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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 17, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. it is not a big surprise to me that we are told to mask up again. >> bringing back your covid-19 on the rise, seven bay area counties once again urging people to wear a face covering indoors. good morning. it is saturday, july 17. you are watching abc7 news live at 9:00 i am.
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i am kate larsen. we get a start on the weorog n and we have a mixed bag this weekend. >> watching closely tomorrow with all the necessary ingredients coming into play for dry lightning. it's all about the lolololololo clearing early. you can see to southern california and into arizona. we have different types of clouds with subtropical moisture interacting with the system allowing for a chance of dry lightning. the yellow indicates high fire danger from 6:00 tomorrow night through 11:00 monday. clear and the city and mountain view. numbers coming up a few degrees
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this afternoon. already warmer in concord with mid 60s than yesterday at this time. sfo with the sunny day. at the peninsula mid to upper 70s for a pretty afternoon. near 90 in an with upper 70s at the bay, fog at the coast to keep us comfortable. we will talk about changes arriving sunday. cal fire says it will be in weekend because of the threat of dry lightning. the fire weather watch is in moay. tomorrow at the national weather service said given how dry it is any lightning strike is problematicl for the potential of starting wildfires. developing news, a wire fire setting up plumes of smoke visible from lake tahoe forcing evaluations. the camera fire burning near the small town of markley feel, burning 66 hundred acres the touring cycling event that was supposed to start their today but that have been has been canceled. governor newsom declared a state of emergency in three california counties due to the wildfires. the back worth compaqsworth com
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over 100,000 acres with the fire now 70% contained. >> it is sad actually. i think about our forests burning down and disappearing, you know, the trees, the animals and everything being destroyed and killed. >> the state of emergency is also in effect for county due to due to due burning since last month. the fire in butte county is now growing to over 9800 acres with evaluations in place. the firefighters are up for the nearby neighborhoods are safe the dixie fire is 9% contained and firefighters have been able to reinforce some of the they doug fir the campfire in 2018 which has saved them some time. there are a dozen fires burning across the state right now.
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you can see live updates on all of them with the wildfire tracker found on our website at we also have some developing news out of washington dc. the six year-old girl is dead after shooting after the shooting at the coast guard headquarters. five adults including two women were also hurtalso hurtalso hurt to be okay. there is no word on suspects or what led to the shooting. switching gears to the pandemic we have a disturbing trend in the test positivity rates in california. there was 2.3% one year ago and now at 3.7%. with the positivitypositivitypoy up the case numbers usually follow. the state reported over 4600 cases yesterday, twice as many as a week ago. seven local counties are recommending wearing a mask indoors regardless of the vaccine status amid the spike in covid cases driven by the delta variant. this will apply to nearly the
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entire bay area. abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo shows us what steps him in the south they are taking. >> reporter: optimism during the ongoing pandemic posted in a storefront at downtown josc but friday the area health officers have released new recommendations to once again put your pearly whites mask. urging everyone to wear the mask indoors, vaccinated or not. >> as soon as we see signals of worsening it's important to act quickly if we have evidence to do so. the county health officer said despite the excellent vaccination rates they still see a rise in cages, believing much of it could be due to the more transmissible delta variant. signs already reflect the county indoor masking recommendations. >> until it is absolute mandated will will notwill notwt
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mask wearing inside but we will suggested. >> reporter: this owner is taking a different approach to the safety. since reopening in mid-june he requires visitors to the below ground bar to show proof of vaccination. he admits this policy is not for everyone. >> at the door we have had confrontations from folks that don't agree with the policy for whatever reason and they let us know. the haberdashery yelp page as taken a hit but they have the needed relief, especially when vaccination status would otherwise be uncertain. >> reporter: this fremont resident tiffany is not sold and remains to wear a mask and will keep that way until they have a definitive end tototo covid-19 pandemic. >> it makes me feel safer and i feel like if it can protect someone else or make them feel safer, why not just
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>> reporter: cases in the county have tripled in the last three weeks which is one reason this san jose resident said she anticipated the return of masking indoors. >> i wear a mask anytime i leave the house but is not a big surprise we are masking up again. >> reporter: the mood for everyone to wear a mask indoors is a recommendation and not a requirement. amanda del castillo, abc7 news. at 11:59 tonight the los angeles county new mask mandate will go into effect and everyone will be required to wear a mask indoors even if you are vaccinated. health officials say the mandate is necessary with covid cases rising, especially among the unvaccinated people >> i got vaccinated and it made my life easier but apparently does not matter >> is not punitive or punishment anybody but about public safety. not enforce the mandate because he said it is not backed by science and added that the department will not spend limited resources on this but instead asking for voluntary compliance.
