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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 18, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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goo morning, america. breaking overnight, baseball game chaos. fans running and ducking for cover when shots are fired outside nationals park in washington, d.c. >> there was a victim that was shot outside the stadium. she ran inside the stadium covered in blood which freaked out a lot of individuals. >> reporter: three people wounded outside the stadium, the games suspended, the latest from authorities this morning. alarming spread. nearly all states reporting covid case increases of at least 10%. icus filling up. >> we're back to being at capacity as far as our covid beds are concerned. >> and word full approval of the pfizer vaccine could come by the end of the month.
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the director of the national institutes of health joins us live. the severeamking it all. chemical spill at a six flags hurricane water park more than two dozen people hospitalized. 60 undergoing decontamination. the park closed until further notice, the investigation this morning. britney's message taking on her critics revealing the pain her sister caused her and how the conservatorship, quote, killed her dreams and her feelings on performing again. and one game away. the bucks taking game five against the suns. the standout performances, and can the suns make a comeback?
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>> live from abc news in new york. this is good morning america. >> good morning. dan is off. we're happy to have terrell brown here from our affiliate station in chicago wls. >> thanks for letting me come back. >> coming back for more. we didn't scare you away. >> and just like yesterday morning we're starting with covid. >> a lot to talk about with covid as always. as of this weekend 48.5% of all americans are fully vaccinated from covid but hospitalizations and deaths are rising again. among all those are among those who have not been vaccinated. we'll talk more about covid in just a bit, but we want to start with this breaking news that came in overnight. a wilsiation. e thnaonals park. it could be heard inside the stadium, and fans went running for cover. >> a chaotic scene out there with people initially unsure elizabeth schulze live with the latest.
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>> reporter: whit, good morning to you. witnesses describing how chaotic and confusing this scene was, describing the scene here at nationals park when shots were fired just outsie to an abrupt halt in the middle of the sixth inning. overnight chaos across nationals park. fans racing out of the ball parm. listen as the echoes of rapid gunfire interrupt the announcers. >> 8-4. >> reporter: mayhem as terrified fans ran for fire. >> we thought it was fireworks at first. as you saw more and more people running and then we heard more shots, that's when we realized it was real so everyone started ducking for cover. >> there was a victim that was shot outside the stadium. she ran into the stadium covered in blood, which freaked out a lot of individuals, which caused a lot of the chaos and panic. >> reporter: some fans running into the team's dugout fearing an active shooter was inside the stadium. >> into the nationals dugout to
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get away. >> flooding the dugout. >> into the padres dugout now too. >> it was a very chaotic scene. i don't think anyone knew what was going on. >> reporter: others sprinted to the exits fearing for their lives. the game suspended in the middle of the sixth inning. a wdrz reporter captured on the stadium loudspeaker urging terrified fans to stay calm. >> the action is outside the stadium. at this time we ask people to stay in the stadium. >> reporter: the shooting happened outside of the third base gate. investigators say a total of three people were shot. two of the them are the alleged suspects. now, police say that third victim was a fan outside of the stadium and she is expected to recover. they're describing this is an isolated incident. but guys, it's worth noting just about a mile from year in a separate shooting friday night a 6-year-old girl was killed.
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as for the nats-padres game it is expected to start again this afternoon. eva? >> that's a scary scene for so many people there. elizabeth, thank you for that story. now to our other top story, the pandemic situationve as chen in the parts of the u.s. enjoy the last days of summer vacation, and get ready to head back to school. and a new year of uncertainty. the delta variant more concerning than ever. abc's trevor ault live with us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. less than half the country is really starting to see the - fruits of hesitancy create dangerous environments once again. we're seeing now a worrying rise in cases across much of the country, almost all of it, and now hospitalizations are swinging back up as well. this morning an alarming rise in covid-19 cases across the overwhelming majority of the country. 49 states and territories recording increases of at least 10%. some hospitals filling up their icus once again.
