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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 14, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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♪ ♪ a mother taking her three kids to the beach is nothing unusual this time of year. unless, of course, she's a mama bear and the kids cubs. the family jumping in, cooling off from the heat, not seeming to mind the attention they drew from others there at lake tahoe, california. a family swim. that's "nightline." we'll see you right back here tomorrow, same time. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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day four in the search for a missing
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husband and father. i will update you on the situation. if it is remodeling or rebuilding. tonight what it will take to resume light rail service. >> young people may be keeping the u.s. from herd immunity what that is and what can be done. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> in terps of somebody missing it seems like he just vanished out there. >> reporter: tonight, the mystery deepens in the search for a missing runner. the police say they have not found any significant clues in the disappearance of the hiker. good evening, thank you for joining us. the 37-year-old husband and father was last seen in the hills of pleasanton on saturday morning. j.r. stone is live from the command stentor where the search is being organized. it is quiet there tonight but
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it will be busy at first light, i imagine? >> reporter: yes, it certainly will. what a busy day it was earlier, even into the evening hours. like you said it is quiet. you see that behind me at this command center. this is the focus where everybody joins together and then goes out and searches. i can tell you the whereabouts of this berkeley runner unknown. now some are starting to wonder if he is out there at all. >> reporter: volunteers with the sheriff's office scouring the area where 37-year-old phillip's scent was last picked up. they are not finding much. >> we have gone down to the nitty-gritty with details. we are finding rocks with blood on them, we sent that blood to the crime lab, that blood come back as animal blood. >> reporter: 120 volunteers and a dozen agencies from the bay area and beyond searched for the 4th day in a
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row on tuesday in the pleasanton hills with no luck. we spoke to a neighbor who saw his vehicle park inside this lot shortly after he is believed to have gone for a run on saturday. >> i did see a dark suv. i told that. and did see another, it looked like an suv not parked next to each other but side to side. but i did not see him. >> reporter: justin fisher spent the last three days searching these hillsides on his electric bike with a friend. he even came across this mountain lion during the sunday search but not the man. >> there is no signs of anything in terms of somebody missing it kind of seems like he just vanished out there. >> we should of seen him by now. we should of encountered. there should be something that should of led us to him. some type of something. and that is what is hard to digest here. that is why we are all here tonight. it is hard to leave knowing
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that we have not exhausted all of those questions in our minds. >> and back out here live, the authorities tell me they are likely to ramp down search efforts come tomorrow because they have been going hard hard four days have not found anything. volunteers, family and friends they are looking for first skilled hikers to start at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning the other of this high school. now to new developments with a plane that crashed into a home near monterey. one person is dead. the plane went down just before 11:00 a.m. in monterra a mile from the airport. that is where the plane took off from heading towards salinas. a large portion of the house that you can see there smoking or onfi some of the plane debris scattered and sparked spot fires in the brush surrounding the property. the name of the victim has
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been released but the pilot is unaccounted for. the homeowner says no one was home at the time of the crash. >> my wife and kids were not there. so, it is not the worst thing. it is a blessing in a way. >> the cause of this crash is under investigation. tomorrow will mark 7 weeks since the deadly mass shooting at the valley rail, the vta. as abc news explains the time line is now being pushed back. >> reporter: by now, many of us seen this body camera footage. the four minute video shows the team of first responders on a mission to locate and stop the active shooter at the vta rail yard. there is physical damage to the facility but the mental scars for employee who's will eventually return to work. enough to spark discussions about how to rebuild. >> it was determined we could not return to building b. that is power and signal staff.
