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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the mysterious disappearance that's puzzling police, family and friends. clues making the case even more bizarre. a lot of my friends, they're scared to get it. >> they don't believe in vaccination. they think it's a hoax. >> unvaccinated younger adults taking us through their thought process this morning. state health leaders say their decision could cause a surge two-thirds the size of what we saw last summer. first though we want to get back to this breaking news we've been tracking for about 30 minutes now. a live look at this small fire erupting right on interstate 280 in san jose which is near winchester boulevard and it looks like they've gotten 've g under control. >> they were on that quick and glad to see it. good morning on this wednesday, july 14th. you're watching abc 7. >> you may see a little smoke leftover from that, but pretty much all of that is
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dissipating. that fire i'm talking about. the winds haven't been fast fas you can see. let me talk about winds elsewhere. notice how much slower they are. and the cloud cover hasn't made it to all neighborhoods. that means it'll be easier for it to break free of the sun is to break free of the clouds and bring us warmth after being stuck in the upper 50s for the last three days. san francisco making it into the 60s. along with half moon bay, richmond, oakland. 70s around the rest of the bay and even some 80s in our inland neighborhoods. here's jobina with more. >> following that breaking news in san jose. this is a live look at the area on san jose 280 at 17. this was essentially impacting northbound traffic in terms of the smoke. chp gave us an estimated time for three minutes until this is all wrapped up. they got a call around 5:30 this morning about a homeless
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encampment on fire. so it did light the brush there. we did see flames. mike was the first one to spot it and even noticed before the first responders got there. no injuries reported and everything is moving at the limit. as you travel northbound in san jose on 280. reggie i and kumasi. >> thank you. we are hearing calls for an unofficial search happening overnight. desperate to find the berkeley father who vanished in the east bay. philip kreycik was last seen on saturday. police haven't found any significant clues, which only makes this disappearance more baffling. amy hollyfield live in the east bay with the clues they have so far. amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning. yeah, volunteers say a call came in overnight from a family saying they heard a cry for help coming from the canyon. so volunteers are responding to that. they are ramping up their search just as authorities had announced it was possibly time to scale back.
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philip kreycik of berkeley disappeared saturday afternoon after telling his wife he was going for a run on the trails of the pleasanton ridge regional park. hundreds of people have searched the area for him since then, heading out in hiking gear. some with search dogs. authorities have also looked from up above in a plane and with a drone. they have not seen a trace of him. >> we should have seen him by now. we should have encountered. there should be something that should have led us to him. some type of something. and that's what's hard to digest here. that's why we're all here tonight. it's hard to leave knowing that we haven't exhausted all those questions in our minds. >> reporter: well volunteers put out a plea on social media in the last few hours calling for experienced hikers and emts to meet at the sonole post office to search the canyon for him. they want to follow up on that tip that came in from the family who says they heard a cry for help. law enforcement has not
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respdeyep. it just came in after midnight. sonole is about 8 miles south of here if you're traveling down interstate 680. the focus has been right here in pleasanton right off that molar ranch staging area where they found his and that's where the trail leads from where he said he was going for that run. reporting live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. today is the last day for san francisco's last remaining mass vaccination site. the center south site is going to shut down after today. last month the city closed city college and the bay view sites. officials say there's no longer a need for mass vaccination sites with vaccine widely available at pharmacies, health clinics and neighborhood and mobile sites. this is coming amid the nation's growing battle against the newest wave of covid cases. >> the reason is because people are refusing to get vaccinated. daily u.s. vaccination rates are down nearly 50% since last week. new ucsf research says one in
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four unvaccinated 18 to 25-year- olds say they probably will not or definitely will not get a cc researchers say vaccine skepticism among young adults may delay any hope of herd immunity. >> a lot of my friends, they're scared to get it. >> they don't believe in vaccination. they think it's a hoax. >> there are some misinformation on social media and that can be really overwhelming. >> researchers at ucsf division of adolescent and young adult medicine used national survey data from more than 5000 young adult for this study. half of whom wanted to wait to make sure the vaccine is safe. they say another 50% said they were concerned about side effects from the vaccine. you can send any questions you have about coronavirus vaccines to me or anyone else on the abc 7 news vaccine te go to governor newsom has expanded the statdrght emgey i50 california's 58 counties.