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in the east bay a reward is offered to help find a suspect in two brazen robberies on the last two daysdaysdaysdaysdaysdas same block on the chinatown on 9th street near the chinese independent baptist church. matt boone has the reaction from the community. to a woman in her 80s was being escorted by her daughter down 9th street at harrison just after noon and two suspects emerged from an idle car and began chasing after them. a third suspect came up and they were thrashing the women to the ground taking their belongings and getting away. the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce said he has been flooded with calls. >> saying how sad they feel and how angry they are, at seeing our community being attacked. >> reporter: the attack happened one day after another is it happened
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block that was captured on the same security cameras. the video shows the man standing in front of the baptist church and two men run out of an idle car seen knocking him to the ground and hitting him repeatedly with a gun. a good samaritan was also pistol-whipped. the police said they are trying to focus on the area but are stretched thin expect many of our resources go to everything we can. i know definitely that the chief has put more police presence in this area. >> reporter: he says the community patrol groups formed earlier this year have helped to decrease crime in the area overall recently. he fears that criminals have not been deterred by the efforts. >> since last week we are seeing a spike of crime happening in it is kind of concerning. >> reporter: he said the chambers offering a $2500 reward for information leading to an arrest in in the meantime another community group will host a pop- up market on saturday to raise
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money for more security cameras to be installed in the area. matt boone, abc7 news. next week san francisco officials will talk about a community policing and deployment plan as the tourism ramps up your mayor london breed and the lease chief william scott will share more from chinatown on monday. the city is forecasting over 15 million visitors this year. the e e e e kick off in exactly 4 weeks at home at levi's stadium and today the team job fair to get ready for the thousands of fans to return at full capacity. the 49ers are hiring new employees to fill open positions with game related departments including housekeeping, retail, parking, security, concessions and more. applicants must be at least 18 years old and the job fair rerun from 10:00 to 2:00 today we get back with our meteorologist lisa argen with a look at the weekend forecast. >> sun sign sign sign sign sign
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area, at emeryville and oakland upper 50s with a few degrees warmer with low 70s today. it is a slight warm-up, in the headline for the weekend. the fire weather watch toward the into the weekend. stay tuned for the accuweather seven-day forecast. next, questions and concerns over the order to and it daca and what the new federal ruling means for young immigrants. people in europe get a look at the damage left behind
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today marks the one-yeone-ye anniversary in the death of congressman john lewis and the civil rights champion died at the age of 80 from cancer. to honor the congressman, speaker of the house nancy pelosi and and barbara lee participate in the ceremony for uss john lewis. the ceremony will get underway this morning in san francisco where the navy ship was bill. it is a somber ceremony commemorating the 77th anniversary of the port explosion in contra costa county. one of the worstworstworstworst war were to with the accident killing hundreds of mostly african-american soldiers. the explosion shook the entire east bay. the national park service will
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honor the victims of the tialiainor the go >>crs inr congressional action after the federal judge in texas ruled daca or deferred action for childhood arrivals wfect protected from deportation,on,o, blocks future applications. the judge ruled on the lawsuit brought by a group of nine states that was led by texas, arguing that obama administration overextended the executive authority when daca was created in 2012. the oakland legal services agency said several science questions have already been called in with questions and concerns. >> it is anxiety produced and very swift. we have numerous clients whose dock applications are currently pending >> this morning president joe biden released a statement calling the ordered deeply disappointing, and says that
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the department of justice intends on appealing the decision. new york governor andrew cuomo is expected to face questions today about sexual- harassment's allegations made against him. the new york times reported the lawyer hired by the new york attorneys general office will lead the probe. several women accused andrew cuomo of inappropriate behavior. he apologized publicly several times for making people feel uncomfortable but denies any wrongdoing. the opening ceremony for the olympics away with more trouble for the usa men's fastball team. some. the games will become a super- spreader event. james longman is in tokyo with our story. >> reporter: more bad news for the u.s. men's basketball, kevin love withdrawing with a injury only after bradley beal from washington wizards was pulled from the squad over covid concerns, laced under health and safety protocol along with another player from
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the detroit pistons. the team ofgas and first olympic distress been hospitalized with covid. the official with the team tested positive on isting condition tokyo in a state of emergencycycycycycycycy highest covid levels in six months. here is the centerpiece of the tokyo games, $1.5 billion stadium. look at the security around this, as close as most japanese will get to their own olympic games. protesting against the games were small but growing. >> many in japan feel the relief it is happening in about a week. the olympic village is meant to keep the athlete safe but locals worry about thousands of visitors making the games a super-spreader event. abc news in tokyo.
