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tv   2020  ABC  July 16, 2021 9:01pm-11:00pm PDT

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you have to be a sociopath in its purest form in order to be able to take another person's life. >> i'm going to zoom in. >> hello. >> grabbed her stuff, opened her door, and in the shadows gets hit with seven bullets. forced back in her apartment from the blast. >> you see pictures of shawn gayle throughout the condominium. >> shaun gayle, number 23, scored a touchdown. >> shaun gayle is a celebrity. all the '85 bears are very well known celebrities. he was dating her. she was pregnant with his child. >> in your opinion, why do you think they didn't get married. >> i know ronny wanted to be married. i'm thinking it was probably because shaun wasn't ready.
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>> he's a guy what a lot of women in his life. are there other people who had relationships with shaun that didn't end well? >> someone literally took that child out. >> there's some woman out there sending letters, she may want to get rid of the other women in his life. >> so the police bug his house and he's asking her, do you think these letters were sent from the killer? >> i think the person is a little unbalanced. got a few screws loose. >> when you hid the gun, did you hide it real well? >> it's gone. >> it sounds very much to me like someone's confessing to a murder. ♪ this is a story that has shocked an entire city over and over. >> we start with breaking news. >> a deadly shooting nearby.
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>> she's dead? >> i'll have to have an investigator call you. >> she's dead? [ cries ] >> this was an execution. >> a pregnant 42-year-old woman gunned down as she was going to work. ♪ >> was it a robbery? was it a contract killing? was it revenge? >> it turns out, she is the girlfriend of a former chicago bear, shaun gayle. ♪ save me ♪ ♪ >> the bears. >> shaun gayle was this legendary football player for one of the greatest football teams of all time, the '85 bears. and his pregnant girlfriend, rhoni reuter, when she is murdered, i mean, this turned this city upside down. >> the story really starts in 1985 when mike ditka and the chicago bears ruled the town of chicago. ♪
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>> chicago is a huge football town. [ cheers and applause ] >> chicago! >> go bears! >> bury 'em! >> in 1985, the bears were on fire, and this was something the city had not seen. >> the chicago bears, the mighty monsters of michigan avenue. >> i was a young local reporter working in chicago. i was not a sports reporter. i was a news reporter. but the bears were so big that they were leading the newscast, not the sportscast. >> the 1985 bears, arguably one of the greatest football teams in nfl history, there's no question. >> picked off by dave duerson! >> they had just the strangest, wildest group of players you'll ever see on one squad. >> play mcdonald's playoff payoff. ♪ it's a good time for the great
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taste of ♪ >> victory. >> i venture to say that almost every guy in that 53-man squad did at least one commercial. >> this cat knows exactly what he wants. >> that's my kind of cat. >> whiskas. >> that's going to be intercepted. shaun gayle. >> shaun gayle was a great contributor. a starter, just a rock-solid, really well-respected player that would knock you out. you wanted him at safety. >> four to go. the kick is blocked! shaun gayle, number 23, scored the touchdown. >> shaun was this charismatic, laid-back, soft-spoken guy. >> we're not going to, you know, break our arms patting ourselves on the back about what we've done so far. we know we have a long way to go. >> a little guarded, but of course he was super attractive. you know, everybody would just fall all over him. >> he was very popular among women.
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>> shaun, of course, you're a bachelor, still a heartthrob among female bear fans. what do you do after a football game? >> and players. >> you got to watch him. usually the single guys, we just get together, get a bite to eat. [ coughing ] >> in 1985, they were perfect through the first 11 games. they won all of them. so there was this building excitement in chicago. >> we're going to bring home a winner. for them. for chicago and the fans. it's not for anybody else. >> they won 11 straight games. they only had a couple more to go before the super bowl. and then they decide to celebrate a little early by making the super bowl shuffle. >> okay, let's do it. ♪ we are the bears shuffling crew ♪ ♪ shuffling on down, doing it for you ♪ >> the corniest, worst music video you're ever gonna see. >> it was sort of a rap song. not really. ♪ strutting our stuff on everyone ♪
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>> nobody could dance. and look, shaun couldn't dance either. he'll tell you he was smooth. you saw him stuck in the back there. ♪ we're not here ♪ >> he needed to be in the back. ♪ we're just here to win the super bowl ♪ >> everybody assumed they were going to win the super bowl, and they did. >> so mike ditka, hungry chicago, finally champions on this january day in new orleans. >> they just destroyed the new england patriots. >> 46-10, the final. >> 46 to 10 is a score that nobody will ever forget in this town. >> this only happens once in a lifetime. >> it was sheer ecstasy, delirium in a city that has waited a long time for a national champion. >> it feels good to be the king. i don't care what it is, it's the world champion. >> the '85 bears are still the most popular players in the history of chicago sports. >> we're number one! >> most of the players decided to stay here. they are indeed chicago royalty. >> 1985 chicago bears, we consider him one of us. it was a great group of guys.
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>> the thing you need to know about shaun gayle is after football, he was still a success. >> what do you think about that? >> he was a commentator. he was doing different things in the community. this was a guy who had a major profile after the game. >> in chicago where he lived, he dabbled in real estate. >> he always seemed to know what he was doing. shaun was seen as a ladies' man, very smooth. >> despite all appearances that he was an eligible bachelor, he actually had a long-term relationship with a woman named rhoni reuter. >> rhoni was from wisconsin, and not too terribly far from chicago. fans and packers fans.een bears- but obviously, she became a bears fan when she started dating shaun gayle. >> they met at a bears charity event. >> rhoni was in the crowd with some friends. >> rhoni reuter was into fashion. she worked at macy's. >> i first started digging into this story more than ten years ago. that's when i met rhoni's
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family. her devoted younger brother thad and her sister-in-law anna. >> she was a big city woman, but she never lost that small-town-girl quality. she liked her chicago life, but she knew where she came from. >> i'm going to zoom in. >> hello. >> oh. you're my sister. >> close-up. >> really, rhoni made you feel at ease. she could be your friend in an instant. >> she just had a big smile, and she would always hug you and greet you, and she just made you be comfortable no matter where you were. >> did you know who shaun was? >> oh definitely, i'm a bear fan, so i mean, i -- and the bears practice in our hometown. >> so, here's your sister, she's dating a professional football player. what was your reaction? >> it was great for me being a chicago bears fan. we were happy for her. i really just wanted her to be happy. it wouldn't have mattered if she would have been with a guy who
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was selling peanuts on the corner as long as she was happy. >> they were together a long time. >> 18 years. >> was it a true love affair? >> i believe it was. >> i think so. >> shaun gayle and rhoni reuter never lived together. they never got married, which according to friends raised some awkward questions for her family. >> in your opinion, why do you think they weren't married? >> i know rhoni wanted to be married. i'm thinking it was probably because shaun wasn't ready. truthfully. >> and you never asked rhoni. >> we had asked her that prior, but, you know, at a certain point you just stop asking. i only saw shaun four or five times the whole time they'd been dating. >> over 18 years? >> over 18 years, yes. >> does that strike you as odd? >> yes, especially being the way rhoni was, very family-oriented. >> but then, at the age of 41, rhoni got an unexpected gift. something she always dreamed of, actually -- she found out she was pregnant. >> tonight, abc's, "20/20," has an exclusive interview with shaun gayle. you can watch juju's report on this fatal attraction starting right here at 9:00 right here on abc 7.
