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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 19, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the bay area not needing a reminder of the lightning's power. we have good news as you wake up, the national weather service is canceling the red flag warning for today. mike is tracking the updated fire danger in your neighborhood this morning. not so lucky for the neighbors to the north, wildfires south of lake tahoe up to lake shasta, we are tracking new mandatory evacuations. good morning on this monday, july 19th. let's start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we are lucky that that that is being kept away from us. we have a thunderstorm threat but the dry lightning threat is wayning as the storms will have
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more moisture in them. there is an area of strong thunderstorm possibility from the south bay along the 101 corridor. east of there, there is a chance of a thunderstorm today. you can see the best chance to our east and to our west. we are kind of in the middle right now. that's a good place to be. in the east, in the sierras is where we will have the best chance of storms today. spread from low to mid-60s, coast to san francisco, low 70s to low 80s around the bay. a lot of 80s in the south bay and north bay. lower to mid-90s in the east bay valley. a three alarm house fire is burning in oakland on 9th and chester streets, it is just two blocks north of the west oakland bart station. firefighters are eevacuating everyone in the area. we don't know what caused the fire or if anyone was hurt. sky 7 is on the way to the
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scene. you can see this picture live from sky 7 right now. no, this is not sky 7, sorry about that. we have sky 7 on the way and we will bring you updates as soon as they come in. people in areas with high fire danger are keeping an eye on conditions this morning. amy hollyfield is live where even a breeze is a concern. >> reporter: good morning. look at these dry hills. they were watched very carefully overnight as the winds were blowing and we were hearing reports of possible dry lightning. we did dodge that overnight. so that was really good news, happy to report that this morning. no reports of lightning strikes. this situation was watched carefully. the red flag warning was put into place for the bay area because of the weather and conditions on the ground. with the complex fires of last year on people's minds. they would be watching
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overnight. >> we have to be at a heightened vigilance. we will be maintaining a lookout throughout the day and night. >> reporter: the dark clouds and dark sky looked ominous but no reports of lightning strikes, we are happy to report that this monday morning that or if you got alerts on your phone. the winds have died down on mont diablo and it's a calm morning. >> thank you, amy. more than a dozen wildfires are burning up and down the state especially north of us. several of them were sparked by lightning. jobina is at the live desk with more. >> 13 wildfires are burning now. dixie fire is near paradise, a a region still recovering from the camp fire. the dixie fire has burned more
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than 18,000 acres and it is 15% contained. flames have forced officials to issue mandatory evacuations. >> you get ready to move your stuff and then you move back in and then another one. it's kind of crazy. >> i think about our forests burning down and disappearing, you know. the trees and the animals and everything. >> the beckwourth fire continues to burn west of reno. flames have scorched more than 105,000 acres. some positive news here, it is 82% contained. the tamarac fire, 20 miles south of lake tahoe has burned more than 18,000 acres. those flames have destroyed ten homes, 200 others are threatened in markleyville forcing evacuations. the best way to follow these is by our wildfire tracker. you can get to the minute updates as firefighters report back. you can find it on our website,
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abc7 >> thank you. starting today, you will have to wear your mask when you go to court in almeeta county. this applies to everyone. the court made the change at recommendation of public health officials. several other counties are recommending masking indoors for everyone regardless of vaccination. officials issued the recommendation out of an abundance of caution with new cases on the rise. they will revisit the decision in the coming weeks. health officials say this is not a mask mandate. >> los angeles county has a new mask mandate and it is in effect. people are required to mask up indoors regardless of vaccination status. this requirement goes against the cdc rule that vaccinated people don't have to wear masks. l.a. county health officials are estimating 4 million residents are not vaccinated but many are children. >> i think everyone is there. it is just annoying.
