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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 19, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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fires every year. they are really bad. more than a dozen fires across california. the metaphor positive information here. and fighting across the covid-19 surge. and what is behind the wall? the rescue of something very precious. good morning, welcome to monday, july 19. we want to start with a check on the forecast. there is some good news. we went to bed with a red flag warning and high fire danger. but there is a threat of thunderstorms out there. they're not going to be as dry as originally thought. lightning potential as you see in that entire area, which is the bay area. here is a look at the radar. you can see that right are clear.
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there is some stuff brewing to the south. it looks like we have a chance to the morning hours and then increasing sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid 60s for the coast and san francisco. low 70s to low 80s around the bay. a lot of 80s inland. low to mid 90s. the red flag warning is over but there is a chance of thunderstorms. we will have more on that coming up. people in areas with high fire danger keeping an eye on this conditions this morning. we are live on mt. diablo where a slight breeze is concerning. good morning. it is a relief to hear that we did dodge that possibility of dry lightning for those of you waking up and wondering how it is looking up here. it is very dry and the experts are watching the hills. no news is good news this morning. we are looking clear right now. the red flag warning was put into place for much of the bay area because of weather and the conditions on the ground.
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the scu lightning complex fires of last year on people's minds. astronomers say that they will be watching from the observatory overnight. >> we are going to be at a heightened state of vigilance. we will be maintaining a look out throughout the day and night. the dark clouds and dark sky looked ominous but no reports of lightning strikes and the wind has calmed down significantly here on mt. diablo. it is called this morning. good news for you as you wake up this monday morning, specialty went to bed worried about the possibility of dry lightning, looks like we a. thank you. firefighters up and down f season as more than a dozen fires burn in california. the majority are in the northern part of the state and
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several were sparked by lightning. we have more on those fireflies. >> reporter: firefighters burning and fighting across the state. there is a region still recovering from the 22-year-old camp fire. the deadliest fire in u.s. history. the dixie fire has burned more than 18,000 acres and is 15% contained. flames that forced officials to issue mandatory evacuations. >> you're getting ready to move your stuff in the fire is there and then you movie back in and then another one. that is crazy. >> of i think about the force burning down and disappearing. the trees and the animals and everything. >> the beckwourth fire continues to burn west of reno. there is some positive news there. it is 82% contained. the tamarack fire, 20 miles south of lake tahoe, has burned more than 18,000 acres.
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at least five homes burned in lake county, all in a five block area of clear lake oaks. started before 6:00 last night. witnesses said that the fire started at one home and then spread to others because it was so windy. firefighters contained to the block where it started and the red cross was called in to provide assistance to two families. the causes under investigation. you can see live updates another fires burning in california with the wildfire tracker. just click on the icon on our website developing news and san francisco. police investigating a shooting that left a man dead. it happened last night as 6:40 near market. officers tried to save him but he died at the hospital. just 5 minutes after the shooting, police say they found the possible suspect about two miles south of vermont street. the took the suspect into custody for further investigation. remembering coworkers. they
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let a procession downtown for the private memorial. the service was yesterday. the phrase vta family forever in our hearts, was the buses. nine vta workers were shot and killed by a coworker on may 26. starting tomorrow, you will have to wear a mask if you go to court in alameda county. that goes for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. this was at the recommendation public health officials. multiple counties are now recommending masking indoors for everyone vaccinated or not. officials issued the recommendation out of an abundance of caution, with new cases on the rise. they said that they will revisit the decision in the coming weeks. health officials emphasize that this is not a mask mandate. los angeles county's mask
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mandate is in effect right now. people are regard required to bask up indoors. goes against the cdc rule that vaccinated people do not have to wear masks. the l.a. county health officials estimate 4 million residents are not vaccinated but many of those kids. >> i am over a. i think everyone is there. >> it is annoying. i think it is stupid. >> i never really took it off in the first place. it is important, because me to wear it to make it stop so that if we all do it, then we can go back to life. the l.a. county sheriff says that the deputies are not going to enforce the mandate. they say it is not backed by science and is asking for a voluntary compliance. dr. fauci said that misinformation about vaccines is getting in the way of getting more people vaccinated. >> if we had had the pushback for vaccines the way that we are seeing on certain media, we probably would still have small pockets.
