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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 19, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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now recovering, thankfully. adam and his husband are tonight, the growing alarm. new covid cases on the rise in 48 states. the state department travel warning for anyone traveling to the uk, given what they're seeing there. and two more american olympic athletes testing positive. the delta variant fueling the surge in cases. health officials warn nearly every hospitalization, every covid death involves an unvaccinated patient. cases in florida doubling in a week. hospitalizations in arkansas soaring 240% in a month. the american academy of pediatrics today contradicting the cdc, now recommending everyone wear a mask in school because so many children are still unvaccinated. tonight, one of our colleagues, a parent, who had a family
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member who was not vaccinated visit his home. his children now have the virus. and overseas tonight, what they're seeing in the uk. more than 50,000 new cases a day. and the prime minister back in isolation. also tonight, authorities had feared this at the tokyo olympics. now just days away. and a member of the u.s. women's gymnastics testing positive in japan. also, u.s. tennis star coco gauff test leaving, forced to withdraw. and tonight, inside the olympic bubble, at least 61 people have tested positive for the virus. james longman in tokyo tonight. back here at home, the first capitol rioter sentenced to prison on felony charges. what the judge said to him about what the country saw in that image. president biden today backtracking, saying facebook isn't killing people. after having said that over his frustration with the amount of misinformation on social media when it comes to the virus and vaccines. what the white house is now saying tonight. the extreme weather in this country.
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at least 80 wildfires burning in the west at this hour. california's fast-moving tamarack fire already destroying more than 23,000 acres. families told to evacuate. and our team in germany today, with the catastrophic flooding. nearly 200 dead. hundreds still missing. maggie rulli is there. and, countdown to lift-off. blue origin founder jeff bezos on the eve his of historic flight. and the 82-year-old american woman about to be his passenger. she studied to be an astronaut in the 1960s, finally heading to space. good evening. great to have you with us as we start another week together. the delta variant fueling an alarming rise in cases across the country. authorities say the rise in deaths largely among the unvaccinated. but this is affecting the
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vaccinated, too. so-called breakthrough cases, not as severe, but it's happening. and the growing debate, should everyone in schools be wearing masks? tonight, the american academy of pediatrics, breaking from the cdc and recommending that all students wear masks, even teenagers who have been vaccinated. covid cases rising in 48 states, averaging about 30,000 new cases a day. and take a look at the map from the cdc. tracking cases in just the past month. the red areas on the map showing where the virus is spreading most quickly. many in areas where the vaccination rate is low. hospitals in those areas struggling to meet the need. and more questions for parents about what to do. and the state department warning about travel to the uk, the alarming numbers there. and the olympics, just days
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away. two more american athletes testing positive. more than 60 in the olympics bubble positive for the virus. steve osunsami leading us off tonight from atlanta. >> reporter: public health officials tonight are frightened by the direction the numbers are heading. nearly every state except south dakota and wyoming is seeing the number of new cases starting to rise again. >> virtually all hospitalizations and deaths are occurring among unvaccinated americans. these tragedies are avoidable. >> reporter: the numbers are where we were last fall, long before the vaccines, and before the average number of new cases multiplied months later. the cdc is sharing this map tonight to make a point, the areas in red are places where the virus is now spreading the fastest, and these happen to be many of the same places where vaccination rates are the lowest. >> most people will either get vaccinated or have been
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previously infected, or they will get this delta variant, and for most people who get this delta variant, it's going to be the most serious virus that they get in their lifetime in terms of the risk of putting them in the hospital. >> reporter: a doctor at a regional hospital in arkansas has recorded this plea to the community, saying that his new patients who had refused to get vaccinated are now wishing they made a different decision. >> the regret and remorse on their face, and fear. i can't show you. i can't describe. >> reporter: there's now a new push for wearing masks. in los angeles tonight, they're required to be worn indoors again. and with school, with in-person instruction set to start in a few weeks in many places, a leading pediatrics organization is going against the recommendations of cdc, telling parents that students and teachers should all be masked up, because so many students aren't yet allowed to be vaccinated. adam joseph, a meteorologist at our station wpvi in philadelphia
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understands the concern. >> we kind of feel like we failed as parents. >> reporter: he and his husband are vaccinated, but his kids are too young to get the shot. he says he invited an unvaccinated relative to his home, who later tested positive for covid-19. his children are now sick and so is their nanny. >> please, if you are not vaccinated, do not go around children who are under 12. they are so vulnerable right now. >> steve, with the delta variant spreading in the u.s., it's something we're seeing elsewhere, too. in the uk tonight, alarming numbers. and the state department warning americans they should avoid traveling to the uk? >> reporter: this is the highest level of travel advisory, a level four. because of the large number of new covid cases they're seeing in the uk every day, about 50,000 every day.