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i think they are stupid. >> never really took it off in the first place. it's important because we need to wear them to make it stop. if we all do it, we can go back to life. >> l.a. county sheriff alex villanueva says that deputies are not enforcing this saying it is not backed by science. >> the person who issued this is not a medical professional. the head of the public had health department is not a medical doctor. we want to reward good behavior and we want to incentvise people to get vaccinated. but if we tell people if you get vaccinated, you still need to wear a mask and it will not help us. >> sheriff villanueva is asking for voluntary compliance. dr. fauci says misinformation about vaccines is getting in the way of getting more people vaccinated. >> if we would have had the pushback of vaccines the way we are seeing on certain media, we
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would probably still have smallpox. >> this weekend facebook responded to the biden administration's claims that social media is killing people by not doing more to combat misinformation. in an online post, the company spokesperson said that for people on facebook, vaccine hesitancy has declined 50% and they are becoming more accepting of vaccines every day. a cdc panel will meet on thursday to discuss where people with fragile immune systems should be given a booster shot. it will focus only on people who are organ donor recipients and people living with conditions like leukemia and hiv. we have more information on our website. if you just have questions about coronavirus vaccines, you can ask those on our website as well. our vaccine team is standing by. go to abc7 back to the ballpark, fans sharing what it was like to
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scramble for safety, gunshots in the middle of a nationals and padres game. now police are looking for a car that might explain what happened. and water park emergency, a chemical spill reaction at a six flags children's pool. what we are learning about the source that sent dozens of people to the hospital. tracking a gorgeous sunrise on our camera, thanks to the mid and upper level clouds out there. here's the latest with the pollen. tree pollen is remaining moderate but the uv index is high. we will talk about cooler weather
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back to breaking news out of oakland. you can see images from sky 7. firefighters are taking on a three alarm house fire on 9th
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and chester streets. it is just two blocks north of the west oakland bart station. that is a concern this morning. you can see the big presence that firefighters have in this neighborhood right now as there is a real threat to other structures which are very close. again sky 7 providing the pictures, first time we see an aerial view of what it is happening here. we got word of this 15 minutes or so ago. we don't know if anyone was in the home when it happened or if anyone was injured as a result of the fire. it is just spewing tons of smoke right now. >> so close to the homes and a lot of people concerned as they commute through west oakland station. firefighters out there working to get it under one troll. as soon as we get more information or updates, we will bring that to you. just checking the winds, thankfully, we don't have the normal marine layer winds that would be gusting. they are less than 5 miles per hour. but they are drifting to the east and south. anywhere east and south of
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there, the air quality will deteriorate for a while as they get the fire out. here's a look at the sutro tower, a gorgeous sunrise. outdoor activities, we have strong sunshine after the high clouds move off and low clouds that never make it past the coast kind of thin out a little bit. summer spread from 60s at the coast to about 90s inland. right now in san francisco, anywhere from about 52 to 55 degrees with that partly cloudy sky. temperatures in the 50s everywhere until they get to the east bay. low 60s in union city and into the south bay. look at this gorgeous sunrise at 280 and 17. temperatures will stay the same at 7:00. 84 to 90, warm to hot on the inland areas. comfortable from noon to 4:00. 60s at the coast. everyone in the 50s, 60s, and 70s by 7:00.
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let's see if the smoke has any effect on the commute. i have checked in with bart and everything is running on time at the west oakland station. there is a car fire in vallejo, westbound 37 past new island. that is shut down. you can see the speeds down to 0 miles per hour. it does look like the car fire is under control but this has caused a serious issue as far as the lanes. i do not have an update from the chp as to when that will reopen. we also have road work northbound 242 closed between 680 and concord avenue between 10 a.m. and a live look at the toll plaza, so far no metering lights. all eyes on the spelling bee champ, the major honor one u.s. city is giving her after taking the country by storm. stranded at sea, the story behind this one lost puppy rescued jus>>leso back to sky 7 looking at breaking news, a
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three alarm house fire near the west oakland bart station. you can see firefighters on the scene trying to get it under control. we are waiting to get more information to see if anyone is
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live pictures from sky 7. you can see a fire that continues to burn in oakland right now. this is not far from the west oakland station. i have been watching this for the past few minutes and it started at one house and spread pretty fast. >> yeah, you can see how many houses are concentrated in the area. we see firefighters out here and more of them out here now working to get the fire under control. we don't know if anyone was inside any of these homes. we know at least two structures impacted but it is hard to see with so much smoke if there are more at this point. firefighters are there. they have been there for the last 20 to 30 minutes trying to
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get the fire under control. you can see the flames still there in one of the rooms as they try to get out. >> really hopeful they got out. this is a three alarm house fire at 9th and chester streets, two blocks north of the bart station. we will continue to check in with bart and with firefighters to see what it happening there but obviously, these streets are closed. right now, if you take bart, that station should not be affected. we have not heard of any changes there as a result. we will continue to keep you updated. a series of attacks in arizona left two people dead and multiple others injured including an emt and children are also missing. an ambulance was at a park and a man approached an suv and opened fire, hitting the driver and passenger. nearby firefighters were responding to a house fire when the same suv arrived and started shooting. a fire captain was hurt. a neighbor was shot in the head and died.
