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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 13, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the desperate search for this missing runner, hunter volunteers are looking for any signs of this 37-year-old man, we are live with that story picks tasks in class, a confusion for kids and just a few weeks. frustrating because we did this about a year and a half avoiding this thing. >> breakthrough covid-19 infection, one man sharing a message for all of us. wildfire emergency, the differences we are seeing now compared to this same time last year. good morning, it is tuesday, july 13, we are all here, good to see everyone. >> we want to start with a look at the forecast with mike. >> it is hard to think of firewood we are dealing with mist and drizzle every morning to get his help mitigating it a little bit, but the rest of the state and oregon, we have a lot to talk about. you can see some of the mist and drizzle hanging in the air
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as we look from our ritz camera south toward the ferry building and across the bay bridge, you will need your windshield wipers the next couple of hours. look at these full onshore winds. 23 in oakland, 23 at concord. 38 at fairfield and look at these temperatures. you find some heat, you will be lucky. well, unless you don't want it. 99 in lakeport, all watches and warnings and advisories for the heat, gone. near 60 along the coast in san francisco. a mix of 70s and 80s inland, that is it for today. we will talk about how long it will last, coming up. the search for a missing runner is expected to resume in the east bay at 8:00 am. 37-year-old, philip kreycik, was last seen saturday morning, he told his wife he was going out for a run at pleasanton ridge regional park. amy is live in pleasanton with where the search stands right now. >> reporter: this is a huge effort, more than 100 people search dogs, thermal technology, all being used to look for this missing runner and still, no sign of him.
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philip kreycik disappeared on saturday afternoon in pleasanton, the man went out for a run near the pleasanton ridge regional park, he even mapped out his route on his runners-up and officials have used that as a guide for where he might possibly be. still no sign of him yet. authorities say philip kreycik is an avid runner who is in very good shape. >> the man is very resourceful. very athletic. we are just hoping that it was an injury and we just can't get to him. we just haven't found that spot yet. >> reporter: authorities did find his car in the parking lot at the trailhead, his wallet and his phone were inside, we asked police if they suspect foul play, they told us they have not ruled anything out saying they have investigators working behind the scenes while people are also out actively looking for him. they searched into the night last night using a heat sensing drone with a camera but still
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no luck, they will be back at it at 8:00 am this morning. thanks for the update, amy. there is confusion this morning for parents, just weeks before school is supposed to start. the state is now promising to update its mask rules soon after backpedaling a bit on its guidance. health officials just updated the rules for public schools yesterday, the state that masks would be required in the fall regardless of vaccination status and kids would be and if they showed up to school without one, but then hours later, that rule got rescinded. the california department of public health tweeted guidance will be clarified regarding masking enforcement, recognizing local schools experience in keeping students and educators stay full ensuring schools fully reopen for in-person instruction. after a meeting with pfizer, federal health officials still say that fully vaccinated people do not need a covid-19 booster shot. the health and human services
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spokesperson said pfizer presented its latest data yesterday officials appreciate the information shared, they don't think a third shot is needed at this time they will continue to monitor the situation. meanwhile, israel has approved the pfizer booster shot for at risk and immune compromised adults, this is the first country to offer it. >> our ministry of health has considered this specific subpopulation, this isn't to be understood that israel has gone off on its own, and decided now to administer generally a third boost. >> covid-19 is rapidly spreading in israel, with more than 400 new cases every single day. the country is especially concerned about the delta variant. johnson & johnson's vaccine is expected to get a new warning, the shot has been linked to possibly linked to an extremely rare nerve condition called guillain-barrc
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immune system attacks the nerves, the cdc says about 100 cases have been reported among the 12.8 million doses of the vaccine. most cases involved men cannot -- men, 50 and up. symbol report long-term nerve damage. the highly contagious delta variant is causing covid-19 cases to increase across the country including here in the bay area pics at the cases are among those were not vaccinated but kate larson spoke with one man who got covid-19 even though he was vaccinated. >> reporter: in june, after more than a year of pandemic stress, sean and his wife decided to go to vegas. they were fully vaccinated and even drove to avoid airplanes. once they got there, they took the option to take the mask off. when they got home, started to feel sick. he and his wife and tested positive for covid-19. >> it was extremely frustrating because we spent a year and a half avoiding this thing and it was scary. i mean i brought home the life- threatening illness that has been killing people around the
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country. the only thing worse than that, is knowing that i gave it to my kids. >> reporter: too young to be vaccinated, there seven and nine-year-old kids had congestion and low-grade fevers but sean was sick in bed. >> i'm pretty confident if i hadn't had the booster in the vaccination, i might not be standing here talking to you right now. >> reporter: they are okay now, but they are part of a shifting pattern in breakthrough covid- 19 cases of mine cobit -- covid- 19 patients, 2 were vaccinated, of 13 covid-19 patients in marin hospitals, 2 were also fully vaccinated. >> we are about one in five of our cases are among people who are vaccinated. before it was about one in 10. doctor matt, says the vaccinated patients in the hospital are older with underlying conditions, he also says they are doing well compared to the unvaccinated patients. >> this is not an indictment, of the effectiveness of the vaccine, but i think it should serve as a reminder to us that the variants are real. >> reporter: sean would get the