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>> we're back to being at capacity as far as our covid beds are concerned. >> reporter: in texas three lawmakers who recently traveled to the nation's capitol have now tested positive for the virus despite being fully vaccinated. and arkansas now the highest case rate per capita in the country with vaccinations lagging behind the national average. but the national upswing in covid cases is not deterring summertime travelers. the tsa screening nearly 2.2 million people friday even while the new variant impacts people of all age groups. in colorado the lux family says they lost their 15-year-old daughter casey to the delta variant in may. she was hospitalized before she was eligible for the vaccine. >> i'm still having a hard time believing what happened. you shouldn't have to lose your own kid. >> reporter: now many of the nation's parents looking ahead to in-person learning and new rules this coming school year. in arizona the chandler unified school district returns wednesday with masks optional.
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>> make them optional for the summer school and then upcoming school year, but we'll have very strong protocols in place. those include awareness of illnesses and things like social distancing up to 3 feet and no large group gatherings in the meantime. >> reporter: and so far the vaccines have been given under emergency use authorization, but dr. anthony fauci says he expects the pfizer vaccine to likely receive full approval in august, though he's still not expecting children to get their shots until the winter. >> and joining us now is the director of the national institutes of health, dr. francis khan. thanks so much for being with us. let's start with a look at the vaccination rate right now. less than 50% of the u.s. population is fully vaccinated. we're about to begin the second school year of this pandemic and still children under 12 aren't being vaccinated, so i think a lot of parents are wondering how safe is it for students, teachers and their families as they go back to school?
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>> well, going back to school is a really good thing. we know younger kids have suffered a lot as a consequence of social isolation, so every effort ought to be made to make it possible to be back in person. unfortunately, though, that means for kids under 12 who can't yet be vaccinated, we have to be careful about that and that will mean wearing masks and maintaining that 3 foot distance. even though people aren't crazy about it it's the safest way to make sure we don't have outbreaks. certainly those 12 and over get vaccinated. my grandchildren have done so. they find this a wonderful, liberating thing. they can get together with their friends and do sleepovers and all that. as long as their around other vaccinated people. it's troubling the uptake in that group from 12 to 17 has not been higher than it has, because this is such a good thing to get done before the fall school season. >> you mention the masks. the rules vary by location. los angeles county just started requiring masks indoors regardless of vaccination status.
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so what would you tell parents about masks in schools right now knowing that not every school is going to require students to wear those masks? >> well, i think we should follow cdc's guidelines. they work really hard to come up with what makes the most sense but then recognize that individual communities may have a different view especially if they're in the midst of a rather big outbreak and they want to be especially careful as los angeles is right now. basically to be safe, if there is spread in your community and you're not vaccinated and you're indoors, you should be wearing a mask. and hence the reason to try to request that kids under 12 do that also. i know people are sick of masks. i am, too. but this virus is not done with us. in fact, this delta virus is really a cause of greater concern. this is not last year's virus. and now when you see cases going up as you documented they are in almost every state, we've been to this movie before and we don't like the ending. and if we want to try to stop what is turning out to be a
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surge again, we all got to get involved. get vaccinated if you haven't been already. if you're not vaccinated right now, wear a mask when you're indoors with other people. you might be the one who's spreading it to other individuals. you don't want to do that. >> and dr. fauci said yesterday he thinks the fda's full approval of the pfizer vaccine could come by the end of next month. so many people waiting for that full approval to happen. so far it's only been authorized for emergency use. so what would this earl approval really mean? >> it would be a good thing. some people are i think a little reluctant until they've seen that full approval. i don't think there's any doubt in the minds of most us that's going to be granted, but we have been waiting. fda has been working 24/7 on this. that might just be one more thing for people on the fence to say, okay, it's time, i'm going to roll-up my sleeve. but don't wait for that. when you look at the information
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that's out in the public areas, the benefits of this are profound. and when you ask people who are in the hospital right now who are unvaccinated, do you wish you've gotten the shot, almost all of them say, yeah, i wish i had. so don't wait and become one of those folks. >> welcome news to see that full approval finally happening. dr. collins, thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate you. to tokyo this morning and the new covid cases detected in the olympic village. abc's james longman is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. it is a battle here in tokyo, a battle to keep coronavirus out of the olympics, but every day we're hearing about new cases. two foreign athletes have tested positive inside the olympic village. if they have to quarantine for two weeks, that is going to derail their olympic games. we also heard about the first ioc official to test positive, this is a person who came in from south korea, they were immediately quarantined and now in a quarantine facility also for two weeks. and this person we know is double vaccinated. the ioc is keeping a daily tally