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another person died in the fire. fire officials say either two or three children associated with the home that caught fire are now missing. the suspect tried to ram a patrol car. the officer and suspect fired at each other and the suspect was hit and is now in critical condition. police in washington d.c. are looking for this vehicle of snrt after a shooting caused chaos and confusion at a major league baseball game. >> it happened saturday at nationals park. shots broke out during the 6th inning, sending players and fans running for cover. >> we thought there was somebody above us with a gun because how were we to know? >> people were looking at different places in the ballpark and then a number of people including ourselves ran onto the field and into the dugout. some people were doing that and it looked like the safest place to be. >> police say people in two cars exchanged gunfire outside of the
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third base gate. in total three people were shot. game.ictim is a woman at the she is expected to recover. the other two people hit are suspects in the case. they showed up at the hospital with gunshot wounds. you can count on people in louisiana to throw of course a grand celebration but this time it was not for mardi gras. so this parade from new orleanss to harvey, louisiana honored the scripps national spelling bee winner, zaila avant-garde. she is the first african-american and second black champion. >> don't let anybody stop you and just go for it. >> i watched had her work for it. i watched her do the 13,000 words a day, listening to her music in her own world. when it came through, she worked for this, y'all.
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>> we love to see it. avant-garde has also set a few basketball related world records. of gtis. nc going na,r dot d, ease effor. love it. >> that is fascinating, very proud, everybody is of her. i have something to show you, this is a gorgeous look at the clouds rolling in. let's talk about the weather highlights. we have a slight chance of thunderstorms today even though the overall fire threat from the national weather service, they canceled the red flag warning. storms is a reason why it tapers. cooler afternoon until the weekend. let me show you what just popped
6:21 am
up. north to gurnville, a lightning strike. that is going to be an area we will keep an eye on. there should be cameras up there whether it is the fire network camera or another. we will let you know if something sparks. i have over laid the fire threat due to lightning. you can see right here, this is your legend. most of it is low to moderate. notice most of it is in the sierra. we have a lesser chance and that's why the weather service canceled the warning for us. there is still a slight chance so keep that in mind. temperatures are close to average, 80 to 84 in the south bay. peninsula, 74 at san bernardino. low to mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco near 70 for south leteo. near 100 in ukiah.
6:22 am
70 in berkeley to about 80 in free mont. inland, we have 91 in san ramon, 96 in antioch. a cooler night for all of the way. 61 in antioch, the warm spot and most of us will be in the 50s. the marine layer will be a bigger weather player tomorrow. temperatures will cool below average and then it will taper. we will warm back to summer warmth by the time the weeke rolls around. >> thank you. good morning america is coming up at 7:00. >> here's a look at what is ahead. good morning, hope you had a great weekend. we have lots coming up on a monday here on gma. healthcare workers are sounding the alarm across the country as we see a surge in the coronavirus. the delta variant is fuelling that. cases and hospitalizations are on the increase. the new concerns about this year's olympics after more athletes test positive for the virus including tennis super
6:23 am
star coco gauff. many are worried we are moving in the wrong direction. dr. ja will join us live. and robin's one on one with judge solace and her husband, mark. it has been one year since a gunman targeted her, killing their son. they are sharing their storyf of forgiveness and how they are working to help other families. and usher joins us to talk about his new music and his las vegas residency and everything else he has cooking. we ♪ come on, get your motor running ♪ you just head out on the highway ♪ looking for some tchotchkes ♪ and whatever comes our way ♪ yeah darlin, go make it happen mí amor, take the world in a love embrace ride all of your love at once and explode into space... ♪ born to be wild ♪
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6:26 am
try to put out some flames. this is not far from the west oakland bart station. >> i can imagine, an outdoor station and people are probably very concerned as they get on and off, wondering what impact there might have been. at this point, we don't know. the smoke is so very close to the station. we just see firefighters working so hard to keep the flames from spreading. if you look, this is a very residential area. these homes are close together. when we first heard about this, we heard it was two structures impacted. it is hard to tell from the amount of smoke here the number of homes where flames are. but we do know that firefighters are working to keep the fire from spreading to other homes in the area. >> we will continue watching it as we geon this morning for the next half hour on the air. keep it here and we will let you know what is happening. american diplomats in viena have come down with a mysterious