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every californian being asked to do their part by reducing water use by 15%. >> the fact that we're struggling with a drought, a mega drought in the entire west coast of the united states and it's only july. so all of that raised our efforts to prepare in historic terms. >> all parts of california except san francisco and southern california are now under a drought emergency. that's 42% of the state's population. more of abc 7's coverage of the drought available right now on our bay area streaming app. go to the climate watch row to see videos on how to prepare for climate challenges like drought, including ways you can save water. the app is available for apple tv, roku, ann droid tv and amazon fire. wildfires are scorching through tens of thousands ofof f acres. the beckwourth fire has burned 93,000 acres. about 145 square miles. firefighters are making some progress this morning.
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>> yes, kumasi. the beckwourth fire is now 66% contained but the damage has been done. it's made up of two fires which were sparked by lightning strikes on june 30th. at least 20 homes have been destroyed. thousands of people along the california-nevada border have been evacuated. that includes a 79-year-old woman from doyle where the fire ripped through her community. >> it went by before and then it come back and exploded and burnt my house clear to the ground. nothing left. i'm 79. what chance do i have to build another house? you know, to have another home. no chance at all. >> although crews are optimistic about containment numbers, the fire's timber and brush fuels are dry. you can keep track of the fires with our exclusive abc7 wildfire tracker. the a interactive map shows you where fires are spreading and information on the fire fight in real time.
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it's available now at bay area. just click on the climate watch section. kumasi. >> thank you, jobina. preparations are in full swing in it napa county to get ready for what could be another destructive wildfire season. napa county's fire chief updated the board of supervisors on the steps the department is taking and that includes tree clearing of narrow hollow mountain road to give a community a safe evacuation path. >> a lot of work has been done not only removing the fuels along the side of the road but as you see with this bucket truck, also limbing up higher overhanging limbs and so forth that could if impacted by fire could drop on the roadway. >> firefighters are also educating homeowners on steps they can take to make their properties more fire resistant. esident biden calling this a 21st century jim crow assault. the changes you could see taking place as kamala harris
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is also weighing in. face mask mandate. the united states supreme court just stepping in to decide the places you need to keep carrying a mask. and what in the giant goldfish is this? the must see images that might make you rethink the way we're treating our pets. here's a look from our roof camera down the embarcadaro. we can see all of the bay bridge. not as misty. not as much drizzle. outdoor activities, going to be another comfortable da
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creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. we're back at 6:11. taking a look at the pollen. tree pollen is going to be moderate the next three days. uv index very high. that burn time down to 20 minutes. temperatures around 53 to 56 with mostly cloudy conditions in the south bay.
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you can see all of us in the 50s as we head out this morning. we'll stay that way through 7:00 with a little less drizzle than we've had the last couple of days. faster sunshine. warmer temperatures by the time we get to 4:00. 60s at the coast. mid70s around the bay and mid80s inland. here's jobina with a look look the commute. i wanted to point out the brush fire we're following along 280 in san jose has completely cleared. so that wet spot is from the water from the firefighters. everything is out. i am following a new crash in it oakland. this is going to be on southbound 880 before high street involving three cars, injuries are reported. at least one lane is blocked right now and speeds are down to around 6 miles per hour. a live look at our 880 at the coliseum camera. once you pass high street, things are going to improve. traffic is moving at the limit there at the coliseum. >> thank you. new at 6:00, you have to look at this. talk about arriving in ckof od samaritans meto the rescue of this driver
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illinois yesterday. so look, so this bridge he he on partially collapsed. he wasn't injured. he was lucky his truck didn't end up in the creek. a little dose of inspiration coming your way on this wednesday. the way one 82-year-old man is proving age is just a number. have you seen this pop up on your timeline? i did and i couldn't believe what i was looking at. these are goldfish. yes. the same ones that you have in your little bowl. this is what happens when you put them in the wrong place. we'll tell you about the warning. >> okay. as we head to break, let's take a live look outside. people making their way to work or wherever this morning at 6:13.
