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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, sounding the alarm. the spike in new covid cases. concern over children 12 and under. and the spike in new covid cases. concern over children 12 and under. and now news of breakthrough cases. people who are fully vaccinated getting the virus. dr. jha is here. the cdc director dr. rochelle walensky today said we are now witnessing a pandemic of the unvaccinated. new cases up nearly 70% from just last week. and dr. fauci is asked about these breakthrough infections. l.a. county reimposing its indoor mask mandate even for those who are vaccinated. and just before we came on the air tonight, ten more california counties now recommending doing the same thing. we ask dr. jha tonight, are we headed in the wrong direction here? also following a worsening disaster overseas tonight. the catastrophic images of
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deadly flooding in germany and belgium. at least 125 people dead. hundreds missing tonight. floodwaters rushing through towns and villages. the german army using tanks to cut through floodwaters to search for victims. marcus moore and our team in germany tonight. back home, the weather extremes here. record-breaking heat in parts of the west this weekend. the fourth heat wave in five weeks. devastating wildfires and the potential for storms from ohio into the northeast. the video tonight of nfl star richard sherman. the abc station in seattle obtaining surveillance showing sherman. authorities say he was trying to break down the door of his in-laws' home moments before his arrest. late today sherman in court on multiple charges and his new statement just in. today, the plot to bomb headquarters in san francisco. two men accused, they say, of planning to blow up the building.
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recovering weapons. and authorities say they were driven by false claims over the election. pierre thomas standing by tonight. tonight, the new concern involving boeing 737s. the faa now ordering additional checks involving a new safety feature. the concern it could affect oxygen levels in the cabin and cockpit. a massive train derailment. why it took authorities hours to get to the scene to help. after that devastating collapse in south florida, the unwelcome headline overnight. a partial roof collapse sending tenants fleeing in another building. and the son who went to find his dad at work to personally deliver the news. it's so good, he's our person of the week. good evening, and it's great to have you with us here as we near the end of another week together. and we begin tonight with the authorities urging americans to take this delta variant seriously. spreading quickly, particularly
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among communities with low vaccination rates. the cdc director today saying we are now witnessing a pandemic of the unvaccinated. cases, hospitalizations, and deaths all on the rise. but tonight, there is also concern over the danger this poses to children soon going back to school. 12 and under have not been vaccinated. and for these rare breakthrough cases, people testing positive even after they have been fully vaccinated. dr. fauci asked about this today, and dr. jha is right here tonight answering your questions. the rate of new vaccinations has now fallen nearly 85% since mid april, to the lowest level since january. and as the vaccination rate plummets, the number of new covid cases is spiking, up nearly 70% from just last week. tonight, more major metropolitan areas recommending the wearing of masks.
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last night as we came on the air, l.a. county said it would mandate the use of mask indoors, even for those who are vaccinated. and late today, ten more california counties are suggesting the same thing. the growing concern for children not eligible for vaccines as tey prepare to return to the classroom. we have it all covered for you tonight, and abc's whit johnson leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, an alarming rise in covid cases as vaccination rates plunge across the country, down nearly 85% since mid-april, prompting this stark warning from the director of the cdc. >> this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. our biggest concern is that we are going to continue to see preventable cases, hospitalizations, and, sadly, deaths. >> reporter: the administration monitoring the highest transmission in five states, including florida, which accounts for 1 in 5 of all cases in the u.s. and with the delta variant now dominant, concern about breakthrough infections. >> you never expect yourself to necessarily be in that category,
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but i became one of those unlucky breakthrough cases. >> reporter: travis dagenais says he's fully vaccinated but tested positive after traveling to cape cod for the fourth of july. current data shows the vaccines remain highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death. but today dr. fauci was asked how much those rare breakthrough cases were contributing to the current spread. reasonable assumption that it would be less likely that that vaccinated breakthrough person would transmit compared to an unvaccinated person. >> reporter: the u.s. daily case average jumping 129% since mid-june. today, california topping 4,600 new covid cases, the most since february. now at least 11 counties re-imposing indoor mask mandates or recommendations, even for the vaccinated, impacting more than half the state. >> we're seeing a significant spike, such that the numbers are about sevenfold. >> reporter: and with some children returning to the classroom in just days, arizona