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>> i was the only reporter that shaun gayle granted an interview to back in 2009. >> shaun gayle speaks very openly with you, it seems. >> he said he only ever wanted to be interviewed once, to be broadcast and aired once. in that interview, i asked him how he and rhoni were feeling about the pregnancy. shaun told me we were both excited about it. there was some disappointment between the two of us because our relationship wasn't at a point where we hoped it would be in having a child. >> this was a happy surprise for us, because we didn't think she would ever have children. every time you talked to her that's all she talked about. she talked about the baby kicking. we were so looking forward to her having a kid, because she never had one and always told us how to raise our kids, so -- i mean, that was what she wanted to do was be a mother. >> rhoni gets the gift of a lifetime, but what comes next, it's not wedding bells. she's about to open the door to an unexpected visitor. ♪ save me ♪ an unexpected visitor.
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it's definitely going to feel like summer. it's an incredible stretch of warm days we have coming up. >> october 4, 2007, was an unseasonably warm day for the chicago area. it's usually starting to get cold around that time. >> it's almost like beach weather here. instead of oktoberfest we're calling it summerfest. >> rhoni lived in deerfield, illinois, which is a quiet, affluent, beautiful little suburb of chicago. >> lots of people go out there to get away from the city. people flock there to live a quiet life. >> it's a cute place to be and very relatively safe place to be. >> kids would have been heading off to school.
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>> rhoni was in her kitchen, on her way out to work. grabbed her stuff, opened her door, and in the shadows, gets hit with seven bullets. forced back into her apartment from -- from the blast. two shots were directly to the fetus. it's just -- she's executed. >> rhoni, it's christa downstairs. are you okay? i heard a woman screaming. and -- i don't know. then it went quiet. would you give me a call, please? thank you. >> deerfield police. >> i heard a woman screaming and then a pop, pop and it went totally silent. i called and she does not answer. >> we need an ambulance. there's a female down. i suspect it may be a gunshot. >> when police arrive at rhoni's
9:17 pm
apartment, they find a gruesome scene. there she is lying on the floor, riddled with bullets. >> officers find a lady bleeding in her kitchen. the officer smelled gun smoke and thought the offender was still on the scene. the phones are ringing off the hook at the deerfield police department. >> deerfield police. >> i heard about a shooting. >> because the town is in a panic. >> can you tell me what's going on? >> why is that helicopter hovering? >> we have some police activity, ma'am. >> there was fear that there was some gunman running around town on the loose. >> have they caught the person? >> i don't have the details on that yet. >> the town was shocked. even the local junior high school went on lockdown. >> put that school on lockdown. >> i just put the school on lockdown. i talked to the principal. they're doing that right now. >> the link to shaun gayle emerged almost immediately. >> when officers enter her
9:18 pm
apartment, they see pictures of shaun gayle throughout the condominium. the officers knew those were pictures of rhoni and shaun gayle, because shaun gayle is a celebrity in the chicagoland area. >> shaun got a phone call by a sports reporter who had heard that a pregnant woman in deerfield had been murdered. >> so, shaun calls deerfield police. >> deerfield police department. >> i am calling about that shooting in deerfield. >> yes. >> listen, i've been getting calls from the media. this is shaun gayle. they're trying to say they are naming me as a suspect? >> hold on, please. >> is she -- was it rhoni reuter? is she okay? >> yes, it was rhoni, and no, she's not. >> she -- she's dead? she's dead? >> shaun, don't go to her house, okay? [ crying ]
9:19 pm
>> shaun? come to the police department. do you knw where it is? >> yes. >> where are you right now? >> i'm -- i'm on deerfield road. >> okay. >> i got to call her parents. >> my father called my cell phone and i just figured it was another call from mom and dad. they call often. phone and heard my mom crying, i happened. something had - dad said, you need to come down immediately. your sister has been taken.
9:20 pm
and i, uh, dropped my phone and headed out the door. it's just something you never think is going to happen to your family. and, um, i still think i'm going to wake up and it's going to be just a dream. oh. you're my sister. there were a ton of questions in my mind. and everything's spinning through my head. what could have happened? what -- what happened? you're thinking, well, was she downtown shopping when this happened? >> we just knew she was gone, and we didn't understand why. >> when did things start becoming a little bit more clear? >> actually after i got to mom and dad's. >> what did they tell you? >> that she had been taken inside of her apartment. right in front -- well, i know exactly where it was. right in her kitchen.
9:21 pm
>> is that from rachy? >> yeah. >> did it cross your mind, like, did she have any enemies? was anyone out to get her? >> no. if you knew rhoni, there's no way you could do something like this, if you really knew her. >> there was no sign of a robbery. there was no sign of forced entry, so that led police to think maybe the killer was somebody rhoni knew. >> we had to look at shaun. shaun gayle was the first guy. >> you'd be foolish to not look at him. he's dating her. she's pregnant with his child. does he want to eliminate her from his life? does he not want this pregnancy? >> police find rhoni's purse at the scene, and inside that purse is a letter. that letter might provide clues as to what really happened here. ♪ here. it's the most comfortable, body-sensing, automatically-responding, energy-building, dually-adjustable, dad-powering, wellness-boosting, foot-warming,
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woooooooooooow! woooooooooooow! entertainment starts at free with flex, included with xfinity internet. get ready for the olympics with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months and get a flex 4k streaming box for free! switch today. good morning. it is thursday october 4, 2007. >> this is abc 7 news at 11:00. >> we start with breaking news right now from north suburban
9:26 pm
deerfield. a woman was shot to death in deerfield this morning. >> this was one of the biggest stories i've seen in many years. >> police say the victim was the girlfriend of former bears player shaun gayle and that she was pregnant with his child. >> her friend also tells us, and i am quoting him here, that shaun gayle was her whole life. that he meant everything to her. >> no suspect information is available at this time. >> well, people jump to conclusions all the time when you first read something like this. you know, wow, breaking news, this is crazy, and it involves a former bear, let alone an '85 super bowl bear. oh, my gosh. i think people were shocked and horrified just by the act itself. >> hello! >> it seemed obvious from the beginning it wasn't a random crime. whoever did this was after not only rhoni, but after the unborn child. >> someone deliberately took that child out.
9:27 pm
>> the lake county major crimes task force headed up this murder investigation. >> the shooting sparked a heavy police response. >> the deerfield police is not a very large police force, but when you call in the resources of the entire county, it can make a big difference. >> so, as the detectives are out there gathering evidence and talking to neighbors, some puzzling questions emerge. >> investigators say that someone reported seeing a teenager running across the street shortly after she was shot. >> several witnesses apparently told police that they saw a young african-american boy in the area right after the shooting. >> another witness said this person was wearing a disguise and that it was a very petite person. >> maybe around 5 feet tall, baggy track suit, something dark possibly over the person's face. >> we get a report of a small black car leaving the scene.
