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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 16, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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met "boy meets wor right now on "america this morning" -- the return of the mask mandate. why los angeles will now require you to wear a mask again. will others follow? as covid cases spike and concern grows about unvaccinated children. this morning what we're learning about when young children may be allowed to get the vaccine. plus major league baseball and team usa are hit by new covid disruptions. extreme weather emergency. >> it's hot. >> another heat wave bearing down on the west. temperatures 40 degrees above normal. new evacuations as wildfires burn in 12 states. the severe drought getting worse. some towns without drinking water. and overseas up to 1,300 people presumed missing after a once in a century flood tears through
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western europe. disturbing new video of nfl star richard sherman before being arrested in a domestic violence case. the new details about pepper spray, a gun, and what's next for the super bowl champ. the 18-year-old rocket man. why this teen is unexpectedly getting a seat on jeff bezos's ride to space. the historic medical breakthrough giving this paralyzed man his voice back after nearly two decades. and later, the survey revealing america's favorite ice cream flavor. it's not vanilla or chocolate. ♪ just the flavor of the week ♪ >> announcer: from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." good friday morning, everyone. we begin with troubling new developments in the fight against covid-19. >> los angeles, the biggest county in the u.s., is reimposing its mask mandate and
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for the first time since april a major league baseball game had to beon b of covid cases. it all comes as the more contagious delta variant fuels a spike in cases across the country. 46 states are seeing the numbers go in the wrong direction. >> children are a major concern. 12 to 17-year-olds have the lowest vaccination rate of any age group, and it's expected to be mid-winter before young children are eligible for the vaccine. abc's ike ajanji is here with the latest. good morning. >> the surgeon general says common vaccine myths are running rampant through unvaccinated communities and it's stalling vaccine rates at a time delta variant is spreading. this morning surgeon general dr. vivek murthy calling on social media companies and politicians to take a bigger responsibility in fighting widespread vaccine misinformation. calling it an urgent threat in the fight against the virus. >> every one of us has the power and the responsibility to make a difference in this fight. lives are depending on it. >> reporter: he says 2/3 of
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people who are not yet vaccinated believe common myths about vaccines. this morning indications are rising quickly in 45 states. now 1,000 new cases every hour. with outbreaks popping up across the country. in los angeles health officials are now requiring everyone to wear a mask indoors, including the fully vaccinated. >> masking indoors must again become a normal practice. >> reporter: in missouri health officials there asking for help as a covid hospital in springfield stretches thin. even major league baseball pausing. the yankees-red sox game canceled as several players on the yankees enter covid-19 protocol. vaccination rates at a crawl. 548,000 shots per day. that's down 84% since mid-april, when 3.4 million shots were given each day. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky drawing a line between those falling sick the most and those not getting the shot. >> people who are unvaccinated are more likely to get severe symptoms and end up in the hospital and what we're seeing
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now is that children are now more likely to be unvaccinated. >> reporter: a reality seen in arizona, where some school districts are set to open next week. the state has made it illegal to mandate masks. not everyone agrees. >> we need to have a mask mandate. i'm very nervous. my children will be wearing masks when they return. >> reporter: and in ohio another large outbreak. 447 church groups are dealing with several new cases linked to a large retreat. mona? >> ike, thank you. and breaking overnight, an 11-hour standoff in texas has ended with a police officer dead and a suspec in custody. authorities in lovelin near lubbock say a man barricaded himself inside of a home. they say he opened fire at responding officers, killing the s.w.a.t. team commander and wounding four other officers. t. new details overnight about a riot inside a jail in los angeles county. at least ten people were injured. officials say it started when one inmate assaulted a deputy.