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that's a lot more than we're seeing in the united states, in a country that is a fraction of our size. >> steve, thank you. >> and authorities had feared this in the tokyo olympics. a member of the u.s. gymnastics team testing positive, as well as coco gauff. and inside the olympic bubble, at least 61 people have now tested positive for the virus. james longman from tokyo tonight. >> reporter: tonight, covid-19 defeating some olympic athletes before they've even had a chance to compete. heartbreak for 18-year-old kara eaker, an alternate for the u.s. women's gymnastic team testing positive in japan. her family saying she had been vaccinated. eaker, now quarantining along with another alternate. usa gymnastics stating they are in a separate training facility and will continue their preparation for the games. >> the biggest disappointment is that, you know, this takes her
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out of it completely. >> reporter: the news just hours after tennis star coco gauff found out she too is positive and won't be able to compete. tweeting, "it has always been a dream of mine to represent the usa at the olympics and i hope there will be many more chances for me to make this come true in the future." according to the ioc, more than 60 people in the olympic bubble have tested positive for the virus. >> no matter what the number is, it's how quickly we identify them, how quickly the cases are taken away, quarantined, and treated and looked after. >> reporter: and with the games yet to start, we have already seen a number of breakthrough cases. a south korean ioc official who was fully vaccinated, testing positive at the airport. and a vaccinated czech volleyball player becoming the third athlete inside the olympic village to test positive. >> stop the tokyo olympics! >> reporter: over the weekend, small protests calling for the cancellation of the games. i met kyoko ishikawa. she's been to every summer olympics since 1992. are you worried that this olympics will create more coronavirus in japan?
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>> i hope this olympic will be completed with limited risks. >> reporter: the big issue is contact tracing. when two members of the men's south african soccer team tested positive, 21 members of their squad had to self-isolate. this could derail the entire olympics. david? >> james, thank you. in the meantime, back here at home, the first capitol rioter has been sentenced to prison on felony charges. the image of him seen around the country and the world. after breaching the senate chamber. what the judge said to him about this image and his role. here's terry moran tonight. >> reporter: paul hodgkins joined the mob that stormed the capitol, and he made it all the way to the floor of the u.s. senate. in isido ought goggles,
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gloves, and a rope with him, pled guilty to one felony count of obstructing an official proceeding, admitting he was trying to stop the constitutional process of congress certifying the election. in sentencing hodgkins today, federal judge randolph moss noted that he was also carrying a trump flag. "the symbolism is unmistakable," the judge declared. "in that act, he captured the threat to democracy we all witnessed. he was staking a claim on the floor of the u.s. senate not with an american flag, but with the flag of a single individual over the nation." hodgkins, who prosecutors acknowledge committed no act of violence, spoke with remorse and regret. "i put passion before my principles, which resulted in me violating the law for the first time in my life." adding, "i wish to state that i completely acknowledge and accept that joseph r. biden jr. is rightfully and respectfully the president of the united states." prosecutors wanted a sentence of 18 months in prison. the defense asked for house arrest. in the end, judge moss sentenced hodgkins to eight months in prison, two years' probation.
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>> terry live in washington tonight. more than 200 people have been charged with felonies stemming from the attack on the capitol. this sentence could perhaps give a sense of the level of punishment that might be possible? >> reporter: that's right. and many of the people who attacked this capitol, trying to stop the election, they face much more serious charges. weapons charges. assaulting police officers, and the like. and based on the sentence that hodgkins received today, they're looking at hard time in federal prison. david? >> terry, thank you. and tonight, president biden backtracking after what he said about facebook on friday. the president clearly frustrated with the amount of misinformation on the virus and on vaccines across social media. the president taking aim at facebook. here's what he said friday. >> they're killing people. i mean, look, the only pandemic we have is among the
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unvaccinated. and they're killing people. >> when asked about facebook, he said they're killing people. let's get to rachel scott at the white house. we heard a different tone from the president today. surely still upset and frustr frustrated, but not taking aim directly at facebook anymore. >> reporter: yes, today the president walked it back. saying it's misinformation on facebook that is killing americans, not the social media company itself. he said instead of taking it personally, facebook should crack down on bad information. facebook says they've taken aggressive steps to remove more than 18 million pieces of bad information on the site. >> rachel, thank you. now to the extreme weather in this country and beyond. 85 large fires burning in the west.
