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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 13, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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remember this video that shows austin james vincent attacking a woman as she tried to enter her building in san francisco, back in august 2019. vincent was arrested and charged. >> even after watching the video a judge released him and ordered him to enroll in the san francisco pretrial diversion project. the program supervises people to ensure the. in court to prevent any new crimes from being committed. questions are being raised after the city's board of supervisors voted to approve an $18 million contract to extend its services consistently touted as a success. >> stephanie cera found a new independent assessment is proving otherwise, she's live with the story tonight, stephanie? >> $18 million is a big chunk of money to continue to allocate to a program without having the data to prove it's actually working. and that's what happened in this case, while on the one hand this program appeared to be successful according to the agencies running it, this independent assessment just released is telling a different story.
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a tiny sample of data tell the whole story, a study involving the san francisco pretrial diversion project, the nonprofit is overseen by the sheriff's office, to supervise people charged with a crime but released before trial they appear in court and don't reoffend. in order to do that, the program is required by law to complete was called a public safety assessment or psa, which is a measurement tool that helps the court determine whether someone arrested should remain in custody or be released while their charges are pending. >> this is a scandal in a way that they are trying to mask what happening. >> supervisor stephanie was the only one to vote against approving the $80 million contract why? >> it didn't line up with what we see happening on the streets. >> on june 3
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the chief financial officer for the san francisco sheriff's office presented to the government audit and oversight committee this graph illustrating impressive numbers, notice the small dotted line at the top, indicated from 2016 to 2020, more than 90% of the city's most violent offenders released before trial, did not go on to commit new crimes. the sheriff's office requested the california policy lab which is a research arm of uc berkeley to conduct an analysis of how effective it is in san francisco. essentially double checking their work which is considered standard practice but the results were not only too late, it didn't make the case the program is working as intended. it was understood that less than 10% of people arrested and released before trial reoffend it from 2016 to 2019. but this report found that percentage was actually five times more at 55%. the report revealed the alleged criminals charged with the most
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violent crimes also had the highest rate of reoffending, at 74%. >> what you think after you saw this? >> i was very angry. it's the highest of any other jurisdiction they evaluated, so san francisco did not do well compared to other jurisdictions in the study. >> the resolution is adopted. >> by the time it was released, it was already two weeks after the board of supervisors voted to approve the contract, so why was the data so different? we ask california policy labs lead researcher dr. joanna. >> we have access to data where we can see the very beginning of the case through its resolution, and that allows us to see the bigger picture. >> the doctor explains the sheriff's office only included small samples of data on a quarterly basis and didn't look deeper at the cities pretrial cases from start to finish. yet in committee, hollings admitted quarterly reports aren't the most accurate. >> if people are in the program for longer than a quarter of a year, the quarterly reporting doesn't necessarily reflect
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what's going on. >> then why wasn't that done in the first place? the abc 7 i-team reached out to the ceo of the pretrial diversion program for further comment and received the following statement, the recent validation study of the public safety assessment concerns the entire system and not any one agency in particular, although there is overlap between the population included in the study of those referred to sf pretrial's programs, the study captures a broader sample of individuals released are a number of methods. but the sheriff's office confirmed to the i-team nearly 70% of the cases involved in the study were released to san francisco's pretrial diversion program problem stems locally and as a
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long-term data shows, it's only getting worse. >> people are reoffending at a rate that seems undeniable and this report shows us it's true. >> the report also details close to 30% of the cases, judges do not follow the recommendations made following the safety assessment and this is important. it basically is indicating alleged criminals will be released before trial, even if their risk scores are high, which means there could be a greater likelihood they may commit another crime. >> this is really interesting and eye-opening, stephanie, what is being done right now? >> reaction to this is happening as we speak. supervisor stephanie asked the attorney to draft legislation about all of this. part of it would require a report be released every time the court denies the public safety assessment recommendation essentially allowing an alleged criminal back on the streets before trial, now if this passes, the