6:27 am
illness called havana syndrome. >> the common symptoms include vertigo, naas ea and headache that comes with a piercing directional noise. about two dozen u.s. diplomats and other insellgence officials have gotten sick with it. some of them are getting help in the u.s.. austria authorities say they are investigating. officials are conducting tests in texas to find out what caused a chemical leak at a water park. more than 100 people had to be decontaminated on saturday after a chemical spill and over 30 people had to be hospitalized. authorities believe bleach and 35% sulfuric acid was involved but they are not sure what caused the explosion. many who were sick had low oxygen levels. a dog named ollie is safe
6:28 am
after being lost at see for 3 hours in the u.k. this is a video of ollie being rescued. this is in wales. the springer spaniel was reported missing over the weekend. he disappeared after going for a swim at a beach nearby. life boat crews searched the water there eventually finding ollie at the base of a cliff. he was really thirsty but other than that, he is all good. >> good to see it. some top stories your way at 6:30, olympics in peril, another american athlete testing positive overnight, the preps that are being pushed through, days before the opening ceremonies. and emoji evolution, facebook taking your favorite texting characters into the future. you will see the way they have been reimagined. and bezos blast off, the launch pad ready for lift off. we have a sneak peek as he and the other three passengers are speaking live to good morning america. a live look outside, 6:28, we'll be right back.
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live breaking news at 60. >> a huge house fire breaking out in west oakland. we have been following this for a while now. firefighters it appears are getting a handle on it but you can see the flames are still pouring out of one of the structures and it has spread at this point. the bay area is dry and brown all over, the threat of thunderstorms leading to the threat of wildfires this morning. a big sigh of relief now, mike is tracking it where you live. it was a once in a lifetime experience i will never forget. >> i'm a pro. i got this.
6:32 am
no, i don't. >> the snaps. >> robin's rule, america's beloved anchor from good morning america trying her hand at jeopardy this week. a look at the inside secrets. good morning, it is monday, july 19th, you're watching abc7 mornings live wherever you stream. before we get to the breaking news, we want to check in with mike about the development overnight. >> the red flag warning was canceled by the weather service but we still have a fire threat out there. thunderstorms are possible but it is not as dry as original thought. to the west of heelsburg, we have been looking at the cameras in the area. i don't see any smoke or anything coming out of that. it is the lone thunderstorm in the bay area as we look at live doppler 7. this is heading to the north at about 40 miles per hour. clover dale will be there in a few minutes. if it holds together, ukiah about 7:15. we will keep an eye on that. so far, one lone lightning strike but that is all it takes.
6:33 am
you can see from the storm prediction center, the area shaded there, kind of the turquoise, that is the best best for a thunderstorm today. it will taper into the afternoon hours. a spread in temperatures from 65 in san francisco to antioch at t about 96. >> thank you. let's take you live to the breaking news we are following in oakland near the west oakland bart station. this is a three alarm house fire on 9th and chester streets, two blocks north of the west west bart station. we can see firefighters working hard to put out the flames. at least two structures were threatened. we can't tell if it has spread or if they have it under control. you can still see the flames here. >> the smoke, if you are going to the bart station, you will see the smoke but so far bart is
6:34 am
not reporting delays because of it. there are a lot of fire apparatus in the area, you will want to stay away because it is blocked off this morning. you can see how close it is to the bart station, and the direction the smoke is blowing in. right now, it doesn't appear that there is any problem because of the smoke. we will continue to bring you more information. >> it is showing you how close things are. let's get back to the fire fight. a slight breeze in parts of our area can be a concern. >> in mount diablo, there was a warning about the fire danger. amy hollyfield is live with more. >> reporter: the winds and threat of dry lightning is a lot. that's why we see a sign saying fire danger today is high. hills here are just so brown, so dry. they were carefully watched overnight because of the red
6:35 am