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in a love embrace ride all of your love at once and explode into space... ♪ born to be wild ♪ start your california road trip and the struggle for voting rights across the country has
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intensified. republicans in the texas state senate have passed a restrictive elections bill as 50 democrats in the state's lower chamber left the state to stop the bill. jobina is tracking the developments at the live desk. >> president biden is calling this attack on voting rights the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. the is texas senate passed their version of an election bill that calls for a ban on 24 hour polling locationsing and drive through voting. both efforts are proven to increase turnout among minority voters. more than 50 democrats left texas for washington, d.c. in a desperate attempt to stop passage in the lower chamber. vice president kamala harris praised them yesterday. >> i know what you have done comes with great sacrifice. both personal and political. you are doing this in support and in defense of some of our nation's highest ideals. defending the right of the american people to vote is as
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american as apple pie. president biden says the new laws are a painful pattern aimed at denying women and minorities the right to vote. the president criticized republicans for leaning on lies that the 2020 election was riddled with fraud. >> thank you. the u.s. supreme court will not take up a bid to overturn the public travel mask mandate. >> a man in florida had challenged the order. he says his anxiety disorder prevents him from wearing a mask so he hasn't been able to fly. justice clarence thomas who oversees potential cases out of appeals courts in florida denied the request for the high court to take up the case. look at these tiny puppies. they are destined for big things. these five dogs flew from the north bay to carlsbad where they'll undergo training to become service dogs. canine companions pairs them with people with disabilities free of charge. the sonoma county pilot who led this flight says he always has extra room for furry friends. >> how better to use that space than to bring a bunch of
6:18 am
puppies along who are going to help people to lead independent lives some day. >> i love that dog. and they don't waste time with this. on the round trip, six fully trained dogs made their return flight from carlsbad to santa rosa. canine companions will link emt starting today. good luck to them. >> i know. there's this. new warnings about pet fish. officials in minnesota are urging people to not release goldfish into lakes and ponds because they can get a lot bigger than you think. look at these pictures. some of these fish are the size of footballs. while people think that releasing a pet out into the wild is a humane thing to do, it can actually be quite harmful because they can grow up to a foot long. they can live up to 25 years. >> whoa. >> right? wildlife officials in one minnesota county removed about 50,000 goldfish from one lake last year. >> what? >> yes.
6:19 am
so experts say that you should think twice about even buying a goldfish if you don't plan to keep it for years. >> they dig in the bottom looking for food and they disturb the bottom of the lake. >> if you have a goldfish and you want to get rid of it, consider giving it away instead of releasing it. >> oh. now those are carp. which is a kind of a different thing, but that's a problem as well. >> carver county's not that far outside of minneapolis. i think it's like a third or fourth tier ring they cathey ca up there. >> are people winning the goldfish and then putting them in the lake? >> just go over to sweet martha's and get the cookies. >> what is sweet martha's? >> they make cookies at the fair and they put them in these buckets and it's right next to
6:20 am
the dairy barn where they have fresh milk. >> milk and cookies. >> it was a joy every august. >> the minnesota state fair really is a time. >> really. >> i can tell. i feel it. i'm feeling it. >> it was neat. that was one of the neatest things about living there. the walleye and the goldfish, probably didn't get along very well. here's a look at what's going on 6:20. down in it south bay. we're lacking clouds as we look north from 87. that means faster sunshine. warmer temperatures today. not as much drizzle to deal with during the morning commute. canopy of gray will return to most neighborhoods tonight. look for more drizzle as we head through tomorrow's morning commute. we'll finally warm back to average this weekend and possibly exceed it a little bit early next week. enjoy these comfortable afternoons. everybody else in in the mid to upper 70s in the south bay. head over to santa cruz on the other side of the mountains. about 69 degrees. 68 san bruno. low to mid70s for most of the
