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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 17, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. covid cases soaring. the warning from the cdc. >> this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> the daily case average up nearly 70% in the last week. the state seeing the biggest surges getting help from the white house as they try to stop the spread. while in l.a., the mask mandate back, and with the olympics a week away, the first case detected in the olympic village. athletes weighing in on safety concerns. james longman in tokyo with the mlion peoe k r flash flooding this weekend. rain records set to be broken as the fears for dry lightning fueling wildfires out of
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control. catastrophic flooding. the death toll is rising above 150 in western europe. entire communities are devastated in this 100-year flood. >> you don't expect people to die in a flood in germany. >> the urgent search and rescue missions going on right now and the immense challenges standing in the way. britney spears speaking out. the pop star's searing social media posting overnight. what she's saying about some of those people who are closest to her as she seeks to end her conservatorship with new legal support. and remembering biz markie. the talented rapper nicknamed the clown prince of hip-hop beloved by fans. ♪ you, you got what i need ♪ >> the music world paying tribute this morning. good morning, america. dan is off. we are happy to have terrell
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brown with us on the desk from our abc station in chicago, wls. it's been a long time. >> i know. what's it been like, two years, i think. >> and we go way back. we worked together like a decade ago at one of those other networks with three letters that won't be named. so i know all your secrets. you promise to be on your best behavior. >> i know your secrets. >> i'll keep you both in line this morning. we have a lot to talk about. we begin with the latest on the pandemic. daily cases nationwide are up nearly 70% since last week. >> states with lower vaccination rates are being hit really hard. the white house and a team of over 100 people are in nevada because of the high number of cases. >> zohreen shah is in los angeles where the mask mandate . zohreen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, whit. just last month people in l.a. were rejoicing because you no longer had to mask up if you were indoors at places like stores, at the gym, here at this fitness and wellness, they
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thought it was a big step forward. but starting tonight, in l.a. county, if you're indoors you have to mask up. this coming as california just reported its single highest day of covid cases since february. this morning, the cdc announcing 32% of americans still have not received a single dose of the covid vaccine. >> this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> reporter: hospitalizations up in 39 states and the u.s. daily case average up nearly 70% in the last week. cases up in nearly every state, the worst hit states including arkansas, florida, louisiana, missouri and nevada, and louisiana's governor warning they're entering a fourth surge. >> clearly this is attributable to two things, one is the emergence of delta variant of covid-19 and vaccination rates that remain woefully inadequate. >> reporter: louisiana joining missouri in states with highest number of cases. missouri health officials raising the alarm about the need for a mask mandate in the coming
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days. >> the reckoning is going to be for those who are unvaccinated are we all going to have to put masks back on. at some point you're going to look at this, and you're going to say, you know, we're in trouble. >> reporter: in california, ten counties now recommending mask mandates for all people. in los angeles, a mask mandate going into effect saturday night whether you're vaccinated or not. small business entrepreneurs like body fit trainer's owner hoping restrictions don't get worse. >> we're at that first level now. what i'm hoping is it just kind of stays there and then it goes back to no mask so we don't have to go to the deeper levels of restrictions. >> reporter: and now there are more reports about breakthrough infections among fully vaccinated people. this oklahoma couple say they were fully vaccinated but fell ill after a recent vegas trip. >> it felt like concrete was inside of my face. immediately i thought this could be covid even though i had been vaccinated. >> reporter: data shows current
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vaccines remain highly effective at preventing the disease and more than 99% of hospitalization and deaths are in the unvaccinated. and dr. anthony fauci speaking out about breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people saying those folks are still likely less contagious. whit. >> zohreen shah for us, thank you. joining us now is dr. paul offit, a vaccine specialist at the children's hospital of philadelphia and a member of the fda's advisory panel. dr. offit, good morning. it's good to have you. with the delta variant and the rise in cases, los angeles county and about ten other counties in california are now bringing back their indoor mask mandates. do you think other american communities should do the same now and were some of these restrictions lifted too soon? >> well, you learn as you go. i think what's happened is that in some communities that are relatively undervaccinated, you're seeing a surge in cases again. in those communities, yes, i think bringing back the mask mandate helps. i mean, you would hope that
