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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 16, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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moving forward, and finding solutions. this is abc7 news. now at 5:00, a truck trend in the fight against covid-19. the california county now bringing back the indoor mask mandate this weekend. in the variant is covid on steroids. >> closing the vaccination gap amid the surge. the push to crkdown on wate wasteers. the bay area city handing out fines. yesterday, it was about the world's most popular emoji and today the new one. a first look at the symbols that might be coming to the screens. hello, and it's friday, july 16th, we have made it. you are watching abc7 mornings live on abc7 hugho live and where you stream. >> we want to start with a look at our forecast. looks the same outside. it is great. the weekend is going to end differently than through most week. here's a look from the camera at pier 15 looking at the financial district. cloudy out there with a little drizzle. and you can see the winds are
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not all that fast. in fact, that's what's going to it's a aid along with faster sunshine in the warming trend that begins today. we will be warmer than yesterday, we are cooler than average. and 80s, mid to upper 80s in the east. and same thing in the north bay, you can see upper 60s to low 70s around bay and near 60 along the coast. 64 in san francisco. we will look at how much warmer it is going to get, and there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm coming at us this weekend. we will explain that coming up. kumasi. covid surge prompted a change in los angeles county. >> an indoor mask mandate is coming back, and this may and look at what's coming elsewhere, including perhaps here. sacramento, yolo and fresno counties say they are recommending people wear masks in all public indoor se abc7 news reporter amy holyfield is live at sfo. >> reporter: good toanles this
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forget your mask. that mask mandate going into effect. you will need it on sunday and it goes into effect at 11:59 p.m. on saturday. bay area counties are not going to join l.a. any time soon buck they are looking at the situation. alameda and more rin county health officers say they are considering recommending mask indoors for everyone, including the vaccinate. san mateo county tell us it is considering changes to the guidance. and other health department we have reached out to say they are planning to stick with state guidelines, which do in the require indoor masking for vaccinated people. here is an infectious disease expert from stamford university and what she has to say about a mask mandate happening here. >> i do think that in certain situations, it might be helpful to suggest indoor masking. i am not sure about a mask mandate, we are not there yet. >> reporter: l.a. county decided to require masks again now that they are seeing
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numbers of covid cases they have not seen since rlmasear he bay area, too. but not at a rate like in l.a. and the vaccination rate here is higher, too. higher than l. but officials are still pushing for those who are not vaccinated to go ahead and head out and get the shots. as cases are on the rise. live at sfo, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. ucsf reinstated the indoor maximum mandate after a rise of the cases of del delta variant. it applies to staff and students. they have not said how many students or staff have been affected. 08 of staff and students have been vaccinated but they expect breakthrough caser. if you haven't been vaccinated, san francisco is bringing it to to you. >> there are drop-in sites from around the city including bayview hunter's point. melanie woodrow explanes how the location also help groups
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hit the hardest. >> reporter: san francisco health and city officials want to close the vaccination disparity gap. >> this new delta variants, we will see higher infections of those not vaccinated, and we can anticipate there will be at least 250 more deaths and disproportionately the people will be african americans and latinos. >> reporter: mayor london breed says every person at san francisco general hospital right now being treated for covid-19 did not get vaccinated. san francisco is one of the most dense cities in the country, which one of the lowest death rates from covid- 19 according to the mayor. 75% of san franciscoans are fully vaccinated, and 83% have received at least their first dose. discrepancy exist. >> we knew that the disparities that existed with this virus were going to impact primarily the african american community, but also the latino community. and we are seeing those same disparities play themselves out in this vaccination process.
