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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 18, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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out there. who took it? >> who took it? >> missing breaking tonight as we come on the air, coronavirus cases soaring across the country. hospitals pushed to the brink. missouri and arkansas among states with the largest case increases. this hospital in arkansas now out of beds as hospital admissions in the state surge by 80%. and in missouri, some hospitals reporting more admissions than at any other time in the pandemic. also breaking as we come on the air, coco gauff out of the olympics. the american tennis star testing positive for coronavirus. what we're learning. chaos at nationals park in washington. sounds of gunfire during the game sending scores of terrified fans running for safety. some rushing onto the field and into the dugout. the search for suspects tonight three people outside the stadium.
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the devastating flood aftermath in europe. the death toll soaring beyond 180 people. the flood waters now receding, revealing the enormous scale of the damage. germany. maggie rulli is there. the new fire danger in the west. thunderstorms threatening to spark more wildfires in california, where millions of people are under red flag warnings. and on the east coast, severe storms slamming cities, capping off a weekend of extreme weather. rob marciano standing by. water park chemical exposure. dozens of visitors, many of them children, exposed to a bleach solution and sulfuric acid at the six flags hurricane harbor splashtown outside houston. the park closed. the investigation under way tonight. and all systems go. jeff bezos set to blast off into space in just two days, after richard branson's history-making flight. a sneak peek at blue origin's first mission, bringing paying customers to space.
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good evening, everyone. thanks so much for joining us on this sunday. i'm linsey davis. we begin with the increasingly urgent warnings from health officials. in nearly every state, cases are on the rise. health care workers once again being pushed to their limits. some hospitals in covid hot spots admitting more covid patients now than at any time in the pandemic. this medical center in arkansas no longer has any beds available. hospital admissions in that state surging 80% just in the past two weeks. los angeles county officials re-instituting an indoor mask mandate. regardless of vaccine status. more than 65% of americans 12 and over have received at least one dose of the vaccine.
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the highly contagious delta variant surging even in areas with low vaccination rates. trevor ault leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, with the delta variant surging, some hospitals in covid-19 hotspots reaching a breaking point, admitting more covid patients now than at any other point in the pandemic. at this arkansas medical center officials saying the hospital is full. >> we're back into emergency mode without having a public health emergency declared. >> reporter: the delta variant is now driving up cases everywhere but south dakota and wyoming. alongside arkansas, the highest infection rates are in florida and missouri. >> we've been doing this as long as we can and we're losing too many patients and our staff members are burned out. >> reporter: in los angeles county, with new cases up four-fold since the fourth of july, an indoor mask mandate now back in place for everyone, even if they're fully vaccinated. it's a decision the surgeon general says does not conflict with cdc guidance. >> in areas where there are low numbers of vaccinated people, or
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where cases are rising, it's very reasonable for counties to take more mitigation measures. >> reporter: and while the biden administration reports vaccination rates are rising in states with the worst infection rates, they believe rampant misinformation around covid is still getting in the way. >> if we had had the pushback for vaccines the way we're seeing on certain media we probably would still have smallpox. >> reporter: tonight, facebook responding to president biden's claim the social media giant is "killing people" by not doing more to combat misinformation, posting, "vaccine acceptance among facebook users in the u.s. has increased." and in alabama, ricky hamm spent 17 years flying sick or injured patients to uab hospital before he became infected in january. this week, he walked out of the hospital to the cheers of his co-workers after a 187-day
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fight. >> released after six months. trevor, adding to the concern for many parents, the school year right around the corner. one district even returns this wednesday. most teenagers are not vaccinated. what are states trying to do about that? >> reporter: well, linsey, cdc data says 75% of 12 to 15-year-olds are not fully vaccinated. and while states like tennessee have banned pro-vaccination messaging from the government that targets teenagers, alabama is launching a tiktok contest for vaccinated young people, and they'll pay winners for creatively explaining why they got the shot. linsey? >> trevor, thank you. the other major headline, tennis star coco gauff is out of the olympics, the 17-year-old announcing she tested positive for covid right before heading to tokyo. this comes as some athletes already in the olympic village also testing positive. james longman reports in from tokyo tonight. >> reporter: tonight, tennis star coco gauff announcing that
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her dreams of representing team usa at the olympics have been dashed after testing positive for covid-19. she will not be able to compete. and we've seen the first positive cases among athletes inside the olympic village. two south african soccer players are now in isolation. if they have to quarantine for 14 days, it would derail their competitions. and we're learning more about that member of the olympic committee with the virus. the south korean official tested positive at the airport. it's understood he was fully vaccinated, as all ioc officials are. he too is now isolating at a separate facility. this, as hundreds of athletes continue to pour in to tokyo. the ioc announcing that the refugee team is now on its way after a team official tested positive and they were delayed for days in doha. and olympic officials remain determined to continue with tradition in whatever form. the iconic torch relay derailed by surging covid cases. the tokyo portion of the relay restricted to a staged ceremony, runners jogging in place. the ioc welcome banquet saturday night, controversial and was met by a small group of protesters outside.