flag warning. it was put in place for much of the bay area because of weather and the conditions on the ground. at this point, we don't have reports of lightning strikes so good news this morning as you start your day. we know you are headed into the night with the warnings. there were concerns as people pointed out the conditions thats worry them. >> it changed overnight from green to gold and it is getting darker and darker. >> very dry, you know. out here, look at all of look ao brown. linkcoln observory plan to be on alert. we do have good news that no strikes have been reported and
6:36 am
the winds have died down here on mount diablo, it is a mild morning. >> thank you, amy. a wildfire in the sieras has forced a closure of 26 miles of the pacific coast closure. they are concerned about eraddic winds and the threat of dry lightning. lightning sparked the tamarac fire on july 4th. it has burned more than 18,000 acres and there is no conpainment at this point. firefighters are making progress against the dixie fire but they have issued an evacuation warning for some areas. cal fire said several lines are holding and the fire is 15% under control. flames have scorched more than 18,000 acres. arair tanker dropped fire retardant. it is near the site of the deadly 2018 camp fire. >> you can see updates on all of the fires burning in california with our wildfire tracker. you can find it on our website,
6:37 am
abc7 now we will turn to the surge of the delta variant here in the u.s. jobina is at the live desk tracking the spread and some doctors are back in emergency mode. >> nearly 60% of the reported covid-19 cases are linked to the delta variant. in may, it was just 3%. five house members in d.c. tested positive. all are fully vaccinated and not showing major symptoms. vice president kamala harris met with texas lawmakers last week but her spokesperson says she has not been exposed to the virus. doctors say most people hospitalized with the delta variant are unvaccinated. a physician in oklahoma says his hospital is back at capacity. >> we had had a couple of months where we were seeing very little covid-19 in the hospital. over the past months, we have seen covid-19 patients trickle in. over the past couple of weeks,
6:38 am
the number has gone up significantly. we are back to being at capacity as far as the covid-19 wards are concerned. >> the fda is fast tracking the approval process to fully approve the pfizer vaccine. it could come by the end of august but younger children may not get their shots until the end of the year. in england, covid-19 restrictions roll back today. there are no limits on social gatherings. masks are still recommended. in the north bay, the college of marin hoping to boost enrollments. they are offering an incentive for students who dropped out during the pandemic. if you return, you could get $2,000. they are tapping into the relief money they received. the school lost more than 400 students last year. everybody who has been to space says it changes them in some way. i'm excited to figure out how it will change me.
6:39 am
>> former amazon ceo jeff bezos talking about his blue origin flight set to take off tomorrow. the high praise he is giving one crew member on board. [ music ] >> reporter: global megastar usher taking the stage at the usher is giving us a back stage tour of his residency. i was distracted by the outfit. >> so was i, the pink one. you are headed towards westbound 37, it is shut down right now. there was an earlier car fire that has caused problems for crews. your alternate route will be the richmond san rafael bridge. heads up if that is a part of your commute. moving over to roadwork on northbound 242 between 680 and concord avenue, that will be
6:40 am
closed until 10 a.m.. we expect that to impact traffic especially through walnut creek later on. metering lights on at 6:19. i'm mentioning it because we are looking in the direction of oakland right now. so far bart is reporting no delays because of the fire in west oakland. a lave look at the golden gate bridge where the chp has issued a fog advisory. good morning. quite a difference in our weather. our microclimates are in over drive. the marine layer you showed, and then look at the thunderstorm headed towards clover dale within the last 30 minutes. it dropped one strike. we are watching various tower cams to see if any smoke pops up. so far, everything is clear. you can see it is making for a gorgeous morning, mid and upper level cloud cover from 101 and 880. the only issue on the commute will be the breezy conditions that develop this afternoon through the golden gate and delta. let's look at what is going on as far as any air quality issues
6:41 am
out there. it will improve as the marine layer increases as we head through today and tomorrow and into wednesday. if you are headed out right now, you saw the cloud cover in the south bay. sanford, morgan hill at 57. most of us in the low 60s until you get up around around at 800. even mid-60s in the east bay valleys. as we head through time, a lot of the mid and upper level cloudiness will go away. low clouds close to the coast. for the evening, low clouds come back. that means cooler weather is on the way after having summer warmth today. we will look at the seven-day forecast coming up and the threat of thunderstorms that lingers in the forecast. here's a look at some of the other hot temperatures today around the bay, sponsored by visit california. this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in
