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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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california snow-covered numbers. the cases are rubbed including among people who are already vaccinated. a plane crashes into a home starting a fire and showering the area with debris. volunteers found out looking for a man who never returned home. ahead of major league baseball is is a warning to oakland. a new turn in the stadium saga the commissioner says is no bluff. local leaders want the russian river to harness the power of rebranding. in the tech company on the way to reimagining the we will begin with a new
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and noticeable rising covid-19 cases here and across the united states from california to new york. the rise is driven by the delta variant. and also summer socializing and younger unvaccinated people. thank you for joining over the last week, data from the cdc shshshshsh is seeing an increase above 10% in the number of hospital admissions in the number of people dying. there were 331 covid outbreaks in the last month. loosening workplace safety measures last month may be partly to blame for the increased. we are joined live with more. >> reporter: these are expected. the vaccine to more than 90% effective. at the delta variant spreads,
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more people and vaccinated are dying from covid in the number of people die through a breakthrough case. and those experiencing breakthrough cases are recovering fast. >> reporter: at the delta variant takes hold, some of the first cases are being protected. in california, 74 people who are vaccinated died. >> in general, the majority of cases we have seen have not been l. very few of them have been hospitalized. >> one of seven covid cases was vaccinated. according to the latest date data out of over fully vaccinated californians, over 10,000 were infected with covid. that is one in almost 2000 vaccinated californians reporting a breakthrough casekte
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>> the majority of the new cases are occurring in unvaccinated people in 99% of the covid rated deaths are on unvaccinated people. these are preventable deaths. >> reporter: the doctor is emphasizing those breakthrough cases could've been worse without the vaccine triggering a strong immune response >> it causes antibody production to occur so the antibodies can fight off the disease. it causes cells that fight disease called t cells to be activated. >> the cdc is reporting breakthrough cases in a small percentage of the vaccinated population. no unexpected patterns are identified. researchers are looking to see if there is a correlation between a person's immune system and their anti-bodies. >> some people aren't even sure that they've had sent them said
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all. they have been short-lived like a slight sore throat or a stuffy nose. they have debated whether you should get tested for for >> reporter: they started noticing the breakthrough cases after june as the delta variant intensified. >> so many of us have been vaccinated. what we will see over the next few weeks and months will be better than if a vaccine was lower. >> reporter: with your vaccinated your body recognizes the vibrant and fights it off. that is why the breakthrough numbers are not as high. as the delta variant spreads, the message is to give vaccinated. abc7 news. moving on, a developing story in monterey where a small plane crashed into a a a the crash happened on montero ranch road a mile from the airport and with the plane had
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just taken off. we are live now the site with the very latest on this. >> we are live outside the main gate. we have seen several fire engines, go throughout the day. the investigation continues. >> tonight from sky7 a look at the damage to a home in monterey after a cessna 421 credits into it at 10:45 on tuesday morning. audio describing the initial scene. >> >> are you experiencing and in- flight emergency quarks >> according to the monterey county regional fire district, the home off of salinas highway caught on fire but was under control by the early afternoon. >> this will be off the airport grounds southeast at the airport in the area of 218 and
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58. >> we are getting multiple reports of an airplane. it may have crashed into a house. >> the pilot is is is is is is unaccounted for. no reports of fatalities or injuries. >> a loud explosion has been heard. >> debris from the plan could be seen. ab 7news make contact with the homeowner whose daughter was saying at the property. she thankfully wasn't there at the time of the crash. the homes are on 2 to 4 acres which could prevent the fire from spreading >> we have had two firefighting efforts directed to the structure itself to make sure we control that fire. >> reporter: firefighters are on the lookout for hotspots. there working to preserve any evidence. >> fortunately, they were able
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to limit the spread to 1/8 of an acre. that part is successfully controlled. >> authorities on the ground have been in touch with the faa. we have been told the ntsb is on the way and will take over the investigation. back to you. new developments on the search for philip. hundreds of people have spent the day looking for him. he hasn't been seen since saturday. leslie brinkley as life were officials just provided new information. >> reporter: this is of course a rather unprecedented set of circumstances and alameda county. a missing jogger they would find that person in 24 to 48 hours? we are a day four and there is
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nothing. some of the search and rescue teams express their feelings of frustration and bewilderment. >> we have left with two probabilities. we are not finding phil appear in the terrain and that he is incapacitated and unresponsive. or he is not here. >> reporter: the search for him is concentrated on 50 square miles of wilderness. 100 search and rescue personnel from placer and solano county scouted the rugged terrain along with more than 200 volunteers organized by his family. >>'s mom and his sister and their friends have been walking up there as well. they are in very good shape. >> he is a very bright man. he went to harvard and mit. this is a man that is very analytical in his thinking and
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runs ultra marathons >> you went missing as he parked his car and left his cell phone in it as he departed on the eight mile jog on saturday in pleasanton ridge regional park. it was 106 degrees de days of searching even using infrared drones and airplanes have failed to find him. seven canine teams have been out in the brush and there are hopes today's cooler weather will be more conducive for them to track any sense. those that run these trails have their own theories. >> i am thinking and animal attack. >> we've had a lot of differentf information come in. we found a rock that had blood on it. we took that rock to our lab and it was not human blood. our search and rescue members did spot a
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>> reporter: they did also find up on the hillside i am told today some animals, deer and sheep that had been killed by coyote some outlines. an attack on a human is extremely rare. tonight they will launch a drone and luncheon aircraft equipped with infrared technology, the kind of technology that consume in from the airplane and get close in on a small animal like a rabbit or a cow or even a license plate. they are doing all they can. by tomorrow, the official search will perhaps scale things back. the volunteers say that they will be out in force again tomorrow. in pleasanton, abc7 news . major league balls commissioner has a message for the oakland city council. a no vote for howard terminal ballpark may mean the end of baseball in that city.