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calling for the cancellation of the olympics. the other issue the athletes have to contend with, intense heat. it's approaching 100 degrees here most days. which makes wearing a mask very uncomfortable for the athletes. the ioc's advice, drink more water. linsey? >> james, thank you. and now to the urgent hunt for suspects after the terrifying scene at washington national stadium. a night at the ballpark turning into chaos. the sound of rapid gunfire from outside forced the game to come to a stop. three people outside the stadium wounded. d.c. metro police are looking for this car, believed to be involved in the shooting. elizabeth schulze is in washington. >> reporter: tonight, the search for suspects in the shooting outside washington, d.c.'s, nationals park is under way, after gunshots sent frantic crowds fleeing and taking cover. d.c. police trying to find this vehicle they say was involved in
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the shooting near the stadium's third base gate. >> padres put three more on the board. [ gunshots ] 8-4. >> reporter: in the middle of the sixth inning saturday night, rapid gunfire echoing across the stadium, halting the nationals/padres game. >> into the nationals dugout to get away. into the padres dugout now, too. >> reporter: some fans running into the dugout to take cover, fearing an active shooter. >> my heart was pounding and we jumped over the fence and onto the field and ran down. >> reporter: others ducking under seats. chaos as crowds tried to flee. an announcement overhead telling fans to stay calm. >> please remain calm, and remain inside the stadium. >> we were lying on the ground because we thought there was somebody above us with a gun. >> reporter: police say three people were injured in the shooting. two are being questioned. a third was a bystander attending the game, caught in the gunfire, and is expected to
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recover. this morning, nationals manager davey martinez thanking first responders for their quick actions. >> i love this city. this city is my home. it can get crazy, we all know that. and we all want to feel safe. >> reporter: the suspects have yet to be identified. police say they're combing through surveillance video and witness accounts. the nats/padres game did resume here today with plenty of fans in the stands, and with a tighter security presence here at the stadium. linsey? >> elizabeth, thank you. we move overseas to the devastating aftermath from the flooding in western europe. the waters receding, showing the extent of the damage. residents and business owners now beginning a massive cleanup. people trying to salvage all they can. more than 180 people confirmed dead. at least 300 still missing. maggie rulli is there.
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>> reporter: as the floodwaters begin to recede tonight in germany, scenes of utter devastation revealed. at least 187 people are dead in germany and belgium. and officials say more than 300 are still missing, as the rescue mission now turns to focus on recovery. days of heavy rains have caused catastrophic flooding, turning roads into debris-filled rivers, sweeping away cars, trapping people in their homes. some places swept away by the raging water, landslides engulfing towns. german chancellor angela merkel visited the hard-hit city of schuld today. calling the damage "shocking" and "surreal." we were in the nearby medieval town of ahrweiler. homes from the 1500s now caked with mud. cut off during the floods, the town is still without water and electricity. when the floodwaters came through, they ripped apart that home and bridge. it's hard to fathom the force
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that could tear apart concrete like this. uprooting trees, destroying everything. the town is completely cut off. this man telling us how he escaped to his roof. barely saving his elderly mother from drowning. today, neighbors coming together to salvage what's left. and linsey, i want to show you this massive pile of rubble. this is just a fraction of what was destroyed. and even as the storms move further south and the water starts to recede, fears of houses collapsing and dams breaking means that thousands of people are still evacuated tonight. linsey? >> maggie, thank you. millions here at home in the path of extreme weather. powerful storms rocking the northeast. this image of lightning striking in manhattan. heavy rains, strong winds, and hail pummeling parts of new jersey. but in the west, drought fueling dozens of new wildfires. and tonight, a new fire threat is brewing.
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rob marciano joins us. what are you most concerned about tonight? >> reporter: hey, linsey. i'm most concerned about dry lightning and potentially more fires starting in california. red flag warnings up in that state, through nevada, oregon, and idaho. the heat building through the rockies and the northern plains. some rain in the southwest. but up into california, where the fires are dangerous, that could be dry lightning. in the south, the rain is coming out of the clouds. torrential downpours in some of the thunderstorms, including here in florida with some localized flooding. linsey? >> rob, thank you. now to an investigation at a houston area water park. it's now closed after more than 30 people had to be hospitalized after a chemical exposure. many of them children. here's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: tonight, a texas water park is closed after dozens of people, most of them children, were sickened after a chemical exposure. >> all medic units, i need you
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to bring your o2s to the command post. >> reporter: saturday around 2:30 p.m., the first signs park. >> a lifeguard was sick, and soon after that, more and more people began becoming sick. >> it came in so strong and so fast. >> reporter: steven morris and his 9-year-old daughter lea describe the frightening moments. >> i just started coughing, then my eyes swelled up. >> reporter: the exposure believed to have occurred in this shallow pool for children. many of the victims suffering respiratory symptoms. 31 people were transported to local hospitals, including a 3-year-old boy and a pregnant mother. officials tonight questioning how the chemicals, bleach solution and sulfuric acid, common at public pools, reached such dangerous levels. >> if you can have 60-plus people get sick, and your system doesn't catch it, then clearly something is wrong with the system. >> reporter: most of those
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hospitalized have been released. in a statement, the park says safety is a top priority. the park remains closed while investigators work to determine exactly what happened. linsey? >> zachary, thank you. as england lifts most remaining covid restrictions, prime minister boris johnson is self-isolating after exposure to the virus. he is fully vaccinated. you may remember, he was infected last year and spent several days in the icu. to texas, and jeff bezos getting ready to blast off. the mission to space set to go tuesday morning. launching the billionaire and his crew into the history books. gio benitez is in texas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, two days before amazon founder jeff bezos is set to launch into space, officials say it's all systems go. >> new shepherd is ready to fly. >> reporter: bezos posting this video of his crew seeing the blue origin rocket for the first time on saturday.