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>> i am scared for the black community. i am scared for people who are at 25 to 40 years old. i am scared for people who are refusing to get the vaccine. >> reporter: the delta variant is covid on steroids. >> reporter: dr. grant colfax describes the difference between getting covid-19 when you are fully vaccinated versus when you are not. like this. >> sniffels versus suffocation. >> the bay area is holding its breath waiting for cases to continue to increase. >> reporter: dr. peter hung is a ucf professor a of medicine and infectious disease specialist and sis minority groups have taken a watch and wait and some fear a perceived cost with historical precedent and mistrust. >> how we get over covid and keep the smiles on everyone's faces and keep the city and country open is we do our part and we get the vaccine. >> that was million any woodrow reporting. if you have questions about the
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vaccines, ask those questions to me and the rest of the vaccine team. go a abc7 volunteers will continue to search for missing berkeley man this morning. they plan to meet at foothill high school to share flyers and canvass the area for the father who went for a run in pleasanton ridge regional park last saturday, and he has not been seen since. police in the alameda county sheriff an office ended the official search. his family believes may be on someone's personal property near the park. candidates vying for governor newsom's position have a get their names on ballot by today. the recall elect is september 14th. voters will be sent mail-in ballots and 77 candidates were list on the website. to qualify you have to be an u.s. citizen and registered to vet. >> california. you can't be convicted of a
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felony involving bribery, and you cannot have held two terms as governor since 1990. you also have to submit five years of tax returns in pay and estimated 4,000 dollars filing fee, or get 7,000 signatures from supporters. now to the extreme weather gripping the west. from utah to oregon to, here in california, we are all feeling the impact of climate change and the conditions that come with that. jobina fortson is live with the emergencies. >> reporter: wild fires are burning in a dozen states. the largest is a bootleg fire in oregon. it destroyed 21 homes as it continues to spread. firefighters from san francisco have been called up to help. this is video that you are seeing on your screen of them leaving for oregon yesterday in parts of utah, water supply is so low, towns have to import drinking water. abc's visited great salt lake where the water is so low, the levels there, it forced boats out of the water. >> have you ever seen that much
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shoreline. >> never. >> never? >> i got here since 75 sailing and never seen this. >> reporter: officials say it could be two years before boats can return to the lake. if the drought-- the drought could impact food prices. 98% of wheat is located in places dealing with drought. >> thank you. in the north bay, petaluma is fining water wasteers. they are will get a warning at first, and repeat offenders could face penalties up to $1,000. the city could shut off water service for anybody who then continues to break the rules. petaluma asked residents and business owners to cut water use by 25%. in climate experts with the noaa say the drought is expected to last for months. there's a 60% chance of la nina event this winter bringing more cool and dry conditions, and this is a recent drone video of the saltan sea in southern california. here in the bay area, nearly
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all counties are in the worst or exceptional drought categoryp. and it's not just california. 46% of the contiguous u.s. not count alaska and hawaii, is in a state of drought. so not counting alaska and hawaii. and la nina, that means day air for us during the rangy season. the rainy season is not trending well. on the left, above average temperatures. the brown. and on the right, brown is below average precipitation. which does include the bay area. so, we are hoping that changes as we get deeper and closer. for now, drizzle is all we have, but thankfully, it is raising the fuels, moisture in some of the fuels out this, which is lowering the fire threat just a little bit. let's talk about what's going on if your activity is heading out today, everything is pretty good. winds will back off a little
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bit. no small craft advisory and more sunshine. take the sunscreen because the uv index is high today and through the weekend he. temperatures when you step out has been constant along with the morning clouds and drizzle. in the low to mid-50s in the south bay. and pretty much mid to upper 50s elsewhere. redwood city warmer at 60. let's talk about what happens today. you will you will fine the windshield wipeers a little bit like the bay bridge and golden bay bridge and temperatures holding steady through 7:00. 58, 66 and 74, and a little warmer at 4:00, but we are slightly cooler than average. and get ready for 50s, 60s and 70s this evening. we will show you the warmer weather this weekend, and the slight chance of a thunderstorm coming up also. here's jobina with the commute. mni i a uple now crashes right now in fremont here. no slow downs in the area. this is eastbound 84 before thornton avenue and not too far away, right as you are
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approaching the dumbarton bridge, he should say if you are approaching the bridge on westbound 84 at arden wood boulevard. a crash in fairfield and they a slow down there. bringing live picture from the 88 # at coliseum camera in oakland, the headlights are headed southbound this morning. things are at the limit. but already busy at the san mateo bridge. so, this is a trend we are starting to see continue as more people head into the office. reggie and kumasi. a mom caring a lot of weight. a video you may find adorable or terrifying. a possible mass shooting averted. the big discovery after police got a call about this surveillance video. attempted abduction caught on video. how a man tried to lure a little girl into his car. and let's look live
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you have to see this video. a mom in oklahoma city in disbelief after a man tried to lure her kids with a snow cone.
