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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 13, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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bay for an experienced runner who vanished out on the trail. the clues becoming even more curious this morning. a vaccinated trip to vegas get as man sick with covid-19. the northern california man now sharing the warning signs he found. going on cruise control. a new change to know about for your pocketbook if you're planning to go aboard. good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, july 13th. you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. >> first we're going to check in with mike. i was trying to explain to my friend visiting out of town that it's kind of normal that you would go from sonoma and then back to san francisco bathing suit to winter coat. 40 miles. >> yes. >> it's true. >> sweatshirts and, you know, jackets sell so well in san francisco in the summertime. it's just the way it is. yeah, we had a record cold high temperature over the weekend of 57 degrees. that's as warm as it got in
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francisco. today, 61. woohoo. >> heat wave. shtsout. maybe. it is breezy once again. you can see the on shore winds coming out the coast in san francisco. half moon bay, 59. 61 in san francisco. mid to upper 60s in rich monday, oakland, san mateo. 70s inland until you get to the east bay valleys. low to mid80s there. lake port around 100. developing news in the east bay. the search for a missing runner expected to get back underway around 8:00 this morning. >> 37-year-old philip creycik was last seen saturday morning around 11:00. he told his wife he was going g out for a run.
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>> reporter: hundreds of people have been searching. philip kreycik disappeared after saying he was going for a run in pleasanton. the berkeley man went to the pleasanton ridge regional park. he mapped out his route. officials have used that as a guide for where he might possibly be. still no sign of him. searchers are retracing their steps. covering some of the same ground again. kreycik is an avid runner who is in very good shape. >> the man is very resourceful. very athletic. we're just hoping it was an injury and we just can't get to him. we just haven't found that spot yet. >> reporter: authorities did find his car in the parking lot at the trail head and his wallet and his phone were inside. we asked police if they suspect foul play. they've told us they haven't ruled anything out saying they
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have investigators working behind the scenes. at the same time, people are actively looking for him. they searched into the night last night using a heat sensing drone with a camera. but still no luck. they plan to be back at it at 8:00 this morning. live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. there's some confusion this morning for parents just weeks before school is supposed to start. the state is now promising to update its mask rules after back pedaling on its guidance. health officials just updated the rules for the public schools yesterday. the state said that masks would be required in the fall regardless of vaccination status. and kids would be banned if they showed up to school without one. then hours later the state reversed course. the california department of public health tweeting guidance will be clarified regarding masking enforcement, recognizing local schools experience in keeping students and educators safe while ensuring schools fully reopen. no further clarification was provided but the l.a.
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times cited a spokesman for governor newsom saying the guideline wording about barring students from campus would be dropped. after meeting with pfizer, federal health officials still say that fully vacs it thatted people do not need a covid-19 booster shot. health and human services spokesperson said pfizer presented its latest data yesterday and while health officials appreciate the information shared they do not think that a third shot is needed at this time. they will continue though to monitor the situation. meanwhile, israel has approved the pfizer booster shot for at- risk and immuno compromised adults and it's the first country to offer it. >> our ministry of health has considered this specific subpopulation, this isn't to be understood that israel has gone off on its own and decided now to administer generally a third boost. >> covid-19 is rapidly spreading in israel with more than 400 new cases every day.
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the country is especially concerned about the delta variant. johnson and johnson's vaccine is expected to get a new warning. the shot has been possibly linked to an extremely rare nerve condition. it's called guillain-barre syndrome. the cdc says about 100 cases have been reported among the 12.8 million doses of the vaccine given out. most cases involve men 50 and older. most people fully recover from the disease, although some will report long term nerve damage. the highly contagious delta variant is causing covid cases to increase across the country, including here in the bay area. >> our most clicked on story on is about a break through case. sean fruit and his wife decided to go to vegas. they were fully vaccinated and even drove because they didn't feel comfortable flying. now he voluntarily took his mask off while on the trip when they got home to hollister he started to feel sick. they tested positive for covid.
