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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 15, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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details on the arrest of richard sherman. the 911 calls from his wife. morning about an urgent threat to public health. officials calling for a crackdown on tech companies. speaking through symbols. the most popular emoji in the world. >> i am trying to think which one i use the most. i'm not sure. what is yours? >> the sideways crying laugh. >> me as well. >> side eye is up there. >> the big eyeballs that turn or the face --
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>> the big eyeballs. the universal. nice. >> what are you looking at me for? >> i thought you were giving me side eye. >> i don't want to see that look. i will move on now. there we go. the winds are picking up. more cloud cover this morning and drizzle out there. this will lock in cooler air mass and it will feel like spring as you look at 880 there north from the coliseum. you will find drizzle there. temperature, 60 in san francisco and 60s around the bay. 70s inland. 80s in fairfield and antioch. lakeport 89. ukiah 90. temperatures below average. warming trend is coming up in the accuweather forecast. the search for a missing father in the east bank has come to an end but loved ones
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are not giving up. >> 37-year-old phil kreycik hasn't been seen since saturday. his family spoke to abc7 news. >> reporter: good morning. foothill high school no longer a command post. everything has been cleared out. volunteers and family members are not giving up hope but that large official search you have been seeing happening here all week is officially over. authorities packed up all of their stuff last night so they shut down this command post. one search and rescue team member said it could be the largest operation in 45 years. hundreds have been searching to pleasanton ridge regional parks and saturday looking for 37lo year-old phil kreycik at berkeley. he told his wife he would be going on a trail run and never returned. his car was found parked at the trailhead parking lot.
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he is a married father of two and his wife said she is not giving up. >> he is extremely fit mentally and physically. we ask people to have faith with us and that he is out there alive waiting for us. we ask that people continue to help us. we will bring together. >> the sheriff's department said if you look at the map of all of the ground they have covered, it's hard to imagine that they haven't found him. they are considering the possibility that he is not of the area. police said they have every detective assigned to the case. volunteers said they will do a final search today and plan reo search at 9:00 this morning. amy hollyfield. new details about the vta gunman's previous interactions with law enforcement. our media partners with the bay newsgroup obtained documents
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about interaction between samuel cassidy and airport custom agents. it has notes from agents about cassidy having dark thoughts about harming people. it is unclear why that information wasn't passed on to local authorities. santa clara district attorney is meeting with officials to discuss the issue. former 49er richard sherman will be in court today. we are hearing the 911 call that led to his arrest. >> i need officers to my house. my husband is drunk a. richard please stop. he is being aggressive and threatening to kill himself. >> that is sherman's wife, ashley maas, calling then went for help. sherman tried to break into her parent's home yesterday morning and he is being held in jail on burglary and domestic violence charges. police say he also crashed his car and is a investigation. his
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wife that he is a good person at this is not his character. we are doing our pride but just trying to get him out. i want people to know no one was injured. sherman joined the 49ers in 2018 after playing for the seahawks. he played at stanford. he is currently a free agent. natural pathic doctor in napa is facing charges for facing selling could fake vaccine cards and covid-19 vaccines. julie maisie is under indictment. she was selling immunization pellets that expose people to diluted covid-19 for protection purposes. julie mazi claimed doses provide lifelong immunity and are safe for children and babies. >> i am not surprised something like this has happened. i'm surprised it took so long for this to be coming out.
