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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 12, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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trying to find, evan newman faces several charges connected to the attack on january 6th. >> he lived in mill valley and we interviewed him in 2018. now news reporter finds out that newman may have fled overseas. >> is the fbi says on its website this is the face of a wanted man. of mill valley attacking police at the u.s. capitol this year. he is not a stranger to bay area news. in working this case the fbi used video. >> would you do this again? >> yes. in early 2018 we followed him and his brother mark went to trial for walking past a national guardsmen and visiting the home following the >> they said they have to give you a direct order to leave after the evacuation zone, it is very clear on that. they did not. >> the pleaded guilty in the case for evan the federal
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charges are much more serious. he faces six counts including assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers of obstructing law enforcement and disorderly conduct on capitol grounds. when we visited his to bed one bathroom home this morning we learned he had sold it last april for $1.3 million after the filing of those charges. >> we did some googling and we found an eclectic person. >> jason says that he had lived there for seven years and wonders if the filing of charges might explain his request to do the deal in 2 1/2 weeks. >> the last we heard in negotiations was that he was in ukraine. >> who told you that? >> the real estate agents. >> the one person who might know more is his brother mark who works for a construction company but when we reached out mark declined to be on camera
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but said he knew nothing of his brother's motives, activities, or moves on january 6th or present whereabouts. based on visual evidence from 2018 and the capitol riot last january evan newman is not a person who automatically obeys orders. apparently as a maer ine.>> as an american if we don't take advantage of our rights, we lose them. >> evan newman remains at large and he is still wanted it in the north bay, wayne freeman, abc 7. if you want a closer look at him or if you have information for the fbi look for the story on our website abc 7 >> governor newsom will not be listed as a democrat on the ballot we learned a superior court judge ruled him missing the deadline for party affiliation. his attorney made a mistake the governor asked the secretary of state to correct the mistake but his request was rejected so they took it to court.
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including democrat on the ballot at this point would be a violation of state labor law. >> let's turn to issues affecting our sideshow burglaries, reason attacks in broad daylight. it is a nuisance to some but very traumatizing to others. now across the bay area people are taking stock and taking action. the mayor of san jose met with president biden, the attorney general and others to look at what can be done on a federal level to address violent crime at the local level. news reporter has that story and it begins our team coverage on building a better bay area. >> at the white house he met with president joe biden to discuss ways to reduce gun violence following an 18 month uptick across the country. >> he recognizes this is something of grave concern to americans. >> civic leaders from brooklyn and dc as well as law
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enforcement officials as they share their strategies with the president. the nearly 2 hour long meeting came weeks after the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. >> it was followed by questions what we were doing for example to crack down on strong purchasing of guns or things that we have passed looking for ways to they could be stronger partner. >> widespread attention was drawn after became one of the largest cities in america to mandate video and audio recordings of gun purchases. the council approved the mayor's plan to require gun owners to carry liability insurance although the measure is likely to face legal challenges. >> people tend to hurt other people we can disrupt that then we can attack this problem. >> rachel michelson from san om jose is hopeful that change is coming. >> a person like president biden who has experience and has experienced so much loss in his life, it's not for the
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policy but from a true place of empathy. >> san jose is used money from the american rescue plan to fund youth employment programs which some say helps reduce gun violence by investing in at risk communities. >> i think he's invested and he will push with us. >> and san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. city officials are downplaying the severity of crime in san francisco despsan videos like this one statistics from the police departments show that crimes have decreased in the city. the police chief and mayor gave a midyear report on public safety. rapes, robberies are down. what is your take on it? >> a mixed report we had some up and some down. violence up, some violence down. if you are a victim of crime it
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is the center of your life and chances are it has changed your life forever. right now san francisco as a city is reeling from crime and also from public relations nightmare,prroers argoviral on the internet, the mayor and the police chief made it clear today that no crime is good but that even while the numbers are down others are trending up in san francisco and its sole major city and other major cities are dealing with similar issues not as well as san francisco. put that all together but today i asked the mayor and chief or can be done right now to make things better and if they feel the city's district attorney is doing enough to keep crime off the streets once they catch him. >> we are talking a lot about crime, iscomivid is over, we t be sotiwh are you g do ghnow to prevent the crime in san francisco? >> a couple of things that we
