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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 17, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. even though it's though it' required, i think it makes me feel safer. >> bay area this morning. 7 local counties are recommending that everyone wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status. health officers continue to monitor covid transmission rates and hospitalizations fueled by the delta variant. good morning, the saturday, july 17. i am kate larsen and you're watching kgo news at 6:00 a.m. live on abc7 and weber you stream. we have more the new mask recommendation in just a second but let's start with a look at weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. we do have the sun coming up. not everywhere.
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the marine layer is a bit more compressed and some spots. some quality in the city and across the bay in oakland. outside, you can see a finger fog. this is san jose. 55 in mountain view. 50s in san jose. 50 in pacifica. they are the santa ro upper 50s and clear inland. there is a fire danger index which projects when the fire danger is going to increase. that will happen by late tomorrow into monday. the sub tropical moisture heads our way thunderstorms. there is a look from the east bay hills camera. it is mostly clear for the inland valleys but we have a few clouds around the coast. sunny skies by midday. upper 60s around the bay. it will be warm inland near 90. pleasant around the bay. the fog will be pushed back to the coast and we will talk more about the fire danger for the second half of the weekend.
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cal fire does say that it will increase staffing this weekend because of the threat of dry lightning. a fire weather watch goes effect monday at 5:00 p.m. until monday at 11:00 a.m. the national weather service says given how dry the fuels are, any lightning strikes will be problematic for the potential to start wild fires. helping this, wildfire sitting at plumes of smoke near lake tahoe. the tamarac fire is burning south of lake tahoe near the small town of mark we will. the fire has burned at least 1600 acres. the annual death ride tour of the california alps cycling event was supposed to start today but that has been canceled. governor newsom has declared a state of emergency in three california counties because of wild fires. the beckwourth complex has burned more than 105,000 acres in there counties. it is 70% contained. the state of emergency is in effect for siskiyou county due
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to the lava fire that has been burning since last month. a fire near the camp fire burn scar has grown to more than 8700 acres. evacuations remain in place, but firefighters are hopeful that nearby neighborhoods are safe. the dixie fire is 9% contained and firefighters say that instead of digging new containment lines, they were able to reinforce some of the lines they dug up for the camp fire back in 2018, which has saved some time. there are a dozen fires burning across the state right now. you can see live up dates on all of them with the wildfire tracker. you can find it on her website now to the pandemic are seeing a disturbing trend in california's test positivity rate. one week ago, it was at 2.3%. since then, it has gone up to 3.7%. as the positivity rate goes up, the number of cases usually
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follows. yesterday, the state reported more than 4600 cases, which is nearly twice as many as one week ago. mx 7 local counties are recommending masking indoors, regardless of vaccine status. that move comes amid a spike in covid cases driven by the delta variant. the new guidelines apply to nearly the entire bay area, only solano county and napa counties are excluded. reporter amanda del castillo shows us what some steps in the south bay are taking. >> reporter: it is nice to see you smile again. optimism post on the storefront in downtown san jose, but friday, a team of bay area health officers released new it recommendations that will once again put the pearly whites behind masks, urging everyone to wear them indoors vaccinated or not. >> as soon as we see signals that things are worsening, it is important to act quickly if we have the evidence to do so.