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>> she faces charges of wire fraud and making false statements related to healthcare. she could face 25 years in prison. a warning about an urgent threat to public health. >> misinformation is threatening the governor's response to covid-19. we have the details of this advisory. >> this is the first surgeon general's advisory at the by the administration. they said it has hinted efforts and lack of confidence in the public. the notice that many are rejecting health measures and using unproven treatments and has prolonged the pandemic. social media has misinformation spread far and wide. he is calling on tech companies to crackdown on misinformation. for the public to talk to friends and family about getting vaccinated. the data from the centers for disease control and prevention shows the biden administration has reached its goal of
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vaccinating 160 million americans, but hasn't reached its goal of getting 70% of adults vaccinated with at least one shot. president biden wanted to reach that benchmark by july 4, 10 days ago. a wildfire is threatening a california town scarred by the campfire. the dixie fire has forced evacuation warnings in butte county not far from paradise where a wildfire killed 85 people three years ago. >> campfire, so many of us escaped it with our lives. >> seeing the plumes of smoke, it really raises anxiety levels. >> cal fire said crews were working through the night to but containment lines in. the dixie fire has burned to 2200 acres and there is no containment. crews have stopped forward progress at the wildfire that burned 12 miles west of downtown novato. sky seven near point reyes
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petaluma road. and aerial attack used the reservoir water. the fire did not threaten buildings. it is now at 32 acres at 60% contain. as climate change creates a more intense fire season, cal fire has a new weapon in the north bay. this parade of fire just arrived at napa county airport. they have a recruitment speed of 165 and can fight fires at night with a water tank of 1000 gallons. they can transport three times the amount of water that a normal helicopter can carry. the fire hawk is a converted blackhawk helicopter. >> it is a war in a way but it can carry more crew and safer aircraft with two engines and deliver more water to the fire faster. >> another advantage, the choppers can drop water on a wildfire from 60 feet about and sometimes lower. cal fire will launch 11 fire .
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i was reading some things from cal fire about how with our lake levels being so low, they have to travel farther to get towalast year during the he season. we will watch that. here is a 95% humidity and a light breeze around 6 miles per hour. ideal conditions for attacking that fire. it will warm up and the breeze is will pick up this afternoon. it stays humid in that area. walnut creek shows cloud cover making it all the way in. we have drizzle in the morning commute. breezy and choppy conditions from the golden gate north of the bay bridge that the delta this morning and more so in the afternoon. mass transit is comfy for summer. these temperatures, 60s and 70s for highs. that is reminiscent of april. air quality remains good to moderate which is healthy.
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looking at temperatures. we have mid to upper 50s and the east bay valley. lafayette 42.toupper 50s in the northern neighborhoods. drizzle possible on the bay bridge. 50s and 60s at noon. 50s and 70s -- the coast and inland. heat is coming. i will show you when, coming up. here is jobina. a live look in emeryville showing you 80 and look how busy it is for people traveling westbound. when i was on the bay bridge this morning, there were a lot of people out. more and more people are going back to the office. this is walnut creek and 680. no major crashes to report which is good. st wind advisori chp and they are consistent.
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that venetia bridge and altar month pass. parts late night service is back partially. starting tonight bart will run four limited stop trains leaving embarcadero at 10:30 pm. they will make a total of eight stops in the east bay and on san francisco side of the bay going only as far as daly city. it will resume its full late- night schedule operating mondays through saturday at 2 1/2 weeks on august 2. sunscreen recall. the cancer-causing chemical. >> the one thing you need to check now if you are planning to travel internationally this year. oh my god.
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new details about the condo collapse in surfside, florida that has killed at least 97 people. >> the audio from 911 calls have been released. jobina is at the live desk. >> it's troubling to hear the calls containing the confusion among witnesses as the building came down. callers wondered if there was an explosion or earthquake. >> emergency. >> something is going on here. you have to get us out of here. >> you are in your apartment? >> i have to go. >> something on the ground -- everything exploded. >> the first calls came in just after 1:00 a.m. on june 24. they grew urgent by the moment. one woman was on the line but dispatchers as she tried to escape from the garage. >> we think the roof collapsed and a bunch of us are in the garage but we cannot get out.
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we are going back up the stairwell. the garage is inundated with water. >> we obtained documents indicating that as far back as 1996, inspectors were calling for repairs to the garage and pool. that is 15 years after the building with up. repairs were made and investigators will still be looking at this closely as they were to determine what caused the devastating collapse. a gun rights group is threatening to sue san jose to about imposing requirements on gunowners. it would require owners to get insurance and pay fee. the decisionon for gun rights has sent a cease and desist letter saying it violates the second amendment. gun victims and trauma. nonprofit crime providers for justice will lead this movement.