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talked about it makes a difference, so right now if you go to parts of san francisco where there are car break-ins theories increased deployment. >> how many more officers? >> you saw more than double from what was out there prior to the pharmacy plan with what we have the tourism area plan. 16 additional officers and it's all that they do. >> chief, do you believe that the district attorney, holding people accountable after you have arrested them, you go out, arrest them and say they should be held accountable. are they holding these people accountable? >> i think we would like to see more traction and this is not an awkward finger-pointing, i want to be clear in what i am saying. we want to see accountability. >> do you believe the district attorney
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holding people accountable? you say it as well that they need to be held accountable after the arrest and you want that publicized? >> i think i have real concerns about what is happening in the criminal justice system as a whole because i think overall there has been a big push to reform our criminal justice system, let me back up and say i grew up in a community where there have been people who had been arrested and convicted for crimes that they never committed. we see this big call for reform and it's something that has been important to me from the time that i served on the board of supervisors. there is also women whose sons have been murdered and they want the killer of their kids brought to justice. >> the mayor has made a point in putting a lot of money and effort into trying to change the root causes that many people see creates the criminal behavior. but in the meantime san francisco is faced with the reality that these brazen robberies and burglaries are on
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the rise. like it or not, that is becoming the picture of san francisco. along with the homeless that the world is seeing now. and it is not a good-looking picture, especially now as the covid virus for seeds and we are trying to get people around the world back into san francisco. they're not necessarily going to come here if they think the car is going to get broken into. >> that happens to them, they told their friends and nobody wants to come. you recently told us about the prevalence of guns on the bay area streets. did san francisco mention that at all? >> they are deathly afraid of the new phenomenon called ghost guns which are homemade guns that are just showing up being made in garages in kitchens and being sold on the street. that adds to the cycle of violence. they would like more tools to not only get the guns off the streets but also the people that are carrying them and
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until that gun is fired in a crime it is considered a nonviolent offense to have it in your possession. what happens is the guns are taken and someone is given a court date. law enforcement says give a 60 or 90 days to have these people off the street to rethink what they are doing rather than just putting it back out there, because they're waiting for them. they could be used in violent crime. >> i think it was a week or two weeks ago where the gun gets taken off the street but then that person is back home for dinner and then what? >> then what? with any luck, in many cases it becomes another statistic and another life is changed forever. >> another family, destroyed. thank you. >> crime statistics are one thing but experiencing crime is quite another. high-end handbags were stolen from a san francisco shop. the small business it before, melanie woodrow has the store you will see only on 7.
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>> stolen purses, a burglar left behind this mess after breaking into sweden spark on fillmore street and stealing approximately 15 luxury handbags. >> chanel, louis vuitton high- end pieces. >> all too familiar with the scene lester surveillance video captured two people breaking into spark and stealing items. the locked gate in front of her business after the break in did not stop this latest four who she said attempted to break in multiple nights in a row. the first night her upstairs neighbor called the cops. >> they got chased away but not enough. >> could they do extra patrols at night? >> they were overwhelmed, and there was a lot of crime happening and burglaries. >> sure enough the burglar returned. >> they did come back a couple nights later and brought electric tools and they were able to saw through the locks. on the third attempt. >> the gate smashed the front window then smashed the glass
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on this case. >> they wiped us out, it seems like they were really targeting our vintage hand back collection. >> running off with purses that still have the security tags attached. >> we are keeping our door locked during the day and that is something that we don't think we will be changing anytime soon. >> she will not leave high-end merchandise over night as for finding the person responsible. >> i don't have high expectations, i don't think it's easy to identify. >> melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. still to come, see how oakland is recruiting residents to traditional policing. we can all play a role in building a better bay area. >> the first country to offer covid-19 vaccine booster shot, will the u.s. be next? >> relief from the he
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now, that's making a difference. building a better bay area means looking out for our health, unfortunately coronavirus activity in california continues to climb with nearly 9000 new cases reported just today. the seven day average test positivity rate has climbed 2.6% from the low of at the end of may. more than 20 million californians are fully vaccinated 52% of total population. today israel gave adults considered at risk or immunosuppressed a third shot of the pfizer vaccine. part of the vaccine team spoke with one of the leading