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facebook responded to the biden ministration claims that social media is killing people by not doing more to combat misinformation. in an online post, the company spokesperson says for people on facebook, vaccine hesitancy has declined 50% and they're becoming more accepting of vaccines every day. the city cpanel will be meeting on thursday to discuss whether patients with fragile immune systems should be given a booster shot. the panel will focus only on the small percentage of american adults who are organ transplant recipients. people in cancer treatments and people who are living with rheumatological conditions, hiv, and leukemia. if you're interested in an appointment, we have that information on her website,
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we were having some computer issues here. i was talking to our engineer. let's take a look at what was going on and what you can see right now. this is the act to planner. everything is good as far as exercising. watch out for the strong sunshine as we go into the afternoon hours. we have a summer spread if you're going to be out and about from 60s and the coast and 90s inland. that will induce a master breeze for the afternoon hours. we have a small craft advisory all the way into the delta communities. tree pollen will be moderate today, tomorrow, and wednesday. everything else will be low until we get to the uv index. what we are dealing with this morning is high cloudiness than low coziness. partly cloupartlyu temperatures running from 55 enrichment so you can see 65 there. 65 right now in the east bay hills. we have a lot of mid to upper 60s in the east bay valleys from fremont and southward, low to mid 60s.
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and then the mid-to upper 60s going to santa rosa. some of the cooler spots of 52 degrees. here is a look from 880. no clouds or drizzle to do with. temperatures the same to 7:00. the high clouds will move on and in the low clouds that filter into the bay will pull into the coast. already we have a summer spread developing. 60 at the coast, 84 inland. if you are in the sunshine for lunch, it could be uncomfortable. as we go to 4:00, the spread widens. 90 inland. we are around 80 at 7:00 inland. if you're out for a walk, it will be a little bit warmer there but everyone else in the 50s and 60s. this will be one of the warmest days coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. we will talk about that e threat of thunderstorms, over for today. now let's head over to jobina with a look at the commute. now let's look at the san mateo bridge. there is a wind advisory for
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this bridge and the venetia bridge. and a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. we will see how that pans out as the sun comes up. everything else is looking good. no major blocking issues to report. starting today, caltrans is shutting down the lower part of the manzanita park and ride. high tide flood warnings are forecasted every night. it will be closed until sunday and reopen next monday. all eyes in the spelling bee champ. the massive parade in her honor. and another major accomplishment. the pga golfer celebrating this morning. chaos and confusion. the tense moments after
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britney spears' conservatorship court battle continues today. judge will conduct a conference call with attorneys on both sides. they will talk about potential security for the temperature very conservator that oversees her medical care. the judge granted her request to hire her own attorney and
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then a day later she went to social media, calling out her sister for performing her you sick in 2017 but if you have not seen the instagram, lease check it out. it is something. police in washington, d.c., looking for this vehicle of interest. >> the shooting happened on saturday outside the nationals park in washington, d.c.. we see those tense moments. we will resume this game the middle of the sixth inning. >> reporter: baseball was back, a far cry from the scene at the bottom of the sixth inning. the sound of gunfire. sending players and fans running for cover. >> we thought there was somebody above us with a gun. how are we to know? >> people were looking at different places in the ballpark.
