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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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next at 5:00, doing something about ken violence, san jose's mayor takes his plea for tougher laws straight to the white house. a woman is blocked in when a -- a still but twice but that was after she thought she did everything possible to stop a burglar. windy conditions helped to fuel what is now the largest wildfire burning in california. one small town is virtually wiped out. how these volunteers in chinatown are cleaning up and staffing up the police department. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. >> the sand josc
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san francisco's mayor insists, police are making arrest, despite retail that's like this one, will and one stores entire inventory was wiped out. in oakland, exclusive video the car broken into while the owner was driving it. as city leaders announce a new program to get the community more involved. good evening and thank you for joining us. the challenges facing san jose, san francisco and oakland are complicated, no easy answers. city leaders are trying and we are spotlighting their efforts to draw address quality of life efforts through efforts to build a better bay area. today the mayor met with president biden, the attorney general and others to look at what can be done on a federal level to address violent crime on a local level. >> at the white house this afternoon, san jose mayor liccardo met with president
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biden to discuss ways to reduce gun violence following an 18 month uptick across the country. he joined civic leaders from brooklyn and d.c. along with law enforcement officials as they share their strategies with the president. the meeting came weeks after the deadliest mass shooting and bay area history. >> it was obvious by his questions he was interested in what we were doing to crackdown on purchasing of guns with the ordinance that we passed and looking at how the federal government could be better partner. >> approved the mayor's plan to require gun owners to carry liability insurance although the measure is likely to face legal challenges. >> hurt people hurt other people, so if we can disrupt that, then we can attack this problem. >> rachel michelson is hopeful
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that changes coming. >> a person like president biden who has experience listening not just for the politics of the policy, but from a true place of empathy. >> san jose's among the cities that use money from the american rescue plan to help fund youth employment programs, which some say helps reduce gun violence by investing in at risk communities. >> he's deeply invested in this issue and i expect he will push with us. >> in the east bay a particularly shocking car break- in. we have the exclusive video of a crime that's as frightening as it is unusual. >> the surveillance video shows a brazen daytime break-in, while the driver was stuck in traffic. the driver had just left a nearby bank at around 11:00
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last wednesday when she was approached by a man who jumped out of a white sedan. he broke the back window and grabbed her purse climbing inside to steal her backpack. >> this is where the incident happened before the intersection of 22nd and broadway. the victim is so terrified, she didn't want to go on camera but she told me as the suspect was breaking into her vehicle, he looked straight in the eye and she thought she was going to die. >> it seems like these criminals, it doesn't matter what day, time, if they're going to do something, they just do it. >> the law enforcement sources tell me this is unusual, not the first time we've seen break- ins while driving. back in fabric, i reported on two real estate photographers who were targeted while approaching an on-ramp in san francisco. oakland police say they've seen a 115% increase in armed carjackings this year compared to last. police are using this video in their investigation. just incredible, obviously,
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in oakland, they're looking at ways to move away from traditional policing as a way to stem rising crime rates. how city leaders are doing that, one cleanup volunteer at a time. >> this is one way the community is coming together. said efforts like this, in chinatown, are a step in the right direction. a team of volunteers helps to clean up trash, and escort potentially vulnerable seniors. >> people feel like this presence, the eyes and ears on the streets, and it is helping to show that here walking. >> community volunteers may help with some of the issues facing oakland but there are other crime problems that are much more complex, like the sideshow activity that is plaguing many neighborhoods, like this one. >> discard intersection at sixth and adeline reveals what happened here last night. the black tire marks and burned
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rubber left behind by a 100 car sideshow. it was a brazen event in daylight, just blocks from oakland police headquarters. officers did cited to people and tell three cars but to this nearby business owner, the response was far too little. >> the truth is, we are waiting for someone to do something about it. and, you know it's probably safer to have cameras. on every corner of oakland now. as we are so understaffed. we don't have no police. >> oakland has launched a pilot program installing bots like these in high profile intersections but for everyone that has them, there are many more that don't. >> it's not going to turn the sideshows 100% however, they can id a hotspot location and that's a start.
