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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 12, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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authorities using this drone and working into the nighttime hours as they are searching for a runner. there is a shifting pattern in bay area breakthrough cases how a man feels about the vaccine after getting a breakthrough covid-19 case. imagine riding a bicycle super highway. the south bay cities are trying to pave the way. a break from the heat today. i will let you know how tell last coming up. >> trying to find a fellow hiker and runner and father. >> happening now, the search is on for went missing saturday afternoon in pleasanton. hundreds of volunteers joined the effort today. good evening. >> he was last seen saturday at
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11:00 a.m. when he told his wife he was going out for a run. you spoke to volunteers there helping in the search in. >> reporter: yes, this ground search has been suspended for the night. you can see the command center is still out here as they will get going tomorrow morning and some of their personnel are using tonight and going from above to try to find the father and husband from above. >> reporter: crews working into the nighttime hours using a heat sensing drone equipped with high-tech cameras to find the 37-year-old, a father and husband who went running on saturday morning near regional park and has not been seen since. >> the dogs had a scent on the first day and went a small distance. >> it was lost down this trail near a water tower.
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he is said to be an avid runner in great shape. monday, 100 volunteers from 13 public agencies searched, another 200 people joined family and friends to scour the area with the hope of finding him alive. >> he is resourceful, athletic and we are hoping it was an injury and we just can't get to him. we just have not found that spot yet. >> reporter: sources say he had a watch on that tracked his run but it was not connected to the internet and would only link to his phone after a run. that phone was found with his id in his car and in this parking lot. many of the volunteers do not know him but they were out on monday searching any way. >> from one father to another, we both have small kids, two kids, i can only imagine. in fact, he said the same thing i was thinking, if we were lost we would want a search
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party. we are out here. >> reporter: back out here live. all is quiet but you can see some of the equipment that was used during the day time hours. they will pick that ground search back up come 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the search and rescue party from the family and friends side of things will get going around that time. they are set up on the other side of foothill high school here. reporting live, jr stone, back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, j.r. new tonight, announcement that california would bar student fist they did not show up with a mask. but, the department of public health says it will be up to the schools on how to deal with student who's do not wear a mask. the state said masks would be require inside the fall regardless of vaccination status. exceptions will be made for students with a disability or special health needs of course,
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social distancing will no longer be required. the delta variant is causing covid-19 cases to increase across the country including here in the bay area. abc news reporter spoke to a man who got covid-19 even though he was vaccinated. >> reporter: in june, after more than a year of stress, shawn and his wife decided to go to vegas. fully vaccinated and even drove to avoid planes, once they got there. >> i took the option to take my mask off. >> reporter: when they got home shawn started to feel sick. he and his wife then tested positive for covid-19. >> it was extremely frustrating because we just spent 1 1/2 years avoiding this thing and it was scary. i brought home the life- threatening illness that has been killing people around the country. the only thing worse than that is knowing i gave it to my kids. >> reporter: too young to be vaccinated. their 7 and 9-year-old kids had congestion and low grade fevers but shawn
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was sick in bed. >> i am confident i did not have the vaccination i might not stand here talking to you. >> they are okay. >> reporter: they are part of a shifting pattern in cases of 9 covid-19 patients this past week, two were vaccinated. of 13 covid-19 patients in marin, two were vaccinated. >> before it was 1 in 10. >> reporter: the health officer matt willis says the vaccinated patients in the hospital are older with under lying conditions, they are doing well compared to the unvaccinated parbgts. >> >> it is not because of the vaccine but the variants are real. >> reporter: shawn would get the vaccine again but he says he woulerently when it com to his mask. >> even though i am allowed to take it off, i should not have taken it off. >> reporter: kate larson,
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abc news. there is a new the covid-19 vaccine from johnson and johnson, most cases involve men 50 and older. developing news now, wildfires are raging tonight in california. wiping out homes and forces thousands of people to evacuate. it is exactly what everyone feared as we go into this hot dry summer. and a huge fire that is not even in our state is putting a strain on california's power grid. >> reporter: the bootleg fire in southern oregon is doubling in size almost every day. burned more than 150,000 acres. the flames are threatening transmission lines that run between california and oregon that is why we saw another flex alert today, even though the pay area's heat wave ended. >> we are going to get out of here. >> reporter: north of lake tahoe is california's largest wildfire of the season
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so far, the beckwourth complex. destroying multiple homes, this is the second time in 8 months that that area has been hit by wildfire. >> i am still numb. i mean, after losing everything that i worked for and everything all of these years. it is gone. >> reporter: a new fire is threatening a major road that leads to yosemite national park. the river fire started on sunday. in a matter of hours was up to 8,000 acres of the stars from last year's fire season still fresh. >> yesterday we we we we we miraposa, and it is repeated ptsd. the second one went and we finished our meal and went. >> reporter: help is on the way. they are sending a strike team and two engines to the river fire. >> remember, you can keep track of the fires with our exclusive abc 7 wildfire tracker. the interactive map shows you where fires are spreading and information on the firefight in realtime. you will know what is happening
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as it happens. it is available now at and your news app. federal agents are looking for a mill valley man was charged in the capitol riots in january. he has been a familiar face but now he disappeared. evan newman may of fled overseas. >> reporter: this is the face of a wanted man. 48-year-old evan newman charged with attacking the police at the u.s. capitol this year. he is not a stranger to bay area news n working this case the abc 7 video. >> reporter: in early 2018 we followed him and his brother in court following the tubs fire. >> the law says they have to give you a direct order to leave after entering an evacuation zone. it is clear on that. >> they did not.
