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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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vaccine. this is her website. she has facing one count each of wire fraud. her website says she holds a doctorate in natural medicine, not a medical degree. day five and still no sign of a missing jogger who disappeared over the weekend near pleasanton. >> authorities now believe 37- year-old phil kreycik is incapacitated or not in the 50 square miles of wilderness crews have searched. speaking only to abc7 news, his wife says the family will not give up hope that he will return home. >> it takes every molecule in my body. to stay in the moment. to stay in the moment. to know that we will find him. >> we will hear more from
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kreycik's wife and his father on abc news at 5:00. >> meanwhile we have a live update on today's search effort. >> reporter: the search continues for phil kreycik and you can hear the emotional moments from his family. pleasanton police, alameda county sheriff and marin county sheriff are all among the agencies continuing the investigation, but unfortunately with no new leads or information, the investigation is starting to slow. local authorities on hand spoke with reporters around 2:00 pm this afternoon with the same sad news we have been hearing since saturday. despite nearly constant searching, phil kreycik is still missing. as this map indicates, nearly the entire area has been investigated. >> at this point we believe we have exhausted all possible search options within the park. >> late last night a resident said they heard cries for help from the area where kreycik
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went missing on the search kicked up once again. drones were employed and volunteers were sent out on trails, but they did not find any new information or evidence. >> we followed up on the search, scoured the area and came back with negative results in regards to that report. >> reporter: police have narrowed down the timeline and learned he sent a package just before he went on his hike. they are investigating the contents, but they are not sure if it has any connection. the question remains, is phil kreycik still out there? >> i will say, having been out there, it is pretty difficult to get lost out there. i'm not saying it is impossible, but there are plenty of ways to find your way out of there. so, getting lost up there, i think would be difficult. >> reporter: now, sergeant kelly does add that they will continue this investigation with thermal imaging and aircraft this evening, before moving into more of a reactionary investigation, meaning they are going to be
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leaning heavily on tips from the local public and residents in this area. police will remain on scene as this continues. live in pleasanton, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. former san francisco 49ers star richard sherman is in jail tonight in seattle. police say sherman crashed his car early this morning and then tried to break into a family member's home. when police caught up with him, they say he resisted arrest and fought with officers while being taken into custody. he is currently being held without bail at the king county jail. he was booked for investigation of domestic violence and burglary. the countdown is on for a decision about a new stadium for the a's in oakland, as the council is set to decide whether to allow a new stadium at howard terminal. the team is getting pushback from several other directions. laura anthony has a look at the issues. >> reporter: city leaders ponder the future of the
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oakland a's and these community groups want the team itself to affordable housing and create o new jobs at its proposed stadium site at howard terminal. >> what we are saying today is that if you play, then play by oakland's rules. get people the affordable housing that they need to. >> the a's need to commit to local, targeted hiring from the community. this project should help people who have been shut out of the economy and discriminated against. >> reporter: they say the proposal does include $450 million in community benefits. >> from our perspective we are providing a revenue stream. we have heard from the city and community groups that they wanted to be able to direct these funds. >> reporter: meantime, the east oakland stadium alliance released a report that says the terminal project could pose serious safety concerns, especially given its location near a busy freight line.
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>> pedestrians will find it almost impossible, if there is a train in place, to get to the stadium. worse, if something were to happen in the stadium, it would be almost impossible for them to get out quickly. >> reporter: the a's say they will consider the findings, but are already aware of the safe tr they are not floodgates. they are not safe. this project can be something that includes that not only for our project, but all of oakland. >> reporter: the city council is set to consider the term sheet at its meeting next tuesday. laura anthony, abc7 news. trash, drugs, homelessness and crime. concerns about the image of san francisco. another initiative has been launched for cleaning up the city. it has the private sector involved. will it work? leanne melendez has the details.