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>> this is where my brother mitchell died. he was shot and killed here >> the nonprofit make this documentary about how underserved communities often can't get access to compensation funds. it's working to get cash assistance to families. us 4 us is one group getting part of the grant. >> young people waited a long time to get tombstones. >> we know having access to services and support immediately after a crime reduces the likelihood of more violence. >> nonprofits are calling on city and county leaders to match the grant funds to help survivors. neutrogena and sunscreen may be recalled because they could have a cancer-causing chemical. johnson & johnson said some samples were found to have low levels of benzene which can cause cancer with repeated exposure. the products are in vino protect and refresh, and 4
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spray sent greens with beach defense, cool dry sport, invisible daily defense, and also share. contact the company for a refund. the product called sleet. it was introduced a year ago and didn't catch on by twitter. it was supposed to be like instagram and facebook stories. people can post photos and messages that disappear after 24 hours. twitter is working on new features. speaking of social media, it turns out laughing until you cry is a universally accepted language. >> the laugh and cry emoji which is the most popular in the world. researchers analyze millions of tweets in 30 countries and the laugh cry image is the most used. even more than the traditional smiley face.
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this is a reminder that despite differences, the emotions we feel are the same worldwide. >> i was just looking and i am surprised that is my number one. >> remember the other study that said it was for old people? do you remember that? >> i do remember that. >> the sideways one is not for old people. >> that is the cool one. >> so i'm cool. >> why do i have crown so high up? >> i love that. there are so many queens in my life. >> i say king allowed to people. >> uplift your friends, mike. >> stay positive. i like it. hopefully a smile and not laughing. >> we will be the judge of that. >> this is san jose and 87. cloud cover and like yesterday where we start our placentia and. widespread clouds and patchy
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drizzle. that is going to lock in a springlike afternoon. the coolest afternoon moving forward as we have building summer heat deeper into the forecast. especially sunday and monday. today 70s throughout the south bay. 70 sunnyvale. san jose 74, moscato 78. 70s rare on the peninsula. mid to upper 60s. at the coast, most of us in the upper 50s. downtown south san francisco, we could crack 60. same thing with sausalito and the coast is breezy with temperatures in the upper 50s. 71 in napa today. now put where most of you live. about five degrees warmer like it normally is. 86 at cloverdale 290 in ukiah. along the east bay, we have closer to the water cooler
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conditions. richmond 62, but then around union city, fremont, castro valley, upper 60s. mid 70s to just barely mid 80s inland east bay. around the state they heat is easing. 110 palm springs. 99 yosemite. tonight here you go. carbon copy at this morning which means it's good for sleeping. one of our engineers had trouble getting up. i won't say who he is. temperatures warming up friday and saturday and warmer than average on monday. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. travelers running into things may be different, but at denny's, one thing will always remain the same...
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our dedication to safely serving guests the food they love. and hey... if you love to feed people too, we want you to join our family. apply at today.
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5:22 am. seven things to know. the official first time search for pleasanton regional park is over no signs at the phil kreycik. volunteers are not giving up. they will do a final look starting at 9:00. richard sherman is due in court after an incident
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yesterday. he faces several charges including burglary and domestic violence. police are recommending dui and hit and run charges. britney spears celebrating this morning after victory in court. a judge allowed the popstar to hire her own attorney. it is a step to end her fight of conservatorship. we are dealing with 70 wildfires on the west coast. arizona is getting hit with flooding caused by monsoon storms. and iowa, 28 tornadoes recorded in a single day. nothing extreme. we are lacking summer heat in my forecast. average today around 72 to 88. we will be in the 60s and 70s and 11 d agrees cooler than average. number six. things are moving smoothly and this is a live look in oakland showing 880 at the coliseum camera. if you are and a college a customer, you have until july 30 to decide how you want your
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payment. you can get a physical check. the average household will get $190. if you need to renew your passport, don't wait. many americans returning to overseas travel are finding renewal applications are taking longer than in the past. this is geo benitez. >> reporter: as many as 2 million americans now facing passport processing delays as international vacation bookings reached a fevered pitch. >> the state department's 26 passport agencies are overwhelmed. just as americans returning to the skies realize their passports are expired. >> it has been about two and half months now. >> the state department blaming the u.s. postal service us saying mail delays me to can take up to six weeks to receive an application or send out a new passport. >> we are working as expeditiously as we can.