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vaccine again but he says he would do one thing differently when it comes to his mask. >> even though i am allowed to take it off, i shouldn't have taken it off. >> reporter: kate larson, abc seven news. in the south bay today the city of santa clara is expected to officially declare a local drought emergency because of the extreme drought conditions. that means the city would restrict outdoor watering to a maximum of three days per week. they are will be rules for hotels, restaurants, and carwashes. the drought coupled with the climate change has resulted in a fire season that has already burned three times as much of the land in california this year compared to this same time last year. firefighters from the bay area are being sent to help other crews near yosemite national park, we have the have the that is on the way. >> reporter: the alameda county fire department tweeted sending a strike team to two and two engines to the river fire,
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fire in mariposa county is threatening roads to yosemite national park, it has burned at least 9000 acres since it began on sunday, and that is not the only major wildfire burning in the state right now, the back with complex fire burning north of lake tahoe has scorched more than 91,000 acres, the u.s. forest service says it is the state's largest wildfire this year, at least 20 homes have been destroyed. those flames were coming at us like the headlight on a freight train. >> we just left everything. there was nothing we could do. we had to get out. >> southern oregon dealing with a major wildfire that is threatening california's power grid, there are at least a dozen wildfires burning in california right now. we can keep track of the fires with our exclusive abc7 wildfire tracker, the interactive map shows you where fires are spreading and information on the firefighting in real time. it is available right bay area, just click the climate watch section. the smoke pouring from
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oregon, turning day into night up there yesterday as it was blowing off to the east and thankfully for us, it is blowing off to the east. even the one around reno is blowing off to the east. that is going to save us from having to deal with any of the smoke over the next 48 to possibly all the way through the forecast as we have this onshore breeze. look what he is doing in walnut creek, you can see the low clouds hanging here. i wouldn't be surprised if you are running into drizzle on 680 and is definitely going to hit it on 24. that is a big issue on the roads, it will be breezy. i was checking the ultima pass and the bridge and we have gusts around 20 to 35 miles per hour, watch out for that and that is also blowing right across the bay waters so a little choppy there and it will be a moist morning for our mass transit. air quality thanks to this onshore breeze, moderate for the coast and the central bay but for the rest of us it is going to be good. that is healthy for all of us. let's talk temperatures. we are in the mid-50s to near 60 degrees down in the south
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and pretty much that is the way it is everywhere. redwood, 60. here's a look at oakland, you can see around tilden park, around four hundredths of an inch of drizzle so far, you into the higher elevations, it will definitely be . low to mid 50s through 7:00 am. 66 to 76 as the sun breaks out for the bay and eventually around 72 to 82 at 4:00 pm. we will take a look at the weekend forecast, i do see a warming trend coming our way. here is a look at the morning commute. >> thank goodness, mike. it is cold out there. good morning everybody. we will start off with a live look at the golden gate bridge, the chp has issued a filed advisory for the bridge, we will be able to tell how that is looking once the sun starts to come up. emeryville showing off 80. traffic picking up her people, making their way west bound. that is the direction the headlights are going, and then the chp has also issued some
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wind advisories. one for the venetian bridge, and also for the ultima pass. i want to let you know some exciting news, san francisco's iconic cable cars are rolling again, we cut these in action yesterday, operators were out for training after more than a year of the cable cars being garaged, they will officially be back in less than three weeks on august 1, the powell hotline will be the first to return with a month of free rides, we have to go! >> yes! that is nice to see again. amazon wants to watch you sleep. the device, it just got permission to create. >>
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a story you will only see here, surveillance video shows a brazen daytime break in while the driver was stuck in traffic. the driver had just left the bank last wednesday morning near broadway and 22nd in oakland, that is when a man jumped out of a white sedan and try to break her passenger-side
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window. he then broke the rear window, grabbed her purse and even climbed inside, to steal her backpack. the victim didn't want to talk to us on camera but she tells abc7 that the suspect looked her right in the eye, and she thought she was going to die. >> it seems like these criminals, it doesn't matter what day, what time, where they are at, if they are going to do something, they just seem to do it. >> oakland police say they have seen a 150% increase in armed carjackings, this year compared to last. puppies stolen in hayward in an online sale gone wrong. they are doing okay this morning, the victim in this case was selling three puppies and went to meet a man who said he wanted to buy one, investigators say the buyer pulled a gun on the seller and took his truck with the dogs inside. police tracked down the truck and look at that, they chase after the driver and he ended up crashing and flipping, the thief tried to run away but didn't get very far.