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then a number of people, including ourselves, ran onto the field and into the dugout because some people were doing that and it look like the safest place to be. >> reporter: others going to the exits. >> some people started running and that was a more and more people running and then heard more shots and that is when we realized it was real. dc metro police saying that the shooting happened outside the third-base gate. >> action news outside of the stadium. an exchange of gunfire between people in two cars. three shot, one of them a woman attending the game. struck while she was outside the stadium. her injury non-life threatening. >> she ran into the stadium, covered in blood, which freaked out a lot of individuals. >> reporter: two of the suspects walking into a local hospital with gunshot wounds. police saying that they are known to law enforcement. the giants minor leaguer drew robinson talks about what led him to his recent
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retirement announcement. he will be taking on the organization as a mental health advocate. the giants signed him to a minor delete deal this year and he started the season with a aaa sacramento rebel cats. he was getting into some dark places and wanted to put himself first. >> unfortunate, i am not equipped to handle the baseball lifestyle as i thought. getting back into a, although this has been the most special thing for me, the everyday grind of baseball really took a toll on me. >> if you or someone you know is struggling, you can call the national suicide prevention hotline. the numbers on your screen. the second major of his career. he won the open bykes erda th25i player to capture two different
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majors on his first attempt. he won the pga championship last year. the director of men's golf said that he makes us all so proud and has put in so much time and got where he is today. he has so much to be thankful for as he represents our university so well. you can count people in louisiana to throw on a grand celebration. this time it was not for mardi gras. okay. so this parade from new orleans to harvey, louisiana, honored the scripps national spelling bee winner. so the 14-year-old made history this month as she became the first african-american and second black champion. >> to let anybody stop you. to let anybody say you cannot and just go for it. >> i watched her work for this. i saw her do the 13,000 words per day and then when she came through, she worked for this.
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>> i love it. also 13,000 words per day. >> that scares me. maybe spelling is her side hustle, we don't know, because she has also set some basketball related world records. she has a grand aspirations, which lead going to harvard and leg in the wnba. >> she could do all. >> there is an off-season. >> she could do it. we had a thing for her at disney world and it was so cute because they had heard spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocis . she did it really well. >> trip that up. that is great. good for her. now let's look at what is going on weather wise. if you are joining us, it is tapering. it was canceled earlier this morning as the threat of thunderstorms being dry has tapered. we have a little bit of the threat of a thunderstorm.
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we will keep that in the accuweather highlights. the storms will be water, which means that the fire threat has tapered on stchan of thrswi bein th sier. i will say etty active t there, especially to the east and to the south. that is pretty much where it is going to stay as we look at the future it gets active over the sierra later on this afternoon and into the evening hours. that will shift more into the evening hours. we will see increasing sunshine and the high clouds moving away. low clouds stubborn along the coast and during the evening hours, that will come back as the marine layer takes more control over the forecast. that will lower the temperatures just a little bit as we go throughout the traditional work week. 80 to 80 for the south bay. near 90 dear morgan hill. 74 to 80 on the peninsula today. we can see the low to mid 60s
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along the coast. upper 60s for downtown. south san francisco possibly 71 over in sausalito, 69. 67 in stinson beach. mid-80s, low to mid 80s in most it is hot in calistoga. 70 and berkeley and castro valley is about 72 degrees in oakland. 90 in walnut creek about degrees in brentwood, antioch, and 98 in fairfield. let's talk about the temperatures word is milder. a lot of 60s and the south bay. back mainly in the 50s with a little more drizzle along the coast. low clouds compared to the morning. you can see the highs tapering and we are low average with cooley cooler and breezy conditions. summer warmth back to us by the time we get to the weekend. 70s, 80s, and 90s for the weend.
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18th18th 18th over. 210 classic cars were on display and included several rolls-royce models. about 2500 people turned out. >> i feel like it is a tremendous pent-up demand over the long winter of the pandemic. a lot of focus and yes, the opportunity to get out here and to show off the work. >> all right. the car show also included some vehicles the data back to the 1940s. coming up, the 7 things to know this morning. the countdown to nasals' space launch. we are looking at blue origins take off tomorrow.
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it is 5:22. here 7 things to know this morning. we still have the threat of thunderstorms today. they are going to have more moisture with them. the red flag warning was
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canceled. the dark clouds and dark sky look ominous overnight but no reports of lightning strikes. concerns over dry conditions have many people on alert. more than a dozen fires are burning throughout the state right now. the biggest is the beckwourth fire west of reno. 105,000 acres. dr. anthony faust she said that vaccine misinformation social media is preventing people from getting vaccinated. facebook replied saying that vaccine hesitancy is decline. a random drawing today will decide the order of the candidates on the recall election ballot. bringing a live picture. we are to give you a heads up on
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the earlier style that was blocking the net. good morning anchor robin roberts is stepping up the plate for her turn it guest hosting jeopardy. starting today, as part of her appearance, donation will be made to the donation of her choice. jeff bezos and his crew making final preps for the flight to space. in the gma first look, county down to blue origin's last off. he will be surrounded by a crew straight out of a hollywood movie. joining him on the new shepherd rocker, his brother, genius teenager who will become the youngest person to travel to space. >> welcome. >> and the legendary wally funk.