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>> it was scary. i mean, i brought home the life threatening illness that has been killing people around the country. the only thing worse than that is knowing that i gave it to my kids. >> sean and his family are okay now but they're part of a shifting patter in break through covid cases. the marin county health office says the vaccinated patients are older with underlying conditions. there are more break through cases on an alaskan cruise. jobina fortson with more on this vacation that got cut short. >> three people on a cruise in alaska tested positive for covid-19. american cruise line says two of them were fully vaccinated. the ship departed from petersburg on friday and stopped in juneau the next day. the cruise line has canceled its next cruise. carnival cruise line is hoping to avoid a similar situation. it's charging unvaccinated passengers over 12 years old a covid insurance fee.
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this only applies to trips leaving florida starting in august. carnival requires all passengers be vaccinated but there are preapproved exemptions for some people. royal caribbean international also requires covid-19 travel insurance for unvaccinated passengers. kumasi. >> thank you. new developments at elon musk's on going court battle. in a court appearance he reportedly said he rather hates being the ceo of tesla. musk said he would prefer to spend time on his own design and engineering. he appeared in court yesterday because of a lawsuit filed by company shareholders after tesla acquired solar city corporation. shareholders claim musk did that to save solar city but bankruptcy but never delivered the profits promised. this is one of our top stories you're searching on one thief smashing a woman's car window in the middle of traffic. this exclusive video tells you the full story.
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another emergency drought declaration. the next bay area city to decide on new water cutbacks today and what you'll have to give up. at 6:08 here's a look at your commute this morning in neighborhoods. mist and drizzle hanging in the air and breezy conditions across some of our bridges and passes. that will continue those breezes throughout the day and that's going to keep
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oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. in the south bay the city of santa clara is expected to declare a local drought emergency because of extreme drought conditions. that means the city would maofdays pe. oor watering to the woulbe rules for , restaurants and car washes. what's going on with your weather. you can see from walnut creek the cloud cover has made it all the way to our inland
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neighborhoods. watch out for some drizzle on 680 and on 24. even out for maybe just a little bit as you come from pittsburgh back to the east or to the west and you climb up that grate. here's a look at our air quality. it's going to be healthy for all of us not only today but also tomorrow and wednesday. we have drizzle along the east bay. 52 in richmond to the warm spots if you will union city and freemont. elsewhere we're pretty much stuck in the 50s unless you get to los gatos. antioch at 61. san francisco one of our cooler spots at 52 degrees with that mist and drizzle in the air. you can see it. rolling across 880. so there's definitely some measurable mist up in the hills. as we head through 7:00, even up to 9:00, not much is going to change. after that the drizzle will dry out. 50s at the coast. 65 to 76 for our bay and inland neighborhoods at noon. 71 to 82. lacking heat once again as temperatures are below average.
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real nice evening on the way. the coasts will be raw at 57. 66 around the bay and 72 inland with an increase in clouds as we'll have another night of drizzle. will we have another day of these type of temperatures? yeah, for a few days. i'll show you a warming trend coming up. hi, jobina. >> good morning, everyone. the backup started earlier at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights at 5:47 and traffic is through the maze right now. live look at the san mateo bridge where things are moving at the limit in both directions for you. we do have a slowdown in vallejo. that has cleared. speeds are down to around 6 miles per hour in the area. it's cleared so that's why i'm giving you the thumbs up. we have a crash in milpitas. injuries are involved here. have on northbound 880 before the great mall parkway. reggie and kumasi. >> thank you. a new chick-fil-a is coming to a town near you. the bay area city that approved
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the construction, but not without criticism. the idea of just losing weight might not get you to exercise. a new study might have found something that will. the summer olympics in it quarantine. the opening ceremony just ten days away, but in the midst of a covid state of emergency. a new look inside this morning at the plans in place in japan. as we head to break, a live look outside. it is 6:13 and we'll be right
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now to a story you'll only see on abc 7 news, surveillance video in oakland shows a brazen daytime break in while the driver was stuck in traffic. >> so the driver had just left a bank. this was last wednesday morning near broadway and 22nd. that's when, as you can see from this video a man jumped out of a white sedan and tried to break her passenger side window. then he broke the rear window, grabbed her purse and even climbed inside to get her backpack. now the victim didn't want to go on camera. she told abc 7 that the suspect