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the puppies were a little shaken up, but they are okay. >> chick-fil-a is on his way to livermore. the city council has approved the fast food chains plan to build a new location, on north livermore avenue near i5 80, but not everybody is happy about this, chick-fil-a is known for supporting organizations that are not lgbt friendly, some councilmembers say they will let chick-fil-a set up shop but they don't plan on ordering food. they say people have the right to vote with their dollars and get chicken elsewhere. university of california thinking about raising tuition for the first time since 2017, according to the chronicle it would amount to an additional $534 for students entering the uc system in the fall of 2022. the board vote on that next week. officials say the proposal is different from other tuition hikes, the new plan would raise the price annually only on first-year students and new transfer students, allowing them to keep that tuition level for up to six years. students say tuition increase is just that. a higher price. construction begins today for a park in san jose's san
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pedro neighborhood, the park will be built on the corner of west st. james and terrain streets, the name honors a historic significance of lewis and his contribution to agriculture in the santa clara valley. later this morning, near sam carter will be on hand at a groundbreaking ceremony to start construction. if you want to get fit, try putting cash on the line. a new study finds that losing money is a better motivator than losing weight. there was a trial with 180 overweight veterans, their goal was to take an extra 1200 steps per day, for 12 weeks, participants were split into groups. one group got $25 for signing up. the other group had extra financial incentives. they were promised $120 if they met their goal every day, but they would lose $10 each week they missed their step count goals. those who had that extra financial incentive were more
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successful in meeting their exercise goals. the full study is published in jama network open. similar. i sign up for really expensive fitness classes, and so if i don't go, i have wasted a lot of my money. >> what a skill! >> and i sign up for it at the beginning of the week. not the day of, ever! you will never want to go. >> yeah, that is true. what is the cancellation? like 24 hours? >> you don't. >> okay, you are going! >> i signed up for the entire summer swimming schedule like back in april i think it was, and pay for it, so i am going. even yesterday i was like i don't want to go. but, it works. >> it works! >> let's take a look at what is going on. >> that is our exercise plan! >> or you can pay us! >> san jose, it is pretty
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cloudy this morning, let's talk about what to expect. weather conditions in a holding pattern, through at least saturday and that means it is going to be cool and comfy for all outdoor activities, so get out there and enjoy this extended break, from any summer heat and especially any summer extreme heat. look in the south bay, 80. morgan hill, 82. those are the ones thoughts -- those are the warm spots. for the peninsula, we have a range from 64 in san bernardino. menlo park will be right between that at about 70. temperatures in the upper 50s with stubborn clouds along the coast, only low to mid 60s for downtown, south san francisco. let's go across the golden gate. 60 in sausalito. mid to upper 50s for the north bay coast, at least it won't be as breezy as it has been the last couple of days. you head into vallejo, 70 today with the breeze coming off san pablo bay, 77 in sonoma, cloverdale knowles word, 90, 99
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in lakeport. 64 in richmond, 65 in berkeley, 67 in oakland. 69, san angelo. look at this, 79 in san ramon to about 87 in brentwood. no need for the air conditioner. it is going to be hotter in tahoe today than just about every neighborhood in the bay area. a record timing, 91 degrees. they have had way too many record highs this year. here's a look at tonight, load to upper 50s with cloud and drizzle up there. temperatures in the mid-80s inland through saturday, 70s around the bay and near 60 along the coast, you can see a little bit warmer sunday and actually a little bit warmer than average by monday. have a good one! nordstrom is now selling new jobs, it is among the first luxury job collections offered by a major american fashion retailer. the collection is from the owner after not being able to find a job and found out other
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women were having the same problem. they start at $45. they hope to provide a sense of pride and confidence for an underrepresented community of women. the classic rum calm, legally blonde came out exactly 20 years ago today. >> delta? delta new! >> reese witherspoon's costar says when he said just to the role he thought it would be another romantic comedy. >> i really wasn't taking it that seriously. and then i just remember seeing her for the first time like come out in her wardrobe and like the way she was walking and the way she looked, you know i was like this is like a saturday night live skit and she is like really committed to this. >> she is an actress! i mean did he just describe what acting is? >> not always!
