hosting "jeopardy!" and paying tribute to the great alex trebek, who i was blessed to get to know well over the years, and i have to say his spirit is very much here, very present. i'm also looking forward to raising a lot of money for charity. let's do it. all right, let's get into the game, because as alex said, it's all about you. it's all about the contestants. josh, allison, meg, i wish you well. let's see the categories, and here they are, beginning with... each response will include a place or a nationality in that category. and so let us begin. josh, you're the returning champion. start with podcasts for $400.


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