9:28 pm
>> was it a robbery? was it a contract killing? it just didn't add up. it didn't make sense. >> police want to question shaun about the crime. now remember, shaun called police to find out about the crime, and that's when they told him about rhoni. >> deerfield police department. >> i'm calling about that shooting in deerfield. >> yes. >> the police are going to look at shaun calling them from sort of two different directions. it's the logical thing to do. a loved one's been harmed or killed. >> was it rhoni reuter? is she okay? >> you know, the other side of that is with him reaching out to them, is he saying, i need to cover my tracks? >> listen, i've been getting calls from the media. this is shaun gayle, and they're trying to say they're naming me as a suspect? >> shaun gayle calling us right away within hours of this murder was a little suspicious. >> so, shaun hangs up with the deerfield police and voluntarily goes down to the station. >> i can't believe this.
9:29 pm
[ crying ] >> shaun gayle was questioned for ten hours. >> you know, it's hard because being an avid sports fan, i really had to focus on the fact that he was just another individual and that he wasn't a sports figure. i had to forget his celebrity status. you know, we essentially have to treat him as he is the suspect. >> he was visibly upset. he was, uh, shaken. >> but by the time he sat down for questioning, detective scott frost said that shaun gayle had become strangely composed. >> you know, i figured i would see more of a sobbing shaun. he was very reserved, very calm. we were having issues with his timeline from what he did the night before, what time did he go to bed, what time did he leave. he seemed like he was off in his times, and it's just like, well, you know, i'm not asking you what you did two weeks ago. i'm asking you in the last 24 hours. like, you know, something doesn't seem right. we need to really research things.
9:30 pm
>> the day that rhoni was killed, the police obviously need to know where shaun was. >> on the morning of the murder, shaun says he slept in, worked out with a trainer, and then went and got a haircut mid-morning at a barber shop about 10 minutes away from rhoni's house. >> the problem is, it's not airtight exactly where he was when she was killed. and so, as a result, the police are really going to have to nail that down. >> the police were trying to figure out if shaun had a motive. >> when they talked to a lot of rhoni's friends, they found out, or they heard from different people that maybe he wasn't 100% thrilled abou the pregnancy. >> we're starting to hear that this was a surprise and that basically rhoni had given this ultimatum of, listen, you either want to be part of the child's life or you don't. i'm still having the baby. >> during the questioning of shaun, police learn that rhoni wasn't the only woman in his life. he was playing the field, so to
9:31 pm
speak. >> here he, you know, kindly enough gives us, you know, a list of almost 18 or 16 different women that he either went on a date with, you know, got a phone number from, or had something romantically involved. he's giving us -- here you go. talk to everyone. you know, these were 18 women over a three-year period. granted, it's still a lot. >> when the fact came out that shaun had lots of relationships with lots other women, this was news to rhoni's family. >> i wouldn't think that my sister would have put up with that sort of relationship. >> no. she loved shaun with her whole heart, and i think she expected the same back. i really didn't see any other people in the picture at all. >> but shaun has said that as close as they were in their relationship, for him, it wasn't exclusive. >> he's a guy who has a lot of women in his life. and so, to be thorough, you're going to have to look at each one of these women that he dated
9:32 pm
or has had a relationship with. >> you have several women that could have been jealous of rhoni. >> shaun staunchly maintains his innocence with police, so they ask him who he thinks might be responsible. and he says it might be a woman he had a relationship with the year before. >> she's beautiful. she's a trainer. >> a relationship he says ended badly. >> she was beautiful, she's a trainer. >> a relationship he says ended badly. to do on ancestry. having ancestry to fill in the gaps with documents, with photographs, connecting in real time means that we're having conversations that are richer. i have now a closer relationship with my grandfather. i can't think of a better gift to give to my daughter and the generations that come after her. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at ♪ i've got nothing to eat. nothing. [crying]
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when you have a high profile former pro athlete like shaun gayle living in a city like chicago, there's a whole a world that exists for these former players. i'm talking charity events, fancy dinners. >> any of them walk into a restaurant, they can get a table anytime they want to. >> and wherever you go, lots of beautiful women. ♪ killing y'all and it won't stop ♪ >> the '85 bears, to this day they are still perceived as iconic legends.
9:37 pm
i mean, people go nuts when they see them in person. ♪ we got it locked ♪ >> this team ruled the city. it riveted the country. >> and while shaun had been in a long term relationship with rhoni, there were a number of other women that he was seeing, and now he's sitting in the deerfield police station and his whole life is under the microscope. >> during shaun's marathon ten-hour questioning with police, they eventually ask him who he thinks could have killed rhoni. >> and he gave them the name of monika kurowska, who was a woman that he had had a relationship with in the months prior to that. >> monika kurowska was from poland. she was beautiful. she was very, very fit. she was a personal trainer and a model. >> shaun said he dated monika for about six or seven months. >> but here's the thing -- it didn't end well.
9:38 pm
>> he said that she was sort of harassing him. >> in fact, shaun gayle got an order of protection against monika, and in court papers makes a number of allegations. >> at one point, she was outside his apartment and was hitting the buzzers of some of his neighbors, and it was causing a problem. and that he found her outside his apartment and saw that her arm or hand was bloody. and he eventually found that it appeared she had punched through a window and was apparently trying to get into his apartment o at least get his attention that way. that caused a lot of concern for shaun. >> monika told abc in a statement she was upset when she got to shaun's house and saw him with another woman. she says she wanted to speak to him, but he wouldn't open the door. she knocked on his window, and in the heat of her frustration, she says she accidentally broke it. she says she decided to end the relationship and she never saw shaun again.
9:39 pm
shaun also told police that he believed that for months monika had been sending a number of harassing letters to a variety of women in his life. >> it was a situation where these letters were intended to tell all of these women that, oh, by the way, you're not the in fact, there's this whole list of other women. one of the reasons that he thought these letters were written by her was because they were kind of written the way she spoke, which was in broken english. >> one of the letters read, i think maybe you would like to know what your boyfriend shaun is doing with a lot of other women. he will lie to you and tell you a lot of stories, and try to make everything sound like your fault, like he does to me. those letters caused an enormous amount of trouble in shaun's personal life. rhoni received one. her mother did, too. in fact, rhoni's mom went so far as to call shaun about it. >> she wanted to know if rhoni was safe. that's what she said. >> because? >> if there's some woman out there sending letters, you know,
9:40 pm
she may want to get rid of the women -- other women in his life. >> and so what did shaun say when she asked the question? >> don't worry about rhoni. this is a crazed fan that, you know, has made up these letters, and rhoni's very safe. >> rhoni had one of those letters in her purse at the time she was killed. >> what would monika's motive have been? >> anger at shaun would have been the obvious motive. you know, there had been this stalking behavior. they had to believe that she was very angry at shaun, i guess, for not being monogamous. >> she was a very suspicious character. >> she was definitely a very suspicious character, yes. >> who did you suspect? >> monika, obviously, because we thought, well, it's probably whoever's responsible for sending these letters. >> one of the first things that you're doing when you're investigating a murder is seeing if somebody has an alibi, a legitimate alibi, and it turned out that monika was a personal trainer at the time. and she had been training an older gentleman. >> i guess we got mark her off.