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>> some travelers are turning to online websites that claim to expedite processing for an exa fee. what is causing the interruption, and the state department's plans to solve it. with ugma first look, i am geo benitez, abc news. officials in tokyo are holding a safe and secure olympic games. >> they have been under a state of emergency with 1000 cases reported just yesterday. organizes are trying to cut this opening ceremony, the number of spectators. it includes family members. athletes after arrived to quarantine and they must leave 48 hours after they finish competing. olympic champions will have to put the metals around their own neck. >> team usa is in tokyo. united airlines rolled up the red carpet at sfo. e s.
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the sendoff was yesterday of america's top athletes, including simone biles, the world's most decorated female gymnast in history. >> my mom cried dropping me off today. that was sad. not having my family will be big for me but they will be there in spirit. we have a couple of watch parties. >> united is the official team usa sponsor. that is really fun she was here. i like seeing her. she is the only one i'm looking forward to seeing. cleaning up in san francisco. a plan to take out the trash. protests in paris. protesters setting fires in the streets. and my interview with chef aisha curry. empowering women with her new bay area business.
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the meaning behind the name and location and the things you will f
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. i know in my heart of hearts he is out there. >> loved ones holding out hope. this missing father will be found. the emotional interview you will see and where the search stands. covid-19 putting more people in the hospital. the prediction about one thmay sick. no sign of summer this morning. what is untapped today. >> we started out as a mantra to find those things that bring joy.on one with ayesha curry. the chef and entrepreneur, and inside look at her new store going beyond brick-and-mortar.
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that's exciting. good morning. it is thursday, july 15. abc 7 warnings live right now. >> let's see what mike nicco has. if you don't like summer heat, this is the forecast for your. summer heat for those that do like it. let's focus on what it's like outside right now and it's pretty cloudy out there. the flags are unfurled at the ferry building so we have a stronger onshore breeze and more drizzle to contend with this morning. the winds are double digits. oakland and concord and fairfield. here we go, minor cooling today. 81 fairfield, 82 antioch. mid to upper 70s in the south bay. look at these 60s around the bay including san francisco at 60. lakeport and ukiah around 90.
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i will show you when it gets to our neighborhoods coming up in the 7-day forecast. it's been five days since a father, phil kreycik, went for a run in the east bay. he hasn't been seen since. his family is making an emotional plea and vowing to continue the search for him. amy hollyfield live in pleasanton this morning. >> reporter: we are at foothill high school which is no longer a command post. they have the gate app and everything has been torn down and cleared out appear. this search is officially over. authorities tore down care and cleared out of here yesterday. they have been dispatching search teams every day since saturday. they have been going to the pleasanton ridge regional park a 37-year-old phil kreycik. he vanished saturday after saying he was going to go for a run. his car was found in the parking lot and on that phone
5:32 am
he had mapped out his route on a runners aapi has. his family still believes he is out there waiting for help. >> i know in my heart of hearts that he is out there. he is out there and alive. he is waiting for us. probably may be injured or dehydrated. >> we want to make sure that everybody who has property that is even remotely close to the park boundaries, please search your outbuildings and your barns and your ditches and backyards. wherever you might think a person who was not in his right mind might try to hide. >> authorities say they have thoroughly searched the area several times with hundreds of people and used drones and search dogs. helicopters. they have detectives working this case behind the scenes. they are trying to piece together the timeline of that morning and asking anyone who
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saw him to give them a call. they do not have a single witness who saw him. they said they want to get the search one more try and will meet at 9:00 this morning to go to the area one more time. amy hollyfield. britney spears fans are celebrating after the popstar's victory in court. a judge allowed britney spears to hire her own attorney. we have more. >> at a court hearing, a judge granted her request to hire a former federal prosecutor to represent her as she works to enter 13 year conservatorship. spears and her fans are welcoming the news. >> you say brittany free. >> overnight, the popstar posted to instagram singh today i feel gratitude and blast and for the first time she
5:34 am