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>> third, a third blonde movie is currently in the works. >> bend and snap! >> i never watched the movie. >> you have never seen it? i have seen the musical, legally blonde the musical is pretty fantastic. >> really? >> it is! >> mike has seen the legally blonde musical? >> no. >> oh, okay, you have seen the movie. >> i would have fallen off this chair! >> [ laughter ] >>
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it is 5:23 am, if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. a search will be resuming for a missing man in the east bay, philip kreycik disappeared saturday after going out for a run near pleasanton ridge regional park. search crews searched into the night using a heat sensing drone with a camera but still have not been able to find him. >> the health and human services department says no pfizer booster shot is needed at this time. health officials met with the drug company yesterday to discuss that third shot.
5:24 am
number three, the state is promising to update its school masking policies soon. yesterday, officials reversed course, just hours after announcing that students will be banned from campus if they showed up without a mask this fall. >> number four, alameda county is sending a strike team to help firefighters and ears in yosemite national park there is a large wildfire there and another one north of lake tahoe. >> thankfully for us, this drizzle in the morning and he's cooler than average temperatures in the afternoon are kind of mitigating our fire threat right now. temperatures running anywhere from about 5 to 9 degrees cooler than the average, barely some 80s inland. >> number six on the traffic front, we have pretty good news, no major crashes or blocking issues to report, just wind advisories from the chp for the bridge and also through the ultima pass. >> number seven, park litz could become permanent in san francisco. the city's board of supervisors is set to vote on final legislation today. >> the faa just approved jeff bezos's company a license to carry humans into space, thank goodness, because it comes just
5:25 am
a week before blue origin schedules launch. here is geo. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, how jeff bezos's upcoming trip to space came down to the wire. overnight, the faa approving blue origin to launch humans into space, with just a week until jeff bezos takes vice, the agency had been reviewing the education application and could have rejected it altogether if regulatory requirements weren't met. the new sheppard spaceship lunch is more like a traditional spacecraft, a capsule on top of a rocket, released into space. they will have three minutes of weightlessness before returning to the surface. the whole trip, just 11 minutes. blue origin has pointed out that it will go further into space, then sir richard branson did this sunday, 62 miles instead of 53 above the surface. and coming up at 7:00 am, we will have more details on this next historic launch in the billionaire space race.
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with your gma first look, img open neediness, abc news, el paso texas. amazon wants to study your sleep habits, the ftc just ran the company permission to create a device that uses radar sensors to monitor people sleep. they didn't fully describe the technology in the filing, but it did say that it is not going to be a mobile device, suggesting that it might be a feature in amazon's next echo device. the company says the use of radar sensors and sleep tracking could improve awareness and management of sleep hygiene, which in turn could produce significant health benefits for many americans. >> radar? in my bedroom? >> for my health! while i am sleeping! >> okay, fine. >> subway is giving away 1 million turkey sandwiches today. >> that is to celebrate the new eat fresh refresh menu, subway says the first 50 customers to participate will get a free six inch turkey callie fresh sandwich.