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>> reporter: the assistant health officer says that despite the county's excellent vaccination rates, there seeing a rise in cases. believing much of it might be due to the more transmissible delta variant. the signs already reflect the indoor masking recommendation. >> unless it is apsley mandated, we will not mandate mass gray inside, but we will suggest a. the owner says they're taking a different approach to added safety. they have required visitors to the belowground bar to show proof of vaccination. he admits the policy is not for everyone. >> we have had some confrontations at the door with folks who do not agree with the policy for whatever reasons they have and they want to let us know. >> reporter: the yelp page has taken a hit, but he feels it offers needed relief, especially when vaccination status would otherwise be uncertain. >> a lot of people indoors on
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mast freaks me out. >> reporter: she is not sold. she has remained mast and plans to keep it that way until there is a definitive and to the covid-19 pandemic. >> makes me feel safer. also, i feel like if it could protect somebody else or make someone else feel safer, when it do it? my cases in the county have tripled in the last three weeks. reasons why san jose resident says that she anticipated the return of masking indoors. >> every time i leave the house, i don't have the mask. it doesn't surprise me that we have to mask up again. >> reporter: right now it is a recommendation, not a requirement. in san jose, i am amanda del castillo, abc7 news. the superior court is reinstating a mandatory mask requirement, regardless of vaccination status and ucsf says it is also requiring people to wear masks indoors. the orders in effect everywhere on campus, not just in the hospitals and clinics. 11:59 tonight, the los angeles county
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will go into effect. everyone will be required to wear a mask indoors, even those who are vaccinated. health officials say it is necessary as covid cases rise, especially among unvaccinated people. >> i got vaccinated to make my life easier, but apparently it doesn't matter. >> it is not punitive. santa punishment to anybody. it's about public safety. make the l.a. county sheriff said that his office will not enforce the mandate. he says it is not backed by science and added that the department will not expend limited resources on this. and said he asked for voluntary compliance. pfizer is one step closer to getting a full fda approval for the covid-19 vaccine. the company has been granted party review for the shot and that usually takes six months but approval can come sooner. in the east bay, a reward being offered to help find the suspects in two brazen robberies of the past two days, that occurred on the same lock
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in oakland's chinatown. they both happen on ninth street near the chinese independent baptist church. abc7 reported matt boone has reaction from the community. >> reporter: a woman in her 80s were was being escorted just after emerged from my car and started chasing after them. a third suspect runs up as they continue thrashing the women to the ground, taking the belongings before getting away. >> it is frustrating. as president of the chinatown chamber of commerce, he says he has been flooded with calls. >> saying how upset they feel and how angry they are. and seeing our community as being attacked. >> reporter: this happened just a day after another incident happened on the same block, captured on the same security cameras. >> reporter: he the video shows man standing in front of the baptist church 12 men run out of the car. they knocked him to the ground, and hit him repeatedly with a
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gun. a good samaritan was also pistol whipped. they say they have tried to focus on this area, but they have been stretch then. >> a lot of our resources are ni thheharerence e . >> rorthe community patrol groups that were formed earlier this year have helped decrease crime in the area overall., but they fear that criminals have not been deterred by the efforts. >> since last week, we are seeing this spike in crimes happening in chinatown. it is concerning. >> reporter: he says that the chamber is offering a $2500 reward for information leading to an arrest. another community group hosted a pop-up market on saturday to raise money for more security cameras to be installed in the area. in oakland, matt boone, abc7 news. that pop-up market will be at the oakland tribune parking
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lot and runs from noon until 5:00 p.m. next week, san francisco officials will talk about a community policing and deployment plan as tourism ramps up. we will hear more ci is forecasting 15 million grubhub and door dash a taking san francisco to court. they filed a lawsuit over the permanent 15% cap on how much they can charge restaurants for each order. the board of supervisors voted on it last month. they warned that the limit might force them to cut down or eliminate operations in san francisco. the city attorney's office says that it is not yet receiving the lawsuit. switching gears to the weekend weather, lisa argen is here with a look at what might be coming up this week . good morning. a gorgeous shot hear from the tower camera. it was sunrise just about 10 minutes ago.
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we will see some sun and it will be typically cool here. it will get a little atypical as we go into sunday with a chance of thunderstorms, dry lightning, and a fire watch all heading your way. i will explain, coming up. also ahead, will the a's ever get a new stadium built in oakland? the city presented the counter proposal and why no one is surprised might actually be a step backwards. bus, lots of people looking for work but money is not everything. expert s
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what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy,
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breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? happening today, a somber ceremony to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the port chicago explosion. one of the most worst explosion exit, killed hundreds of mostly african-american soldiers.