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at age 82, he will be the oldest person in space. fulfilling the journey she started 60 years ago as part of the mercury 13 women in space program. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., we will see the last-minute preparations from mission command. michael strahan interviews all four members of the crew. we will cover tomorrow morning what happens right here. a cincinnati firefighter saves a dog the missing for five days. >> after opening up the wall with a sledgehammer, she said with a little it was not until yesterday after the rescue that the owners realized that she had fallen into a concrete crevice. firefighters think she got stuck there and was there for the whole five days that she was missing.
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>> thank goodness they found her. she looks okay. >> now that she is out. >> her tail is wagging. coming up, a new way to communicate on facebook. and another olympian testing positive from covid-19. the information coming from the american women's gymnastic team overnight. the major moves happening this week. let's talk to sfo right now. we will be right back.
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a building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. now at 5:30. brown and dry terrain visible all over the bay area. mike is tracking the fire danger that shifted away from us friday night. dangerous stunts on the street. the response to the sideshow in downtown san francisco. and also ahead, a new way to express yourself on facebook. good morning, everybody. it is monday, july 19. it is abc7 mornings. we are going to start with meteorologist mike nicco who has some good news . good morning. hi everybody. what we are dealing with from when we went to bed is a red ar thunderstorms out there. radar returns are active. but you do not see much in the way of lightning. there is still a slight chance
5:30 am
of that but the thunderstorms have more moisture in them so the dry lightning is not as big an issue out of these. we will keep them out as we could have a thunderstorm or two pop. one of the bigger issues today is we are lowering the fire threat and keeping the temperatures pretty warm. we have 83 in san jose to 90 in morgan hill. mid-60s in san francisco then around fremont, it is 82. that is toasty. 77 amid san mateo. we will talk what cooler weather coming up in the accuweather 7 day forecast. we have some slight breezes in some areas it could be a big concern. there was a warning about the fire danger and amy hollyfield is there with the look at conditions this morning. >> reporter: good morning. the threat of drive lightning
5:31 am
is a lot. the hills like this are watch very carefully overnight. the red flag warning was put into effect for most of the bay area because of the weather and the conditions on the ground. at this point, we do not have any reports of lightning strikes but we do have some good news after heading into the night with the warnings. we heard from many people that there were concerns of people pointing out the conditions that worried them. >> i changed almost was seems like overnight from green to gold and it is steadily getting darker and darker. >> you can see all of this brown. are just watching. we hope that nobody does anything stupid. the astronomers at the observatory say they plan to be on a heightened state of vigilance overnight maintaining a look out because of the green red flag warning and lightning strike warnings. but as you wake up and start
5:32 am
the day, good news. no strides have been reported. it is a calm and mild morning. a wildfire in the sierra has forced the closure of 26 miles of the pacific coast trail. they are monitoring the tamarack fire near merkley bill. they're concerned about erratic winds and the threat of dry lightning. lightning sparked the fire on july 4th. this shows the been filled with the strong winds and it has burned more than 18,000 acres. there is no containment at this point. firefighters making progress against the dixie fired. they have issued warning. several containment lines are holding. the fire is 15% under control. flames have scored more than 18,000 acres. cal fire video shows the air tinkered dropping fire retardant. this is near the burn scar of the deadly 20
5:33 am
a key fire station is closed, at least for now. today, the earliest that a malfunctioning water heater will be repaired. supposed to be fixed on friday but stopped working again. the oakland firefighters union says that without hot water, they cannot be safe when returning from calls. >> on members cannot decon after covid calls and after being in contact with blood. >> incredibly disappointing that our infrastructure is not up to par. if there is a wildfire, we know how fast they travel. every single second counts. >> crews from station 25 have been temporarily relocated to another station which is nearly two miles away. you can see live updates from other fires burning in acker byclicking on the you can a sideshow temporarily blocked the entrance of the bay bridge in san francisco.