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>> they paid fines and did community service, but for evan, he faces federal charges now. obstructing law enforcement ng i disorder and disordererly conduct on capitol grounds. when we visited newman's two bed one bath home this morning we learned he had sold it last april for $1.3 million after the filing of those charges. >> we did googling and what did you find? >> an ecclectic person. >> reporter: man that owns the house now says he lived there for seven years, he wonders if the filing of charges might explain the request to do the deal in 2- 1/2 weeks. >> he was in the ukraine is what we were told by the real estate agents. >> the one person who might know more is evan's brother mark who works for a construction company. mark declined to be on camera but said he knew nothing of his brother's
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motives, activities or moves on january 6th or his whereabouts but clearly based on evidence from 2018 and the capitol riot last january evan newman is not a person who automatically obeys orders, apparently as a matter of principal. >> honestly i view as my duty as an american. if we don't take advantage of our rights we lose them. >> reporter: as of tonight he remains at large and still wanted. back to you. developing news, governor newsom will not be listed as a democrat on the recall ballot. a judge ruled that he missed the deadline to designate his party affiliation, his attorney apparently made the mistake on the paperwork. the governor tooking it to court after the secretary of state rejected his request to add democrat to his name and now a state supreme court judge has agreed cisiconservative talk radio show host
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larry elder is running in the election. it is indicated and he is a regular guest on fox news, he posted an announcement on twitter. he decided toentser his first campaign after witnessing california's homeless crisis. crime rates and water and power shortages as well. a bicycle super highway in the south bay. coming up, plans to help cyclists travel safely between cities, that is up next. plus, making it easier for kids to get to class in san francisco. the big change coming to muni. we experienced a big change inland from that heat today. i will let you know how long the free ac is hanging around. here is a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel host arsenio hall. >> i want to ask you about vegas. i have been in your business and. >> everybody knows, that was,
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every famous person -- were you in vegas? >> no, i am not that famous. >> oh. [ laughter ]
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including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. the bay area is peddling towards their bicycle super highway. in the south bay the effort for connected pathways are rolling along. as abc 7 news reporter explains, a route still needs to be selected. >> reporter: wheels are turning in the south bay as plans to develop a bicycle super highway kick into high gear. the goal is to get cyclists from santa clara to san jose safelyel and on a continuous path. riders say right now, the international
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airport forces them to pump the brakes. including betsy who put 50,000 miles on her bike. >> i became a transportation advocate by trying to get around on my bicycle and finding out firsthand what really was not working. >> reporter: now, three routes proposed by the valley transportation authority has her and other cyclists reimagining riding around the region. each demands attention and infrastructure and input from a collection of agencies and local leaders. >> we selected a central bike way to connect people because it travels through some really important low income communities and communities of color to give them more access. >> reporter: brent purse says bicycle super highways set themselves apart from typical bike ways because they have infrastructure to keep bikes separated from cars. that is why a few advocates feel some routes make more sense than others. >> we are building a bicycle
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super highway, i don't it going it go downel camino; too many intersections with the traffic. >> reporter: putting cyclists on the busy road may improve safety forcing travelers to take extra care. >> any of the routes proposed would be an enormous improvement over that. >> reporter: for now they are focused on out reach, seeking feedback to help pedal closer to the first bicycle super highway. in the south bay, back to you. san francisco is expanding free muni to include 19-year-olds allowing free rides on the buses, trains, cable cars for anyone 19 and younger. the expansion starts on august 15th just one day before san francisco unified schools reopen for the fall. >>se mayorf sel white house today to talk about gun violence. president biden hosted the discussion amid a nationwide spike in crime.