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a new midyear crime report is out for san francisco showing violent crimes are up while others are decreasing. burglaries are among the crimes on the rise, cases climbed to more than 3700 during the first half of this year that's a 50% increase since 2019. other growing crimes include auto theft, gun violence, and homicides. crimes on the decrease include that's, robberies, and , significantly down over the last five years. another theft at a small business in san francisco which as reporter explains, it's been hit before. >> shattered glass and stolen purses, a burglar left behind this maskless after breaking into sweet and spark and stealing approximately 15 luxury handbags. the owner is all too familiar with the scene, last year surveillance video captured two people breaking into sweet and spark and stealing items, the locked gate she added in front of the business did not stop the latest these who she said,
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attempted to break in multiple nights in a row. the first night the neighbor called the cops. >> that great they got scared but not scared enough. the cops said they are overwhelmed and there's a lot of crime happening, a lot of burglaries. >> sure enough the burglar returned. >> they did come back a couple of nights later. they brought electric tools and they were able to saw through the lock. on the third attempt. >> once inside the burglars smashed the front window then smashed the glass on this case. >> they wiped us out. it seems like they were targeting our vintage handbag collection. >> we are keeping our door locked now during the day, and that is something we don't think we will be changing anytime soon. >> she said she will never leave any more visible high end merchandise overnight after finding the person responsible -- >> i don't have high
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expectations. developing in san francisco a lithium battery improperly disposed, sparked a fire this afternoon on tunnel avenue, near highway 101, smoke poured out of the building, as you can see. no one was hurt but it's a reminder about safely disposing of batteries. fire officials confirm that illegal fireworks to start a brush fire that caused a home to burn to the ground in antioch. winds blew ambers on a tree which spread to the house on eighth street. the couple living there is understandably, devastated. as fires burn across the state, one small town is seeing its flames. today's talk of a booster shot for covid-19 and how it's
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already seeing pushback. we are
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wildfires are devastating the forest of northern california, the river fire has exploded to 4000 acres in a matter of hours. it broke out 20 miles southwest of yosemite yesterday and evacuation are underway. there's better news and shasta national forest were evacuation orders have been lifted. video shows firefighters using a train to help fight the salt fire, it's now 85% contained. the beckwourth complex is the state's largest so far this year. it has burned nearly 90,000 acres. that's three times the size of san francisco and is 23% contained. video shows a firefighter recording dramatic conditions near the small town of doyle. crews were forced to take shelter inside a vehicle.
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it's burning above tahoe national forest and not far from the border. reporter kirk schroeder shows us the fires devastation. >> there's asphalt from the sky, the smell, about the worst campfire you can never smell and this is the second wildfire that has devastated this community in the last eight months. >> i don't know >> early afternoon kelly and his family were living life, then out of nowhere, this, the beckwourth complex continuing to spread throughout northeast california, incinerating everything in its path. >> i'm still kind of numb. after losing everything i worked for after all these years, it's gone. everybody said it's replaceable well know, a lot of it isn't. >> he's been looking for help and answer since the flames caught by his son on camera took everything he had. valuable heirlooms, tools and other belongings, the homes on his land were in such bad shape
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the roads to get there were deemed unsafe could see of the property just west of highway 395. >> i don't know what to do with my disabled brother who had heart surgery or my other brother or my son, my dog, my cat that's in my rv. >> his son, said this valley gets torched roughly once a year but this time was different. >> it's so much to take in, seeing the whole hills burning and how fast it burned >> so fast, just like that. that's kurt schroeder reporting. officials say wildfire in oregon is threatening to transmission lines and straining california's electric grid, that means another flex alert is in effect with state officials asking all of us to conserve electricity from now until 9:00 tonight. here's the good news, the extreme heat is beginning to ease a bit, let's go to meterologist sandhya patel and the forecast. >> it is a welcome relief for
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any parts of the bay area that were baking and triple digit heat. let me show you what's bringing about the change. we have a nice breeze onshore breeze, up to 29 miles per hour, 24 in san francisco, that along with the fog from our camera, really bringing temperatures down, 56 in the city right now, 62 in oakland, low 70s and places like san jose, in fact our warmest inland valleys, only in the low to mid 80s today. from our golden gate bridge camera we are seeing the fog. low 80s from fairfield to conquer and livermore 79. we have a conjunction, mars and venus will be at the closest point to us, 45 minutes after sunset, san francisco, it's a: 32. look west. the biggest challenge is going to be trying to find a spot to see it because of all the fog and low clouds that you see on live doppler 7. your best bet
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will be in the inland valleys because that's what the marine layer will get to last . despite the fact that we are seeing coley cooling parts of lake and mendocino counties, excessive heat warning remains until 8:00 tonight, east bay hills camera, hazy skies here, a little bit smoke from the northern california fires drifting into her area but the good news is it will remain in the upper part of the atmosphere. low clouds, fog and drizzle tonight, we warmer weather coming our way over the weekend. so the fog forecast showing you the fog spilling over into parts of the bay, it's going to spread into the valleys by tomorrow morning, we are talking about drizzle so watch out for slippery roadways,