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report would have to explain the decision and what evidence was present to suggest that person is not a safety risk to the public anymore. >> a lot more coming on this. on midday live, we ask, how optimistic are you that crime will slow down in the bay area? take a look at these responses, 64%, now to developing news, the search for missing runner in an east bay park is being scaled- back. a fourth day of searching for 37-year-old berkeley resident, philip kreycik, it came up empty-handed today, he was last seen going out for a trail run at pleasanton ridge park on saturday. today's effort by hundreds of personnel and community volunteers was exhaustive. >> we numerous times crossed paths with research teams, community members that were out there, drones, foot, through the air, >> car, family members say he doesn't take it on runs. officials think he's either incapacitated in the park or
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somewhere else entirely. fire crews remain at the scene of the plane crash in the gated monterey county community. chris joins us live from montero ranch just outside of monterey with this developing story, chris? >> reporter: local authorities are working with the faa to secure the crash site and we've been told that the ntsb is on its way, and will take over the investigation tomorrow. tonight, from sky 7, a look at the damage to a home outside of monterey, after a twin engine cessna 421 crashed into it around 10:45 tuesday morning, minutes following takeoff. audio from air traffic control describing the initial scene. according to the monterey county regional fire district, the home located in the montero
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ranch neighborhood of monterey salinas highway caught on fire but was under control by the early afternoon. officials say the pilot is still unaccounted for but for now, no reports of fatalities or injuries. debris from the plane could be seen yards away on the hill behind the home. abc 7 news made contact with the homeowner whose daughter was staying at the property. he said she thankfully wasn't there at the time of the crash. fire officials say the homes in the neighborhood are on 2 to 4 acre parcels and were up-to- date on fire abatement which helps prevent the fire from spreading. >> we had two firefighting efforts that were directed
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the structure itself, to make sure that we control the fire. >> firefighters remain on scene, on the lookout for hotspots and say they are being careful around the plane rack to preserve any evidence. >> they were able to limit the spread of the fire to about 1/8 of an anchor, so that part is successfully controlled. >> and at this hour we are live outside the main gate where we've seen several fire engines come and go throughout the day. we know for now the pilot remains unaccounted for, as the investigation continues. >> thank you for that update. we did use the abc 7 news app to push send out a push alert about the
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app so you can be the first to know about breaking news when it happens. tonight, everyone in california is asked to voluntarily reduce water use by 15% as the governor issues another state of emergency due to severe drought conditions. >> the fact that we are struggling with the drought, make a drought, the entire west coast of the united states and it's only july, so all of that raised our efforts to prepare in historic terms. >> a new executive order today and nine counties drought emergency, all parts of california except san francisco and southern california are now under a drought emergency. did you hear what was said about caitlin jenner, she is running in the race to recall governor newsom but this comment wasn't about her politics. almost 2000 vaccinated californians are reporting a vaccine breakthrough case, what is giving doctors hope, next.
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let's turn to our health which is part of building a better bay area. the coronavirus pandemic continues to be a threat, it's a threat you can see on the scrap of new cases diagnosed in the bay area, after having a decline over the past few months, cases are rising sharply. that is despite our region having some of the highest vaccination rates in the state. we are seeing breakthrough cases, that's vaccinated people, getting coronavirus anyway, luz is live in the newsroom with all of this. >> these breakthrough cases are expected . the vaccines are
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more than 90% effective, but as the delta variant spreads, doctors are noticing two things, more people unvaccinated are dying from covid dying from a breakthrough case, and in most cases those who are experiencing breakthrough cases are recovering fast. >> as the delta variant takes hold, some of the first covid- 19 cases among the vaccinated population are being detected. in california, 74 people who are vaccinated died from covid. >> what have you noticed with the breakthrough cases? >> the majority of the cases we've seen have not been l, that's really important. very few of them has been have been hospitalized and for most of them they've only been mildly symptomatic and have gone on to get better. >> at san francisco general hospital, one of 7 patients was vaccinated, according to the latest state data, out of more than 20 million fully vaccinated californians, over 10,000 were infected with covid. the numbers are small, that's practically 1 in almost 2000 vaccinated californians
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reporting a breakthrough case. >> the majority of the new cases we are seeing right now in the united states occurring in unvaccinated people and 99% of the covid related deaths are in unvaccinated people. and that to me feels heartbreaking because these are preventable deaths. and causes the immune system to go to work in a couple of different ways, it causes antibody production to occur so that the antibodies can fight off the disease and it also causes cells that fight the disease called