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looked her right in the eye and she thought she was going to die. >> seems like these criminals it doesn't matter what day, what time, where they're at. if they're going to do something, they seem to do it. >> oakland police have seen a 115th percent increase in armed carjackings this year. chick-fil-a is coming to livermore. the city council approved the fast food chain's plan to build a new location on north livermore. not everybody is happy about it. chick-fil-a has been known for supporting organizations that are not lgbtq friendly. they stopped the practice last year but the ceo has continued to support anti-lgbtq legislation. some council members say although they will let chick- fil-a set up shop they won't be ordering the food. the university of california thinking about raising tuition. according to the chronicle, it
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would amount to an additional $534 for students entering the uc system in the fall of 2022. the board of regents set to vote on this next week. officials say the proposal is different from other hikes. this new plan would raise the price annually only on first year students and new transfer students. allowing them to keep that tuition level for up to six years. students say no matter how you look at it, it means a higher price. if it you want to get fit, try putting money on the line. >> losing money is a better motivator than just losing weight. the university of pennsylvania conducted a trial with 180 overweight or obese veterans. their goal was to take an extra 1200 steps per day for day for weeks. one group got $25 for signing up. the other group had extra financial incentive. they were promised $120 if they met their daily goal but they would lose $10 each week if
6:18 am
they missed their step count goal. those who had the extra financial incent i have were more successful in meeting their exercise goals. the full study published. how would this work in real life though? who is going to pay you? to exercise? >> your insurance company because you'll be healthier? >> i guess so. like giving you a discount? >> something like that. i thought disney had something like that. >> i think they do. >> there you go. >> showing the positive reinforcement works. and money. >> money works for vaccines. >> yes. yes. how about that. so let's take a look at what's going on in the south bay. pretty cloudy as we look at 280 at 17. weather conditions are in a tight holding pattern through at least saturday then a warming trend will begin sunday. until then below average afternoons and cool to comfy conditions for the outdoor activities because of
6:19 am
temperatures mainly in the mid70s in the south bay. a little less influence from the cooler air coming off the bay. the closer you are so san bruno with the breeze off that 54- degree ocean water. san mateo. a little less influence from redwood city southward. low to mid70s. check out the coast. temperatures in the upper 50s with a lot of cloud cover. misty and drizzly conditions lasting past 9:00. mainly end for the rest of us around 9:00. low to mid60s for downtown. mid50s to near 60 for the north bay coast into sausalito. the breezes keeping san rafael at 72. a lot of 60s through the valleys. we have 90 to near 100 degrees. the breeze affecting richmond, berkeley and oakland. 60s there. everyone else around 70 to 73. walnut creek and san ramon, 79. low to mid80s
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east bay inland neighborhoods until you get to brentwood. tahoe, another record high. they've had so many of them this summer. going to be warmer in tahoe at 91 than most of our neighborhoods back here in the bay area. tonight, how about temperatures in the 50s once again with drizzle. my accuweather seven day forecast. slight bit cooler thursday. otherwise we're pretty much status quo through saturday. we warm back to average sunday. touch warmer monday. >> now we'll bring in zee. >> hi, ginger. >> good morning to you, kumasi. hey, reggie. i am back in times square. times square. that's a screen still but i'm in the building where times square is located. which is exciting. so it's a big day here for many reasons. you know we have big weather headlines. dozens of wildfires burning from your state through nevada
6:21 am
and arizona. high temperatures you've had. will is going to bring us the latest. their evacuation orders in it effect. then severe storms on the other side of the rockies have put nearly 60 million americans on alert again today. we're at the point where like boston is top three wettest julys and it's only the 13th. i'll be tracking both of those sides. new alert about the johnson and johnson shot. the vaccine tied to a rare neurological disorder now. then the latest in the britney spears battle to end her 13 year conservatorship. why her court hearing this week could be the game changer. plus we have a special surprise for a deserving basketball coach who is beloved by his community. you do not want to miss this and so much more coming up right here on a back at home edition of gma. >> the reason i know it's big news that you're back in the studio is because last night my husband and i on the couch and phil turns to me and goes
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ginger's back in the studio tomorrow morning. he was so excited. >> i couldn't sleep. i'm such a dork. i was like first day jitters staring at the ceiling for two and a half hours. >> what's the best part of being back in the real life studio? >> the energy. the people. it could get real lonely and weird in my basement in my corner. >> lonely and weird. >> she did have the dogs and the voice. there was some energy. but sometimes that is weird. >> they've been gone. it's not novel to them any more. they were never around. >> ginger, welcome back. we're glad you're getting that human interaction again with other adults. >> yes, and all these people are paid to be here so they have to be. they won't leave me. >> we'll see what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy,