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this attempted kidnapping all caught on the surveillance video. so the woman's daughter says that the man told her to get in the back seat of his car if she wanted the treat. but, her big brother stepped in and stopping her from getting inside and as you can see there, that car just drove off. that's so scary. two bay area men have been charged with plotting to blow up the democratic headquarters in sacramento. federal prosecutors say napa resident ian rogers who you see, and jared copeland hoped the bombing would be the first in series of politically motivated attacks. both men face multiple charges now including conspiracy to destroy a building, by fire or explosive. rogers is also now charged with possession of unregistered destructive devices and three counts of possession of machine guns. back in january, law enforcement officers searched his home in napa and seized 45 to 50 firearms. thousands of rounds of ammunition, and five pipe bombs. rogers has been in custody since then. new details in the south
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bay authorities believe they have averted another mass shooting after the arrest of a suspected prowler. 32-year-old wesley charles martinees from los gatos was taken into custody. it comes after a campbell business owner reported someone lushing around the parking lot peering into cars. that business owner shared surveillance video of the incident with abc7 news. police detained martinees and found an arsenal of weapons inside his truck. that includes a pipe bomb, two illegal ar style rifles a glock hand bun and bullets with the word cop killer. this was a manifesto that stated wipe out black hispanic and jewish populations. >> a the love bad things could have happened. things could have played out differently. he could have shot at the cops. tried to get away, i mean, a lot of different scenarios. >> he is charged with seven felonies and he is held in santa clare' county jail on $300,000 bail. a man's bold move to ward
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off bears landed him in custody. chp officers in trucko say he set his own car on fire yesterday morning near the california nevada border. he was yelling about bears, but they couldn't find bears nearby. he is charged with arson, and being under the influence. >> but the emoji. >> that's the part that all i could look at. >> why did they choose that? >> i doesn't know why the chp did that. but they did -- what's the thing in the front is. >> the little car. that's his license plate. >> they are covering it up but covering it up with another emoji. >> see. >> don't come over there chp truckee. >> act right. >> you doesn't want to be dragged. >> they have someone who loves a good emoji. all right, next video is impossibly adorable or terrifying. >> a man in l.a.
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spotted a possum, carrying a litter of five joeies. okay. take a look at this video. okay. this was first posted on tiktok and you can see the mother tiptoeing across a wall while her babies are clinging to her back pay cord together wildlife organization, wild care, the babies survival depends on the ability to cling to the mom's fur as she searches for food. >> i think they are cute. right? >> mom is struggling. >> all of god's creatures are butte newly okay, boy i know what that means. i use to see them all the time at my old station in portland. >> where in the parking lot. >> in the parking lot. yes. >> that's why you bonded. >> i also got hised at but that's okay. >> see. >> see me and i would hiss at me too. >> typical day. we have turkeys in our backyard
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lately. >> really? >> on saturday and sunday. >> are they nice. tt's no. berriee a webabies and w ere's circle of life. >> yeah. 5:18. let's talk about weather wise. and san jose, 2880. walnut creek increase in clouds and drizzle on 24 this morning. and by the afternoon, more sunshine, and a touch warmer. still going to be a little below average. mostly cloudy tonight with patchy drizzle, and patchy fog as we compress the marine layer into some of our valleys. as we head through the weekend. and sunday, well, there's a slight chance of some dry thunderstorms that's going to heighten the fire threat. right now, no fire weather watches. the national weather service is keeping an eye on it. and that may change later. but for now, we are okay.