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be activated to help fight off the disease. >> the cbc reporting breakthrough cases and a small percentage of the vaccinated population, and no unexpected patterns identified. researchers are now looking to see if there's a correlation between a person's immune system and their level of antibodies before the breakthrough. >> some people who have breakthrough infections haven't even been sure if they've had symptoms at all. they've been so mild or short- lived like a slight or a few days of a stuffy nose but they debated whether they should even get tested for covid. >> the doctor said they began noticing the small number of breakthrough cases after june, right as the delta variant intensified. >> we are fortunate that so many of us have been vaccinated. because i think what we will see over the next few weeks and months will be better than it would have been if our vaccine had been lower. >> according to dr. meyer when you are vaccinated your body recognizes the virus and fights it off and the risk of getting hospitalized decreases. that's why the breakthrough numbers are not high. as the delta variant spreads their message now more than ever is, get vaccinated. >> thank you, another member of her abc 7 news vaccine team is dr. patel, who i spoke with live on our 4:00 newscast
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he addressed the rise in cases recently. >> even with breakthrough cases over the past month 99% of covid vaccine deaths in this country have been in unvaccinated individuals. less than 6000 hospitalized or fatal covid cases in vaccinated individuals have been reported to the cdc. >> you can send your questions about coronavirus vaccines to her abc 7 news vaccine team, they are ready to answer them for you, just go to . one of the candidates seeking to oust governor newsom in the recall election held his first campaign election today. larry elder showed up in the los angeles suburb of norwalk to submit his paperwork. he's referred to as the sage from south-central focused on families and affordability. >> people have left california, young families are leaving and i want to make sure that you can get a home, make sure you
6:18 pm
educate your kids and make sure that you can live in california dream. >> friday is the deadline to enter the race, so far dozens plan on being on the ballot on september 14. caitlin jenner is running in california's recall election, she made an appearance at the conservative legal action, and the reaction showed how the republican party is still split when it comes to lgbtq issues. >> caitlin jenner is the highest profile transgender woman that has run for office and she's doing so as a republican. while she does have support among people in her party, she was heckled at cpac over the weekend and now she's been spying on twitter about her identity with congresswoman marjorie taylor green. >> as caitlin jenner continues her campaign for governor candidacy is dividing conservatives split over her transgender identity. over the weekend she was
6:19 pm
heckled during an appearance at the conservative political action conference, and this week congresswoman marjorie taylor green piled on further calling jenner a man in address. >> while we oppose her campaign we won't -- >> the advocacy group equality california is supporting governor newsom in the recall election. that immediately came to jenner's defense. >> hateful and ignorant comments we saw at cpac are to just comments anymore they are being legislated and codified across the country. and none of us should be silent and can be silent. >> according to the human rights campaign, 2021 has been a record-breaking year for anti- trans country. jenner's candidacy is further highlighting divisions of the republican party on lgbtq rights. >> what you say to the marjorie taylor green wing of your party? >> it's a small but vocal community of people who don't support inclusion. >> charles moran is the managing director for log cabin republicans the largest
6:20 pm
organization of lgbtq republicans in the party. >> i say to marjorie taylor green he represents a rural the strict of george george is that she doesn't speak for all of us and certainly doesn't speak for all republicans. this morning the cpac chair responded writing in part, we welcomed caitlin jenner to cpac with open arms and she was treated with respect as all people should be >> the response came only after reports that very few prominent conservatives were coming to caitlin jenner's defense. jenner did respond to congresswoman greene on twitter and dismissed the criticism and launched a snarky barb back at her. you can check out the documentary liz put together about california's last recall in 2003 called total recall and see how arnold schwarzenegger
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creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. a bit breezy out there today. >> i'm reminded of the twain line that he probably never said about the coldest summer,
6:24 pm
winter was summer in san francisco. >> happening around the bay area, a cool flow of marine air being assisted by a nice onshore flow of winds between 20 and 30 miles per hour . you can see the marine layer stacking up there over san francisco, current temperature readings only 57. the city. looks dreary at the golden gate with low clouds and fog, only 65 degrees in santa rosa, so much cooler than average for this time of year all across the region. there's a few with a little blue sky showing. these are the forecast features, low clouds, fog, drizzle overnight, cooler than average the next few days, but
6:25 pm
a weekend warm-up coming our way. overnight lows will be in the low to mid 50s as we have extensive low fog and again drizzle is coming as well, highs tomorrow, will range from right around 60 degrees at the coast to mainly low 70s around the bay shoreline inland but here's the accuweather 7-day forecast, temperatures will remain at a range below average this time of year through saturday but it starts to warm up on sunday, then monday and tuesday we will have inland he developing with temperatures there in the 90s. a closer look at the forecast coming up again later. coming up next, new at 6:00 from the i-team, a former berkeley high school student is suing, you will hear what she claims that a teacher did that crossed the line. edd
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news >>