6:21 am
peninsula today. 58 to 61. 61 to 66 for downtown and south san francisco. north bay valleys, a nice cool breeze keeping you in the 70s. not so much around lake port. low to mid90s. you are our warm spots today. the breeze will keep rich monday, beckly and oakland in the 60s. 71 to 76 for the rest of the east bay. around the state, no more record high temperatures. it's still pretty warm though. 97 in chico. 87 in tahoe. the record in fresno is well into the 100 and teens. seasonally hot there. the sea breeze keeping us from overheating will be pushing clouds in, drizzle. 50s back into the future. tonight, now tomorrow the clouds will be a little more stubborn. we'll lose about 2 to 4 degrees of today's warmth. friday about like today. couple of degrees warmer. by the time we get to sunday,
6:22 am
monday and tuesday, we're average to a little bit warmer than average away from the coast. have a good day. reggie. >> good morning america coming up at 7:00. >> and ginger zee has a look at what's ahead. >> reggie, kumasi, great to be with you. coming up on gma, we're talking heat, wildfire, severe storms. i know in washington and oregon state they have hoisted that preparedness level to the highest they have, a five. and there are new evacuations from your state and beyond. more than 5 dozen large fires burning across the west. also severe weather threat that is east of the rockies includes damaging wind, tornadoes, you know i'm going to be tracking both sides of that. also ahead we'll have the new covid crackdown. because most states are seeing a rise in cases. we know the delta variant is a big problem. what do we do next? we'll answer that question, i hope. and a double dose of deals and steals. you're getting some and they're going to help cool you
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let's look at tomorrow's temperatures. you can see san francisco could possibly fall back into the 50s after barely breaking out of that three day rut today. a lot of 70s inland. as we head through time you can see a little bit of a warming trend starting to move into our inland neighborhoods. and by the time we get to saturday we'll start to have some of that average heat with some 90s showing up inland. still mainly 60s and 70s around the bay. so nothing extreme coming up in this seven day forecast. reggie. >> thank you. tonight is game four of the nba finals. >> the phoenix suns could take a commanding lead if they win. the bucks are looking to tie up the series. they'll have home court advantage in it milwaukee. nba countdown gets you ready for game four. tipoff is at 6:00 p.m. after the game stay tuned for after the game with larry beil
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and special guests in studio. new at 6:00, how about this for the game of love? a western michigan man doing something most people his age wouldn't try. phil clemens is 82 yes olstl ay arizona every year. he says people have joked telling him he's too old to play. they've been doing this for years now. rude. it started with his sister when he was 35. it's always your family. >> why are they tearing him down? build him up. >> can thank you. >> more top stories. skipping the dmv, but only for some. the new luxury one group of residents is getting. that california stimulus cash coming soon. we have a break down of how much you'll be seeing in the bank. britney back in it court. new expert analysis on the pop star's hope for today. plus. spotted what i thought was
6:27 am
a piece of fuzz on the floor and i went to reach for it and it moved. >> no. >> i cannot. >> something crazy to wake up to underneath your bed. the couple finding something you never want to see this early morning discovery that might give you chills. as we head to break, a live look outside at 6:27. that snake was matching the carpet. that's one of
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making news now at 6:30. the effort to find this berkeley father who vanished on a saturday run. zerosteins showing any trace of him. now word of a brand new clue overnight of where he could be. doctors breaking down the growing trend of break through
6:30 am
covid cases. something we are still seeing among the vaccinated here in the bay area. answers now appearing on what they are and why the vaccine is the best defense. the bears are back. the story behind this family of bears spotted in almost the exact same tahoe stretch of beach from a couple weeks ago. >> it's wednesday, july 14th. you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. before we get to those stories we want to check in with mike. >> let's take a look at what's going on outside. i think you're going to lililili it. jobina has been bridges that are windy. altamont pass has a south wind. you can see elsewhere the winds aren't as fast either. hasn't even been able to push the clouds into the south bay.