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since we have enough vaccine to vaccinate everybody in the country over 12 years of age that people would readily take up that vaccine but what we're finding is the hardest part of this whole pandemic was not constructing a vaccine or mass distributing or mass producing or mass administering the vaccine, the hardest part is getting people to take it. you know, you still have a solid 60, 70, 80 million americans who simply refuse to get vaccinated. and what do you do then? what do you then when you have a significant percentage of the population continuing to let it spread, mutate, harm and suffering hospitalization and death and, worst of all, continuing to possibly create variants, which are going to be relatively resistant to the immunity induced by vaccination. rubber meets the road here and i think the answer to that question is mandates. i think ■we're going tohaveto start seeing more and more local mandates to compel people to do the right thing. >> i want to go back to your point about convincing people to actually get it, the fda has granted the pfizer vaccine a priority review, which basically means it could get full approval
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by january 2022, in the next six months, maybe sooner. right now it's just authorized for emergency use but some suggested full approval could then open the door to getting more people vaccinated. those who are hesitant, maybe schools and businesses doing requirements of vaccines, how much of a differencemaker is this? >> i think psychologically it's a differencemaker. i think in terms of actual, you know, issues about the vaccine, it's not. i mean, this is not an experimental drug. it's been out there. now there's more than 300 million doses administered. it has a tremendous safety and efficacy profile so as much as many drugs out there, so i think that this -- the notion, okay, now it's finally licensed, okay, now we know that it's safe and effective is a little silly but with that said, i think that is how a number of people see it. they are waiting for this full approval, which is more psychological than anything else. >> dr. paul offit, thank you for your time. we do appreciate it. eva.
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>> thank you. we are less than a week away from the start of the olympic games, and covid cases are surging to a six-month high in japan with new concerns over the health and safety of those competing and supporting the competition. abc's james longman is in tokyo for us this morning. good morning to you, james. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, eva. with every day that passes it seems like there is another case of covid-19 at the olympics and now a situation that organizers were really dreading, coronavirus in the olympic village, and the games haven't even begun yet. this morning, new efforts under way to protect athletes after coronavirus is detected within the olympic village. an unnamed japanese official testing positive for covid-19 and is now quarantining at a nearby hotel. this new case could impact athletes already living with extreme restrictions. this is the olympic village, a series of high-rise blocks where althe hlet fm arorre
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ty' allowed to leave here to go to their events or to train. this as the first is hospitalized for covid. an official with the nigerian team tested positive on arrival in tokyo on thursday. the person said to be in their 60s had only light symptoms, but was admitted because of their age and pre-existing conditions. despite the restrictions, having so many visitors in the heart of the city in a state of emergency has locals worried. covid numbers are now the highest they've been for six months. u.s. athletes keen to compete but conscious of the circumstances. >> i think the biggest, you know, concern that we all have is that this is just done in a way that we can be as healthy as possible, you know, for everyone ivolved. >> reporter: simone biles posting, hoping for gold but being careful for her hosts. >> we have to protect the japanese citizens as much as possible along with ourselves going over there. >> reporter: anyone who came is likely to be contact traced.- that's the thing about testing positive, it doesn't just affect the person concerned. because of contact tracing
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entire teams could go down, terrell. >> james longman, good to see you, james. to our wild weather weekend now, more than 55 million people are at risk for flash flooding shaping up to be an extremely soggy month. rob is here with more on that. hey, rob. >> rain just keeps coming, terrell, good morning to you. this is the flooding situation in detroit. three inches of rain falling in a short amount of time. three weeks after they had a lot of flash flooding there, so people cleaning up. boom, it happened again. we had five inches in places like illinois. six inches in other places. kansas reporting over ten inches. this is saturated with flash flood watches all the way back in through springfield, massachusetts, and severe weather threat pretty good this afternoon and highly populated area. really i think after 5:00, 6:00, we could see damaging winds, brief tornadoes. i think it will be more in the way of heavy rainfall. the ground is saturated. so far this month in new york and boston almost 9 inches. both of these areas if they get
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to 11 or 12 inches, that's a record and only halfway through the month so it's been a wet one for sure. >> range of extremes across the country. all right, rob, thanks. now to europe facing a weather emergency of its own. the death toll keeps rising from catastrophic flooding there. abc's maggie rulli is in germany where rescue teams are searching for those who are still missing. maggie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, whit, good morning. you see how powerful those floods are. the highway behind me completely submerged. you can hear them working, trying to get some of these trucks out, but the floods were so powerful they flipped cars and trucks and german officials say that around 900 soldiers have been brought in to help in search and rescue efforts, they're already here. dozens are working to remove the trucks, even bringing in tanks to drag the trucks out of the water. this morning, rescue teams desperately searching through submerged cars on this highway in west germany. days of relentless rain causing the worst flooding europe has seen in a century. >> i did this for 35 years. i didn't see things like that.