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it shook the entire east bay. today the national park service will honor the victims of the disaster at the port chicago national memorial in concord. new developments this morning. democrats calling for congressional action after a federal judge in texas ruled that daca, is illegal. the ruling does not affect the status of the six and 50,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers who are protected from deportation, but it does block future applications. the judge ruled on a lawsuit brought by a group of nine states led by texas. they argued that the obama administration had overextended the executive authority went daca was created in 2012. a legal services agency says that several clients have already called with questions and concerns. >> the ripple effect was immediate. anxiety produced was very swift. we have numerous clients whose daca applications are currently
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pending. the trump administration tried to and daca in 2017 but the supreme court blocked the attempt. a coyote that had repeatedly charged at toddlers in san francisco's golden gate park has been killed by wildlife officials. they proisimage of the coyote from 2019 when it was spotted near lake merced. they say people illegally leaving food for the coyote, as seen in this photo, contributed to the animal's fearlessness. animal control officers called federal officials who determined that they needed to act because the coyote was a threat to public safety. the oakland city council took a swing at the a's pitch for a new stadium. the city released its own term sheet to build at howard terminal and there are hundreds of millions of dollars apart in funding. sports director larry beil has the details. >> reporter: how to pay for is
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a three to $52 million question. the city council offered a counter proposal to the term the esident said that the gap vt teams made consensus on concessions on affordable housing. they are voting yes of the city deal and that means and now for the a's. >> we have been working in good faith to make concessions, provide the same token, just something that does not have the details that is not something we agreed to, that is not going to be a constructive path forward. the proposal today that was voted on, and that was only thing considered, would not be a success for this project and for the a's in oakland. we do have a proposal that does work for us, that they are welcome to vote on. >> reporter: what is unclear is how much they might contribute. to close the gap, they say
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negotiations will continue through the weekend. richard sherman appeared in court and entered a plea of not guilty to multiple charges. he is accused of trying to break into the seattle area home of his wife's parents. he and his wife were seen leaving court yesterday holding hands. earlier in the day, he released a apology on social media. it reads in part, i behaved in a manner that i'm not proud of. been dealing with some personal challenges of the last several months. that is not an excuse risky how i acted. as part of the efforts to build a better bay area, with the changing workplace, including the reasons people are changing jobs. along with higher pay, there are other underlying reasons as well that could prevent some of the turnover that we are seeing. david louis looks at why so many job seekers are unhappy. >> reporter: there are signs everywhere that the economy is on a come back. in the silicon valley,
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construction entered 600 jobs in june. 1700 manufacturing jobs and 2000 jobs in science, technology, and business. who is taking the jobs? it appears not people laid off during the pandemic. it is people landing better jobs because the unemployment rate decrease. they say that there are a lot of unhappy workers. 86% of remote workers and 81% of hybrid workers expressed exhaustion, along with 69% of office workers. when it comes to burnout, 75% say they are burned out a little to a late great deal. should employers be addressing this? >> you have to be able to address that, or they risk this leaky bucket situation where they are scratching to hire people, but they are losing the talent through the bottom. >> people know that skill sets are in demand and
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is on fire. so, it has never been a better time to be a job seeker. >> reporter: half of companies surveyed say that they are offering cash bonuses. that should not be the lure. >> what will the projected income going to be over time, i think that is pivotable but whether or not you accept the job. >> reporter: this saying it takes about 7 weeks on average to fill a job . meteorologist has been here all morning tracking the forecast. there has been a lot of fog but we have some concerns about fire danger weather . that is exactly right. just because we have a fog does not mean that you are immune to the possibility of a lightning strike above the marine layer. we are looking at very record dry fuels above 2000 feet. despite the moisture that we have had in place and the less dry fuel by the marine layer, we still could see upper level act to the t where the moisture is going to be heading into a system to the north of us. all of that coming together to