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of positive cases. it's now at 55, that's a combination of foreign visitors and locals. but the ioc says it's proof their detection system works but thoundofeoe ming to their city which is under a state of emergency and seeing the highest number of covid cases in six months. >> as you noted those games just days away. all right, james longman for us right there in tokyo, thank you. meanwhile back here at home president biden vowing to fight back after a federal judge in texas ruled the daca program is unlawful. the program protects undumed immigrants who came to the united states as children. the president saying the justice department will appeal the ruling. in the meantime the department of homeland security says it will keep processing requests for renewals for people already in that daca program. so for more on all this let's bring in abc's political director rick klein. good morning to you. always great to have you on a
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sunday. let's start with that judge's ruling against the daca program. president biden calls it deeply disappointing. he's calling on congress now to act. how urgent is this issue for the biden administration now? >> whit, this rockets the issue to the top of an already overcrowded agenda joe biden is trying to get through congress. think about the impact of it. it is staggering. no new applicants to the program at all. suddenly legal questions about the potential status moving forward of more than 6,000 people. many of whom have depended on this program for more than a decade. the preferred solution for democrats and republicans has long been legislation, but it gets caught up over and over again in the complicated politics around immigration reform and around border policies that have nothing to do with the status of hese folks, these young people. and that's why joe biden is trying to now add this to the budget deal now working its way through congress. but of course that is already an enormous piece of legislation with a lot of moving parts. that's a risky strategy.
7:14 am
to pin that much on it, it's difficult procedurely, and it's difficult politically. >> let's go ahead and switch to those partisan battles happening in washington this week from infrastructure to voting rights to cuba, the administration's agenda increasingly crowded. is there concern time might be running out on some of these top important issues? >> yes, there is wit. -- whit. and right now we're looking at a potential make-or-break week or several weeks on the agenda. the bipartisan infrastructure and voting recognizes that gets moved to the side. there hasn't been a lot of progress there. some of the foreign policy challenges adding in immigration. all of these things are collapsing on biden and the white house. now biden has prided himself on his ability to set the agenda to keep that slower pace in washington, but things are going to pick up quite a bit in these next couple of weeks. at least that's the hope among democrats in the white house that this is their prime slatei
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done. ofoue stoat k te this morning. rick klein will be part of the powerhouse round table there. and martha raddatz interviews the surgeon general about vaccine hesitancy, and the los angeles board of supervisors chair hilda solis discusses the decision on mask mandates. a water park in texas was closed in texas. there was a chemical leak there. dozens of people were sent to be decontaminated. abc's zachary kiesch has more. >> what began as a fun family day has turned into a nightmare for many families. >> reporter: around 60 people many of them children became sick from a mysterious chemical spill. it all happened at a six flags hurricane water park in texas. a lifeguard there noticing people rushing out of the water with breathing problems. >> i heard there was something about a chemical leak. we were in the little swimming pool and they said get out and
7:16 am
get out of the park, so we did. >> eventually it became very clear that there was something either in the environment or the water that ws making these children sick, these families sick. >> reporter: ambulances rushing to the park. >> operator and all medics units. i need you to bring your 02s. >> reporter: the entire park evacuated. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: until further notice. >> i actually have chills right now thinking about it. it could have been a whole lot worse than what it was. >> reporter: zachary kiesch abc news. time now for a check of your weather. and severe weather over in the northeast again. >> a couple rounds of it especially in new jersey. this is something you see more in oklahoma. you see the rotation there in the clouds. these will often drop a tornado. this one did not, but nonetheless a scary sight there and 58 mile an hour winds in
7:17 am
newark, 78-mile-an-hour winds in call m in n new jersey including elizabeth which saw street flooding there. lancaster, pennsylvania, trees down onto houses and taken down po we have flood watches out there for parts of new england, as the low begins to wrap itself up into maine and another disturbance comes in behind us. not as tumultuous as it was yesterday and we begin to dry out tomorrow. the rest of the northeast cooling down and then ramping back up to temperatures getting back to 90. so rinse and repeat here as we enter the end half of july. good sunday morning. red flag warning for the upper elevations of the nor and east bay hills through the santa cruz mountains from 5:00 today through 5:00 on monday. the risk of lightning is out there. that could trigger a wildfire.