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that is one of the new chef recommend it sandwiches on the menu. other new things include bread, sauces, and protein options. that is not the only food deal today, the breakfast that you can get for just pennies. the payment that could be coming t oh, i've traveled all over the country. talking about saving with geico. but that's the important bit, innit? showing up, saying “hello! fancy a nice chat?” then we talk like two old friends about sticky buns and all the savings you could get by bundling your home and car insurance. but here's the real secret. eye contact.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. now at 5:30 am from the air and on the ground, the search for a missing runner intensifying this morning when crews expect to head back out to look for this man. johnson & johnson warning the rare neurological disorder that is being linked to the company's covid-19 vaccine. one of these things is not like the other, governor newsom's name will look
5:30 am
different on the recall ballot. helping rioters across the region, the bay area's efforts to create our first bicycle superhighway. and morning of buddy, it is tuesday, july 13, abc7 mornings live right now on abc7, hulu live in wherever you stream. >> for some of you it is summer and you are wearing a winter coat. >> it will be that way for several days, it all has to do with the wind shift. remember this time last week it was coming out of the south and we had that heat pump from the four corners bringing thus desert heat. look at this gusting to 23 in oakland, 21 at concord, 32 in fairfield, and that is why you are seeing this, cloud cover just about everywhere, and dealing with drizzle, a lot of us will be during our commutes this morning, we do have some heat but, lakeport near 100, most of the north bay in the low to upper 70s, the east bay has our warmest temperatures near the bay, low to mid 80s,
5:31 am
and mid to upper 70s for most of the south bay. look at the mid 60s to mid 70's around the bay and near 60 along the coast into san francisco. not quite a record cold high temperature, but pretty close, reggie. >> hundreds of volunteers will be back out this morning trying to find this missing bay area man in the east bay, he never returned from a run over the weekend. abc7 news reporter, amy, life for us in pleasanton this morning. amy? >> reporter: this is a huge effort, search dogs are the only ones who have detected a trace of this missing man, no one has seen him, philip kreycik has hundreds of people looking for him, he went out for a run on saturday, and never returned. he lives in berkeley but he was trying out a trail in pleasanton and he told his wife where he would be, he even mapped it out on a runners-up. it does look like he made it to the trail, but hasn't been seen since. >> the first day we did have a sent, dogs had a smell on the first day, that only went a
5:32 am
small distance. obviously, time is important and we want to try to locate him as soon as possible. some of the work will include doubling up on the areas that were searched the first day, as you all know, the temperatures were over well over 100 degrees, so we are not too sure how well those areas were initially searched. we want to go back and double check that. police found his car parked at the moeller ranch trailhead parking lot, his phone and his wife wallet were inside, searchers will be out here again , he set out for that run about 66 hours ago and this will be the third full day of searching and then they also got in about a half day on saturday. reporting live in pleasanton, amy, abc7 news. there is a new warning about johnson & johnson's single shot covid-19 vaccine, we have the vaccine possible link to an extremely rare condition. we should start by saying sg
5:33 am
how rare this condition is. just 100 people out of the 13 million who have received the johnson & johnson vaccine was 100 people develop tequila barre syndrome about two weeks after getting the shot, it is a condition in which your immune system attacks your nerves. common symptoms include feeling weak in the legs, difficulty with facial movements, like speaking and chewing, and filling a prickling sensation in your fingers and toes. >> the following day, i couldn't walk at all. i am not anti-vaccine. for the majority of people out there, it is a good thing. it was just unfortunate. >> most people fully recover, health officials say the johnson & johnson vaccines benefits still outweigh the risks doing about pfizer's request to authorize a booster shot, health officials say they met with pfizer yesterday to go over new data, the fda still believes fully vaccinated people do not need a third covid-19 shot at this time. the president is pushing
5:34 am
to tackle gun violence. san jose leaders invited to the white house to talk about this nationwide spike in crime, president biden hosted the meeting yesterday, he discussed a new task force to stop illegal gun trafficking. it will deploy 25 u.s. cities including san francisco. the president is genuinely engaged with local communities, trying to understand what is happening on the ground, and looking proactively for partnerships that will enable us all to reduce gun violence in our own communities. president biden's crime prevention strategy also includes directing funding toward mental health and substance abuse services and job training. federal agents are looking for a man who has been charged in the capital riot in january, 48-year-old evan newman, no stranger to bay area news, in 2018, he and his brother went to trial for walking past a national guardsmen and visiting their family home in fountain grove after the tub's fire.