5:34 am
>> this is getting very dangerous. officers responded last night to the side chair. you see the car doing donuts in the middle of the intersection and then there are the fireworks. when police got there, the cars drove off and nobody was hurt. no arrests were made. it appears the official search for a missing runner in the east bay is not over. the sheriff's office says it deployed 169 professionals to look for him over the weekend. this is video from volunteers at the lessons in rat pleasanton ranch park. he is a husband and father and went for a run in pleasanton on july 10th, and has not been seen since. anyone with information, is asked to call pleasanton police. the covid infections in the u.s. we are at the live desk
5:35 am
tracking the spread. 60% of the current report a covid cases are directly linked five texas house democrats in dc tested positive four all of them are fully vaccinated and not showing major symptoms. vice president kamala harris met with them last week and the spokesperson says that she was not exposed to the virus. most people hospitalized with the delta variant are unvaccinated. a physician in oklahoma says his hospital is back at capacity. >> we had a couple months where we were seeing very little covid in the hospital. over the past month, we have seen some covid patients trickle in and over the past couple of weeks, that number has gone up significantly so now we're back to being at capacity as far as the covid beds are concerned. >> the fda's fast tracking the
5:36 am
review process to fully approved the pfizer vaccine. they could come at the end of the august, but younger children could not get shots until the end of the year. in england, covid restrictions rollback today. there are no longer any limits. masks are still recommended. and in the north bay, the college of marin is hoping to boost enrollment. it is offering incentives for students who dropped out during the pandemic. the school loss more than 400 students last school year. a caravan of daca supporters went on a mobile protest in oakland. they are responding to the ruling that declared the program illegal and blocked any new applicants. daca blocks the deportation of people who came here as
5:37 am
children and then state. the group is urging congress to pass a federal 3 act. out the week of august 16 and the election's office on september 14. the list of candidates seeking to replace gavin newsom's governor has been narrowed down and the state posted the list of the 41 people who qualified. one prominent republican who said he was running is not on the list. larry elder announced his candidacy about a week ago, but the conservative talk show host's name is not on the list. they want the finalist on wednesday. a spokesperson says she expects him to be on the list. you can check out the abc7 documentary about the last recall in 2003. it is going to show you exactly how arnold schwarzenegger became governor them. you can find on the abc7 app. in the east bay, a big day
5:38 am
they are set to vote on the howard terminal project that would bring the a's the new stadium. how to pay for is of and $52 million question. that is how far apart the city and the team are on who will pay for infrastructure improvements. the team has made concessions on affordable housing and they say that a yes vote on the city deal is a no for the a's. >> we have been working good faith to make concessions but by the same token, just something that does not have the details, that is not something that we agreed to, that is not going to be a constructive path forward. >> negotiations continued over the weekend and it is unclear how much money alameda county or the state might contribute to close the funding gap. two bay area businesses teaming up.