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taking you back to west oakland this morning. this is two blocks away from the west oakland bart station. you can see the damage left behind from a house fire that spread to one more structure in the neighborhood. sky 7 showing us how many firefighters are still working on this right now. we don't know how the fire started or if anyone got hurt. as soon as we get more information, we will pass it along. also in the east bay, oakland city council, a really big day tomorrow as they set to
6:45 am
make this vote on howard terminal project that would bring a new stadium to the a's. but the city and team are far apart on who will pay for the infrastructure improvements. the a's president told abc7 that the team has made concessions on affordable housing. he says a yes vote on the city's deal means a no for the a's. >> we have been working in good faith to make concessions but by the same token, something that doesn't have the details, not something we agreed to, that will not be a constructive path forward. >> negotiations continued over the weekend. it is not clear how much money the county or state might contribute to close the fdi gap. for your monday money report, an update to the trend we have been following, prices
6:46 am
for consumers went up almost 5% from june of last year, the biggest jump in 13 years. the ceo of a new york grocery chain says a big reason is rising fuel prices. one of the temporary solutions, we are buying more products local, keeping it local to keep the transportation costs lower. >> some money saving tips, comparison shop and use mobile apps. clip coupons, many are digital. sign up as a loyalty member at your local grocery store. zoom says it will acquire 59. they announced it in a blog post. if you are looking at the numbers, we are down close to 500 points. the reason is investigators are
6:47 am
being spooked by the covid-19 numbers that we are seeing, especially for industries that depend on travel, including airlines. get our son back. >> looks like a tothe movies and you chose to see space jam. klay thompson and draymond green are also in the movie. the movie made nearly $32 million, about $10 million more than predicted. it bumped black widow to second place. you have heard of emojis but what about sound emojis? facebook rolling out emojis with sound for messenger chat. options include clapping and drum rolls. users will be able to send
6:48 am
clips. >> all right. listen to this. a lot of american kids are now speaking with british accents because of pepa pig. >> daddy, i think i might be a chatter box. >> that's not such a bad thing, pepa. >> aw, pepa. apparently pepa pig was a favorite for kids during the pandemic with a lot of kids binge watching the cartoon. some parents call it the pepa effect. we did a similar story in 2019 but the lockdown intensified the situation. the wall street journal looked at viewing habits and pepa pig was the tech most in demand cartoon following sponge bob square pants. reggie, why are you laughing? let me finish. for example, parents say their kids are now referring to the gas station as the petrol station. what is funny, friend? >> i can't handle pepa pig for a
6:49 am
lot of reasons. >> same side of head? >> that's where it starts. the drawing of it is something i can't handle. >> my friend, i like pepa. >> do you? okay. >> sounds smarter with an english accent. >> she is just cute. >> i don't have kids so i don't know. >> mine are too old. >> if they enjoy it, okay. but when i look at it, it looks like a 3-year-old drew it. all right. i want to show you this. i just saw this. if you are just joining this, the fire threat is the threat for thunderstorms will be nor juicier
6:50 am
threat of dry lightning lower. look at this beautiful rainbow, i have been watching the tower cameras and i have not seen any smoke. we have a marine layer trying to undercut the fire threat around the bay as you can see it moving in from the east bay hills. a slight chance of thunderstorms today, wetter storms, that's why the fire threat tapers. we will have cooler afternoons until the weekend when it starts to warm up again. near clover dale, that's where the rain is the best. the southwest, the yellow is the most aggressive. looking around, there is the lightning strike north of the russian river valley. there are other light showers developing. we will keep an eye on that as we head through the morning. here's a look at the bigger picture. what you will see, the white is lightning strikes potential. you can see the future radar underneath. you can see aushrgh the morning. by the hours,he biggest that ofhundst
6:51 am
sierra. let's look at what is going on temperature wise today. low to mid-60s at the coast. mid-70s to a few 80s around the bay. inland, low to mid-90s. the marine layer becomes more dominant tomorrow and wednesday. temperatures will fall back below average. we will gain a couple of degrees with warmest temperatures likely saturday, like they were over the weekend. >> thank you. covid-19 is spreading among olympic athletes in tokyo. >> an alternate on the u.s. gymnastics team is the latest to test positive. >> coco gauff will also not compete after testing positive. >> obviously, she will be disappointed, she will be sad. she has so much potential to do great things in this sport, and i know she will. >> twoayers and a member of the olympic committee are also in gk