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scientists out of israel about their booster shot decision. >> will boosters be approved in the united states as well? >> as of now they have not approved the need for booster shots, but that could change. this medical move was made as covid cases are spiking in that country. in many cases they are not protect it. >> israel officially becomes the first country to offer covid vaccine booster shots. the government identified the immunocompromised population is the only one in need of the extra layer of protection for now. >> our ministry of health has considered this specific subpopulation. this isn't to be understood that israel has gone off on its own and decided now to administer generally a third boost. >> professor has been at the forefront of the research out
6:17 pm
of israel for over the past month infection rates have spiked with more than 400 cases per day. the delta variant identified in multiple cases. >> the delta variant is in these two green substitutions you can see here and this variant has what appears to be a much more efficient way of infecting cells. >> no in the u.s. the white house press secretary confirmed the government is ready to provide boosters if needed. but there is no plan for this yet. >> in our planning we have indicated that we have purchased the number of doses and indicated we want to look at manufacturing around the country because we want to have maximum option holiday. >> following the story, chris is immunocompromised and received both shots that were checked for antibodies recently. >> are you protected at all? >> the test results to check for
6:18 pm
antibodies came back as negative. so there is no evidence that the vaccine worked at all for me. >> now advocating for booster if approved. >> one doctor suggested if i got a booster shot with pfizer. >> serving on the covid-19 fda review committee and says more research is necessary to approve boosters. >> the data does not indicate that we need a booster right now, we have talked to federal officials, state officials, most of our experts in the field, and we are not really at that point. >> today they met with top government officials to discuss booster shots, the white house press secretary said they will not only rely on the data to decide if boosters are needed in the future and also it is important to emphasize that vaccines continue to prove effective against these variants and against covid-19. >> what are you hearing about
6:19 pm
potential adverse effect is immunocompromised folks get a booster shot, what is the risk? >> it's one of the main concerns, emphasizing every individual could have a different response to the booster. if you boost their immune system the symptoms they are being treated for could be resurfacing so more research is needed. >> thank you very much. now you can send questions to our abc 7 news vaccine team, just go to >> several wildfires in northern california the back worth fire has burned 86 thousand acres. it has destroyed at least 20 homes and is 20% contained. the river fire in the counties broke out yesterday and exploded to 4000 acres in a matter of hours. evacuation's are underway
6:20 pm
there. there are some better news where the salt fire, 85% contained. all evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted. this is video showing a train to help fight the flames. to the north the lava fire burned 26,000 acres and is now 77% contained. >> talking about weather, >> talking about weather, people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at team usa is ready for the olympic games... so is jacob! he's got a flex 4k streaming box free with xfinity internet, and peacock premium included. with team usa highlights...
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we are in the middle of a flex alert the peak of power demand we are keeping an eye on the grid with the website which you can see here, it shows that they're currently below the forecast, today's alert runs from 4:00 until 9:00 p.m. asking people to conserve power. this is such a critical time where everyone is home with dinner, laundry, and everything else. >> let's get to the latest on weather. >> we are seeing heat retreat right now with one exception in the far northern most part of the viewing area so northeastern we still have an excessive heat warning in effect until 8:00 tonight, but the heat has receded and other parts of the bay area, with a nice breeze in most regions with current wouldn't speeds up to 21 miles per hour in oakland with gusts to 24, so the cooling is underway as you can see from the camera
6:24 pm
and fog moving across san francisco at 55 degrees in the city, 65 in oakland. 66, only 69 in san jose. 54 at pacifica, the golden gate where the fog started developing hours ago 72 degrees right now at 65, 78 at fairfield, 75 degrees at livermore, and there's a lot of low clouds and fog pushing over to the east bay towards the bay from the east bay hills camera low clouds, fog, and drizzle overnight. we are getting a break from the heat and that is for the rest of the week. warmer weather will develop over the weekend and overnight we will see a continual push of clouds not just low clouds and fog but we expect patchy drizzle near the coast out over the bay and in some inland areas. but the low clouds will retreat to the coast by midmorning tomorrow giving us a mostly sunny day over the bay and inland. for low temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50s and highs
6:25 pm
tomorrow will range from about 59 to 61 in san francisco, 67 degrees expect a high of 76 at san jose inland east bay will have highs in the low to mid 80s. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. we will have a steady pattern of mild weather for later in the week the coolest day will be thursday or highs will only reach into the low to mid 80s and only mid-60s around the bay shoreline, but we will see mid 80s up to about 70 mid to upper 50s on the coast, then over the weekend it starts to warm up sunday we can expect ties up to 90 degrees inland 92 degrees but no heat wave is in for the next seven days things are looking pretty good. it is nice. >> thank you. a 100 car sideshow left burnt rubber all over the road with cameras.