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provide the entire bay area with a higher fire danger risk beginning tomorrow. doppler 7 right now, showing the low fog chances in the coast and in looking to arizona, this is the first element that will allow for a change in the weather. the second half the weekend, the moisture is moving up through southern california and the system to the west of us will interact and provide the possibility for lightning and when we have the possibility, anywhere has the potential to see the ignition of new fires that could spread. here is a look at the east bay hills camera. gorgeous picture here with the low cloud deck in spots. lower elevations. 59 in oakland. 54 in san francisco and san jose. 51 in morgan hill. a beautiful view on top of mount tam. upper 70s at
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has been comfortable. cool in some spots. 50 in the north bay. some clouds for novato at 54. 56 by the delta. upper 50s with a clear start in concord and livermore. we have the picture that shows the story with the marine layer not totally over san francisco. it will pull back to the coast. sunny and breezy afternoon downtown. by tomorrow, the possibility of dry thunderstorms and that will bring the risk of new wildfires, especially above 2000 feet to the north and east bay hills. the warming trend, the slight warming trend today, tomorrow, and into monday. here's the area that we are watching. these of the typical areas, especially above 1000 to 2000 feet. the possibility exists here and then if you get a thunderstorm, what comes with it are the gusty and erratic wind that could spread fire. be very careful out there and aware over the weekend. there is look at the fog pulling through the coast throughout the day today. here's the sub tropical moisture as early as tomorrow afternoon. you can e that the moisture
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is continuing through the sierra nevada. highs today in and around 80 degrees. 78s in milpitasthe peninsula. downtown, once again, in the mid-60s. plenty of sun. 79 up towards napa. 74 in san leandro. if you go inland we are looking 87 in san ramon. 92 in antioch. the threat of thunderstorms arrives later on tomorrow into monday. orme to hot inland and over the weekend, we will climb, temperatures will be a little bit moving up along the baby getting cooler and the threat leaves us as we get into tuesday and the rest of the work week. today marks 45 years since the special report aired about 26 children and their bus driver who escaped from a varied truck trailer in the east bay. they were taken the infamous chowchilla's school bus
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incident. >> they left on a bus and they returned on a bus. they were cannot place thursday afternoon while riding on a school bus. >> did nothing short of elaborate plans, very elaborate plans, for keeping the hostages. they were incarcerated six feet underground in a decaying movie man trailer. >> you can get decide the buried truck trailer with our streaming tv app. it is a free and available to
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i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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when olivia rodrigo met with dr. fauci at the white house this week, those
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educational for both of them. they filmed this video to encouraging people to get vaccinated. dr. fauci read a tweet that wished him a happy man crush monday. >> i've no idea. >> man crush monday is when people will send a text to the boyfriends. >> whatever it takes. if it makes you get vaccinated, go for. >> i love it. the moment has been viewed half 1 million times on twitter. espn's documentary the last dance caught the attention of audiences last spring. it is about michael jordan's dynasty with the chicago bulls. you'll be able to stream on our sister network streaming app espn+. we spoke with the series director. >> reporter: the director of the last it's will begin streaming on espn+ starting
6:27 am
this monday. >> we went from a [ bleep ] team to one of the all-time best dynasty. all you had needed was one match. that started that whole fire. >> reporter: and followed michael jordan and the chicago bulls during the final championship season of 1998. he reviewed a world that few have been able to see and give insight into one of the greatest at basketball players of all time. when he finally gave his blessing and release the never before seen footage, the director new this was something special. >> it felt like a privilege. it was like you were seeing stuff that, it is like an urban legend come to life. >> when people see that, they might say he was not really a nice guy. but that is you, because you never wanted anything. i wanted to win, but i wanted them to win and be part of that
6:28 am
as well. >> for me, was end of an almost 14 year journey of covering them. it will be a step back in time. may never see it again. warriors coach steve kerr plays a big part in the last dance. you can stream the award- winning series starting monday on espn+. drew robinson is retiring from baseball and is joining the san francisco giants' front office. he lost his right eye in a suicide attempt. the 29-year-old spent the last two and half months with the minor-league team, but will transition to his new role as a mental health advocate for the giants. you can stream the documentary on espn+. still to come on abc7 mornings. a look at who is getting sick with covid and the silver lining to what is happening in some hospitals. and with less than a week
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. good morning. you are watching abc7 news are streaming this half hour with look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen to is keeping track of a mixed bag of summer weather. we have the fog over the city, but it is not an extensive marine layer. it is sunny here in san josc with a start of 54 degrees. 59 overcast in oakland. here's the tower camera and you can notice that there is a marine layer present. 54 in novato with the clear