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let's talk about what's going on weather wise. 71 to sunnyvale and san jose topping out at 76. most of us in the low to mid- 60s. and head over to the coast, where the cloud cover will keep us in the upper 50s, more sunshine. downtown south san francisco, so mid-60s for you. and as you head through the north bay we won't have the breeze coming off the bay so vigorously so temperatures will warm from 76 in vallejo to 81 in santa rosa to 92. >> ukiaha. everybody else around 70 to 72 and warmer temperatures in the inhand neighborhoods but comfortable. 82348 antioch and brentwood. we are looking at temperatures in the 50s tonight. and cloud cover, and almost as widespread a and a little fog possible especially in the north bay valleys. future radar shows sunday at midnight, and watch monsoon moisture coming at us. it's going to back its way towards us. it does it once in a while
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during the monsoon season. and you can see some pop-up showers and thunderstorms. the greatest chan is in the sierra. the issue is if they droplight ening, the rain is not going to make it to the ground, and that could start fire. so that's what we are going to keep an eye on in the next couple of days. it could repeat monday. tuesday, that ends, and heat hangs around and that tapers by thursday. kumas glitch an 18-year-old in the netherlands will fly to space as youngest person oliver daemen was not supposed to be on the launch flight. the original passenger that person who made $28 million for the ride, had a scheduling conflict. >> i can't -- when i heard this i could not believe it. >> scaddual conflict. >> whatever it meant daemen secured a seat is on the second flight, and he is a son of of
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wealthy dutch investment hedge fund executive. he cleared his schedule to get on the flight. >> and that's this rich people in space. coming up, seven thin to know. >> don't drink and scooter. the nefeature to make it harder to unlook. and new emojise on the way. how to weigh in on the symbols you want
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i am. it's 5:23. it's seven things to know. los angeles county bringing back the mask mandate. starting on sunday, people will be required to wear masks indoors regardless of their vaccination status. and this is coming amid a sharp rise in covid cases around the country. number two, parts of the bay area reconsidering the mask man dates. alameda and marin counties say they could start to require masking in doors for everyone. san mateo county says they are considering changing their guidance. number three, today is the filing deadline for governor newsom's recall election. as of wednesday, 77 candidates were listed on the state elects website. number 4, fire fighters from san francisco have been sent to hett
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thotfithreis227,00a an it is ly 7% and it's still producing a lot of smoke. i will show you that forecast. first, at home during the weekend, we are warming starting today. some of the warmest temperatures are sunday afternoon. number six, it appears crash i was following in fairfield has cleared. it involved an overturned vehicle injuries aswell well on westbound 80 before air base parkway. speeds are down to around 11 miles per hour. and number seven, a pandemic milestone. the eiffel tower reopen to the pub lig today. it has been closed since october because of pandemic restrictions. bird wants to prevent people from scad scooting under the influence. they are launching a new feature that asked rideers to verify that they can safely happenedel the scooter by correctly entering a key word into the app. those who can't do it are encouraged to take a taxi or ride share service. ve100 p.m.
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officials nitor how efctate is. happening today, enjoy happy hour with the warriors general manager bob myers. the happy hour is part of the summer series at thrive city plaza. it goes from 4:00 to 8:00 tonight, and he is expected to be a part of chalk talk starting at 5:00. warriors fans, starting next week, the 10 parted documentary the last dance is coming to streaming app espn+. warriors coach consider place a big part in the series about michael jordan's dominant career and iconic dynasty with the bulls. you can stream the series the last dance starting monday. >> so good. world emoji day is tomorrow and we are getting a sneak peek what the next emoji updates might bring. >> let's see. a melting face? okay. new multiracial handshakes and heart hands those are the
5:26 am
finalist. and there's several gender inclusive images including a pregnant man, and a pregnant person. as for objects, there's a disco ball bubbles and tire. vote for the favorite at world emoji and now the vote is not part of the final approval process, but it is a fun way to see what people like the most. >> how are they ute using the melting emoji if you are hot. >> yeah. yeah. >> what's the one you like? >> let me see. i like this one with the hand with the eye. >> me too. >> that one. >> that's fun like, watching not watching. >> yeah. >> i can't believe what i am seeing but i want to see it. coming up, double the love. twins who do almost everything together. >> and also this morning, new video of richard sher mand the night of his arrest. where the former 49ers case stands after the first court appearance. and a school bus kidnapping. a look into the archives of the
5:27 am
crime that happened 45 years ago. and looking live
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. vainated oping paem at 5:30 county to reimpose an indoor mask mandate. what this could mean for us in the bay area. and california university is updating policies for students returning to school. what you need to know heading back to campus. teens on a mission to spread the message. the fight they are up against. good morning. we made it to friday. it's july 16th, abc7 mornings live right now on abc7, hulu live and where you stream. >> we will start with a check on the weather. let's look at what's going on. winds are backing down and slowing down, and that means the cooling sea breeze will
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have less of an effect later on this afternoon. but this morning, you can see plenty of cloud cover out there as we look from the roof camera down the adero to the ferry building bay bridge w there's drizzle. the warning trend will take temperatures up 3 or 4 degrees over yesterday, but still not at average. the warmest temperatures mid to upper 80s in the inland east bay neighborhoods. most of the north bay valleys in the mid-70s to low 80s. same in the south bay. you can see upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. a 64 in san francisco and 59 in half moon bay where we will see most of the clouds linger during the afternoon. we will look at the warming trend through the weekend and a slight chance of some dry thunderstorms. future radar coming up. reggie. >> thanks. bay area counties are considering bringing back indoor mask man dates or recommendations as covid cases surge. >> we know that l.a. is bringing back its mask mandate over the weekend.