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>> reporter: for years san francisco has bought what many say is a losing battle in its efforts to clean up the streets. $94 million in 2019 and $96.2 million approved in this new budget. knowing it can't do this alone, the city has asked the private sector to do more. >> wt kesure that we take care of our city? >> reporter: it is not the first time the mayor's ideas of been interrupted by a heckler. >> you've got drug dealers on the street, crackheads, what are you doing for the city? >> i think people are frustrated. i think they have seen a lot of things happen to san francisco that are unsettling. >> reporter: that is the former senior vice president of starbucks, who is now joining forces with the city in a new partnership called shine on sf. if anything it is a call to action in the name of tourism, which is the backbone of san francisco's economy. >> we are inspiring action and we are inspiring change. >> reporter: the city will continue to have the army of
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street cleaners that already counts on. in addition, these high-tech big belly trash cans will be installed over the city, strategically placed in union square in the tenderloin. also different will be the y your 311 calls will be handled. public works will still be involved, but the calls will first go to community organizations already here on the ground. >> it will come to our teams to be able to dispatch people to address the issue immediately and we will be able to close that, by showing a photograph of the cleaned area. >> reporter: because this is known as the golden city, the public will be urged to write their thoughts about what makes san francisco shine and hang them on these golden trees, which will pop up in different parts of the city. the mayor wore her golden shoes today, hoping the concept will melendez, abc7 ne the south bay, a new lawsuit filed against the city
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of mountain view alleges that one of its appred abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has a look at the issues. >> reporter: dozens of rvs line the avenue, with owners wondering when they will be forced to go. >> i had a hard time last week and one of the things is the stress. when you wake up you don't know what is coming next. >> reporter: janet stevens was born and raised in mountain view, but lived in an rv for the past three years after being priced out of her apartment. she suffers from a medical disability and says it is hard to live every day knowing her home can be ticketed or towed. that is because narrow streets, under 40 feet wide, will soon be off limits to all oversized vehicles under the city's voter approved ordinance. but today, a coalition of civil rights organizations, including the law foundation of silicon valley, filed a lawsuit against the city to block it from enforcement.
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>> until folks have a permanent way to stay in this community, the city should not take these unitive measures. >> reporter: city officials said they were evaluating the lawsuit and declined to provide comment directly. >> the city of mountain view does care about everyone. >> reporter: the mayor spoke broadly about ongoing outreach services the city provides to help people living in vehicles, including a safe parking program and interim supportive housing. the city is also piloting a universal basic income program using surplus covid-19 relief funds. >> we have to be innovative and think outside the box and it is encouraging other cities to think that we all have to tackle this together. >> reporter: in the meantime, residents who might eventually be impacted by the implementation of the ordinance weight with nervousness as they seek relief from the statewide housing affordability crisis. in mountain view, chris nguyen, abc7 news. governor newsom is encouraging eligible californians who are behind on rent to sign up for the state
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covid-19 rent relief program. the program is aimed at helping low income residents pay for back rent and upcoming rent through the summer. >> $5.2 billion to pay 100% of your back rent, april of last year, and to pay 100% of your rent through september 30 of this year.ed directly by covid-19. >> the governor says now is the time to enroll in the program. newsom says the likelihood of the states of fiction moratorium being extended beyond september is diminishing daily because of the economic recovery. the rent relief program also includes help for utility bills and the internet. wildfire worries. fires continue to burn out of control in the west. the latest on the fight against the flames. cutting back. you are being asked to reduce water usage by 15%, so how can you do that? and community policing, what it is and how it could help
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solve big problems. we have cooler than average days coming our way and then a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. developing news. a wild fire is burning 12 miles west of downtown novato. 12 helicopters are part of the attack on the flames, using water from the reservoir.