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educator and parent katie nash wants the state to bring back its mask mandate in schools. >> it just makes me very apprehensive about what potentially could happen when you have 30 plus kids in a classroom, all working together, you know, sharing that same space, that same air. >> reporter: kids under 12 still not eligible for a vaccine, but pfizer is planning to apply for emergency authorization in september or october. regulators say they want to see extra assurances the vaccine is safe, possibly extending the time spent monitoring kids for any reactions. that could mean shots into arms by late this year or early 2022. >> the notion that children can't be sick or become very sick with this virus is simply false. this is a disease which can be severe in children, and if we can prevent it safely, we should prevent it. >> that's why it's so important to remember the millions of
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school children heading back to school that have yet to be vaccinated yet. let's get to whit johnson here in new york. i know the fda giving us a better sense of a timeline to move from emergency use authorization of the pfizer vaccine to a full approval of the pfizer vaccine, and i know many health experts hope this could also be an important step to convincing more people that this is not temporary. it would be a full approval. >> reporter: david, the fda granted that accelerated six-month timeline for review. this could give full approval to the pfizer vaccine in those 16 and older by january 2022. possibly sooner. some think this might persuade businesses and schools to require vaccines and perhaps give some of those people on the fence more confidence to go ahead and get their shots. david? >> whit johnson, we know you'll be anchoring this broadcast tomorrow night. in the meantime, we know a lot of you at home have questions on
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this fast-moving delta variant. the u.s. back to more than 1,000 cases an hour on average, mostly among the unvaccinated. but of course there are these reports of breakthrouh cases, even if you're vaccinated. and what about the children 12 and under who aren't authorized to get the vaccine? let's bring in dr. ashish jha, dean of the brown school of public health. always great to have you. i know you find these new numbers concerning as well, but when you start to hear l.a. county, and then late today ten other counties in california, saying they too would reinstate the mask mandates indoors when you're out and about even if you're vaccinated, i'm curious, does that make sense to you? and are we at risk here of going backwards? >> david, thank you for having
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me back this evening. i am really concerned about the state of the delta variant and the rising number of infections we're seeing across the country. i think these counties are acting prudently because numbers are rising so quickly. we can't tell who's vaccinated and we do know there are breakthroughs for people who are vaccinated so it makes sense in places with high rising infection numbers to put the mask mandates back on. >> whit showing the delta variant is spreading quickly, especially in places with low rates of vaccinations, but i know it's not just about getting the word out there. there's real concern for children 12 and under who haven't been able the get vaccinated going back to school in the coming weeks. authorities are pushing this is not just about getting yourself vaccinated in these communities. it's about getting vaccinated to slow down to virus to protect the children. >> yeah, absolutely. look, kids under 12 obviously can't get vaccinated yet, and the best way to protect children is to have to adults around them vaccinated. kids get the infection from the adults. if we're going to protect the kids we have to have the adults around them vaccinated. >> we're hearing more about breakthrough cases -- getting the virus even when you're fully vaccinated. last night we reported on the nfl network's rich eisen saying he tested positive. he had two shots of the pfizer vaccine. he posted online. he said every health-care professional i've come across in the last few days tell me the two shots of the pfizer vaccine
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i got are what's keeping a 52-year-old like me from a far worse experience than the awful one i'm already having. he said, so be careful if you're vaccinated and if you're not, don't wait another second. we have to be realistic, the breakthrough cases are going to happen. >> they're starting to rise, and the reason it's happening is because infection numbers are getting up so high, and delta variant is such a contagious virus. we're going to see these breakthrough infections. the good news, david, is people who have the breakthrough infections don't get sick, don't get hospitalized or die at the same rate, so it's still very protective, but it's not 100% and we're going to see more of these infections as delta spreads across the country. >> dr. jha, thanks to you as always. in the meantime we're going to turn to the other news and the disaster unfolding overseas. our team is there with this castphic flood emergency now playing out in germany and belgium. the death toll climbing tonight. more than 125 people killed, and reports more than 1,300 missing. violent storms causing rivers to
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rise so quickly, overflowing their banks. helicopter crews rescuing people trapped on balconies and rooftops. firefighters rescuing overs through windows. rushing waters destroying homes and piling up cars as if they were toys. abc's marcus moore on the scene tonight in germany. >> reporter: tonight, the german army using tanks and armored personnel carriers, cutting through deep floodwaters in their desperate search for victims and the hundreds still missing in the worst flooding europe has seen in a century. destroying entire towns and cutting off villages. helicopters rescuing the stranded. firefighters standing on top of their trucks reaching for trapped residents. southwest of cologne, a landslide taking out homes in the city. you can see this pole left lean. the high water picking up all sorts of debris, including this car. it's been left destroyed. look at the windshield, smashed. the mirrors knocked off, and right now it's resting against this tree.