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abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live. what do we know about possible mask rules in the bay area. >> reporter: they are thinking about it. this is just impacting l.a. county. don't forget your mask if you are traveling to l.a. it will impact you starting sunday. if you eat indoors, that's allowed, but you will need to put the mask on when you are not eating and drinking. this goes into effect at 11:59 p.m. on saturday. so, l.a. taking a step back one month after the state reopened. now the bay area is also seeing an increase in covid cases, and health officials here tell us they are watching the situation, but they are not putting masks man dates into place here at this time. alameda and marin county is thinking about recommending mask not mandating. and san mateo says changes are being considered. other all counties will follow state guidelines. an infectious disease expert at stanford says she doesn't think we need mask man date at this time burks we need to keep
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watching the activity of that delta variant. >> let's see what happens in the next week or so in remember in may, the virus only represented 6% of the strains and now it is at 70%. it's moving very quickly. >> reporter: the big push is for the unvaccinated to go on in and get the shots to put up a fight against the delta variant. official say those who have been inoculated have an excellent chance of being protected, but in l.a., even those people who are vaccinated will have to wear mask to try to slow down this spread. live at s-f-o, amy hol-l- yfield, abc7 news. sfo is making it easier for international travelers to get tested, and bay area universities are figuring out how to handle covid in the in school year. here's anchor ama daetz. >> reporter: u-c students are trying to get vaccinated. all student and faculty and staff must be vaccinate for the
5:33 am
fall term. bul othemptions arlowe leon able to participate in in-person campus activities. e, an updated policy in effect. fully vaccinated people don't have to wear maximum. unvaccinated people must mask up indoors and outside they can canada may soon reopen for tourists, the country's prime minister said if positipositipoi vaccination trends continue, they could welcome vaccinated travelers. thanks to pilot program with the state arriving international travel, will be provide with three free covid test kits. >> l.a. county health officers urge people to reconsider travel to states with high levels of new covid cases and that includes very popular destinations, florida, and nevada. there's concerns about
5:34 am
covid as kids go back to school for new school year. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: this morning's gma first look. covid-19 surge. the new concerns for kids as the delta variant spreads across the country. some school district are set to open as early as next week. in arizona's chandler unified school district, school is in session on we and the state has made it illegal to mandate masks. >> i think we will have some students opting to wear masks some not opting to wear masks, and i think every one will be accepting. >> reporter: for an educator had has two school age children, one of whom is immunocompromised, it's not choice. >> we need to have a mask mandate back again. i am very nervous. my children will be wearing masks when they return. >> reporter: coming up on 7:00 a.m., more on what the coming school year will look like as vaccination rates lag in some parts of the u.s., and what you need to know with your gma first look, i am mat gutman abc
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news, los angeles. with the delta variant sundaying, some san francisco teens are of the group max the vax and they gathered outside a visitation valley get vaccinated. age people to they launched on tiktok this month with accessible educational vas, vaccine positive info to address the well-being of people of color and equity. >> i think there's a sense of familiar airity once you hear from someone that looks like you. having the conversations saying this is something that won't only help you but your children and help your grandmother. it's something that is important to the black community. >> she is so soothing. i like watching her. the max the vax crew says they are making a impact one shot at a time. california lawmakers have unanimous approved the state
5:36 am