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he made those statements at tonight's site of the all-star game. the city council will vote on the howard terminal proposer from the oakland a's as well as a waiver the team is asking for the bypass the city's affordable housing. it is howard terminal or bus and they scheduled a meeting in las vegas on july 21st to explore a possible relocation there. manfred says the oakland process is that it end. upcoming votes will determine the fate of baseball in oakland. he adds that oakland city council should take notice of them as the lead. thinking of this as a bluff is a mistake x-ray inuir grou onbackworthwhile fire. the fire is now 46% contained. the fire is the largest in the state scorching nearly 93
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>> reporter: ask anyone who lives on or near the russian river and they will tell you that while it gives, it also takes away. that is jason of the cafe. back in 2019 he was one more victim of a now legendary fled the brought forefeet of the river inside. that mutt on the floor look like thick fudge. today the place could be a prime candidate for a new image campaign about the beauty and spirit of this region. >> there is a lot of good here and we want to emphasize and boost that. butt she wants to boost an ecological treasure. last year fires and evacuations. the money will come from it mitigation fund and they will spend $160,000 on the campaign. organizers compare it to keep tahoe blue. of course, there are questions. >> a lot of us are struggling.
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a lot of us haven't paid ourselves for over a year. >> reporter: she loves the river but when we asked if this was money well spent jill says that she never received it time of direct state aid following the floods or coveted. and now the state is promoting river or college cracks >> i don't think the money could be spent -- it could be sent have playing out the community. >> reporter: so trust the process. >> at this moment the river is suffering from poor stewardship. the best way to turn that around is to engage people that are using it. bite will incrementally add late-night train service starting on thursday. bart will run four limited stop trains that will leave embarcadero station at 11:30 on thursdays, fridays, and
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saturdays. bite will resume its full late- night schedule operating mondays to saturdays on august 2nd. is a area companies develop their back to office strategy, drop boxes figured out to be 100% virtual. david louis explains how drop box reimagined how to use it space for today's remote workforce. >> reporter: matt peña is excited. the office space at dropbox has been totally reimagined and retains a magical feeling. >> walking and you felt it immediately. it has been missing for the better half of the last year. >> reporter: six months in the making, it is drop box studios designed to be used for specific gatherings to collaborate with other customers . >> how do we create a space the
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people are going to want to come to? we can work in person. >> reporter: instead, places to brainstorm. a much larger coffee shop some employees can interact over food and beverages. it is not where you come to work in a silo. dropbox will be virtual first >> we have a couple of spaces with if you're in between a meeting you need to get some quick headstone work, there are a couple of workspaces for that. >> reporter: they created toolkits. is not a hybrid model. there is no set number of days to come in. >> the company is providing guardrails to see what will work for us and that makes the process a lot easier. >> reporter: surveys will be taken. >> we will take a learning mindset to this knowing it is
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did you ever see cracks not flying but they are airborne. last week the utah division of wildlife resource drop thousands of trout into lakes only accessible by plane. they use that method a couple of times a year. the restocking process is painless and generally survivable for the fish. i'm not sure exactly what that means. >> those fish must wonder what is going on? >> i can even imagine if you were of fish and being thrown in. let's talk about the marine layer. you'll notice from our camera it is really rushing in.
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it has deepened to about 2400 feet. that deep marine layer means we will see a rerun of this. tilden park in the east bay, 5/100 of an inch. the good news is with drizzle it adds a little more moisture to the vegetation that helps to keep our fire danger down. onshore winds gusting to 28. that is helping to advance the marine layer. it is already made his way toward the bay. we are talking about the bootleg fire up to our north and onshore winds kept the smoke from that fire. as you take a look at the forecast, note the california oregon border were many fires are burning, that will remain thick and smoky and that vicinity and also parts of the
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sierra nevada. you might notice it from time to time, but over all it is looking good. the air-quality will be moderate for the coast and central bay. it is currently 58 in san francisco. low 70s, san jose. pacifico, 55 degrees. blue skies over san rafael and 67 in santa rosa. upper 70s for fairfield and concord. many areas are even cooler than what they were yesterday. a live look from santa cruz. clouds, fog and patchy drizzle. if you're tired of this pattern, hang in there. tomorrow morning at 5:00 a yam, low clouds and patchy fog. it brings back to the coast and
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hangs around their advancing backend as we head into the evening. morning temperatures in the 40s and 50s. if your little one server and summer camp, they will need some coats for the evening. 85, livermore. 71, for legal. 72, san rafael. palo alto, 64. 77, san jose. your seven day forecast brings great with drizzle. a dip in the temperatures and they rebound as we head towards the weekend warming up into the low 90s. of course, we will have our microclimates that means we will have something for everyone.
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if you're in the market for a new house, you can't be one that is free. in oakland victorian is on the market for 0. you have to pay to move it. the lot it is on is set to become a 12 unit townhouse development. the single-story home was built in the late 1800s. the developer is hoping to appeal to preservationists that do not want to see demolished. >> i hope someone picks it up and moves sit somewhere. we appreciate your time. >> all of us here thank you so much for joining us. we hope to see you here at 6:00.
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or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the battle over voting rights in this country at a boiling point. president biden today saying new state laws pushed by republicans are the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. asking republicans leading these efforts, "have you no shame?" and tonight, the governor of texas now saying he will arrest democratic lawmakers who have left his state in their efforts to block a vote there. also tonight, news on the coronavirus. the states where the delta variant is surging tonight. also this evening, news on the johnson & johnson one-shot vaccine and on the pfizer vaccine, after talk of a potential booster shot, a third shot, where things stand tonight. we're also tracking potential storms just as we come on the air, threatening the northeast.


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