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>> reporter: the death roll rising above 150 today. blocked roads threatening to slo down rescue operations. the dramatic rescues and scenes of devastation playing out across western europe. >> you don't expect people to die in a flood in germany. but it was all too fast, too quick. >> reporter: germany hit especially hard. this catastrophic landslide leaving a massive void where this field used to be. the rushing water peeling the bricks off the road at this shopping center leaving them in a pile at the end of the street. driving down nearly every street in this neighborhood this is what you see, piles of sandbags, people piled up desperately trying to save their homes, but more often than not you see this, what's left of their homes completely destroyed. in the background of this interview with a belgium mayor part of a house breaking off disappearing into the water below. two people escaping through the roof saving what they could. this barge breaking free and sinking in the floodwaters. outside liege, houses gutted by
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flames even as they stood surrounded by water. at least 27 reported dead just in belgium. and this morning in the netherlands, the rising sun revealing much of the city here under water. and, guys, now the fear is what they're going to find when the waters start to recede. that firefighter we spoke with said thankfully the good news here, all of these cars have been emptied, but you can hear them now removing trucks, there are still dozens of cars waiting to be recovered behind us, eva. >> still waiting to get a look at the damage. well, back here in the u.s., a federal dealing a devastating blow to daca ruling the program shielding the dreamers from deportation is illegal. abc's white house correspondent maryalice parks is at the white house with this story. good morning to you, maryalice. >> reporter: good morning, eva. yeah. this was a major ruling ay a federal judge in texas ruled that the obama administration did not have the authority or t set up the program back in 2012. now, the program has allowed
7:14 am
more than 650,000 immigrants who were brought here illegally as children, mostly by their parents, to gain status, to live and work here and go to school these last nine years. these dreamers as we so often talk about have mostly known no other country but the united states as their home. and polling shows the vast majority of americans support the idea of offering legal protections to dreamers including 75% of republicans. this morning, president biden called the ruling deeply disturbing and said the justice department intends to appeal it. now, the judge in texas said that those who are already in the daca program now should not be affected or deported, that this will mostly apply as to whether the government can accept new applicants but, look, this is a waiting game. the country is going to have to see now how this works its way i washin mryalice, thank you. want to get to the
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investigation and the sexual harassment and sexual misconduct allegations against governor andrew cuomo. the governor will face questions over it today. abc's andrew dymburt is at the governor's headquarters. andrew, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. governor andrew cuomo will face a grilling from investigators from the attorney general's office. they'll be questioning the governor as part of an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. several women including some former aides have accused cuomo of unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate remarks. the governor has apologized publicly for, quote, making people feel uncomfortable but has adamantly denied any wrongdoing and has said he would fully cooperate with this investigation while also blasting the probe as being politically motivated. a senior adviser to cuomo telling abc news, we have said repeatedly that the governor doesn't want to comment on this review until he has cooperated but the continued leaks are more evidence of the transparent political motivation of the attorney general's review.
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now, we first heard of these accusations against governor cuomo back in december when a former aide, lindsey boylan, in a series of tweets alleged cuomo had harassed her and soon after several other women came forward with more allegations and, meanwhile, we reached out to the attorney general's office, not commenting at this time, but the results of this investigation are expected to be made public. cuomo, a three-term democrat, is up for re-election next year. whit. >> andrew dymburt for us, thank you so much. we do want to shift gears and get a check of the weather. rob marciano watching that extreme fire danger out west just not letting up. >> no, and this is the biggest fire of the year in the country right now. over 270 acres burning in southern oregon. they do have about 22% containment. so that number has come up. but this thing is really big. anything downstream is bad air quality there. another -- the river fire in mariposa county, california, they've got about 60% containment on this but the fire weather conditions are going to get worse over the weekend.