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the death tolldeath tollde catastrophic flooding in parts of western europe rose above 150 this morning. most victims are from germany, luxembourg, belgium and netherlands also impacted. water levels are are are are ar giving people a first look at the extent of the damage. entire communities right now are without power leaving people unable to reach their loved ones. rescue crews are searching for hundreds of missing people. we will switch gears our meteorologist lisa argen is keeping track of the weekend forecast with a mix bag and fire weather on the way as well. >> that's right. that is tomorrow with sub tropical moisture heading our way from southern california and arizona. today the marine layer is clearing sooner, brightening things up except at the coast. temperatures are milder to start with tomorrow th tomorrow switching up as we look at the live doppler 7. noticed the fog into the east bay by the bay shore and certainly at southern
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coast line. you can see the fog, right around 80. we are watchingare watchingare g moving tomorrow with the upper levels of the atmosphere where we have a better chance of allowing for lightning strikes and some mid-level moisture to perhaps start a fire. in the upper elevations above 2000 feet the north in east bay hills, santa cruz mountains and diablo range, we are so drive. we have had that steady marine influence at the coast but the coast is not out of the woods he there. everyone could see a risk of dry lightning and a possibility of new fires coming into play with erratic wind. if we get some thunderstorms it is erratic outflow.erratic outf. a sunny shot from the export- oriented camera, upper 50s. 67 in mountain view. at pacifica it is gray skies
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and 58. we can see the fog from tam. hazy in the distance but air quality good with low 60s at santa rosa, 64 in novato and near 70 at the delta with mid 60s at the inland valley. a warmer day for you and probably 90 for you at the east bay hills. here's the sun dry thunderstorms possible late tomorrow into 11:00 on monday. with that we are watching for lightning strikes that could allow for new wildfires, especially where we are the driest, and that is above 2000 feet. warming trend today, tomorrow through monday bringing upnday temperatures a few degrees. usual pattern today with low clouds and fog at the coast. overnight higher clouds up. this is important, this sub tropical moisture which will bring very little moisture this system to the north and east of us will allow for a trigger or lift if we see thunderstorms. if we do, there will not be
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in.of temperatures trending downward. we have the expansive deck of locales at the beginning of the work week 72 in oakland, 77 today in fremont. look for 90 at livermore. a warm up and breezy along the coast with onshore wind with us in the city. mid 60s there with your accuweather seven-day forecast, a chance of thunderstorms with dry lightning sunday through monday. we look for temperatures to cool off a bit into next week. we are definitely watching that closely. everyone i hope is aware and safe out there. a group of bay area firefighters plan on commemorating the 20th anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks with a cross- country bike ride. our abc7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains why the
9:22 am
is doing the 4000 mile journey a second time. >> some days in history so significant you can remember exactly where were even decades a letter. september 11, 2001 is one of those days for this retired firefighter, daryl sales. >> that morning i happen to come to work and we had a group of 17 brand-new firefighters at the last week of the academy. for the first two or three hours of our training all of us watched as the events unfolded. >> reporter: nearly 3000 americans were killed on that day, including 343 firefighters. to honor the lost lives 20 years later he and a team of retired a current firefighters are preparing to right across the country on bikes. 40 days, at 800 miles with it on a ride from the bay to brooklyn. >> we were trying to come up with a way to really honor
9:23 am
343 firefighters that gave their life on that day. we thought this would be a good way to do that. we look at averaging about one or miles a day going across the heart of the united states, connecting with fire departments each way. we come into new york in time for the 9/11 events. >> reporter: the group consists of 10 firefighters the military veterans ranging in age from to 72 and he is part of the team that participated in the first event of its kind in 2011. he said he could never have anticipated the feeling that comes with finishing the journey and cannot wait to do it again. >> people ask why do you do this and why do you have the energy to do something like this. it goes along with your thought process for the fire service. it is that you just make the sacrifice because that is what you do because you want to give back to your community. >> reporter: the ride begins on august 1st in santa clara. to donate to the cause you can donate at dustin dorsey, abc7 news. happening today enjoy a new
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place and relax in the san francisco tenderloin with a brand-new celebration held at the safe passage park at 200 block of church street. it is a new community space to provide safe walking spaces for kids and seniors. today they include wellness classes, art, activity, games and more from 10:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. coming up next, a second chance for the last dance. >> people see this and say he was not really a nice guy but was a tyrant. that was you because you never won anything. >> the award-winning documentary about the rise of nba superstar michael jordan. that will soon be available that will soon be available oh, i've traveled all over the country. talking about saving with geico. but that's the important bit, innit? showing up, saying “hello! fancy a nice chat?” then we talk like two old friends about sticky buns and all the savings you could get by bundling your home and car insurance. but here's the real secret. eye contact.
