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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 14, 2021 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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five members of the same texas family have been charged with breaching the capitol during the january 6th riot. tom and don munn were arrested yesterday cloong about three of their children. court papers say they entered the capitol through a broken window. pictures inside and posted about it on social media. so far there have been 530 arrests related to the riot. five years after the death of the actor za za ga gore she was finally buried in her native hun glare on tuesday. her the star's ashes were taken to budapest by her husband. should he was known for her celebrity and nine marriages left home to pursue acting in
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america. gabor wanted to return to her birth place after her death, she died in 2016 at the age of 99. high stakes drama as britney spears heading back to court today. there has been a lot of finger pointing since her shocking testimony last month. she is fighting for her freedom. but her father says the singer still needs help. here's abc's andrea. >> this morning britney spears will again appear in court fighting for her freedom. ♪ >> she's expected to call into a los angeles courtroom when a judge considers her request for a new attorney. and her hopes of ending her 13-year conservatorship, controlled in part by her father, jammy spears. back in june, britney dropped bombshell allegations how her father handled the conserve ter shore, calling it abusive, isolated, exploited even comparing it to self trafficking.
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she apparentli reportedly wants to hire her own attorney. her court appointed lawyer has already asked to resign. so has the financial institution, bessemer trust, which was assigned to handle her estate. even britney's long time manager has resigned. >> this is understandable why people would jump ship because this is a sinking ship. and there isn't going to withstand this level of scrutiny anymore, because now, the light has been placed on this conservatorship. >> reporter: in today's hearing, brit n.i.h.'s co conservator, joanie montgomery is expected to ask for security to protect her from death threats. and a judge will hear an assessment how spears' father is spending her money. >> the conservatorship has got to go. >> her supporters have become more vocal after the pop star spoke out publicly, confessing she was lying in previous social media posts. instead, saying in court, i'm not happy, i can't sleep, i'm so angry it's insane. britney's father argues the
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conservatorship remains in the best interest of his daughter's well-being. the american civil liberties union is weighing in on this case. the organization has filed an amicus brief supporting britney's right to hire her own attorney. mona, andrew? >> andrea, thank you. coming up, getting kicked, punched, and thrown off a roof. >> it is all in a day's work, inside the biggest stunt school in the world. why a growing number of women are training to take those tumbles for hollywood stars. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ >> the increasingly, the people who are doing the tumbling for a-list acting these days are women. >> from getting kicked and punched to getting thrown off a roof, if you're a woman looking for action, the high stakes world of stunt work is looking for you. here is abc's maggie rulli. >> today, women are center stage on the big screen from super hero flicks like suicide squad to heist movies like ocean's vegas, with billion dollar frances. here at the stunt school, these performers are learning to take the lit so the stars don't have to. with hollywood coming back to life post-pandemic, so are the calls for better representation of women and minorities in hollywood. lois is 20 years old,re to be the next olivia cross
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stunt double. >> when i stopped two years ago, people were coming up to me. >> you're not really getting beat up, but it sure looks and sounds like it. >> kicks, punches, workouts, super-hero style. this is a typical day at the biggest stunt school in the world. learning everything from car chases, to epic battles. >> there's a real demand in the market right now, whether it's french or international, for stunt women. they're looking for confident stunt women where there is more and more action and special effects. there's a real demand. and we have a few who have already starred as stunt doubles in movies of very famous actresses. >> behind the movie make, stunt work is the world's most dangerous profession. stunt woman olivia jackson
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played a heavy price when she worked as a stunt double for actress lea djokovic. and worked on the set while whie crashing in a dangerous motorcycle stunt. >> when it happens to someone else, you say oh, dear it's horrible but you never think it is you. >> and sued saying the stunt was negligently executed by the local proukts company and hopes this will never happen again to another stunt performer. but for many, they say the stunt that scares them also is the saves grace. whether that's sprints or leaping tall buildings in a sing bound. maggie rulli, abc news, paris. >> stunt double, they need training, too they don't just get in there and do the dangerous things willy-nilly. >> not at all. because movie productions are so fast, they don't have time to train the actors so they could
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probably charge a pretty penny for that, too. >> and the way that movies are progressing, fast nine, where they're going into space with design saurs i think or something. >> >> when did we get there? >> coming up, 20 years of the bend and snap. >> got to teach you.
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sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. and that's why you should vote for me, elwood, future lawyer for the class of 2004. >> and just like that, harvard. and for that matter, reese witherspoon would never be the same. >> best submission video ever. >> legally blond just turned 20 years own and our own elle wood super fan, emphasis on super fan, will ganss is here with more. >> i object. >> when the movie hit theaters in july 2001, it was only expected to take in $12 million opening weekend and now $141 million later, it is safe to say
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it is a box office bombshell and an all time fan favorite. >> it has been 20 years since elle wood got into harvard law school. >> you got into harvard law? >> what? >> two decades since she talked cameron diaz out of buying the pink sweater. >> pend and snap. >> that was a full sequence that we ended up cutting out of the movie. we filmed that for a month. >> reese witherspoon and the cast looking back on the iconic film. >> this character literally changed my life. it changed my whole career. it opened me up to so many people in the world who come up to me every week or every month, literally, and say, elle wood inspired me to go to law school. >> sound too hollywood to be true? >> i object. >> sustained. >> in the year 2000, only 28% of lawyers in the u.s. were female.
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now, more than 37% are. fans sharing photos of how el. e woods inspired them. the real reason i went to law school? to become elle woods. what? like it's hard. your girl is graduating from lieu school in two days. sharhese took with film's big her own vintage camera on set and now we're spilling secrets from the set 20 years later. if you delta sister square never to tell. >> i can't break the bonds of sisterhood. >> the role almost went to christina applegate. thankfully christina turned down the part. and after filming, reese was still thinking pink. or at least wearing it. keeping all of elle's costumes. >> i got all my wardrobe. >> did you? >> how many pairs of jimmy choos? >> like 77. >> i had it written in my
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film, "gunpowder milkshake," carla gugino. and author of "yoga pant nation," laurie gelman. plus, we will meet the scripps national spelling bee champion as we continue "amazing kids week." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: morning, deja. art is over there. [cheers and applause] what's going on? >> kelly: i swallowed the
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