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breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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kids love visiting kidifornia. but parents like it to, like a lot. they go bonkers. (wuaahh) totally boom it's an adventure. (sound of playing) you know ,you have to keep an eye on them. you got to let them explore and figure things out for themselves. so hurry up (screams) they're not gonna stay this way forever. kick off your kidifornia vacation at let's take a look at what's going on with san francisco. average temperature is 67 degrees. you can see we'll be a little
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below that until we get to monday and tuesday. where we'll hit 68 and 67 degrees. quick look if you're thinking about outdoor dining. we have temperatures in the 50s from 5:00 all the way through 8:00 at the coast. we'll drop from 74 around the bay to 64. may want to grab a coat if you're around the bay. inland we'll drop from 77 to 65. maybe a coat there also. >> mike, thank you. team usa basketball not off to the start you want heading into the summer olympics. >> they have lost two exhibition games in three days. before now they hadn't lost two in almost 30 years. the usa team is packed with most of the nba's greatest players including draymond green. they lost to australia last night af team a wi nthebitoo olympics ar to kick off in ten days. with the city under a new covid state of emergency, nothing about these games is going to
6:26 am
be normal. a massive testing and quarantining process is in place. athletes must arrive at the olympic village in japan's capital five days before their sport starts. they have to leave the country 48 hours after they've been eliminated or their event ends, whichever comes first. masks will be mandatory at all times except when you're competing. >> no high fives. no handshakes. no cheering. no yelling. it is going to be a very spartan existence. >> this sounds fun. and it's not just the athletes locking down. spectators will be banned from nearly every event, including the parents of olympians. good morning america will have a full report from tokyo coming up at 7:00. >> not even your mama? >> nope. sad. okay, here are some top stories coming your way at 6:30. the western wildfire effect. we are seeing dangerous new signs of long lasting damage from all of the smoke. the child tax credit
6:27 am
calculator. nearly all american families getting fresh funds this week. there's an easy way to see how much you'll see in your bank account. coffee prices are climbing. add another thing to the list that's going to cost you more. hear the reason you'll be paying more for your morning cup. a live look outside at
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when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where they don't just know the difference between products, they live for it. from american hardwood to spanish porcelain to italian marble, i'm looking for inspiration from every part of the world. so, when it comes to discovering every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design,
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one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. now, i've got one. making news now at 6:00. >> we both have small kids. two kids. can only imagine. >> making news now at 6:30, the emergency search for a bay area father vanishing on an every nte ing in the east bay. tojohnson and johnson vaccine alert. new information this morning about a rare disorder possibly linked to the company's covid-
6:30 am
19 vaccine. hopping on muni for free. one group is getting to jump aboard at no cost. the move is extra timely. good morning, it's tuesday, july 13th. you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we start with mike nicco. >> so cold, damp and drizzly. >> fun. [ laughter ] >> all right. here's what's going on. it's cold, damp and drizzly in most areas this morning. yes. it's interesting how people are reacting to that. 13 at sfo. 15 at oakland. 25 at concord. 22 at fairfield. those are the strong on shore breezes bringing this. you can see the drizzle there just landed on our camera at pier 15 as it looks back towards the financial district. here's a look at our temperatures. 59 to 61 half moon bay into san francisco. mid to upper 60s richmond to
6:31 am
san mateo. 70s mainly inland until you get to the east bay. low to mid80s for some of our warmer spots. warmest up around lake port near hundred. >> thank you. developing news in the east bay this morning. >> hundreds of volunteers will head back out to the pleasanton foot hills trying to find a missing man who vanished on the trails. this is 37-year-old philip kreycik. he told his wife he was going on a run at pleasanton ridge regional park. he never came back from that run. >> amy hollyfield live in pleasanton with what is being done to find him. amy. >> reporter: kumasi, a friend of philip's says on the group facebook page that a massive amount of terrain has been covered multiple times and still no sign of him. so they will head back out this morning and do it all again. philip kreycik has hundreds of people looking for him. he went out for a run on saturday and never returned. he lives in berkeley, but he was trying out a trail in pleasanton and he told his wife where he would be and he even
6:32 am