funded guaranteed income program. with the bipartisan vote lawmakers have ear marched $35 million of taxpayer pony for the a concept. it is directed towards qualifying pregnant women and young adults transitioning out of foster care. local agencies will determine how much each person will get. but the amount will range between $500 and $1,000 a month. former 49er richard sherman's case is back in court. police say he tried to break into his in-law's home. we have the surveillance video of what happened. >> reporter: home surveillance video shows former 49er richard sherman outside of his in-laws home in redmond, washington. you can see as he tries to burst through the front door. >> on the door. come through. >> reporter: it's. >> modely clear yes wanted to enter the home. his father-in-law told police he pepper sprayed sherman and picked up her gun during the
5:37 am
incident. officers arrested sher heman early wednesday morning. during yesterday's court hearing, sherman faced charges related to domestic violence, dui, and resisting arrest. he has been released from jail. he d have tobecourt for today's hearing on ca. ie cafirehas the size of the dixie fire. it's approaching 5,000 acres. the dixie fire is burning in steep and inaccessible terrain. firefighters are making progress. it is 7% contained, and it is burning away from populated areas. a mandatory evacuation order is in place for the high lakes and full brook areas in plumas county. the largest fire of the state has grown another 5,000 acres. the beckworth fire is burning in plumas county. it is more than 100,000 acres and 668% contained. this video from the santa marowa fire department shows
5:38 am
the strong wind howling as the fire raged nearby. two san francisco reservoirs are getting a tool to help survive a major earthquake. the fire department and the public utilities commission teaming up to install earthquake resistant pipes. they can absorb shock waves without cracking. they were designed in japan and have been in use there for 40 years with no issues. a spokesperson for the puc in san francisco says the goal is to prepare for the big one. >> we want to be as prepared as possible and make sure we can fight all the fires that may happen after an earthquake as well as provide clean drinking water to people within a very short amount of time following the earthquake. >> the first pipeline just went in at the sunset reservoir and another will be installed at the college hill reservoir near zuckerberg, san francisco general hospitals. a scary attack at an east bay mall. abc7 news learned this was not the first time something like this has happened. >> a new place to bring people
5:39 am
together. the center taking shape thanks to more than 26 million dollars in state funding. right now, we are turning to meteorologist mike nicco. this is a look at the western span of the bay bridge and we are seeing a little drizzle out there. and that's the only real issue for the commute. there's no small craft advisory. so the bay will be calmer. it will be a little warmer this afternoon, but nothing uncomfortable for mass transit. and looking at the air quality with the warming trend, it will stay healthy all the way through the weekend. and heading out right now, we are 53 to 57 degrees with postly cloudy conditions in our east bay valleys. we have had .07 of an inch of drizzle on rocky ring. 52 in pacifica to oakland and hayward at 58. our spread in other areas, mountainview not much of a change. 60s around the bay at noon. and 70s inland. you can see more 80s in the east bay. and up in the north bay heading
5:40 am
towards 4:00, still comfortable upper 60s to low 70s for the bay and low 60s in san francisco. this evening, we will fall back into the 60s and 70s except for the coast and san francisco area. so you want to have a coat. there will be mist and drizzle in the air the closer you are to the coast. looking at the smoke forecast, you can see the two fires continuing to push off a lot of smoke. but even through saturday and sunday, if you are heading up to tahoe, it's going to be okay until we get deeper into sunday and monday. and then the air quality could go downhill rather quickly. so if you are staying in tahoe or anywhere around it, past the weekend, keep an eye on the air quality. let's bring it back home and talk about the friday morning commute. hi. thank you. this is the trend this morning on westbound 80 in the east bay. one crash will happen and it will clear and another crash will happen. and now we have a new crash in hercules that keeps popping u. be careful around here. westbound 80 before willow avenue in hercules, injuries reported, emergency crews have been called out and you can see
5:41 am
the slow down. feeds to 9 miles per hour in the area. with westbound 80 in emeryville is busy as well. you can seats headlights there traveling towards the maze. and then a live look in walnut creek showing off 608 where
5:42 am
things may be different, but at denny's, one thing will always remain the same... our dedication to safely serving guests the food they love. and hey... if you love to feed people too, we want you to join our family. apply at today.