6:31 am
a minor warming trend today from 60s along the coast. san francisco, richmond and oakland to 70s around the rest of the bay and some 80s inland. i'll have a look at your weekend forecast coming up. a woman was rushed to the hospital after being pulled from the water in she was in this car. this was near the marina. san leandro police helped get her out. she was the only person inside. we don't know how she's doing this morning or how this car ended up in the water. new clues in the search for the missing runner in the east bay. there are reports of a cry help. so far there's been no real sign of philip kreycik. he was reported missing saturday. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the command center in pleasanton. amy. >> reporter: good morning. volunteers are very active this morning. they are ramping up their
6:32 am
search. they put out this plea on social media overnight asking for experienced hikers and emts it please come join them in the search to meet them at the post office. a family called to say they heard a cry for help coming from the canyon. volunteers are shifting as they search for philip kreycik who disappeared saturday after he said he was going for a run. authorities haver to rely covered that area where they said he was running. they have not found a trace of him but have looked carefully at any hint of a clue. >> we've gone down to the nitty gritty with details. we're finding rocks with blood on them. we've sent that blood to our crime lab. that blood's come insi tu oand the
6:33 am
trails of the molar ranch staging area. that's the parking lot where they found his car. authorities are saying they have two theories after searching since saturday that he is either not responsive or not in the area. now authorities have not responded yet to this new tip that came in about the call for help. it came in after midnight. volunteers are turning their attention to that rugged remote canyon in sonole. live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. new developments in the plane that crashed into a home near monterey. at least one person died. the plane went down just before 11:00 yesterday morning in a neighborhood about a mile from the monterey airport. the plane took off from there. video from sky 7 shows a large portion of the house smoking or on fire. and some of the plane's debris scattered and sparked spot fires in the brush around the property. the name of the victim hasn't been released but we do know the pilot is unaccounted for. the homeowner says that no one
6:34 am
was home at the time of the crash. >> my wife and kids weren't there so it's not the worst thing. it's a blessing in a way. >> the cause of the llitt t ascod steadily going u across the country. data from the cdc shows california seeing an increase above 10% in hospital admissions and in the number of people skying every day. jobina, there's been an increase in outbreaks at workplaces. >> yes. so what we're learning here is there were 331 outbreaks at workplaces in the last month. state health officials told a state subcommittee that loosening workplace safety measures may be partly to blame for the increase. there's concern about break through cases of covid. there are infections among people fully vaccinated. doctors say these cases are expected and that vaccines are highly effective at preventing serious illness. researchers are looking to see
6:35 am
if there is a correlation between a person's immune system and their level of antibodies before a break through. >> some people who have break through infections haven't been sure if they've had symptoms at all. their symptoms have been so mild or so short lived like a slight sore throat they've debated whether they should get tested for covid. >> one of seven covid patients were vaccinated. state data shows out of over 20 million fully vaccinated californians, more than 10,000 sr. were infected with covid. that's about 1 in nearly 2000 californians reporting a break through case. >> thank you. in a new one on one interview, governor newsom addressed the delta variant and the state ramping up the effort to get more people vaccinated. >> we are cautious, concerned. it create as framework where now we're taking our door to door campaign and being more surgical in terms of reaching out to those that may be hesitant or those that may be still receiving misinformation,
6:36 am
which is a huge issue around the to tensy and power and imperative of getting vaccinated. >> the governor pointed to the high number of unvaccinated people who have recently been infected as another reason to get the shot. in the north bay, sonoma county has a state-of-the-art diagnostics machine that allows scientists to track covid variants. the $275,000 machine specializes in genetic sequencing of covid-19 specimens. a state lab has been handling that process which could take up to four weeks but the new device shortens that time to less than 24 hours. data shows 29% of infections in the county are from the delta variant. you can send any questions you might have about coronavirus vaccines to our abc 7 news vaccine team. go to caitlyn jenner sharing her newest thoughts on her california recall run. her race is being attacked by one of the most notable names of today's republican party. you're taking a live look
6:37 am
at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we're up by about 117 points. drought of a different variety. the fight breaking out in hawaii bitting residents against tourists. first a check on your morning commute. >> thank you, reggie and kumasi. good morning. we're going to start with a crash i'm following in san pablo. injuries have been reported here. this is involving six vehicles on eastbound 80 before san pablo dam road. it's in the countercommute direction so the backup is noted a big as it could be if it were in the westbound direction. where we are seeing something impacting our commute, southbound 880 before high street we have a crash involving at least three vehicles and speeds are down to around 7 miles per hour in the area. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights came on at 5:55. we're starting to see that trend of the metering lights turning on before 6:00 a.m. which is something we often saw pre-pandemic. i will continue to keep an eye on that for you.