7:17 am
the heat dome is back in place, we've got excessive heat watches for the northern rockies. 10 to 15 degrees above average, sunday, monday, might see lightning strikes across northern california. that's where most have of these started, from the dry lightning. the heat wave, our fourth in rtd salt lake city also approaching a record for the number of days they've seen up and over 100 degrees and they're probably break that later this summer. good saturday morning, i'm lisa argen. see a deck of low clouds. it will be a little bit warmer in our inland valleys today amount risk of dry thunderstorms into your sunday afternoon and monday and could pose a threat for the risk of wild fires around here and we are going to look at a bit of a warming trend today and tomorrow and monday. 72 oakland. 85 santa
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welcome back, children. it's time for terrell and whit to exchange dirty little secrets about each other. >> be good. >> is there time for that? >> the whole show. >> i listed it right here, in fact, number one, no, no, no. we've been told to behave. >> we'll try. >> good to have you, terrell.e sneak peek at a roundtable discussion between members of the national basketball social justice coalition formed by nba executives and players who have talked with lawmakers about the need for police reform, social justice and racial equity across the country. >> every voice is truly, truly significant and super powerful. if you see social injustice, speak up. speak up. not only do your research of things that are happening now but do your research of the past. learn about social injustice, learn where -- how it's been going for decades, for centuries, and become involved in trying to fix the problem.
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>> you can watch that full roundtable discussion a little bit later on today on the nba and national basketball players association's social platforms. and speaking of basketball we are just hours away from game five of the nba finals and the bucks and suns all tied up at 2-2. abc's will reeve is in phoenix where fans are gearing up for the finals return to arizona. it's getting good. good morning, will. >> reporter: yes, it is, eva. good morning. phoenix is heating up for game five. around the valley it's going to be about 100 degrees at tip-off and the suns here are a hot topic. the newly named footprint center will be at capacity tonight as the suns and bucks try to make their mark in this series. break that 2-2 series deadlock in this pivotal game five. and we saw some spectacular performances in game four. the suns young star devin booker, 42 points in that game but it wasn't enough to take the suns over the top against the milwaukee bucks and their superstar giannis antetokounmpo. he had this clutch block.
7:20 am
some people calling it one of the best blocks in nba finals history. probably number two behind lebron james in game seven against the warr watch party thousaonightixns sister francine horrow is a former principal at our lady of the sacred heart near pittsburgh and her fellow nuns come together at their convent to root for former student and current sun cam johnson who scraped the heavens with that dunk he had in game three. they call cam the perfect gentleman, so all eyes all across the country will be on game five here tonight. we got a three-game series, one team needs to win too. guys. >> we know it happens when the nuns start cheering for you, so maybe they've got an advantage. >> all right, all right. >> will reeve, we'll have to wait and see how that plays out. you can watch game five of the nba finals at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> of course, terrell joining us from chicago. how did the bulls do this year?
7:21 am
>> do we want to talk about it? >> yeah, right. it hurts a little bit. that's okay. >> shots fired. >> better luck next year. all right, still ahead here on "gma," britney spears letting the world know exactly how she feels. her message on social media taking aim at some of the people who are closest to her. and teens are stepping in to fill jobs with some businesses desperate for workers. the important part they're playing in the recovery effort. and only on "gma," billie jean king on being inducted into the international tennis hall of fame with the original nine. how that group changed the future of tennis and female athletes. we'll be right back. "good morning america" is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. we are the finally found our dream home in the mountains. the views are great, the air is fresh. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear country though. hey boo-boo! we hit the jackpot! bear! bear! bear! look, corn on the cob! oohh chicken! don't mind if i do! they're hungry. t-bone! that's what i call a smorgasbord! at least geico makes bundling our home
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good morning. i'm kate larsen. happening today, a somber shon to commemorate the 77th anniversary of port chicago explosion. in one of the worst main land disasters of world war ii an explosion stent at port chicago
7:28 am
killed hundreds of mostly african american soldiers, shook the entire east bay testimony park service will honor the victims at the national memorial in concord. good morning, clouds in the city. 54. 60 mountain view sunny san jose. 80 today. 50s and clear inland. 60s today. a nice afternoon, warmer inland but we
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♪ welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. that is "gma's" george stephanopoulos wrapping up his stint as guest host of "jeopardy!" leaving everyone wondering who will take over next week? the answer, drum roll, please. in true "jeopardy!" fashion. who is robin roberts? >> of course. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> we of course all will be watching. >> we were just debating best host so far. i mean, george is top tier right now. not just because we work with him, we love him dearly, but he's the man. >> also he's super smart. >> that too. >> that too. do your thing, robin. we're going to be rooting for you. >> yes,e house next week. we do have a lot to get to this morning. some of the top headlines we're following happening here, covid-19 cases climbing in the u.s. and around the world. daily cases nationwide nearly
7:31 am
70% up since last week. the cdc calling it the pandemic of the unvaccinated after data shows more than 99% of hospitalizations and deaths are among those who are not vaccinated. also right now, nfl star richard sherman is breaking his silence on social media. video allegedly shows him trying to force his way into his in-laws' seattle area home earlier this week. sherman wrote in part, i am deeply remorseful of my actions. i've been dealing with personal challenges over the last several months but that is not an excuse for how i acted. and the crew of the first blue origin passenger flight taking a picture together in front of the new shepard rocket in texas ahead of tuesday's launch. billionaire jeff bezos, his brother, pilot wally funk and dutch teen oliver daemen will attempt to fly to the edge of space. the entire flight is expected to last about 11 minutes. >> i've been really excited about these launches, actually. it was fun watching the virgin galactic takeoff. >> it's a lot of fun.