mapped it out on a runners app and it does look like he made it to the trail but hasn't been seen since. >> the first day we did have a scent, dogs had a scent on the first day. that only went a small distance. obviously time is important and we want to try to locate him as soon as possible. some of the work will include doubling up on the areas that were searched the first day as you all know, you know, the temperatures were well over 100 degrees so we're not too sure how well those areas were initially searched. we want to double check that. >> reporter: police found his car parked at the trail head parking lot and they say his phone and wallet were inside. this effort to find him includes using a heat sensing drone at night with a camera. they've also had people looking from above in airplanes. but officials say there is some rugged terrain out there so having people on the ground looking through the brush is key and they will start that again today at 8:00 this
6:33 am
morning. reporting live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. there's a new warning this morning about johnson and johnson's single shot covid-19 vaccine. jobina fortson at the live desk with the vaccine's link to a rare condition. >> i want to emphasi w this condiof the iv the johnson and johnson vaccine. those 100 people developed guillain-barre syndrome about two weeks after getting the shot. common symptoms include feeling weak in the legs, difficulty with facial movements and feeling a prickling sensation in your fingers and toes. >> the following day i couldn't walk at all. i'm not anti-vaccine. for the majority of people out there it's a good thing. i was just unfortunate. >> most people fully recover. health officials say the j&j's
6:34 am
vaccines benefits outweigh the risks. as for what the fda is doing about pfizer. they met with pfizer to go over new data and the fda believes fully vaccinated people do not need a third covid-19 shot at this time. >> thanks. the president is pushing to tackle gun violence. san jose mayor sam liccardo was one of several leaders invited to the white house. president biden hosted this meeting yesterday. it'll deploy to five u.s. cities including san francisco. >> the president is genuinely engaged with local communities trying to understand what's happening on the ground and looking proactively for partnerships that will enable us all to reduce gun violence. president biden's crime prevention strategy includes funding toward mental health and substance abuse service. federal agents are looking for a mill valley man charged
6:35 am
in the capitol riot in january. evan newman, no stranger to bay area news. in 2018 evan and his brother mark went to trial. both plead guilty. they paid the fines, they did community service. now evan is facing six federal counts including assaulting officers. abc news learned newman told his home after those charges were filed. we spoke with the new owner of that house who wonders if that might explain newman's request to do the deal in two and a half weeks. >> the last we heard in negotiations was he was in ukraine. >> who told you that? >> the real estate agents. >> abc 7 news reached out to evan's brother mark. he designed to be on camera but said he knows nothing of his mother's activities on the sixth of january or where he might be right now. new developments, gavin newsom will not be specifically
6:36 am
listed as a democrat on the recall ballot. a judge just ruled newsom missed the deadline to designate his party affiliation. newsom's attorney made a mistake on the paperwork. the governor took it to court after the secretary of state rejected his request to add democrat next to his name. conservative talk radio host larry elder says he's running in the recall election. he posted an announcement. he decided to enter his first campaign after witnessing california's homeless crisis, crime rates, water and power shortages. if this recall election sounds familiar, that's because it is. you can check out our abc 7 originals documentary called total recalled about california's last election in 2003 and see how arnold schwarzenegger became governor. you'll find total recalled on the bay area app. music now banned at the gym. the one place that will not
6:37 am
allow you to bump your jams and the kind of bizarre reason they're doing this. first a live look at the big board. we're slightly down this morning. another update on how the markets are doing coming up next. plus. i thought i heard them say that the war was over. called my boss and she said drop everything we're going home. >> giving congressional credit for some of our forgotten world war ii heroes. the growing push to bestow some much deserved honor to a battalion of black women at home. the smoke forecast. the smoke was so intense. especially out of the fire up in oregon. it was turning day into night. that one and the one near lake tahoe you can see with the prevailing on shore breeze in the middle parts of the atmosphere blowing from west to east. the haze we have out there is due to the mist and drizzle
6:38 am
from our roof camera there'll be clouds near the coast. that'll take until the better part of the lunch hour to get there. exercising no extreme heat. on the bay of course it is going to be windy and choppy from the golden gate bridge through the delta. sfo, gusty winds and mist hanging in the air. as far as anything else in the air that may bother you, there's a little bit of tree pollen. cedar, juniper, pine. by the time you get sunshine, it's going to be high uv index. 50 to 53 degrees with mist and drizzle. with a blanket of clouds, just about all of us in the low to upper 50s. so let's show you what's going to happen with the cloud cover. by noon it is still hugging a good portion of san francisco and pushing over towards oakland and alameda and berkeley. that's why the coast and san francisco in the 50s. everybody else is in the 60s.