6:32 am
skies and upper 50s inland. the fire danger inland index is going into monday as the upper elevations express only the dry fuels, but thunderstorm that could ignite fire. here is a look at what to expect throughout the day today. 70 inland and 60s with sunshine around oakland. by later on this afternoon, a bit of a warm-up. upper 70s around the bay. we are keeping the fog at the coast and it is not going anywhere. everyone could see a chance of dry lightning. i will explain and expand the detailed area, coming up. we do have developing news out of washington, d.c.. a 6- year-old girl is dead after a shooting near the coast ar. five adults, three men and two women were injured in the shooting and they are expected to be okay. there is no word on any suspects or women up to the shooting but we will keep you updated. the highly contagious delta
6:33 am
variant is being blamed for a spike in covid cases. the director of the cdc is calling it a pandemic of the unvaccinated. the number of hospitalizations and deaths has increased as vaccination rates plunge. christine sloan has the latest. >> reporter: a reality check in the fight against covid-19. an alarming spike in covid cases . vaccination rates down nearly 85% since mid april. the president doubling down on the surgeon general's warning about the threat of misinformation on the pandemic and vaccines, taking aim at facebook and other social media platforms. >> it's killing people. look, the only pandemic we have, is among the unvaccinated. facebook fighting back. they released a statement saying that we will not be
6:34 am
distracted by accusations which are not supported by the fact. among vaccinated people, questions about breakthrough infections. >> the good news is that the people with the breakthrough infections docket really sick or get hospitalized or die. >> reporter: the case average jumping 121%. california topping 184 los angeles county if lamenting a mask mandate again, starting today, everyone, vaccinated or unvaccinated, are urged to wear a mask when indoors. >> i believe that the decision made by the l.a. county is appropriate, because of the data. 10 other california counties recommending masks when indoors, too. in las vegas, regional health officials urging masks for people who are vaccinated or unvaccinated. and they are warning that there into the fourth surge in louisiana. rising cases are just one factor behind the new masking
6:35 am
recommendation here in the bay area. laura anthony takes us to contra costa county, where hospitalizations have jumped. the patient population is made up almost entirely of those who are unvaccinated. >> it is very disappointing. >> reporter: he has seen his share of laura brache and loss as it infectious disease specialist on the front lines of covid fight at john miller medical center. he finds out what is happening now especially concerning. >> what we are seeing a people unvaccinated. that's been the driving force. >> they have 24 covid patients. that is half of the covid patients and contra costa county. >> the cases have gone from under 22/50 hospitalized patients with covid in our county in the past month. >> reporter: the make up of hospitalized patients has
6:36 am
evolved from mostly older people to those much longer. >> people going to the hospital are almost exclusively the unvaccinated. they are younger people. most of the seniors have been vaccinated. we are seeing younger people in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, really sick in hospital. >> reporter: other health systems report similar upticks. the numbers of hospitalized covid patients. the vast majority are not fully vaccinated. while the increase of hospitalizations is concerning, if there is a silver lining, it is that relatively few patients are being treated in intensive care units. >> we probably have think three or four on ventilators. a couple others are being closely monitored. the majority are not icu patients. >> reporter: the fact that more people are being hospitalize when a county were 74% available are fully vaccinated,
6:37 am
means that the covid fight is not yet over. laura anthony, abnews. and there is more concerned, because the opening ceremony for the olympics are just six days awayam noso ar that the games will become a superspreader event. james longman is in tokyo with the story. >> reporter: more bad news for u.s. men's basketball. kevin love withdrawing with a calf injury. that comes just after bradley beal from the washington wizards was pulled from the squad. he is being held with health and safety protocols. that is long with jerami grant. it is unclear if jeremy grant will go to tokyo but they are finalizing decisions for the two replacement players for the games. now the first olympic visitor hospitalize for covid. an official with the nigerian team tested positive on
6:38 am
thursday. the person is said to be in their 60s, and had only light symptoms. tokyo is in a state of emergency, seen the highest covid levels in six months. >> reporter: this is the centerpiece of the olympic games. take a look at the security, it is about as close as most japanese will get to their own olympic games. >> reporter: protests, although small, are growing. >> i think people in japan are in disbelief that this could be happening in a week. >> reporter: the lubec village is meant to keep athletes safe, but they worry about thousands of visitors making these games a superspreader event. still ahead on abc7 mornings, immersive yoga and the works of van gogh. why some say that it is the perfect combination. and here is the live look from our roof camera on abc7. you can see the clouds peek into the bay bridge.