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only on abc7 news, an out of state tourist talking about this. the frightening moment she was attacked, robbed, and car jacked in emeryville. you are watching cell fon video of the incident. the victim who does not want to be identified, says she and her friend were at the bay street mall on monday, and as soon as they parked, two men approached. >> two guys ran out and went towards me. and it if the so fast. i felt look i just closed my eyes and opened it, and the car was gone. and everything was gone. >> oh, gosh. so the woman and her friend they were left bruised and
5:44 am
shaken. and we have learned that this is not the t incident of its kind. emeryville police say that since may, there have been at least three robbery and carjacking victims in the bay street parking garage. there habearmed thefts at various stores. horrible. people from cuba living in the bay area are loudly demonstrating the solidarity with the people in their homeland. they are calling for u.s. intervention. this crowd was protesting in oakland last night. they say they are concerned for their families who are facing widespread shortages of food and medicine. >> we have family there. we got everything there. and we are here like the speaker, a loud speaker to say what's going on in cuba right now. >> i have been calling them, and they are of course worried, and i am worried about them, too. >> president biden says cuba has cut off internet access it he is look into whether the u.s. is capable of restoring
5:45 am
it. today marks 45 years since 26 kids and the bus driver escaped from a truck trailer in the east bay. they were taken in the chow chilla school bus kidnapping. three armed kidnappers abducted the kids and driver and locked we are going into the abc7 archiving. >> they left on a bus and returned on a bus. they are say safe and the ordeal is over. the kids kidnapped late thursday afternoon while riding on the school bus were found. >> the kidnappers have nothing short plans very elaborate plans for keeping hostages. they were incarcerate 6' under ground at a moving van trailer. >> so you can stream that entire special from our archiving. as well as take look inside the actual buried truck trailer with the bay area stream app.
5:46 am
it is free and available for download. wow. san francisco's chinatown getting a new arts and media center thanks to $26.5 in state funding. called edge on the square. organizers say it will be a place to bring people together to learn about asian american contributions to the country. it will feature art performances, activist and educators and a place to heal. >> we know chinatown has been struggling. not just because of the pandemic, and the recession, but because of antiasian hate. we need this. and we are projecting that this center is going to bring over 250,000 visitors a year. the center is taking shape at the location near the square. construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. it seems like reality show in the making. identical twins sister dating identical twin brothers and they all living to. >> the story is going viral. we found there's one thing they
5:47 am
don't do the same. >> reporter: when it comes to romance, these couples are totally twinning in love. vanessa and chrisa are identical twins. and they have fallen for lucas and jacob, also identical twins. >> altogether people are like -- they don't want to say anything. >> they don't want to ask because they say there's no way. >> reporter: the brothers are in sports medicine. sisters are physical trainers. and everyone introduced last sum are by one of the girls' clients. was there any notion that maybe we should switch. >> no. no. >> we are like no. >> reporter: a gut feeling. >> yeah instant connection. >> reporter: the connection so strong in fact, they live together sharing a home in medford, oregon, and despite being roommates, they say 75% of their dates are double dates. the other 25% of the time,. >> lucas likes to dress up and
5:48 am
get fancy so they go to a nice steak house opinion and we will go to olive garden because we can't think of anything else. >> reporter: the older twins paring up the younger set doing the same and the coincidences keep coming. all four were division one track athletes in the same conference in college, but now that cycle twin thing is stronger than ever. >> we have shown up on separate dates the same place. like this is not happening. >> going down the stairs and really. >> it was fate we have two perfect identical people. no one is better than each other. >> we say will he an angel out there. >> hi. >> hey, mike, because somebody. somebody -- >> i can't be the only okay. >> is it.
5:49 am
>> it's unique. it's unique. >> that makes it news. >> i have twin nieces, you are watching, no. >> twin boys. >> they never will. no. >> we will find them twin boys. >> i don't want know nothing about medford, oregon. >> no? >> interesting at fleet and only hanging around people that do the exact same thing. no. >> there's no you do you in that crowd, is there? or you be you? we will let reggie fester. we will come back and see if he is okay. here's san rafael where it's cloudy and 53 degrees this morning. look at the golden gate, you can see the marine layer getting compressed pushing down closer to the deck. and it will be on top of the deck the next couple of days. as we will start to push this marine layer even farther towards the ground filling in the valleys with some fog. especially up in the north bay. west wind at 15 miles per hour.