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teachers no longer with a school district after officials concluded in a written decision, there was sufficient evidence to substantiate claims that he was inappropriate with current and former students. i-team reporter spoke with one former student who was later a volleyball coach at the school after she graduated. >> the student has filed a civil lot lawsuit against matthew bissell, melanie has the story. >> in this photo teacher matthew bissell has his arms around former student rachel phillips was voted most likely to date a teacher. >> he grabbed me from behind and he licks my air and he bit it, and that is about when that photo was taken. i was voted most likely to date a teacher because of my relationship with matthew bissell, which, was nothing more than harassment. >> phillips, now 36 tells i seem bissell was inappropriate with her from 1999 to 2003,
6:30 pm
phelps was on the volleyball team and said this'll was a football coach. >> he would lurk around where the girls volleyball team would run around the field. >> she says he was her chemistry teacher. last month those filed a lawsuit against unified school district and bissell, phillips attorney, john weiner. >> she is suing for a number of allegations including negligent hiring and negligent supervision, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. >> the lawsuit alleges bissell touched phillips in a properly including her near an act told her she smelled good and have blossomed over the summer. >> even to this day i can feel it in my throat, i get like sweaty, kind of thinking about
6:31 pm
it. >> according to the complaint the alleged assault happened in various parts of the school including the hallway near the locker rooms. >> it made me feel absolutely dirty and disgusting. my heart with sees up in my core, i knew it was wrong. i was getting this attention from him every day. >> philip said she reported to her coaches and the athletic director at the time. >> she was ignored by everybody. >> she filed a report with the high school against bissell, according to this 2021 letter the district notified phillips there was substantial the letter stated in july 2020 the district became aware of an instagram account with current and former students raising concerns about his alleged inappropriate behavior with students and complaints were filed by current and former students as well. >> i-team mr. bissell is no longer an employee of the berkeley unified school district. the district is unable to provide comment on personnel
6:32 pm
matters. we do take allegations of sexual harassment and abuse seriously and are committed to investigating those complaints as they come to us. >> he should have been fired at the time rachel was a student. >> it's over. >> the i-team reached bissell by phone, he did not provide a comment. police say 70% of all crime in morgan hill involves a vehicle and they are hoping a new camera system may catch the drivers. a pilot program would put 25 cameras in high crime areas, they would read license plates and give vehicle descriptions to police. similar programs have been successful but not everyone in morgan hill is on board. >> my first thought is privacy. we live in a country where we are supposed to have the freedom to come and go and do what we do as long as we are living according to the law, and living rightly and why do they feel this need to monitor every single person? >> residents will be asked for their thoughts in a town meeting on august 12. excruciating for thousands of
6:33 pm
unemployed workers to get their edd benefits during the pandemic. and now a bay area woman wishes she never even applied. michael finney is here with michael, another edd calamity. >> it is a calamity. this has to do with a few archaic systems, still in place, at the edd. in some cases paper documents still get copied, faxed, stamped and mailed the old- fashioned way. it led to a mistake that has this view are living in fear. >> i went crazy. i thought, how could they do this to me? >> it was bad enough when the edd rejected her unemployment claim last september and worse when the edd appeals board rejected her appeal. now, she's worried her whole financial life is at risk. >> i received a cryptic text from a woman
6:34 pm
>> three months after the edd denied her appeal, georgeanne got this text on her phone, it showed a small portion of her appeal documents. >> she didn't speak english very well and she wanted me to call her. >> the text came from a woman in san jose named maria who had also filed in edd appeal, it turns out the edd had mistaken mistakenly sent georgeanne's appeal document to maria and now maria was trying to warn georgeanne. >> she is calling to inform me that she has my name, my address, my phone number, my social security number. my job information, private information -- >> she was glad that maria notified her but worried about the breach at the edd. >> should not happen. they should not be sending private information to other individuals when edd has so much fraud going on. i was that petrified going to be exposed. >> she tried to contact the edd
6:35 pm
then the appeals board to find out what happened. >> they kept saying i can't do anything about it. and that's when i froze my life. i froze everything, i called experian, i started locking all my credit cards and i'm still feeling so vulnerable. >> she contacted 7 on your side and we alerted the appeals board and georgeanne received this letter of policy saying an employee inadvertently mailed the document to the wrong person and the board denied her protection services. >> to brush me under the rug and tell me, don't worry about it, yeah, i am worried about it. >> georgeanne says if maria hadn't notified her, this whole thing might have gone unnoticed. we phoned maria and she tells us the edd provided her with an envelope and full hopefully bringing georgeanne some peace of mind, a little peace of mind. >> you can hear the stress and the worry. michael, thank you. workplaces continue to evolve as more and more workers return to the office, some bay area companies are trying to
6:36 pm
wring together the best of both worlds, dropbox is one of those creating what it calls a studio so employees can come together and brainstorm. there are no desks or cubicles but there is they can socialize. >> the company provided guardrails for us to flex in and see what works for us, that makes the process a lot easier for everyone. >> the dropbox is going to take a survey to determine what's working for employees and what is not.