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he discussed a new task force to stop illegal gun trafficking. it will deploy to five u.s. cities including san francisco. >> the president is genuinely engaged with local communities trying to understand what is happening on the ground and looking pro actively for partnerships that will enable us all to reduce gun violence in our own communities. >> president biden's crime prevention strategy includes directing funding towards mental health and substance abuse services and job training. in the south bay, the city of santa clara is expected to declare a local drought emergency because of the extreme drought conditions, that means they restrict outdoor watering to three days a week and rules for hotels, restaurants and car washes. you know, dan, i think, it is just a matter of time for a lot of places. >> i think you are exactly right. our meteorologist is here
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frankly, a cooler forecast. >> the heat was bad over the weekend. good thing that the e marine air came in. i want to show you all of the fires that are burning from oregon to the northeastern portion ever the state. you can see this clearly on the visible satellite picture. certainly impacting the air quality up to our north where that pink is indicates more smoke going into tomorrow, the blue fortunately for us is less smoke. we have seen a little bit of haze in the air but it is in the upper layers of the atmosphere as some of the smoke drifted in earlier tonight. air quality across the northern portion of the state is mostly moderate across parts of the bay area we are looking at mostly good. green, oakland, san jose air quality. most of you the next four days will be looking at good air quality but for the coast and central bay will be moderate
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tuesday through thursday. here is a view, this is what drove the temperatures down. i mean the warmest inland valleys here in the bay area were in the lower to middle 80s. a lot of people felt the difference today. keeping the marine air coming in. push inside over parts of bay. as you can see on live doplar 7. it is impacting temperatures, most of you are in the 50s, 60s, a few out lying areas in the 70s. a live look from our sfo camera and you can see gray skies tonight. morning drizzle. we will go with a little warmer over the weekend. don't worry, not extreme heat, that is for sure. 5:00 a.m., spotty drizzle starting you off with the low clouds and the fog, pretty widespread at 7:00 a.m. you might want to grab the jacket before you go for the afternoon and the evening. the fog sits at the coast and spills over the bay as we head into the evening hours. here is a look at the temperatures anywhere from the 40s to the 50s. a few lower 60s around lake port, antioch and we will see the
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drizzle around along with the fog to start off the day. and then for the afternoon we are looking at middle 80s around fairfield, antioch, 61 in the city, 59 at half-moon by. nice breeze. upper 70s around san jose. you really have to go up towards lake port to have any hot weather show up. so, the accu-weather seven-day forecast, foggy, drizzling morning, a little change on thursday. lower to middle 90s.
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a deal to buy a puppy in hayward ended with a carjacking, a chase and a crash. the victim was selling three puppies on line and went to meet a man who wanted to buy one. investigators say the buyer pulled a gun on the seller and took his truck with the dogs still inside. after a short police chase the driver crashed the truck. the puppies were a little shaken up but you will be glad they are doing fine. super size record for a super mario video game, unopened copy of the classic from 1996 sold at auction for more than $1.5 million. that is double the record just
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set on friday for the most expensive video game ever sold according to heritage auction dallas. it was the first game to feature the mario character in 3d. >> it is impressive. >> yes. stay with us. larry biel is next in sports. matt olson got his first taste of home run derby tonight. he just needed one more swing. this overwhelmed by the ups and downs of frequent mood swings of bipolar i? ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms
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good morning america. sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. good evening, home run derby more exciting than the major league all-star game se a lot of drama. olson, walking through fire at coors field in denver. started slowly. he got hot. let's bash. olson hit one ball 495 feet. look at the fan. up and over going for that souvenir. i hope he is okay. olson, 23 homers, needs one more. crushed it. foul ball, the pitcher, he reload, one more. >> no! >> tatis thought it was a tie. but no, out in round 1. all eyes on ohtani. the star that will hit and pitch. they tie, they go to a swing off and then a double swing off. great shot now, the polar bear defending d
11:30 pm
pete alonzo. makes it look effortless, aloha, he hit it 509 feet. spin the medallion. that is a cool trophy right there. there is your derby champ. giants pitcher making his first all-star game appearance, mixed emotions gausman he is from denver. he was slated to start the first game after the giants so he will be a spectator. >> your days are filled with all sorts of stuff. the cool thing was got up today and my wife took my daughter to the pool that i went to growing up, you know, so little things like that are pretty cool. >> team usa, trying to avoid a two-game losing streak taking australia. tied at 8th. the block, the other end, jason tatum score. team usa takes the lead but
11:31 pm
australia all after that. three filths all went to saint mary's. now, taking the lead, mills on the cut here. 22 points for him. the u.s. who have not lost two exhibition games in 30 years lost twice in three days. 91- team usa against argentina tomorrow. tampa bay lightning celebrating winning their second straight stanley cup. is there coming better than a parade on water? the cup was dented during
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and thank you very much for
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watching tonight. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time. right now >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." with guest host -- arsenio hall! tonight -- megan fox. jay pharoah. and music from amorphous featuring kelly rowland. and now -- arsenio hall! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> arsenio: yeah! thank you! [ audience "woofs" ] yeah! that'sea


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