6:39 am
70s showing up inland. we have a little bit of summer heat. way up around clover lake. 60s to near 70 around the bay. still 50s at the coast. by 7:00, the clouds starting to move off to the east. temperatures very comfortable. 60s and 70s. we do have some heat. see you in a bit. >> thank you. we have a big backup in vallejo. an earlier crash on the bridge which has cleared i'm giving you the thumbs up there speeds are down to around 21 miles per hour. that crash was on westbound 880 before the toll plaza. southbound 680, you can see we have a minor slowdown on 680. three cars involved in this crash. according to the chp there is major damage and injuries involved here. back up at the bay bridge toll plaza, of course. metering lights came on at 5:47. the chp has issued a fog
6:40 am
advisory. want to let you know that today the san francisco port commission will discuss changes in one of the most congested areas of the city. they will look at removing a lane of traffic from mission street to broadway to build a bike lane. their study says it will increase traffic only by two minutes. we'll see about th delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point.
6:41 am
we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. [announcement on pa] introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. [announcement on pa] how far would you go for a togo?
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breaking news. at least 64 people are dead after a covid-19 ward at a hospital in iraq caught fire. patients, relatives and health workers were among the dead. the fire was so intense that nearly two dozen of the bodies couldn't be identified. more than 100 people got hurt here. the new ward opened just three months ago and had 70 beds. it's not clear what started this fire. health officials say it could have been an electrical short
6:43 am
or an exploding oxygen canister. the drought coupled with climate change has resulted in a fire season that's burned three times as much land in it california this year compared to the same time last year. this morning firefighters from the bay area are being sent to help other crews. jobina fortson with the extra help on the way. >> the fire department tweeted it's sending a strike team and two engines to the river fire. that fire is threatening roads to yosemite national park. it's burned at least 9000 acres since it began on sunday. that's not the only major wildfire burning in the state right now. the beckwourth complex fire has scorched more than 91,000 acres. the u.s. forest service says it's the state's largest wildfire this year. at least 20 homes have been destroyed. >> those flames were coming at us like the headlight on a freight train. >> we left everything. there was nothing we can do.
6:44 am
we had to get out. >> southern oregon is also dealing with a major wildfire that's threatening california's power grid. there are at least a dozen wildfires burning inif an 6:00we'rttin gl of wildfires on our health. the california air resources board just released a new record report. it studied the long term impacts of the campfire. concerned about metal particles being released in the air. lead levels spiked to 15 times higher than normal. there are concerns about respiratory issues. cory hendricks says she easily gets out of breath. >> i've been able to get over having attacks, you know, if i get a cold i go on a nebulizer treatment and some steroids and then i'm good. but since the campfire it's been an on going struggle. >> people with existing respiratory issues like asthma
6:45 am
are more susceptible to health problems> you can keep track of fires currently burning in our state with our exclusive wildfire tracker. this interactive map shows you where the fires are spreading and the information on the fire fight in real time. it's available right now at and your abc 7 news app. president biden will give a speech in philadelphia today about protecting voting rights as several republican-led states push measures that restrict access to the ballot. dozens of democrat state lawmakers in texas have left that state to stop a voting bill from passing. this women would ban 24 hour polling locations and drive through voting which have increased turnout among minorities. it would prohibit election officials from sending absentee ballot applications to people who haven't requested them and give partisan poll watchers greater access to polling sites. texas democrats flew to dc so that aren't enough lawmakers at the state house to conduct business. they have no return flight