5:35 am
both pleaded guilty, paid fines, they did committee service, now he faces six federal counts including assaulting officers. abc7 news has learned he sold his home in april home in april filing of those charges, and we spoke with a new owner of the home who wonders if that might explain his request to do the deal in two and half weeks. >> the last when we heard from him, he was in ukraine. >> who told you that? >> the real estate agents. >> abc7 news reached out to evan's brother mark, he declined to be on camera but that he knows nothing of his brother's activities on january 6 or where he might be right now. new developments, democratic governor gavin newsom will not be specifically listed as a democrat on the recall ballot. a state superior judge ruled that newsom missed the deadline to designate his party affiliation. newsom's attorney made the mistake on the paperwork, the governor took it to court after the secretary of state rejected his request to add democrat next to his name. larry elder says he is running in the recall election, he is
5:36 am
nationally syndicated and is a regular guest on fox news, he posted this announcement on twitter, he said he decided to enter his first campaign after witnessing california's homeless crisis crime rates, and water and power shortages. president biden is expected to give a speech in philadelphia today about protecting voting rights. he is facing mounting pressure from civil rights advocates and democrats to address this issue and several republican-led states push measures that restrict access to the ballot. we have a look at what is going on in texas. dozens of democrats, state lawmakers in texas have left the state and are trying to stop a voting bill from passing. this bill would ban 24-hour polling locations and drive through voting, which have increased turnout among minorities, it would also prohibit election officials from sending absentee ballot applications to people who haven't requested them. and, give partisan poll watchers greater access
5:37 am
polling sites. texas democrats flew to dc, so there aren't enough lawmakers at the statehouse, to conduct business. they have no return flight planned. >> as long as it takes to kill this legislation, whether that is a few days or whether that is for the remainder of the special session, the republicans. >> texas governor, greg abbott, who is a republican, wants lawmakers who left the state arrested, it is unclear if that is allowed, president biden is expected to address the issue today, his speech in philadelphia this afternoon lays out a moral case, for voting rights. thieves target a small business in san francisco and it wasn't the first time, the owner explains how she tried to keep this from happening and the response from police. jim music rectum, the new rules about what people can and can't listen to while working out. but first, a check on your weather, with meteorologist, mike. >> yeah, that is an interesting story, i heard a little bit
5:38 am
about it, i can't wait to hear more. let's take a look at what is going on from her roof camera, you can see it is a little misty and hazy and we are looking at flags that are unfurled because of those fast winds. clouds near the coast, going to be the issue if you're running errands later on. exercising, no extreme heat, small advisory once again. here's a look at sfo, you can see some of that mist and drizzle hanging over as we look back to the gap where the winds are gusting through their. around 20 to 25 miles per hour. if you're going to be driving onto 80, on the peninsula, it will definitely be breezy and misty. be careful their. tree pollen continues to be moderate, everything else is low, and the uv index will jump up to very high. here's a look at temperatures and will go into the inland east bay neighborhoods where most of us are in the mid-50s, we have 48 in the hills there and around 60 in antioch and brentwood. you will find more drizzle as you head through the east bay hills, in fact we have had
5:39 am
about four hundredths around tilden park. temperature's from 52 at santa rosa to about 59 right now in san jose. let's see where we end up as we head toward lunch, you can see the clouds the west, keeping the coast in san francisco in the 50s during lunch, 60s around the bay, 70s inland, as we head toward 4:00 pm, we will try to get to 80 in fairfield, 85 in antioch, 80 in livermore, 90s around clearlake, everybody else pretty much in the 60s and 70s, even 50s still in san francisco. no summer heat in this forecast and offer a couple of days, but it does come back in the seven day forecast and i will have that coming up. good morning, everyone, so again we are having a pretty great commute in terms of blocking issues, slowdowns, everything like that. not coming in from the chp so bringing you a live picture from walnut creek showing off 680, the only advisory involving fog is at the golden gate bridge right now so it does appear that there is some slight visibility issues but not too bad. 880 here at the coliseum, those headlights are traveling south
5:40 am
right now, and the only other two advisories from the chp all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack is a patriot. fresh, sweet and full of freedom. new red, white & blue pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at denny's.