7:32 am
would you go? >> no, absolutely not. >> thank you. that's what i say. >> let terrell go first. let me know how it was. >> right behind you. >> i'll be there ten years later. another couple years. we start this half hour with britney spears. the pop star taking aim at some of the people closest to her as she fights to gain control over her finances and her life. ♪ in the center of the ring like a circus ♪ overnight, britney spears slamming perceived naysayers in a lengthy social media post amid her fight to end her 13-year conservatorship. the pop superstar sharing this image on instagram and lashing out at those close to her who she says are not in her corner. writing, there's nothing worse than when the people closest to you who never showed up for you post things in regard to your situation, whatever it may be, and speak righteously for support adding, how dare the people you love the most say anything at all. how dare you make it public that now you care?
7:33 am
did you put your hand out when i was drowning? the post coming after the music icon has seen a wave of support from celebrities hoping to see an end to her conservatorship and just days after her mother and sister broke their silence sharing online posts showing support for britney following a recent court victory. ♪ i call the shots ♪ the judge in her conservatorship case approving britney's request to pick her own lauren with spears choosing former federal prosecutor and hollywood heavyweight mathew rosengart to represent her in court on wednesday. >> one thing that everybody has lost sight of in all of the controversy, all of the litigation and all of the drama, is what is in the best interest of britney spears? >> and there will be a hearing monday over jodi montgomery, britney's co-conservator, who has requested to have security paid for by the estate following threats against her. we will have more on britney's
7:34 am
new attorney in our next hour. and this morning, we're remembering a popular name in music. we take a look at the influence of biz markie that he made on the hip-hop world. ♪ oh, baby, you got what i need ♪ >> reporter: overnight, rapper and beatboxer icon markel theo hall better known as biz markie passing at the age of 57. ♪ would you say he's just a friend ♪ >> reporter: growing fame from "just a friend," biz markie became known as the clown prince of hip-hop. his signature trademark, beatboxing. while the cause of his death remains unconfirmed hall's passing comes after he was hospitalized for type 2 diabetes last year and had reportedly suffered from a recent stroke. celebrities quick to react online. l.l. cool j. posting this video on instagram. >> i'm glad we got to do what we
7:35 am
got to do towards the end, some of the things we got to do, man. love you, bro. >> reporter: a statement from his manager reads, biz created a legacy of artistry that will forever be celebrated by history peers and his beloved fans whose lives he was able to touch through music. and so many tributes pouring in from music stars including the roots' questlove writing on instagram, biz markie built him ad in the early stages of his career taught him where to find the best music. we're all just remembering when we heard that song, such an icon in his infectious personality really came through in his performances and his music. >> and young. >> absolutely. >> so young. >> yep. yeah, but those lyrics, oh, baby, you got what i need. >> timeless. >> yeah. let's talk weather. rob marciano is here. rob. >> that wasn't directed at me. >> no. >> well -- >> maybe it was. >> rob marciano, you always got
7:36 am
what we need. >> thank you. to arizona. flash flooding and debris flows. this is just outside of tucson. in northern parts of flagstaff, the governor issued a state of emergency because of the flood damage there. we flipped the switch from heat in the southwest to the monsoon and some flash flood and debris flow may have caused this train derailment in iron county, utah. also lightning. we talked about the flooding rains, 5, 6 inches. this lightning strike pretty vivid stuff, boom. 50,000 degrees fahrenheit, five times hotter than the surface of the sun, dangerous stuff, and it will definitely toast your bagel. 94 in philadelphia today but cooling down to at least a little bit more palatable, seasonable stuff as we g good morning to you. a sunny start in san jose, about 80 today. clouds peeling back to the coast and a bit warm erin land with highs near 90 and the e e this weather report has been sponsored by boar's head.