6:26 pm
how about more cops? we are looking for answers as part of building a better bay area. new guidelines for lung cancer screening starting younger could save thousands of lives per year. >> hundreds of dollars could appear in your bank account this thursday, my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you.
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or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. this is abc 7 news. needless to say there is no magic wand that can make crime and other problems as city might be dealing with vanish and go away. instead of tapping the police department oakland is turning to alternative options and finding solutions is the mantra when it comes to our effort to build a better bay area. >> sometimes it takes thinking outside the box. news reporter laura anthony shows us e prch that oakland leaders are taking step at a time. >> this is one way the community is coming together. >> oakland's effort to
6:30 pm
reimagine policing, city council president says that efforts like this in chinatown are a step in the right direction. a team of volunteers helps to clean up trash and escort potentially vulnerable seniors. >> people feel like this presents his eyes and ears on the streets and it is hoping to show that it's safe to be out here walking. >> reporter: committee volunteers may help with some of the issues facing oakland but there are other crime problems that are much more complex. the sideshow activity in many neighborhoods like this one. this scarred intersection reveals what happened here last night. the burnt rubber with a sideshow. it was a brazen event in daylight. blocks from headquarters. officers did cite two people but to this nearby business center was far too little.
6:31 pm
>> we are waiting for someone to do something about it, and it is probably safer to have cameras on every corner. >> reporter: they have launched a pilot program in intersections. for everyone that has them there are many more that don't. >> 100%, however we can a certain hotspot location and that is what we are going to do, to start somewhere. >> laura anthony, abc 7 news. a search is on for a man who went for a run in wasn't in and never returned home. philip lives in berkeley and was last seen saturday at 11:00 a.m. when he told his wife he was going for a run at the regional park. his car was found at a trailhead. they offered vehicles in the search, he is an avid distance
6:32 pm
runner with no known health conditions. he said the temperature was around 103 degrees when he disappeared. >> moving on, many parents could be getting a nice prize this thursday. michael with what families need to know about the credit showing up in many bank accounts. very soon. >> a lot of money, we are talking about a lot of money. the american rescue plan, parents can receive between 3000 and $3600 per child. it all depends on their income and the child's age. >> the job. the mom plays with her four- year-old daughter and six-year- old son jeremiah she qualifies for $6600 in child tax credits. half will be paid in monthly installments through the end of the year, she will get the second half after she files her taxes next year. the money will go towards her children's education expenses as well as dental work and car
6:33 pm
repair costs. >> we can pay that off and we will be able to put that money aside for the benefit of our children. >> four-year-old chances a bundle of energy, her mom will qualify for a $3600 credit. >> now i can afford to send her to school or daycare for five days instead of just the three days that she was going. >> the best part for most families is the money will just appear. >> if you filed your taxes in 2019 and 2020 don't have to do anything, not one form that you have to fill out. >> cheryl smith of family support services as those who did not earn enough to file taxes can still get the credit by going to child tax credit. we have a link on our website. it phases out for married couples earning $150,000 or more per year and for most single parents earning 112 thousand $500 per year. still 90% of all families will
6:34 pm
qualify for the credit. amy of the children's counsel of san francisco says that includes families in california who may be undocumented. >> this is to try to get families through this really tough economic time. >> many families cannot wait to get the money unlike past years they won't have to wait to file taxes to get the credit. >> that will make a big difference. i need child care now, that makes it during tax season. >> the further benefit of the children, my goal is to make sure that my kids are thriving. >> families with children under six qualify for $3000 credit per child, $3600 for each child between six and 17 years of age, and $500 for each dependent child 18 to 24, dependent, so if you think you might owe taxes at the end of the year you may want to opt
6:35 pm
out to avoid having to pay that credit back, i have got a q & a child tax credit calculator posted on our website, just go to abc 7 news to look for seven on your side, this is really going to help families. >> that's a lot of money, thank you. only about one in 10 californians smokes, the second lowest rate in the nation second only to utah lung cancer remains the leading cause of death among all cancers. new guidelines to expand scans have been approved that could save tens of thousands of lives. health is part of building a better bay area. news reporter david we talked to cancer specialist about what they hope to accomplish. 6 1/2 million more people have become eligible for scans to detect lung cancer. doctors projected could save 10 to 20,000 more lives per year. changes include reducing age eligibility and including smokers who smoked less than previous criteria. those 80 and above are no