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later on, the fog pulls back to the coast, only to return as we expect around this time of year, into the bay and into some of the valleys, temperatures in the morning will be in the 50s, for most areas, if you 60s, drizzle, fog, that would be the concert tomorrow morning, if you are commuting, tomorrow afternoon, inland highs, 86 in antioch, 84, in fairfield, 61 in the city, low 70s around san rafael, oakland, 67, san jose, 76 degrees, so countable weather, the 7-day forecast, morning fog and drizzle, upper 50s to mid 80s. a similar pattern for wednesday, temperatures coming down a little bit more on thursday, before we see a turnaround, and the turnaround is going to be really minor, and uptake of 2 degrees for a couple of spots mid 80s inland, upper 50s co- side, we will have warmer weather coming our way sunday, monday, with 90's returning. but at least we don't have to deal with the extreme heat. i always feel like it's easier to warm up by putting on the layers then to actually cool down when it's too hot. >> i think you are right. breaking news, we learned a
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xiidra. and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? do people need a vaccine booster, that's what pfizer executives are discussing today the federal health officials. pfizer once emergency use authorization for a third dose saying it will offer optimal protection and 12 months after second dose. federal health officials believe there's no rush. >> the cdc and fda correctly said it right now, we don't feel you need a booster. that doesn't mean that we are not very actively following and
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gathering all of this information to see if and when we might need it >> the world health organization also pushed back on calls for a third dose of vaccine saying instead the priority needs to be on vaccinating vulnerable people across the world who haven't received any doses so far. >> johnson & johnson vaccine is expected to get a new warning, the shot has been linked to syndrome when the immune system attacks the nerves, the cdc said there are about 100 cases among the 12.8 million doses of vaccine, most cases involved men 50 and older and were reported about two weeks after vaccination. health officials continue to say the vaccines benefits outweigh the risk. even though only about one in 10 californian smokes, lung cancer is the leading cause of death among all cancers, david louis looks at new guidelines to expand lung scans that could save tens of thousands of
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lives. >> 6 1/2 early and more people have become eligible for ct scans to detect lung cancer, key changes include reducing age eligibility by five years and including smokers that smoked in less than other criteria, the lower age change could have an impact on minority communities. >> women in communities of color, especially black and hispanic, develop lung cancer at earlier ages, so dropping that age from 55 to 50, will help double that eligibility. >> the doctor is a spokesman for the american lung association and a thoracic surgeon, only 5% of lung cancer patients are currently screen compared to 70% of women eligible for mammograms yet lung cancer causes more deaths in the usa and other cancers
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combined. low dose ct scans are the key. >> it's even easy to see small nodules in the lungs. a couple of millimeters is like important. >> she was diagnosed with stage i lung cancer. because of early intervention, she was alive and cancer free. >> people could be afraid that is going to turn up that you do have lung cancer, don't be afraid of that. know before you get ill and then there is a great chance that you could be helped. >> the new guidelines are covered by the affordable care act so survival rates will improve with more scanning. >> 85% of the people we screened our alive. >> the lung association website, saved by the scan online has more details. coming up next, a man with a dream, and the fortitude to see it come true. stay with us.
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kisqali is not approved for use with tamoxifen. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. you can watch over newscasts live and on demand through the bay area connected app. download the app now and start streaming. coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's the bachelorette, that's followed by the celebrity dating game at 10:00 and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. perhaps the best story coming out of the sbo words, chris was born with syndrome and had to dream to feel included so his dad came
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up with an idea to hire a coach with them to compete in one of the most grueling races of the world. >> i thought what if chris could do something that's never been done, what an impact that would have on his life and others like him around the world. >> he trained for 13 months, six days a week and last november he became the first person with down syndrome to complete that ironman triathlon, a two mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26 mile run, and less than 17 hours. >> for those who thought this was about a boy and his dream, it's so much more >> three years ago chris was overweight and out of shape, he said he overcame his obstacles by focusing on getting 1% better every day. >> that's incredible, and besides being included, he said his dream was to be like everyone else, independent and listen to this one, and to marry an amazing woman like his mom. >> what what what >> i love, get 1% better every day. great lesson. world news tonight is next, we appreciate your time.
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like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. tonight, news involving two of the vaccines here in the u.s. the new warning. and a key meeting. first, the fda with that new warning for the johnson & johnson vaccine. the one-shot vaccine. now warning of a very rare nerve condition. the cdc reporting about 100 cases now under investigation out of about 13 million johnson & johnson shots. they say the benefits still far outweigh the risks. and news tonight on pfizer, after that company indicated millions of americans could soon need a booster shot, a third shot, tonight, they are now meeting with federal health officials about that possibility. dr. anthony fauci tonight on this. did pfizer get out ahead of the data, out ahead of the government? but the bottom line here, could it one day be needed? israel tonight moving forward with that booster.


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