7:18 am
today, 92 in conquered. increasing clouds from partly to mostly cloudy afternoon. 65 with the sea breeze in san francisco. the seven-day forecast, risk of >> at some point we're going to at some point we're going to acknowledge there's a dog, walter, walking around the studio. >> you may notice a little creature crawling around.. but we hear more from walter in just a little bit. we do want to turn to the nba now and what a game it was last night. our friend terrell here, did you get any sleep? >> little bit. >> not bad. so the bucks taking three games to two lead in the times. abc's will reeve is out there with all the details. will, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, whit. that was spectacular. this place was rocking last night. the suns looked like they were going to blow out the bucks and the bucks came back. looked like they were going to blow out the suns at one point. ultimately, though, it came down to the final unforgettable
7:19 am
moments. this morning the milwaukee bucks are one win away from an nba championship. the bucks getting elite finals performances from their three stars. olympic bound chris middleton and jrue holliday having huge games when it mattered most. and two-time mvp antetokounmpo continuing his superstar run. milwaukee now heading home up 3-2. the suns boosted by their crowd that included superstars adel and lebron james. the king courtside to support his good friend, chris paul. >> i'm proud as hell for c.p. i'm here for c.p. we support each other. >> reporter: phoenix up 16 points after the first quarter. but the bucks scored 43 points after the second quarter and never relinquished their halftime advantage. >> we got to play when we started off the game especially going there.
7:20 am
milwaukee. to win a game in - >> ror holliday stripping booker and feeding giannis for a game-sealing alley-oop. >> it was the winning play of the game. >> reporter: just to reinforce how important last night's game was to both teams, historically in the nba finals the winner of game five has gone onto win the series 72.4% of the time. terrell? >> all right. will reeve, we'll see how this one goes. i can't call it. by the way, you can watch the next one, game six of the finals tuesday night 9:00 eastern right here on abc. >> i also love when we give the history statistics there because it always gets blown up. we'll just say forget all about
7:21 am
it. all right, coming up here on "gma," britney spears posting a new message on social media, venting some of her anger and giving her thoughts on taking the stage again. price check, why so many basic items are costing more this summer and what you can do to save. and the countdown ready to begin for billionaire jeff bezos as he begins to prepare to ride into space on his blue origin rocket. "good morning america" is sponsored by ancestry. there's strength in every family story. learn more about yours. i always had a connection to my grandfather... i always wanted to learn more about him. i discovered some very interesting documents on ancestry. this is the uh registration card for the draft for world war two. and this is his signature which blew me away. being able to... make my grandfather real... not just a memory... is priceless. his legacy...lives on.
