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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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breaking news in napa. federal agents fanned out the office a woman they arrested for handing out fake covid calls. only on ab 7news a bay area family at their wits end. their loved one seem to have vanished while jogging. activists say the oakland ace need to stop playing hardball over a new stadium. fire in marin. planes are seen dropping retardant. the northbay shows off its multi-million-dollar helicopter that brings military technology to fighting
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breaking news out of napa where federal agents are seeing outside of building after arresting a woman inside. they say that she sold bogus covid-19 immunizations. >> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00. the woman arrested is a 61-year- old woman of napa. this a website. she allegedly sold a fake vaccine pallet to protect people from covid-19. she is alleged to have told people the fda authorize vaccines containing toxic ingredients and she is accused of providing fake vaccine cards to people as well. we have new details. >> reporter: dan, this doctor is the first person in the country to be federally charged in a fraud case related
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covid-19 vaccines and record cards. she operated her practice out of her home and that is where investigators made their arrests. >> reporter: today federal agents removing boxes and searching through the home of this doctor. she was arrested for a fraudulent vaccination card scheme and she sold immunization pallet she falsely claimed would make her patient's immune to covid-19. she is described as a primary care provider who works with people of all ages to help thrive. federal officials say she defrauded an endangered the public by preying on fears and spreading misinformation about fda vaccinations and peddling fake treatments that can put people's lives are risk. the 41-year-old sold her patient's immunization pallet she said contained a minute amount of covid-19 that would
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give them immunity from the disease for life. that contain toxic ingredients and doses of hers would be safe for children and babies. investigators say she provided vaccination record cards and instructed them how to feel it out to make it look like they had received two doses of the moderna vaccine. she sold them for $92-$150. she operated her practice out of this two story neighbors and federal agents arrived at 10:00 this morning. >> the investigation began back in april when a tipster whose family members purchase some of these pallets filed a complaint with the department of health and human services. we saw her boyfriend here today and he did declined to comment.
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she faces one count of wire fraud and one count of making false statements related to healthcare. it has been an agonizing five days for the family of a missing runner. he was last seen on saturday near pleasanton. officials have scaled back to search and rescue effort but the family is hoping that philip will be found safe. here is what they believe happened to the father of two. >> it takes every molecule in my body to stay in in every fiber of my being and to taking care of our kids during this time. >> i can remember when he was a little kid in the things that i did with him to see him doing that with his kids. he loves to throw his kids up
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in the air. >> reporter: the missing joggers wife and his father recalled the disbelief in panic and now the agony of searching for 37r- hebeel saturday moa ief run in the pleasanton hells and he never showed up to pick up his family in stockton. it was 106 degrees outside. >> reporter: has a run this area before? >> he has not been in this exact area. >> reporter: what do you think happened up thereup thereup thee >> i personally think that he got into a hot weather situation and maybe did not have enough hydration. we are concerned that he may have actually made it out. >> i know in my heart of hearts that he is out there. he is out there and he is alive and waiting for us. he is may be injured.
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he could be hydrated and deliver yes >> we want to make sure that everyone that has property remotely close to the area, please search your outbuildings in your barns and your ditches in your backyards, wherever you might think a person not in their right mind might try to hide >> no evidence has been found to indicate where he might be. the family say that he is a brilliant guy working with pg&e working on infrastructure. even if the formal search and rescue effort is scaling back after five days of trying, they are building a community army of volunteers to keep hope alive >> i personally don't think i will ever stop searching. >> he is extremely fit mentally
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and physically. we are asking people to have faith and he is out there alive and we ask that people continue to help us. we will bring him home together. abc7 news . philip is incapacit in the 50 square miles that they have been searching. dustin dorsey is live in pleasanton with an up date on today's search effort. >> reporter: we are here at the mobile command center down the road with the search continues. i will tell you that the volunteers and the family as you just saw are continuing to hold out hope. law enforcement are running into dead ends. they have had no recent updates or new findings. therefore, their investigation is starting to wind down. >> reporter: local authorities spoke with reporters with the same set news. despite nearly constant
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searching, he is still missing. nearly the entire area has been investigated. >> at this point we believe we have exhausted all possible search options within the park. >>fohe the search kick started once again. drones were deployed and volunteers went on the trails. it did not turn up any evidence. >> we scoured that area and came back with negative results. >> reporter: pleasanton police have narrowed down the timeline and learned he sent a package just before he went on his hike. they are not sure if it has any connection. is he still out there? >> having been up there, it is pretty difficult to get lost up there. i'm not saying it's impossible but there is plenty of ways to find your way out of there.