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happening today, it is the first street fair gathering since there will be performances and games. it will be from 11:00 to 3:00 between grant and stockton. also happening, families can learn the art of spray painting in san francisco mission district. people can come out and express themselves through art from noon until 5:00 p.m. it is happening at the proceed to park on
6:42 am
tickets are sold on the pokc go app here in san francisco. there will be many pokc stops with james and areas along the embarcadero. >> there going to the wonderful outdoor events. how does it look? >> sunny and clear already here in the east bay where temperatures are the upper 50s and warmer this afternoon. it is reaching 90 inland. sunshine in the city. but, you will have the sea breeze and not a lot of change as you are closer to the coast. changes for everyone as a fire danger increases for the second half the weekend. the accuready there 7-day forecast is commit. the giants and a's are back from the all-star break with a bang. the picked up right where they the picked up right where they left off, by going ♪ ♪ ♪ the picked up right where they left off, by going
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the 49ers off in exactly 4 weeks at home at levi stadium. the team is hosting a job fair to get ready for thousands of fans to return at full capacity. the niners are hiring new employees to fill open positions with game day related departments. that includes housekeeping, retail, parking, security, concessions, and more. applicants must be at least 18 years old. it runs from 10:00 until 2:00 today at levi stadium. the a's host the cleveland indians first pitch at the coliseum. the giants are on the road. last night, the bats came alive for both bay area teams. here is sports director tran50
6:46 am
with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. the giants hit the all-star break leading in st. louis continuing to crush the long ball. giants fans on the road showing their support. he got all of that. taking advantage of the solo bomb giving them a 1-0 lead. the giants have dealt with so many injuries but they keep finding replacements like lamont wade jr. it is a 4-1 leave. we promised it and here comes again. dylan carlson giving chase to the wall and runs out of room. the giants and onto the lead at 7-1. they had to use 7 pitchers in the game. they win 7-2. i look at the determination
6:47 am
of this fan he looks like he's going to get it, then he doesn't. it is best to learn about disappointment early. not disappointing. back from his stint on the injured list. 3-0 the indians are tied in the sixth. the seventh, it is bradley zimmer with a blast to center field. his first of the year. cleveland takes the lead at 4- 3. how clutch is he? this clutch. came over. drive home safely. >> the a's win in walkoff fashion with a score of 5-4. tom brady had knee surgery after winning the seventh super bowl to repair a torn ligament, but apparently he played through a torn mcl all season. the box never listed his knee on any injury reports which is
6:48 am
an nfl no-no. it is amazing he can play so well at age 40 through with that injury. how about the x games? tony hawk is 53 years old making his first appearance in 18 years, casually pulling off the upset unreal grab. he still has. 12-year-old gui khury steals the show come the first ever 1080 in x games probably not my event. that is the wrap on the morning sports. do not forget, we have nba finals game 5 tonight here on abc7. the to buffet 6:00 p.m. have a great weekend, everybody. now we are going to check the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. there is a warming trend but what does that mean >> it is breezy. does not mean too much. temperatures in the 60s with plenty of low clouds at
6:49 am
coast here. it really means that the inland valleys are warming up a bit and into the second half of the weekend, the subtropical moisture will head to the north, allowing for hopefully not thunderstorm activity. the potential is there for dry lightning and fire stars and if we see fires, spreading, because of the gusty outflow winds, , , that more in detail coming up. but right now as we look at emeryville, you can see the it is gray. 54 in san jose with sunshine downtown. 54 and gray on the roof camera looking at a cloudy start out there. it has been a cool and typical summer in san francisco with plenty of marine clouds and even the moisture at the surface. 55 in novato. 57 in napa. clear skies upper 50s inland. as we look at sfo, lot of 70s. dry thunderstorms could be arriving later tomorrow as the clouds increase and with that, the potential is
6:50 am
chance of lightning to spark a wildfire. the warming trend continues into monday as we look at the higher elevations from the north and east bay hills and the diablo range. at 2003, we have not seen that fog and the vegetation is dry at record level dry. the exceptional drought this year has back to back with last year with the lightning strikes really posing a threat of fire. all of these areas, including the santa cruz mountains from 5:00 tomorrow to 11:00 on monday, we could see some lightning strikes and dry thunderstorms. this would looks like with increasing clouds into sunday afternoon. it is going to be a cloudier day. there is some moisture associated with those clouds and a triggering mechanism offshore could ignite the possibility of those thunderstorms. we will watch it for you. this threat will begin to ease up as we go monday afternoon. the highs today are fairly comfortable with numbers ranging from 65 in san francisco and about where you should be for this time of
6:51 am
year. 60 in half moon bay. 85 in santa rosa. a nice day for heading out to wine country. 77 palo alto. a couple of 90s arriving inland and it will not be too hot, but temperatures at about 92 in antioch. 90 in livermore. on sunday as we feature the warm weather, increasing clouds are bringing in a chance of a thunderstorm, taking us through monday. with that extra humid air, we will look forward to the cooling trend that will take us through the rest of next week. thank you for that. beauty and peace in one place? san francisco yoga class is immersing students in the art. then go with yogurt has masterpieces come to life. >> welcome to immersive yoga. >> it is such an immersive unique experience. no one does it. >> it's like you're in another world. every sense, is awakened and you are mesmerized by what you see and what you feel.