5:39 am
the new acquisition. and rising prices. what you can do to save money as we see increases everywhere from the grocery store to the gas station. the first, meteorologist mike nicco has a free forecast. it never changes. hi, everybody. a beautiful shot from south the this morning. it could turn into some thunderstorms. that is why the red flag warning has been canceled. we do have thunderstorms, they should produce enough rain that it would mitigate any fire starts. let's take a look at the commute planner. dryer all day on the roads and new drizzle right now. hardly any marine layer but what is there is ride along the coast. we have a small calf advisory. quite a summer spread from 60s at the coast to 90s inland. the air quality will improve. it is healthy. it is good and moderate. it is going to improve as the marine layer starts to take over the forecast through the touch of humidity and heat that
5:40 am
we are having yesterday and will have again today. look at the temperatures in the east bay valleys. most of us in the low to mid 60s. upper 60s like 68 right now. livermore, pleasanton, and martinez is 59 degrees. the close you are to the water, the more comfortable it is. here is a look at the day planner. you can see the high clouds moving up to the north as low clouds cling to the coast as head up into the 2:00 hour. temperatures running from the 60s and the coast and san francisco, 70s around the bay. 80s inland as we go run clear lake and livermore and fairfield for the most part right around the low to mid 90s. as we head into the evening hours, it is 91 in antioch. 92 in clear lake. everyone else is inly in the
5:41 am
70s and the inland neighborhoods. 60s taking over the coast. 58 in san francisco by the time we get to 9:00 tonight. the summer warmth if you want to. for the rest of the's, pretty comfortable. we will talk but the cooler temperatures, coming up. we will start off with the maps i want to show out a location. this is going throughout the morning. northbound 2 for 2 it is close between 680 and 10:00 which is why we see the purple line on the map. there is a warning for the san mateo bridge. here is a live look here. things are moving very slowly and smoothly there. here is the live picture
5:42 am
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man who breached the u.s. senate chamber on january 6, carrying a the trump campaign flag is set to be the first rioter sentence for a felony. he has pleaded guilty to one count of obstructing a official proceeding. this picture shows him wearing a trump 2020 teacher with a flag over his shoulder inside the senate. his sentencing could set the bar for punishments for hundreds of defendants as they decide whether to accept plea deals or go to trial. you're likely playing more for the when it for the third straight month, rising more than 5% from june 2020. that is the biggest jump in 13 years. the ceo of a new york grocery drawer train says thatand one b reason is the rising fuel prices. >> one of the temporary solutions that we are buying more products locally and we are keeping it local to keep the transportation costs were
5:45 am
controlled. >> the money-saving tips, many you know, comparison shop and maybe use a mobile apps. and sign up as a loyalty member. two area tech companies are coming together. zouma will acquire 59. they announced a $14.7 billion deal in a blog post. the company's video chat service gain popularity during the pandemic when work laces and schools had to remotely. facebook is rolling out new emoji's with sound for messenger chat. they will be able to send audio clips. is there a place where people sit down and ask for things that nobody wants? >> nobody. >> i was wondering if they
5:46 am
would send a sound like a laugh because everyone's laugh is a different. >> your own laugh? >> i just don't want to more sound in my life. because aren't you listening to your music? and then also doing that? >> you do it too much. >> also the podcast. and you're talking to someone on the phone. >> we have four quadrants to the brain working at the same time. >> just get one side working. all right, let's take a look at what is going on. at 5:46, this is what we are dealing with. mid-level clouds out there off in the distance from the tower. low clouds hugging the coast and trying to go into san francisco. quite a difference depending on what elevation you are at. the one thing we can for sure say matter where you are, the fire threat is tapering. that is whether red flag warning is gone.
5:47 am
the sunshine will increase today as the high clouds move on. the low clouds will cling to the coast. they will open up a little bit. today, expect a marine layer to take over more. that is cooler conditions in the mid to upper 60s. a few more clouds building. we will have a cooling trend through the middle part of the week. here is a look at radar, no lightning strikes and thunderstorms right now. on either side of this, there are some radar returns per right now we are in a nice quiet bubble. what i have done is that these of the potential lightning strikes and i have overlaid them atop the radar. there is a slight chance as we go to the morning, but then the real activity will happen in the sierra. if you have any fire starts, it will be in the sierra and it in greatest amount of thunderstorms will take place. we have 80 to 85. heading up the peninsula to the mid-70s.
5:48 am
74 to 80. the temperatures along the coast, mid 60s that will spell into san francisco. cloverdale, lakeport, ukiah, 100 degrees. 70 at berkeley. as we head inland, 92 walnut creek. tonight, look at that. just about all of us in the city. temperatures will taper as a marine layer takes over. it will cool us the most on wednesday and you could see ace the warming trend back to summerlike warmth as we head into the weekend. it is a box office slam-dunk for space jam: a new the weeked
5:49 am
in first place, making nearly $32 million. that is about $10 million more than predicted and it bumped lack widow into second place. you can watch it at home max. >> you can also go to the movies and watch it. >> you could. or you just sit at home. >> did you go to the movies this weekend? >> i was supposed to. >> we can talk about it later. new at 6:00, an army of american children speaking with british accents. there is an explanation for the trend and it is puzzling parents everywhere. covid spreading among olympians. a positive case for team usa am overnight. and robin roberts getting ready to host jeopardy. hugely popular 10 part documentary series "the last dance" is now streaming. warriors coach steve kerr plays a large part in this.