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new details in the murder case of molly tippit, in 2018, the man convicted of killing the 20-year-old in iowa and wants a new trial. attorneys for christian rivera have filed an appeal claiming a jailhouse confession has identified a new suspect. according to rivera's attorneys, and inmate came forward during the trial, claiming a former cellmate admitted to being involved in the murder. rivera is scheduled to be sentenced thursday to life in prison. she was born in san francisco and grew up in oakland before moving to iowa in 2009, she was killed while out for a jog. now to a story you will only see on abc7, a small business in san francisco's fillmore district has been hit
5:43 am
by thieves again. last year, surveillance video captured two people raking into sweet and spark and stealing items. the owner added a gate in front of her business but that didn't stop this latest thief who she says tried to break in multiple nights in a row. she says 15 luxury handbags were stolen. >> they actually did come back a couple nights later, they brought electric tools and they were able to saw through the locks. the third attempt. >> did you ask them if ththem i could do extra patrols at? >> we did, they said they were overwhelmed, there is a lot of crime happening, a lot of burglaries. >> the owner says she will no longer leave any visible high- end merchandise in the store overnight. a lithium battery that wasn't thrown away properly ended up sparking a fire in san francisco, this was at the ecology plant near highway 101, yesterday afternoon, sky7 was overhead as you can see, the smoke pouring out of the building, actually no one was hurt. there are rules on how to dispose of batteries on their
5:44 am
website, for lithium batteries you should put tape over both ends. these can be collected curbside by putting them in a bag on top of your garbage bin or you can bring them directly to the transfer station. you can get rid of five gallons for free every month. there is more transparency calls when it comes for caring for the elderly. today a new bill will go before the health committee, it is a push to track how for-profit nursing homes are spending money. >> there is an ability to erect a very insidious game of moving money around and not knowing where it is. that we could be seeing billions of dollars in waste and abuse. in this industry. where those dollars are so desperately needed on the front lines. >> the corporate transparency and eldercare act would require private nursing homes to submit financial reports to the public. state senator, henry, is urging lawmakers to pass it this year. you could be getting some extra money in your bank account this week, the first
5:45 am
payments in the biden administration's enhanced child tax credits are starting to roll out. heads of households will receive up to $3600 for each child, five years old and younger, and $3000 for each child 6 to 17 years old. half of that credit can be claimed when filing income taxes for the year. the other half will be paid in monthly installments. 39 million households are estimated to receive these credits. san francisco is expanding free muni to include 19-year- olds. it will allow for free rides on the agency's buses, trains, and cable cards for anyone who is 19 and younger. expansion starts on august 15, just one day before san francisco unified school's reopened for the fall. today, the board of supervisors will vote on final legislation to make those outdoor park let's permitted. they have been a lifeline for restaurants and mom and pop businesses during the pandemic. the chronicle reports a committee within the board voted in favor of a slightly modified version of the program, so this would make
5:46 am
retail chains and eligible for a two year fee waiver, that means they would have to pay between $1000 and $3000 for a single parking space. the bay area is paddling toward its first bicycle superhighway. right now several cities and agencies are in various planning stages to improve safety for cyclists. in the south bay, the effort for a connected pathway is rolling along, the goal here is to get cyclists from santa clara to san jose safely and on a continuous path. the vta proposed three routes, each still demands additional infrastructure, and input from agencies as well as local leaders. >> we selected the central bikeway, to connect people from santa clara to northeast san jose, because it travels through some really important low income communities, and communities of color. to give them more access. >> feedback from the public to help make a decision on a route. a new outbreak of covid-19 cases in south korea has forced
5:47 am
health officials to create some new guidelines. >> get this, gyms are not allowed to play music that is higher than 120 beats per minute during group workouts. so, that means bts dynamite can be played because it is just under 120 beats. however, olivia has good for you is not allowed. officials say this is to prevent people from breathing too fast or getting sweat on others. that is not going to work. >> they are trying. >> they are really trying. that is for sure. >> there is just some things you can't regulate. you can't regulate how much i sweat. >> ice what i like -- i sweat at like five beats per minute. >> okay, let's take a look at what is going on, you can see that we we we bridge that is a little foggy, a little misty, and it has a pretty good crosswind of about 20 miles per hour. that is what is going to usher
5:48 am
in below-average highs again this afternoon, even as our clouds had back this way from our inland neighborhoods, expect the clouds to head back to the east tonight and more drizzle developing, we will see a little bit of a change starting sunday, and until then, if you love this weather, i am your guy. if you don't like this weather, my forecast is for you. here is a look weekend, eastern pacific high holding, that means chilly and damp night in below-average highs in the afternoon hours, we have got mainly mid 70s in the south bay today, we will try to hit 80 around hill and 78 in gilroy. for the peninsula, a wide range once again, all the way up to redwood city coming in from the south bay. low to mid 70s and we drop down to 69 in san mateo. look at these upper 50s along the coast today, barely cracking 61 today, in downtown san francisco. 63 in south san francisco, upper mid 50s to near 64 the northbay coast in sausalito and we jump into the 70s through
5:49 am