6:38 am
traffic is building for people traveling westbound on the san mateo bridge. the chp has issued a wind advisory for this bridge and through the altamont pass. >> all that traffic does look like two years ago, doesn't it? yeah, we're dealing with some drizzle. a little breezy this morning. especially up in our hills. breezy and choppy from 3:00 to 9:00 from the golden gate bridge into the delta. let's take a look at what's going on as far as our air quality and we still have a breeze coming off the ocean. still very clean air. good to moderate which is healthy for all of us. today all the way through at least saturday. now we're mostly cloudy. the cloud cover is not nearly as widespread today. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s everywhere in our inland east bay neighborhoods until you get around 2200 feet where they've had .03 of an inch of drizzle. 51 in santa rosa. 56 in san jose.
6:39 am
watch the cloud cover and how quickly it breaks free of the sun breaks free of the clouds and they retreat back to the coast. by noon, just about everybody having sunshine. even that area from about the golden gate bridge down to the san mateo bridge that's been covered by clouds during the lunch hour. 60s and 70s and notice the temperatures are we have the greatest amount of sunshine. 90s in had cloverdale. clear lake. 80s in the east bay. a lot of 70s in the south bay. and then temperatures will be very comfortable 60s and 70s if you have outdoor activities at 7:00. we want to take a look at high temperatures around the bay. this is sponsored by visit california. >> this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our
6:40 am
economy. job well done, friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back
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6:42 am
the fight for britney spears' freedom is back in court today. >> she's preadditioning to hire her open attorney to end that conservatorship. jobina is here with the other items the judge is going to consider. >> the aclu is supporting britney spears' bid to hire her own attorney. it's urging the court to ensure she is given access to the information and tools necessary to select a lawyer. today is the first time the parties involved in running her life are going before a judge since she delivered her testimony three weeks ago. attorneys are expected to discuss competing petitions. that includes an assessment of how spears' father jamie is spending her money.
6:43 am
under the conservatorship he earns nearly $16,000 a month. while britney says she is limited to a $2000 a month mont allowance. abc news chief legallablist dan abrams. >> it is possible the court could say we're going to allow you to make these decisions for yourself but for now we're going to keep the financial conservatorship in place. they may get rid of both of them as well. >> britney is reportedly in discussions with former federal prosecutor to become her new attorney. he is expected to appear in court remotely today. >> thank you. one of the candidates seeking to oust governor newsom in the september recall election just held his first campaign event. >> does larry elder submitted paperwork in the suburb of norwalk. the conservative radio host focused on families and affordability. >> people have now left california. businesses are leaving. young families are leaving. and i want to make sure that we
6:44 am
preserve the california dream so you can get a home, make sure you educate your kids, make sure you can live the california dream. >> friday's the deadline for candidates to enth so fzens plan c t attacks if from her own party. over the weekend jenner got heckled about her gender. and this week congresswoman marjorie taylor greene piled on calling jenner a man in a dress. equality california is supporting governor newsom but immediately came to jenner's defense. >> the hateful and ignorant comments we saw at cpac aren't just comments any more. they're being legislated by state legislatures across the country. and none of us should be silent and can be silent when we we wee
6:45 am
this transphobia. >> jenner's campaign manager called the heckling disgusting and a dark cloud on the republican party. by the way, you can check out abc 7's documentary about california's last recall in 2003. total recalled will show you how arnold schwarzenegger became governor then. you can check it out on the abc7 bay area app. now for your morning money report. the big thing many want to know after california's newly passed budget. those new stimulus checks thanks to that staggering surplus this year. if you're eligible you can expect to see the money in your bank account by the fall. the payment will go out in early september and if it you make less than $75,000 you will get the full $600. families with kids will also get an additional $500. new data shows prices are soaring for just about everything in the bay area with the overall inflation rate up more than 3% in june from the
6:46 am
. the auofr stisti says unleaded 41.6% in that period. used cars and trucks jumped by 44.2%. and at the supermarket, meat, poultry, fish and eggs up 5.2%. electricity prices have gone up by 8.7%. all right. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. we are still up by about 113 points. a new survey finds two- thirds of americans played video games during the last year and that's 227 million people. that's up 13 million from 2019. gaming really boomed during the pandemic. more than half say that video games were a way to relieve stress during the lockdown. governor newsom will be in l.a. county talking about rent relief. it's part of the $100 billion budget the governor is calling the california comeback plan. this comes just two months ahead of the recall election.