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an absolute mess mere. 12 people died in an assisted living facility for the disabled. we met this american who said the water was chest high at one point. >> count yourself lucky if you can get out of here alive. you can compare it to hurricane katrina. i mean, everybody here has lost everything. >> reporter: the dramatic rescues and scene of devastation playing throughout western europe. this barge busting free and sinking in the floodwaters. rescuers using a sledgehammers to break through a wall and pca safety. at least 20 dead just in belgium. the numbers are expected to rise across the storm zone. >> just extraordinary the images coming in tonight. marcus moore in western germany. marcus, we know there have been reports of thousands missing at one point. any news tonight from authorities on the search for the missing? >> reporter: more than 100,000 people still without power and phone services are down, and in this part of the country, cell phone signals are often spotty. so, david, tonight, the hope is
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that many of the people who are unaccounted for are alive and well, but there is real concern that as the water starts to recede, searchers will find more bodies. david? >> marcus moore on the scene in germany. marcus, thank you. back here at home tonight and to the extreme weather in this country. the record-breaking heat and fires in the west. potentially record-breaking high temperatures again this weekend in some places. the fourth heat wave in five weeks. idaho and montana are expected to break records. the heat fueling more than 60 wildfires. the flames from california's dixie fire threatening power lines tonight. flash flooding in peoria, illinois. flash flood watches in effect tonight from ohio across to the northeast all the way to new england. we'll be watching it. in the meantime we turn next tonight to that new video of nfl star richard sherman. authorities say he was trying to break down the door of his in-laws' home moments before his arrest. late today, sherman in court on multiple charges, and tonight his new statement just in.
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here's kayna whitworth with the video. >> reporter: former super bowl champion richard sherman appearing in court today, holding hands with his wife. >> enter pleas of not guilty to all of the charges. >> reporter: pleading not guilty to five misdemeanor charges after an early morning altercation at his in-laws' seattle-area home earlier this week. this surveillance video obtained by komo news appearing to show sherman allegedly trying to break into his home. prosecutors say his father-in-law was so afraid he had a handgun at the ready and sprayed sherman with bear mace. earlier sherman's wife calling 911 telling them her husband was drunk and belligerent and threatening to kill himself. >> i need officers to my house now. >> reporter: according to law enforcement, sherman drove away, crashing his car before ending up at his in-laws' door. the charges ranging from domestic violence, driving under the influence, to second-degree criminal trespassing and resisting arrest. sherman, the five-time pro bowl
5:45 pm
cornerback, breaking his silence on social media, writing in part, i'm deeply remorseful for my actions tuesday night. i behaved in a manner i'm not proud of. the importance of mental and emotional health is extremely real, and i vow to get the help i need. david, tonight his wife saying she is committed to helping him get the support he needs. in the meantime, the lawyer say he is investigating all the charges, adding he looks forward to vigorously defending him in court. >> kayna, thank you. next to the alleged plot to bottom democratic headquarters in san francisco. prosecutors revealing charges against two men accused of planning to blow up the building, recovering weapons. authorities say they were driven by the false claims over the election, and they say those lies remain a danger. here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the justice department indicting two men on charges they were plotting to blow up california democratic headquarters. their alleged motive, former
5:46 pm
president donald trump's big lie. >> that was a rigged election. but we'rl ghngt d >> reporter: the two men, ian rogers and jared copeland, allegedly believe trump won the 2020 election. the indictment says text messages from rogers' phone reveal his intent to attack democrats and places associated with democrats in an effort to ensure that trump remained in office. on january 11th, rogers allegedly texting, i want to blow up a democrat building bad. copeland allegedly responding, i agree. plan attack. investigators say rogers had this -- a white privilege card. on it, "trumps everything" with the number 45 repeated, references, they say, to the former president. prosecutors insist it was not just talk, that a january raid on rogers' home and business
5:47 pm
uncovered five pipe bombs and a huge cache of nearly 50 weapons including handguns, rifles and a machine gun, and they were ready to fight alongside the former president. rogers texting, i hope 45 goes to war. if he doesn't, i will. david, a federal prosecutor says the men remain a threat. rogers and copeland are still in custody. copeland today pled not guilty. >> pierre thomas tonight. pierre, thank you. there are new numbers tonight on the number of migrants arriving at the southern border. border patrol agents reporting they have made more than a million arrests this year, the highest number since at least 2005. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe.