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>> i'm going to be in that window! >> reporter: joining bezos on this historic flight, his brother mark and 82-year-old wally funk. >> wally! >> reporter: funk trained in the 1960s to become one of america's first female astronauts, but never got her chance to blast off until now. >> i couldn't be better. >> reporter: she will become the oldest person to fly into space. >> oliver! welcome. >> reporter: while 18-year-old oliver daemon will become the youngest to exit the atmosphere. and the first paying civilian aboard a commercial spacecraft. >> i've been dreaming about this all my life. >> reporter: daemon won his seat after an anonymous bidder at this auction -- >> sold, $28 million. >> reporter: -- paid $28 million for a spot on the rocket, but the winner dropped out citing scheduling conflicts. daemon's father, ceo of a dutch private equity firm, paying the next highest bid, securing his spot. bezos will be the second billionaire to leave the planet after richard branson launched his virgin galactic spaceship last week.
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linsey, there will be no pilot onboard. the blue origin spaceship is completely autonomous. it's been tested 15 times before. but this will be the first time with humans onboard. linsey? >> gio, thank you. and michael strahan interviews jeff bezos tomorrow ahead of his historic flight on "gma." and we'll have special live coverage of the launch tuesday morning, right here on abc. and news on vice president kamala harris, the white house saying today that the 56-year-old went to walter reed army medical center for what is described as a routine doctor's appointment. this comes days after she met with texas democratic lawmakers. three of whom later tested positive for the virus. the vice president's office saying earlier that harris was not at risk of exposure. still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, including reports of new cases of a mystery illness, sickening american diplomats and spies overseas. and three men killed during a music festival in michigan.
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welcome back. a deadly case of carbon monoxide poisoning during a country music festival in michigan. sheriff's deputies say three men died and two were critically injured yesterday at a campground near the faster horses festival. investigators say they suspect a generator near the victims' travel trailer was to blame. and we're learning more about a series of mysterious illnesses among american spies and diplomats stationed at the u.s. embassy in vienna, austria. american officials say some of the symptoms are similar to those of havana syndrome. that's the mysterious illness u.s. diplomats and spies in havana, cuba, first reported in 2016 and 2017. the symptoms include headaches and dizziness. and when we come back, new images in the search for a gunman in the shooting that killed a 6-year-old girl in washington, d.c. gunman in the shooting tha
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new images tonight in new images tonight in the search for the gunman in the shooting that killed a 6-year-old little girl in washington, d.c. police releasing video showing a vehicle of interest in the case. investigators say they believe a gunman opened fire from the car friday night, killing the girl and wounding five other people. police are now offering a $60,000 reward for information in the case. britney spears with choice words for family members and critics in the midst of her conservatorship battle. the pop star lashing out at her father and sister, in a post on instagram yesterday. spears at one point saying her so-called support system hurt her deeply, and her conservatorship wit her father killed her dreams. when we come back, "america strong." paratroopers with a special delivery for a hero veteran and his family. livery for a hero ve his family. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor
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finally tonight, an extra special ops mission accomplished for a north carolina purple heart recipient and his family, given the gift of a lifetime. dubbed operation coming home, these paratroopers are on a special mission deploying to this suburban community outside raleigh, north carolina. on his way to meet them, retired marine sergeant matthew pollizi and his family. sergeant polizzi served 14 years, was deployed four times, and received a purple heart for an injury in afghanistan. and this is how his community is showing its gratitude, presenting him with a key to a brand-new all expenses paid home. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome! >> it's kind of surreal.
5:58 pm
you know? >> i love it! >> who gets gifted a house? you know, for anything, it's just nice to get our stuff in here. i mean, it's just incredible. >> reporter: all made possible by the generosity of mattamy homes, and more than 70 vendors. the all-volunteer effort was organized by operation coming home. this is the 23rd hero home they have built for troops injured in combat or for families of the fallen. >> it's a tough life. i've spent years in the infantry. it really takes a toll on them, honestly. all the deployments and the time that you're away. but it's good now now that i'm retired, get back to being with family. >> got that family all together in their brand-new home. thanks so much for watching. david muir is right back here tomorrow night. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a great evening. good night. good night.
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