6:47 am
>> for at have counte california out, eat your heart out. this state is not come back. there's a reason we have signs that say the state has come roaring back. we have no peers. >> the budget includes $4 billion in grants for small businesses so they can rehire workers and $12 billion to address homelessness. also creates transitional kindergarten for 4-year-olds. today marks seven weeks since the deadly mass shooting at the vta light rail yard in san jose. >> as the community is working to heal, vta officials are working to restart light rail service. last week the agency said it would resume by the end of the month. now the agency is saying it could be delayed until the fall. there is physical damage to the vta rail yard but there's also the mental scars for employees who will eventually return to work. it sparked discussions about how to rebuild. >> it was determined we could not return to building b due to
6:48 am
the incident. parts of the third floor of building a are difficult to return to. >> vta transportation superintendent says that those options could take between three to five years. in sonoma county a marketing campaign is being proposed to make people forget about recent fires, floods, drought and instead promote river ecology. the money would come from a state flood mitigation fund. they're comparing it with the keep tahoe blue campaign. >> a lot of us have struggling. a lot of us haven't paid ourselves for over a year. >> i don't think it needs a maker. we have a lot of people. the money could be spent helping out the community i think. pot ve erg from poor ste and the best way to turn that around is to engage people that are using it. >> the project is being developed in collaboration with more than 22 organizations and
6:49 am
local business leaders. new at 6:00, the most hospitable airb nb rental property in california is in mendocino. the exact location is not listed but the map shows farm lane and gordon lane. the home has a five star rating in it cleanliness, check in and communication from every one of the more than 350 guests who have posted reviews. >> let's see. >> i was just looking through it. it seems fine. >> okay. >> it's just, you know, it's normal. it's just it's fine. >> really, friend? >> right. well you look at it. why is the microwave next to the sink? >> okay. >> you see what i'm saying? >> it's what it represents. you're in a cute cottage. it's the whole experience. >> yeah. i guess i just thought five stars from every single person it's going to be something really great. it's just fine. >> you thought it was four seasons of cottages.
6:50 am
>> nothing against this couple that manages it. i'm sure that you do a great job. obviously you provide great service to people. >> he and phil will be there probably in a few months. >> no, i'm not. >> he'll come back. it was amazing, friends. it was great. was wonderful. >> not with a microwave next to the sink like that. >> that microwave next to the sink was perfect for when i got up. >> location, location, location. >> this is how you'll be. >> that is me though. >> you have to go. >> and the wine country ne couno there. who knew? [ laughter ] >> we'll wait on it. >> i'm waiting eagerly for that. that was so good. oh my god, kumasi, that was great. reggie a good sport too. here's a look at sfo. brokenness in the cloud deck out there. we got a little more sunshine coming our way from this expanded marine layer. not as compressed as it was yesterday. not giving up as much drizzle and it's going to be easier to get rid of it. faster sunshine today.
6:51 am
a slight warming trend. nothing extreme. we'll have slower sunshine and cooler conditions tomorrow as we have a seesaw, teeter , teet and monday. numbers for today. mid to upper 70s most of the south bay. we do have 80s around los gatos. 69 at santa cruz. 68 at san bruno. 58 to 61, that's your spread along the coast. low to mid60s for downtown. south san francisco. sausalito. upper 50s for the north bay coast. as you head in the valleys you have that breeze keeping you in the 70s. not so much cloverdale, lakeport. 88 to 93. you're near 100 yesterday. so that's a nice break. richmond, berkeley, oakland, a nice breeze. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. nice elsewhere in the east bay. low to mid70s. as you head inland, a little warmer. nothing we can't handle. low to mid80s for the most part. if you're dining out, we'll drop from the 80s, 74 and 60- degree temperatures down into
6:52 am
the 50s and 60s by 8:00. you may want to take a coat. tonight a lot like this morning. more cloud cover and drizzle. a lot like this morning temperature wise in the 50s. we lose 2 to 4 degrees tomorrow. friday is like today. saturday, sunday, monday. we add about 2 degrees each day. by the time we get to monday we're warmer than average. nothing we can't handle. summer will come back for a couple of days. we're not the only state dealing with a drought. a water conservation alert is in effect in hawaii for maui residents. locals are complaining that tourists are taking all their water and that the water conservation rules don't seem to apply to the tourism industry. residents caught washing their cars or watering their lawns can be subject to a $500 fine. getting a real id is about to become easier for some people. the dmv is teaming up with aaa to offer real ids. you still have to make an appointment. for now appointments are only
6:53 am
available in southern california. although if everything goes as planned the program could roll out at other locations including here. new at 6:00, a nightmare for one georgia family. they found not one, not two, 18 snakes underneath the bed inside their house. >> before going to bed i spotted what i thought was a piece of fuzz and i went to reach for it and it moved and then a second later another piece moved and i began hollering for my husband we have snakes. >> the way the story was being told. >> yeah. that's the best part. >> so the family says there were 17 babies and a mama snake just hanging out at the house underneath the bed. the father took a grabber, that's the snake. >> that's the grabber. >> he took this grabber and put all the snakes in a bag. bag.