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parts of the third floor of building a are needing to be remodels or rebuilt. >> the vta management says they can take 3-5 years but reconstruction is not a new idea. buildings involved in several of the nation's mass shootings were demolished after the tragedies. >> sad but true so many community who's had to deal with this issue that they learned lessons along the way. >> reporter: this psychiatrist says it is a real challenge to rebuild every place there is a shooting. meantime they have work sights to allow for training and transitioning before rail service resumes. the agency introduced the reopening time line. not soon enough of the few critical of spending seven t rail service. >> i have to take three buses instead of a light rail and a bus. so, it takes me longer to get to work. >> the reason we are in the predictment is that we did not have a back up
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facility in the system. >> reporter: the vta making it clear on tuesday there is no set restart date for rail service. last week the agency said potentially by the end of july. now pushing to possibly this fall. in san jose, back to you. >> tonight, an alarming increase in covid-19 in more than half of the country. the reason in people refusing to get vaccinated. abc news reporter kate larson explains why doctors say vaccine skepticism among young adults may delay any hope of herd immunity. >> reporter: new research shows 1 out of 4 unvaccinated 18-25-year-olds say they probably will not or definitely not get a vaccine. >> a lot of my friends they are scared to get it. >> they don't believe in vaccinations. they think it is a hoax. >> there is misinformation on social media and that can be overwhelming. >> reporter: all of the young adults i spoke to are vaccinated not all of
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them from the area. a highly vaccinated region. alabama resident drove to mississippi to get his vaccine. >> one day we heard it opened up and we drove through a tornado to get my first vaccine dose. >> reporter: maryland resident says after her parents got covid-19 she wanted the vaccine to keep her family safe. >> i also got covid-19 and my brother as well. i knew it was no joke. >> reporter: sally and charles with an less epbt and young adult medicine use national survey data for 5,000 young adults for the study. half of whom wanted to wait to make sure it safe. >> another 50% said that they were concerned about side effects from the vaccine. >> reporter: the concerns then compounded by a lack of good information. >> young adults do not come into the doctors office frequently. they have the lowest utilization rate of any age group. so, one of the trusted resources that they could get information from,
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commissions, they are not seeing those. >> starting colsledge a big incentive for his friends. >> he told me he had to vaccinated for school. that pushed him over the edge. >> they are not subjected to an experiment. >> reporter: back to you. in the east bay, vaccination clinics are coming to communities with the lowest vax rates, alameda county says they are seeing increase in covid-19 cases with the vast majority among unvaccinated people. the county is reaching out to those not vaccinated by opening 10 pop up clinics in specific neighborhoods includes oakland and haywood city. >> it is free, easy, no long lines. come on in. >> the vaccination pop ups are each open for one day starting this thursday. no appointment is needed. >> in a one-on-one interview
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today the governor addressed the delta variant and the state ramping up the effort to get more people vaccinated. >> we are very mindful and concerned and it creates a framework where now we are taking our door to door campaign and even being more surgical in terms of reaching out to those that may be hesitant and those still receiving misinformation that is a huge issue around the potency of the power and the imperative of getting vaccinated. >> the governor pointed to unvaccinated people who are infected as another reason to get the shot. an $18 million contract keeping the violent offenders off of the streets of san francisco. is it working? coming up, a new report that is putting it all in question. plus, california is going to send out another round of stimulus checks, who is getting one and when they will arrive. and precious cargo in the north bay. look at those faces, these puppies are taking off for a special purpose.
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wiper weather in the morning, cooler than average in the afternoon. i will have the forecast coming up. >> thank you. all of that is ahead. first a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live with guest host arsenio hall. >> thanks. >> i saved you room in the dog pound. [music]
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tonight, questions are being raised about a contract approved by the board of supervisors to extend the city's pretrial program. the program waprogram waprograma new found assessment found otherwise. >> reporter: a tiny sample of data never really tells the whole story. case in point, a study involving the san francisco diversion project. the nonprofit is overscene by the sheriff's office, supervised by people charged with a crime and released for a trial for them to appear in court and do not reoffend. in order to do that, the program is required by law to complete a public safety assessment or psa. a measurement tool that helps the court to determine someone arrested should remain in custody or be released while their charges are pend. >> it is a scandal in a way that they are trying to mask what is actually happening. >> san francisco supervisor catherine stephanie is the only one to
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vote against approving the $18 million contract, why? >> it did not line up with what we see happening on the streets. >> on june 3rd. hollings presented an audit and oversight committee. this graph, illustrated impressive numbers notice this small dotted line at the top. indicated from 2016-2020. more than 90% of the city's violent offenders released before trial did not go on to commit new crimes. the sheriff's office requested the california policy lab, that is a research arm of uc berkeley, to conduct an analysis of how effective it is in san francisco. double-checking their work which is considered standard practice. but the results were not only too late it did not make the case the program was working as it intended. it was understood less than 10% of people arrested and released before
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trial reoffended from 20 16-2019. that was five times more at 55%. the report also revealed the alleged criminals charged with the most violent crimes also had the highest rate of reoffending at 74%. >> what did you think after you saw this? >> i was angry, actually. i was very angry. the highest of any other jurisdiction they evaluated. so, san francisco did not do well compared to other jurisdictions in that study. >> this resolution is adopted. >> reporter: by the time this assessment was released it was two weeks after the board of supervisors voted to approve the contract. so, why was the data so different? we asked california policy labs lead researcher. >> how did the results come out so different? >> we have access to data where we can see the very beginning of a case through its resolution. and that allows us to see the bigger picture. >> reporter: she explains the sheriff's office figures only included small samples of data on a quarterly