6:36 pm
longer eligible, the lower age change could have a big impact on minority communities. >> communities of color and hispanic, latinos, they develop lung cancer at earlier ages, so dropping that age from 55 to 50 will help double the eligibility. >> and national spokesman for the lung association and a thoracic surgeon at uc davis only 5% of lung cancer patients are currently screened compared to 70% of women eligible for mammograms. lung cancer causes more deaths than other cancers combined. low-dose ct scans are the key. >> small as in a couple of millimeters, but it's pretty big. >> his own sister scan, she was diagnosed with stage i lung cancer because of early intervention she was alive and cancer free. >> people can be afraid it will turn up that you do have lung cancer but don't be afraid of
6:37 pm
that, know before you get very ill and then there is a great chance helped. >> new guidelines are covered by the affordable care act. so survival rates will improve with more scanning. >> 85% of the people that we screened and diagnosed with cancer are alive. >> the website saved by the has more details. david lui, abc 7 news. coming up, a 4000 mile journey making, meet the cyclist planning to travel across the country for the anniversary of 9/11. >> riding to running, the deadline to sign up
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[inflammation] got any room in your eye? be proactive about managing your symptoms by talking to your doctor about twice-daily xiidra. like i did. [inflammation] i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. a group of bay area firefighters will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks with a bike ride. dustin dorsey explains why the organizers doing the 4000 mile journey for a second time. some days in american history are so significant you can remember exactly where you were even decades later. september 11th 2001 is one of those days for retired santa clara firefighter darrell sales.
6:41 pm
>> the morning i came into work we had a group of 17 brand-new firefighters that were in the last week of their fire academy so for the first two or three hours of our training all of us watched >> nearly 3000 americans were killed on that day including 343 firefighters to honor the lost lives 20 years later he and a team of retired and current firefighters are prepared to write across the country on bikes. 40 days, 3800 miles and then on a ride from brooklyn. >> a way to really honor the 343 firefighters that gave their life on that day. we thought that this would be a good way to do that, we are averaging about 100 miles per day going across the heart of the united states, connecting with fire departments each way then coming into new york in time for the 9/11 events.
6:42 pm
>> the group consists of 10 firefighters and military that's raging in age from team that participated in the first event of its kind in 2011 and he never could've anticipated the feelings that came with finishing the journey and he can't wait to do it again. >> people will ask you why do you do this like how do you get the energy to do something like this? and it really goes along with your thought process for the fire service is you just make that sacrifice because that is what you do because you want to give back to your community. >> the ride begins in santa clara, to donate visit . dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. the weekend heat wave is over, thank goodness. over, thank goodness. we will see i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term.
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osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support.
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6:46 pm
running to replace him. you have probably at least heard about caitlyn jenner and maybe also john cox, the businessman who recently brought a giant live bear in sacramento. san diego mayor is running and so was state assembly member, one of the most vocal conservative critics. there are also three other kevin's on the ballot a youtube or an apparently a guy named kevin, not confusing at all. riverside county supervisor jeff hewitt the guy who wants california to become an independent country. and sam, a southern california pastor. if it sounds like a lot of people running, it is and isn't. there are dozens more and that
6:47 pm
is because it is really easy to do so. you just need to be a u.s. citizen, register to vote in california. and not someone who has held two terms as governor since 1990. there is also a filing fee of just over $4000 or 7000 signatures. and you need to submit five years of tax returns, in fact that is why the former adult film star who came in 10th place in the 2003 recall has decided she will no longer run this time around. if you want to do it keep in mind the deadline to jump into the recall race is friday, july 16th. >> now you can check out the documentary list put together about california's last recall in 2003, called total recall. see how arnold schwarzenegger became governor. on the bay area app available for apple tv and other devices. >> lle online this week.