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the espn usually populausuaa "the last dance" documentary captures the attention of
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sports fans and get a disaster it first aired last spring. it's all about the michael jordan dominic greer, the iconic dynasty with the chicago bulls. soon you can see the documentary streaming on our sister network streaming app, espn plus. jim rose from the sister station in chicago spoke with the sears director. >> reporter: the director of "the last dance" begin streaming on espn plus beginning this monday. >> went from nt from nt from nto all-time best dynasty. all you needed was one match to start the whole fire. >> the emmy documentary follows michael jordan and chicago bulls during the final championship season of 1998, revealing a world that few could see and gave us insight into one of the greatest fastball players of all time. when jordan finally gave the blessing to release the never before seen footage, the director knew that it was something special. >> it felt like a privilege.
9:28 am
was like using stuff that was, you know, the to life. >> when people see this they will sake he was not really a nice guy and may have been a tyrant. well, that is you because you never won anything. i wanted to weigh, but i wanted to be able to weigh and be part of that as well. >> the last dance was the end of the 14 year journey covering the bubble and it is a step back in time we may never see again. i am jim rose. the warriors coach steve kerr plays a big part in the "the last dance". string the emmy and naacp award- winning series beginning monday on espn plus. still to come on abc7 mornings, covid cases are mornings, covid cases are climbing in the [baby crying] i got it. i got it. ♪ ♪ getting some help with the little one, from her biggest fan.
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news.
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good sunday morning. i am kate larsen. this is abc7 news live abc7, you live or where every string. we start this half-hour with our meteorologist lisa argen who's keeping track of the weekend forecast. >> good morning. classic summertime with clouds and fog. from the exploratory him camera, 57 downtown, 52 and sunshine in oakland with low 60s in san jose. in pacifica at 59. at the golden gate bridge when it brightens up we will see a pretty nice day although fog will stay at the shoreline. upper 60s near the delta and mix 60s inland. with the "fam" clearing to the close line at the coast only low 60s at the coast, mid-70s at san mateo with an afternoon sea breeze kicking up. a few degrees warming above the
9:32 am
bay shore but even oakland will see 70s and mid 80s to low 90s in parts of the inland valleys. we will talk about the in level mid-level moisture indicates of dry thunderstorms heading our way tomorrow. variant is being blamed for spike in covid cases. the director of the cdc calls it a pandemic of the unvaccinated. the number of hospitalizations and deaths are increasing with vaccination rates plunging. abc news reporter christineb sloan has the latest >> reporter: the reality check in the fight against covid-19 with an alarming spike in covid cases. the vaccination rates are down near 85% since mid april. the president is doubling down on the warning from the surgeon general about a threat of misinformation on the pandemic and vaccines, taking aim at facebook and other social media platforms. >> that is that they are
9:33 am
killing people. the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. >> reporter: facebook is firing back, touting the is that utilize the vaccine finder tool. the social media giant released a statement saying we will not be distracted by accusations that are not supported by the facts. and among the backstay people questions about breakthrough infections. >> the good news is that with breakthrough infections don't get super sick, hospitalized or died the same rate. >> reporter: the u.s. daily case average jumping 129% since mid june with california topping 3600 do covid cases. that is the most since february. los angeles county is implementing the mask mandate again. beginning tonight everyone vaccinated or unvaccinated is being urged to wear a mask indoors. >> i believe the decision made by the ellie county is appropriate because of the data. >> reporter: 10 other california counties are recommending the mask when indoors too. in las vegas the regional
9:34 am
health officials are urging a mask for people that are vaccinated or unvaccinated. in louisiana officials are warning that the state is entering a fourth surge. christineb sloan, abc news new york. this will begin making the first vaccine shipments to africa in the coming days with the goal to share 25 million doses of the johnson & johnson shot across the continent throughout the summer. the u.s. is working with the african union and covax vaccine aligns to make it happen. doordash and grubhub take the city of san francisco to court after filing a lawsuit yesterday over the city permit 50% cap on how much they can charge restaurants on each order. the board of supervisors voted on the cap last month. the companies warned the limit may force them to cut down or limit operations in san francisco. the city attorney's office tells the chronicle they have not yet received the lawsuit.