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flights. and that massive train derailment in iron county, utah. three workers were hurt when nearly 100 cars came off the tracks in floodwaters. it took emergency crews hours in that remote area to reach the scene. when we come back, another square in south florida. a partial roof collapse sending tenants fleeing. i was there. be right back. but my symptoms were keeping me from where i needed to be. so i talked to my doctor and learned humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for people with uc or crohn's disease. and humira helps people achieve remission that can last, so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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finally tonight, the son with a major league surprise for his father, our persons of the week. >> reporter: 22-year-old robert anthony cruz from riverside, california, and his dream of becoming a professional baseball player since he have a boy. his dad won working at the local auto repair shop, and he would come home and practice with his son every night. so all these years later, when robert anthony got the call just this week to sign on to be a rookie player for the washington nationals, he went right to find his father. with his mother, cynthia, recording as they walk into the repair shop. looking for dad. >> ron! >> hey, ron, there's somebody here to see you. >> robert anthony find his father. >> hey, what's up? >> what's up? how you doing, son? >> pretty good. >> what happened? oh, my god. congratulations, son. oh, my gosh.
5:58 pm
oh, my gosh, are you kidding me? >> reporter: and he hands him a nationals hat. >> oh, that's awesome. oh, my gosh. that's awesome, son. proud of you. >> thanks. >> thanks. all right. what are you -- where's that going? >> reporter: where's it going? to "world news tonight." >> hi, david. >> hey, david. >> reporter: tonight, father and son, dad proudly wearing that hat. >> he was just ready to be there for me however i needed him, and growing up, i needed him to throw me batting practice, and that's what he did. >> reporter: tonight, that dad and his message. >> your kids have dreams. i didn't want to be the one to tell him that, no, that can't be done. >> and so we choose robert anthony cruz, and of course his father ron. good night.
5:59 pm
a plane crashed in napa county today. a landing attempt went horribly wrong with deadly consequences. what looks like a peaceful neighborhood is the scene of an unspeakable crime that left a mother dead, a father wounded, and a 14-year-old son under arrest. how likely do you think this recommendation will turn into a mandate? >> reporters stephanie sierra asks the question we all have and it said answered after hearing most health agencies recommend everyone put their masks on inside. it has never been a bad time to be a job seeker. >> if you are unhappy at work, you are in luck. building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. i heard they could ask us to wear masks indoors again. >> here we go again. we may be weeks away from a new
6:00 pm
mask mandate and today we took the first step. thank you for joining us, i am ama daetz. >> you are watching live on abc7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> our work better bay area means keeping a close eye on the pandemic and changing rules. statewide activity is rising every way you measure it. it is part of why the bay area released new recommendations saying everyone should wear masks indoors, no matter if you are vaccinated or not. so far it is a recommendation, not a requirement. >> and that applies to almost the entire bay area. only celano and napa county did not involve themselves in today's announcement. >> laura anthony spoke with doctors at east bay hospitals to find out what trends they are seeing. >> did you ever stop wearing masks inside? >> never. >> will you go back to not wearing a mask? >> to answer that today


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