6:48 pm
here is the guest host of jeopardy, george stephanopoulos. good morning america, guest hosting string tonight. robin roberts gets her turn next weekend she told george she was nervous. he says she was right. >> you are so right to be nervous, you made me nervous when you said you were nervous and you don't know the half of it. it is a stressful job but it's an incredible amount of fun. >> big shoes to fill was amazing, you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> that will be fun to watch the two of them go try their hand at this. they make me nervous, just talking about getting nervous. >> don't be nervous. >> let's take a look at what is going on over night, increasing low clouds and fog pushing out over the bay with some spotty drizzle as well and some damp spots for the morning commute, but the clouds will retreat to the coastline for most of the
6:49 pm
day, overnight lows will be in the mid-50s, highs tomorrow only upper 50s at the coast, but upper 60s to low 70s around the bay shoreline and low to mid 80s in the inland areas. here's the seven day forecast with a week of no extreme weather at all mainly sunday afternoon after a few cloudy mornings, the high temperatures will be at a mild to moderate range inland for most of the week, finally the weekend arrives and we get a warm up to about 90 degrees inland on sunday and low 90s inland on monday. but the heat wave that we just had is gone, we it goodbye. >> we will waive that goodbye for sure. nice to see it go. larry is here with all the sports. >> i like the segway like tele goodbye, this was epic. all eyes on show at the all- star game in denver. matt olsone e showhe t one ball almost
6:50 pm
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. the baseball all-star game is tomorrow but the home run derby in light of the altitude of denver. he needed just one more swing making his first all-star game appearance tomorrow, the orioles cancer survivor opened with 24 homers, the number that
6:53 pm
olson had to beat and he hit a couple of colossal blasts. 495 feet look at the fan here up and over trying for the souvenir and look out below. 23, needs more, this is crushed, but it is foul and the pitcher doesn't reload, they are standing there, throw another pitch. olson is out 24-23. a great reaction thought it was a tie then realized they just lost. the start of the show in denver next few days, angels sensation is going to be the first player ever to hit and pitch in the all-star game. taking photos of him started slowly, came on strong to catch juan soto in the fans, 22 to the final swing, they were tied at 22, they went to a
6:54 pm
double swing off which i don't know if that is a new thing, but they made it, made it up. they grounded out so he fails to advance to round two. more baseball because of the thumb injury is the veteran of the bay area all-star has three appearances, olson and chris was late at making their first all-star appearances same with crawford's teammate who happens to be a colorado native but not going to pitch tomorrow because he was scheduled to start the first game after the break, so because he is a denver area native his week is packed nonetheless. >> it is such a quick trip with so much to do. your days are pretty much filled with all sorts of stuff so, the cool thing was i got up today, my wife took my daughter to the pool that i went to growing up so little things like that are pretty cool. >> something you want to be in this position to do stuff like
6:55 pm
the home run derby and the all- star game to do it is a little surreal. >> the major league baseball draft continued today, drafting 45th overall by the angels ever drafted in the second round or higher. the picture of the year taking 55th the yankees after helping stanford get to the college world series and darren baker, son of dusty may be best remembered when j.t. snow rescued him during a world series from getting run over in the 10th and round by the washington nationals. the tampa bay lightning celebrated winning their second straight stanley cup. a parade on water, captain stephen wore a t-shirt that read back to about instead of back to back. lord stanley's chalice traveled from speedboat to speedboat and we had an incident.
6:56 pm
the cup was dented at some point during the celebration. what could go wrong with all of this mayhem in the bay there? the cup was then whisked away to safety and is headed back to canada for repairs. if the stanley cup could talk it would have a lot to say and a lot of people would go into hiding. sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino and team usa lost again tonight. to australia, exhibition play, pre-olympics 91-83 after losing to nigeria in the first game. have got some work to do. >> at least the stanley cup did not sink. >> we have that. coming up, tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 the dating game at 10:00 then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. watch all of our newscasts live to the bay area connected tv app, we appreciate your time. >> we will see you again at
6:57 pm
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silk ♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- an attorney originally from syracuse, new york... a stay-at-home mom from redmond, washington... and our returning champion-- an early literacy librarian from algonquin, illinois... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now here is the guest host of "jeopardy!"-- george stephanopoulos. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. what a thrill for me to be here on this stage. you know, i was lucky to meet alex many times. when he was a guest on "good morning america," he always made us smile,
7:00 pm
and he inspired us with his grace in the face of cancer. it's a privilege for me to honor his legacy, to raise money for charity, and to watch these impressive "jeopardy!" players at work. so welcome, jen, jaclyn, and tim. let's get right into jeopardy! round with these categories... and here's a special guest who's a gamer and a youtube star. i'm j.d. witherspoon with clues about the amazing world of gaming, past and present. okay, let's get right to it. jen, you're our returning champion. go ahead. an illustrated life for $200. - jaclyn. - who is houdini? that's right. and you're up. gamer's delight for $200. here's j.d. witherspoon. new ps5 owners get introduced to console components via a platform game starring this robot


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