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a groundbreaking ceremony was held to kickoff construction for san jose's newest neighborhood park. the park will be located at the corner of west st. james and terrain street, it'll be named after louis pelley a horticulturist, my goodness, easy for me to say who produce prunes in santa clara valley back in the 1800s, he was nicknamed the father of the print industry. >> it'll have three parts in this area but this one, the historic most prominent, most significant i think for many in
6:40 pm
the community. >> the new park will have trees, sloped lawns and lounge seating and it will be ideal for the growing neighborhood in san jose. the board of supervisors in san francisco approved a permit to make shared space is permanent. they've been a lifeline for restaurants and businesses throughout the pandemic now the city will accept applications for permanent park let's to go on sidewalks, it's promising a swift approval process within 30 days. skilled trade jobs like carpentry and plumbing have been in demand for years. the summer career exploration program offered by san francisco unified is helping students unlock the potential growth of the trade industry. >> 25 students signed up for the five week construction course earning a stipend of nearly $600. it's one of several summer
6:41 pm
internships offered by san francisco unified. students also get college credit from city college san francisco. >> this is a prerequisite for more trades classes at llo they to frame, how to do plumbing, electrical, residential wiring and they know how to use some tools. >> trade skills that are in demand. miles chamberlain in incoming senior says, it helped him land an entry-level position in construction. >> i uncle actually works, he has a construction company and i was going to work with him after the summer summer, too. >> the construction course is being taught at o'connell high school, one of the few schools public or private, in the city to still offer woodshop classes. >> not many females are in construction and it's like i play sports, too, and more guys play the sport that i play. so i like being with a different one. >> it's a pity we don't get more because high school girls are more mature and they are good team leaders, and they are
6:42 pm
obviously physically a. >> part of the work done by the students during the past five weeks is ending up here as park let's, beautifully designed and crafted to be used by people while eating or just hanging out. the students here are learning that in some cases, trading a college diploma for a skilled trade may lead to a more profitable and stable career.
6:43 pm
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wildfires continue to rage in the west at least 58 fires are burning right now across 12 states. a supercharge by the record drought and of courseof heat. here in california the race is on to contain the largest fire this year that's the backwards complex fire, it's at more than 90,000 acres, at least 20 homes have been destroyed. mandatory evacuations are underway. in mariposa county bay area cruiser on the front lines of a wildfire that's threatening the roads of yosemite national park. strike teams are at the river fire, it's burned at it's burne
6:46 pm
acres since it began on sunday and is 15% contained course we are always concerned about the weather in times like this. >> let's get right to spencer christian for that. >> we are fortunate here in the bay area that our current weather pattern means a reduced threat of fires, you can see on the satellite radar, this brings us a nice onshore flow of cool marine air and a brisk flow as well. wind speeds ranging from 22 over 25 miles an hour across much of the bay area, also with increased humidity, that reduces the threat as well. this pattern will last for a few days before it starts to warm up again. the 24 hour temperatures change shows that most locations are a few degrees cooler than they were yesterday with the exception being opened, hayward and san jose, each of those, one degree warmer than this time yesterday. this is the view from emeryville, looking at the fog
6:47 pm
overtaking san francisco, 57 degrees in the city, half moon bay, at the golden gate, you can see the marine layer has arrived and pushing over the bay right now, other temperature readings, 65 in santa rosa, far below the average for this time of year, concord, 72 and 69 at livermore. here's the view from our rooftop camera, the clouds are beginning to push out over the bay but there are areas of blue to be seen off in the distance, these are the forecast features, clouds will increase along with fog and patchy morning drizzle which is the pattern we've had the last couple of mornings, cooler than average for a few days and then warmer, summer weather will develop.