6:52 am
with covid-19. protesters called for the cancellation of the games. but they are determined to continue the tradition in what ever form. look at the torch relay. they couldn't run through the city so they ran in place. blue origins will attempt its first human launch with jeff bezos on board tomorrow. he will be accompanied by his brother and 82-year-old wally funk and 18-year-old damon. they will be the youngest and oldest to go into space. the passengers will be sent 62 miles above the earth, entirely automated, no pilot. but there is a trained astronaut on board. michael strahan spoke with funk. she was a part of the women's space program is in the 1960s, before it was cut. >> not only america but i went to russia and trained with the cosmonauts. not until two or three weeks
6:53 am
after my training, i was told that i did better than the men. >> we have been training with wally in west texas and i can tell you, she is still doing better than the men. >> clearly. >> i like her. >> you can watch the full interview coming up at 7:00 on gma. the launch is from van horn, texas and set for tomorrow at 6 a.m. our time. hopefully you will watch with us. there is a new guest host on jeopardy. robin roberts is stepping up to the plate this week. her coanchor had the honor last week. she got a front row seat at all of the work and dedication it takes to put on this iconic show. >> this is the first show. i have four more to go. i don't want to get ahead of myself. >> did i say it right? >> i hope to get a little better each time.
6:54 am
>> let's see the categories. >> alex made it look a lot easier. it is not easy. >> you can watch robin guest host all week. donations will be made to the charity of her choice. it airs week nice at 7:00 on abc7. if you are wondering if you should watch gma, the answer is yeah. >> >> you weren't ready. goodness. usher kicked off his vegas residency over the weekend. the grammy winner's shows will be at caesar's palace and he took us behind the scenes. >> before i took possession this incredible dressing room, celine deon designed the space. we have her to thank because she
6:55 am
made it incredible. >> this is like your home. >> this is home away from home. this is the opening outfit made by bohem. >> this to me definitely screams on stage in vegas. you got to do it like that. >> if you are going to do it, do it big. >> all right. coming up on gma, more on the inside look and what is being billed as an intimate intimate e immersive experience at 7:00, after abc7. >> he is on roller skates. >> i didn't know if the bike would be on the stage. >> he sold out the first six concerts and they added more. there is a lot of demand. this will be a fun show. the outfit? not sure. >> the hair cut? >> he is going big. >> he is going big. we will leave
6:56 am
6:57 am
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it is 6:57. here are seven things to know. breaking news this morning, a three alarm house fire burning right now near the west oakland bart station. this is video from sky 7 showing you much smoke and flames firefighters are fighting. they evacuated everyone in the area. so far, there are no delays or service impacts on bart. dr. fauci says vaccine misinformation on social media is preventing people from getting vaccinated. facebook responded to the biden administration's claims saying vaccine hesitancy is on the decline. a random drawing today will decide the order of candidates on the recall election ballot. the list of people who want to replace gavin newsom has been narrowed down to 41. more than a dozen fires burning in the state.
6:59 am
the biggest is the beckwourth fire west of reno. containment is at 82%. number five, the national weather service canceled the red flag warning but you can see thunderstorms are still possible. we are tracking one across the north bay now. one bolt of lightning and so far no signs of any fire but the area you see shaded is where more thunderstorms could develop. number 6, due to a car fire in vallejo, westbound 37 is shutdown. the alternate route is the richmond san rafael bridge. we have heard of emojis but get ready for sound emojis. facebook is rolling out new emojis with sound for messenger chat. the options include clapping, drum rolls and >> we saw 30 seconds ago, we came up with who should be going
7:00 am
in space tomorrow. >> usher in that blue jump suit. but with the major boots. >> i good morning, america. as we start a new week together, healthcare workers around the country sounding the alarm about covid. new surge. the highly contagious delta variant driving up cases and hospitalizations. los angeles bringing back its mask mandate even for people who are fully vaccinated. the new concerns we're moving in the wrong direction. dr. jha is back and joins us live. tennis superstar coco gauff forced to withdraw after testing positive for covid. what her u.s. team members are saying this morning as more athletes in tokyo are also testing positive. the opening ceremony just four days away. breaking right now. the u.s. and key allies joined


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