acknowledged the free brittany movement. in court yesterday, spears called in by phone demanding her father, jamie spears, be charge with conservator abuse. dan abrams joined gma to talk about the importance of yesterday's ruling. >> the fact that she is now allowed to choose her own lawyer means that it's not going to be people who will be in court saying i think this is in brittany's best interest or her best interest should be this or that. it is now a lawyer taking directions from her to say this is what i want. this is what is in my interest. as a result you will see a very different tenor moving forward. >> lawyers for jamie spears are arguing for their side to be heard saying there are misstatements in brittany and her they approve the resignation of the financial firm as co- conservator. it means as of now, jamie
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spears is the sole manager of his daughters $60 million estate. in france, widespread protests erupted in paris over proposed covid-19 restrictions. the government wants to expand a health pass system for people going to bars and restaurants and movie theaters. it would show whether someone has been vaccinated or tested negative for covid-19. the government wants the vaccination of healthcare workers to be mandatory . 18,000 people protested yesterday on the steel day. police in riot gear cleared the streets where some lit fires and through trash. to the covid-19 pandemic. officials are noticing more young adults and children in the hospital because of the delta variant. they predict an increase in admissions. most new patients are and vaccinated people between 20 and 40 and because covid-19 vaccines are not yet available to kids under 12, officials worry that children are more likely to get sick.
5:36 am
rachelle was linsky spoke about this life on gma. >> 12 to 17-year-olds, 30% of them are vaccinated. the greater than 65-year-olds, 80% e hospital when they are and vaccinated. >> watch more of dr. wolinsky's interview governor newsom said now is the time for californians to sign up for the states covid-19 rent relief program. >> $5.2 billion to pay 100% of your back rent to april of last year. and to pay 100% of your rent through december 30 of this year, if you have been impacted directly by covid-19. >> the governor adds it is unlikely the states addiction moratorium will be extended beyond september.
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if you are tired of complaining about the trash in san francisco, the city has a way to be part of the solution. it's bringing in private help and volunteers called shine on sf. call 31 went to rtand organizes ready to respond. >> they will come to our teams to dispatch people to address the issue immediately and we will be able to close that by showing a photograph of the cleaned area. >> the city has an army of street cleaners to do some of the work. you can see the mayor working. write down your thoughts about what makes the city shine and hang them on trees. apple committing a lot of money to find a crisis happening in california. reporting. s the company is clusive onon-one interview with ayesha curry. we are going inside her oakland store. let's go to meteorologist mike nicco. >> i want to show your dramatic
5:38 am
video that shows you how fierce the wind can be during a severe thunderstorm. this is from in newark. the wind is slipping furniture like a 70 pound patio table, just tossing it into the air. it sent a wind and that scented barbecue grill flying. on tuesday, this happened in pendleton. intense there. you can have winds that are damaging that are just straight- line. they are getting a break but by tonight into tomorrow, more rain on the way. this is what we have to deal with. drizzle out there and marine layer is more south than yesterday. strong sunshine once it breaks free at the clouds. most ideal day for yardwork, rwd.y is the coolest day smalgolden gate bridge, north of the bay
5:39 am
bridge, through the delta. san rafael looking quiet as we look down 101. you may get patchy drizzle on that commute. tree pollen moderate and everything else low. uv index very high the next three days. san francisco, 50 in sunnyside, to 53 degrees elsewhere. we could have a few slick streets the closer you are to the coast. 52, to 59 tracy and palo alto. watch the cloud cover. at noon, same area that has been plagued by clouds monday and tuesday from the golden gate to the san mateo branch, still clouds at noon. you can see by 4:00 we have seven cisco, 60s around the bay, 70s inland. all of us falling into the 50s, 60s, and 70s. enjoy this. it will change this weekend.
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many issues at all on the roads. here is a live picture from the san mateo bridge. traffic is beginning to pick up for people traveling westbound towards the peninsula. i will be curious to see how this pans out now that some people working for tech companies are coming back to the office. we saw the traffic drop off. this is the richmond san rafael bridge. things are moving smoothly at the limit. as we wrap up you can see there is one big slowdown at of tracy
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what if you could push a button
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and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? refunding san francisco ratepayers $94 million $94 overpaid collection fees.