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good morning. state election officials announced 41 candidates have filed valid paperwork to appear on the recall ballot to replace governor newsom. on wednesday, the secretary of
7:28 am
state will release a certifiable list of names that will appear. her office released voter guide information. the election is set for september 14. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen for check of our weather. a compressed marine layer. a gorgeous view here. a red flag warning, 50s at the coast. mid-60s, the peninsula. 65 today with onshore flow. 65 by the delta. the red flag warning goes through tomorrow with more clouds invading the atmosphere. mostly cloudy in 70s and
7:29 am
7:30 am
stand up, stand up, sit. >> he made that look easy, right? welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. that is the 12-year-old brazilian, the first skater to land a 1080 with three full rotations. we've got to slow it in slow motion there. like butter, becoming the youngest skater to ever win gold at the x games, and if that's not enough, he was able to do it in front of his idol, the great tony hawk. >> also, he's 12. >> yes. what were you doing when you were 12? >> i was not doing that. >> tony was in this. he was actually competing in his 50s. he's doing his thing, too. >> he is a legend. happening right now, recovery missions continue in
7:31 am
western germany this morning. days of heavy rain leading to catastrophic floods that killed at least 170 people. hundreds of others are still missing. the landscape there has been devastated. new drone video shows that landslide in blesm and in the town of pipinster entire houses were seen crumbling into the water. martine moise was last seen wearing black with a cast on her arm because of a bullet wound in that deadly attack. she was rushed to the hospital for treatment. the original nine are now in the tennis hall of fame. the trailblazing legends who came together in the 1970s to bring more money and attention to womens tennis are the first to be enshrined in newport, rhode island, as a group. al duncan had that interview with the group yesterday just an incredible story. >> so much they did for the sport of tennis.
7:32 am
>> absolutely. >> yes. we start this half hour with britney spears taking to social media in a new message as she fights her conservatorship, revealing her hurt from one of those people closest to her and giving her thoughts on performing again. abc's zohreen shah joins us with more. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, eva. britney spears is not holding back. she's calling out her father, her sister saying that performing again is a big condition. ♪ overnight the princess of pop sending a scathing message to her critics on social media. the ic sing e ll note soon.rming on a st in a lengthy instagram post spears reveals how the conservators dreams. the singer telling over 31 million followers for those of you who choose to criticize my
7:33 am
dance videos, look, i'm not going to be performing on any stages anytime soon with my dad handling what i wear, say, do or think. i've done that for the past 13 years. i'd much rather share videos, yes from my living room instead of on stage in vegas. the "toxic" musician calling her sister jamie lynn for performing her music back in 2017 writing, i don't like that my sister showed up at an awards show and performed my songs to remixes. my so-called support system hurt me deeply. this comes after jamie lynn spears publicly spoke out about the judge's decision allowing britney to hire her own lawyer, posting can we end this once and for all? but through it all spears is choosing hope, saying hope is all i have right now. people try to kill hope because hope is one of the most vulnerable and fragile things there is. and one thing possibly giving her hope, a judge allowed her to
7:34 am
hire her own lawyer. matt -- mathew rosengart has reached out to jamie lynn spears to comment on her sister's pst. we have not heard back. terrell? >> all right, we'll see where this goes. let's talk weather. >> ongoing fire. this is one that popped up and really exploded overnight in nevada. the tamarack fire there you see extreme. no containment on this one. and of course we still have the bootleg fire in southern oregon which has burned up to 280,000 acres so far, and has taken out 67 homes, and just 20% containment or so. it's growing at a rate of 4 to 5 miles per day. fire danger high. the monsoon kind of sneaking up the sierra nevada range. and the heat building in boise and billings. and bismarck temperatures up ov. that's a check what's happening national.
7:35 am
here's now a local forecast. good morning. a live look outside. here is the deck of low clouds making for a gorgeous site from mt. tam. today, highs in the 60s at the coast. this weather report has been sponsored by simperica trio. we look up, and it's beautiful. >> we blame you. >> there's a problem with the weather. >> you'll sleep right through. >> that's not actually what you said, but that's all right, rob. not for morning television. >> we'll blame you for the next bad weather. coming up here on "good morning america", prices going up at the grocery store. we ask the experts are they here to stay? and the newest ways you'll be able to express yourself to friends and family. we'll explain in pop news.