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that's when other inmates joined in, throwing punches before officers pepper-sprayed them. now to the extreme weather emergency in the west. the wildfires are spreading. the drought is expanding. and another heat wave is on the way. even if you don't live in the west, all americans will soon feel the effects of these extreme conditions. this morning the west bracing for more record heat. temperatures in some parts of the rockies this weekend could soar to 40 degrees above average. more windy dry conditions are fueling fires in a dozen states. the u.s. now at its highest fire alert level. north of lake tahoe new evacuations ordered as the beckwourth complex fire spreads to another 5,800 acres. and in washington state -- >> it's hot. >> reporter: -- residents rushing to escape the red apple fire. >> you're watching the smoke and the glow overnight and you're reporter: but those fires only a fraction of the size of the bootleg fire in oregon. the largest in the country now
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burning in an area larger than new york city. fire crews from neighboring california called up to help. in the meantime, the heat adding to the extreme drought straining the region's dwindling water supply. nearly 2/3 of the west is experiencing extreme or exceptional drought conditions. most since the government began keeping track. nearly 76 million people are now affected. in parts of utah the water supply is so low towns are being forced to ship in fire trucks full of drinking water. and all boats had to be pulled from the great salt lake due to the low water levels. officials say it could be two years before the boats can return. abc's kayna whitworth is there. >> have you ever seen that much shoreline? >> never. >> never. >> no, i've actually been out here since '75 sailing and never seen this. >> reporter: the droght taking a toll on crops. 98% of the u.s. wheat crop is growing in areas hit by drought. and that will trickle down to consumers in the form of higher prices on everything from bread to pizza. and back to the fire threat, a wildfire is also burning just
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miles from the town of paradise, which three years ago suffered the deadliest fire in california history. another weather disaster is unfolding, this one in europe. as many as 1,300 people are unaccounted for after a devastating flood swept through parts of western germany. authorities say entire neighborhoods south of bonn have been cut off from communications. and across the border in belgium people had to be rescued off the roofs of their flooded homes. streets are inundated, cars washed away. the flood is being called a once in a century event. in one town in eastern belgium a man smashed through the wall of this floolded building to save a woman trapped inside. at least 90 people are confirmed dead across the region. president biden is blasting cuba as a failed state after the biggest anti-government protests on the island in a generation. biden says the u.s. is considering whether it has the technology to restore internet access in cuba, which has been blocked by the communist regime. florida's governor has suggested using giant balloons as floating
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wi-fi hot spots. in washington the chair of the congressional black caucus was arrested at a voting rights protest on capitol hill thursday. ohio democrat joyce beatty was among nine people taken into custody for demonstrating in a prohibited area of the hart senate office building. she later tweeted #good trouble in honor of the late john lewis. we're learning more this morning about the arrest of nfl star richard sherman. he's out of jail this morning but police are disclosing new details about the case against him. newly released video of richard sherman shows the nfl star trying to break down the door of his father-in-law's home. the video obtained by our seattle station komo shows an enraged sherman, who is arrested early wednesday and now faces charges of trespassing, dui, and resisting arrest. >> i need officers to my house now. my husband and drunk and belligerent. >> reporter: police say the 6 1/2-hour ordeal began after
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sherman consumed 2 bottles of liquor and became aggressive. >> he's trying to leave now. he's wrestling with my uncle. he's threatening to kill himself. >> reporter: sherman then driving away from their home. a short time later police say he crashed into a construction barrier, abandoned his car and walked to his in-laws' home, trying to force his way in, ramming the door with his shoulder. [ screaming ] sherman got the door partially open. prosecutors say his father-in-law was so afraid he had a gun ready and even fired pepper spray at sherman. police responded. they say sherman was not cooperative. >> he tried to grab a gun from a deputy and was threatening suicide by cop. >> reporter: the super bowl champion cornerback was eventually arrested after police used their k-9 unit to subdue limb. he and one officer suffered minor injuries. a judge thursday released sherman on his own recognizance noting he has no prior criminal record. but he's been ordered not to consume drugs or alcohol and to stay away from his
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father-in-law. sherman is due back in court today.mitted to getting him the support and care he needs. time now for a look at your friday weather. >> good morning. dozens of wildfires still burning across the west from arizona all the way to washington and oregon. current fires and smoke. poor air quality, low visibility, unhealthy for sensitive groups. be careful there. the expanding heat this weekend is not going to help matters whether you're fighting fires or trying to walk the dog. it's going to be near triple digits in many areas. a hot weekend out west and some storminess this weekend across the northeast and the southeast. also a heat advisory in place for new york city on friday. i'm accuweather meteorologist kevin coskren. coming up, a scare in miami as the roof of an apartment building collapses. also ahead, caught on camera. the moment a man tries to abduct a little girl. her brother comes to the rescue.
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and later, a new problem in florida.
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back now with a new building collapse scare near miami. this apartment building in miami-dade county was evacuated after a partial roof collapse. part of the billiuilding's over crashed to the ground. initial reports show the building was structurally sound. no injuries surfside condo coll tragedy have been identified, including a 14-year-old girl from colombia who was on vacation. 92 of the 97 people confirmed dead have now been identified. an oklahoma woman is sharing video of a close call on the street outside her house. her two kids were playing when she left them alone only for a few moments. that's when a man pulled up in a
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car. this morning an oklahoma mother's worst nightmare after a stranger tried to kidnap her daughter. >> i'm angry and scared. i don't feel safe in my neighborhood anymore. >> reporter: the shaken mother, who did not want to be identified, said the man tried to lure her kids with a sno-cone. surveillance video showing a car pulling up outside the home where the kids were playing. >> then the man opens his door and just pulls his hand out and signals my daughter. my daughter goes. and that's when he says "i have some ice cones but you have to get them from my back seat." >> reporter: her daughter opens the door to get inside the back seat to grab the snow koenz but luckily her older brother intervenes. >> he rushed to get my daughter out of the car. and then the car just drove off real fast. >> reporter: police now investigating this as an attempted abduction. >> an individual attempting to possibly entice the child into a vehicle. >> reporter: the mom says it all happened while she was in the house for less than two minutes. >> i talk to my kids every day about stranger danger. i do it every day, and it still
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happened to me. >> reporter: nationwide statistics show girls account for 76% of abduction victims. just last week a 6-year-old girl was abducted while riding her bike in kentucky. a quick-thinking neighbor jumped into action, fol police. >> stay right there. stay right there. >> reporter: helping them rescue her within ten minutes. >> i want my daddy! >> back in oklahoma, that mom is urging other parents to stay with their kids at all times because one or two minutes is all it takes for them to be gone forever. coming up, the new setback for team usa just days before the olympics. and also ahead, the 18-year-old getting the chance to go into space with jeff bezos next week.