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bases and did not look deeper from start to finish. in committee, hollings admitted they are not the most accurate. >> if people are in the program for longer than a quarter of a year, the quarterly reportings is not necessarily reflect absolutely what is going on, a longer time would do better than that. >> reporter: why was that not done in the first place in we reached out to the ceo of the pretrial diversion program for further comment and received the following statement. the recent validation study of the public safety assessment concerns the entire system and not any one agency in particular. although there is overlap between the population include inside this study and those referred to sf pretrial's release programs. the study captures a brooder sample in individuals who were released through a number of different methods. the sheriff's office confirmed 70% of the
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cases involved in the study were released to san francisco's prediversion program, indicating much of the program stems locally and as the long-term data shows t is only getting worse. >> people are reoffending at a rate that is undeniable. this report shows us that is true. >> reporter: the report indicates close to 30% of the cases judges denied following the recommendation from the public safety assessment indicating alleged criminals would still be released despite predictions made, they may commit new crimes. for the i-team, abc 7 news. southern california's will be getting stimulus checks, if you are eligible do not expect to see monneyour bank any time soon. the payment will go out in early september. those that make less than $75,000 will receive $600. families with children will get $500 more, now, you do have to have filed a tax return for 2020 in order to receive a check. some new developments to
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pass along. the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously approved a permit to make shared spaces permanent. they have been a lifeline as you know for restaurants and businesses throughout the pandemic. now the city will accept applications for permanent ones to go on sidewalks, curbside lanes and roads, promising a swift process within 30 days time. >> all right, people like being outside, dan. >> they do. maybe more when it is not as windy as it has been. but the temperatures are lovely. >> absolutely. you know, easier to get outside when there is cooler air and just enjoy it. i do want to show you conditions around the western u.s. we have multiple fires burning not just over parts of california but up into the pacific northwest in canada and smoke from the wildfires out west is expected to remain out of the bay area. the blue indicating less smoke here locally. notice the pink. that is actually smoke
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traveling accks into portions of the central and eastern united states going into the next couple of days. so the western wildfires having a far reaching consequence. here is a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. the bridge is visible. good to moderate air quality here in the bay area for the next three days, because of our onshore winds we will keep the smoke out of here. as you can see it is just a foggy view. extensive low clouds, fog and drizzle in the morning, a break from the heat in the next few days and warmer summer weather this weekend. i want to show you the temperatures for tomorrow. so, tomorrow afternoon you will be anywhere from the middle 60s in san francisco to the middle 80 tphás livermore, how does it fair in well, try 8 degrees below average in santa rosa where it will only get to 76 degrees? the good thing about this is that the drizzle along with the cooler than average temperatures really helps to lessen our fire danger. so, we will keep the pattern going for a
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couple of days. temperatures tonight with the marine influence have cooled off nicely. 50s, 60s, live doplar 7 showing you the fog pushed in over parts of the east bay, also into parts of the north bay tonight. tomorrow morning when you get going, if you are hitting the roads early or commuting at 5:00 to 8:00 a.m., be prepared for drizzle along the coastline, parts of the bay. today, measurable and we will do it all again tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, a few upper 40s. cool enough to start the day to where you will start to need the extra layers, tomorrow afternoon, breezy along the coast to windy. 64 in the city halfmoon bay. 76 in santa rosa. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. it does feature below average temperatures. a damp gray morning tomorrow, a little cooler as you will notice on thursday and minor warming as we end the workweek. heading into the weekend we will bring in
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lower 90s inland, lower 60s coast side. more like summer, early next week. 96 inland. 62 along the coast. so, we will have a little bit of something for everyone as we head into the weekend. but for the time being, i think we are all in the comfort zone. >> up here, success depends on the choices you make. but i know i've got this. and when it comes to controlling his type 2 diabetes, my dad's got this, too. with the right choices, you have it in you to control
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puppies. in the north bay. puppies, pilot and a good cause, what more can you need. four puppies flew to carlsbad where they will undergo training to be service dogs, pairing them with people with disabilities free of charge. the pilot says he always has extra room for furry friends. >> how better to use that space than to bring a bunch of puppies along who are going to help people lead independent lives some day. >> it lys great cause.
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six fully trained dogs make the return tphraoeuts. they will be linked up with their new owners starting tomorrow. life changing, dan. >> it sure is. you know, i have done reporting as you have over the years about these dogs and the amazing training. these are very unique animals that are picked to do this kind of work and the training is exhaustive. impressive. what they do is mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know.
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sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. well, at the all-star break the giants and a's are the two best teams in all of baseball. san francisco owns the best record and oakland is 3-1/2 games back from houston in the als. the all-star game from coors field, american league, vladimir guerrero.
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now, making it 5-1. 340 feet. 5-1 american league. here is giant's shortstop, crawford, taking on basset and he pops out to the 3rd baseman in shallow left. later in the frame, bases loaded. manny machato to score. the next pitch, basset gets it swinging, ends the threat. top of the 7th. now, matt olson at the dish and the oakland a all-star strikes out. american league ue ue ue major league baseball commissioner spoke ahead of tonight's all- star game in colorado. one of the headlines the oakland a's and their future in the east bay. the relocating is at the end. adding the city of oakland is at a decision point if they wanted
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to keep the team moving forward. believing a move to vegas is a bluff is a mistake and it is a major alternative. they are set to meet for the binding vote on the ballpark proposal. oakland's own lilard leading against argentina. exhibition play. u.s. up a dozen. green slams it home. and you know who this is, it is kevin durant. beats the 1st half buzzer. he knew the shot was good. u.s. up. 4th quarter, passes. and that is a poster big time dunk. that 2 game losing streak is snapped. u.s. wins. abc 7
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thank you for watching. for all us acie your time.
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