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a little boar's head, swiss on a toasted bagel. >> i was going to say like, did you say we'll toast your bagel? >> i couldn't think of any other analogy. >> weather terminology. >> tried to soften the blow. breakfast weather. >> exactly. appreciate that. still ahead here on "good morning america," stepping up and cashing in. teens benefiting from a hot jobs market but is there a downside. and only on "gma," our interview with billie jean king and the other women who took a historic stand against pay disparities in women's tennis.
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mí amor, take the world in a love embrace ride all of your love at once and explode into space... ♪ born to be wild ♪ start your california road trip and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday. welcome back to "gma" on a saturday. and the boom for teenagers in this recovering job market, many businesses are relying on the younger set to get them through to better times and abc's deirdre bolton has more. >> reporter: restaurants, amusement parks, retail shops, they all need workers. >> without them we wouldn't be to op our s summer we'vergens employ here.eporter: economists saying thiss thbest summein decades for american teenagers looking for work. >> for almost 50 years we've been seeing this continual decline in the portion of teenagers taking summer jobs and like so many things over the past year,this pandemic has
7:42 am
turned that trend up on its head. >> reporter: the economy has rebounded much faster than many expected and some businesses are overwhelmed by pent-up demand. >> as we're re-opening restaurants, hotels, retail stores, there's a sense among employers that they don't want to leave any money on the table this summer because they've suffered so much over the last 18 years. >> some adults are wrestling with childcare issues or the concerns about their health or the health of someone they live with. >> teens have stepped in to fill this gap while older workers remain either unwilling or unable to enter the workforce. >> reporter: for teens, greater demands equal higher wages. >> i get paid well and with tips too, that's always really nice. >> reporter: employers like alonso who runs a tropical smoothie franchise are competing for workers, and even small businesses feel pressure to add benefits. >> i give the kids free food at times. i'm trying to see what i can do to actually get these kids to stay. these teenagers, another thing
7:43 am
that i've been doing is tuition reimbursement for people working 30 hours or more, i'm trying to do everything i can to keep employees. >> reporter: for teenagers, mane the rknce.or >> yes, so i'm a shift lead. and i'm just making smoothies, making food. i have to close the store. i'm very thankful to have a job and a good job. >> reporter: as for what teens in the workforce means for the economy, most experts agree, it's a net positive. >> you can speed up the recovery while also making sure that teenagers are earning a paycheck. >> reporter: once late august comes, some small businesses may feel the crunch as older teens go to college. whit. >> all right, deirdre bolton for us, thank you so much. coming up here on "good morning america," billie jean king and the others being honored for changing the way prize money is awarded in women's tennis. the interviews you'll see only here on "gma." "gma."
7:44 am
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back now with "gma" and the trailblazing women being inducted this year into the international tennis hall of fame. billie jean king, part of a group who challenged the wide pay disparity between men and women, espn's elle duncan is here with more on this story. and such a cool story of accomplishment for these women. >> it certainly is. and i love being able to join you all here on "gma" talk about my full-time job, secret sports related, you but at the time women in tennis in many cases were being paid 12th of what the men were making to play the exact same sport. so fed up e billie jean king and the original nine made a bold
7:48 am
free to break free from the tennis establishment and form it with the wta. fed up with rampant gender discrimination in tennis at the time, nine women led by hall of famer billie jean king made a revolutionary decision in 1970 that's finally being commemorated in the national tennis hall of fame. and ahead of their induction later today, i chatted with seven of the original nine women to reflect on their enduring legacy almost 51 years later. >> remind people what you all were facing that led you to form your own tour. >> well, we had no money. so they were giving us very limited money, and so we wanted to be equal and to have a place and at that time we had the women's movement too so we were part of that. >> and there's three things we ended up talking about, number one, any girl born in the world who is good enough will finally have a place to compete. number two, that she or we would
7:49 am
be appreciated for our accomplishments, not only our looks, because everything was about looks then. and, number three, the most important one obviously is to be able to make a living playing the sport we love and had a passion for, and that's what we wanted for every girl that came after us. >> reporter: now realizing that dream meant a grassroots approach with the women serving as promoter, publicist and salesperson typically at the detriment of their craft. >> so we love each other, we care about each other, but together we did this and relationships are everything and i just -- we're all friends and that's what really matters. >> reporter: the impact of the original nine's decision reverberates throughout tennis to this day. as female tennis players are now amongst some of the highest paid athletes in the world. it's been over 50 years. what part of your journey do you hope endures? >> the fact that we were willing to stand up to do right to risk everything.