6:48 pm
you can see how the low clouds will surge across the bay, and move well inland during the overnight hours and of course we expect more patchy drizzle, this morning we had enough drizzle to produce measurable rainfall in several locations across the bay area. the low clouds and fog will retreat to the coast by midday giving us mainly sunny skies tand innd. he evening hoov overnight w temperatures will be generally in the low to mid 50s, a relatively comfortably and cool night along with the drizzly patches, meaning some damp spots on the roadways for morning commuters, highs tomorrow will range from 61 at half moon bay to 64 in san francisco, east bay, 85, livermore, 83,
6:49 pm
rosa, 72 at napa and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. again, temperature range will remain below average through the end of the week even on saturday, as it starts to warm up a little bit, it'll only be near average for this time of year. sunday we will finally see low 90s for temperatures in the inland areas, mid-70s around the bay shoreline, monday and tuesday will be warmer, in fact, hot at some spots but only mid-70s around the bay shoreline and low 60s on the coso even as the inland areas start to heat up early next week, it'll be pretty cool everywhere else. >> spencer, thanks, well chris alvarez is here with sports, olympic basketball to talk about and of course, the a's. >> you've got the panic button being pressed for the basketball team. don't worry, they will get it straight. usa basketball, they will break usa basketball, they will break that streak people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to.
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major-league baseball commissioner spoke ahead of the all-star game in colorado, one of the headlines, the oakland a's and their future here. he said the process of keeping the a's in oakland cionoint for oaklanif they want a team moving forward, he also said calling the potential move to las vegas as a bluff, that would be a mistake and vegas as a viable alternative for a major-league city. the oakland city council is set to meet in a week, one week
6:53 pm
from today for a nonbinding vote on the howard terminal ballpark proposal. first-time all-stars matt olson and put on a show in his first home run derby, watch the fan here trying to grab the baseball , yo! that hurt. olson lost in the first round by just one, to trey mancini, olson leads the ground and said it special to become an all- star for the team that made him a pro. >> the oakland a's, the biggest market, the fact that we came up with the a's and everything involved, we take it to heart a little bit and we want to go out and prove that we can compete with everybody. >> giants have three all-stars, poster buster posey does not there, he recovers from a thumb injury.
6:54 pm
he said well it's an honor to be an all-star there are bigger team goals ahead. >> i'm starting the first game back and this really isn't a break, it's kind of more quick realization to the season i'm having them back to work. i think everybody on our team feels the same way great spot right now but we don't want to let off the gas. we want to keep our foot on the battle and keep going right now. >> the all-star game highlights tonight at 11:00. the finals return tomorrow here on abc 7 and team usa basketball is looking to get on the winning track after two straight exhibition losses, oakland own damien lilly are leaving usa against argentina. you know this is, it's kevin durant, beats the first-half buzzer, he knew the shot was going down, 16 point lead, that is a poster, big-time dunk, so
6:55 pm
nice we show it twice, the losing street, sports on abc 7 is sponsored by river rock casino and to circle back to the oakland ballparkpoasright n they put out today, a good listen and there's a lot going on, one week away, a big day >> the stakes got raised today. i think by the commissioner, more pressure applied. >> as he said the vegas thing is not a bluff, that is a viable option. we obviously want them to stay here. and we will just wait and see what happens a week from now. >> a little nailbiting i suspect? >> yeah, i know i am, been talking about it in the sports office for months now. >> thanks very much, chris. coming up tonight on abc 78:00, it's the goldbergs, home economics at 9:00, it's the
6:56 pm
connors and blackish, and to tell the truth at 10:00 then don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00 . and you can watch all of our news cost live and on-demand through the connected tv app, it's available for apple tv, android tv, that is going to do it for this edition of the abc 7 news, we thank you so much for joining us. all of us here, we appreciate your time. and we hope you have a nice evening and we will see you again tonight.
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