the valleys and a much larger jump into the 90s in lake and mendocino county. 64 in richmond, 67 in oakland, 73 in fremont and as we head inland, we have to bidders in the upper 70s to low 80s in the tri-valley and out in the delta, we have got the mid to upper 80s for our warmest spots. tonight we are back in the low to upper 50s and the splotches of green mean more drizzle for our morning commute. we have this continuing tomorrow, we maybe even a little bit cooler on thursday, by a couple degrees, we are back to today's levels friday and saturday and you can see sunday back to average and monday even a little bit warmer than average. >> thank you, mike. the stanley cup is heading to canada for repairs, the tampa bay lightning celebrated winning their second straight championship with a parade on the water yesterday. the stanley cup was moved from speedboat to speedboat and somebody messed it up. it ended up being dented at some point during the celebration! the cup got whisked away to be
5:50 am
fixed, they kept partying. that was a good party! >> this surprises me because the stanley cup came here, were you here when that happened? >> yes! >> remember the man, he carries it around like it is his baby. he is very protective of it, it is on the under multiple layers of raps so i don't know what happened. >> they were in florida. they do what they want to do. >> where was the man? i hope he is okay, new at 6:00 am, multiple vaccinated passengers tested positive, plus one of the top cruise companies is that with a new trick to try to get you vaccinated before you get on board. social media sites block the effort to curve the information in one country right now. >> britney spears due back in court tomorrow, what could be next for her conservatorship. taking you live looking outside ri
5:51 am
what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
5:52 am
5:53 am
ersations.sources tell bloomberg the as protests continue in cuba, government authorities are limiting people's access to social media. facebook is one of the sizes block. cubans are facing the worst economic crisis in decades, many protesters marched in the streets on sunday, demonstration had no formal organizer, many people found out about it on social media. tomorrow is another high- stakes court hearing for britney spears as she fights to end her conservatorship. she is asking a judge to allow her to hire her own attorney, the new york times reports she is in discussion with former federal prosecutor, matthew rosengarten, to represent her. he has are presented high- profile stars like steven spielberg, and sean penn.
5:54 am
>> if he is approved, i think you will try to end the conservatorship. that is what she says she wants, says she didn't know she could do, and again, if the court says you can hire your own lawyer, i would expect that there is a very good chance that the court would then end the conservatorship as well. >> he will reportedly attend tomorrow's hearing to make his case to the judge. well, your morning cup of coffee is getting more expensive and it is thanks in part to climate change. according to the wall street journal the world's biggest coffee producer, brazil, is facing one of its worst droughts in the most eccentric global consumption is also set to exceed production this year, brazil's total coffee harvest this year is expected to drop by the biggest year-over-year amount since 2003, because of the drought. get breakfast for just $.58, ihop is bringing back its short stack deal today in honor of its anniversary, the chain first opened in 1958, hence the pancake price. the deal is only available if you dine in at participating restaurants, from 7:00 am to 7 pm today and you will need to add on tax and don't forget to tip.
5:55 am
regular price? >> you tip on the regular price! >> yes you do, that is good. let's take a look at what is going on, looking from sfo here actually, you can see the temperatures today will be anywhere from about 5 to 9 degrees cooler than average, places like concord, 88. san francisco should be 67, down to 61 degrees. there is quite a difference between that when you factor in the drizzle in the mist that is going to be hanging around especially closer to the coast this afternoon. if you're thinking about doing outdoor dining, we are in the 70s, 77 inland at 5:00 am. dropping down to 66 by 8:00 am. as far as the bay we will start around 73 but we would be down to 64 by 8:00 pm. at the coast it will be great, it will be a little misty with temperatures in the upper 50s, dropping down into the mid-50s with the clouds getting lower and the list -- missed getting
5:56 am
lower. enjoy the comfortable conditions. with california's wildfire emergency hitting even earlier this year, a new alert you should hear on the toxic effects of all of this smoke, one woman living through the campfire sharing her day-to-day life now. >> the child that is nothat is raising eyebrows, plus i meani n brought home the life- threatening illness that has been killing people around the country. a northern california man hit hard by covid-19 in vegas, even after being vaccinated. his warning now for anyone else who is fully vaccinated amid a rise in these breakthrough cases. first this live look outside at 5:56 am, we are coming right back.
5:57 am
♪ windows open, i'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪ ♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪ when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now,
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and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million
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trying to find a fellow hiker and runner and father. >> dogs had a scent on the first day. that only went a small distance. >> top stories now at 6:00, an
6:00 am
emergency search in the east bay for an experienced runner who vanished out on the trail. the clues becoming even more curious this morning. a vaccinated trip to vegas get as man sick with covid-19. the northern california man now sharing the warning signs he found. going on cruise control. a new change to know about for your pocketbook if you're planning to go aboard. good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, july 13th. you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. >> first we're going to check in with mike. i was trying to explain to my friend visiting out of town that it's kind of normal that you would go from sonoma and then back to san francisco bathing suit to winter coat. 40 miles. >> yes. >> it's true. >> sweatshirts and, you know, jackets sell so well in san francisco in the summertime. it's just the way it is. yeah, we had a record cold high temperature over the weekend of 57 degrees. that's as warm as


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