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sky 7 was above the wildfire, getting this terrific vantage point. it is now 35 acres, 20% contained. the fire is not threatening any buildings. gusty, dry wind is fueling wildfires across the west end mandatory evacuation orders are still in place in some parts of the west. morgan norwood has the latest. >> reporter: across the west, extreme heat and drought conditions driving dozens of wildfires. in oregon, the bootleg fires scorching more than 200,000 acres, the largest wildfire in the nation right now. the blaze, forcing residents from their homes. >> it is hard for everybody. we are not sure what all we have lost. >> reporter: fire swelling to more than 95,000 acres. a state of emergency as community members collect supplies and offer shelters to
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evacuees. wind fueled wildfire in washington state, threatening american indian tribal lands already struggling to conserve water and preserve traditional hunting grounds, all in the face of a blistering drought. >> i worked in fire for the past 30 years and never in 30 years have we ever been very high at the end of june. >> reporter: the massive fire sending smoke halfway across the country, reaching as far as the midwest and great lakes. air-quality alerts as firefighters from california, oregon, and washington race to corral the raging flames. >> a solid parameter has been built around this fire and we have kept it in check, away from the areas of concerns. >> reporter: cal fire telling abc news that they have seen the type of fire behavior they have not been trained for. scientists worn the weather will become more erratic and severe as the world warms.
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morgan norwood, abc news, los angeles. now to the latest on the coronavirus. death sent cases are on the rise globally. the world health organization reported today that death climbed last week after nine straight weeks of decline. another county is recommending fully vaccinated people wear masks. yolo county's public health officer says the recommendation is due to the delta variant and rising cases. olivia roderigo visited the white house to encourage young people to get vaccinated. the 18-year-old spoke to reporters and will record videos with president biden and dr. fauci. >> that should have a big impact, she is a huge star. there is an alarming increase in covid cases and more than half the country. the reason, people refusing to get vaccinated. kate larsen explained why doctors say vaccine skepticism among young adults may delay any hope of herd immunity in the united states.
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>> reporter: new research shows one in four unvaccinated 18 to 25-year-olds so they probably will not or definitely will not get a covid vaccine. >> a lot of my friends are scared to get it. >> they don't believe in vaccination. they think it is a hoax. >> there is misinformation on social media and that can be overwhelming. >> reporter: but all that i spoke to our vaccinated and not all are from the bay area, a highly vaccinated region. alabama resident samuel smith drove to mississippi to get his vaccine. >> one day we heard it opened up and we drove through a tornado to get my first dose. >> reporter: maryland resident, monica, said after her parents got covid she wanted the vaccine to keep her family safe. >> i got covid and my brother as well, so i knew it was no joke. >> reporter: they used to national survey data from more than 5000 young adults for the study, half of whom wanted to wait to make sure the vaccine is safe.
4:18 pm
>> 50% said they were concerned about side effects from the vaccine. >> reporter: the concerns, compounded by a lack of good information. >> young adults do not come into the doctors office very frequently. they have the lower you utilization rate of any group. so one of the trusted resources they can get information from, clinicians, they are not seeing those individuals. >> reporter: so what will work? duncan says starting college is a big incentive for his friends. >> they told me i had to be vaccinated for school and that pushed him over the edge. >> reporter: doctor irwin wants young people to know this. >> they are not subjected to an experiment. >> reporter: kate larsen, abc7 news. this is the final today to get vaccinated at san francisco's miss county center. since it opened, the mass vaccination diet site has given
4:19 pm
more than one third of 1 million doses. it helped make san francisco the first city in the nation to reach 80% vaccinated. the site will take walk-in appointments until 6:00 tonight. the supreme court will not take up a bid to overturn the mask mandate. a man in florida challenged the order, saying his anxiety disorder prevents him from wearing a mask, so he has not been able to fly with the mandate in place. for now, the mask mandate stays. it could be passport problems, not masks, that make your next trip difficult. the passport offices are facing an enormous backlog and the department is advising americans to submit an application at least six months in advance. the agency is expected to brief lawmakers tomorrow on what it is doing to speed things up. let's turn our attention to the windy weather. >> indeed, very breezy.
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>> still quite breezy, you are right. cooler than average with a substantial breeze. current surface wind speeds, up to 22 miles per hour. all around the area. a breezy afternoon pattern that we have had for some time. it warmed up today. the 24 hour temperature change shows eight degrees warmer right now in san francisco than at this time yesterday. four degrees warmer in oakland and most other locations are warmer, as well. current temperature readings as we look toward san francisco. 62 in san francisco. oakland, 69. mid-70s in mountain view and san jose. 78 at morgan hill. a few of the golden gate, with clouds overhead. low clouds, but not as low or as dense as yesterday. 75 degrees in santa rosa. 70 at napa. 85 in fairfield. concord, 82. 86 at livermore. a nice view from our rooftop camera. once again, a very familiar pattern.