6:54 am
>> what kind of bag? >> they called a wildlife catcher for help. environmentalists say people are more likely to encounter snakes in the summer because it gets really hot and they're looking for food. but not only did this snake look for food but like this snake got comfortable and had 17 other snakes. >> it really did. >> under the bed. all right. we're on a roll here. let's talk about bears. they are back. look at this video from south lake tahoe. >> i've lived here for nine years and never seen this. you guys go the a treat today. >> these bears were caught cooling off in the lake during record breaking heat last weekend and people on the beach just watching it mama bear and the cubs splashing around in the water. experts say these are important things to remember. stay back the bears. never feed them. and please, do not get between >> i don't know why my favorite
6:55 am
place. in my head i wish i could see the person who is either taking the video or whoever that person was that was talking. in my head she is that like know it all person in the community. she's like been here for nine years. you got real lucky today. never seen anything like this. real lucky. also the bakery at the end of the road is the good bakery. >> i feel it. >> don't go to that other bakery. it's not clean. >> i felt it. >> have a good day, y'all. she's that lady. you know what i'm saying? >> she knows it all. she knows it all. >> she does. >> up next the seven things you need to know today. >> this is like a whole story playing out in my head about this woman. i love her. you can watch all of our newscasts live and on demand through the bay area connected tv app. it's available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. download that app now and start streaming. as we head to break, let's take a live look outside and see what we see here at 6:55. cloudy.
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6:57 am
6:58 am
it is 6:57. if you're just joining us here are the seven thicks to know this morning. number one, search volunteers are asking for confident hikers to help look for philip kreycik. they got a call from a family overnight who said they heard a cry for help coming from a canyon. law enforcement has not responded yet to this tip. republicans in the texas senate have passed a restrictive elections bill. it calls for a ban on 24 hour polling locations and drive through voting. more than 50 democrats left texas for washington, d.c. to try to stop passage of that bill. number three, a dozen wildfires are burning across the state right now. combined flames that scorched more than 155,000 acres. the biggest the beckwourth complex fire has burned nearly 93,000 acres in just two weeks. governor newsom has expanded california's drought
6:59 am
emergency to include 50 counties including most of the bay area. everyone being asked to reduce water use by 15%. number five, enjoy more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures this afternoon. number six, bringing you a live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza. we're starting to notice a trend of the metering lights coming on before 6:00 a.m. which is a pre-pandemic trend. they came on this morning at 5:55. look at this. number seven. these dogs now in southern california after a flight from the north bay. sonoma county pilot flew the dogs to carlsbad where they're going to undergo training to become service dogs. canine companions pairs them with people with disabilities free of charge. and then they're going to fly back dogs that have already been trained. it'll be great. >> can i volunteer to fly with the dogs? >> i love them. i actually -- my former colleague's son has a canine companion and it's so beautiful the relationship and like helping her son with social skills. everything. the dogs are really incredible.
7:00 am
so it's so special. >> looks sweet. >> nothing i don't like about that. >> i know. i know. it's so nice. >> i found something. good morning, america. as we join you on this burning in the west, fueled by blistering heat. an entire town told to evacuate overnight as the new severe weather threats across the country. millions on alert from the plains to the northeast. ginger and our team are tracking it all. new covid crackdown. chicago now reinstating travel restrictions for unvaccinated visitors from missouri and arkansas as that new delta variant surges. cases now up in 47 states. doctors saying patients are more ill than before and younger. voting rights showdown.


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