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getting lost up there, i think would be difficult. >> reporter: back here at foothill high school, we are at the mobile command center. the search will now turn into a reactionary investigation where law enforcement will be leading heavily on steps from the local public and residents in this area. they will continue to investigate this case. in pleasanton, abc7 news news n new developments in that small plane that crashed into a monterey home yesterday. two people were on board. the pilot and a woman from sacramento county. the monterey county sheriff's office confirmed that one body had been found inside the records. no one was at the home at the time of the crash. the countdown is on for the decision for the oakland a's.
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they had to decide whether to let the oakland a's build a new stadium but they are getting pushback from several ot directions. >> reporter: city leaders pondered the future of the oakland a's in these communities want the team to step up to the place. they want to create new jobs at the proposed stadium site at howard terminal. >> if you played them play with oakland's rules. give people the affordable housing they need. >> they need to talk about local hiring for the community. this should help people. >> reporter: the oakland a's says the proposal includes $450 million in community benefits. >> we are providing a revenue stream and we heard from the city and the community that they want to direct these
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funds. in the meantime the ease oakland stadium alliance has released a report that says the project could pose safety problems. >> pedestrians will find it almost impossible to get to the stadium. if something happens in the stadium, it would be impossible for them to get up quickly. >> reporter: the a's are well aware of the safety challenges around howard terminal. >> i am going across the tracks and they are not safe. the project could be something that improves that for not only our project but all of oakland. >> reporter: in oakland, abc7 news . and now for the fire fight. fire crews have stopped forward progression of the wildfire burning close to downtown
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novato. they are part of this attack on the flames using retardant and water from the reservoir. fire crews say the fire is not threatening any buildings. sky 7 was by petaluma road where it's at 35 acres and 20% contained. in the meantime, firefighters are working their paradise. there is no containment the cal fire reports it is burning north away from populated areas. it has burned 1200 acres in less than one day. the fire started uphill from where the campfire broke out in 2018. that fire killed more than 80 people. and evacuation warning is in effect for the area. he said that fire crews are getting the upper hand on the duckworth fire near the nevada border. that fire is now 71% contained.
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it has destroyed more than 20 homes in total. the fire is that more than 95,000 acres and 148 square models. crews expect a helpful containment by july 30th. the backward fire is a combination of two while fires and both were started by lightning. it is timely that a napa county today cal fire showed off a new helicopter equipped with military technology. that helicopter has a cruising speed of 160 miles per hour and a reservoir tank of 1000 gallons. it come five fires at night. more now from wayne friedman. >> reporter: in the military they might call this a show of force. this parade of aircraft arrived in napa county airport and it was unmistakably cal fire.
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was the propellers and the rotors stopped, a look at their latest weapon. >> we deployed our tools and we fight the fire and the helicopter will assist us with water. >> reporter: she is part of a nine person crew writing until they hit the ground. the cal fire hocks could be game changers when all 11 of them go online. >> what is it like to be in this thing? >> it is a lot of fun. >> reporter: their speed and the amount of water that they can drop. those buckets you used to see our 325 gallons. this thing is 1000 gallons. >> this big pump with over to the ground and pumped 1000 gallons per minute. >> reporter: one of these helicopters did that today. will it be easy enough to find fire, water during a drought?