9:41 pm
>> police cleared monika kurowska, who denied ever writing or sending those letters. but if she didn't send those letters, who did? >> funeral services for rhoni reuter were held in wisconsin monday morning. >> we were preparing to bring a new life into this world. we were preparing a celebration, and we ended up preparing a funeral, a double funeral. >> when shaun arrived at the funeral, there were those who were consoling him and there were those who were looking at him with suspicion. meanwhile, the police were watching his every move. why did you go to rhoni's funeral? >> we wanted to see if he was going to show up, how he was going to react, how he was going to handle himself. you know, would he say anything? >> so you're keeping a watchful eye on him. >> yeah. killers and murderershave been
9:42 pm
known to make confessions at the casket. >> when i interviewed shaun and asked him how people looked at him, he said, at that moment, in my grief, i did not care. he said, i asked the funeral director if i could see the baby. but he said he would really warn against that because he thought that would be an image that i would never be able to get out of my head. >> while the family is grieving, police are still looking for leads. >> at the scene were shell casings. shell casings tell you the caliber of the weapon. in this case, it's a 9 millimeter. you then have some interesting comments by neighbors in close proximity to rhoni's apartment who described, yes, a loud bang, but it sounded muffled. >> you have one neighbor who hears a pop-pop sensation, which she later figures out from watching a crime show that it was from -- sounded the same as a silencer. >> the idea that there could be a silencer in this case adds
9:43 pm
another element in my view that this was planned. are there other people who have had relationships with shaun that have ended that didn't end well? >> suddenly there are three hot tips that come into the lake county major crimes task force. they're all urging police to look at the same woman, another woman that shaun gayle had a relationship with. her name? marni yang. and police learn she's someone shaun saw the night before the murder. >> basically i just want to find out your association with shaun and how you know shaun.
9:44 pm
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9:47 pm
at some point marni yang's name surfaced as someone who had had a previous relationship with shaun gayle. >> marni was a single mother who was very devoted to her children. she was a hard-working woman, she was an intelligent woman. >> my mom had three jobs at one
9:48 pm
time. >> she was a real estate agent. she was an aspiring fitness model. >> she worked as a cocktail waitress. >> my mother has always tried her best for us. >> i wanted to provide my children as much as i possibly could. i didn't ever want them to feel a lack of anything. >> my brother and i, we played tackle football. my mom was like hardcore football mom. >> my mother picked up scuba diving as a hobby. she paid for classes for me to take. and that was always fun. >> she juggled it all. >> marni met shaun at a bears
9:49 pm
convention. >> she was working as a security person at that event and would have had access to some of the celebrities, and shaun certainly was one of those. >> and i just remember him approaching me, introducing himself just by his first name. i didn't know who he was. and i just kept bumping into him throughout the course of that weekend. i remember him mentioning that he was looking for some investment property. because it had come out that i was a real estate broker, and i just remember giving him my business card. about two hours after the event was over, my phone rng. and it was him. we really didn't discuss very much, other than what type of property he might have been looking for. we made arrangements to meet. >> so they meet, they start talking, and they start doing real estate deals together. >> she was spending a lot of time with shaun because they had this real estate transaction that she was basically
9:50 pm
brokering. >> two months after the murder, the police called in marni to answer some questions. >> i absolutely did not see a problem with, you know, going in and sitting down and talking to them. >> how are you doing? >> i'm all right. >> marni? >> yes. >> i'm detective chuck schletz. >> chuck's going to ask you some basic questions about who you are, where you live, stuff like that. >> i didn't feel like i needed an attorney. you know, it was pretty much just anything i can do to help. >> basically, i just want to find out your association with shaun, how you know shaun, when you first met shaun. >> i've probably known him for about six years. we met at a convention. i think i had been given enough advice about the fact that everybody that was connected with him was probably going to be questioned at some point. >> marni, you know, obviously you know why we're talking. >> yeah. there's probably not too many people that don't know. >> they talk to her for about an hour and a half.
9:51 pm
>> did you know the extent of his relationship with the victim? >> i didn't know the extent of the relationship. i know he had told me that he had gotten somebody pregnant. >> she seemed relaxed and comfortable, sort of with the attitude of, i just want to help. >> what marni doesn't know at this point is three tips have come to police asking them to look at her. >> if anything else comes up, you don't mind coming in? >> no, that's fine. >> is this okay? kind of close? >> after speaking to marni, police continue their investigation. >> the police said they started talking to everyone, and they kept hearing a similar story. people who knew marni said that she was telling everyone that she was shaun's girlfriend. >> she bragged about it all the time. she was very proud of it, and she made a lot more out of the relationship than it actually was. >> yeah, that was not what i was referring to him as.
9:52 pm
i don't think the word boyfriend was ever used, really. >> i asked shaun back in 2009 if marni had been his girlfriend, and he emphatically said, no, she was not. he said not even the craziest stretch of the imagination. but he did admit to me that their professional relationship did get friendly. >> the night before the murder, what we found out was that marni was at shaun gayle's house. they engaged in sexual relations. >> police issued a search warrant for shaun's house, and after accessing his computers, they dropped what must have felt like a bombshell on shaun. >> unbeknownst to shaun, marni seems to have access to his emails, to his computer, and that all this time, for years, she may have been stalking him online. >> investigators believed that marni had been tracking shaun and rhoni. marni has denied these claims. >> and those letters that shaun
9:53 pm
thought came from monika, police believe they actually came from marni. >> marni yang discovered through her penetration of his email account, this polish woman's emails. she would then study them, master the broken english with which the polish woman spoke, and write the letters in that broken english in an effort to frame her. >> police continue to investigate marni, but here's the thing -- there's no physical evidence tying marni to the crime. > now remember, shaun has always maintained his innocence. and finally, after weeks of investigating him, police clear him. once they do, they have a proposition for him. they want his help on getting information about marni. >> we're basically telling shaun, we want to set up some wires in your house. we want to see if you can get her to talk about her involvement. >> so, police bug his house, and then they take positions all around his house.
9:54 pm
>> you have to set up safeguards when you build these type of operations. you don't want anybody to get hurt. >> we basically have to put security up and down stairs. we got coppers hiding in closets just in case things go south. >> during his conversation with marni, he's asking her about these letters that were sent to women he dated. and he's asking her, do you think these letters were sent from the killer? >> i'd say it's possible. yeah, i think this person is a little unbalanced. got a few screws loose. >> now remember, police believe it was marni who sent those letters, not monika. so in their view, she's talking about herself. >> my whole point, what i'm trying to bring up, anyone who take someone else's life, there's got to be some sort of really lasting effect. >> i would imagine so. you have to be a sociopath in its purest form in order to be able to take another person's life. >> in the end, marni admitted to nothing.