4:21 pm
patchy drizzle overnight. breezy and cooler tomorrow than today, but we will have a warmer pattern developing for the weekend. during the overnight hours, we will see the familiar surge of low clouds and fog across the bay, into our inland areas and there will be patchy drizzle, so once again possibly damp spots on the pavement for the morning commuters. of course, it will retreat to the coast. maybe a slower retreat tomorrow. by afternoon we will see sunny skies over the bay and inland. low temperatures will be generally in the low to mid 50s. comfortably cool overnight. tomorrow, lingering low clouds at the coast, where it will be breezy and cool with a high of about 57 at half moon bay. san francisco will reach 60 tomorrow. 64 in oakland. south bay, 74. at the north bay, low to mid 70s, unless you go farther north. 86 degrees is the high-end
4:22 pm
cloverdale and inland will see highs in the upper 70s tomorrow. the european model, for the next 10 days, issuing rainfall developing late next week in southern california. some welcome rainfall. here is the forecast animation. you can see rain moving into southern california, probably around thursday or friday of next week, but most of the focus will be farther east of the central rockies. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. we have a warming trend beginning on saturday. by monday, inland high is back in the mid-90s. we will call it warm, but not a heat wave. then mid-70s around the bay. but the next few days, cooler than average weather and of course, reduced fire threat. >> that is good news. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco
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team usa received a heroes sendoff today. >> usa, usa, usa! >> my mom cried dropping me off at the airport, so that was sad, but not having my family will be big to me. but they will be there in spirit and will be watching. we will have a couple of wa parties. >> that is of course, the most decorated gymnast, simone
4:26 pm
biles. they rolled out the red carpet for the gymnastics team. they are on their way to tokyo right now to compete in the summer games. by the way, nothing about the tokyo games will be normal. athletes must arrive five days before their evidence to quarantine and must leave 48 hours after they finish competing. no handshakes, no hugs, cheering, yelling, and no fans. not even family of the athletes, which is why she says she is so bummed out about not having her mom watch her in the stands. >> athletes who do win big at this year's games in tokyo will put metals around their own necks, as a covid-19 safety measure. they will be presented to the athletes on a sterilized tray and handled by people wearing disinfected gloves. there will be no handshaking or hugging. this is a big departure from the traditional olympics medal ceremony. not quite as dramatic, but it is necessary in these times. tonight's game four of the
4:27 pm
nba finals, only on abc7. >> that's right, the phoenix suns could take a lead, but the box look to tie up the series and they have the home- court advantage in milwaukee. >> tonight at 5:30, nba countdown gets ready for game four. tipoff is at 6:00 and then stay tuned after the game with special guests live in the studio. >> you got it. the governor has asked californians to start saving water. >> 15%, to be exact. - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly;
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moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. the governor has expanded the states drought emergency to include 50 counties and is asking everyone in the state to voluntarily reduce water use by 15%. >> the fact we are struggling o all of that raised our efforts to prepare in historic times. >> most of california, except san francisco and southern california, are now under a drought emergency. >> what exactly does it mean to reduce usage by 15%? joining us now with some advice, we are so glad to have you on. what can customers do to save water and what does 15% really look like, can you put it in practical terms for us? >> collectively there are 1.4
4:31 pm
million customers in the service area and on average, a shower releases about two gallons of water per minute, so collectively if each of us cut u our shower time by one minute, we could save 2 million gallons of water per day. so, small, practical things like that can make a big difference for this. >> and then things like reducing washing machine usage and dishwashers and all those things makes a big difference, too. >> absolutely. the best place to reduce your water uses outside the home. inside the home, you can bring down your water consumption, but we get the biggest bang for our buck by cutting down water use outside. so now is a perfect time to reconsider, if you have a lawn, whether you want to keep that lawn or prefer to switch to a california native landscape. there are rebates for that kind
4:32 pm
of work, because not only are you reducing water footprint, you are helping the natural cyntue so there are a tremendous number of plants that will keep your landscape looking fresh and that use a lot less water. we also provide rebates for the installation of drip irrigation, so you have efficient water use going to your plants, so you're not spraying over the concrete the water that way. >> this is great information and practical information. we have been talking on the news for weeks and months about how serious the drought is. how well do bay area customers conserve right now? we were great about getting vaccinated, great about social distancing and wearing masks. by and large during the pandemic. how are we at conserving water? >> we are great at conserving water. customers in california really do understand the value of it.