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is that gouda shaped like a foot? or maybe you're just projecting your own insecurities? what? (sniffs feet) ohhhh yeah keep your feet fresh with gold bond foot powder. oh, my god. the roof is gone. >> a rare sight near toronto, canada. a tornado tore through the city of barrie, ontario, leaving a trail of destruction. the damage is described as catastrophic. chunks of homes are missing. rooftops are ripped off. lawns are filled with debris. and cars are flipped upside down. you see it there. several people were injured. amazon founder jeff bezos is getting some new company on his ride into space next week. a teenager. and he may be the luckiest 18-year-old in the world. abc's andrea fujii explains how he got a seat on this once-in-a-lifetime rocket ride. >> reporter: this morning new details about the youngest person ever set to travel into
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space, 18-year-old oliver daemen. >> i am super excited to go to space and joining the flight. i've been dreaming about this all my life. >> reporter: he'll take flight on new shepherd, jeff bezos's rocket, alongside bezos himself, bezos's brother, and wally funk, the oldest person set to go to space at age 82. an anonymous auction winner who bid $28 million won the fourth seat on the ride but because of a, quote, scheduling conflict that person will go on a later flight, which opens up a spot for oliver. his dad, a businessman from the netherlands, wanted to send his son to space and was runner-up in the auction. now his son will be the first paying customer to fly to space. blue origin's ceo saying "this marks the beginning of commercial operations for new shepard and oliver represents a new generation of people who will help us build a road to space." oliver says he's dreamed of going to space since he was 4. he's already working to get his pilot's license. >> thank you so much for the people at blue origin for making
4:50 am
this happen and making new anyou.d. rors tuesdhote el paso became famous in the '70s as the location where the last picture show was filmed. >> i'm really excited because i was a "star trek" trekkie back when the original "star trek" was on. this is exciting to me. >> reporter: bezos's flight now putting the tiny town back on the map. tuesday's flight is expected to last 11 minutes. heading 66 miles into the boundaries of outer space, slightly farther than billionaire richard branson flew last sunday. mona, andrew? >> andrea, thank you. in sports, covid protocols have forced the u.s. men's basketball team to cancel tonight's exhibition game against australia. the move comes after washington wizards player bradley beal was ruled out of the tokyo games. it's not clear if beal teste positive or wringonct tracing. coming up, the breakthrough allowing a paralyzed man to speak again. also ahead, a new survey
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♪ time to check the pulse and we begin with a medical breakthrough. a man who goes by the name of poncho was paralyzed after a stroke in 2003. >> but now he's spoken his first words in 18 years after scientists developed a way to turn his thoughts into speech. they implanted electrodes on the surface of his brain, which then transmitted signals to a computer through a wire that runs through his skull. >> poncho simply has to attempt to say what he's thinking and the computer will display the words on a screen. his first sentence was "my family is outside." next, an unusual problem in florida. there's a shortage of mansions. >> yeah, the demand for homes in palm beach has pushed the
4:54 am
average price for a single-family home to nearly $12 million. that's up 40% from a year ago. and one property recently sold for 122 million bucks. whew. >> the reason, brokers say financial executives moving from new york and other major cities have fueled the demand with very few homes on the market. supply and demand. and next, americans seem to be drifting away from the classics. >> we are talking about ice cream flavors. a new survey ranks america's favorites. now, we'll start with third place, which is butter pecan. coming in second place, chocolate chip -- excuse me, chocolate peanut butter cup. andrew's personal favorite. >> is it pecan? pecan? >> i don't know. >> anyway, america's favorite flavor. it's surprise. mint chocolate chip. >> definitely an acquired taste. and finally, did you hear the one about the monkey who broke into the liquor store? >> check out this video from india. a monkey grabs a bottle of booze, unscrews the top and starts downing it. people try to distract the
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. building a better bay area, moving forward, and finding solutions. this is abc7 news.
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now at 5:00, a truck trend in the fight against covid-19. the california county now bringing back the indoor mask mandate this weekend. in the variant is covid on steroids. >> closing the vaccination gap amid the surge. the push to crkdown on wate wasteers. the bay area city handing out fines. yesterday, it was about the world's most popular emoji and today the new one. a first look at the symbols that might be coming to the screens. hello, and it's friday, july 16th, we have made it. you are watching abc7 mornings live on abc7 hugho live and where you stream. >> we want to start with a look at our forecast. looks the same outside. it is great. the weekend is going to end differently than through most week. here's a look from the camera at pier 15 looking at the financial district. cloudy out there with a little drizzle. and you can see the winds


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