6:52 am
>> i invite you to begin arriving in the moment. maybe you want to keep your eyes opened. >> you can take in the beautiful surroundings. brings a lot more peace than i guess taking yoga in a traditional bright studio with the mirrors. >> when the program starts, this comes to life and your choreographed with the music and completely enveloping every surface in the room, including the floor. >> what a great way to start the day. it is completely immersive. >> taking in the art and the beauty that surrounds you. >> it makes people comfortable and happy. all day long. >> exhale, flip the front palm and sweep it back. >> we love about yoga is the connection of mind and body
6:53 am
through the breath and through life force and through energy, and bringing those into harmony. >> i think it is so much different than traditional exercise. it is less about your performance and more about what your body is experiencing in the moment. >> is a great workout because it is one of the best spaces to clear your mental space. there are no weights, there is no bicycle, this just your body. >> we are encouraged to turn inward with our progress and with this, you get a combination of that practice with this amazing outer world filled with art and colors. >> i love starry night. and, the sunflower paintings. son during those two moments, it is really beautiful.
6:54 am
>> i love the colors and the way that it is projected on the floor and the walls. >> it motivate you to keep going and take a moment to take a deep breath and enjoy your surroundings. >> i think everyone can benefit from yoga. if you can breathe, you can do yoga. hope to provide something that lets him burn off some steam and open up and create space for whatever the day has to offer. >> i feel great. i feel energized and i like them doing something like this, really sets my day off for success. classes take lace wednesday through sunday mornings and more information or to reserve a spot, it does look quite relaxing, you can visit their website. website. next up, a popular [baby crying] i got it. i got it. ♪ ♪ give grandma kisses. mwah. ♪ ♪
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6:57 am
communities. the fair returned after being canceled last year. there will be multiple events on three different weekends. today is the event in japan town. there will be live performances featuring drummers, line dancing, and jazz musicians. it will be held the weekend of august 7 and august 8. and i think we have a final check of the weather with lisa argen. how's it going? we have a less robust marine layer. it is warmer for some of you away from the coast. we are looking at a chance of dry thunderstorms late tomorrow into monday. that could pose a risk of new wildfires, special in the upper elevations. today, it is going to feel pretty typical around here. 65 downtown. 72 in oakland. the numbers are creeping up toward 90.
6:58 am
the accuweather 7-day forecast, the threat of dry lightning is possible with fire starts tomorrow into monday. then we will see slightly cooler weather next week. all right. thank you so much for joining us on abc7 mornings. i am kate larsen along with lisa argen. we have good morning america next followed by abc7 news at 9:00 a.m. we will be back. for now, have a great morning.
6:59 am
if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
7:00 am
good morning, america. covid cases soaring. the warning from the cdc. >> this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> the daily case average up nearly 70% in the last week. the state seeing the biggest surges getting help from the white house as they try to stop the spread. while in l.a., the mask mandate back, and with the olympics a week away, the first case detected in the olympic village. athletes weighing in on safety concerns. james longman in tokyo with the mlion peoe k r flash flooding this weekend. rain records set to be broken as the fears for dry lightning fueling wildfire


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