9:55 pm
>> so, one of the things the police do is they start pulling her trash, looking for incriminating information. >> and they hit some pay dirt there. >> they find a bank statement that they read, and it says purchase on her debit card, ray rawlings' arms. so they call ray rawlings arms, and that's when they find out about the book, "how to make a disposable silencer." and the fact that she ordered volume 1 and volume 2. >> she actually went to home depot and purchased the items to build the silencer. >> she's got a drill, the circular clamp, a one and a quarter-inch metal pipe. and some pvc piping and duct tape and a hacksaw. >> so even with these new discoveries, the police still need more information, so they set up another sting operation. and now, it's another woman, a so-called psychic, who will upend the investigation. >> she may be goofy but she
9:56 pm
knows how to press record. >> do you give your permission for the following conversations to be overheard and recorded? >> yes. >> this overhear will now commence. >> and what unfolds inside this unassuming denny's will surprise investigators. >> very chilling. >> it was surreal. ♪ save me ♪ hey, it's me...your skin. some cleansers get us clean - but take my moisture. i'm craving a balanced clean with cerave. cerave cleansers, developed with dermatologists, help me maintain my moisture balance with hyaluronic acid, known to attract moisture, plus 3 essential ceramides to help restore my natural barrier. with cerave, cleansing can be about giving not just taking, so we can be a healthy-feeling clean - cerave clean. cerave cleansers. from the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand. on a road trip- do you need power or optimum power? if that battery in your kid's toy dies... cerave cleansers. you are in for a long ride.
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10:00 pm
we start with breaking news right now. a woman was shot to death. >> police say the woman was the girlfriend of former bears player shaun gayle. >> you want to commit a murderer and get away with it and keep your mouth shut. >> but some people can't stop talking. >> when you hid the gun, did you hide it real well? >> i put it in a bucket of cement and threw it in a dumpster. >> this is good chocolate. >> talking about a murder like it was going grocery shopping. >> police say they realized that that question -- >> do you want to go dinner? >> was actually code for, "i did it, i killed rhoni." >> i did it, i took the first shot.
10:01 pm
>> that was code for i did, i kill rhoni. >> she's being recorded by her friend christy. >> i don't remember where the hell i was, marni! >> who says she's a psychic, one who says she didn't see the trouble ahead. >> you basically describe the perfect crime. >> i knew perfectly well i was being recorded. i saw the wire. >> he slammed his hands onto the desk and said, it's either going to be you or your mother that goes down for this. >> so, you're saying you lied then, but how do i know you're not lying now? it sounds very much to me like someone's confessing to a murder. >> a former pro football star in the middle of an exclusive murder. >> police are searching for a suspect in the murder of a pregnant girlfriend of former
10:02 pm
chicago bear shaun gayle. >> the city was shocked. here's shaun gayle, one of the good guys, always pleasant. and then suddenly there were a lot of people who thought maybe shaun's involved. shaun gayle has been subject to rumors and watched his reputation become blemished. >> in the months following the murder, i would say that the general public opinion was that it was him. >> shaun bore the brunt of the suspicion for rhoni reuter's murder. but what people didn't know was that behind the scenes he was working with law enforcement, because they believed marni yang was obsessed with him. so now marni yang was the prime suspect. >> think of the evidence prosecutors lined up here against marni. she buys a book online about a silencer. she goes to home depot and shops for all these items. now that police have all this incriminating evidence, they bring marni back in for questioning.
10:03 pm
>> she's pretty smart. we weren't going to just be able to put her in a room and say, did you do it? and she'd confess sobbingly. you know, we knew that wasn't going to happen. >> one of the early questions you ask someone is, where were they at the time this murder was committed. >> what happened when you got up? >> well, i looked at my phone, and there was a message there. andrew was calling me from the basement to let me know that he was not feeling good. >> i remember checking to see if he had a fever or not, and he felt warm, so he stayed home from school that day. >> after checking on her son, marni says she went to the garage to try to get her truck to work, and it wouldn't. >> marni yang said that she was home during the murder. and interviews with her son revealed that she was not home. >> police then introduced the information they have about that
10:04 pm
she ordered this book about how to make a silencer. >> did you purchase this book? >> yes, i did. >> now, why would you purchase a book on how to make disposable silencers? >> it was a joke. >> marni yang justified having those books by saying that they were for her longtime cop boyfriend. >> that was a gag gift that was supposed to be for sal. firearms are a hobby of his. >> she gave it to him. and he was like, what is this? and ended up just leaving it at her house. he said he had no idea why she would have given that to him. >> did you ever, um, try to make one of these things? >> um, no. so, um, that actually gave me a really good idea for putting together, um, a science project that turned out to be probably a little bit more complicated than i was prepared to get involved in.
10:05 pm
>> there was no science projects for her kid at that time. that was a lie. >> as the interrogation progresses, police ask her about owning guns. >> i have four of them, actually. my sig is a .40 caliber. my luger is a .40 caliber. and my smith is a .38. it's a revolver. >> police already know that marni owned another gun, a nine-millimeter beretta, which happens to match the caliber of the gun that killed rhoni. >> she leaves out the nine millimeter, and all of a sudden it was, you sure there's no more guns? >> oh, you know what? i think there was another one. it was black, it was a semi-automatic. i don't know what it was. >> where is that one? >> that one? i do not know. i want to say about a year and a half ago, some things disappeared out of my house. >> so in that interrogation, police confront marni with a damning piece of evidence. >> police had conducted a search
10:06 pm
warrant in marni's house. so they say to her, in your home we found mailing labels with the names of the women in shaun's life who've received those harassing letters. >> bianca, camerona, maria. these are all labels. these are all the women who were sent the letters and copies of the labels. you don't have any idea why these labels or packets of letters would be in your house? >> you know, you had said that if there was a question that i didn't feel up to answering that i could -- >> okay, that's fine. >> they introduce the photograph of the unborn child. >> this little girl, this child will never get to see her life or have her dreams or ever do anything. >> they don't really get a reaction. i mean, that's very telling. >> they held me for what i now know to be three days. >> we had the evidence of the silencer.
10:07 pm
we had the evidence of her having had a 9-millimeter. it still wasn't enough. >> the reason it's not enough, it still does not link marni to shooting rhoni. >> and she knew it wasn't enough, because after they questioned her for a few days, she still was able to walk out the door. >> if you want to commit a murder and get away with it, keep your mouth shut. >> they have to let marni go. but police are gearing up for another sting operation. >> when you hid the gun, did you hide it real well? >> it's gone. i keep my social distance. shingles doesn't care. i stay within my family bubble. shingles doesn't care. because if you've had chicken pox, you're already carrying the virus that causes shingles. in fact, about 1 in 3 people will develop shingles, and the risk only increases as you age. so what can protect you against shingles?
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10:11 pm
pampers after we have to let marni yang go, we spent a good year and two months revisiting everything. now we're looking really hard at christi paschen. >> christi paschen was a close friend of my mom's.