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still ahead on abc7 mornings, learn how to create a beautiful work of art from the pros. we are talking about the urban yo
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happening today the bay area youth can participate in an organization that is made san francisco beautiful for decades. many of the minerals that you see around the city were created by the group,the group,, tell us all about this we have max to tell us about the presidio eyes. i'm excited about this vessel for a lot of reasons but people can get out and participate in
9:38 am
pink and paint, is that right? >> yeah. this year is a bit different and usually we have it open and it is moore free for all and we built big walls and supply the spray paint and acrylic paint for people to come in and have a safer space to create their art in. we also have musicihave musici youth and it is all youth driven. this year is a bit different and mostly just focused on a few youth groups from the city. this is just really providing them space, during covid where things are little bit different. >> that makes sense to give the kids a chance to have fun after the stuff year and a half or so. for those of us don't know tell us about the presidio eyes and the idea behind the festival. >> we are a nonprofit in the mission district of san francisco since 1977 and we paint murals all of the city not just in the mission.
9:39 am
we connect with kids from the neighborhood and we have the class, urban youth art classes that started in the 1980s, trying to make a safe space for kids to be able to learned the mural techniques, and how to use the brushes, spray paint and stuff. the festival is actually just an extension of that, making it more out there and not just stuck in a classroom, but out in the outdoors, at a nice park where people are around to check it out. >> speaking of which, like so many things last year the festival was virtual but obviously back in person today. how exciting is that for you not only at the folks for presidio eyes but for the kids to be back in person together? >> yeah, i think it's very important. it is an experience that cannot be mimicked just to be alive streams and things like that. it is public art that is
9:40 am
supposed to be out there. it is not just about the final image, but it is about the entire experience of creating the art. >> that's a great point and for those that cannot makemakemake the festival today but find interesting with your beautiful and colorful art all over san francisco, how can they get involved? >> you can hop on list or check out facebook or instagram. you can also walk into the store sometime. we are right on 24 street in the heart of the mission. we have information on the murals also and all sorts of stuff going on with volunteer opportunities. you could come through and paint, or just come check us out. >> thank you so much, max. we appreciate your time. hope you have a wonderful day at presidio eyes and that everyone has opportunity to check it out. now at least when you see these colorful murals all of the city
9:41 am
we will can appreciate where they come from. thank you so much >> thank you. >> the presidio eyes urban youth arts festival is at 200 folsom street in san francisco running from noon until 5:00. admissions is free. we get back over to lisa argen and how will it look out there for the folks at the presidio festival in san francisco, fog or sunshine? >> we are doing away with the fog, lingering a little over the city but sunny with mid 60s, near average today. the onshore flow will stay with us despite that, even in the city year we have a chance of dry lightning tomorrow. i will explain when we return. also next, the giants and acer back from the all-star break with the bank. the guy picked up where they the guy picked up where they left off by going is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills.