4:33 pm
so we do recognize are super savers out there doing all they can. they have done the landscaping. they checked their homes for leaks. they do things like keep buckets in the shower with them to use on plants later in those things are wonderful. i really appreciate customers who are super savers. that said, there are always customers out there who may be learning about this for the first time, so if super savers have done everything they can within their power to save water, maybe it is time to engage in the community and start sharing resources about native plants. together we can do it. we will get through this. we're working really hard on our part to access all of our plans to whether this dry time and we know we will get through this. >> let me ask you this, in the few seconds we have remaining. we have been, for years, in this boom or bust cycle.
4:34 pm
if we have plenty of rain, we don't worry about conserving as much and then we are back in a drought situation. his conserving water something we need to be prepared to do, year in and year out, regardless of if we have a lot of rain or not? >> it can be a real factor going forward. it will be more significant as we head to the future, so yes, conservation is a way of life in california. we know these techniques make the most of our water. so, relying on those and trying new things, like cutting shower times by one minute can make a big difference. >> thanks very much. nell c rodriguez with east bay m.u.d., thank you for coming on. appreciate it. a wild fish
4:35 pm
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. all right, time now for the four at 4:00. spencer and drew, joining us. earlier we told you about the supreme court not taking up a mask mandate. the fda is reporting a spike in bad behavior among flyers. more than 3400 reports of unruly passengers, a surge that has the government warning of fines, bands, and prison time for offenders. the tsa also restarted self- defense training for flight
4:38 pm
attendants. it has become very different. i flew back on sunday from texas. leaving austin, a guy walked up, being escorted off the flight from the back of the plane, saying over and over again, because i am protesting the mask ban i am being removed from the plane. of course, we were all like yes, goodbye. have a nice bus ride. we saw it, spencer. you have probably seen it, too. >> i have and i don't understand. what is there to get so worked up or angry about? we are trying to protect public health. what is the big deal? and of course, all those who believe conspiracy theories, like a chip in the vaccine to control your behavior. >> do it if you want, we just want to get where we're going. drew, what is your impression? >> i feel bad for these flight attendants. they are under so much pressure. their job is to keep everyone safe and they are enforcing a
4:39 pm
federal law. you have these people making a scene. they will never be on a plane without a mask and i think they know that and you are just delaying everyone's flight, so i don't get the point. you know when you get on the flight and if you don't want to deal with the law, don't fly. >> it is tense. >> it is, i feel bad for flight attendants. that's a bad job now. >> i want vacations i can drive to. a cape cod restaurant closed down for a day after a tidal wave of abuse and mistreatment from customers. the restaurant shut down last week to give its workers what they call a day of kindness. its owners say it has been challenging. shortstaffed, deliveries delayed, and having to maintain safety protocols. they tell the new york times the staff has been verbally abused and dressed down by upset customers in recent months. this makes me so sad. i have seen it, because
4:40 pm
restaurants can't hire enough people. >> they are having trouble. >> so the weight is often longer and then people take it out on the poor workers. i am sure you have seen it, spencer. >> i do, i eat out a lot and i see a lot of mistreatment of staff by angry people, because their table is not ready yet. it is not their fault. >> you just need to be kind and understanding. i have seen it too. i was just eating out not long ago on the trip to texas and there were a couple of times where you seem to have to wait an awfully long time to get that ice tea. just relax and wait patiently. they are struggling. they're working out like 60% staffing. >> exactly and if you got the potato salad by accident, let it be. now to a wild fish tail out of minnesota. officials are begging people to stop putting goldfish in local lakes and ponds. jeni norman went fishing for some answers. >> reporter: it sounds like
4:41 pm