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>> they might have to fly a little bit farther but there are water sources all over the place. >> reporter: blank cal fire does take water from private property they write down where, when, and how much. if the homeowner wants credit back, there is a process. this is material for the demystification file as we enter what could be california's worst fire season yet. in napa, wayne friedman, abc7 news . the fate of some remains uncertain due to a delay by the national park service. they have not made a decision on whether to shoot and kill some of the elk. it is a controversy we have been close to covering. a plan allows reducing the animals population to protect cattle ranches in the area.
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a decision was due today by the park service. the agency said they needed an the agency said they needed an additional 60 te what if you could push a button
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and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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san francisco has launched another initiative to cleanup the city. this plan involves the sector. butt for years, san francisco spot what many say is a losing battle to clean up the streets $94 million and 2019 and $96.2 million approved in this new budget. knowing it can't do this alone, the city has asked the private sector to do more. >> water we collectively doing to make sure we take care of our city? >> reporter: it's not the first the
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>> i think the people are frustrated. they have seen a lot of things happen in san francisco. >> reporter: that is a former senior vice president of starbucks joining forces with the city in the new partnership called shine on sf. it is a call to action in the name of terrorism which is the back bone of san francisco's economy. >> we are inspiring action and change. >> reporter: the city will still have the street cleaners but these big belly trash cans will be installed all over the city strategically placed in union square in the tenderloin. and also different is away your 311 calls will handled. public works will still be involved but they will go to community organizations first that are already here on the ground. >> it will come to our teams to dispatch people to address the
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problem immediately. we will be able to close that by showing a photograph of the cleaned area. the public will be be be be write their thoughts about what makes san francisco shine and hang them on these golden trees which will pop up in different parts of the city. the mayor wore her gold issues today hoping the concept will catch on.
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i felt like that wind is still hanging around . >> it is breezy, but nice and cool. >> it was a nice day along coastline. inland getting up into the 70s and 80s. i want to show you a beautiful view from tahoe. down below, the concern is our
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ongoing drought. let's take a look at what is happening up in the mountains. isolated thunderstorms have flared up. there is a drenching to the desert southwest. monsoon flow will increase through southern california as we head into early next week. we are expecting rainfall needles is looking at about .25 of an inch. alive look from our mt. tam cam. the marine layer has been there for the entire week. mid-70s around san jose. from our exploratory and camera, a mix of sunshine and clouds in san francisco. low 80s fairfield, concord in livermore. as you check out those winds, it is breezy at 21 miles per hour. hour by hour as we head into
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tonight, the winds will remain on the gusty side. tomorrow morning, they subside that will pick up tomorrow afternoon. be ready for another breezy afternoon and evening on thursday. you will notice there's plenty of low clouds out there along with patchy drizzle in the morning. we will warm it up this weekend. the good thing is we don't have to worry about it getting hot everywhere. it will mainly be warmer around the bay and the inland areas. the coast will be 50s and 60s. the forecast is calling for patches of drizzle and we will continue to see that drizzle for the early part of the morning and then the fog pulls back to the coastline. it will spill over the bay with our typical july pattern. temperatures in the 50s with that drizzle around as we head into the afternoon. 82 degrees in antioch. 60 in the city.
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once again these temperatures are coming down a few degrees. 72, san rafael. here is your accuweather prima seven-day forecast. cooler weather for your thursday. we bring in the warmth but over the weekend is not terribly hot. low 90s in the, upper 50s to low 60s coast side and a little bit hotter on monday. we will drop off those temperatures on tuesday and wednesday. it's a quiet pattern, and we like it
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finally here tonight, a big sendoff today for team usa. this is to cheering in the hoopla they will be earning without any fans present. members of the women's gymnastics team boarded their flight this afternoon. the games will be anything but normal. the athletes are focus on the mission. >> for the olympics it can be very nerve-racking. the equipment doesn't change in the routine stone change. the only names the change is a competition. we should be fine >> they will undergo five days of mandatory quarantine with daily covid tests. we wish them safe travels. game four of the mda finals is next. we appreciate your time. >> all of us here, thank you so much for joining us.
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