5:50 am
you can stream the award-
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5:52 am
covid-19 is spreading along olympic athletes in tokyo. and alton is the latest athlete to test positive for the virus. tennis star coco gauff also said that she will not be competing for team usa after being diagnosed. >> she will be sad but she has so much potential to do great things in this sport and i know she will. >> two south african soccer players and a member of the olympic committee are also in self isolation. protesters called for the cancellation of the game at the welcome banquet saturday night.
5:53 am
the organizers are committed to keep on the tradition. >> all right. olympic organizers want to clear up some rumors about cardboard beds at the olympic videos. they say that the bed frames, made of cardboard, were meant to prevent athletes from being physically intimate. organizers say that the cardboard beds were actually intended to promote recycled materials. the beds will be turned into paper when the games are over. >> just give me one second to take this in before i go to the next story. >> process that. >> now i am together. >> there is a new guest host on jeopardy tonight.
5:54 am
jeopardy has had a rotating cast of phil in hosts since robin trebek out to passed away. this is the first show and i have four more to go. i do not want to get ahead of myself. >> the returning champion. did i say right? >> each time, we hope to get a little bit better. >> let's see the categories. >> alex made it look a lot easier. it is not easy. >> that would be stressful. >> she says it has been wonderful. but it has also been tough. i am sure that she will do great. you can watch her guest host all week as part of her appearance. jeopardy airs weeknights at 7:00 right here on abc7. the intensity could have an impact on christmas. in oregon, were many of the christmas trees are grown every
5:55 am
year, the weather is taking a toll on the crop. christmas tree farmers say this possibly the worst year they have ever had. even trees that do better at lower elevations are gone. >> was and you're watching trees that we have been growing for 6+ years, every year, you trim and feilize and add the labor costs into that and then you watch them all die in one day. >> one farm says that they have already lost about half the trees they were planning to sell this holiday season. the drought and extreme heat will likely lead to fewer trees to choose from and higher prices. a lot of the best trees grow above 4000 feet and it was super hot in those elevations. maybe there is going to be a push for more artificial trees this winter. now let's look at what is going on with the a's. their stay, taking on the angels. a quick two game set this afternoon and tomorrow.
5:56 am
increasing clouds and 59 degrees. we will see a transition from the warm weather over the weekend and a little bit of humidity, to the sea breeze starting to kick in more as we head toward 5:00 this evening. it will calm down during the overnight hours and that even faster tomorrow. that is why it is going to be one of the warmest days moving forward with the marine layer take over the next couple of days. expect more comfortable conditions. new at 6:00, and ultra painful syndrome striking another u.s. embassy. there is a disturbing link among the american diplomats. the bay area requiring you to wear the face masks when you walk in. all we're doing is reading resentment and conflict with this is is which will not further our goals. the leader of law enforcement in l.a. county not enforcing the mask mandate and explaining the reasons why. breaking news, a massive two alarm fire burning in
5:57 am
attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available
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5:59 am
breaking news, massive flames breaking out near the west oakland bart station in the past few minutes. new information on what we know. brown to dark brown, just dry as can be. >> it changed overnight from green to gold and it is steadily getting darker and darker. >> today's thunderstorm threat,
6:00 am
the bay area not needing a reminder of the lightning's power. we have good news as you wake up, the national weather service is canceling the red flag warning for today. mike is tracking the updated fire danger in your neighborhood this morning. not so lucky for the neighbors to the north, wildfires south of lake tahoe up to lake shasta, we are tracking new mandatory evacuations. good morning on this monday, july 19th. let's start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we are lucky that that that is being kept away from us. we have a thunderstorm threat but the dry lightning threat is wayning as the storms will have more moisture in them. there is


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