something straight out of a movie. goldfish the size of footballs, but it is real. check out pictures of the typically tiny pets, now causing pretty big problems. officials in minnesota, sounding the alarm. the city of burnsville, pleading on twitter, don't release your pet goldfish into ponds and lakes, because they grow bigger than you think. pet goldfish released into the wild can grow over one foot long and live up to 25 years. wildlife officials in one minnesota county removed an estimated 50,000 goldfish from a single lake last year. >> goldfish are like little vacuum cleaners. they did on the bottom for food and by doing so, they disturbed the bottom of the lake, significantly. >> reporter: his company was tasked with investigating the goldfish invasion. >> it's not their fault. it is kind of our fault, because we are releasing them. >> reporter: experts say to
4:42 pm
think twice about getting a goldfish if you are not potentially willing to care for it for years. if you do have a goldfish you want to get rid of, they suggest giving it away instead of releasing it. janai norman, abc news, new york. >> this used to happen a lot to people in florida who would take alligators as pets and release them. it has happened in other places, too. drew, i did not know goldfish got that big. >> i kid you not, when i went to the county fair when i was a kid i want to goldfish in that thing lasted like eight years and my fish tank and i promise you, it got to be eight or nine inches long. those things are no joke. >> you must have had a big tank. >> it was not that big, honestly. you get a goldfish as a kid and you think, it won't last that long. this thing was there years later. >> you must've been taking great care of that goldfish. >> i had to drive it across the country when i moved across the country, because it kept
4:43 pm
living. >> like a parrot, it goes on and on. >> i wonder if they are better grilled or sauteed. >> o, would you? all right, we have heard a lot about break-ins, but this is one you might want. a couple came home to discover someone entered their condo and cleaned it. yep, cleaned it. the culprit, now called the cleaning ferry, works part-time cleaning houses. he went one home and was told that he would be under the mat and it was. after spending two hours cleaning, his friend called and asked, where was he? it turned out he was in the wrong house. homeowners were thrilled. they were doing renovating and said it needed cleaning. as for lois, the publicity is helping him build his business. >> it's like the best break-in ever. >> a great story. >> best break-in ever, indeed. what if that happened to you? >> if he tidies up a bit, i think it is fantastic.
4:44 pm
>> i say win-win, but the lose person is his friend. >> right. where is my house? my house is dirty, where have you been? >> i might not notice a difference, because my wife and i are constantly cleaning, so we keep a pretty clean place anyhow. the cleaner might break in
4:45 pm
this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them. this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us. and this year, iihs has awarded a top safety pick+ to all 2021 volvo models.
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now to our series, california dreaming, where we look at issues threatening the california dream and people working so hard to keep the dream alive. >> today we look at policing as the legislature looks at dozens of police reform bills. >> many are turning away from technology and poured more community oriented approaches. >> when we see, over and over, with alarming frequency, these acts of violence perpetuated by police against citizens, people lose trust in the institution of policing and that needs to improve. >> listen. >> for what? for what? for dancing >> we have seen a lot of civil liberties abuses coming out of benign, nonthreatening stops that escalated for some reason. the people no longer cooperate with the police. they have given up on the
4:48 pm
institution. that got us into this area of looking for a silver bullet, a quick fix, like tech will fix everything. >> reporter: for many police departments that silver bullet has been predictive policing. predictive policing uses a computer program to analyze crime data and predictor of future crime might occur. los angeles police started using a version of it in 2008, but dumped it last year. critics claim predictive policing is racially biased. >> let's say the data is collected all in east oakland, so we say a bunch of crimes are committed here. we put that in the machine learning algorithm and it comes back and goes guess what, there will probably be a crime. now we send officers back to the same location and it just serves to over police the same locality. >> you want to make sure that what you are doing is effective. the problem arises if you are
4:49 pm
using data as your form of policing. >> reporter: as calls for reform grow louder, some departments are turning to community policing as an alternative. in los angeles, the community safety partnership bureau has officers take part in sports leagues and youth classes. the goal is to build trust with residents and ultimately reduce crime. >> patrol units, they call it suppress and arrest. these guys are actually interacting with the community and we love it. it is a different kind of policing. >> reporter: in 2017, santa cruz police got rid of their predictive policing program and tried a different approach. >> i am a community service officer with the santa cruz police department. i am a non-sworn officer. i don't carry a gun and i don't make arrests. our main neighborhood policing team, our focus is to think outside the box, finding ways to solve issues through community outreach and minimal