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7:40 am
abc's deirdre bolton is in new york city with more on this. deirdre, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. at least one grocery chain ceo says prices will go higher before they go lower. bacon, dairy products, eggs, just a few of the items that you're probably paying more for. >> we did notice the dairy stuff was going up. i'm sure we're not seeing it all. >> usually spend, you know, maybe 20% more, 10% more. >> i'm still a big believer in the brick and mortar business. the stores we do shop are based on, you know, quality as well as, like, cost decision. >> the cost has gone up especially we shop at whole foods and anything organic is expensive. >> reporter: prices for consumer goods rose for the third 5.4% year over year, the biggest jump in 13 years. the ceo of grastiti's grocery chain in new york city says the prices are higher now and will go up more in the next four weeks.
7:41 am
he expects dairy prices will raise another 18%. he expects meat to rise another 10% to 14% by september or october. he says one big reason for price increases, rising fuel prices. >> one of the temporary solutions we have come with, we're buying more products locally, and we're keeping it local to keep the transportation costs more controlled. >> reporter: experts offer these three tips. comparison shop. there are mobile apps that make it easier. clip coupons, most are digital but they exist. and sign up as a loyalty member at your usual grocery store. more tips, emeals is a great site. emeals, it lets you plan and budget your meals, and you can plan that way, and then lets you compare prices of your favorite items from in store prices to online prices. whit? >> great tips. deirdre, thanks so much.
7:42 am
my wife has been clipping coupons for years. she will spend a full day to save 30 cents. >> i bet she actually saves more. >> she probably does and i love her dearly. coming up on "good morning america" -- i'm sorry. the billionaire space race heating up. now it's jeff bezos' turn. a look ahead to tuesday's rocket launch. heating. now it's jeff bezos' turn. a look ahead to tuesday's rocket launch. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. serena: ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. i didn't order a pizza. i know, but that “parker promo” saved me so much on my insurance, i brought you a little something special. parker, state farm
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and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. back now on "gma" with the next chapter in the billionaire space race. overnight jeff bezos posting this video on social media of him greeting others who will be joining him to rocket to the edge of space on tuesday.
7:46 am
abc's gio benitez has more on this extraterrestrial journey. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it's another big week for the private space industry. this will be the first time that any human flies above the blue origin new shepherd and no pilot will be onboard. this morning we're just days away from that second billionaire space launch in just over a week. amazon founder jeff bezos will be among the first to try out his own spaceship. just after richard branson launched on his virgin galactic spaceship. bezos and his crew of three getting together with the blue origin rocket for the first time saturday. his brother mark, 82-year-old wallie funk who will become the oldest person in space and now 18-year-old oliver damen who will become the youngest. saying on twitter he just can't wait. >> i'm super excited to go to space. i've been dreaming about this all my life. >> reporter: we don't know how much the recent high school grad
7:47 am
paid, but we know he originally won a seat on the second flight in the same auction where an anonymous bidder paid $28 million for a seat on this flight. >> sold, $28 million. >> reporter: that winner now citing scheduling conflicts giving up his seat. while virgin galactc spaceship last week launched after being dropped from a mothership, the blue origin flight will look more like a traditional launch, a rocket launching upright with a capsule above it. the 11-minute flight will send the passengers 62 miles above the surface. that's a little farther than branson's 53 miles. bezos and the passengers will experience three minutes of weightlessness. virgin blue origin and even spacex all say that they hope to make space flight accessible to all someday, not just the rich and famous. so again, this launch is scheduled for tuesday from a remote desert site in van horn, texas, and we'll be right there covering it all. guys? >> we sure will.