5:50 am
so cloudy patchy drizzle this morning. a warming trend begins this afternoon. and remember that monsoon moisture we talked about, there's a chance it could back towards us and bring us a chance of dry thunderstorms sunday and monday. we will look daa second. today, 71 in sunnyvale. 81 in los gatos. 69 again in santa cruz. 67 in san bruno. 70 to 76 for the upper peninsula. look at a little more sunshine in south san francisco. mid-60s for you. same in sausalito. and without the breeze, as stiff as it has been op the san francisco bay, warmer in the valleys from the north bay mid- 70s to low 80s. oakland, and 70else and d, 80 to 88 degrees. a little fog and drizzle.
5:51 am
here we are with future radar sunday morning, and you can see the moisture coming at us. the best chance of showers are in the green, and that's mainly in the sierra. but if something does pop over us, it will be a dry thoroughly. which means the lightning will reach the ground, but the rain won't. so there's a heightened fire condition, but right now, no watches or warnings no advisories. and that's something that could change so we will keep an eye on that. notice sunday and monday, two of the hot are days along with tuesday, and temperatures will start to taper wednesday and thursday. morning clouds afternoon sunshine, you note routine. >> thank you. new at 6:00, the nfl secret fumble amid the rise of covid cases. an inside source admitting a scarry admission. and the music returns. the city welcome youing back tore fun. the drought threatening the salmon population.
5:52 am
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the african american museum in oakland is among recipients sharing $3 million in grant money. they will use the fund to make structural repairs to the aging facility and protect collections of african american history. it began as private collection in 1946 and continued to grow. it includes books on religion, dr. martin luther king j-r, malcolm x. it was created after the racial violence in charlottesville in 2017. in the east bay, music is back in the streets of downtown concord. after a year off, due to the pandemic, the city's music and market event returned in the plaza. ththgreatest comeback of all time. music in and market events are thursday through september and each will feature a farmers
5:55 am
market and live music from cover bands. there's a push to save salmon in sacramento. ews are relocating hatcheries salmon from the sacramento river to the ocean. because of recent hot temperatures in the drought, the river is too warm for salmon to thrive. they have a greater chance of survival. they find cold water and avoid predators. >> if river temperatures remain as they are, salmon will be driven from the area and driven into extinction. the eggs will be late in water that is too hot and those eggs will die. >> official say once temperatures drop, and the drought gets better, salmon will be able to return to the river. take look at this video of bottle nose dolphins chasing tour boat. they are leaving leaping nearly 10' in the air. the boat operators were stunned to see them hurl their bodies so effortlessly. you see them jumping. >> i want to see one more.
5:56 am
>> let's watch this for >>et's epwatching this. >> look how happy they look. >>i love dolphins. >> i like to think that's what i look like when i swim. >> it is mike. >> you know better. >> not even close. they are so majestic. all right, a's we are resuming the season. and they have work to do. and we have 64 at 6:40 and unt dropping down to 58. it won't be as breezy as normal at the coliseum. but cool. now, want to show you something. our newest data for the three months, our three wettest months and you can see on the right, that is precipitation which is below average, and on the left, that's the temperature which is above average. so the next rain season not trending really well. right now. let's hope that changes. >> thank you, mike. new at 6:00, top stories including this. the top online >> the devastating flooding
5:57 am
disaster in europe. the death toll topping 100 people and hundreds of people are missing. the rescue efforts that are ongoing. plus, weather of our own do worry about a bit further north. san francisco firefighters now on the way, but there's new concern crews ulof a crucial piece they need to keep the flames from spiraling out of control. and, of course, a question on so many people's minds, will we see indoor mask man dates and wh ♪ windows open, i'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪ ♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪ darrell's family uses gain flings now so their laundry
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building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. top stories right now, the largest county in the country bringing back its mask mandate. everybody now wondering if we will see at the head in the bay area. we are live as local health experts are weighing in. the delta variant is covid on steroids. >> closing the vaccination gap amid this surge. the push to reach people who may be hesitant to get the shot. scary details on a thwarted mass shooting in sacramento. two bay area men now charged with planning to blow up a major building. good morning only to this. a floating head. the bizarre sight that is now over one major city and the reason behind it. >> we always find something.


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