4:50 pm
enforcement of municipal codes. we are at 333 front street. for a long time, this lot was really neglected. there was a lot of criminal activity here. the parking lot was a free-for- all. just unsavory behavior. i was tasked with this project and first i reached out to the city employees and asked them, what are you seeing? what are the problems? what do you want fixed? the goal was to create passive deterrence to allow the environment to control itself and we did that by use of signage. cleaning up the landscaping created a less desirable place for people to loiter and litter. >> we felt like she really cared, versus responding for a one time call for service and then being gone and having these people come back and not resolving the issues. >> where people have done
4:51 pm
neighborhood policing, you have seen a reduction in crime. you have also seen a reduction in complaints against police, because they are doing neighborhood policing. they're working with people. when you work shoulder to shoulder with somebody, it is hard to break that relationship, because you accomplish something together. that is the idea behind neighborhood policing. >> you can stream all of our california dreaming stories on demand, including our 30 minute special right now on our abc7 bay area streaming apps. if you are dreaming of the weather, you've got it, come true. >> reducing fire risks, so that's good. tonight, low fog, once again, our usual pattern. overnight temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50s and then tomorrow we have lingering low clouds into the mid morning hours and then they will linger at the coast all day. sunny over the bay and inland highs will range from 50s at the coast to 60s around the bay and upper 60s and low 70s
4:52 pm
inland. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. as the weekend approaches it gets gradually warmer and then we get significant warming on sunday, and tuesday of next week. high temperatures inland in the low to mid 90s and on the shoreline, mid-70s. low 60s on the coast. even as inland areas and the bayshore areas warm-up, the coast will not warm-up, because we continue to receive cooling, onshore flow. >> that is very welcome, thank you. today the french celebrated bastille day in france and san francisco. thousands of troops marched in a parade in paris. bastille day marks the storming of the prison in paris in 1879, commemorated as the birth of the french revolution. a party was held in the financial district. people enjoy the festive lunch and a party will be held this evening, complete with a dj. the price of going back to
4:53 pm
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coming up tonight on abc7, starting at 5:30, it is the nba finals, followed by after the game and jimmy kimmel game night. after the game it is jeopardy and abc7 news at 11news at as food and fuel prices go
4:56 pm
up, families are facing back- to-school shopping. spending is expected to put a strain on household budgets. david louie looks at what is on kids shopping lists and how to prioritize your spending. >> reporter: parents and kids are already shopping for school and bracing themselves for some budget pain. a survey of 3000 consumers by the audit tax and advisory firm says spending will be up more than last year. it is linked to an expected surge in preschool enrollments that were postponed during the pandemic. average spending per child is forecast to be $268, an increase of $21 from last year. topping the shopping list will be footwear, due to disruption of in classroom learning. >> a lot of them have not seen their friends in a long time and they want new apparel and footwear. >> reporter: second on the shopping list, school supplies.
4:57 pm
while schools commonly send out a list of supplies needed, recent increases may strain budgets. in that case, the dean of the san jose state college of education points out providing supplies is not mandatory by law. >> family should reach out to teachers to say, what is most important, how do i prioritize? or even, i can't afford any of this, can you make sure the school provides those? in which case the school is required to provide supplies. >> reporter: another concern, inventory may be limited. >> retailers started to get a lot more optimistic and bullish about the demandback school, so they went back to many of their suppliers and wanted more inventory, but it is hard to get more inventory in a fairly short window. >> reporter: california stimulus checks in september may help with expenses. david louie, abc7 news. >> it is interesting. get our live newscast, breaking weather, and more with our app on apple tv, android tv,
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