6:46 am
planned. >> as long as it takes to kill this legislation, whether that is a few days or whether that's for the remainder of the special session, that's up to the republicans. >> the republican governor wants lawmakers who left the state arrested. it's unclear if that's allowed. now to a story that you will only see on abc 7. a small business in san francisco hit by thieves again. now last year surveillance video captured two people breaking into sweet and spark and stealing stuff. the owner added a gate but it didn't stop this latest thief who show says tried to break in multiple nights in a row. she says 15 luxury handbags were stolen. >> they actually did come back a couple nights later. they brought electric tools and they were able to saw through the locks on the third attempt. >> did you ask sf, d can you do extra patrols? >> we heard they're
6:47 am
overwhelmed. there's a lot of crime happening. a lot of burglaries. >> the owner is no longer going to leave high end merchandise in the store overnight. now nor your morning money report. it's one of the top google searches. how to take advantage of the enhanced child tax credits. the first payments from the biden administration's pandemic recovery bill start hitting bank accounts automatically this week. heads of households will receive up to $3600 for each child 5 and younger. half of that credit will come in monthly installments this year. the other half will be claimed when you file your income taxes next year. 90% of all american families qualify for some sort of credit. if you have questions on the tax credits or want to use our tax credit calculator, go to our website. search for the story on our front page at&t's updating its most expensive wireless plan with
6:48 am
unlimited data. the elite plan will no longer cap monthly high speed data usage. elite customers can use as much data as they want without any slowdowns. the update comes with no extra charge. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway this morning. we have fallen a little bit more since we last looked at it. it's down about 40 points. new developments in the space race. the faa has approved jeff bezos' blue origin launch. bezos plans to fly with his brother and an 82-year-old who trained to be an astronaut but never went to space. also on board will be an auction winner who paid $82 million for the seat. they will experience three minutes of weightlessness. the flight has been tested 15 times but never with any humans on board. there won't be any pilots because the system is
6:49 am
autonomous. okay. a new outbreak of covid-19 cases in south korea has forced health officials to create some new guidelines. >> gyms are not allowed to play certain music and that is music that has a beat that is fast. specifically says 120 beats per minute. so that means that bts's dynamite can be played because it's just under 120 beats. if you're in a group class they would not if able to play good for you. this is to prevent people from breathing too fast or getting sweat on others. uh-huh. i don't think that's going work, mike. sure. >> yeah. yeah. >> really? >> are we going to bring in richard simmons and do sweating to the oldies or something? >> could we please? >> all right. we have two yeses from the anchor desk on that one. all right. there, it's done. here's a look from mount tam. just how high up was cloud deck is this morning as we're
6:50 am
looking northbound from tam. underneath it, here we're looking northbound from the golden gate. we have a little bit of a nasty cross wind about 53 degrees right now. below average highs as the clouds will eventually head west after the morning commute is over. they'll head east again, bringing us overcast and drizzle again for tomorrow's morning commute. we'll kind of do this every day up until about sunday when a warming trend will begin and get us out of this rut that this area of high pressure over the eastern pacific is going to put us in. it's going to hold our forecast and bring us chilly, damp nights and below average highs. through the early part of the weekend. it's not going to get extraordinarily hot. let's focus on today. you can see mid to upper 70s in the south bay. 82 in los gatos. morgan hill about 80. we have low to mid70s. then we have mid to upper 60s in san mateo and san bruno. upper 50s along the coast. low to mid60s downwn south san francisco and sausalito.