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and a's are back in action in the first there is back since the all-star break. the a's host the cleveland and lanes for the giants on the road and the first pitch at 8:15. here ishere ishere ishere is larry be with the highlights on your morning sports. >> the giants at the all-star break leading and runs opening the second half as st. louis crushes the long ball. giants fans on the road as they show their support. >> he got all of that. taking advantage of the short, and this gives the giants the lead, 1- gitsbe g with so many injuries but so far finding replacements. this is 4-1 giants lead. here comes thomas and there it goes again. look at dylan carlson giving
9:45 am
chase to the wall but runs out of room. the giants add to the lead, 7- 1. gave mccaffrey using seven pages in this one and that giants win, 7-2. look at this young man climbing over the seats to get in but doesn't. mitch moreland is not disappointing, back at a stent on the injured list with 3 by the 0 and is seventh on the year. the indians tied up in the seventh but bradley zimmer blast this one to center field. cleveland takes the lead, 4-3. look at jennifer lowry, good night and game over. drive home safely. the two runs and the a's win and walkoff fashion by
9:46 am
4. tom brady had knee surgery to repair torn ligament after winning the seven super bowl. he played all last year with a torn acl. the bucss wha no, amazing we will hey so well with that injury. tony hall now 53 years old and making the first in seniors and gradually pulling off the upset. it's easy stuff for him and he still got it of course. this 12-year-oldthis 12-yead the show, first-ever 1080 in the x games competition. i would like to try that but i get dizzy on the teacups at disneyland so probably not my vent that is a wrap on your morning sports. don't forget nba finals game 5 tonight on abc7 and tip off 8:00 p.m. will see you after the game.
9:47 am
i am larry beil. lisa argen is here to tell us more about the weather weekend. >> it will be nice today with temperatures near seven day. at times this afternoon a little bit breezy. we know the breeze will be with us as we look on the visible picture because the fog is so close. it is burning back to the shoreline already as we keep our eyes on the moisture. high pressure moves to allow mid-level moisture to move up through the state. this disturbance will interact allowing a chance of lightning around the bay area tomorrow into monday. here's a look from the east bay hills camera, downtown. 63 in oakland, upper 60s in mountain view, 60s in pacific up here san jose sunny and 61. temperatures coming up a bit today with low 90s in some spots. otherwise the warm up his modest close to the bay shore
9:48 am
and negligible pretty much at the shoreline where we state in the upper 50s to low 60s. 61 in napa, novato and 61 in fairfield. here's a look from the roof camera where we do not have a sea breeze right now. that comes into play later today at 20 miles an hour. tomorrow we watch this for possibility of thunderstorms sunday into monday. looking at a lot of moisture but concerned about lightning strikes that could create wildfires. with that gusting outflow boundary from these thunderstorms that could spread. but the dry atmosphere is above 2000 feet. the hills of bay, diablo range, we will be watching. the cleveland indians in oakland today. 68 at 1:00, 70 at 4:00 and breezy. tomorrow we expect increasing clouds throughout sunday. today is the sunnier the sunnie
9:49 am
weekend. by the afternoon we will not only is the clouds but a possibility of moisture interacting and lightning strikes unfortunately that could pop up from the bay area to the central coast. it could even be along airs where you do not expected because the upper elevations are so we will have moisture and better fuel along the shoreline but still looking at instability all over this area tomorrow including the santa cruz mountains. with the gusting and erratic wind and dry atmosphere, it is a recipe we have to watch and play, pay close attention to through midday monday. 91 in concord, upper 70s at fremont and palo alto with 85 at santa rosa. breezy and 65, sunny downtown, 75 and an afternoon sea breeze in san mateo. 60s to low 90s. the thunder threat comes into play letter tomorrow with increasing clouds throughout the day. we continue to see a chance of
9:50 am
dry lightning into monday. when that system moves out of your slightly cooler conditions next week. the good news is that we have no heat extremes in the seven- day outlook. >> i was thinking about last august that we had fires sparked by lightning into the wine country. >> yes, the setup is there and it is the time of the year it it is the time of the year it is very i was injured in a car crash. it isi had no idea how muchit is verymy case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. happening today in san francisco, a celebration of aapi communities through music and dance dance dance dance dan which returns after being canceled last year because of the pandemic. this year it is back with multiple events on three different weekends. today is the our community, our pride event at the peace plaza with live performances featuring drummers, line
9:53 am
dancing and jazz musicians. it looks like a great time. we have the street fair the weekend as well on august 7-8. pokemon is back with the annual pokemon fast in this year a hybrid of interactive and personal activities. tickets are sold on the pokemon app and there's many stops at union square and along the embarcadero. all right. lisa argen has been keeping track of the weather. for everyone at the pokc festival and at town how will it look. >> tomorrow we are concerned about the fire dada indicating over the north and east bay hills, diablo range, high category with mid-level moisture that could mix with the mechanism coming up from the south. that could create a chance of some thunderstorms
9:54 am
contain lightning. that could perhaps start fires. today in the 60s downtown, 72 in oakland and low 90s inland. a warm-up for most of you by a few degrees today, tomorrow into monday. we are watching a threat of thunder and lightning but mainly the lightning through monday. >> thank you so much, lisa. thank you for joining us on abc7 mornings. i am kate larsen along with lisa argen. abc7 news news continues at 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. have a great day.