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you have until july 30 to go to that reed college he website. it can either be through a paypal through a check. average household will get about $190 back. refunds because of a settlement between the city and the company stemming from the corruption scandal centered around mohammed new were. in the south bay, a lawsuit against amount the claims a voter approved rv ban is unconstitutional. the ordinance went into effect soon. it bans oversized vehicles from streets 45 feet wide or less. the suit filed by a coalition said the ban unfairly targets homeless individuals. officials say they will evaluate the lawsuit and not comment. apple spent $1 billion to help fight the housing crisis in california. cupertino tech company said the money is used for new
5:44 am
affordable housing to first- time homebuyers and find programs to curb homelessness. this is apple's biggest installment of its pledge to improve housing. apple has committed to funding 10 affordable housing projects in the bay area. today, free backpacks with supplies will be available for kids in the north bay. this is a summer learning program. marin county free library is doing the giveaway. the backpacks have three bilingual books, pencil, people, crayons. they will be distributed during free library branch storytime events. the giveaway today will be at the south novato branch, starting at noon. how fans can return to memorial coliseum. one player say goodbye to an old friend. >> one-sided view is what i've known and i'm ready for the 3-d version of the fans. for old time sake, go bears.
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>>s. the arckoff the season at home was cute. >> opening a new business during the pandemic was tough. this includes ayesha curry. >> she made it happen and she's creating jobs and empowering women. >> we had a good time store. i talked with her this week about her journey of finding success with their new shop in oakland called siu july. >> today we're having this. >> reporter: ayesha curry is telling me how to activate her sweet dreams tea. it is a big day in her shop, suite july.
5:46 am
the pandemic really put a damper on the whole community building aspect of the until no >> where did this idea come from? >> sweet july was a mantra to find those things that bring joy to your life. figure out ways to celebrate them every day. for me my kids were born in july and i got married in july and it was this time of extreme happiness. >> she created a place where she and others can find that same gratitude in the little things. >> it is that morning cup of coffee or tea. your skin care routine. the perfect blanket. >> the first time i came into the store i noticed right away the female authors. the businesses and companies that are featured here owned by black women. i am assuming that was intentional. >> absolutely. we are particular about the coa
5:47 am
feature. there is something in here for everyone. but i do live backing my girls. >> sweet july goes beyond the brick-and-mortar. it is an e coronado celebrating diversity and elevating emerging brands and the store is bringing those pages to life. >> representation does matter and sometimes it's seeing a bit of yourself in a situation to give you that inspiration and that push forward to know that you can. intention is behind every move year. right down to sweet july's location. >> oakland has nurtured my family since we started a family . it is a town that is always embracing us. >> on top of that, this block is a little u-shaped block.
5:48 am
it is full of businesses owned and run by women, black women. >> in the neighborhood? have a >> that bread pudding is fire. people need to know. what is in there? >> those are signatures. i created those initially at home and now we work with the bakery because people do love it. >> we are talking white chocolate, lemon, banana bread and savory ham and cheese. something tells me one of those may bring you some joy. >> of the bread pudding, i aided. it was so good. >> tell me more about the ham and cheese. >> it is like a cook miss your situation. chefs kids. i told her and she remembered so your favorite dashcam and cheese and you want some. think here.