6:51 am
60s. through most of the north bay valleys. cloverdale northward, not so much. 90 to near 100 degrees. mid60s to mid70s. as you move inland, we have 79 san ramon and walnut creek. everybody else in the 80s. tonight, temperatures back in the 50s. cloud cover. look at that splotchy green. that is drizzle. my seven day forecast, the breezes pick up. temperatures could drop a couple degrees thursday. we're back to today and tomorrow's levels for friday and saturday. we warm to average sunday and then above average for monday. have a good one. >> thank you. the board of supervisors will vote on final legislation to make those outdoor parklets permanent. they have been a lifeline for restaurants and mom and pop businesses during the pandemic. the chronicle reports a committee voted in favor of a slightly modified version of the program. the modification would charge a yearly fee for these businesses that are chain restaurants and
6:52 am
other stores. they would have to pay $1000 to 3000 for a single parking space whereas small businesses would not. san francisco is expanding free muni to include 19-year- olds. this will allow for free rides on the bus, trains and cable cars for anyone who is 19 and e before san francisco unified schools reopen for the fall. your morning cup of coffee getting more expensive and it's thanks in part to climate change. according to the wall street journal the world's biggest coffee producer is facing one of its worst droughts in almost a century. global consumption is set to exceed production this year. brazil's total coffee harvest this year is expected to drop by the biggest year over year amount since 2003 because of the drought. subway's giving away a million turkey sandwiches today. >> this is to celebrate the chain's new eat fresh refreshmen you. the first 50 customers at participating locations will
6:53 am
get a free six inch turkey cali fresh sandwich. if you're making one at home, tips on how you can take your sandwich to the next level. >> one of my favorites. avocado. just simple avocado plus salt. are you an avocado fan? >> love it. >> you know it's a good healthy fat. what most people don't realize is an avocado has more potassium than a banana. it has fiber. foe late. it's a super food. >> is it lunchtime yet? what's over here? >> if you're a mozzarella lover when it comes to fresh mozzarella it's rich in calcium which helps when we're trying to maintain our bone health for every age. >> she said avocado fan and then said do you like avocado. are you not listening to me? i just said i'm an avocado fan. that's what i took away from that. >> anyway. gma will have a full report on
6:54 am
how you can perfect your summer sandwich. that is coming up at 7:00. now are you an avocado fan? >> do you enjoy the taste of avocado? what about guacamole? do you enjoy that? >> oh my gosh. this morning there's a growing push to get a group of black women who served during world war ii recognition. >> a bill is awaiting in the house. the -- what is this? the 6 -- >> thousand 6888th. the only black battalion of women during the war. they are credited with solving a growing mail crisis in england. there are believed to be only seven surviving members. including fannie who is now 100. >> the sad part of it is that we have so few girls who are still alive who belong to to
6:55 am
unit. >> the 6 888 was sent overseas at a time when there was growing pressure to include black women in the women's army corps. they were sent to unheated airplanes in england. they processed undelivered mail for troops on the battlefield. >> they expected we were going to be there about two, three months trying to get it straightened out. i think about a month, month and a half we had it all straightened out and going in the right direction. >> uh-huh. >> is books and documentaries have been made about their story. >> this is so inspirational. can you imagine what they had to go through and overcome and still thrive like this? >> and so few of them left to celebrate it. >> i know. >> i'm glad they're there. >> we're going to celebrate. i love
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
it is 6:57. if you're just joining us here are the seven things to know this morning. a search will resume for a missing man in the east bay. philip kreycik disappeared saturday after going out for a run near pleasanton ridge national park. they searched into the night using a heat sensing drone but have not been able to find him. the health and human services department says no pfizer booster shot is needed at this time. health officials met with the drug company to discuss a possible third shot. yesterday officials reversed course just hours after announcing students would be banned from campus if they showed up without a mask this fall. number four, federal agents are looking for evan newman of mill valley. he faces six charges including assaulting officers during the january 6th capitol riot. number five, we're going to talk about a lack of summer heat. temperatures about 5 to 9 degrees below average from 61 in san francisco to barely 81 in concord. number six, bringing you a
6:59 am
live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:47. the speeds are at the limit past the lights. happy anniversary elle woods. legally blonde came out 20 years ago today. a third movie currently in the works. >> it's going to be a trilogy. >> i love it. what is her role now? is she like the professor? you know? >> is she going to be grown up and. >> that makes sense. or maybe even the dean. >> the dean of a law school. >> at this point. >> come on, elle. >> yeah. you know my favorite is bend and snap because jennifer coolidge is everything. >> she needs to come back. >> well, oh in the movie, you mean? she never went anywhere. she has a new show on hbo right now. >> oh. >> i think she'll be in this new one. i was just at harvard recently and all i was thinking about was elle woods. >> ask i was at jennifer
7:00 am
coolidge's house. >> that part. that part. >> way to try to top good morning, america. as we start this tuesday together, dozens of wildfires burning in the west. record-high temperatures fueling wildfires out west. more acres burned than this time last year. evacuation orders in effect as the flames spread. and severe summer storms almost 60 million on alert. ginger back in our studio with the weather team tracking it all. new warning. the fda saying the johnson & johnson shot may likely increase the risk of a rare neurological disorder as hospital admissions for covid jump primarily in areas with low vaccination rates. dr. jha joins us live. voting rights showdown. overnight, dozens of texas democrats flee the state cramming into buses and boar


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