10:12 pm
i know that christi was involved in, like, tarot card readings. >> i wouldn't refer to her as a friend at all. she was an acquaintance. >> an acquaintance? but clearly there seems to be a long record of pretty intense friendship. >> well, i mean, i was looking at real estate for her as well. >> marni had said that she was going to go over and stay at her house on october 3rd, the day before the murder. and that she had chosen not to. >> i was scheduled to take some real estate listings over there. that's when i began having car troubles. >> when law enforcement initially talked to christie, christie, you know, followed through with that story. law enforcement never really believed it, but they didn't know how involved christi paschen was. >> as police start digging into christi paschen, they learn about this phone call which she gets from marni on the day of calls are recorded.where phone - christi pashen, how can i help you? >> do you want to go to dinner? >> okay.
10:13 pm
that's fine. >> is everything all right? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> okay. >> okay. not a problem. >> all right, i'll call you later. >> okay. bye-bye. >> "do you want to go to dinner?" that statement bothered me for a year, because it just didn't make sense. >> in the months that police spent investigating this crime, they start thinking about that black car that was seen fleeing the scene, but that car doesn't match anything that marni has. and so, a logical thing to do is see if they can find a car that marni may have rented in or around the area. >> they got lucky. >> police find a record of a car that's rented in marni's name but using christi's address. >> marni yang rented a car two days before the murder. it was a blue sort of bright color.
10:14 pm
the next day, she decided she wanted a darker car. >> she didn't like the first rental car. thought it stuck out too much. and sends it back to get something that's going to blend. >> the rental car that she had at that time was a volkswagen rabbit. that was similar to what they found on surveillance video near the area of the scene around the time of the murder. >> this car was used for 40 miles. that is exactly from the rental place to christi paschen's to the murder scene, back to christi paschen's and then to the rental for the drop-off. it is exactly 40 miles. >> they decided to interview christi first because her address comes up on the enterprise location. >> investigators approach christi paschen and tell her that she's going to be a co-conspirator in murder if she doesn't work with them. >> my feeling is that christi just got tired of lying.
10:15 pm
she realized that we, obviously, had done our homework. and i think she just had enough. >> she was going to go ahead and kill rhoni. i was like, don't do this. what are you going to do, go kill all the women? but she said she's the one she spends all the time with, so she's got to go. >> christi tells police that marni had come to visit christi at her house the night before the murder, told her that she was going to kill rhoni. >> marni said, if i do this in the morning, i will call you at work after i have done it and i will ask you out to dinner. >> police say that they realize that that question -- >> do you want to go to dinner? >> was actually code for, i did it. i killed rhoni. >> it was like, okay, now this makes sense. >> police convinced christi to start cooperating with them, and they got her to make several phone calls and record several phone calls with marni. >> what? >> relax, will you?
10:16 pm
>> i just got a call from mr. wonderful! >> oh, really? what did he want? >> he wants to talk to me now. i don't [ bleep ] remember where the hell i was, marni! >> wait, what are you talking about? when?he of the -- the night before that stupid murder. >> oh. >> you know when! >> they're not really calling you in because they think you were or were not where you said you were the night before. okay? that is the ruse. they're gearing up for some [ bleep ] >> police want christi to do something else for them. they say, okay, now set up a meeting with marni. >> the two ladies meet at denny's, but unbeknownst to marni, there's a full sting operation that's about to take place. >> today's date is march 1, 2009. for voice identification, please
10:17 pm
state your name. >> christi paschen. >> christi paschen is there. there's two police officers, undercover at another booth somewhere. >> i am scared, marni. >> you're not the only one. >> i helped you do something you knew i didn't want any part of. when you hid the gun, did you hide it real well? >> it went into a bucket of cement, and i threw it in a dumpster. it is gone. under a year and a half's worth of chicago garbage at the city dump. >> this is good chocolate. >> they're sipping tea and eating ice cream and talking about a murder like it was going grocery shopping. it was surreal. >> we walk away from that, and we're like, there has to be more.
10:18 pm
>> christi then goes back to marni and says, i really need to talk to you again. >> they sent the psychic back to denny's the next day. do police see a full confession in the cards? on it. on it. on it, with jardiance. they're 22 million prescriptions strong. meet the people who are managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk with jardiance. jardiance is a once-daily pill that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and jardiance lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction,
10:19 pm
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10:21 pm
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you know me. >> you know me. [ bleep ] comes up when i'm asleep. what came up, what woke me up was, we dumped the wig. >> we did. >> we dumped the plates. we dumped that stuff for the gun. >> we learn in this conversation that christi and marni actually went on this dumpster tour, going around the night of the murder, dumping all of the evidence. and then marni starts sharing the details about how she says
10:23 pm
she killed rhoni. >> rhoni was leaving for work, and she was met at the door by marni yang. >> i had a hoody on, okay? i had dark makeup on my face, and i had gloves on, okay? >> marni is describing her elaborate disguise which seems to match witnesses' description of the suspect on the day of the murder. >> she started screaming. i took the first shot. it was at that point i realized we are at the point of no return, and i just started emptying the clip. >> the matter of fact tone with which she described it is terrifying. >> i took maybe one or two steps into the kitchen to finish the job. >> right around the head of rhoni are live rounds. there was some jamming occurring, probably because she had the silencer on. and those live rounds were falling out until it didn't jam anymore.
10:24 pm
>> then when she went down she took her foot and she took one good kick at me, got me in the shin. it was like, weak by the time and like, like that. that was it. i just, i took one last shot. >> the final wound, the kill shot to rhoni itself, was right at the head. >> i slammed the door, took off. that was it. >> you see your share of cold, calculated, evil people in this business, but it really is hard to wrap your head around a mother of three who's going to execute a pregnant woman. two shots right to the abdomen, right to the fetus. it's extreme. >> with marni's confession securely on tape, they now have enough evidence to move in and arrest her. >> when they told us that they had made an arrest, it was -- it was just like, thank you, thank you.
10:25 pm
>> she alluded police for nearly a year and a half. >> marni yang the 41-year-old has been charged with the murder of rhoni reuter. >> marni, i need you to have a seat over there please. thank you. >> when we arrested her, we brought her into the station. we provide her segment of the wire with her and christi. screaming until she went down. i would like to talk to my attorney. >> she basically lawyers up and is done with us. and she's seen on tape after we leave the room curling up in the corner of the room practically in the fetus position. she was obviously defeated, and i think she realized she lost. it was like, gotcha. finally. >> she is charged with killing the girlfriend of former chicago bear shaun gayle. >> nearly three and a half years
10:26 pm
after the murder, marni yang is going to trial. >> when i really sit down and just think this all happened because someone had a crush, it makes no sense to me. >> yang has pleaded not guilty. >> if convicted, marni yang faces life in prison. >> marnianin goal was eliminate the competition, and the evidence showed that she was obsessed with mr. gayle. and her obsession was mainly directed at the other women. she wanted to get rid of them so that she could have him for herself. >> former chicago bears player shaun gayle takes the witness stand this morning. >> gayle testified that he had sex with marni yang the night before she was accused of the 2007 murder of rhoni reuter. >> the fact that he had slept with marni the night before the murder raised a lot of eyebrows, but it wasn't enough to change the narrative. >> prosecutors wanted to portray marni as a jealous woman. >> a big part of the prosecution's case was that marni sent these letters to other women that shaun was seeing. and as part of that, they put marni yang's daughter emily on the stand. and she says exactly that.