5:49 am
i do live close. it doesn't sound so bad. check them out. they are great. >> that looks so fun. you want to feel inspired. >> creating beautiful spaces. she was adamant about you don't need to buy anything if you want to read one of the books. sit in the chair and enjoy. the pandemic wasn't great but that that they made that happen. >> than they had you. keeping you afloat. >> i was in there shopping. that is where i got the idea. it's like why not. >> it is nice they haven't forgotten about oakland even though the team moved. the legend of the curries. it's nice to have them. we have the 80
5:50 am
exploratorium camera . they are drize a more so we will turn that to sunshine. the coast is the coolest afternoon moving forward. another repeat of an overcast sky and patchy drizzle tonight. spring turns into summer warmth. i didn't say summer heat. it's not going to get extreme. today temperatures, no 80s in the south bay. even 69 santa cruz, 74 san jose, 60s ruling the peninsula. 72 redwood city. upper 50s in the cloud cover along the coast. some of that will spill into downtown from time to time. partly cloudy and around 60 degrees. same thing for sausalito. upper 50s along the coach. the breezes kicking up in the afternoon will keep the north bay valleys in the 70s. farther
5:51 am
north in the 80s to near 90 with the breeze. you can see the influence around richmond at 62. oakland 64. castro valley 68. fremont ndeeeeze. tri-valley, here is a look at tonight back to the 50s. a lot of grain in the east bay hills. along the coast more drizzle for the commute. yesterday we had upper-level winds out of the southeast so they drew up smoke in the upper parts. we don't have to worry about smoke moving further into the weekend going to stay to the north. this is my accuweather 7-day forecast. low clouds tomorrow and we will mix in fog for saturday all the way through wednesday. hottest days with temperatures above average sunday and monday. it may be the most bizarre
5:52 am
covid-19 vaccine incentive we have seen yet . we believe it at that for now. one spot showing serious creativity they get people to get the shot. many coming
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all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack is a patriot. fresh, sweet and full of freedom. new red, white & blue pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at denny's.
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walgreens is recalling 54,000 winnie the pooh baby rattles. they have gotten reports of whose feet coming off and that can be a choking hazard. it was sold in a set of three. if you have this, take it to walgreens and get a refund. help is on the way from millions with a new child tax credit rolling out. families should be getting the money by direct deposit. $15 million has gone out. each family is eligible for
5:55 am
$250 per child and $300 per child for kids under six years old. the treasury estimates the payment will be $425 the first round. it's part of the expanded child tax credit. the payments are monthly through december. netflix is pushing beyond tv and movies. they may be expanding into video games. it has hired a former gaming executive. bloomberg spoke to a person familiar and they say the idea is to offer video games on netflix streaming platform within the next year. netflix will be building out its gaming team. this is what happens when you put your head where it is not supposed to be. >> despair and colorado got her head stuck in a chicken feeder. for a week this was going on. that is sad.
5:56 am
this is video that came from colorado parks and wildlife. you can see the bear is in the tree and officials in boulder eventually tranquilized the bear and one officer had to climb the tree and cut the chicken feeder off the bear's neck. >> i want to see this bear freed. >> it woke up and was released but will beget that joy? i don't think so. it >> i hope the bear learns a valuable lesson. i doubt it. new at 6:00, the human phone charger. researchers have found a way to power your phone using only one part of your body. u.s. leaders of pointing to an urgent health threat. it is prompting the surgeon general to issue his first advisory. cal fire with a new arsenal at the north bay with wildfires tearing to northern california. flashy new weapons fit for war. flashy new weapons fit for war. live look flashy n♪ windows open,for war. lii'm yelling unity ♪
5:57 am
♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪ ♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪
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like low blood calcium, serious infections, which could need hospitalization, skin problems and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. don't wait for a break. call your doctor now and ask how prolia® can help you. he's out there. he's alive. he's still waiting for us. >> making news now at 6:00, the family of missing father philip kreycik saying deep down they know he's alive. volunteers are going all out on their search today. plus the urgent health alert threatening the battle against covid-19. i'm at the live desk with the
6:00 am
brand new warning the u.s. surgeon general is giving this morning. campfire so many of us escaped basically with our lives. >> it is a war in a way. >> cal fire's modern day cavalry calling in new tools normally meant for the military as a new wildfire explodes. good morning on this thursday, july 15th. you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we're going to start with mike's forecast. >> we're lucky to have the marine layer. it's mitigated our fire threat so far because of the drizzle. if it we get another heat wave, that could change quickly. stand down a little bit and enjoy the breeze coming off that ocean. 16 at oakland. 15 at concord. here's a look from mountain. the sun about to crest the clouds. it's going to be a gorgeous sunrise. if not, you'll have


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