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>> this is the abc7 spotlight, sponsored by cynch propane. ♪ >> i think people grill in general, and, you know, even why you should grill in some ways is, you know, you get an extra flavor that you can't get just by hitting something in a sauté or a skillet. you know, you get these charred, smokey flavors that really elevate, you know, whatever it is you're doing. i can be cooking these carrots in a sauté, but doing it this way, giving these flavors to it, you know, as well as it's something that's easy and relatively the cleanup's pretty simple, as well. you know, it's not cleaning your pots and pans. it's like, you know, you should not neglect your grill, cleaning of the grill, however the cleanup on this is a little bit easier. the great thing about grilling
9:56 am
is that, you know, you can do anything from fish to vegetables. you can do steak. you can do pork. you can do chicken. you can do large cuts. you can do small cuts. there's a wide range of things that you can do. your options for what you can eat and grill outside are essentially limitless. there's just so many options, and they're all great. so, this is derade. pretty simple. i just fill it with some herbs. let it marinate overnight. any white fish can do. i typically get like a meatier, heartier one, like a halibut or so. and, again, treating that just like i would a piece of meat. tie it. doesn't have to be tight. this way you can literally just cut, you know, some strings and then tie them individually. i just do it kind of like this so it's a little faster. biggest thing is just make sure you have a good amount of oil oil there as well as you have your fish really dry. so, here we are. we're gonna drop this guy on there. [ sizzling ]
9:57 am
and what i do typically is i just have it -- i kiss it on the one side and then flip it over and let it kind of cook the rest of the way. typically the lid's down. the thing with fish and most things when you're grilling or sautéing is you just want to keep enough room around it so it's not sucking all the heat away. flip it over, i drop the lid down, and just use it as an oven, and i lower the heat as well. and you can see, it's not really sticking at all. it's just slowly going. the way i brush all of my items on, whatever it is, a marinade or a mop, as you do with some items, i just take a herb bundle and i make a brush out of this, so i'll do like sage, rosemary, and thyme. take some butcher's twine, i'll wrap it around, and then i'll open up the sauce, dip it in, and i'll brush it that way.
9:58 am
so instead of just using the regular bristles that you have for most brushes, this is now imparting flavor. so when this heats up, the oils from these herbs heat up and start adding in these small nuances of flavor, so it's the small things that slowly build on and give you the finished result. when you're brushing a sauce on there, or grilling items, you just want to make sure you continue to build the layers of flavor on it. and that, for me, consists of if you're saucing it, whether it's barbecue sauce or whatever sauce it is, just putting it on there, once it starts getting dried out, like it becomes a little tacky on you, that's the perfect time. you add another coat on there, just like you're painting a house or so. add another layer on there, and then let it do its thing for another say five minutes. it'll become tacky again, and you keep doing it. this way, now when you're biting into it, you're biting through all these layers of flavor versus just, oh, there's my
9:59 am
sauce and there's my meat. every once in a while, i'll say dang. that means -- that's when it hits me. it's solid. when i see it, i'm like dang. that's pretty nice. [ laughs ] and so, for chicken as well, you know, there's a couple ways to see the doneness. i find that's kind of the -- an issue that, you know, people kind of run into and they ask me, like, how can you tell if it's done or not. you can always feel free to pull it off and see the juices. if the juices are running clear, then it's ready. if it still has pink in the juice, then it needs to probably go a little bit longer. oh, man. that's a good -- that's gonna be super good. ♪ >> make grilling easier with cynch propane. get your grill tank delivered straight to your home. home delivery is easy and convenient. plus, you can exchange any brand of tank. new customers get their first tank exchange for $10 with
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