10:27 pm
>> i do remember being on the stand. i was really hesitant. >> emily says that her mom had told her that she had sent those letters so that the women could find out about each other. that said, testifying could not have been easy for either mother or daughter. >> it hurt to see her there. >> the court heard testimony today from christi paschen, who says she's a psychic and a friend of yang's. >> she was on the stand for a day, and she said a lot. and much of it was damning evidence against marni. the next day, when they cross-examined her and started asking her about being a psychic and a hypnotist, being a p.o.w., you got the feeling that the jury didn't necessarily believe the truth of those things, and that obviously affected her credibility. >> but as ari fisz said, she may be goofy but she knows how to press record.
10:28 pm
>> marni's defense at the trial was that she had no idea she was being recorded, but that she was just spinning a tale for her friend, christi paschen. >> she started screaming and i just started emptying the clip. >> i am the mother of three girls. seeing baby skyler with a bullet that ran through her -- i just have chills. i will never get that picture out of my head. ever. >> a jury finds marni yang guilty of first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child. >> i can't even begin to tell you how difficult this has been for me and of course rhoni's family. at least i feel that rhoni and baby, they're at peace. >> marni is sent away for life in prison. >> but now, eight years later, marni has filed a petition saying she was wrongfully convicted.
10:29 pm
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10:33 pm
marni yang has already served eight years in prison. she was sentenced to two life terms for the murder of 42-year-old rhoni reuter and her unborn baby. >> it took a jury only four hours to convict marni yang. today she continues to maintain her innocence. now she has a high-profile lawyer and a team of experts
10:34 pm
committed to proving the state got it wrong. >> we filed a petition for post-conviction relief, alleging marni's actual innocence. >> tonight one of reuter's friends -- >> she was like a sister. >> says she believes yang is innocent of murder. >> the real killer is out there, and that person needs to be held accountable. >> the petition filed by marni's new defense team includes a number of allegations from marni's children about the investigation and about the case against their mother. confess to something she didn't do. things just need to be set right. >> much warmer conditions will be with us all weekend long. the thaw has begun. >> so, the morning that the lake county task force came to serve the search warrant, i was dead asleep in my room. door.ey were knocking on the - i was only 11. i told them about my brother and
10:35 pm
sister, who were sleeping in the basement. >> i woke up to a bunch of police officers yelling, search warrant. get up. >> marni's children were home alone when they say their house was ransacked. >> i was just watching them tear our house apart. >> emily and andrew were 16 years old, children, when this occurred. >> they took brendan and i into one squad car and andy in another. >> the children were separated and taken to different police stations. >> they bring me into an interrogation room. i didn't know anything. and they wouldn't accept that. and the mental frustration, it really broke me. it got to the point where i started banging my head on the table. it's like i'm there and i know what's going to happen.
10:36 pm
how maybe i could have stopped it. but i can't. >> one of the task force investigators came into the room. it was like a movie almost. he slammed his hands onto the desk and told me, it's either gonna be you or your mother that's gonna go down for this. and that's when i really started getting scared. >> marni's children are turning the tables on the police, using the way in which they say they were interrogated as a weapon to fight to free their mother. >> they told me to write that i had seen my mom write these letters to shaun's 16 other girlfriends, which i had never seen these letters ever in my life. >> the only way that i got out of that situation was to write down a statement that my mother wasn't home the morning of the murder. but she was home that morning. she was.
10:37 pm
>> later on at the courthouse, some lady came in the room and told me, you're going testify what you wrote, and i'm just like, i can't. it's all made up. it's not true. and she's like, well, if you don't, you're going get in trouble, so i testified. >> the state attorney's office denies the children's statements were coerced. >> they say emily's lawyer wouldn't allow prosecutors to talk to her until she took the stand. and when did she testify, she never said her statement to the police was a lie. as for andrew, the state says they repeatedly told marni during her three-day interrogation that he wasn't a suspect. >> i had a nervous breakdown. >> andrew says that as a result of the police questioning, he had to be placed into a mental institution.
10:38 pm
>> i was hospitalized. i was put on a psychiatric unith and a half. >> the major crimes task force has told us they can't comment on the petition because of the pending court case. >> so now we're in? every prison has a different look. we went to see marni at this illinois women's prison where she sat down with us to speak on camera for the first time. hello. marni? this will be an interesting conversation. you haven't spoken about any of this for more than a decade. >> that is correct. >> why speak now? >> i feel like prior to this i don't think it would have mattered. i feel like there's a time. that time is now. >> before discussing her new defense, i asked marni about shaun. remember, police believe that her motive for murder is jealousy. you never sent menacing letters
10:39 pm
to the women in shaun's life. >> i did not. i was one of the recipients of them. >> were you obsessed with shaun? >> i'm not. being in a relationship is one of the biggest mistakes i ever made. i regret it. i wish that i had never met him. >> the crux of marni yang's defense at this point is that she claims that she falsely confessed to christi paschen in order to protect andrew, her son. >> what made you think that the police were going to be able to pin it on your son? >> that's what they told my children. >> you met up with christi at denny's. you basically describe the perfect crime. >> i knew perfectly well that i was being recorded. i saw the wire. >> we may have trouble folks. the piece came out. it was hanging down. >> we hear on the tape that christi was having trouble with the wire. >> i don't know if she saw it or not. hopefully she didn't see the
10:40 pm
piece. >> you're a very convincing actress, because on that tape, it sounds very much to me like someone's confessing to a murder. >> i wasn't confessing to her. i was confessing directly to law enforcement. >> marni claims that even before the meeting at denny's, she told christi in a phone call recorded by police that she was going to falsely admit to it. >> she told christi she was just going to make some [ bleep ] up -- pardon my word. >> all right, we'll start making [ bleep ] up. >> this is the transcript of the entire conversation. you mentioned just the last line. there's no mention of her son. there's no mention of her falsely confessing to save her son. >> we have statements from francine merar and from larry merar, divorced parents of marni, before this conversation took place. >> she said, i'm just going to go meet christi and make up a story that i committed to murder and let the attorneys sort it out with the police.
10:41 pm
>> the lawyers will take care of it. oh, what a stupid idea. >> it was a rash and ill-conceived decision to protect my children. >> marni took a polygraph, and the polygrapher said she's being honest in her answers. >> the state attorney's office says this whole idea of marni making stuff up is nonsense. >> they say days before christi and marni met at that denny's, christi had already given police all these details about what marni had told her in the past about the murder. >> and then when she and marni meet, marni's repeating the same details. how would she know unless she did the killing? >> jed, if you're facing life in jail, wouldn't you say, you know, guys, i was kidding. i was confessing on behalf of my son. but that was never brought up at trial. >> i can't account for the trial lawyers' strategy at that trial.