7:48 am
>> scheduling conflict. $28 million. >> you clear your schedule at that point. >> we'll see how that goes. the liftoff live with us, blue origins civilians in space tuesday morning right here on abc. pop news, hang on, coming up next. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!... i can du more of the things i love. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions,
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and even take on climate change... would you press it? "good morning america" is sponsored by home instead. to us it's personal. time now for pop news and espn's al duncan is in for junay this weekend. >> here's what's popping and if if i was going to say say that i'd use a popcorn emojis. here's a little sneak peek illustrated by our friends at emojipedia. they feature a saluting face, handshakes and different skin tones, which is very important,
7:53 am
a pregnant man, an empty nest, as well as one filled with eggs. so there crow go, eva. and an x-ray image along with lots of others. so stay tuned for which ones are going to make that final cut. we'll certainly find out next year or early next year when it's going to happen. now for a little guardians of the galaxy. we're obviously marvel fans here. it's great. the galaxy fans like they love the first two films for its mix of action, adventure and humor. but what is the next one going to be like, volume 3. well, the director james gunn gave us a little insight, and actually told "entertainment weekly" the next film is going to be a little heavier than its predecessors. gunn has said in the past he even cried while writing this script. the film is set to begin filming
7:54 am
a bit later this year. highly anticipated. can't wait for that. and finally if taco tuesdays are not enough for you i may have a perfect job opportunity for you. listen to this the mccormick spice company is looking for a director of taco relations. basically you have to love tacos and you have to be willing to work to develop some new recipes. you'll visit famous taco chefs and you'll take part in a taco immersion course. i don't know what any of that means. i just know it's incr applicants are asked to send in a short video to apply. and the four month gig pays $100,000. >> no. >> which in new york is at least like 45 tacos. so i knew on this show we talk about food and then we eat it. i being from atlanta recommending a taco with waffles and chicken. what do you think? a chicken and waffle taco. i want to say thank you so much. i did all of this work myself. >> of course. >> thank you so much. i hustled you guys yesterday into chicken and waffles and now we can enjoy. >> we love having you. you've been fantastic, and of course thanks for the food so you're welcome back.
7:55 am
one more big thing before we go here. we want to congratulate our friend eva pilgrim because she'. come on in. bring mr. walter himself, the star of the show. >> yes. there he is. he's heavy. say hi, walter. the book is about walter obviously. its his likeness. >> and the viewers, by the way, have noticed walter running around the studio. so congratulations on the book. it's amazing. >> thank you so much. >> and terrell, and elle, fantastic weekend. it was really great to have you both here. welcome back. you both brought food. >> it is national ice cream day so throw that in there, too. >> can we hustle them for some ice cream? >> how much food do you need? >> we need it all. stay tuned for "this week,"
7:56 am
folks. of course we're always online,, and we'll have much more later on this morning on "this week" have a great rest of your weekend. and good-bye, mr. walter. he's a star now. he's a star now. >> walter can you fetch some hot sauce? good morning. i am amanda del castillo. there is developing news. police are investigating a deadly shooting in walnut creek. investigators say they received several calls just after 1:30 this morning about shots fired on sos drive near main street.
7:57 am
one person died and three others were heard. they are in the hospital. no word on what led to the shooting or if anyone has been arrested. today, community members will protest a federal judge's decision to end& the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. friday, the judge ruled in a lawsuit brought by a group of nine states led by texas. the immigration rights group will hold a car caravan that will start at elmhurst middle school and and at fruitvale. it starts at noon. let's turn it over to meteorologist lisa argen. here's a look at live doppler 7. low clouds and fog along the coast and up the sonoma coast. this is where it gets interesting. subtropical moisture increasing it's very dry atmosphere.
7:58 am
with the subtropical moisture, we could see lightning strikes, a wildfire and they could spread. it's about the stable atmosphere. fog in the city. a pretty view in emeryville with partly sunny conditions. 59, novato. 65, fairfield. partly cloudy afternoon and it will be warm and then. low to mid-90s. seven-day forecast, watching storms into tomorrow. sunday
7:59 am
8:00 am
"this week" with george . . this week with gorge stephanopoulos starts now. coast to coast cases are soaring. los angeles hours ago reimposing its mask mandates, while the administration warns against false claims of the vaccines. >> lives are dependant on it. >> this morning, we are live with u.s. and debate over democracy. >>


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