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one of the newest and fastest growing fires, the tamarack ck fire. families under evacuation orders, but some structures have already been lost. and now to the catastrophic losses after the flooding in europe. at least 199 people killed, nearly 300 still missing after the violent storms and powerful flood waters destroying entire towns. some that had survived for hundreds of years. so many of these images. and maggie rulli is in germany tonight. >> reporter: tonight, as families pick through the devastation trying to salvage what they can, first responders are still searching for hundreds still missing in germany and belgium. after floods that german weather authorities say were the worst in at least 500 years. many areas are still
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hard to reach. it's hard to believe that this used to be a road, those flood waters so powerful it ripped up the pavement, opening a sinkhole. it's now just a pile of twisted pipe and chopped-up concrete. in the town of roitzheim, amid the sinkholes and mud, cars are tossed like toys, windows smashed, hanging off of exposed underground pipes. roofs crumbling as flood waters ripped through the base of buildings. nearby, military vehicles brought in to help with recovery. this is what's left of arminia friebe's hometown. >> see the whole life of people in your neighborhood on the street, everything is broken. >> reporter: she and her husband now trying to help save it. david, officials are saying this kind of vast devastation will take billions of dollars to repair. but right now, the focus is on getting life-saving supplies to people who need it. a problem that could last for weeks. >> maggie, thank you.
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back here at home this evening, to the economy. the worst day of the year in the dow, losing more than 725 points. more than 2%. rebecca jarvis with us live tonight. rebecca? >> reporter: david, that surge leading many on wall street to question some of the economic optimism surrounding the reopenings, particularly if it delays a full return to normal. some of the stocks, airlines and cruise lines, a big part of the selloff. but the nest egg should still be higher on the year. >> rebecca, thank you. next here tonight, the biden administration in a dramatic move, rallying its european allies to accuse china of working with criminal hackers as well.
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in a massive breach of microsoft's servers last spring, similar to the claims made against russia. china denying the accusation. now to the countdown to lift-off. jeff bezos on the eve of his historic flight. and the 82-year-old woman about to be one of his passengers. she studied to be an astronaut in the 1960s, and she's finally heading to a space. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: with a fist bump, jeff bezos and the crew of three are suited up. >> feels good to be in a flight suit. >> reporter: just hours to go until that launch tomorrow morning. blue origin has conducted 15 successful test flights, but never with a human on board. bezos, his brother mark, 82-year-old wally funk, and 18-year-old oliver daemen will be the first to try it out. the crew speaking with "gma" this morning. >> i'm excited, but i'm not nervous. >> reporter: while daemen will become the youngest and first paying civilian to head to space
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on a commercial flight, funk will become the oldest person in space after training in the 1960s for a women in space program, but never getting the chance to fly. >> i've dreamt a long time to get to go up. >> reporter: bezos will be the second billionaire to leave the planet after richard branson launched his virgin galactic spaceship last week. >> whoo! >> reporter: but bezos' trip will look a little bit different. his 11-minute flight will start like a traditional launch, the capsule sitting above the rocket. the ship is completely autonomous. there's no pilot. and it'll quickly accelerate to mach three, reaching the edge of space within just three minutes. and if there's any problem with the rocket during the flight the escape motor is activated. we got a firsthand look. this is the escape motor? >> exactly. we can fire this and we can get the capsule far and fast away from the booster. if anything is detected.
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>> reporter: david, blue origin says there's no bad seat on this fl flight. the windows are the largest ever to go into space. clearly, this was a spaceship built for tourism. >> and abc news will carry the lift-off live. "good morning america," first thing tomorrow, scheduled for around 9:00 a.m. right here on abc. when we come back, the father hiking. falling to his death. the 9-year-old he left on that mountain had to climb all the way down to safety himself. ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪
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firefighter using a sledgehammer to try to reach a dog missing for five days. g gertie had gone missing. there was a call from a neighbor thinking she was stuck between two concrete walls. coaxing her out. >> nice job! >> reporter: carrying her over to her thankful owners. >> thank you. >> reporter: and another rescue in wales, ollie lost in the ocean, paddling for at least three hours. >> found a dog. oh, good pup. >> reporter: safely in the boat, soon to be reunited with his family. back in cincinnati tonight, gertie is home. and her family, grateful. >> everybody was loving on her. the firefighters were so
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. covid is still here right now. we are still fighting fighting >> hospitalizations and deaths are occurring among unvaccinated americans. these tragedies are avoidable. >> a return of masks and new recommendations for students as they get ready to return to the classroom as covid cases continue to rise again. thank you for joining us. i am larry beil. >> i am kristen sze. you are watching abc7, who live, and wherever you >> you can see why there is so much concern right now. the seven-day positivity rate is up to 4.1%, consider a little over a month ago it was 0.7%. there are 14,000 new cases
4:00 pm
reported over the weekend. that number is including saturday and sunday combined. another trend we are seeing is hospitalizations going up. over 2000 people are hospitalized with the coronavirus. the rise in cases is for masks indoors for every area except solano county. health officials from nasa dacia -- napa are the ones most recently updated. over the weekend, masks became required indoors in los angeles county. in the south bay, local leaders are encouraging everyone to get a vaccine to protect themselves as well as others. dustin dorsey explains how one official fears move vaccination rates and access may impact the hardest hit communities. >> reporter:


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