7:50 am
there was also the truth there wasn't much left for us. we had to band together, and we had enough people with the guts and the understanding of the importance of what we were doing. >> what we did is we showed up. we stood up, and we spoke up. >> i love that. showed up, stood up, spoke out and they did it of course together and talked about togetherness and billie jean says she hopes the experience proves women are a powerful force when they work together. and while they say there's a lot more work to be done, they feel a lot of satisfaction and overwhelming sense of pride with the sacrifice they made for the cause. their official induction will be happening a little later today at the national tennis hall of fame. >> so cool what they did. you look at what women are paid in other sports and the disparity still exists. >> the fight still exists. >> in tennis because of what these women did. >> exactly. their advice to the women's national soccer team was to be bold and make sure you hold them to it, hold them accountable. >> yeah, incredible. and the impact is huge.
7:51 am
>> it's felt to this very day. >> it is. >> yes. >> while we're talking sports, hang on, "play of the day" coming up next. we'll be right back. i'm not always on my game. but lately, my uncle is, especially with his type 2 diabetes. with once-weekly trulicity most people reached an a1c under 7%. plus it could help you lose up to ten pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer,
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would you press it? back w back with the "play of the day" and a surprise payoff. check out this guy showing off his basketball skills. he targets the basket in front of him but then, wait, there's more. he got some fancy footwork going on. and then he targets the basket behind him and then, boom. >> no. >> in it goes, straight in. >> let me get our investigative unit on that video. >> i know. i want to see -- >> the back heel no-look full court. never seen it before. >> how in the world. >> i need to zoom in to make sure they didn't edit that video. >> that's a good question. >> the things people learn during this pandemic, though, it's pretty impressive. >> no, if he did that for real i'm like mind blown. >> never be able to do it. > "g" is n h on the world. saturday.
7:56 am
coming up, the delta variant tightening its grip on the u.s. with nearly all states reporting increases in covid cases. also ahead, our "gma" cover story on britney spears' new high-powered attorney. who he is and the other famous faces he's represented. and then it's tiktok skin care, a dermatologist weighs in on the beauty advice from some of the most popular viral videos out there. good morning. i'm kate larsen. today the 49ers are hosting a job fair to get ready for thousands of fans to return to levi stadium at full capacity, highing new pleas to fill open positions with game day related
7:57 am
departments, housekeeping, retail, concessions and more. applicants must be 18 years old and the fair runs from 10:00 to 2:00 today at levi stadium. it's the first street fair gatherin place in san francisco's china town. it is all happening from 11 to 3:00 on pacific avenue between grant and stockton street. meteorologist lisa argen has been here keeping track of our weekend forecast. what is it looking like folks outside today? sunny in the marin county area, marine layer in the distance. sunny in south bay, 60 oakland, the clouds lifting and marine layer keeping us comfortable around the bay today. 57 novato. numbers in around the 60s and mid and upper 70s. you get inland, a bit of a warm up today by fedeeeanthings are
7:58 am
change. subtropical moisture headed our way, upper elevations especially above 2000 feet. super dry, could see the risk of dry lightning here, 5:00 p.m. until 11:00 on monday. under a fire weather watch for late sunday into monday. today the fog clears to the coast. 60s there, 70s around the bay. lightning sunday into monday and a bit cooler into later on next week. the news continues now with good morning america. you're strong. you power through chronic migraine - 15 or more headache days a month, ...each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine. so, if you haven't tried botox® for your chronic migraine,
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good morning, america. it's our second hour. a pandemic of the unvaccinated. the cdc director's somber warning as the delta variant continues to gain steam. coronavirus on the rise in nearly every state. millions of californians back to indoor mask mandates. we have the latest. less than a week until the olympics and "gma" is live from tokyo. overnight, the first positive covid result found in the olympic village as world-class athletes continue to descend on the capital city, growing concern over surging cases, japan hitting a six-month high. and before she goes for the gold, naomi osaka off the court, the tennis champ opening up in a new docu-series. >> no one prepares you for that.


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