10:42 pm
>> you're telling me now that you lied when you confessed to all those things that led up to the murder of rhoni reuter and the cover-up? >> i did. i lied. >> so you're saying you lied then, but how do i know you're not lying now? >> i have nothing to lose at this point. >> but you have everything to gain by lying. >> i mean, when you say that i have everything to gain by lying, i don't think that the evidence lies. >> part of the evidence? >> her defense says that there's evidence that the gun that the prosecutors claim was used wasn't even in her possession at the time. >> and they have a witness coming forward on video saying exactly that. d water metals? they lock in residues like a glue, on your hard surfaces and fabrics. try 9 elements. its vinegar powered deep clean dissolves hard water buildup and releases trapped residues and odors like detoxifying your clothes.
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10:47 pm
it was one of chicago's most sensational murder trials. >> this was an execution, a cold-blooded murder. >> with a super bowl winning bear on the stand. and now nearly a decade after marni yang's conviction, she is throwing what some see as a hail mary pass. >> prosecutors talk about how this is all coming forward now after marni yang has exhausted every other type of appeal that she can. but marni yang's defense team is pretty convincing as well. >> the major crimes task force got it wrong. i've filed a petition. we're going to present the evidence of actual innocence. >> no dna, no fingerprints. she was at home. she wasn't there. >> they point out all the time the long history in lake county of wrongful prosecutions. they would like everyone to
10:48 pm
believe that marni yang is one of those wrongly prosecuted people. >> one of the key pieces of evidence that the defense is talking about is that police said that there was surveillance video from a gas station of the car that marni yang had rented, a volkswagen rabbit, leaving the neighborhood right about the time after the murder. >> we didn't know that whether or not this was or was not a volkswagen rabbit. so we wanted to test it by renting an identical vehicle, which we did. this was ours. you can see they're different shapes. this has a longer body. this is a shorter body. this one looks like it's a little taller. this one's a little shorter to the ground. it's been examined by forensic experts. and they looked at this and they concluded these are different vehicles. >> in response, the state attorney's office says that marni's defense made similar arguments during the trial and
10:49 pm
the jury rejected it. >> regardless of the video, it's not like she's been consistent with her story on it. >> the purpose of the rental car was for a photoshoot. >> do you have the name of the photographer? >> i don't remember. i just remember he was from wisconsin. >> here's a guy who could potentially clear you of murder, and you can't remember his name? >> no. it was that long ago. >> another point the defense is hammering on is that their experts are saying, you can't attach a silencer to this kind of gun. >> it's got a little tiny barrel on it. and you can see when this gun comes forward -- this is a moving piece. you don't have enough to attach it to. >> we talked to peter diaczuk. he's a firearms expert and a forensic science professor who's taught at both penn state and john jay college. we asked him for his insights on the competing arguments. >> the length of the barrel is quite short but can accept a homemade suppressor.
10:50 pm
but it may interfere with the function of the firearm, and it may not remain attached properly. >> the state attorney's office says, well, she could hold the silencer up to the barrel while she's shooting it. >> if this thing is just held in place sort of superficially, you're putting yourself in grave danger. >> the big point of the gun in the defense's petition is that they claim she didn't even have possession of the gun at the time of the murder. >> may i have your name please? >> my name's jessie delgado. >> they have a person who claims he told police that he stole that gun from marni's house months before the murder. >> i was like, is this about the gun i stole? and they were like, whoa. what are you talking about? and i was like, i stole a gun from marni. i remember there was a party and everybody was there, and especially this one guy that's always there. he's a sketchy guy but in reality i guess i was the sketchy guy. there was so many people in the house, nobody knew who took it. >> when you realized your gun was missing, did you report it to the police? >> i remember calling my insurance company and talking to them about it.
10:51 pm
the insurance company told me that my policy did not cover personal items other than the house itself, and so i didn't bother. >> the prosecution's point of this is, if delgado is her son's friend, wouldn't that be something she would have kno abou trial? >> and tha arguthat many claims raised by marni's current legal team could have been raised at the trial, but weren't or had already been argued at trial. >> i think the strongest piece of evidence that we have is the scientific evidence of the bullet trajectories, showing that marni yang, because of her height, could not have fired the bullets that killed rhoni reuter. >> the defense's argument is the shooter had to be 5'10" or taller, and marni's only 5'. >> we are looking at the mannequin that we developed that represents rhoni. these rods are protrusion rods. we placed them on the bullet
10:52 pm
path that the medical examiner has identified in his report. this is marni's shot. this line right here goes to the heart of the matter, because if she had been the shooter for this wound, it would have come out at a different place completely. >> there's a lot made about wound "b." >> that wound is downward angled wound fired by a taller person than marni. someone who is at least 5'10." >> and yet, when the m.e. testified, after examining the tissue, the m.e. said it was actually going upward. >> he's wrong. >> here's the thing -- when somebody is getting killed, they don't stay stationary. think about what must have been going through rhoni's mind. was she begging for her life? did she get on her knees? did she try to move away? all of that would affect marni's positioning relative to rhoni's.
10:53 pm
>> i know that you've taken apart each and every piece of evidence that was presented, and it's everything from the fact that she told friends that she had access to shaun's emails, the fact that she bragged about him and her relationship with him every chance she could, that she purchased those suspicious items at home depot, that she rented a car, that she told christi that she wore a disguise -- her own words on tape about ronnie reuter's murder. any one of those details you could pick apart and say, okay, maybe. but in toto, doesn't it paint an alarming picture to you? >> yes. it does. and that is why it's so important to adversarially test those little pieces, find out the truth of them, and then put the picture back together showing actual innocence.
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
mrs. meyers, rooted in goodness. it's a terrible tragedy for, really, everyone involved. certainly for rhoni's family. but it's also a tragedy for marni yang and her family. her kids have grown up without their mother. >> i would just say to her that no matter everything that she's
10:57 pm
been through, you know, be proud that she's raised a really good young man, and that's all thanks to her. >> i'm glad you're still here. i know i haven't been there, but i'm hoping that we can all get through this together. >> could it be that marni's lying to her own children and using them for her defense? >> she loves and loved those children. i reject that as a possibility. i don't think marni was using her children as pawns. >> i have to ask you, did you kill rhoni reuter? >> i did not. and i am not capable of doing anything like that. i'm a mother myself. like, that's unconscionable to me. absolutely not. >> the state's attorney's office
10:58 pm
filed a motion, as you well know, to dismiss your petition, and they described it as skillfully, lawyerly rebranding of the facts and the overwhelming evidence against marni. >> i agree that it was skillful. it's not a rebranding of the facts. it's a taking a look at the facts and putting them in a light of truth. >> the state also argues that many of the statements that were filed as a part of marni's petition are not notarized or are not sworn to and that those claims should therefore be dismissed. it's now up to a judge as to whether or not marni yang deserves a new trial. >> rhoni's family said that this was finally over. as soon as she was convicted. so it's difficult to see that rhoni's family will have to go through this again. >> you're my sister.
10:59 pm
rhoni was kind of the hub of the family. she brought us all together. >> during our interview, one of the most poignant answers shaun gave me was to the question of whether he blamed himself. and he told me, the issue was not so much blame, it's the fact that i have to live with knowing that rhoni and the baby died because i knew this marni yang. >> she took a piece of all of our lives. she took a piece of all of our hearts it's back to the future, a
11:00 pm
return to masks around the bay area. and two vicious attacks in two days in th


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